Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 21, 1957 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
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LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY INDIANA: Mostly cloudy, windy and warmer with scattered showers and thunderstorms t o n i grit. Wednesday partly cloudy, c h a n e e- o£ scattered t h u n der- »howers. Warmer most sections Wednesday. Temperature 12 noon 62 degrees. Sunset 7:58 p.m., sunrise 5:25 a.m. Founded 1844— SOW IN OUR 113th YEAR HOME EDITION 'YOUR HOME TOWN NEWBBAJ»BR j For Alt Depar»»e»*» Phone 4141 LOGANSPOHT, INDIANA, TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 21, 1S57. ncil United Pr«»» Wlr Dny and Klglit Price Per Copy, Seven Cents KANSAS TORNADO Ask $3,865 Billion Foreign Aid Warns Drastic Slash Would Be "Foolhardy President Eisenhower Says Major Cut Would Be Gamble With American Lives; Ike Broadcast Tonight. "WASHINGTON ' UP i— President Eisenhower today formally cut his foreign aid budget to $3,805,000,000 and warned Congress that any further big reduction would be a "foolhardy" gamble with American lives. In a fighting defen.sc of his foreign aid proposals, the President warned Congress that reduced aid spending would mean increased U.S. defense cast*, heavier draft Trustees lo Meet lo calls and renewed Communist; gains abroad. He stated his case in a special foreign aid message lo Congress. Farm Numbers To Be Used in Five Townships •ustees lo Meet lo Plan Simplified System for Answering Fire Culls in Area A meeting of the trustees of the five townships which have a lire proiectlon contract with the city of Logansport will be held In the near future to plan a simplified record peacetime spending plans, system for answering fire calls, Key support for the President I according to Allorney Don O'Neill. Tonight he will follow it up with a radio-TV appeal to the nation, seeking public support lo check Ihe congressional drive to slash his Investigate New Angle in Road Scandal Marion County Grand Jury Summons Seven Witnesses t.) Check On $133,000 Purchase INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — A Marion County grand jury which indicted four men in Indiana's highway scandals turned its attention today lo a $133,00(1 state purchase of a liquid which is supposed to make,cars run belter. Among seven witnesses sub penaed to testify this morning Whack $2,586,775,000 From Defense Budget House Appropriations Committee Continues Its Campaign in Congress for Economy. •UP) — The Assumes New Duties came on the eve of his message. Hou.sc Democratic Leader John McCorrnack i.Ma.ss.) in a television interview, gave his unqualified Bupport U> the futt foreign aid request. - "Whatever calculated rixk we ihould take with our security should be taken on Iho side of strength ami not weakness," Mc- Corrnack said. Tilre« Major Changes Tlio I'resident called for these major revisions in foreign aid budgeting and administration-. —Putting military aid funds in the Defense Department budget and separating military and oco- iwinJc aid programs, —A shift to loans, instead of O'Neill «al<J arrangements will be made to number the farms In the urea involved arid a card index I lie will be maintained at the fire hlallon so firemen will know Instantly where to. go