Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 21, 1957 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 4
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THE rHAROS-TRIEUNE PROGRAM FOR IOGANSPORT 1. An Adtquot* Crvlc Center 2. An Adequate Sawag* Ditp*sal System 1. Suffik.nt Parkinf Foclliti.i A Watchful Eye Parents may not be sufficiently watchful of their children's welfare. This statement, surprising since so many mothers worry unnecessarily about the defects' that they think they notice in their offspring, comes from Dr. Joseph Milgrim. director of orthopedic surgery in New York City's Hospital for Joint Diseases. Parents should, he says, notice and report painful limbs, round shoulders, spinal curves and stiffness, even, in the slightest form. If a child bends his knees and squats when picking up objects, a spinal disk may be narrowed, and there may be a chance of tuberculosis. Or if he wa'ddles with his feet out, the thigh bone may be losing its hold. Naturally, more obvious deformities should be taken up with the family physician. A conscientious orthopedic surgeon will not mind false alarms turned in by worrying parents, if occasionally he can catch a physical defect before it is too late for remedy. Help for Railroads When .some businessmen demand reductions in special governmental services, other businessmen oflon come up with a new type of service which they would like Uncle Sam to offer. The latest, advocated by some railroads, is a Railway Equipment Agency. This new bureau would have a capital of half a billion dollars, with authorization lo borrow up to four times that amount. This would be used to buy nooded rriilroad equipment—pus.songer earn and Diesels, but more especially freight cars. Those would be ronU:d lo the roads for periods of 10 lo 20 yours. The prenont fleet of freight earn is suffering rotiromon't IO.MSOS of 5,000 lo 0,000 a month. Hence, 15 loading Kastorn roads have only 287,000 freight earn, 27,000 fewer than in JOfit). Wo.sl.oni and Southern roads art; doing hol.l.oi 1 , oincu large industry in moving out liiclr way. The railroads aro Hlill vital to our notional economy. Yot onch your thoy IOHO more and morn huniricsii lo corripoli- lorH. A govornrriont-l'irianood Railway Kquiprnonl Agonoy doubllowi would bo oppoHod by Irucl'.ing inl.oro;:tfi, hill Ihr; propoiml do;iorvo:-t norioun comiidwalion. In Auwlralia Tncrdmnan now follow their nht.'op with rnolorcycloii, f<ol, IIUlo Ho Poop throw fiw;iy thai bonnol and g(;l h«rfiolf a loathur jacket and n cyc'lo und sidecar. IN THE PAST One Year Ago Mrs. Mitry .1. Wiird, 7(1, of DID llol.m iilriinl, died til IV W. .lo:«>ph hoiipllal. l(iu;h linker. WlnntriiK!, was olocUxl noconil <tl,il.rlcl coimnandor uf tho Virturmwi of (''(irulKii Wnr«. (iordnti 'I'honi.inn, III, .ion of II, It, Thom.'ion of lloyid Oiilcr, dl<.'