The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on August 14, 1981 · 71
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · 71

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1981
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or gyr'rTrifV v r r"l,rlt' v w wtr type "a sy syi Portman .Hit, A t LAIN f A IXtNM'I't t'i IO!X, I'ri., Aug. 14. IV8I ...'P . ' 1. CpiSasei from Page 1-D , f J0'J' wording" to Kenneth Ralpero, director of the Manhattan of Hce of the Gt" Planning Department; which is coordinating a redevelopment plan that includes a convention center, I promenade along Broadway and reno tattoo of 10 theaters on Cod Street ? ' r But to Actors' Equity, no hotel, no matter how great or breathtaking in design, Justifies the sacrifice of the Helen Hayes Theater on 46th Street, built in 1910 V and ruled eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, and the Morosco Theater on 45th Street, built in 191? and praised by actors for Its excellent acoustics and sight lines. While the, demolition of the 500-seat Bijou Theater raises fewer eyebrows, the actors would like to save it too. " ;. i -;; .t. It's not that Acton Equity doesn't want to see a . " l .fi day, of "These theaters are perfect'Yon Just dohl IhroW , Demolishing the Hayes and the Moroscols a "vi-that way," Insists Lenore Loveman, co-chairwoman of 'able sacrince,'! according to Harvey Sabinson, director the tmton'afCommittee to Save the Theaters. "It's some- of special projects for the league, because the Portman uiinf uawcannoi oe repealed, tnai ougm to oe cner- , project will "inevitably lead to the renewal of 42nd : . -:!; at- y ' ,t- .! Nat Asch - whose restaurant, the Cafe Segfeld in the Piccadilly Hotel, will be another casualty of demolition bemoans the loss of the theaters as well as his cafe, and says the site "is the wrong place at the wrong ..ttae. - s .n., ' ;f - , -' Portman's Isaacson, however,' said there wm no other suitable site for the hotel in the area and that ..building around the Hayes and Morosco, which abut each other, would not be feasible. The firm has already Invested "a fortune" in acquiring property for the hotel, he added..;;.;;.; .r .-. t-tij'1 Z ,: V It's a shame they have to be torn down as individual buildings said Isaacson. But he added, "Having a ' new hotel right in the heart of the theater district is going to do more to support the long-term stability of the theater district than anything else. ... Also supporting Portman s project is The New Isheiand preserved if only for that But the fact is they are aiso in oemana. -1 x, ; ' Actress Estelle Parsons, who b currently playing - in "Pirates; of Penzance" across the street from the MorwW'Theater, said in a telephone interview that none of the newer theaters built in New York can offer ' audiences or actors the experience of older theaters like the Morosco. V'5 ' u ' - ' - "None of them really work.' In none of them can -yon really have a theatrical experience n. that can ' approach the experience for the audience that the Morosco can offer," she said, adding, "It's an extraor dinarily important part of our experience as actors to play in a theater with a tradition." , . Street and the renovation of many theaters on that street.- , --. . , I " ,. , ; '.'-,:- Like Actors' Equity, the citizens group Save Our Broadway Committee mainly objects to the loss of the theaters and supports the lawsuit "Forty-fifth Street which has nine theaters in a row on it is a kind of national marvel," said Joaq Davidson, director of the 50LV member group. v, - " But to Isaacson, blight is i matter of perspective. "When yon look on the Broadway frontage, which is the 'portion of the site which is really visible and gives the .image, it's one of the worst blocks in the Times Square area."' v : . . -i s . .