Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 17, 1897 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1897
Page 20
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WAILY PHAHOS WEDNESDAY. NOV. 17. 1897. _ BBKJ. r.I/JUTHAIM. JOHN W. BABSI8. Lontliain A Barnes. •D1TOI18 AND PROPBMTOH8. TEEMS OF SUBSCRIPTION — D&Uy per week, 10 oentt: per month 40 cent*: per year utrictly la »rtranop> t<-50 . „ . , The Weekly Pharos and the Baiurrty Phwoi. the v-wo forming the Serai-Weekly . SL25 a year, strictly in advance. Entered at the LoganBport, Ind.,pontoffloe as iecono clasH mall matter, »e provided by law. THE Peru oil field Is more than a pocket or It would have been drained before now. Boss BANNA has gon« to New York, presumably to confer with BossPlattconeernlngthebest methcd of drlvlog obstreperous legislators into line. GOVERNOR MOUNT has Issued his first Thanksgiving day proclamation It sounds well and besides making one feel thankful whets the appetite. Indiana has generally enjoyed p>:ace and plenty. It Is a fruitful land. THE new Spanish cabinet Is pursuing a more pacificatory course towards Cuba. It will seek to accomplish by lenient method? what Weyler failed to do by filling the unhappy island with death and destruction. SOUTH BEND Is to have a new five story hotel. It will be constructed by James Oliver, the famous plow manufacturer According to the plans prepared the new hotel will contain 160 rooms, wlti all modern conveniences even t-n the extent that, they ehall receive $10 for ev-ry one tint tney put Into the gigantic sinkiug fund for Republic-ID camp'iifra expense-; And this Is what, the admlnUtrauu-i is doing- for you. "One of the first acts of the next; session of congress will be ;n relaMou to retiring the greenbacks. Tni* i* the way the bankers' trust, is to be paid. T0ey will ask for the Is-ue of oetw'eefl 8200,000,000 and 1300.000,000 bonds to replace the greeioicks They will then deposit the b-jnd.-. in the treasury and draw Interest on them, also receiving is-ues <<t treasury notes on which ihej will get 6 per cent Interest." OKLAHOMA is knocking Tor admission to statehood. It will share Lhe fate of New Mexico and Arizona. The present administration wants no inoie new states admitted to the Union just now. The new states admitted during Harrison's administration have not met the expectations of those who expected that by their admission the senate would remain Republican for years to some. THE president has announced that he will not make any more appointments to offices which require bonds until after congress convenes. This Is to avoid the inconvenience of executing two bonds, one now and an- aoother when the appointment should be confirmed by the senate. But the most startling announcement made Is that he will extend the civil service" law so as to Include deputy postmaster?, cashiers, chief clerks and other postoffloe officials,. Ir this Is done there will be little left ia the way of patronage fnr new postmasters. IF large quantities ot money, furnishing the circulating medium of a cuuntry,. operate to make money cheaper, conversely, any process which restricts the volume of that currency must enhance Us price; and yet we a.re asked to believe that hjn- est Thomas Jefferson, with a heart to feel for his country and the liberties of mankind, would, If alive today, demand that the American people, whose debts have been contracted uuder a system ot bimetallism, discharge these obligations In gold, because under the operation or lawd, in defiance ot the spirit ot the constitution, the market price of silver has been forced down, as measured by gold,- fully 50 par cent.—Exchange. THE theory was stoutly maintained during the "presidential campaign that the country could net become prosperous until the treasury receipts exceeded government expenditures At the present time the government expenditures not only exceed the re celpts, but i hey exceed them more than at any time since the great war expenditure ceased. During all the montns of depression following the panic there was no such deficit as there has been during the last four and one-half months. Thus far the deficit has been at the rate ot •115,000,000 a year, while under the worst year ot the panic It was but •69,000,000. In what shape would this country be in a financial way, If It were not for the abnormal demand for our food products? EX-GOVERNOR ALTGELD In a speech delivered at Chicago last night ex posed some ot the claims of Republican prosperity and related what had been done and what Is promised toward the restoration of prosperity. "Let us look," he said, "for an explanation in the 'prosperity' acts of the present