The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1931
Page 3
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(.MONDAY, MAY 4, 1931 lined Horsewojiiun 'i'uvnod rSsion No refeitru-c tc'day's s.-imoi to Sm was ur.ierslr-ou 1 :j-.:i'. li; lo IK in ll:e county tjj.iy. The R..-V. VI. J. lr-it!y '.3 stive t : '. :in.<::i and HI; uos.'.ii. CARK.) VX\NV V' • PAGE THEE/ Children Regain Losi Savings Through Ranker's Aid C. l.att'h" 1 , local ;-roci;v anil -iiicd cii".diOi«t<.' (m mayor hi i -I'tnt n'.miieijinl olecllcn. \vns Jllt- (1 n( a cllnrtfp of nh.-.lnic;- nn ollii'or in the clkchar :i> of ih:iy. b-.- Ju-is? \V. I). Clrnv- c '." -p ['ol'.u 1 i-o'.r: this iiKUnioi;. L':".3i-v \v.'s arr"- t"(l on Hi. 1 uoni- r'i'!-!l c:[ A. H. "Slim" Gwyii. |>3- !io::naT. «ho aci'ii. 1 -'.''! Ihe riKichaiu c'f iiifi-frdn- v.l-ile lie was sc'.if^ v.'l'h a drin^:fii man he had :• trd. Tl : ;'e shmvrd (hat. •.'' - liirl i-.o' 1 !l-|-:-fcrt' |)! v:1h c;wyn but riade si:n:- re- r 1 : ;c tin' nil c r. which wa 1 ) ln- - n-ti-l '.!l : U-re.^t;- by O»vu. Ray- i-ri It.-i'-'r. furaicr o!lic?r. und !• '.'Td-.'U. h- !d tint ihc nri'ihant J't :• f.i •'• I: 1 : r- tl-'vin.^ hlui nut tu ilv c!it!nk win was rrs'sling - '.id ijawkT a-1:'.-l '••.'-•.! i-'t l:j I'll the man and I -r.v'rr i'-tii'el llv.i 1 . li? HI ii'rslcd :i (l..;.i;i from strikin! '.vl'IV >i? was boin; held . Uoth Cjv/yn an 1 Iho :i Liu-; 1 evidence of the v.hifli cK-::in!e.I Friday Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T Anaconda Conner .. Auburn Chrysler Cities Service Continental Baking •Concral Electric ... General Motors ... Montgomery Wnrd . New York Central l j ackai'd Ifadlo Corp Simmons Texus Coip U. S. SU'ul 182 K 1-2 211 3-4 W 1-8 15 1-2 . 123-4 •14 1-H « 3-8 18 5-3 58 1-2 1 5-B 1C 1-2 12 5-S 22 116 1-4 New York Cotton NUW VOUK, May 4 (UP)—Cot- Ion closed \My steady. oixn high Joiv ciojc Mny Qi5 070 U-li 010 July ; S10 034 DOS i)OJ Oet iOOT 10J1 1000 lO^J HOC 1020 1053 10J5 1051 Jan 1041 1054 10W 100: March 10JO 10£0 1007 10.3 Spots steady at 070. up 30. /Very Orleans Cottcn NRW OULKANK, May 4 (UP) — Cc-ttcu clewed steady. Manila, the Itev. C. O. llrl Iho R-.'V. V/ji-ro:i K \Vi::,.-,:i. Hi- i'.L-v. P,'.iil at Ociner K!e;!i.-n OfTte'.a!; Xaine:! OSCEOLA, Atk., M:.y 4.— land clerks who v.iil h'-ld in Icial election In Mi.a::si!y;>: Itomorrow to determine I Sunday b'.'sebali will b? playrd <iilr I hi" tin- f uv.F-i!i here, hrive teeu nnni-" by 1). f. T.iyb.- sr.. r.:.i Mi-- lEmma Cox of O-:?Jla :r.i:l To-. I Martin cf Dell, shrill :l:"i:e ic-:; appoint::! by l',r.::i Ity Jmiae Z.ll B. Haidso:; to V.-' |the clrction. 'Ihc-y are as follows: WhKtoii—Judges. J. A. McC'er.Idon: H. R. Land. W. it.'