Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 3, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 3, 1895
Page 3
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Are here to stay. We have leased our building for a term of years will give you an opportunity of attendin a strictly Genuine Sama Shoe Sale, No concern in the country has the facilities that we ive for offering goodgshoes of all kinds for Barely What The Leather Cost! You can't imagine how cheap they are, you must see 'em. Joa't allow yourself to be mu.de ... tool oil by -JealTs who have • nick-named" a lot of old stock Hoes "siuuplt) sljoe«" lu -order to •vork them off. We'll not mijjri-pre^HiJt' floods. We'll ket.:p no shoddy t,'O«ls. We'll not try to fool anyone. We'll refund your money if desired. We'll treat you -OUR- Grand ® Opening -WILL B&Saturday, March 2. DflYfVNDEVE. Box of line Candies to every Lady caller. JSTico Saviugr Bank for tlio Children, You get 'em if you buy or uoi.; We doat buy and. don't sell anything but sample c iioes and Slippers. .Hid no one can touch our prices. We'll giiii.rant.Ge every pair of shoes and slippers you buy of us to be cheaper than you can buy elsewhere or refund your money. Glance at a Few of our Prices and Tiien Come and See our Goods. Ladies' line Don^oln button shoes sold everywhere at $2.00 our prices r —isises' line custom miirle .xpriiig or opera, heel. Sizes 12 to 2, Bold ~ " •everywhere at $3. Our price' Ohilds) 1 sprintr heel' shoes solid And warranted worth $1.00 AOn -Our price TJUU Men's fine nobby dress shoes r"?nlar price i?3. Our price (£' GO shoe, IOC Infunt's Dongola button Every pair warrated. Worth lOc. Our price.-., Men's line hand sewed, better made. Worth $4.50 Our price fine custom made tips or pUlu. KeRulur price $1. Our price.... 1.70 f7O« { Q(j Ladies' fine Viai'-kid. button lao«, hand turned, nobby and fine. Made to sell at $3. Our price or $1,68 Nothing Boy's calf shoes, solid and good 4 wearers. Worth $2.00. Our AO n "Ob That's the way the whole stock runs. Don't missfthe Grand Opening. •AMPLE The People's Savings Bank. Ike Oppenheimer, Manager. 322 Fourth St., East Side No Alum, Ammonia or Cheap Baking Powders used in the Manufacture of Crystal Pancake Flour. We guarantee its purity. Don't permit your Grocer to substitute an inferior brand for Crystal. Manufactured by Crystal Rice MARION, Crystal Wheat Flakes are the best. ~ R W KINNBY, Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. dress our own Poultry and therefore have everything fresh. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, H. E. TRUAX, M. D. Special attention given to Nose, Lung, Llrec and Chxonlc Diseases. OfDce and Residence over State National .Bank. Boon 10 to .12 a. m.. 2 to •» p. m., nnd 7 to S p. m. All nils promptly attended. DR. F. M. JBOZSR'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTED! . REAL ESTATE. ""^ifiinted, Cheap'&ottagus Tfbf^le. Wanted Lots and Acres Vor Sale. Wonted. Sraull i'armi for Sale. Wanted Biulne** Blocks For Sale. . Wanted to Exchange faxms tot City Property. Wanted MercbandUo to Tr<ide for Farms. ADDRESS M. .U. CrOJtDON. Sprr Block iLojansport, Indiana. GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS or TB2 MOST PSOTCT OF PENS. 613 Broadway. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNINfr. MARCH 3. Wanted—A woman to wash diabea at Beamer'a. Ladles' day aet by Otto Kraus junt a week ag-o, takee place Monday. Read the Bee Hlve'a advertisement and Bee their great Lonsdale offer. If down town Monday, attend Otto Krau*''ladles' day. Some extraordinary offerings la sample shoes. The Bee Hlve'a advcrtiiement will tell you of the greatest Lonsdale offer ever made in tha history of muslin. Slate Keppinger will hang, paper at 15 cents a double roll. Giro him a call oTwLelneneman't tailor •hop, 504 Broadway. I Croirniiig Success. C E. DiVus. editor of the Cooper- vlilb (Mich.) Observer, is a worthy example of what pueh and energy, with keen business propensities, will accomplish. In a conversation with jojr correepondent, Mr. DeVoe said: "I was born in Keene, Canada, in 1850. In 1857, I migrated with my parents to Pelle, Iowa, received a com, mon school education, drifted into the printing business, and removed to Battle Creek, Mich., whore I became forprnaa in the large printing 