when they receive a fire alarm from a rural Th« townships in which the city has coalrucled to provide lire protection are Clay, Washington, Kel. Clinton and Noble.' The farm numbering sysUsm has been used successfully In a number of rural ureas, such as Tlpton fewniihip, to provide faster service in answering fire culls. A 7ji"-iWjlwi .pumper truck Is belli;; purchased for rural use by the Iwal lire deparlmenl with | WASHINGTON (House Appropriations Committee cut n whopping $2,5»(i,775,000 of President Elsenhower's request for new defense funds today and called for a general bolt-tightening in the military. But committee members conceded that half the cut represented bookkeeping or paper savings T,hcy said it Is questionable whether any big purl of the slash will Pineau Asks U.S. Help At Suez Debate French Foreign Minister Mukes Hurried Trip lo : Washington to Consult Dulles By UNITED PRESS French Foreign Minister Ohris- Uun Pineau sought American support lodny for renewed French efforts lo lake Ihe Suez Cnnnl oul of the "one man control" of Egyp- More Than Score Killed In Kansas City Suburbs Twister Injures 230 Persons and Demolishes 500 Homes; Fear Death Toll Will Rise. KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Ul>)— A savage tornado, the worst rrl the year, roared out of Kansas and into two suburban Kansas City subdivisions Monday night, spreading- death and destruction. The 'twister Icfl nl least 35 dead, numy of them still unidentified today, and 230 injured. Mar.tial law wns declared and soldiers patrolled the rnvutfcd areas, looking for more bodies. Police said that great amount of destruction, there could bo " Jnnn y more" bodies still in the wreckage. 'JL'he tornado cut a 75-mile swnth across Kiinsns, killinp six in that state, before it hopped over the state line nnd boiled into Hickman Mills nnd Kuskin Heights, two adjoining subdivisions just south and cast of Kansas City. The death toll in those areas WUH 28. Another man died at Martin City, n small town south iiud west of Kansas City show up in enforced spending cuts Ulan President Carnal Abdcl Nns- ' JtOllKKT IHJCIt were several known to bo linked with tlio purchase or use of a motor fuel additive known as •Glo." The Slates Highway Department boughl a bin supply of "Glo" during the chairmanship of Virgil ' lied; Smith. Local roproHcnta- Uvra of the "Cilo" firm were Wil- Hum E. Sayer, former administrative assistant lo lix-liov. George N. Craig, and Arthur .1 Mogllner, who Inter learned up with Smith In a "public relations" firm. Officials have suld Hint "Glo" cost tlie slate about twice n:< much us the prices (|uolcd fur competitive additives. Among today's wIlnc.ssoH were F.I"'. l/eylc, a liltfhwny depnrlmcnl laboratory tuclinlclan who rmtdn comparative Icitls of "fllo" and another additive, and f:«cll I'. M<-'-!