.; |clcr!:s. n. A. Jackson. Mack Crov:. Joiner-7-,Tud~e?, Terry M.tch^il, J J B. Y/ilfOll jr.. K-ll'.lh B^v-hr. |c!e:tts. I-YiTik Wricc-b", !'-. H. H3'.v- | den. B^:rtt — Judges. L. H. Uro : .-,:ile? I A. S. Cntniii:e;.i. J-e M:!'IL-.-; ;l:~k.- 1\'./. U. Burkelt, J'.-:s" ClliitKi. \Wi!s.;n—Jua^s. Hy Wilson, E. .onoM jr.. J. U. lt-Tre.ii: c'.;-rk: Ci Boall. Gibe Enocs. O.=ceoU—Jii:is:c5. I3ei: E'.u!:-.-. Her |b;r: Bryant. n. W. B.-rij-, cJevk: |ciitr Tari-er. Mike IMilh-i'.-. :iKr—JuUv=3. -Mi:'.-r Taylor. Mr. I Robinson. W. P. Samse; cierl: I Pete Bolick. Eio-i-nh--.fu.l5; 1 !-, R. H. V.'ilmoth IE. S. \vr:ly. II. J. Meadows: clerk; I Bob Orer.:. Ciaude Stillman j.-. Bowman !je:icol Ilnuw—Juti^et U-nr, liiinklsy. J. A. Walter:!, Get) I Baker; clerks, Will R:cr.a!ds, Ho.v- |ard Roberts. Br.rdeitc—Judges, K B. Hanimoc). 1C. F. Tcmpkins. J. J. H!::'SDr I clerks,- John Broihrrs. Gus -Evc'^ McFcrrin JiidjE::. Tom MCO.I.T.- I ly, Jinimic Gwa!:i-.L-y. Mr. Cop- I padge; clerks, Mr. \VoDclar;i, M:. I Eliisou. xora.—Judges. Walter Layns : Brown, Sam Bowcir. clerks. |.lciiii Corkran. Rusreil Bov:c:i. Clear LaVtc—Judsj::, C. a-. L |Ch.-'.l Bcv;!s, Albert I'ayne; clerks. |I. A. Cooulz. Gus Giacy. Huffman—Jud-^e.-j, I'\ J. Har: 'au! Pitv.jera!d. Bill Ray; c!=i |R. If. Green, Cecil Sayr\ Blvthevil!;, City Tla'u—Jn-js lEmiiiett Wilson, L. G. 'ir.o.ivi]-; |jce Alexander; cl?rks, Heiir> lee-ves. Gordon Ev-rard. Giitely Store Bl.lj., EVythcville-- ludyes. Jim Hall. John Ba;e. Allen I Van Winkle; clerks. Charlie G:.;y I. P.. Kniyht. Ark-Mo. Li.nita Yard. BV.h. 1 I vit:e—3u:lg:£. Daman >fcL';;.1. J. t-. iLunsfcid. Frank Hirnls 1 -.; c'.erk~ JL; Poi-cjy, J. II. Jack=o i-omi-M Lane 1 .—Ju^sss. R. H v--;er. A. Bui-kes rVll\ Hiil: clerk.-C. Matthews. B. F. FH/g.'ra!;;. Yorbro— Jud^s, ep;nc?r -J-.i-i.i |J. S. Bunch. L. N. MaUh;.vs | clerks, Mosa Smltn. Mil'.on Yaib;-; Half Mocn—Judges. J. R. N'::- 1 .; Jolscn. S.-C. Austin. ,3. D. Ilo.l^r Icbrks, J. W. I'.ob:ii33ii. A. C. ;Vs'i Gc?n;!l—Judu'es. M. E. Cook. L IT. Moore. Rube Bcni'lio: rbrk.=. C |c. Waddy. H. Hart. D.-ll—Judjes, il;:p H-.'Cny. E. I S'.-.icy J''-. E- M. Wcoiiar.i; cl:rk lotto Koehic:-. B. S. S:m::.o:is. Manila—Judyc,-., GCGrgt; Kyh. I |M. liny. RK! Wri-ht: clerk;. C..-.T- lence Aslnbrar.urr" Luke Stewart. Lcachvllle—,i;:cii:is. Louie W.a- Ibcnj. t'ddie W.irncr. Gab. 1 Xe!s.,.i. Irlcrks, "" Hipp, Ji-i lacy Cell fsri'd 510 tl-c T: a'cs cf VP-V.II-CV avainst n? alitl Hubby Hc-]l \ver "L:-l:e mother, like dau;;ht:r" . . . Mrs. Fontaine Miury Thraves, ncl'.i! l.ciscv.oinati oi.rt rldii'/; ii::i:ncicr. ti shown hrrj with her 11- yLT.r-olii uai:;hl = :-. Patricia lhr.iv s v.ini'.or of I'u- noiithovn Wo:;ien'p n;i'.:i:^ Cliar;!pio!-,rhi;>. The sk-fk ehcstnn! insre. E!l-'?.bPl!i. Is the •>: ; cc:-.(]r.nt of a horse v.'jiich a cram'.fathcr ol Mrs. 1'tiravcs ro:ie in the Civil Wai'. P.V Jl!