-' City officials first approached Portman Properties ' . .around 1972 to build & hotel in Times Square ana ' offered the present site as one of several possibilities. Portman proceeded with plans for the hotel but had to put the project on ice in 1975, due to New York City's ' fiscal crisis, ilalpern was sent to 1971 as Mayor Ed- ward Koch's emissary to reinterest Portman Properties ; In the hotel project and within nine months a deal was ' : struck. v r v.r , :.-.; .-. Portman seemed a natural choice to Halpera to accomplish the mission of revitalizing Times Square because of the archited's commitment to urban areas and the power of his projects to spur other development - In addition to conventional financing, Portman's I201.S million loan package includes a $21.5 million - low-interest loan from New York through the federal j Urban Development Action Grant Program. In liea of paying property taxes, Portman Is deed- tag its 30 million site to the city and will lease it back . . for an amount equal to 7 percent of the hotel's annual -gross revenues. The city would net IS million in reve-. v noes, rather than the current $700,000 from the existing property, after three or four years of the hotel's opera twn, Imcson saiA v; ix.','-;" -V Both the Koch administration and Portman , Properties say that the federally subsidized loan is a crucial element In the feasibility of the project - Despite official support, the opposition groups hope ! - they can tie up the project for months with litigation, s but the Koch administration, facing a mayoral race in t which the hotel has become an issue, would like to see construction begin soon. ffifeWi v : ' Meanwhile, u the city also prepares to open bids , for development on 42nd Street a much less attractive ' area than Portman's location to build on, the Atlanta ' , architect's success in Times Square becomes crucial. . t. ' "If Portman cant make It" said Halpera, "and , , he's three blocks to the north and he's been trying for -, eight years, then why should they begin to try it on 42ndStreetT" .-,!,.' Hospitals Contlneed From Page 1-D pretty old at the time." . Turner and his associates, all of whom . had specialized in hospital accounting, believed they had the expertise to run hospitals with the efficiency required to raise capital in the open market ' "Being a small business, like everyone else, we had to walk in and beg the banks to believe in ns," he said. . Apparently, they did. So far, local and out-of-state banks have provided all the capital for Southern Hospital Services to either purchase or manage its 24 hospitals and nursing homes, which include Doctors Memorial Hospital in Atlanta and the Macon County Medical Center in Montezuma. ; -, ... "We started the company, with ' the J objective of operating as long as the ; three of ns can continue to expand," said ' Turner.. . h ': ty The highly leveraged company takes a ' "SWAT-team" approach whenever it ac- quires a new hospital or management 'contract Turner said. ' A team of experts in specific areas of , hospital management including indus- ; 'trial engineers, physician recruiters and ' reimbursement managers, move in on the newly acquired facilities and make the "tough decisions," Turner said. "These are often politically sensitive