|tofocr( Buck Begins Official in Uie now fiscal year sturllng .Inly 1. The committee said the "nature and extent" of the military throat agalnsl. thy United States and its Allies "appears in certain respects City Building Commissioner Opens Office DonouKli, former highway purchasing agent. Ar« Otliers were Uoyd K, Polndex- i-rarils'iu; the primary method of; funds provided by the five towu- f'urnl»l;lny Jwelgn economic aid, |»hlp.'t which have signed a fire protection contract with the city. Uni.il that equipment nrrlviai Ihe city will Hitnd thi! rogular city IrueikN on fire cullii In the five towiliiliipn. —To carry this out, create a development loan fund to make long- term )»;m» In other countries, v/ith un initial capital iiiveiiLmisnl of sou million dollars and plans for expansion by 'IM million dollars In each of tile next iwo years. Klscnliower's aid request called for }),tiOO,OOU,000 in direct military iiid, »90(t million for defense support In foreign countries, and %l,- OH5,000,WK) In economic aid and »dmlni«lrntlon. Lasl year the President nuked for SH,07Z,47r.,WX), Congress appropriated $S,7flB.fiOO.OOO. Klserihower, recognizing the current economy drive In Congress, said that "all of us" lire attempting lo cut thc'.'ioKl of uov- crnmenl and reduce taxes "when possible without Injury lo our country." I.lvcH VH Dollnm "Thero Is, however, only one gound way for un to achieve a substantial lax reduction," hi; mild I" Ms niexHitue; "TJml wuy in Lo succeed In waging pence, thereby pur- milling « sutmuHilid cul In our heavy mllllary expenditures. A iubslaiillul cut In tlujso ex.pendl- tuns, In Hi" face «f present world conditions, would b« foolhardy, "Similarly, and for '.lie same roumiii." HIM President added, "r<s- fimul to give iidi>i|iiule supporl now (or our cruclnl mutual sticurlly programs could liwrdly bo more I" Advised or Ill-timed. II would risk nol only the ultimate alialnmtiiiL of l.h« tremendous military savings to which vve all aspire; by encouraging aggression and dls- toiiraging our friends, II would also risk forcing our "wn d u f use upending to u level far higher than it \» today, "In Ihls kind of gamble, American lives are Just MII nuiiili In Iho balance tis American dollars." Congress, lie said, must wiilgh the fuels of iiiillonnl security and decide accordingly. Klserihower In January tonla- tar, former superintendent, of highway rmilnk'.'iam.'o; Fred Woodcock, a highway employe; Krcd Ulrey, suporinlemlcnl of highway garages; Donald Flimsier, former conservation department purcliim- Piivenu went lo Wasliinglon for a conference Socrelnry of lo have somewhat abated." And, on the Suex. State John Foster Dulles and was rushing bnclt lo New York Inter for the Security Council mceling J)nt'u!S to Administer New Building Code Ittibci't Uncle, nppnlnlcd by May or Rn'plv TlrxirtH us Hie elly's first building commissioner, officially opened his ofliee Tuesday on Iho second floor of the city building. All nptillcnllomt for building tier- will be filed Lbro'.igb his of- tlvoiy lillolted $'1,'1(X),IXW,W(I for Mrs. Britton Passes Away HHCIIIWI'KII. Intl.—Urn. 1/lllln l,i!ona Hrltlon, mi, of .'.II 1'Iwing street, Pern, died at 3:S!i a.m. 1'iKi.idHy nt Woodlawii ho,'ipltal /ifl :r an Illaess of a week. She became 111 while vlslllng a aiiKlilei', Mm. Wlllliiin King, lier A Twelve Mile re.aident most of ler lile, she recently had moved o Pern. ,Sbe was a oiember of the I'welvo Mile ('orlnlh llrel.hren church and the, church Missionary Society, Horn Due, HI, HIM), In Purry towmihlp, Miami eounly, she win tlm daufihler of I'Vanlilln ani Mary Ann (llerger) Herkhelser, Klii! wati married Nov. V.li, 1(110, al. Ciister, Mich., to John H. lii'll.lon, who died hi 1(117. Hiii'vlvors ant flvo HIIIIII, Diiiilol if Peril, (Irovur of Sacramento, Ciilif,, and Park, Charlnu and John of l.al'orle; alx dnughlers Mrs. Kdna Hash of New Wavurly Mm. (Jrnia Wilson of MldilgiOi Clly; Mm, King uf here, Mrs, Surah Mum of New Oarllnlo, and Mrs, Mary Presnliir and Mrs. Honaluii MIc!'