|,IA HI.ANSHAIll) NI.'A Service Writer ' into t>le fjl.t El .-.n BEACK. Va. There liiiT feminine --^r.-!on fath?r, like son" at!- of ll'c "like '.re- here. 7r.r ••'I!'; ll-vcav-oM irrO Tliravo':, winner Patricia &f the pionship. owner and manager rf i dirr/ni-tivc stable of nv,^ Siiet- ianfi p-:-aies. bv her riding ^ijility naturally. She U Ir.e (liu-^h- 'er of Mrs. Fo'uaine Maury Thraves. cmii-.ent Vir^iiila }:or;e- ej-ian. ovn^r of the slrin? Gf 3:i or::?-,? at th* 1 C?.valier Stables, h? woman who probably has ausrht mere men, women a:i:l l ::!t:!\ n :i to ride than any three ti--er instructois eomtinecl " was the v-o'Ui^cst ridin-j ipil I e\'cr had." M r s. Thravcs ?w*:?d in her soft. Virnnian •ice Ih^t h-.s a ynsreslion of :iet hun-or in it. "Shi: ro'.dd rit Civil War. My father just; M'jr'.h lo :ue because we | a r e p'^perslitioi's: aliout not being able to win without one of her lino^ f?r mascot." I On throuch tl'i stables Mrs. • 1 braves v.-i'iit. pohilin? out "Shir- 1 li-v." a 'orrel 1'^it is th.e best, j'linuer ! .!iere, '-Vvhl-prr." the fast- ! est runner. "fJcau." Ihe most u;a' -fill iiac.-r. Each hcrse is a i--:rro!:ilit- lo her. Certainly all. are friend-, from tile way they. r.reet her. : S'-'p has trained every one of brokir.i fcrri^ of them.' c .rr.-:n\"d o'-hcjs frr this C'.lp or t'-.c.: Eleven ho'urs In the saddle' is one of her days. Even-out-ol fie '-nidi-- sl!e runs tn form. " i;:-0!U than iuclcor things. ! hi--- t':t- theater, cnioys a racy de-! tectivp- r-tory but insiLls that her. r--:lv rcliiclfli!-; trainiu; makes her : ' lead n heavy uninteresting book fj mike uo lor every li?ht on; she enjoys. Kor pinelpanelled bunga- : M-'.y ]v.'ii s . necrc.-j. wn.s a (harj;e of dislurb- Irene cou- eolirt ar.nouncing ir'i tb» rasrs over if the Yemen re- n-.".'iird in ' r he r isr i of Bcmiy Harvey, charged with failure to pay eity li- ^-ense or work F'.I^OIS, was con- CHAXCEHY COURT. CHICKA- P.VWHA DTPTRICT. M1RKISS- M'PI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. John R. Trail. Plaintiff. vs. No. 4947 r.-ndol 1 - 1 . M. Trail. Pefetvlam. Th" defendant. Lnrtella M. Trail. warned to opnrar thi-ty c a- ? in Hi-- court named in the rajitinn hereof and answer the cmr'ilahit of the plaintiff, John R. Triii. Da'.cd April 25. inni. R. L. OAINTS. Ciork. So taal c!i:ldrui inljlit not lose Ilieir faith In saviivir funds. Col. Evans E. Klmblr. hea:l ol a VlneliurJ, N. J., k:i:ik. lias a;:rcecl to refuiui deposits totaling $37,000 which were lost by boys anil ulrls in his homo city in the eollnjise of another institution last ycnr. Here you see tht! youthful depositors lined up to receive cheeks from the nllrnlstlc banker. May July Oct. Hcc Jnn March '- El:7-ibali Blythe. D. C. A((v Ad Littm 2S-1-8-I5 >ier sr.rUlle Irnj before she could ] 0 w home alop & little hill over- •:Vk. and rm'e alone before she Irxjkiut; 1-er stables and praclice t:ack Icok^ :ik") a bim'.in^ lodge- Pa!