decisions, especially in municipal or county hospitals where nepotism tends to 1 be high," he said. - . --.. v He said Southern Health Services' goal is to average II full-time employees per patient compared to the national average of 1.2. " "For every four-tenths of one employee per patient we can trim from our staff, we realize $2.5 million in annual payroll savings," Turner said. v The company also develops five-year operating plans and capital expenditure budgets for each hospital department ' "We attempt to operate a hospital like a business," said Turner, who added that Southern Health Services looks for a 5 percent after-tax profit on each of its facilities. "Each hospital, regardless of Its tax status, should have a similarly aggressive objective," Turner said, "because the pricing function of a hospital is its operating costs, not Just what the market willbear." According to Turner, Southern Health Services hospitals offer as much charity care' as the national average. The company's "bad debt" expenses equal the national average of about four percent he said. . r," : Now that the company "can be more elective," it's looking for hospitals in areas with expanding populations. "And we perfer to be the only game in town," Turner added. "But we're still the only company that's committed to the smaller-town hospital," he sail . ' J: , illMl wm 4k 4 i. THE VITAL LINK BETWEEN BUSINESSES 'Li7 ljI i Ls S'-V " 7 Lnt CALL TO PLACE BUSINESS ADS 3 ?r ... -;- - BUSINESS SERVICES 905 . jUtwrnhngBoaktitpim NORTH AMERICAN DATA SERVICES. Sit uf. d, Oltl 910 AmwwmgIthiSwMicw ACTION TELEX ,., Tht kit. Ti4ti Ntlwork Tm maum wot 4 radv4 worMwW: 14 Off lew Ihf'out Iht y.a.A. mi ni-vm. SPFPniTFI ft INT'I Wt Mn I nctWt Tin Wort. viidc, no mln., no mtMy ten. mtv-kin Hw tnlirt USA. nt-34. H DotflPrttmmj ACCOUNT1NO Gen. LMMW'fhru Fintnclthj, AR, AP, PiyroB? MelHna Lists, other peckeges 4 Cust. 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Fire fan mounted on frailer with fuel pump. 300 amp Mooert weidtr, at good snap, wn-JOtiM Peere 'iWft LaanW . backhoe, new undercarrlagt, exc cond., 1-M7-0442, 1-S32-1922. JOHN Deere, 45o Loader. Good conqitton. m,wi. w-wj. STEEL CHEAP 577-5005 TRAILERS-ALL klNDS' Lt-Bovs, flalbeds, utility, offlct aV equip, trailers. e-3H. utr. uui sine sa iw-iii-mw. WELDER, American 6J Amp Gas WOO; Line Welder 225, tlOM. xnrtmm g crwi tr compressor, 11500. H.D.Structural steel, Heavy duty, for ttx4S' building, 17000, 1-117-5000, Bob. TUCKER EQUIP. SALES INC. S494 sViford Hwv. ... MHBSO LKHttUal LOMJEKk rw. nue Case 115 JD450B CAT 931 CAT 951B CAT I I5SK CRAWLER DOZERS 14 WJ ll.SnO 113,590 tl4,5U0 1I4.S.0 11900 'llO.SnO 114.500 30,5n0 JO ISO 4w Biadt m WHEEL LOADtm JD 544B 700 hrs. ... 152.SM Michigan 75A ' 1 . il2,5ilv Ciark-Bebcet 311 ' , ti2 - . EXCAVATORS , Case J 715 hrv A nm lnsteyH17i . .;. . I--- H4,5i jo to I : . tsoo , :,. MISCELLANegg 'ucltdS-12 Scraper P,W6 io atM Lor-Hot . ijtr- TO, xie iraner .oo Graola Forts ' - JDRipaar f Used Trarfnr Ylraa ..: VI MtR EqUIFMENT VHILAPLt ' ' as BANK F6RECLOlUftE: AUCTION ' .,.,'- ' " TO BE HELD AT 1 ' PFAf h ;tatf MAruiMrttv 3S12 OekdW Rd.. OoravHle, Ga ; Ml.fiut IS-llfl0l.fR. (1)Poclatn model 115 CL Hydraulic Excavator. ( PoclaM model 0 K Excavator, (1) Fial-AHis 108 rawlar Tractor. (I) Worlhingten 1.5(10 !1,2 12,100 t Arn .H0-ilM Wrangler II see-prop, Crawler it. (I) Rosco Deluxe Roapex. (I) Dr Cast model 9M Hydraukc Excavator. () Flal-AWs 4G Crawler sembiy Aacnine, For furlhar Into, conlact: , , . . ELROO AUCTION CO. PO Boa 441. AuaMi. Ga Vmi - I44-9044 . Gt. Lie M4 960 SMotUtaTook PRESSBRAkE-fVvtchaniul, . i Inches, approi., .125 ton. Sat to operation. Must st. W3-510O. . SHEET Metal -Styja Eqpt " t Brake, t 5' Brakes, 1 1 Roils, 1 II" Cleat benders, 24" Cleal Bender, Male Snap lack mech. Female Snap lock mech., Plltsburg mach. Barfokt ether ilorm. 