The Independent Gazetteer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 25, 1787 · Page 3
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The Independent Gazetteer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1787
Page 3
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T II E I N D E l E N D E N T G A Z E T T E E R; Ac: . Viy fcnators at the Urgeft. Here ii a ("mill coneeflion Ullii fauller (Vales which proclaims the liberality of feotimeiit i hit prevailed in the convention Let ui, my friendt, in the larger (ttcs, be fatisSfd waft our fuperior influence in the hoiil'e af reprefentatives As U the lenatcs being torn - pet'edof the betitrfirt, the wU - barn, &c. it it e malt illi - beial reflection, thton out by 'ihil antifederal demagoeue, againll the freemen of America, who. 1 trull, will aiwayt ele - 1 to rhil important truO mu of integrity and ah.litics Bat how it the it any danger of this body'i becoming an iriftneracyf In their executive capacity they are checked hy the Piefid:nt ; and i their liiidative cap icily are checked By thi ho;il"e of reprefsnutives ; and al themfrlvei cannot do a tingle aft. H: fetmi apprelienfive that tha Prelident may form - a coalition with the fenate ! ' wfcofe influence tnijht' ftcur hii le - .eleflion to office," I cannot conceive how thty can ecercife any iniljence in hii favour for both fenaton and representatives are expreftly excluded irom be. ngelefloti. The only ohjrtTiou he makes t the pawer of the PreG - deht, is that he cut grant pardoita and repnevei. Thil prerogative mull be, and always n tcfted foroewlierc, in all (ret governments ; to whom then can it be given with more faft ty than to th'u officer, who never can have any inteteft in exsrciiing it to evil purpofei ? If he fhould,he will be Ii - bie to impeachment, Ac. . . Previous to his conclufion, he attempts to lull ui into fe - turityj but his fophillrv can never operate fo far upen our fenfet, at to m ke ut brlieve, that our fituatim ii not " irltkally dreadful.". The rr.oft ignorant among ui feveie - , ly feel the mifcriea which furrnund us on all lidrs. That if niay be very well pleafed with hit. prefent lituation, I have nut the fmalleft doubt l for it is notorious, that the antifederal junto, in Philadelphia, is compofed of a few folf - in - le cited men, who, in the midtt of our dittanies, are re - ceiving melt enormous fums out of the public tre - fjiy, and like ravens arepreying upon our veiy vitals. , Columbiiins! " It there not fome ch'tfen eurfe,' . " Some hidJen thunder, in the Itiret of heaven, " Red with uncommon wiaih, to blft6rr men " Who owe their gitalneft to t licit countiy't ruin t" ; ; '.A FEDERALIST.' American Intelligence. COUNTV. HUNTINGDON Ctumillar John Cannun. d1'tml!f i Pavirifon. Oo Sunday evehing lift was married, Doctor Ii a a C C a this. ill, to the amiable Mus Moon, both ot this city. R 1 C II M O N D, October 18. Extract of a letter from Kirrifon county, September 19. f ($ Monday the 10th inftant, a rounz lad difcover. J eda party of Indians dealing horfes on the nel fork of Monongalia river. Upon which information Major William Lowther, (who hat often diftinguifaed himfclfjaf. fembleda party of volunteers and went in purfuit of them upwardtof 140 miles, when on a fudden they approached their camp, fired on them, and killed twnand wounded on:, (who nude his efcape) with the loft of only one of our men ; we took from them all their horfes, fouruni, and a confi - dcrable quantity of plunder, amonjft which were found a white perfon's fcalp." Philadelphia, October 25. ; . - We hear that our German fellow - citizens, in the counties inhabited by them on this fide the Suftiuehannah, are to a man, in favour of the new federal government, and that they have objected with indignation the aedrelTes of the Cxteen ahfeonden and of the Centinel, notwithftanding the batter had the art to keep back from his ttanflation of it", the