1 house of Gage & Son. I recently purchased tho p.ipor of which I am now editor. My life work has been very confining and exacting and, as a result, my health gave out and I broke down with nervous exhaustion and sleeplessness. I was in such a condition that I could not sleep until completely worn out, mv appotlio failed ma and I had to cboke down whai little I did eat. Abouitwo months ago my attention was directed to Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer und I concluded to try it. It had a woDderful'ellecton me; in a few nights I was able to get al! the sleep, needed, my appetite returned and became as ravenous a? a wolf's, my weipbt increased twelve pounds, my mind became clear ana active, in fact, I was restored to health and I look and feel an entirely different man" Inquiry and observation has proved Dr. Wheeler's Nerve VHalizar to be a truly wonderful cure for all nerve trouble^-, such as nervous proitration, spasms, fits, mental depression, ex. nausted vitality,despondency and general debility. For sale by Ben Fisher, Drugcist. Get vour veilings, laces and ribbons one ceat a yard up—no fake but good goods. Sae the silk trimmings 5 cents a yard, worth up to $1.50, choice 5 cents; veilings 5 cents a yard at the Trade Palace. Beirare of Olntmentg for Catarrh That Contain Jierenry. As mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell and completely derange the whole system when entering It through toe mucous surfaces. Such articles should never be us-d except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as tbe damage they will dn Is ten fold to the good you can posti- DlyderlY«from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure manufactured by. t. J. Cheney * Co.. ToNdo, 0.. con- nuns no mercury, and Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous lurfaatf of the system. In boyag Hall's. Catarrh Curo.be jure you get the genuine. It is taken Internally and made In Toledo. Ohio, by F. J. Cheaey *- Co TetUmontali free. . W9°' d by irocrtsts, price TSe. per bottle. Murphy and Canfleld- Tim. Murphy, who returns here with •Alimony," at the opera house, OQ Tnursday night next, rose from minor parts about the time of the first production of Hoyt's humorous conceit, entitled "A Braes Monkey," and gained considerable popularity. About four years ago, when "A Texas Steer" was brought about by tbe same author, he created the leading role appearing as Maverick Brander. tbe congressman from Texas. He is the same in "Alimony," having succeeded admirably in catching the author's humor, and in winning wide popularity. Hie bu mor is dry and forcible, and tbe satlr which an author cannot realize with out the aid of an actor, is criep an clean. Eugene Canfield, with whom he appears as joint star, has bee identified with nearly all of tbe Hoy plays, and was among tha best of hi players. A SEVERE WINTER. an IK- A Clianceto Make Money The times are hard, but there alway seems to be opportunities for tbos who are willing to work. In the pas monti Ii have made $175 above al expenses, selling Climax dish washers aud have attended to my regula business besides. I never saw any thing that gave as freoeral satisfaction One should not complain where thej can make over $6 a day, right a home. I have not canvassed any, so anxious are people for Climax dlsl washers, that they send after them any lady or gentleman can do as wel as I am doing, for anjone can sol what everyone wants to buy. I think we should inform each other through the newspapers of opportunities line this, as there are many willing to work if they only knew of an opening. For full particulars, address the Climax .Mfg. Co., Columbus, Ohio After you have tried the business a week, pub lUh the results for the benefit o Others. Cue Fox Captured. The big fox drive in Harrison town ship yesterday resulted in the capture of one fox, though there were four shy Keynarde within the circle when i closed in near George Stevens' home just out of Lucerne. J. J. Hildebrandt secured the bodf of the box, burying it at auction. Riicklen'N Arnica Salve. The beat salve in the world for cuts, bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped bunds, chilblains, corns, ' and all skin erup. tiona, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It. is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per boy. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. The final Meeting. The final meeting to complete the necessary arrangements for the houte to house canvass will be held at the First Presbyterian Church Tuesday, at 7:30 p. m. The city will be canvassed Wednesday, March 6th. It Is important that every chairman, with the members of the various committees, be present. CHCISTI.VE MAKKERT, Chm'n. Notice of Tru»tee'M Meeting. There will ba a meeting held at the Logansport Christian Church, Monday evening, March 11, 1895, for the purpose of electing three trustees of said church. All members of the church are invited to attend the meeting-. G. N. BERRY, Clerk. It will be funny and instructive to see the athletic exhibition tomorrow night at the opera house. The pupils of Mmo. Watson's cut* ting Bcbool number 33, and new applicants are being received daily. .Tomorrow night will bo a great event in athletic circles. Go to the opera house and see the sparring between the Torr brothers. Charley and Tom. You have noticed the Rob Koy neckties and the Elkhorn collars worn BO much by the young men. Dewenter, the Hatter, supplies the boys with them. Oa account of the popularity of her cutting and sewing school, Mme. Watson has decided to remain here this coming season. Those intending to enter the school should do so at once. Ihe ladies of the Christian church will hold n fair in the Justice block beginning Thursday, March 7'th. Din. ner and supper will be served Friday and Saturday. Her Majesty corset R & G. corset In seven different quality cumbers at 50 cents on the dollar; also a big lot of nursing corsets among the 72 dozen lot at bankrupt prices, 11 cents on the dollar, at the Trade Palace. This week you can get the finest line of trimmings, linings, silks, novelty dress goods, plain and fancy dress from 7J cants to $3 per yard, ever shown In Logansport, and at prices unthonffht of so low you cannot help baying. Come before stock is broken to the Trad* Palaoe. The Cau*e of SnlreriDir crease of Tais winter has been the most severe for many years. North, South, East and vi'est, intense cold and blizzards hav- prevail-:d. Tnis will surely causa a great increase of sickness and death. Chronic catarrh and consumption always begins br catching cold. Thousands have started on the road toward a lifetime of misery from chronic catarrh or a sure death from consumption. It is not too late yet to be saved and restored 10 a life of health and activity, Pe-ru-na will do it. It never fails to quickly cure chronic catarrh less than two years old. Of course Pe rn-na cures thousands and thousands of cases of chronic catarrh that have run for many* years, but In cases that are of more recent origin it cures, quickly, certainly and permanently. Every case of cold or cough that has resulted from the effects of our severe winter could now be cured In a short time by Pe-ru-na Not a singlb one need fail. All those taking Pe-ru-na who do- sire the advice of Dr. Hartman about their cases should write, giving age. sex, disease and time of sickness, and he will answer free. A few weeks 1 treatment now will prevent years of suffering, and In many cases death Address t&o Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing 1 Company, Columbus, Ohio, for a free book on catarrh, cold*, cough, la grippe and consumption. For free book on cancer address Dr. Hartman, Coiumbu>. Ohio. Absent .Tlnil I'm I'ntlt'r Rouu>. Ellis Armstrong, who na.s been charged with deceiving Miss Gertrude A. Ross, has oeon bound over tor irml in the CiruoU Court m ib« sum of $600 Armstrong eeCft|jed arre-i but under this action find )«eterd«... in '.Squire Fender's court, judgment may be rendered whether he isp-esentor out Fuiir Klff hacccBKCfi. Having tde needed merit to more than make uood nil tbo advertising- claimed for tnem, tbe following four eoitfr buve reached a phenomenal sals. Dr. King's New Discovery, for consumption, coughs and colds, each bottle guaranteed—Electric Bitters, the great remedy for liver, stomach and kidneys—Buckieo's Arnica Salve, the best in tbe world, and Dr. King's New Life Pills, which ' are a perfect pill. All these remedies are guaran- eod to do just what Is claimed for them and the dealer whose name is attached herewith will be glad to tell you more