444- ror. WHldErI Wig FToduclU Weld-rs. Miller Metlc Model 200, excelled condition, used one rol wire. nwt tter t pm, ni-nit. SEE TOO more Ft h w tj pin, j SHOP tM AtioM 455 IN SSIFIFO . FOR AAACHINES AMD TOOLS. -,y n- 962 CtwsTrvtrawSuppIie CEMENT Mixer, molar, mortar box, scafloidiag, wheeijarrow. svhxi. aja-suj. MORTAR Mixer. Wisconsin en gine, sja. jr j-vta. RE in Uiml Post. 2'XHe. ir-r. 35I-32M. TRRA-c6fTA Rooting Tlkt-" SMnhh ton Stvtn. Mint iter 95 IfsTsRiollvpNI SHELVING, racks, lockers work-beences, shop equip, new 1 used. Lergg quanlllies. vartoul Husky Systems 412-4000. COMMESOAl; ' INDUSTRIAL REAL ESTATE 975 OffaSpooi,UoeaSttle AIRPORT-Easl PI. slnglet-suiles. Free .swrklna, stnitorial sve t, ulL AIRPORT211 Direct route S mln. away from new terminal. Suites 360-4000 to, It. Competitive rates. 934-9441, Tom Woodel And Al- sociaies, w iienoerson iwie ng iHIARCLIFFCLAlRMONf . : 1-85. ON BUSLINE GREAT LOCATION tit ROOM OFFICES NEWLY DECORATED From 1120 md. Utl Janitor 321-4050 BUCKHEAD. Otlice space for lease. 1400 so. It. 174-3500. Spring 31. ian sq. n. a, ivw WW. I so. It. I7- BUCKHEAD Office suites In new Wlttlamsburg buHdlng. Wil decorate to tenants specifications. Roberts Properties, Inc.. Developer. 154-3700, Brokers proiecteo. BUCKHEAD TOWERS 300 to 5,000 Sq. Ft.; w divide end nmsn so sun: peecntret Rd. td-dress, free parking and on Merit us ene: Brokers invitee. A4.G.HEISLER1C0 Suite One 2944 Peechtret Rd 237-1537 BUCKHEAD 200-300 to, uiitM. 'Maola Dr. AH tar ftjiAiM HUl in. 4ci 4414. Hetmar Realty, 2551 NE fway. BUFORD HWYl-285 Suites from ISO so. If. WW decorate to tennants specifications. Roberts Properties, Inc., Develo- per. eae-nar. taroxers trotecteo, CHAMBLEE CENTER 250. 420 and MO so ft. suites aval. able Immediatelv. All utils. Inct Individual HVAC controls, private rest rooms In suites. P'lree Irakis. oaress. pnone oi-iioi. COLLEGE Park medical Ctnltr onict space avtu. tn-vwe. 975-Ofr$poee,letttSo , 1 61 6NV ifillifir ' 1 IndfvloXial OHtcet I92-99S1 CIimbLRTano Mai area, otlice for JMse..Ht tm. it ii'xi sqn. v-iyti. DECATUR DOWI Proslietoua one man offices wful sves kid. conference rms, utUS. parking, mam!., answering sve, t recapl. Short term least avail. On silt mgml, turn. -option. Meal tor attorney. Account, professionals, next to DeKee Co. gov't compiei ?ri "ttt stue up. ms. lillips 371-5244. -- fief if i li 11 1 First Natl Bank Bktg. 311 W. Ponce da Leon, office space for lease. Lew library, MgmL suite 100 Cal 37I-17Q. CECATUR. knrnediate occueencv available in our newtr remodeled office buOdtng on Covington Highway In Decatur. We are located convenient to 1-20, 1-2IS and Maria. Least aveHabte tl reasonable relet providing M leniiortel servlcet and aalaulaasv, Cat now at ?TXA casa parous fOzl Covington Htohwaf . Decatur. GA 3W5, ' DECATURSUBLEASE Dekalb Industrial Way. 4700 sq R. ivauant. , taceaem porxmg. :enced cerrcaound. 44 00 saM. rata. Can G. Farrow, 371-3000. EfOOR Perry Rd. t Collier Rd. rnrtvi TOO ta H. mil oHtrm. hitrrtri 1 avt. bath. fitW twrkina. :ih l'!tw rwrry ho. ntt. vvn DOfiAV LLC. 00 tl ok. bfi iVri Exc locatron. Jot Wtaoii Rtty( 433 phffAVIj F 334 fl 4jeTry jejuni 1395. 45?