-, fits right Into enjoys the same |alte:nalf.~. Japan's Ihihils r:a| I cl-.ililre:! b I p. m. au.i Karl KcnneU. Hosr '.^w f.'.clory la-,v prs- uymo:H of -,vo;r/;i aiu : !-ivcon Hie hcuis of It a. ni. -.'<: n yar old. - ! "Of r-rirse i'\ 1 ^ been tnrov.-n iome." Pat answered a curry for ler.-.-'lf. 'But I qot on a'jain. you voiild, with mother there." she 1 •rt-lrd. "-milin? at her mother as ;he svci:e. A Rorn Aristocrat Mrs. Thraves. s'.--ek. sl.-nder. :ha:-m:ii;j in her tailored whipeord '>rco"he.-. ri-immon rirling -o^t r-i-.-i iratcliin-; hat with a tiny i "~d frctlicr in it. smiled back, I Thov 'A--:-e both w.-U" ; uris; one cf '^'r.r.. F!n:r,eri!ic asked if the brni:- i "{-I creature was a Kentucky ; '!:!-• irrass product. ; "Of crurs? vnn nil kr.ow that. '<r-iti-.-i-.v pi-'t nil the li<\st blorfrfi ^o 1 pfi fl'-s'i from V ivo inia in th.e i h 1 t niar.- 1 ," Mrs. Tiiravci r.iildly- •ebi'ke-i Ihe nuestioner and at tlie : i"."^ tim-? Irsiiol*'" 1 her inoidinatD j "-•'e in >ier hon-.e stale. j BD"II and ra-rr-d ne~.r here, the | ':i-:;-^.-l rlanrh'e- r r lh-- old. aris- •-r-pTii ? M-in-v faiuiiy. kn^wn for :•; vond^rlul fl->.b!c<. TTrs. Thrav.?s ; •TtH-cd hrr first tvojiliv cnn at | '.!ir ape t.i nine, fpcnl murh of her •ir : h,^od r'd'ns. ImnMnT. trainii'.ij \^r?w*. pnd ns a yr.une -womin! ^ l >nwecl her own lirrser a!l over the | United S'?',:s. When rnvrrses hi!.! *-.rT pos-iiuie becimp her profes-i ~:c:i. Er-e taueht rifiin? al vnri- j ••'••• evclu-ive ri,-;i:i7 ciiil-s nnd I I'ld cnie.ys ri>i'nin^ l-,er own sta- | : >!cr.. bcs : inj 111- eight r.-.en and j '-.e:. training all of her ovn l-oress, • 'eachine hundreds of townfclk a:ii! . '.•i-^rs to rirte. | "Ar.--o:ie can learn to ride but it • 1"}onrfs on (he a:'-,ount of punisii-' •r.fnt Ihpy can l->k^ whether or ol j 'Ivv Icani o'lir-kly.'- Mrs Thrives •v:r!ain~d. "That yountr man yon- -1-r nevrr v.-.-.s in the saddle until nine months nso. Kcw IIP is an expert horseman, can jump a' 'inrs-- prvfecslv. | "Most people want to tako nn. T-^rir'al i-.c^ilien en a hr-rse. You hi\e In cet rieht down onto a hor-e. like a. bov ecu right next •i a tree he climbs. If I could. Vf start everybody off vi'h no slitriips." A SJcrd fir Tcnderfoois 'K folks just naturally cnn-'t '•'md nnicli. 