. of Monfpullitr, Ohio; 'l.\ grand- ehlldrun; two great-gi'iindchlldi'en; threii brothern, llarvoy Hoi'lthiiisor of Itoclietil.or, I Inward of Miami, Kla,, and Lewis of New Haven, Ind.j anil two slstors, Miss liimmu Iliirkhelser of Kloru and Mrs. Dora Murphy o( Kf, Wnynit, I''rlf.uids may call after 7 p.m. Tuesday at llm Zimmerman Druthers funeral homo, where final I'llnu will bit held ul 'i, p.m. Thursday. The Itev. (Jllbert Maun will officiate, uBhlslod by Hie ll<iv, I 1 '. 1. Wiluierl, dud burial will ho In C!rc.onlawH cemetery al Muxlcu. of iiiihinlLUng Ihem to Ihu city clerk-lreniuirei 1 . liuclt can ho contacted hy Ing director, and Hobby Pile, u jflce Instead of the former practice former right-of-way employe for ' the- highway department.. Karller Ibis monUi, the jury ru- turned Indictments iigiiliuiL Smith, former right-of-way chief Nile Toverbuilgh, his former chief assistant Harry Doifgell., and Milan attorney Hubert Peak In connection with aliened crimes In the )hoiio through 1111 oxl.onslon Promt (:lll ', m \u (lu ' H it said excessive .spending for defense Itself can Impair security. The commltUM; therefore recommended lo the Mouse u bill carrying »:i,r>41,22!>,<)00 in new mipro- lo flnmiee lli<; Army, Navy and Air Force in Ihe J2 months slarling .Inly I. The President had linked for $:i«,'.^1,000,001). Won't Hurt Security Taken at face value, Uie cut. arnoun.tetl to 7 per cunt of thn President's request, The reduction brought claimed snvingH by Uio House or Its Appropriations Committee so far this year In more Hum four billion dollars, nnd was cerlnhi l« bring renowod demands lor a tax cu'.. Howover, commltlee n o u r c e s pointed oul 1.1ml. appropriations culti—iivun wholly aulhenllc ones —don'', nucessurlly mean much when II. Komon Lo redm.'lng the Pri.'sldenl's siiondlng, since lie goes lulu each IHSW your will) a fnl bn.'ikroll of funds loft ovor from previous yeni'.i. All bill, iilioul. $l,!MM),77li,()00 -at wind. Uiu i.'onuDiHoc cliopped oul today clearly fell Into Ihe bookkeeping category, even liy tJu: Plnc'iiu, who already hud Bril- ish sup|x)rl in his search for an Inlcrnnllnnu! ngreement on operation of the canal, hoped to counter the strong Soviet support for Kgypl. 'llu: Soviet siip|)orl look Wic form on t-he Kansas border. Dam Breaks; 2,000 Driven From Homes Floml Wafers Tour Into Slill- wntcr, OkluliiHua, Following Incessnnl Rains or'chargCK"l.iiat'both Ihe United! STIL1AVATKR, Okhi. (UP) —A States and Fnmee had encouraged Israel to send n ship through the canal to I'esl the i.Cgypl.lan blockade. of Israeli shipping. U.S. Arnbn.ss.ndor Henry Cabot /odtfis planned lo answer lho.se charges this afternoon. honvy rainstorm crumbled a dam early today and drove 2.0WI persons from Iheir homes in this north - central Oklahoma college I.UWII. TheiT were no Immediate re- Heavy equipment movod in to- today to clear the wreckage of »n almost new .shopping center, liish school and church that wore demolished at llu.sk))) Heights. ID the meantime, I ho Weather Bureau issued now warnings of possible tornadoes for pxlreinn southeast Missouri nnd northeastern Arkansas. 