(l Mny IS In I'Ymuiii whllu Death cliilmcd Mm. Ifolon Hlnon, M, of \m Twiinty-llriit olreiit. Ten Years Ago I'ok'r liulliimncclil, TO, fonnur vIco-priMildiint of Llin Muahlluluniin Spring uoiiiiiiiiiy, dlivl. Death (•1,'ilmwl .I/nric/i Cllihn, lilt, rofll'iMl Onrroll county fairncr. Loula V. "C'riink" Slnlur, M. formiir loc/d lillHlnoiifimjMi, cxplrc-d ill HID St, ,lo;i(<ph hoiiplliil. ,1. Tide Cook, Klorn, witn numi'il nnislcnl ill- rector lit tlui LoK.'iaitiort Mliilu ho«p!tld. Myron Ha.triimpluK, IS, of noitr Kochonl.or, xuccumbod. John W. llrldiic, IV, of rniilu 'J., (iulvivilnn, «nlliitcd In Iho army for Hirco yoani. Twenty Years Ago Murlln Joi'dnn, X.'l. of li'lorn, an aiilo juilcn- innii, illoil la tho ('lisa county hocpltal today Irom Injurlnii Himlnliii'd In n two-car oninh four uillim iKirllidiwl of CaiiidiMi Innt nlijlif, Thu Kuril eiilfini nhop nnd liolr,l botwooii SitviMil.h und IvlKlilli Alrcolti on Main nlriwl, In Itoclinnliir wn;i luully damii)!<til by a flro bliuued on a dofi.icllvi) fine. Tlin tniniii'i'iilurn ronu to 11(1 de-Hrwo lioro lodjiy, HID iilnhi:iil murk riuicliod (Jiin IUUKIII, lo Hive l,iiuiiiuipiirt and tint iiiii'rouiullnt! nri'ii fho Hr/it rp»l loncli of niinimoi 1 wunlher. I), I 1 ', ItliMi'i 1 , 77, promiiKinl. .lolToiwin lown- «hlp InniM'r, oxpli'iMl nf |il« homo. (ii'orun II. I'Moru, 112, pnniiiHl iiwuy Hiiddcnly lit liln I'lorn liomo, Klnl C, Illnlilc, Hl.ynnr-old »nn of Mr. and Mm. Howard K. illnkle, Ik'thlolu'm lowimhlji, nt Ihn On us county hur.pllal, Fifty Years Ago Minn I'i'iirl Itnnkn hint rivikgnoil hm 1 ponllloii dn Iho olllcB of Drn. ilollowiiy and O'Uuii'y. Mrn. Miibcl lliMI, )B McL'nrly ulnmt, rocolvod B Jii mild plecu (jlvoit (iwny M Uio Dowllnii tliim- tcr Salurdny nlah 1 .. Andy llublpr und Dr, fi, T). Miller nro otlinbhiK (o In. 1 champion I'lndorn of mutihrolimu uftur lin? bin bunt Drew Pearson's MERRY-CO-ROUND Tuesday Evening, May 21, 1957, CITIZEN'S CHOICE Drew Pearson says: Housewives will be interested In how their interests are neglected; Chairman of Power Commission holds secret huddles to draft gas bill; he is supposed to protect the consumer. WASHINGTON - Every housewife who turns on a gas stove or an'electric'light bulb will be interested in the amazing .confession of the man whose sworn job is to protect her on the price -of natural gas and electric power. He is Jerome Kuykendall, whom Eisenhower has just reappointed chairman of the Federal Power Commission. When he took office, Kuykendall took a solemn oath to enforce and follow Ihe laws of the United States, especially those governing his own agency which was set up to protect the American consumer form big power companies •and the big gas producers. Despite this, alert Congressman Torbcrt MacDonald of Boston discovered that Kuykendall had met secretly with Randall Le Boeuf, attorney for Consolidated Edison of New York; William Tarver of Southern Natural Gas, Birmingham, Ala.; and David Scarls, counsel for Texas Natural Gas Producers. Purpose, of the secret meeting was to draft a bill uc- ceptabli; to bolh Southern Gas Producers und Northern Gas Distributors, The consumer was not consulted. - Kriually ama/,lni{ was that the. meeting was' held on the instruction of the White House. Chairman Kuykundall finally blurted out the whole story. "What happened was this," ho eonfcMsed lo the persistent Congressman from Boston, "While. Congress wa« still in .Hi.'n.Hion Insl. year, ' and after Iho llarris-l''u!