abufe of Dr. Franklm and General Wafhingte. If the Germans in Franklin and Cumberland cnuntiet have not concurred with their brethren en this fide the Sufouehannah, in rejecting M'Lean and Co. from the councils of the ftate, it is owing to their having been deceived ky falfehoods and calumnies propagated among them re - fpecting the new government. It is to be hoped the Germans in Lancafter and Vork counties will take Tome pains to undeceive their countrymen, and to recover them from the dominion of the enemies of peace, ord'r, indultry and property; Charles Biddle, Llq. was on Tuefday lad, appointed fecretary to council, in the room of John Armftrong, Efq. ' refitned. We hear that Wafhineton and Weflmoreland counties. fcavt returned the fame members to affembiy as laft year, except . Erwin, Efe,. who is returned iu the room of Hugh Brickenridge, Efq. RETURN of FRANKLIN COUNTY. CuKcilbr Abraham Smith. fnnAy James M'Lene, James H'Cslmont. iorrji John Johnllon, John Martin. Ctmtri Canted Snider, Patrick Cam pel I. 4 Atic aicc itna luucpcuucnr. x.icc tors of the eeunty of Philadslphia, are rrqutflVd ro niert on Tiiiay the fecon diy of - November i.tti, at the houfe of William Lelbet in Cernuntnwn, in order to cnnfult abaut proper pcrlont to trprefent thil eeunty in the enfu'ang Convention, P R O P O S A la S, Fur printing bv Siibicription, THE Debates and Proceedings, Of the General AflVmhly f (Takrn in Short Hand by Thomas Lloyd.) ift. 'Y'HlS work Hull be printed on a good type and fine piper) To as to lot a volume in oftavo at the end of each frlTlon but fo much at can be prrpaied, (hall be delivrreJ early everyday to the lubfcribers itl town. id. At the expiration of every ftflion a volume bound in boards (hill be peefented to eacli fuhfetiber. In exchange lor loniB meets witn wnicn ne hath betn indulged, pioviaedthe : whole of them ate returned. 3d. Th price, (hall be One Guinea f ir ths - yeat, one tl.ird ta be paid on the delivery of each volumr. This publication is intended to convey ,(n the (itizrri of Pennfylvania, uftfnl information, and may enable lotfi to decide upon the conduit of tbeir ieptefentati, who tanntt perjtntlli attend the advantage the woik a. - ijuires by t.ktng thit fnm, will fuelt itfnlf to evety relrr and the pub. lilher will only add hit determination to be Itiiclly accurate and imptrtial, Thnle gentlemen who wifb to fubfetibe and have this work perfert may be fupplied with the fiift vnluute by p. plying to Jufeph James, Printtr, in Chefout.ftreet, or Thomas Lloyd, in Cherry - ftteet. OfloOer 14, 1787. iaw 4w Imported in the hip Harmony, Captain Willett from London, sad for Sale by Mordecai Lewis & Co. W HITE lead ground in oil, Diy ditto ind red lead, Allutn, fal' petir, " Eair and pig, Irad, S'leet ditto, Whitin?, A few bicks ofbenn leather, LonJon p. net in htmpets. A L S O, Imported from vaiinut part, of Eotope, A Large and Or. serai Anattment of D R "Y G O O D S, and a Qnantitr of B A R R and ROD IRON. Philadelphia, September ti, 1787. jaw 6w. F I R S T NOT I C E. In the Cafe )f William Waltman,' BANKRUPT. : TTtTTJEREAS a con.' of bankrupt it awarded end .,T - i (a,A "tUA Wll,i"n WalWnan, of the city of I hiladelphia, Dealer, and be being declared bankrupt, re heteby rrq.ited to furrender himfelf to the eommlflionert, - lit the ld commiflion named, or tbe major part of thim, o Friday the a6th day of October Uftant, on M nday tbt lth day of November next, and on Wednefday the J h day of December following, at. ten 'dock In the fortno.n f each of the faid dayt, at the State houfe, in tre city of Philadelphia, md mike a full difco,ery aBd dtfclofura of hie ellate and effffls, when and where theereditars are to com ptepnted to ptnve their d.bts j at the fecond aweting t chule afignoM j and at the I. It meeting the faid kinkiupt rt reo,u.d to finilh Ms examination. all petfont Irdtttcd to the faid bankrupt, or who have any of hit eflVfti, are not to pay or