Logansport Pharos-Tribune from ,  on November 25, 1957 · Page 33
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from , · Page 33

Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1957
Page 33
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Monday Evening, November 25, 1957. Logaasport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune FiIU<a» RIP KIRBY A FUSILLADE POURS FROM KIRBY'S PRECARIOUS HIPEOUT. MICKJEY FINN IT WAS A VOICE. ALL RIGHT- BUT THE . WORPS WERE ALL JUMBLEP! LET'S MOVE UP — QUIETLy! 4GA. BACK WUKA PUKA IIOSKUX MOOKA BUK WIIPPO BLUPPT PAZUCK! l-I THOUGHT T IT W-WAS I HEARDA SOMETHING VOICE WEN, / -T-THAT'S a Mickey! A FOR SURE! KERRY DRAKE r BETTER LOWER YOUR A N VOICE, DUDE.' YOU'RE I 1 AOrMIT TO AAPPT AAR y' KNOW, 'KERRY -- IT 5ORTA J ABOUT JO MEET MR. COMES TO ME THAT I MET < WEBSTER ASAIN.' SAHARA'S RANC^ WHEN I WAS A DEPARTMENT "~ DICK.' \JtfK* , toKw^l £ \ PIPN'T RECOGNIZE EITHER OF US.'..MUST HAVE A BIG FINANCIAL PROBLEM ON - -, HIS MINP.' •> IN A JEWELRY SHOP NEARBY/... (SAYLORP REX MORGAN. M. D. AS FUNNY AS tT MUST HAVE BEEN TO SEE THE x PROFESSOR'S FACE WHEN CLEO WALKED IN THE BAR, XOLJ SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE IT, GINGER ' I KNOW IT—BUT WHEN I MADE THAT ANONYMOUS PHONE CALL TO CLEO, I DID IT IAAPUL5IVELV...': WITHOUT THINKING .' W DON'T YOU EVER GET THE URGE TO IP DO SOMETHING WICKED....SUPPENLV, WITHOUT THINKING OF THE CONSEQUENCES...^^ KICKING SOME STRANGER WHO'S BENDING ] OVER....OR SOMETHING THAT •" DONT BELIEVED BUT, SOSH.-.' YOU DO.' I GUESS XOU'RE MISSING YOU'RE JUST TOO ^A AN AWFUL LOT OF NORMAL/ -^ THE FUN IN LIFE TIZZY BUZ SAWYER THE SLftVE WOMAN ALIPA.. IF SHE'S KEALLY ALIPA.XU BUY HER FROM YOU. I'LL PAY fOlA I WANT HO WEUt NAME JMONEV, TOE YOUR PRICED WOfAfiH IS FREE. SHE WAY LEAVE IF SHE CHOOSES, MAV I SEE HER? MAY I TAIK TO HER? STRICTLY BUSINESS Put your man on easy street! Give a pair of Bailey's EVANS House Slippers MARY WORTH toss you for it—Dutch treat or nothing GRIN AND BEAR IT l-.DOMT ^. GIVE ME POUTE PROTESTS! JUST WATT IN PROMT OF THI5 BUILDING FOR A BEAUTIFUL---AND HUN6R.V--. BRUNETTE! TM STILL AGLOW WITH DEU6OT OVER BEING ASKED, CHARLES— BUT IM SURE YOU'D ENJOY A YOUNGER AND MUCH PRETTIER FACE ACROSS THE TABLE TONIGHT! UNWILLING AUDIENCE AT A TENDER SCENE BETWEEN TON IO Dl POLO AND M'1155 MARLO, MARY HAS DECIDED TOCALI THE LATTER^ FIANCE'—.- "I think the coffee break is getting out of hand!" LITTLE ABNER LOOKTf HIM RUM HIS IMNERCEMTM5k-Y'AR OLE HEART OUT.'.'' LI'L DO HE REELIZE HEHAIM'TGOTA ) SNOWBALLS CHANCEf.' TH' LXX3FATCH LACHES' BROTHERHOOD f -TH 1 MOST RUTHLESS UMION IN TH' U.S.A.,DOME > VOTED r KETCH HIM, AN' DRAG HIM BACK -TO TH' MUDDY ARMS 0'-uGH.'.'-MOONREAM STRICTLY RIGHTER NANCY "i'scor«lr know what petition K> tokc on these Russian satellites, SwTwr! ..THIS threat tTeiyilijarioi. is so for «heod of elcct.on hm« EAT THOSE PANCAKES AUNT FRITZI, CAN I GO OUT FOR . LUNCH ?—I'D LIKE A PIZZA AT LEAST IT LOOKS LIKE A PIZZA UFO SIGHTED CHEROKEE, Ala. (UP)— High school principal Homer Blankeship and his wife reported seeing a flying .saucer Thursday night, its lights "flashing on and off." Blankenship said the object, about 100 feet wide and tapered at the bottom, hovered over the highway moving up and down. He said, "it definitely was an object with enough speed to scare my wife and me half to death." WorkSeems Easier- Pleasanter e .. when you're chewing smooth, good-tasting Wrigley's Spearmint Gum. Bay some today MODERN SOAPING WOLCOTT, N.Y. (IB—Hallowe'en pranksters are going modern. Police said unknown juveniles splattered huge blobs of white lather across downtown store windows. The pranksters used pushbutton canned shaving cream to do the deed. COUNTING CARS TALLAHASSEE, Fla. '(IB-The Florida road department has assured suspicious motorists in Tallahassee that two big radar units which appeared on city streets were counting cars, not checking up on speed. "As far as I know, we are the first state road department in the nation to use radar for counting vehicles flow," said engineer Mel Conner. *"See what I mean?" CUTIES '.'I'got her from a Broadway show. She'a showing tht 6 team how to kick." DOTTY DRIPPLE TAFFY FORGOT TO TAKE HER LUNCH—WILL VOU TAKE IT TO HER, WILBERT ? FOR flHH. I'LL JU8T LOOK . •Hf A RING OF BOYS, WITH IP" 1 A StRL IN THE MIDDLE/ r ———* I .^fSg^Ji GRANDMA GRANDMA, I HAVE A POSTAL CARP FOB YOU,./ H-M/ MAYBE IT'S BEEN LOST' .ANYWAY, I CAN REMEMBER EVERY WORD O' TH' MESSAGE/ IT READ. . ." .. JUWOR /S //V 7W f/FT» OGAM ,.. WEATHB?...OLC>3£SS/EHAS A MEW CALF? AN:..'^- - ...ANDITWAS SIGNED, "COUSW 0/LL'y

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