- liright bill had bco:i voted on, Jerry Mor(.;mi al the White lloimu contacted mo and asked me If I, without Huylnfi anything to anybody, would prepare a draft of a bill which I thought would fulfill Ihn requirement.!) that the President bad staled in his veto men- Huge," Kuykondall then explainer! how IK; iinil co»Uu:U»l reproHcaUitK'efl of Soiithorn (inn companies and Norlliern Distributor!). "Wnll, Sir," demanded (,'on- gi'iwmmn MacDoanld, "As I HII- denitmid II, the. ncl which you nd- niinliiUir WIIH put In for tho protection of the con.'inininj,; public: of the United Sl.al.on, wan II, nul.V" "Yttii," agreiu! Kiiyltomlnll. "Would you not nay Hint your primary duty In to protect 1.1m [ii!i>i>ln will) nun Iliiji KIIH, rnllinr than tboiiii who produce. ItV" MacDonald ankuil. "S'rji. anil thai In what 1 inn (iti(loav(irli)K to do," nald Kuykcn. dall. "I would Illio lo auk you thin fjuciitioii," Mii(H)oiuild contliiue.(l. "If, (luring Hut fiii'iiiiilal.lou of Ilii/i bill, which In now llounn Kniolii- tinii ir/DO, yon did not cull on any coilHiimcr group,l.o find out hnw tlii'y fell, about thin mnl.ler, anil rolled iiolnly on only l.he Hireo IICH- iinini.il ol tint iniliinlry Ihal. bad to gain from any /inch blllv" "Well, Ih/il. In a loadivl f|Hfii- tlou," prolu:il,ed Kuykendall, "II. In mil, n .luailnd i|in»il.l(iiH" Hiiaplier MacDonald, "In HIM drill, plnce," MXplainnd ICiiyliiindiill, "I linow of no juilfl- clmil. ci/iiMimiorri gronpM l.o go In, And I wann'l. going l.o ^rini|m. I wuil, lo three Iiiillvlilluibi, mid I ndmoninbi'il thiine liiillvldiliihi that Iberii jiliniild bu no imbllclly about Ililii. Tliiiru nliniilil IHI nb- noliiln ,'incriiey, IIUCIIIIIIM I did mil. wiuil. any riimorn utMrlcil Hint HiKi'ii m!i{lil. bn anulliMi' K;UI bill diirlny, Hut liml, iiivinlon id cnn- gnifiM," "Did you couiiull, wllh nn.v Inw- ycrn Irom /i (MiiiniiiiKtr yronp, (if IJio MM.VO/VI' AtiHMliil.ltin, fin' omi, tlin iiiiiyim of '/,(\» I'll Inn of Ihn 'II. H,V" pro/mud MiHillonnld, "No, I did mil," (idinlUiid Ilin chali'maii of Hid cnmiiil;iii!iiii which In niippiinod In pi'iilecl. cun- Mimierfi, "I only eiinniillod wll.b Ihivio [inoplo I liiiv" iiKtiillonitil," Since Iln< mayoi'ii of ?,l)l) hirgn clllon ul' I.III! Ullllril Ktntivi rrprc- in-ill mlllliiiin of people . iiillllonn <\t people who would lin al'l'ecliul by Ihln lilll- • I cmiiiol. (|llilr illlilni 1 ' Htaiid why you did mil, niul ] nin •3&JssSG#B%_ nuking for un explanation why you did not," asked MacDonald. Tint chairman of the Federal Power Commission wiuirmud, fld- Huled, nave no sutisfaclory answer. A further an.HWer will bo demanded of him when he comes up for. confirmation before the Senate- In- tcrsl.'ile Commerce Committee,. Ken. I'liul Dou;:Ias of Illinois plaiiH to domain! thai, he bo Impeached. Notu — Tlie necriif dlsc'iisxloiix between Kuykondall and tho >blK Clio boy» roHiillcd in the llarrln bill, now lii'lnj; conMldercd In tho JIoiiHO of KoprusiiiilnllvuH, The Senate llackoU Cominlttoo will fry to balimeo Its autl-labor luraitlfi/tl.loii by lnv(!Htl/!nUiiK 11 Hmall telephone company In Ohio. (Jommlfl.ee nj((!iil.K nru prnhlti({ re- jiorlH Hint Hie compnny ordered dotccUvon to "H'-'l." four laboi 11 loadorn by riinnnliiK thorn down with an luilomobllu,,, ,Tho late Honal.or McCarthy'!) prlvalc pnpoi'K rovoal hi. 1 onco wauled a Iliree- iniiii nal.liinal cnminln.'don to Invwi- llKiito voiiiiniiiiliiiii—I'Vdurni .IniJ- K« Harold Moilliin, elder nlateii- miui Hiii'r.ard Harucli, mid labor loader David Dublniiky, . .Ike hoped to lido two lop Demiicruln to «oll liln foreign aid program lo cmiHre'Uf-ox-Sirn. Waller (luoi'MO of (leiiriila, and nx-OoiiKreNiiman .liiini'ii Klchnrdn of Kontli Carolina, HuHi are highly re.'