-109i. CAV.7 i5ovNT6wM. Bttl buy In ffioi IP OO'tMATI i EXECUTIVE SUITES Ful services -an site manaeement- comDetitive rental ralaa. TheHealev Bldg 422-3147 DOWNTOVS'N OFFICE : .' : SPACE : " ' Georgia Federal BuaoSng. a Mart-etle St. Corner Broad St., 4,200 Sq. M 110 par pq. r-i. xt-jm ' SUBLEASE OPPORT.' Ml MARIETTA TOWER 1100 a par sq. R. J50I Rear. EQUITABLE BLOC 1097 Sq. R. Imnssd. occuPm S vt Icrmt en both locations. Laniaa JOHN HAKKr ACKERMAN 4 COMPANY 100 Tower Plica . ' 947-7 71 - )RUID Hilt area. Sub 1st. over TOO sa ft. In prima office aark location. Constsfs al t Individual offices pkit reception area. Wil rent furn. or unfurn. Phone Atlanta, 4JJ -sues or lampt (auj bUNWrjObVl-MSp-Slnglt oles. 1 in, etc. 45! sec., tel. am. TWX. etc. 45S-474I. DUNWOODY PARK-1400 SQ. r i .. i t. suoLtAjc atw iixBLe. jva-awi. iUNWOOOY Pr vala 6Hlra with eMOsrVfWaT AlTSWt)Ts4Jal Se9fyjsTsl aw pyCTfuunwqpoy wo. IxeC.PK.No lease. Furnish- Det mttlr- Craxa auanVaaaa 4.14-taVU DejYi, j-Ti it niymy FAIfiBURN, Suitn up to 900 Ml fl. Ifflmed. occu. Gmeral ftityvciw 1-285 AT GA. 400 " SUBLEASE - S7M IHeMMrM thmwmm BnM ii4 4na ei., lore iPaau ul iwaTa ei nietj onto kwcv, i iwi rffmairMiig ujurrini ram. W. Parki. I-285&HWY3 SMYRNA T; , Next to SNrafon Wlnchnltf. SOW ton on im nr. m rnrnon, utl nek ieVWN.n4 255-1009 1-285 U85N. Northpotnf Office Ptrk. Prima space 2e st e,w tan. utl. neann quo ma mt-iuo. . 1285 1-85 North HORTHSlDf AID TTRWNAI 1-1 yr. lease on 300 to IJO0 $P. suntt. utitv. tannoriai a, parai kid On-site Management. Tra' Print Shop, Beauty Shop, Conf. ""V-lrtJ: Atrpqrt But. fo-Utt 07 455-0217. i-MUI-KhApTU11 PLEASANT DALE OFFICE PARK New offlct spaces. Suites from 300 up to 3000 Sa, Fl. Very consgelltivt rites. Includes utilities, cleaning end parkina, Cal 447-9559. Brokers lOTeCTBO. - JIMMY Carter Blvd. Beautiful of- fict soace to wast, few sq.tL location. aT-a, . Great . ULBURN .. 2,000 t. fl. offlct tptct. Five Forks Trick um Rd. at KWian HW ko. sew St. sr-uou. MABLETON-Offica saaca. ulll furnished. IS soft Beavers Rlly. nyj a neap nwy. yat-ievo. MEMORIAL 1 1-285 Chokct offices. Copy machine, test, ens. t see l, service avail. 150 so, ft. 8, up. 1150 1, up. Cal 292-2900. MtDTOWN AREA 500" Is 20,000 st. R 44 Prime office space now eveiieioe. wn eecorate to suit. 17.50 per sq It., with el service. Cat Pelt Petersen, 174- tn-0frkSsxw,l4wJole ' M19T0WN - . rot) tai r no i race 774 Juniper Street. 1200 Sq. Ft. avaaaoit to owner or tenant. Aoe-aualt .Parkksg, Contact JOHN HARRISON; . , , , i ACKERMAN t COMPANY . w v : 100 Tower Plata, . ,t. MIBT6wnj Large oltice space available lor Immed. occupancy. Newly redecorated, free parking uwilos. HMMa. 441-4J43, Robert MIDTO.Vr, 3000 SO. FT. Laroe parking lot, cai 14- rore noon. M30be- MibToWkl . 450 Fourteenth Slratt y:- Custom designed tptct from no to 4.000 sq. ft. Liber el Improvement allowance. On-site parking. Contact John Harrison 262-7I7L 100 Tower Place Nt ATLANTA t Novem- Prlmt offlct space for i 1.114 so. ft. term throuoh bar, 1913. 1432.40 per month. Coa- SKI JULItfl MANGINA. 2427171, ACKERMAN I CO. 100 Tower Place v N-LAKEMONTREAL, ' plush, priv. stiaH,. tome at ST, M- NOJfTHEAST NEAR -( SO, FT. OFFICE, With efficiency aot. Convenient la maior roads. and easy access to MS. 1450 per month on leaie. Cal GARY JONES lor adotiional inforrnalion. --nana as t-z iu, aas-jus. 4 CREST REALTORS Better Homes e Gtrdent KOSWW KQ, NE NORTHLAKE OFC. PK SiijlMu 92 1.1. The Aim Morris Ca, Rtirt., HP Colony 54 192-1100. F.M. IW VUWlf 17,-11 NORTHLAKE Pkwy. 24U Sq. siib-ssast with entrance ea aill otlice perk or street side. Aval. Irnmed. Rales