500 llnmrs Di-slni.vi'i! The tornado was by far the worst. of many that have pln:;utxl t.ho Midwest nnd Sijiilluve.st Mils jrur, A tornado that ripped Dallas, Tex., on April '.! hilled 10 and caused IMII- Mderable le.syc properly diimngi*. Another tornado lulled 111 persons last Wednesday at Silvn'lon, Tex. l.'niliMl Press photographer Jerry McNt'ill of Dallas, who witnessed I lie lornado there anil flew here Monday night to ])liotoj.:ni])li ports of ciisuuHirs but it wns | n, 0 IIIU > |>nn>, said the On'.las loi undo "was merely a baby cumin Cairo Egyptian political f»' l ™u ljl1 ' ;:U V " f ' M - (m w(Hlld ht ' i.'wlnled hy flood waters from sources wolfomwl llusvia's aid in the Security Council as n "guarantee" Urn council would not adopt nny resolution unfavorable lo Egypt's manage m e n t of tho Canal. The Israel! cabinet, mot In n five-hour emergency cabinet meet- S,',iiborn Lake. A driving raia beirnn hilling the jireu ill !) )>.m. I'.il.t. and by 2 a.m. It measured einhl inches. Shorlly before ;l a.m. the bin diini Poliee and Red Cross officials •Klimiited 50(1 homi's destroyed. Families were .separated and ef- forls were In-uig made, to up an cniorgrncy cli'ni'nnce henikniur- llni city controller's line. The coinrril.'isliiner reminded nss- Idonls plnanlng to build or repair an (ixbiting slnicturi! l.bal a nealii diagram of HID propiined work jnirchiiiiii of land along the Ma(ll-|inunl uecniripnny Ave. Iflxpresswny route In Indianapolis, Army Takes Over Haiti POUT AIJ PIIINCK, llnlll (UP) —Tlie army msl'/.ed conlrnl of Uio country, Imposed martial law anil net a tliwk-Ui-dnwn curfew today. Tint military mnv« followed Mon- day'ii decision to fire Army Chief of Stuff Mil, den. Leon Cnnl.av'e, and ri!]ilafe him with I'oi'l P Arinand. Army Inaderii thin decision nnd mmouneod U was faking over llnlll following a 12 hour conference at Hie military headquiirturn oppimllii llui niitlonit A procloMfialioii VVIIN in/mod Glaring Unit. Canlnvo's wild Illtigni and 1.1ml. the civilian government wim ended, Signed by 10 lilgh-ninklng oll'leei'ii, hiBliidlng Arinnnd, It suld nil worn loyal lo hi; now military regime. In the event, of now home con- ili'iicllon, two nclH of iilnn.H plus ho jii'/.e of lot ami location of Ihn IOIIHO on tile lot imnit lie nnlnnill.ril, IliilldliiK pnrinll. will Tho commltUie, In UN i'0|>ort, i\» sureil Ihu llou.iu thill Ihu ciirlw II Pfijjiosnd would not "In the sllji'lit o»|.' juopiirilixu ulthor plmnneil In ereiuiits In inlllfary striking iiowor nor the national Hoeurlfy In nun- oral. Cumuil mllllary manpowur of alioiil, 'iMW.WW troops woulil nol tin riiducnd. The nclivo flurl would ing which ended early today in I 1 '' 111 '"!" 1 ' s discuss the Klsoifhowcr Doctrine Ol'lnbmni nnd the ti.N, debate on the Hue/. Canal. Another meeting was call- lid for today. A Keillor Foreign Ministry spuke.'imnn renl'llrmed Hint Israel would lake no action lo force I'-gypl'd hand on the c.nnnl until Isniul (lolnrmlnrii Uiu nmou,nl of support It can expect from l,lie lilg Western powers, guvo way, turning loo.se !be lake's, 'ws walws on Stillwnler, home of Ok-' 1,'ihomu Sink- University, formerly Vom the minimum of $'.! depend< ng mi tho typn of ciinHl.ruel.ltm. vary •, fmU|lui ; (lt |llimll , m; , Hh | |w , .,.,„, ilng work without a punnll. from '.h« eoiimil.'mlonw'H ofl'lcii In In violation of llm new city uinlng nllmmui!. )ti!