.pocled, but Itli'linrdii In linHKlHK off nn.V lohliy- liij/, wl!h old colIfNiyurx,. CIA III- ruclor Allen Diillon linn luld Ihn Wbllii lloinii 1 Unit (Jolomil Namior will probiibly HO brolio wllliln tho ni.xl. Ill iiioiillm- untoim fho Ivrniii- lln dccliluii l.o pour riiblon Into I'lKypf. Hi 1.1ml* nviinl, ('niro wnnlil lici'iiiiio a brancli ol'flco nl Moil- cow, . .Hen, Kill Knowlaml, iiomi 1 - llmi'ii called tin) "Somilw from P'ormonn," waiui'l, HH\I\H to like If, but Dnli'iimi Siicriil.nry Wllnoii wiiul.il n ilranl.lc ri'dilellon of Am- orlcnnn on li'oi'morfii. Thorn ni'o •i.OOO Amnrlcaiin MifiilH'md t.o holp ClilnilH Kal'Sholi, Mild Wllliuil t\K- tii'eii Ibnl iroriiioiia In nnii plni'ii v/liero lin can iiavn iiioiicy, Hoosicr Osteopaths Name New Officers INI)IANAI'OI,I,S (l.rl')••-!>r, .I.W. lOlbort, I'oforiiliui'K, I'tumln.v wan tihn'led pi'Wililcnl of thu li'dlium Aniioclnl.loil of ()Ml.iMipii.|.hlc IMiyitl- cliinn mill HiirHciiini nl. (Jut jj|'iiii|]'n IIOlll IDIIIIIIll COIIVI'llfloil, Olluir ofl'liMirii liu:liid»il Dr. M. (!, Miiftiunrl, (!<i)ihi'ii, and Dr. I 1 ), II.. llorlxiil, C'lirl. Wiiyue, vlcn- pn>!tlil(ii:l,'i; l)r Al'iilmllii Wolf, In- dlanapolln, nocrotiiry; mid Dr, I 1 '. A, Turflcr, SHI kill ilciwl, l.i'oaiinrer; Dr, .Jndeph W, Ki'nni\y, Inillnnapo- lla, Or, llrtico ('.. lirlnk, Prlncntoii, and Dr, Italpb II. Wolfe, Sniilh llcild, l.iMinl.eoii, nild Dr, ,1 II, Mi 1 - (.Jormlcll, Klkliiirl. doluHnto l.o Urn Illlliloillll IMIIiVOIllloil, LAFF-A-DAY Angelo Patri Boys Set Mothers as Their Ideals Olnriihcllo wn.i In l.bo (lumps. Here she WIIH the muni irapnlnr |.{irl In Hit! clnsH, und thu nno boy whom .situ wantod to date her Huuinnd not l.o know she existed. Now the prom was coining up and Mill; had held out In I. hi! vain hope. Ilia!, liu, Uio only, inlKht Invllii her. She had made n point of mcHillii); him In tin) hall, hchiK In his way nl nvery opporlmilly. He wa.s polite, friendly and aloof. "What's l.bo matter with inn? .I'm l.bo proltleot nlrl in tho clans. I am tho mon! popular. I can dance and (iwim and play tennis n.'i good UK monf, ovon bettor. I'm always well-dreiinod, The hi/.; HI Iff, wiio corns I Clarabello euros, Nosv If Cliirabi'llii bud mado n Iiolnt. of iwsellfiK thill, lioy'ii molhcr, slin inlj.;hl. havi! hud a hint about tin! ,'iort of /jlrl her (ion would ciiltl- vale, Thin lady ilrossod (inlcl.ly and iilwayn In Kood tanle so the pnoplti looked al. hor with ('inlet admlrallon an fiho passed, Never too much iiia.ke-up, never too uiiiirb iif iiivylliliiH but alway/i jn.it riKht. Her nmllo wan i|uli:k anil friendly, lior voice was plonsimt and her H|moeh clrar wllh a certain i|iialll.y Ibnl. nintlr out 1 wnnl In linnr lior lalk aKiiln, She walked iiinoolhly und oniilly, Imil.lncllvely one guild, "A Imly." Had tlin "lady" .'iimn Olarabello id work to mrlilovn piipiilnrlly nho, lining n "lady," would Itnvii iianii- ivl on wll.lioiil no iiuicli (in n !lf!od nyi'liriiw bill Jilm would have •IhiiUBliI, "Too bud, And nurli a iilee-looliliiK child," Clarnlii'lh 1 wnrc loo much ri)iu{i), HIM* MII.HII WIM'(! too loni{ and loo rod. Her iiwenlorn worn loo tl^lil ami ln<r nklrlii nwl'iheil Inn mni'h, Her voice wnn lonil and shrill mid no wan bur InuHliliM 1 , All very much iivi'i'diinii, llnr nclinol miirkn worn iiii'i'nly pniLiliiK and onco or Iwli'ii nlii 1 Iinil had u "witriilnn" noln from tho offlcit, Clarabelli! luilil IHI rlann office. Sliv I'-l'l llmt lit tin. "Rrfmlii" a.iid l.lin "(>t!H liixid. 