iwaserieab). Etc. ax. yjy-nx NRTHLAkETuckar l-H ar. office. ReasonaMa rent. 292-4919. N0RTHRIDGE 400 t Sa FI A 1030 to II. WMlMm. ourg ottices tor lease with nre- aiace, privafe entrances at Individ ually controlled HVAC Systems. urvman. ma shii utrnT, yya-iTO RIFFIN fal. COM NORTHSIfJE Hospital Area-1,140 sq. n. ore space, avaa. tor tuo- Ktase Aug, is, iwi thru uec 31, iin. 1st. mi thru Dae. II. Wat, 19.75 per so, ft. Ful sve Call torn R. Woodni, Tom Woodal 1 Assoc. tJ4-aa2, tin HtM4noa MW Rd. N.W. 1094 Harrohil Ave. 4,000 sq. II. atcwhse. can tua-dlvidt. vi acre. Owner An. love cash, at Anv bery, Amojry A CoJlaenort, 435 PEACmREECQKNLRS AREA PrwIttslo-ajaV oriented afftce gpace ?l below market rates, Gwinnett enter is sued In one of the trees betl kxalionv We can til office space needs Rom 300 to 4000 sq, ft. Immediate. Cm DAVID LEE; i POWERS RIDGE Ltata vour own WIIHamsburo Of fice BuHdlng located la a unique ottict community conventon- to i-75 1 1-2SS tt Powers Ferry Rd t Windy HM Road. Offices avertable from 950 go, ft. to 5,740 so, ft. wilh trathrlduaty confroled HVAC in-terns, private entrances, ful maintenance and al utilities. For Infor mation call JOHN DRYMAN IMt VKIt-HN LOaWAniy, yy- R0SWELL Itetcomb Orldga Road al Rotsvet Rood, one man otticet or suites up fo 1500 sa ft. Roberts. Properties, toe, Developer. 254-17001 , ,; Brokers Protected 6JWELL, I men otic, aval. . occuo. Gonertl Rlty. Svck, Oak St., Roswel. 993-477 ROSWELL 424 HOLCOMB BRIDGE RD. ryac. auilat weonss. a4c tvrt SlRL f RIDAY " fyt-1344. SANDY SPRlNiSBdfkHEAO irv iiwa.r. umctt 252-5001 SANOY SPRINGS Itesv frasdern building in the Iseerf el Sendy Springs. Office seect eveilable. WW decorate ta tenants specifications. Roberts Properties, Ire DevenpersJia-3700. Brokers protectea. SANBV SPRINGS 4045 ROSWELL ROAD Aut. special on 4 mo. kwse-txec suite wcomoleta osc. sves. GIRL FRIDAY 255-10151 SMYRNA CONCORO OFFICE PARK. Sub lease lino sa ft. ideal for Doctors, Lawyers, Insurance, or Real Estate. Arthur Nelson 193-3100 NELSON RLTY. CO. INC. 5493 Charnbtee-Dunwoodv Rd 2025 PEACHTREE. 400 sa fl. on first Boor of Darlington Apartments. Cal Jerry Thompson, iil- THE HEALEY BLDG. 975-CTSaSpoce,UaseSole SMYRNA Custom offices, parkins al your door. Ideal lor Service Businesses. 1300 mo. HALPEREN ENTERPRISES INC, 5249 Bidord Hwv.. 451-tCII. i TUCKER lease 3 BR house, toned pu, we, kg bank & post office. VJ4-77V. witiPV Mil I l-WSmvrna Bos-wae SI. Furn. offices. 11(0-1125. ex. urn. rarxmg. ajj- im. 3RIV oflics from S49 utH furn. ' 175 W. Wieuca At Roswel Rd. PrlnlCopvaiHsecy sve In otdg ACBheal alter hrs.. ! Free pkg, 255-1721: 255-2344 Cherokee Rl. 175 W. Vvieuco Rd. OFFICES ..WAREHOUSE, 2000 sa ft. Chemblee area. Ideal ocaiton. tonventenl w Bus frant' portalion loadine dock. 457-234. Leasing 400 so. ft. 2 rooms,! executive rare, area, tuvfmo. Lontaa yrr-sie. ADAMS Cites Company Realtor! ia-wii peecntret tenter "CMER i AttoCiATfeilNr 1IW Spring 404171-3W1 ) COLOweLL BankerTCo f 329 Peachtree $1 454-1313 . EXECUTIVE SuTTfL" LAKE 4V3-t TUCKFRNORTHI akf an-tm G A. DEXTER to. Office and Industrial fcsasing, 455-1444. letoil Spate, leostSole 97 BUCKHEAD. Chumino houia. ra tal ar officer good parkina, ful bath, Ive and work, Thursday- aunuay ano nwim, jj-erza. HI Irefflc and yhltjilneTtrherr Rd m new building. Roberts Properties, Inc., Developer. . 254- jw. oroxers protecieg bulkhead locaiion tor ratal or onice space, epproi, eui n. Boo ari-aeie, m-reu. CTSpbelLTon pLAZA Shop pint lit. 7: CalMl-7615. 