1 .start them en 'Tnd- po'e. 1 That hor>e has tauaht 700 rv R01 people hnw to lide." she pitted Ihe head of a Krav mare tV t s'lick out of a stable door and I irsr;3 in hrr coat i^ocket for si:j:ar. I "Thsfs EliiaV.Mh." sh-! nodded Her riaug t';e picture, ihinjs. is her again. mother all over TF^OPF TOM OKCAR At-IT ANDER. .1USTICE OF THE PE/-CE FOB CilfCKASAWBA nifiTRir.T. MTKRISSIPPI COUN TY. ARKANSAS?. . : Tou A. I.iitle, IMrdiiliff, vs. O. W. Robeitfon, Defendant. WARNING ORDER Tin drfcndaiil. O. W. Robertson is wrjrnccl tn npnenr ill the Justice of t!-.e 1'cn-e Cou: 1 ! ol O;car Alexander wi f hin thirty days and the comclaint cf the plaintiff. Tom A. Litllo. \Vitncss my hand as Justice cf said cnurt. This A-iVi! 15. 1031. ' OHCAIl ALEXANDER. I5-22-23-G at botli Ihe north and smith sides jtiai'jlu line with the big uiers. Tlie four ttirect suppmtsi nnri ri::h: lateral supports formed a Greek cross. Th" rhmoh was. nnd fs, con'irt- ^rcd a Krrld wnnder. IIH mosaics. shnivin'? tlie whole of the old mil Nev TpsiBinciits. and the life of the Holy Virgin, are among the "in^t brautitiil in tho world. Thiiiy thousand individual cubfs. each cr.e jiiFt a tiny piece, arc re- iuir--ci fT the coiiiposilion of n rcle yard. The church Is : never dork, r-lames of rfiOO silver lamns 'm:ir!-> the nl»li(." ns Th'onhnncs pV:l il. "as brilliant us the day.'' The church has uiricreone re- ralr frnm lime to th-.av An earlli- nunke t:i 5SS ivrfliprt the cri'dnal <lrhie. /\mcii7 tl-.c improvements inircc'ufjri in the course of r"<tc tirri. tho doiae was laised 25 feet. Tn IPIR. cluriiv: Ihe retell of M-d-rl-Mnjid. Ihe building wns 'brro'.iL'bh- rcpair'il by the Ttal- bn arch'tec*. Fosstl. The dmne wns nnnfcicfd and rc-roolcd 1B51-27. : F-iil + Fins are coiie now ond the 3-!-nntifnl old building ha^ fe' some of Ihr el'orls to r.'le"ate It ID Hi" ]>-ist. alon; with the frz ind the liar&m. Brvan LJuticdt .Will Relurn Home From White House Visit Tomorrow. open 045 115'j 1002 1027 1037 1058 hluh 070 'Ml 10211 1050 1053 1075 |r\v c'rv.n 0-15 010 'JuU ilJU 1001 10^0 IQ'JU 1050 1(B7 ItfiJl 1C58 1075 Sjiols steady nt D15, up 30. today most of thorn will be nl the train lo creel him. Tlie nimincr hi which he con- dueled himself at Washington won him much praise. T3ryftn hns bren offered n trip around the world by a New York motion picture cmn- j;ati". lie M.IS ollcrcd vnndcvlllo contracts nt $1.000 n week. Hut 'l'"' «-lll be none of that, sny his parents, who have decided dully ngalnst nil such offers. We want him to be a real man tliroiiijh his own cltorts. his mo- ll'.er said. STUFFEB ANIMALS IN TREKS TIFI-TN, O. lUPJ—Th3 .faculty and sludent body at Hc'.dslbjrj CollEae awoke one niDrnlnj ro tx 3n:- • ly to see stulfed bears, eajles, kan- ynroos niul oilier birds an-.l bcas'-s perched In the boughs of trees on the campus. The college museum had been raided but the Invaders live, remained anonymous. I-AMAR. Col.. Mny 4 (UP)—This section of Coloralo prepared loiluy 16 cclebrnlc the return cf its "fa- vcrile. son", Bryan