/il(li!iilf< nl«'i urn rninluiliid Unit Mm downtown urea hi locali'd In Air l''nre.ij would ill]) to 1211 wlngii (from 1:17) nil l)ii(lgelud l)y Hie President, . Ask I,i'»s Waste In Mil biggest "real" cut Ihe oiimmlLluii ehnupcd !IM million ilol- l/ii'H lift n.'fmo.'iU'd nwv funds for buying new Air l''orco plnnus, mis- LHS Coaching Assignments Are Revealed Joe Ihe fire /.one and buildings nrojiillivt and Himi'ij pnrLii. H, said ll ri!f|tili'«l I.H be of iMHM!«iii))iintll»ln 'Hil «« I" the laiorusl, of economy material. Kour appllentloils were rncijlveil today, Including wno IVw » miw $2,- lillll slori! front by Kdward P. Houlc, who pliui.'i In hovtt bin biisl- niMW from 417 East Hroadway lo ,'IIMI Kn.'il, Hroadway, Chnrliis Mlkenliorry of 1)12 l r ,anl Mni'kel, slreel, iilaim a now house and garage on High streol. ronil, l''i'e(] lliiehine will erect a liiinie al III) WiniLui'ii aviimm, Thi! l.i'lri!sloiie nlnre [ilans to re- foreign aid. AfUtr n later mnetlng with Republican and Democratic congreiiiitoiinl lenders, he reduced llm foreign nld flgurn to about in.KHH.IXW.nuO. Ills rei-omirumdntlon today was slightly lower. Erastus Miller, 92, Succumbs in Hospital Picnil—KrnsUm Miller, tw, paint- «r of the North drove anil Simla I'D enmmuiiil|i»s. died nl » p,m. Monday, Mr. Miller had npuiil hl« llfellme Jn Miami county and had never married. Tho only survivor Is a brother, Cenii, North drove, I'lnnl riles will be raiiiductwd tho Laird funeral home In Ainboy »t I:.1(1 p.m. Tliurndny. Rurlnl will be mnde In the Saudi Fit 4«ry, may at the •hnpi'1 after noon WediiuaiUiy. Ike Deplores Soil Bank Cut WASHINGTON (til 1 )—Proiildenl Klsmifmwiii' Lold l(upublli.'iin Itigls- iatlve lenders loday Unit House no lion on tlie soil bank would pi'ii vnnl "a fair test" of Uut tirogrum. liiisl week, the House cul u Ii()( million dollar aiithorl/aflon from [he floli bunk bill, Thin woiik make It Imtmsslblit for th u govern- nienl, in conllnuii noil hank pay^ iiKinM Into thu infill crop your. Hiiunln llopubilcaii header Wll Hum K, Kuowland said Uuil. nl lo dity's weekly in<t«llng will) (J()l couKi'itssldiinl leiuli'.rii Lhii Priwl dent urged Uie iwnnlo ui rostni'e the 1 5M mlllli/n d«ll«r jiul)iorlxnl.li>n and give thn emergency program "« fidr diuiicu to work." nml oPTIclimcy. II said Ihe sum allowetl — tfi.lI'Mi.OlHMHW — plus un- fumlii from prwlmni years, w.ould cover all miodeil purulinsos wll.li plenty lofl ovur a!, the end of Uio yenr. 'nliu'sil Will Tuliir Her- riti.s' Kirst \Vi'««(ll«K T Athletic coaching asNlgimientH In the l,oj.;niHipui'l HC|IOII|H for next yonr were announced Tuesday by Superlnleiulenl. C.'hui'Ien Sliarii. out lo aid |)ol!ri', firi'iurn and civil defense workers in tlir cva^u- allon job. WiiliT coursrit through llu' city i|iili:kly, but the driving rain con- uixl n rnH for IvoalH I u help In the evacuation. Iliuildenls were hrlng evacuated lo the American LcKlon building In downtown Sllllwnler, whleh Is on n hill. The purls of l»W'i Tlm major problem appeared to i of storm .sewers runoff, l,e-vel.H of two oilier lakes, Lake Dimmer and l.nlie Cai'l Hlarkwell. were rbjinj.;, and Ilic ruins nuillnueil. lo find the missing. Unit many por.Mins wero Irappixl when tlie ai>w lirii'k Presbyterian church collapsed were dispelled l>y Harry Hrenuer, an elder of the church, who .said n KiNiitp of about (ill persons huddled in the basement and were saved when Ihe floor kept tJie fulling bricks from crushing Ihem. DurhiK Slio|)|ibiK Time One man, Harry Wondling, S-l, said he nnd his wh'e and three Hold Rites for Crash Victim Flnnl riles for Terry llruee Kill Ion, 2-year-iild mm of Mr. anil Mrs. 