75 sa ft. space aval. MYLTliB 1,09 la 1,000 SF of prime retell space on Marta Square. Avail immeo. (.aa je-l. 17uichAi7sA IMA .. www. t.WW ft. In Rivarvkrw Plait Strapping Cfr. General JWy. Svt. 23 Oak'" so, H. retail sWmo. 422-1449. AAtbruayr uuaw Who can use proven gross sales ef aver tiw si eirpi . run u.t " DOLPHIN HO oven arose aaere t "rl tree, , , OAES344l55B NEW CAMBLETON PLAZA i ENCLOSED MALL ? ; Under eomtrucllon. opening Fal of II. Far leasing hfarmttkM Cat owners tt 32I-7WS. NORTHLAKcTuckerl2SS area Shopping Ctr-retsonable 292-4911. PRAOOMALL Oct. I. Nolood, oeverege or larnment. Z39-euil. . fctTau if Met Toco HW, Sage Hill anal Hale nivtn iiaOpptftg CTnfejrs. for WTtof-matioR CeH ii3-142. Toe Proptr- TERRELL MILL WfiCTION soaca now under rn tfruction at Iht intersection al Terrell Mil end Powers Ferry Rd. JEBCO VENTURES INCY 255- tJiaj, PRIME Ml Properly. 1.21 Acres East DeKetb. Backs up la 1-20 test, toaei tor mum-umt, or combination weretiouseofticecom-merdei 125' frontage. Rtquetl bids lor opening Sept. 1st for plat and inspection information. Owner. PO Box 919, Lllhonit, GA. 1005L PRIME LOCATIONS AT RENT YOU CAN AFFORD kl brmm, reewnan, uumtn, Smyrna, Butord Hwy. or metre Attanla. naatem cnterprnas, asi-tuit. DOWNTOWN WaWettoiH tome VllMt. KteMtaMWDtt rfttfft. COeV Kt mf. GuthM or Wa Bond 4- FULT6NlN6.btsT,4,io-l4i,W sa ft. wm complete le your specs. Space else avail. In DeKalb A Gwinnefl. M. K. CONSTRUCTION CO, Okies, or LandesPerg, JiS- eww, im m-irvo. I-2MNXAKE. 4.000'la 40,000' ltMmo.up.WI-1919. NORTHEAST AREA For lease, 10,500 sq. ft. modern warehouse with 20 celling, storage1 ai rear, ar sanenioNnp- omces, lor 11.55 sa. ft. . 3200 Sa. IT. BuMnt with large fenced storageyard. 1S50 month. Call Cerwije7l75-05ll. I hORTHUKlS Area. wVeUise acevaiiaoit. a-iug sa . m-tnaipn,mlUt W le4pJlerj,Uea$Jli FULTON Industrial, 4500 sa fl. FOR Rent-Fenced W, IJ Pryor Hp: Wtfc,". MO, dock, AC SUSW, 50x145. 750-1151. " ottict. fork lift services available, , , , . s$rtr?JZ2?i priced to sat, building for rent 2l,0u0 sa ft! tern of tend. IV rnaet la metal building with concrete floor, Atlanta airport. N parking spaeea truck docks located on US 29 Included. Can add up to 150 easy, one rrw east at Winder In city Peved, fenced Mt up. J buiktiiigs. fsclB ""plenn tn!fnM con" y wn. 747-9990i 1234 erSo&rr SmithWTMn?" 990 . lesklanhoi Invest. hacwrty WaIPLF e6BB..PHA;FNMAPPva tXC, RETAIL EXPOSUR6 duplex, IrVplex, ouad-plex lols. I QC llin Call ownerDev. 421-1241. . rOJ flllU C6BB' C6UNfV-New J'HJ t JM!JIY CARTER BLVD. IHSS -4400 sq. tl. Mgh aaulry, show- fjjhc. M Perimeter P Or. room oM ice, warehouse. 55-40W. 7500 so, ft. ottice, warehouse t CONYERSCovlngton. Large du BARRYHi545S ' tlRgWStm AFCO REALTY ASSOCIATES tlHuaW M . - - if H1ClQ.iQ1 1 A Alabama Road. Only liavaiiaete 1 llUiT"w33'4uil '; .1 "Ma from Intersection of 400 and DFaiTnat " im tt tttuA Hoicomb Bridge. Excellent Ra Fii let wn Bnd. Iurnk Hiohesl atWwaMe deprecia- tfnniKfi FT : r Re. Bruce Ailwn 971-47IU olc. APFWPAR teSrgtt'W . cutss s ii2pi?RU'si?: ela?fiS? tine-CIPse To Schools 1 Shopping .5VM.W",.arV' Eenters,.Cel or Coma 6yll2l COLOWELL ASrXEII ti F'e Shoals Rd. 241:571A ,, ." -' - TAASHELra ' NE ATLANTA n & lni u LAKef aniER,' ixW, inWloue - -'" 1 WANTED -iWrjIrvvs dualex en Laniert best weierflaa have several active prospect , . Sf?f f JOSH DUNCAN RLTY 1 FOR LJASE244 East LaAr 9 Carrarisl Inml. Proparry miles South ol bWgik. with large affice areas. EJ mits on 1-75 i exit. 11 acres. Near Stale port, ocean steamship tof frontage. 