United!, who will return home tomorrow from his visit with President Hoover nl (he Whil? HOUEJ. Bryan Is comlnj tack to the country where a fc-w weeks ago lit; was trapped with 13 others In a blizzard bound schncl bus. Five of his companions died of the cold. ITc was credited with savin" til? lives ol Ihe ethers. How one of the notion's best known boys. Ury- an will find himself a hero even to his Jiome folks, an:l it appeared WARNING ORDER F. Ij. Pitlman and Llnnlc A. Pittman aic warned to apivrnr In the Chancery- Court for the Chlcka sawba District of Mississippi Coun- ly, Arkansas, within thirty days and r.nstt-er the complnlnt filed a»ninsl them by Mary St. Aubcr King and W. E. Tucker, ns Trustee Witness my hand nnd the senl o' paid court on tills 14th tiny o April, 1031. R. L. GAINE5. Cltrk, Uy Harvey Morris, D. C Reid. Evrard k Henderson, Attorneys for PlalntlllE.- . . ,. Wont CLASSIFIED Will/ 10,000 Men Labored Six Years lo Build Church of St. Sophia WNn FI.IF.S nr.oTLrss PLANE MOUN'DSVINLE. W. Vn. (UP 1 — .I'-s-iilpli HieTius of the West Virginia Natural Oa- ccomoanv Hs? "•i nirnlan- 1 r"^^nUv when a pitst J •f winrl caT'erl it. minus pilni. Int 'Up air ^ivl dn'mi^-i it fr n m 'nhht of 30-1 feet. Tlie end wa di^fioJished. rt hnd been teth.Te to Iron stakes when the sninl struck. SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT KO. 5 For the school year 1931-1932. Ihe folloving money will bo nrcd r d for sch"f-l TMirpDses: General Control. S-'.712.0f: Instruction. $48.- 17fi.?5: Operation of the Planl. S5,- isi.fn- Mplnleuai"— of the Pbnt. MM 00: Fixed Cbarg-s. S2.7M: Cimtal Outlay. s?5(l.OO: Debt Scr- v:r-e. S24.548.70. Total SF,5.!)71.P1. If tin: above monev is secured in 18 mill las irust be voted. i CFCI1, PHAME. President. | C. S LEMONS. | Sccr.-tnry. j 2-1-1-8 "EX*- flic Church of SI. Kcijihia ai seen tbrcu^li a nearby IK NLA Service The Church r-f St. Sophia in Cci'.Etantlnopie. Turkey, is known .15 "the supreme mr..=terp!ece in E'-TOline .irt." Tin t;-.o-.]?ni:d worl::ncn. f.n^rr 100 master builders, toiled six years to ccmpV.e it. In 533. a record for bareback ancient rhvrch construction. This prcliitccturally and historically 11:1- iqre mo>qi:e cost &)4.05^ in jji-ist'ii 1 , day i;-o:iey. $16.000.030 more thr-ii St. Peter's in Rome. F!. finphiu antcelale^ Mohannn;-1 dinn. to which it was later devoted,! havinp been cr,u«liuclcd a wliulc j R-nerallr,n bcfcrr the birth of tho Prophet of Alhb. j /ft:r the revolt of 532. In j I Ho sr'.etic.l lo build it. Ati- iVi-u-.iHs r>f Tralles. the nio.-t i skilled architect ar.d engineer of | ;thc century and Ih3 first cf • the j i Greeks to utilize (he power o! '• j steam. 