deliver the fame, but t whom the commillionera itiall appoint, but giyr qntlce to till fubfenber. Ry o,,;.. .u, Cnmminin.r. Bink - upt OnW, a JOHN JENNINGS, Clerk.. d Oflobl', l7g7. T O L E N, 0 ,t of th hoiife of the fubfciir, following Plate, viz; S The ONE tf.. pot (land marked N M. damped with tl maker t P S. and 4 poi.eri,' marked and ftamped w.rh d.lto. Thr of tht po.,inrrts hold a fiall P.m, and o.e , pint and a half. If th,, farti be offered f.r . hy may be tl.pH and int,m,f,or Fivrn to the P,te,, ,r fubfeiber, and they fhall be hand, tumely icwaidrd. THOMAS PRIOR. ep4t Pbiladelpl.ia, Oflobrr 4, 1787. To be Sold, for Paper Money, At a very moderate price, feveral Lota or Pieces of Gtnuad, part of the eflate of John Sober, late t.f KinSngton, vat. ON E lot or piece of excellent meadow ground, In the town Slip of Mo)amerriii, fronting the road that leads from Philadelphia, to Jofeph Turners plantation, and extendi into HollannVil errefc, containing twr le actei, Gtuate between G. Emltny and Geoige Young's meadow ground, now in pofTrfflon of (vd George Young. One other lot or piece of ground front ing the New Pafiyunk road, near the butchets arms, con. taming s acres on the eait nde or raid road. One other lot of pafture ground, iltu ate an the weft fi lo nf faid road, irijuining Mt. I.dwatd Burdi padura ground, containing fix arret or more. One other lot innate on the wed fide of the Lwer Ferry toad, eitending into the rivrr Scbuvlkill, near Mr. Pembertont country ftat, bounded f uitheny with ! 1. - . . . . . ' . wii 1am j 11(111:7 gruunqj a very ueautllul lituj'uin ti.t a lumm - r retreat, containing about acres cf x'Ohii.I. In tjoVe of Dr. SHIPPFN, Executor. Oaober 17S7. t,., General Poft - Officc, Niw Yoak, Oftobar 17, 7g7. CONTRACTS. PROPOS ALS will he ,.c.i,rq (n, ,r,fp8.,8l, ,f .f Mailachufetts, to tl.. ,i,r f Ph.r.d.lphia, for one ytar, commencmg on the fir: day of January next. - The extent of each contract to be as follows, vie. Frem Portland aforefaid 10 Portfmouth in New.Hamplhire J from Portfrrtonth, by way of Newbuty.Porr, Ipfwich and Salam, to Bofton. . From Rolon, l wiv of WnrtcHw .A cm. Hartfuid in Conncclicut. Ftom Hartford, by way of Middletowa and N...H.... to the city of New. York. . From the city ol Nvw.Y.irk t Pkila'd.l.k!.. ' Tie JJlnomi i hJiffixH, ArtUln 1 ill That tha mail be eonevd on each route. ir r:.. week, from the flrft day of May to the Aid day of November J and rtuiVe a week from the flrft dav of Knktmhaii a than ft day of May. ' ' anrt there be ftated bouts of arrival at, and departure) frem each Port. Office, and a leafonakla ;! .li - ..a - w oft - Mailer for raakirg up a mail to be lo. warden and m. to eicertain tne timet of arrival and depar. ..., v., ...imrtj way wii, to be rurniOitdb) the Port. Mailer General. fiends to be given, with two fufEcient futl... r,. .w. perf,),mnce of each eontrtfl, and the cuftumary oathl to be) takrn by tha contractors and perfonsempleyed under them. The ntcelTaty portmanteaus and bagt for containing th letter,, will be furnifhrd at theexi ence of the United State,, m.!!. ajuanerit, ens penalties lot la lutes, f If any)btilg ftiftdedafted. I topotals In writing, for tbt ca - mecta ako t.Ci will be received by tha Poft - Mfter Gen.,,1, .t hie office. w.aoric, until Ihticth da of Nr.. Novjmber next, The the anovc 1 By Order of the Poff - Mefter General, James Bryfon. Affiftant. Printers in the frertal Statet art reauefted to live e a place in their ptpen. A Perfon well known in thli citr, who hai entered upon a very advantageous plan of bufinefa, would be glad tojoin in ptrtnetfhip with an acliea nan of food character who can advmce two hundred pounds, 1st order to facilitate tbt fame aad to carry It mora txtettfivelr into execution. Any perfoa whom this may fult will ke) plrafrd to enquire of the ptiater hereof, ' Philadelphia, Septembec 7, 1787. jt.

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