1 !," Tho Hoyn wild claiin pruMM'Mil, lin 'iliNKl hinli In nil liln iiubji'iiln and In Lhii e.'t- Hmatliin of bin loiichoi'n, llld clnnii- miil"; an a whole loulii'il l.o him for li<iiilitr.Hlilp, Only Clarnbelle'') niniill Mi'inip nlii'iiiiiii'd him off, Yet liorii wait Olnnilii'lle itryliif b(«cau.'iii IKI would not play wllli linr. Hnyn iiniinlly Ihlnk thulr IIIIII,|I(II'B urn llu.i pi'pfi'cl i-!fitmpl» of what n woman iihoulil he Thoy nlwayn look nl n ijlrl wllh Hint. palJcrii In mlml, |)"i'liapr. iiiicomidomily, Mnlliiu' Ilii'i linitn bin clnuc.xl wniii. un frleiul all liln life, bin ciml'lilmil, tfilldn nnd Idolll, II hitlionvoit tin! Kli'l who would llk« Ilio alloillliin of fi cerifiln liny lo hoMiiine HC- (lunlnliiil wllh hi.i molhur, II be a Moml nlni'l, If youi' clilld In nlow In nchnol, 11 inlijlil lin b|t(!inini.i bn nui'dn holp In . I'nmlliiij, lluw imi'iMihi ran. leach llioir child In rnntl In ox- plalnml by Dr, I'alrl In loal'lol. r'i'll, "Poor lleiuli'ivi," To lib- tain n cupVi ROlul 10 I'iMiln III coin to him, c/o ibis junior, P.O. llox IX), Iliillon (i, Now Ynrlc ID, N.Y. 1 by Tlin Hull Hyn- Hie,) Admits Deep Sbuth Has Withstood All Integration Moves JACKSON, Miss. !U'l', - Xeiiro Hep. Charles C, Ota Jr. (D- Midi.) has conceded Uio "first round" to four Deep South stales III their fi(.;lil against racial intc- Kralilon. UlliiW l.<i'd IfilM) Missls-slppl members of the Nal.ioiKil As.soclal.ion for tho Advancement of Colored People Sunday, "We cannot ixiint to oni 1 liLslance of submission" by Mis.sisKl|)j>l, CieorK'ia, South Carolina and Alabama to Uie Supreme (Jourt'.s If'yi'ar-old ileclslon ouUaw- in.^ pir!>llc school KeAretiiHon. "Thnre I.s Illllii quasHon," HinK« said, "thai Iliu !)i;cp SouUi has won the I'lr.sl. round In ll«> battle." The four slnlc.s I'.av'e "erected n ma/.u of Iciial eii'laii|.;lemiMil..s" and have "oul.flanlied our mala position with several iliabollcally cli'vor ihwi'cos," be said, Hut, DlKK. 1 - ciild inlei(rallon still "Is a.s inevitable as Uio rlslHK sun —even 111 Mississippi," Me said .soulhern vvbll.o leadi'rs have "purposely misconstrued tho Illicit 0,1' Iho Supremo Court decision lo mean Instant nnd complete scJiool inlo|.'.rnUon everywhere, wllh no lime to work out reasonable pliuiM." The Ni'Ki'o loiuli'r Hidd whllon have "popiiinrl'/.iMl Iliu sex aiiMlu film 1 until U, has reached the No. j spot on Ihe halii jxiradc." "Mum will tln.w while poiiplo liinrn Mint we don't want lo ho (Iho while man's) hrollier-ln-law," DlKKw imkcd, "We want lo bu his brolJier. Seven Appointments Confirmed by Senate WASHINGTON (IIP) —The Son- ale Monday by nniiiilmoii» voice volo confli'ineil Hie iiomliialliin of C, Douiilnn Dillon, foruuir nm- biiii!iinlor In li'riinco, lo lni II. S. alLerualo Kovernor of Ihu Jnli>r- niillnnal Moiieliiry I'^uid, Ainu a.ppi'oveil wore