'i'lxi llnrrlivi' I'lnil. wrestling leimii •'">' SuHou, rouie •>. city, who was m<;i,i> AS spy .JAKARTA (IIP) — Indonesian inlllUry police may In) holding nn American student, as an alleged spy, II. wn« Imllrsiilinl lodny, 1'he li'ornlgn Mlnl.il.ry rufiiHeil lo will ho eoached by ,loe Palnesll, fnrmor NCAA mat champion al. Piirililo, Till) sporl wan milled lo fho MIS curriculum recently In ne- enrdnnei! with North Central 1:1111- foreiieii |)ollcy, John Itennelt, an Iiiillnnn Si alt Timi'lloni griiduali) Killed Snliirdny in an auto erniili near Mnnlrnse, III., were 'tei'iioon al. Mountain View, Ark. Tlm family mine hero Innl Auguil from ArkaiiKiis and Hie father minium Ni'lOifim,,., who ft.rmerly!!,',;!^ Tlm Firestone iilnre |ilans to re- The Foreign Mini.ii.ry raiimeu MI ^ |, )i( ,|,, nui'fiii:i) tin) enllre driviiway In onminuiiL ol'l'li.'lnlly on H)« nrresl. ^J^, ^ fronl. of VI Hoiith Third tilroiil. of Uidon fru /amorskl, ( 'lj|_oago. | ' mnn> j n)l GUARD"WiLL'HELP MEMORIAL DAY SAFETY DRIVE cnjiulii*)! lit iSiiiidlwjni Hiul S])eni'er schoiils, will snrvi) a« "II" milor uinlnr Ihu now head 'inns Jones, The nnw fi'Diihmiin fotilludl as- ilnUnls will hit Joliii Pnrker, who W/IK honil ciinuh nl PoiTynvlllt) and I'nlacsll. Ol.he.i- assignments Include: I'Wtbnil mcktinlil; llownnl (inliier, nsnlsl- nut; Hob Sum, junior high; Jones nnd (iiilwei 1 , scoiillng. ll»»ki'll»ill—-Harold .Inmlson anil (Inliier, freshmnn; Rex Hunter, uc'Vnnfb grade; Hum, eighth grade; RiiherlH, suiuilng. I lend coaches boldlng over are Ilex. Hunter, basoball; l''reil Kin- tier, Irni'k and crosii coiililry; Jam- I,'ion, jjolf; and Sum, loimlN. Klnlion on South Cieoll They resiile (in Ihe lOnieiil Hamburg farm eai,l. of t'lymers. .luck .Smith, 'mi (Miff Drive, Governor Appoints Highway Committee INDIANAPOLIS HIP) — (iover- nor Humility today npixilnled 1111 ll'iuoiiibiH' highway advisory uoui- mltlen for Uilui County, The group will innkn mcoin- mendallon,i lo llnntllity on hlgliwny In the Caliimel dlnfrlel, Govfli-nor Harold W. Hundley loiln.y (Hillitil «'!>»» lh« Imllmui NutHiniil flimfil Co HBSlg.i mic<iliil whom! ear Mr. Snlliin was driving when (he fatal cniuli ueeurred, iiaiil lie was nsleeji when the auto slid nil Ihe wet. highway and turned over (wlee, llolh Terry and his brother, Kerry, were thrown from Ihu ear but Kerry sitl'feretl only a .scratch on linn finger. Smith was unhurt. Mrs. Siilton suffered a cut on Ihe fool, and h'ulses, while her |um- mud Hulfi'red n out on the face, The SullmiH mid Smith were en- ruulo In Arkamimi iHtvnmn <>f Iliu critical Illness of Mm. Sutton's father, who reside;- there, 2 Boys Enter Local Derby Twit additional rcKlxtrntinii.1 for l,0|iiinsporl's Soap liox Derby were aiinoiinci'il lodny by Doiii, Myers, nice (llret'lur. I'lldon (!ravcn, 14, of lino i<;««l Market street and ,lumen Kngel- breehl, I;i, <i[ im. Wet,{ Wnlmidi Arl.hur ICndoi'N, Hammond, was niuneil chairman of I lip connnll- lee, Mombors ini'iiidi! lljnlmer Jifhnmin, TlKiodoru Pllinlnii, uiu JoHcpli JdDimkii, I''iiHl Chli'ago; ArcJi Cochran, Indlnnn Harbor; forees lo xli'iin *V lllllHliey lull Mr I't'iini' M|M»»I mn ii,,i)i«*i* ,.....",,.