of them. Sold at B. F. Keesling'e drug store. Unfortunate* Kntertalued. Though theklndcess of Prof. George Bartholomew, the owner of the wonderful educated horses that have been on exhibition here and Manager Paterson, fifty patients from Long Cliff hospital were admitted free with their ttendants, to the matinee performance yesterday. Mtrrolous Bexults. From a letter written by Rev. J. 3-underman, of Diamondale, Mich., we are permitted to make this extract: I have no hesitation in recommend- ng Dr. King's New Discovery, as the esults were almost marvelous in the :ase of my wife. While I was pastor )f the Baptist church at Rives Jane. Ion she was brought down with ineucQonia succeeding la grippe. Ter- ible p^roxsms of coughing would last hours with little Interruption and it eemed as if she could not survive hem. A: friend recommended Dr. Ling's New Discovery; It was quick n its work and highly satisfactory In esulte." Trial bottles free at B. F. isesling's drug store. Regular size Oc. and $1. 'For Charity Suffereth Long/ Mrs. Laura C. Pfaocnlx. nilwaukee. WU. "Xatrvn of a Benevolent Bom* and knowing the pood Dr. Miles' Kurvin* has done me, my wish to help others, overcomes my dislike for tlio publicity, • tola letter mrxy pivo mo. In Nov. and ;V:-.. ISS3, TJte inmates had. the' i La^^:^n>c," and 1 trasono of the first- JRosu.-iias duty too soon, with ttio care of so many sick, I did not resrrua Ely health, aud in a month from sleeplessness and the drafts m.itio on my vitality, that it was u question If I could go on. A de:ir friend advised mo to try Dr. SlUfjt' Sattoratire Srniinc, I took 2 bottles and am happy to say, I am • in butter hoalih Uian ever. I still continue Jf.v occa&i&iuil «.«c, ajt a. ttfrvn Horae-SeeKera' Excursions South and Soutliensl via P«nnsj-lTB»l» Linen. Special low rate excursion tickets with twenty day limit will be sold March 5th, April 2d and 30th, from Icket stations on the Pennsylvania .lines to points in Alabarola, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missls- Ippl, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. For details, apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line ?icket Agent, or address F. Van Duen, Chief Assistant Gcnertl Paisen. ger Af»it, PiJHbuaf, IT*. As overheard by our reporter: 'John, please get some sugar at J kick's; be gives more for the money ban the other dealers; to economize we must be careful to get our money's worth of everything—and Oh! John, on't forget to stop at Ben Fisher's rug store for a bottle ol Br&t's BaT- am; it only costs a quarter,and it ured my cough so quickly before. I have confidence in It, besides It's eco- omlcal to use; the bottles are extra arge, while the dose is only a half easpoonful. Get Brant'* of Ben "Isher. • More green ticket Lonsdale than was ever bought before fer $1 at the Bee Hive Monday. Bead their ad ver- isement and learn particulars. as my work is very trying. A letter addressed to ?,' ihvankoo, \Vis., will ronch mo." Juno 0, 1SS4. Sins. LAURA C. Pnossu. Dr. Miles' Nervine Is sold on a positive (mar-.p.i.eotlnn too lirst bottle will ncooflu A!l<iru^:isvj>scll Jtnti81.6 Settles for S3. or It will bosiiru, prepaid, ou receipt of nrlc* by the -Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, ln<t Dr. Miles' Nervine Restores Health Til 1C CIIL'ttCHEM Cnuucii or Cintis- (^cl-ntlst)—Survta* will b« held In their new rooms In th<> Jlaiioe block, corner of Slxtli niid Broadway. 131blo Cliisn at l(i:8jSDiu1iiymornlriB. All are cordially In- vltad to attend. EVANOXLICAL. CHDKCH—Rev. S. .T, SWchla). pw- tor. services t'.iduy as follows: Snbbuth school atfl:3i)a. in preaching at KhM) a. m by the pastor, y. P. A. at 0 p. in ProachlnR m the p. in. All am cordially Invited. CauHcn—Cormr Ninth mid Spear streets. Rev. T. S. Ftotfmau, ptsioc. Services at li a. w. anil 7p m. {Sunday School at 9:30 a. in., G. N. bi'rr)-. Supt. Y. P. S. 0 K. at 6:40 p. in. Jlornlnj; subject, -Missions," Ail luvitod. ST. LUKE'S EVANGELICAL LnriiitiiAN CHURCH. Rev. j. c. KHulIumii, Pastor. Service* at 11 a. m. Sunday school at 03U, .Junior Endeavor at 2:W. \ Oung People's society of CbrlsUiin Endeavor at li and evening services lit 7. Everybody welcome. A. M, B. Ciraiica— C nierof Clcott and Market street. Rev. K. McDaiilel pastor. PreachlnRat iw.30 a. m and 