the noinJiia- tloua of ;dx ambii.'i.'iadors; Minn li'raiicivi I 1 !, Wlllid of C.nll- .fornln to Norway; Ituhcrl C, Hill of New llnmirililri! lo Moslcu; Waller P, McCininiuiBby of Ala- liniiiii lo llnrmai Jiwepb H, Km'- Inuil of Wi-iil VlrKliiln lo Iliu Do- mlnlciui IteiMibllc: Don C, Hlliiii ol! New •I'oriiny lo I'HIilopIn nili,! Wlliion C, I'lnkn of North t.'an'illini lo (Iliiuia, Lt. General Powers To Succeed LcMay WAS'IIINIITON HIP) J,l. tiiMl. Tliomnii S. Pownr, lilin Air Korco's reneiu'i'li chlnf, Indiiy wiin named coiMinandcr of (lie Ktnili'Ulo Air Ciiiiiiniir.il with fjie rnnk ol' I'lill (iCIIOI'lll. He will ,'iUr^'ocd (II.MI, (jiirlbl K. littMny, wlm III iinliiMllilinl to be. mum vice iMildf of nln.fr of thu Air )''oi'i'ii thin (inmmcr, M, den, Saimii'l. I 1 !. Anderiiiiii Will illlCeOKll I'liwor, .1.1, ('It'll, ll'rank I 1 ', lOvi'i'mil, cur- ritiii dupii'ly cliIff of nlaff fiw op- ci'iitloiin In Air II'OIVH In'iiiliiuar- lern lim'ii, wnn n/miwl |j) mii'i'i'nd I.I. (Ini. Wllllmn II, Tuiinor an ciimiuiindor of A in o r 1 can nlr fiii'ron In I'liii'opn, TWO nv TWO lil'iWlSTON. Monl. . A walHldi-. i.vl cnw nwneil by Ilio li'eruun (,'ouii< ly Kiinn hnd Iwln Milvi-n rin'eiilly, tho niH'ond net. In ln.in Ihfin 10 iiinnlhH, PHAROS-TRIBUN* tdi 1 w^**k NT 4'Hrrl** MlN.'JIt |i«r r«Nr. llf WlilM. I'MlhNkl IPHlltin ntiil IHIiinil imii rittltnM firrit nillt nllhlr* IIMllHIMI, IILIM! |tnr r f*nr All mHlr •i»Hft« 1 *lp<titMM itliynltfi* IH H » rtirnl rowlpi* * IKIII.IHI |>nr r»nr iMHNMl! IntllHIkM M. No HtHll II, C, McClosltoj 1 !» In ImllmuijwlU thu Undoi-tiikoru coiivontloii, "Buforo wo wdi'o rnurrlcd you mild yon wornlilppud llm ground I witllr on . . . now you complnlu If I JilUo oi' it JiUo Uio houuol" Walter Winchell Broadway and Elsewhere The Broadway Lights First-Nights: "New Girl In Town" and reprise of "The Pajama Game" were the week's only entries — the finals for tlie season . . . The critics fell madly in love with the talented people in both shows .... "New Girl," a musical transplant of Eugene O'Neill's "Anna Christie," attracted robust handclapping at the premiere a good deal of the time. For the specialists, not| George Abbott'si version of Mr. 0'-! NeiU's very sad! saga, which drag-l ged when Gwenl Verdoa wasn't do-l ing the eatertain-J Ins along with! Thelma Hitter ai some of the other | capahles . . . 13ut| '.he Bob Merrill \ score has some asreeable SOURS, especially "Look at 'Er!" and the Robert Fosse choreography i.s virile nnd Rood-looking . . . "Paja- mil Game" al City Cenler delisht- ed Ihe official appraisers. They gave breezier notices to Hie revival than Ihey gave Ihe newcomer. The laller, however, has a In-fly advance sale. Meaning it will be around when the new season arrives . . . "Lonu Day's .Journey" has distributed over $100.000 in profits lo investors since the Pulitzer Prize play opened Nov. 51 !i. Biiiuesf financial hit ever for Kugone O'Neill. In The Winus: The Limty Hound Table bunch sided with the critics who were disappointed with 100- veo's version of The Ceoi^c M. Cohan Story. They enjoyed the players bill not the show . . . "So what'.'" sinned an ex-comedian, who ha.s Hie scars lo prove it. "It's too late for television lo ruin him." . . , Simile by Alice Sinmi.s: "As ai'fodod as a hiUplayor with her flrsl walk-on," The Cinemantcians: Lauren Tln- call anil (injury Peek slitter in "Desl^nlm; Woman." a jol'.ypaloo- za -- bri^li'I as slardusl --- ^ay as Inuiihler . . . "The Hurxlar" costars .layni 1 Mansfield . . . "This Cou'.d Ho Ni>',h!" has a Kunyon- like whimsy. 