Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 20, 1957 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 13

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1957
Page 13
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Monday Evening, May 20, 1957. RIP KIRBY HYSTERICAL, CONNIE PEARS RESCUE IS 3BNG ABANDONEO. RISHT, MR. KIRBY. I'LL FLY BACK CUT AND CIRCLE THE BOAT U.NTIL YOU ' ARRIVE... A SHORT TIME LATER SET US TO THE NEAREST PORT. WE'LL FINO SOME CRAPT TO TRY FOR A RESCUE... •THERE'S THE CIKCE CAPTAIN.. COME BACK, COME BACK.' DON'T LEAVE ME OUT HERE... MICKEY FINN OH. THIS is WONPERRIL! I WAS JUST STROLLING ALQNOTHEBEACH.RHIL; LOOKING TOR ODD SHELLS — WHEN I SAW YOU! MORTIMER MINTMORE! f-FOK GOODNESS SAKE —Of ALL PEOPLE! y-yoy'RE HERe NO, SHE'S STILL ON A VACATION / POtW IN BRAZIL! — WITH CLARIBEL? I HAD TO FLV UP / UNEXPECTEPLV < -ON A BUSINESS PEAL! MOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO BE MERE? WEIL-AH-IWAS PLANNING TO FLY HOME TONIGHT, AWNTVtlVE HAP A RATHER PISCOURAGING- TOGETHER—ANP TOMORROW WE'RE FLAVINS SOLF! Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Thirteen KERRY DRAKE OKAY M.OOSEN THE TAPE ON HIS BONNY/ OFF THAT SMH.E LOVER-BOY/...I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING/ IT WON'T WORK.' CONFOUND IT,CHARM/ I TOtP XDU I'P BANK CHECK.' ,STOR_THI5 I HORSEPLAY.' REX MORGAN, M. D. AFTER PINNER, AT REX'S APARTMENT/ KEITH CAV6LL TELLS EEX ANP JUNE THAT HE WILL LEAVE TOWN THE NEXT PAY.' SURE you WON'T CHANGE YOUR MIND, KEITH ? I REALLY PO WANT YOU TO 60 IN PRACTICE JJ^-rflr NO, I'LL. V OOOPBYe, JUNE .' WAIT HERE I PROBABLY WON'T FOR YOU/^A GET A CHANCE TO SEC YOU TOMORROW' WBLL, I GUESS YOU'D BETTER TAKE MB HOME NOW, RE)C/ i WANT TO SO ALONG, KEITH EMMY LOU ''Alvin's finally saved up enough money. He just asked me what I wanted for last Christmas!" GRIN AND BEAR IT "Union rules; madam!... We can only accept suggestions from members of the immediate family!" Trapped Skunks Get An Escape Ladder CHICAGO — Hurried police in suburban Park D'oresl found a lont;-r;iiiKe solution to Ilicc overpowering problem of how lo retrieve skunks that fall into window wells and can't Met out. They invented "skunk ladders" Enjoy It After Every Meal Helps keep teeth clean.. Freshens mouth. Sweetens breath. — boards with cleats nulled on them., Now the police lower a skunk ladder into the window well am beat a hasty relreat. The skunl does the rest. FALSE ALARM PAYS MILWAUKEE - Co-ocls nl Mar quolU; University's O'Donnell Hal sent Fire Chief. Ed Wischer $200 to pay tho department for an.swer intf a false alarm. A fire-alarm box on 'the first floor of the girl'.s dormitory broke, .sending HiiO i'irls from the building. They re-entorec when no trace of a fire wa.s found AN OLD OHSERVATION ALBANY, N. Y. - An Albany newspaper of 100 years ago print cd the following: "The French woman talks a great deal more than she thinks. The English wo man thinks more than she talks Uul the American woman does more thinking and more talking Get BUZ SAWYER OH, NO. JUST THROW HI/A OUT... ZORKA.VOU OOG! ATLPlSTTYST FOUND YOU.' OUST ANOTHER CRACKPOT. QUITE HARMLESS... HOWEVEI I'M SLftD TO SSE YOU'RE .ERT. «ER, The Straw Vote goes to STETSON'S Panama and Milan Straw Hats at Bailey's. MARY WORTH STAN KAMIN 15 A PROMISING ' V r nnu'T WANT yOUWti ENGINEER,G003E.55.'WHAT'S f ~VoiJ MEDDLINd WRONG WITH.. .SHOWING L APPROVE/ , N 7( ir pi EET . OF HIM-FOR MY LITTLE GIRL fl / -f^ w6 B |TOF LIFE -^ \: HAVE LEFT! —V •"PLEE.TIN6BITOFLIFE.--f" -^—^ORK THERE YOU'RE A PERFECTLY HEALTHY GIRL, SOMETHING EXCEPT THAT YOU REFUSE TO TAKE ynn SHOULD PROP'ER CARE OF YOURSELF! ^\ TELL ME' LITTLE ABNER TWITCH YOUR NOSEr.'THAT'LL PRESS TH' GREEN BOTTOM AN' START THE AIR- CONDITIONING. NT 1 TH' GREEN BUTTON, VA FATHEAW-YOU PRESSED TH' RED BUTTON !!- ' • VOU STARTED TH' FLAMIN' BREATH Gj: f-n- IT OUGHTA EE.V-WE SPENT A MILLION r TO MAKE THAT THE WORLD'S MOST- PERFECT MECHANIZED MONSTER surrvr- NANCY WE'RE HAVING LADY PINGERS FOR My GARDEN PARTV , WOW 1 HOPE IT WON'T RAIN BEFORE YOUR GUESTS ARRIVE ' ' MB, TOO — -I'VE GOT MY LADY FINGERS CROSSED STRICTLY BUSINESS AOAX PAINT COMPANY "It's customary here, Argyle, to submit resignations in writing:" STRICfLY~RTCHTER "I wish you wouldn't call on me during working hours." CUTIES "I think he's new around here. He's taking me for a ride tomorrow in a flying saucer." DOTTY DRIPPLE JOAN LIVES SO NEAR THAT SOL) COULD GO TO HER HOUSE TO TALK TO HER/ OH, MOTHER IT WOULP NEVER SO TALK SORRV, MOTHER REALLTi TAFFV--AN HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES ON THE PHONE/ GRANDMA YEP.'ANY TIME A CIRCUS COM E S T' TOWN, MY LAWN GETS VERY GOOD CARE// MY, BUTYOUR I YARD LOOKS NICE,GRANDMA/ EVERY YOUNGSTER WANTS EARN ENOUGH T'COT' TH' SHOW. AN'... ...THIS IS TH 1 SIXTH TIME j MY GRASS HAS BEEN CUT THIS WEEK/' ,

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