7:30]). m, oytbe pastor. Sunday nciiool at 8 p. in. Teachers' meeting every Wednesday evening. Prayer nipftlnic ever/ Thursday B\viilni?. All ara cordlallj- Invited BROADWAY PiiKsuYTKniAN Ciroiicu—Sunday School lit 9 80. u in. Preaclilnc tills mornlug and evening by Hev. A. W. Williams of Terre Haute. V, J'. S. C. E. ineetliiK at <i:30. Strangers aud others are cordially Invited to attend Uiese fen-Ices. CujrBKKLAND PiotsuYTKHiAN CiiURcn—Chas. B. Wellborn, pastor. Sannay School iH5 B. m. Preaelrngat 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. bj Uie pastor. .luulur C. E. at 2:3« p. m. senior G E. at U p. 111. EveningFUbJecc, "Ttm Model Ohnr h— Shall we have one on tlie West Side'.'" All are invited. MARKCT STHKKT if. E. CiicitCH-Rev. W. R. Wones, Pallor. Preaching at JU:45 a. m. and 7 p in. by the pastor. Sabbath school al l':30 a. m. Class iiieetln? nt IlMo a. in. and <ip. in. Junior League lit ^ :SO n. m. Epworth League at (i p. in. Topic. "The Burnt .Ottering. Leader, E. V. McAllister. BROABWAT M. E. Cnuncu—Rev. H. J. Norrls pasior. Preaching by tbe pastor ;u II a. m. .ludge D. }' Baldwin will give a tnlk at 7 p. m Suoject "[n and About Ancient Athens.". Sunday School nt 0:15 a. m. Junior League ac3 p. in. Senior League at 6 p. m. conducted by Clarence Maker. All are Invited. FIRST PiiKSBTTBBiAN Ciitrxcir—Rev. D. P. Pnt- nam, pastor. Communion services and recognition of new ninubers with short sermon br . the pastor at 11 o'clock a. m. At 7 p. m. Hev. Dan K. •Williamson will preach. Sunday school at 9.-.W a. in. Young People's •. meeting at (J p. in. A cordial welcome lor all. • DNrvjcusALisr Carmen— Eev. T. S. Guthrle Pastor. Service today at 11 a. m. and 7 p. in. Subject In tlieforenoon: "Tlic S-nctlfy- inclnlluence of'tae Gospel. Jn the evening. "1'hc End of the .Vorld." \om g peopled meeting «t 0 p. in. Sunday school at 10 a, m. .Edward Cauls Supt, All lire Invited. , TRINITV EI-ISCOPAI. CUDHCII—Rev. Douglass I . Hobbs, Hector. Services today UK fjllows: 'J:30 «. DI. tunday School. 11 a. m. morning prayer. 7 p. in. evening prayer. Owing to- Hector's Illness these, mon will be omitted both morning and evenmg, but It Is hoped that none will stay away on thisaccouut. Have You Kidney Trouble? Have You Throat Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? Have You Bladder or Urinal: Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAK." SoMby BEX M<*H6«. CHICAGO, March'. 18M. DB BcntHMAf. CHICAGO. MY DBAK DIB— My attention was first callod t»- SAX-JAK la»J year In the case ol Captain J. H. Broslas. »r Tcrre Haute, Ind.. whj was attacked In this Cltj with «cuu> nephritis and cj-ntltU «n- naminatlOD ol tbe bladder and kidneys). Alter- prescribing tbeiMiui] remedies Hlthoui avail San- Jak was sugz««ted, and tb» Improvrmeru wa« «o marked alter tbe flrs: dose, and a complete core fallowed so speedllj 1 , that I at once commenced wi InvcstUatioiJ ot tts merits and hive since prescribed it In almost e»erj known form of kidney bladder, uretur*!. vaglual and caiarrhal'troable«, followed i» e»cb ln«taDC< by tne happiest remit*. • A case of enaresIs(lnTOInntary flow of art no) In my own family was Terr much. Improved bra few doses, and radically cored In less tban a week KTom practical experience In a number of bad cases of leueorrnoea I am free to nay tnat I him 1 ound no remwii tbat U eqoil to SA N- J AT. — »nd wolle I have never Wore given a professional Indorsement to « proprleiarr remedy, I nay unhesitating)} and ullbout reserve inat > con . sldersA> T -UK a veritable boon to humanity and • after applrtog It to the surest protetwlonal tegtd, can say wl'h confidence, It Us better than it l» recommended to be. 1 shall continue M prescribe It In all c»«» Ol motto-urinary or catarrhal troubles, In preference to all otter known remedies. >BaSEEV»TOSic,SA>'-JiKcanberelled upon fuUyand rnOrsly. Tbe delicious taste of tb* mrtldne is *1«) m in later. In prescrtblnj It fat • children. I am at orawnt using SiN-JiK a» an alterative In skin dl«easa«. and in sever*! cues or chrcnlc eczema have ytelded go readily ro lU'ln- fl»encethat I shall continue to nae it In xlmiUr cates, feeling coondunt that It will meet all toe lodleaUons la fucb CMC*. Yours slnwrely. (Signed) ^' •« : BEH FISHER DRUGGIST:

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