'Pile majnrily of ri 1 - viowors found II an enjoyab'.e show . . . "The (iariuenl Juni'.lc" has realisilr impact and n Iropi- cal wallop . . . "tlnlamed Voulh," a rocknrlol ab.iiirdily, is Ion noisy for diuliiK . . . "The Oklahomau" offers a bollor-lhaii-avoraKO fnml- lor fable. Joel MeCrca i.s lin 1 ura- nlle-liniKh hero, who [urns lo molasses when llarbara lla'.e is :i- roiind . . . Spencer Tracy and Kalharine Hepburn are Hivimi iicl- iiiK le.ssnns iiKiiln in "Tin 1 Desk Sel," an amusiui-: romp . , . "Krn- uos," a sclcnco-fit'lion film, takes you to iinnllirr planet culled Dnllo. The Airlslnorals: Tlie pilh and punch of ,'i line drama wa.s beniill- fully conveyed by Kim Sl:mlcy In "The Class Wall," Miss Slanley makes an nrl of iinderp!ayiii|.: . . . I'ld Wynu, inu 1 uf our new dramatic stars, liirued In another wyn- nliiK perfiirmnure In '"Hie Ocnl AiiH'rlcan llonx" , . , The mother of Hello Davis was a willy, dc- IlKlilfill subject for "This Is Y.iur Ll!^ 1 ." Helped explain wlicro Iho slur Hols al: Ibnl r.pnrkli 1 . . . "Masiiurradi 1 Party" Is one of ti'i 1 - vi'ii'a nioni amusing loy.i . . . "falht 1 !' Knows Hi",!" inniiMKes lo bn hnmivipun wlllioul hrhir. hokey. Tlmnks lo 'iiu-li capables as Hobrrt Vounu and Juno Wyall . . . What's wriniK wllh U-nvc-e'.' Well, (ili'iisun anil Caesar uiu.'d dojuii'l whlht qni/, MIIUIIVI survh'i 1 . . . Mike nnd Jim Hi.'ibop mailo n Hood pnlr. Tlu 1 i|unr!ns were pnlon! and tin 1 ro- lorls miiile .'IIMKIP . , . Jnn Welles, lioohed In dliiK on Ihi- Sluve AlliMl •ihinv Innlfjlil, hops back l-> Mexico lo flpjU a bull, Jim's n r.irl Stairway lo Ihe Slum- iMHIi (Vn- lury - l''ox oxecM repurl Ih.-il I'al, Iloiiuit, whone llrsl film In "Ili-rna- dllle," ncritiiiplislied ^'hnt ntai'd rarely ai'liliu'e: Did every (.cem 1 In (HK» liildt. , .Vnlcrle Allen, who plnyn Slnnlrn'ii Kwrulliearl In ".loll or In Wild." hi Ihe iliiuulilfr of former /Jeufolil jjlrl Valnrle Him- mlor, Piinmioiiiil ban l>iilldiii> iilnnu for lier... Tony llMiutrll'ii Town & Counlry Club booklm; Mny ^'.filli marks liln Illlh Ann'y In show biz, Ono of Iho ilesi'i'vlni: (ilnrn... Diahann Carroll's show-stopping at Blue Angel makes this very early booster very happy . .Sammy Davis, Jr., started his career at the age of 2 u j. His Dad and Uncle presented hiin as .1 midget —to get around child labor statues— Jerry Lewis' latest Decca disc is "With These Hands." Another good song by experts Abner Silver and Benny Davis — Eddia Miller's "Talent Scout Musical" is the event May 25th at Steinwajr Concert Hall on W. 57th Movio mags sob that Carroll Baker endured poverty before her recent rocket to the stars .. Huh? Her first husband was rich. The Story-Tellers: The top them* in U. S. News-World Report U the inflation squeeze. In 1957, sayf the magazine, we are spending at 4 limes the rate of 1947 and getting less than twice as much in return. Inflation always starts out looking like Easy Street and winds up as The Koad To Huia But the news lo burn you up and knock you cold is in the April SStli circular mailixi by Ihe Dept. of Agriculture. The title: "The Gold and Dollar Position of Foreign Buyers" — It discloses that foreign governments have banked their wealth in U. S. banks. An accumulation of igel this!) -*.