«, -..,..... ... ...-.--«-- - ..... . , ,, *•> ...,.«.,,...,,, ........ .... ............ Indhinii'ii Inifflo (infnty writariun. Tint nminrUml fluiiril unltN will b« iiitiul U HiiKiiiiinlljohn Vnolir, ,l,.l, l''oiw.l; Jorgen •-'•• huivli as Uie storm hit "but wu were too late." "We were about 50 yards from Hie building when Ihe wind hit," Woodlini! said. "Our ear look olf Into Uie sky and 1 WHS Ilirown lo I ho grimmi. 'I'hc chililreii illsap- pi'iirod but my wife wns only about !!> yardu away when it wa'.s all iver." 't'hree-year^ilil Jlenl^i' Woodling was found dead In n mound of nibble several hours later. 'IVie oHier Wnodllng oldldri'ii, suffering from Inci-rnllons anil bruises, were din- eovereil by nelijbbor.s »>nie dl.i- lanee from tint church and taki'ii to a hospital. In addition to lho.se killed III the two suburban areas here and al Martin t'lly, four memliers of one family Were killed nl Spring 11)11, Kan., ami two al Ottawa, Kan. The twister rumbled Into Hu.skln llelKbtH nl a time wlu-n many suburbanite.* were ;mop(>lnn. ('lilldren d a r 1 e d fnintleally Ihroiinh Ihe rubble In .'lenreh fur relatives while thn dust WMH Mill muglng ovc'V the area. Hewim wiirkeni w<M'e liampered hy .sluhl- seers wlio ruiihed to tlie seem;, KortuetJ A( Odnu'M Tho Uirnado formed at OH awn, where Mr, am! Mr». .lames Mnrsh were killiyi when the -W inter i.M'u-ihed th-olr farm home. It also destroyed a drive - In theater, 0 niolel and a i'iif« at uttnwn, The Kluriii Ihon Kmmihed across Johnson Counl.y killing Mrs. Bar- burn Davis, si, her Iwo ilaiigh- li'i's ami her fatlier, near Spring 11111. II. dipped once more al Martin City, Juil over Ihe stale line In Mbitiourl, killing l,ow,4l Atkinson, and '-hen headed f<>r Kmiwm (.'ity and lUi»k!n Heights. Wain I'ollon tniffli! iialrolH diirlim lln> iiciiiilng four-liny Matnuvlnl »«y Iliilldiiy u«rlo»l. Indinid nhuve uro Mimlitr S«r((ii|iiH Irvln Moyors. H|i,!elall»t JIIIIXIH Knglnklng anil TriiniiBr Nleveas. (I'liitritH-'I'rlliunu Andorsiin, mid C.W, Hade;', Gary, and Ulehnrd W«l»i lluiiMiiond. nnd Harold avenue are llm latest entrants, Craves In n Mnctiln Junior high .iludnnt: (Hid JCngdlliri'dil ntU>ml.i Illley Helmut. Thti ll.il »l entries now nlnndii ill 45!, liccurdlng to the director, H'jys between lh» ages of 11 and IS may register st Ihelr (,'liPvrolM dealer In Hie six county area for tho race to bo hold In mid-July. Plan LHS Senior Day Program for June 3 Activities for .senior day at I.n- gansporl high school on Jum- :i have been niinnuneed by llelly Neeiie, general chairman o( HID proi(ram. Jim Snhallnl, president, of Hie i.'fnss, will serve un master of I'eremoiiien, Tlm proKi'mn will In- I'hido ii variety show, picnic, and swimming, The seniors will display their talent lor the umlt'rcliin.-.meu <hir- Ing un midilorftim .Monday morn- Ing and Hie picnic will he^ln at I I'M ti,in. In Dykeman park. ('limaxlng tlm program will 1>« thu iinnuul Lrlcyclo ruco.

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