'T: \ia-: ablr to imitate i earthquakes rr.d thunderbolts." a. j cov.fraporarv wrote. ' i Contributions for the great . church flr.wi-d ni from ali the i*>! zmtln? Virpin- — frnrn Kuio)* 1 . ; Asia. Africa—the where of thr; : known world. WAHNIM; ORDKII CHANCERY COURT. CHICKASAWBA DrSTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Missouri Slate Life Insurance Co.. Plaintiff, vs. No. 4025 H. O. Slernbcrs. et nl. Defendant. The defendants. M. W. Lamb. Lula Lamb. B. H. Wilhile. Trustee. A. N. Martin anrl Mrs. A. N. lin, n-= warned lo app 11 " within phirty days in the ccart named In jibe caption hereof and ar.swtr the | onnplahil of the plaintilf Missouri j Stale Life Insurance Co. : Dated May 2. 1M1. • R. L. Clerk. By Harvey Morns, D. C. Ivy W. Crawford, . Atty Ad LUfm 2-9-16-23 WANT Anthnr.ius knew his business He built a (ionic 103 f;ct in dam:lcr wllh an axis of 4G feet. Frr Its Mippt.rt he built fcur co'.Msal p:-r^ of cubical stone. I al a slrrk cl.e^tnul niai-e next icl.-rr. a> if Introducing lier. "We've 11- i:l ni?ai:et!i's family in onr fam- li'" for over ISO years." Mrs. • 'i braves added. "Ono of her io carried my KrantlfaUwr I bclore. which Ihe thrice-butit Church of [ bound to-.cthcr by Iron clamps fi'. Sophln was :!?:-troved by fire.; and fared in marble. To ccnn- Emr<'ror JuMinian decide:! to re-lleiact II-.! 1 hutncns? lateral pivs- slcre it 0:1 a wale "f m.ifc'nifir.rncD • sure tvo smaller pifrs con- M-.c'ii as the world had never ::een i sliucccd al boih Iho cast and «e>t 1 ends. -T'wo other piors woro built 77W SHORTEST LINE BETWEEN USE PHONE \ HAVE ROMANCE AND REALITY Sometimes, when you turn the pages of a book, your mind is seeking romance. Yon long to leave a too- familiar world ... to travel with the speed of thought to far-off purple lands ... to bathe in tepid, lotus- scented surf. But your daily paper finds you in a more practical mood. Interested in real people, in the facts of the clay. Looking for news of things that you may buy and enjoy—here and now. You may find in the advertisement just what you want in the way 'of a better breakfast food, or a new radio, or an improved face powder. If the thing fits into your living, is practical and possible — you are vitally interested. Because you are reading about yourself! Today, a great many things that were romantic dreams only ten years ago are common realities. Life has more color, more charm, more adventure. And the things that, give it all these may be found in the advertising-columns. Advertising discusses realities—romantic ones often enoueh—but actual articles you can have for your own. new joys for your family, stepping stones to your happiness. The aduerliscmcnls in this vancr arc written for .I/OH. Then we real. They are reliable. Take their advice.

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