> Billion — '.WO Million dollars... And WK still give them foreign aid ..Reader's Diges! has J nines Miehener'j memorable report on Die leiror ami courage of Ihe Hungarian revolt. Tragically, people seem to he forgetting what history will always remember... .Hedbook add.i to Yul Hrynner's publicity with a piece which reports his love lor privacy. The Tress Box: History itself ii nol above cruel jokes. Kisenhower, who did so much for Ihe national security, is now forced to plead for defense money.,. .Defense economy is always foolish... .The biggest bargain is buying a gun you may never have lo shoot.... Alger Hiss' new book lin his own defense) alibis that he never passed secret papers In Reds. He ad- milled some government peoplij did. We do not recall Ibal His* ever revealed Iheir names... .Tho American Taxpayer is a remarkable fellow. Since World War Two bis dollars have aided every nation in Ihe world-••including China and Hussia ...Klsn Maxwell, mo- Iber of a gossip column, lohl Honiti reporters slit 1 "bales gossip". .. Time's People department quotes .siime ol her meows about former friends. The Intelligentsia: Ceorge (Jei'hh- wlu's "I'urgy and Hess" <\vhifli Coldwyn bought lor JiMil.tilKD had ill! Ironic inaugural. The show destined lo become a classic was received wllh so so reviews .. Charles Aildams' now hook of collected cartoons will he mimcil "Nlgbl Crawlers." Due in tin- Kail. ... llarhnra liaiii, his lawyer-wilo I for a brief lime) is keeping her N. Y. law olflees open. She dwell, 1 ! in London \vt!h lit 1 ! 1 husband. Lord Colyloii... Jack Kenny wants U) play Ihe Kdw. (',. Koblniiini role III "Middle ol Iho Night" In summer slock. Ills lending lady would hu June Lorkhart..,. IVimls King 1.1 being paged lo lake ovor Waller Plilgeun's slur role In "The Happiest Millionaire" when he holidays... Lord llurgesd. composer ol "Jamaica Farewell." Is akchol- ly lli'.'il named Irvln, . Uenaln Tc- JmJill. Ihn Mel slar, IN .so ilodlcAled In her art ••- she shuns beaiin. "Men are dl.ilracllng," she sayi,, "I love pa-mliiimlely on Ihe slage, bill at Inline I study lo build up my reprrlnlre". (till huh)... Oil bis Wednesday eve. program Prof. Cugal Nnlil: 'We will now play 'Malilguaiia' which U 'The ltree/.o and I' In you".. ."Amlalucla," my dear profoiiHiir, IN "The Hreiv.u and 1"... Author Somerset Man- Kham'.'i iieeri'1 for remaining young al nil: "I have never llred nut my lioiirl wllh love allalm and I never |iul walor hi my wlilnky," LOST (il.A.SS AltT SANDWI-UII. MIISH. •- This pie- luro»i|uo Ciipi- Cod lown was noleil for j!.'i beiiulllully colored gla. 1 ^ •- Sniidwlch Hia.'.s -- himi IHZS lo Illllll. The MM'rel formula lor Hut gla.'i:i wt\n lonl and Hm nniijtie art died with II. Tho lirnl pr«.<,i.rd gliiM and Hie llril lace glanii In Amorlcn were made here 1 . HUBERT IDT*. JIMMIIIOII *»ui'r l,«»KH»«|t'l r '. ItMllMHH, |i|M<*t>mt «t l,*»lrt*MM|M>H, iMll., UNtlMr III* HOf »t "Your lijwllck ID on crookwl."

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