41M75-731A terminal and riverfront Industrial COMMERCIAL Track, prime area- wil modify ta tuft tenant, location. Sandy Plains Rd. I Hwy. LB-.t!fi!(''1DlwS' HtSt 5 Connector. Near I-7S. Just North M04 ef Albert J, Roasel, 112-744- of Marietta In Cobb Co. Across red a'4l. . . "' lloht tram new Richwav tlore. WW ; ? SPACE AVAILABLE n JStttiSSTt v ; 5,000 10 50.000 SQ. r7. ffitfij--" f'V' Armour'px. Aaluareas' fiAffTE D: Srrvall. bide, or garage Cell 404-172-4712. Eves.wknds 1 n"1 "wn service business from hetafd sprinkler svlth offices, 15M- AMC RLTY. OfAUNG IN APT i I7M Irnmediale occupanv. Cal W I75-79M. 547 P.D.L AVE 30301 iTSJS ' -70 " ARTHUR RUBLbFFi t0 " B?r? rSStyaiipwiTsU m W Peechtret St 577-530. and prevtously occupied distrlbu- EHg J. .1 lion and manufacturing facilities in INCOME wajijedCal Wort- MetropoUten Allanla. 5M-I50M SF. "A L??lP'm?? w'-"??"t Jerry Sjtvlo. (404) 931-4344, REDD i BALDWIN REALTOR TwV ktO sa ft. waretmAe ' Heetey W. S21-22SI. spaces, TuckerStone Mountain Industrial Park. 2O0 so, tt. and 500 sa ft. air condllionod offices, 152! 007 " - t.nlfitnt. Inmiimi and ttOOnr month. Cal Bil Bvrd ' Rata BstQw AiKntwi at, 441-1000, avaHable August list. HUDSON I MARSHALL. INlV LITHONIA Warehouse tor rent, ' . Reeltors i Auctioneert AuTO-TRliCK. repair shop. Mid- J L TOOD AyttlbN t0.' Tlit town off Xwv. tM-50M ft. 522-9351. Soulh't eldest auctioneers. 531 $6. Bldg. 377-4411 Decatur 7007, Atlantt. GA 577-2434. bRAPER-6wENSCfl: RLTR 2l?JH&iilJ Ha tSi 200 NORTH CREEK 242-7111 r i?oi?ThW si conduct work. 255-4771 1 l ' ...... . 1 , 1 1 1 WHSsHowoFkE-iM-M . Lee Waldrip Auction Co. Mldtovrg iWmo up. 522-9351 ; GelnesvlHe, GA ..Cv..... 536-013) g7irakTOPRHK " T. LVnn 6aVis AUCTi6n to. ' Htrltt Rlty 721 W P'lree M1-M43 4459 Brdwy., Macon, 7M-409I 975-Off Space, leastSolt 97i-Q(tKeSpote,UoseSole . FC!ITR COH'iERS FLAZA A Unique Office Mall Peach treo Cornen Plaza will have several select office spaces available for lease prior to January 1,1982. 1,827 Sq. Ft. Immediate Availability 1,565 Sq. Ft. Available 9-30-81 1,470 Sq. Ft. -Available 9-30-81 . 1,640 Sq.Ft.-Available 11-30-81 , For information 448-1291 Balcor Property Management 57 FORSYTH ST. Offlct Suites from 400-tSOM- SO II. desitned A built ft your specifications. Eicewent rental rates-en site maneoemenl-M services. Cell 522-3147. 450 14th STREET Suites from 500 sa. II. la tuft floor of 4,000 so, ft. Literal tenant Improvements provided. Free perti-In. Contact JOHN HARRISON; ACKERMAN t COMPANY 100 Tower Place 242-7171 EXECUTIVE SUITES THE PRADC l-S AT DOS-WELL RO. SI note offices with complete etDce services. Cat 154-0450. PEACHTREE CORP CTR OFC--VVHSE-SHOVVRM Now iNtlfy), Sof IfiWojr sCij, cutioftv dniened suites, from 1200 la W,-000 se tt, 3 mites oft 1-215 oft P'lree Mush-lei Blvd. Dock or drive-in available. Conlact ownermanaeer er-Mfc WAREHOUSES 12,563 si, Plree Corners . Below Market 12,100 tt, Freeslendina 1441 DeFoor Ave. Oft Howell Mil Chan. Area. 20,000 st. Freeslendina . "51 Cnall. Ave.. Pel 25,000 st, NE ef 1-215, Rail 56,0(10 st, NE at 1-215, Rail 30,240 st, Oodi A Orlve-Hi New Construction Outside Sloreee . Cell Rot! Oeorga 0fl.352-lU Res.lSa-3340 lim pnsi inn i a airai t niLoun. nuLL j islhl Illeallors Two N'sWe 75 OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE PEACHTREE CORNERS VANTAGE OFFICE PARK AVAILABLE NOW 460 sq.ft. 770 sq.ft. 1,063 sq. ft. 1,700 sq.ft. DUNWOODY NORTH SHALLOWFORD OFFICE BLDQ. 900 Sq.ft. 1.100 sq. ft. 2,340 sq. ft. PEFZETER MANAGEMENT CO. 7094 Peachtree Ind. Blvd. Norcross 30071 (404) 447.0354

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