admlstratlon. First, a special session of congress was called that passed a tariff bill which, will enable the sugar trust to make from $18,000,000 to 120,000.000 more this year thau last year. Who benefits by that prosperity? Why should the trust have It? The answer Is, because they contributed to the Republican campaign fund and they must be paid back, while you pay 1 cent more a pound for your sugar. "Take another instance. Why did the tarift bill enable i»he leather trust to raise the price of shoes. The answer Is, they contributed to the Republican oampilgn fund. These Monopolists are all honorable Republicans and they mast be oared for, THE lodlanap ilia News supported McKinley, although It is a so-called free trade journal. It is now greatly dlsappoin-ed because the g. o. p. refuses to take any action toward establishing a sound currency s/stem. Ir, claims that the advocates of sound uuney have been betrayed and that no reforms may be expected from the present administration. It says: "The Republican party has hopelessly antagonized the silver men who once acted wltb it. Is it now going; ,o antagonize the sound money men? Tbere are cases in wblch tlie do- nothing policy Is the safest, but this is not such a case. The congressional elections come next year, and. If the usual reaction takes place, the Re- jubllcan party will find that it has ost its opportunity. And, what will be worse, the country will have ost its opportunity to put its currency on a sound and enduring basis. The Republican party will have to decide whether it will do Its duty, or play the coward and traitor. That s the issue that confrontsjt." M'KINLEY MAKING NOTES Preparing For His Next Message to Congress. A PEW PEETUTENT SUGGESTIONS. fla Say of the Awful Fudge. The -world teems with wonderful and useful knowledge. Never before were mere such vast fields of science and economics to explore. Efforts to make the life of the people better, cleaner, more elevated and wise are being put •orth as never before. Noble work and endeavor He plain and clear all about us. It is work not hard to understand. We do not have to go out of the way to ind it. It is enough to turn one's hair gray, therefore, to scumble upon the stuff that is being tauRut constantly in our schools under the name of logic, psychology, pedagogy, etc. Fortunate indeed is the soy or girl who escapes the so called higher education, if this rubbish is higher education. Mr. Frederick Buck reports in The Atlantic the following sample of a recitation by the class in psy- jhology at a normal school: "What is a judgment?" asked the teacher as 4e picked off a card from a pack containing :he names of the members of the class. "A judgment," replied the pupil upon whom the lot fell, "is a relation between concepts." "What is the net of judging?" was asked as a fresli card was turned. "The net of judging," said the pupil, "is the act of knowing that the concept, ot the species is included in the concept of the genus." "What two kinds of judgment of extent are there V" asked the teacher. "The two kinds of judgment of extent are common judgments of extent and scientific judgments of extent." "What is a common judgment, of extent.' And the turning of the card brought to her toot a ruddy faced young woman who said with considerabla rapidity, "A common judgment of extent is the knowing that one judgment of extent is included in the concept of another, without genii or species." A titter admonished her, and she hastily corrected her statement, "I mean without genii or speciei." The answer finally accepted us correct was that "a common judgment of extent is the knowing that one judgment of extent is included in the judgment of another without being included as a species of the genus." Edison's Great Achievement. The world perhaps wonders what Thomas A. Edisou has been about the past eisjht years that so little has been heard of him. A paper by Theodore "Waters in McClure's Magazine answers the query. Edison has been inventing machinery that will supply the whole United States with cheap iron ore from the mountains of Kew Jersey for the next 50 years. The work ho has accomplished is one of the most gigantic ever achieved even by Edison. First he caused a magnetic survey of the mountain region of the east to be made. This showed him where the richest fields of magnetic iron were. The rocks containing the iroa are called rnaCTetite. Edison invented machinery so tremendous that it will grind to fine powder ten tons of magnetic rock a minute. Then a magnet built on a like giant scale draws from the powder the fine particles of iron ore. One more task remained, that of forming the loose iron dust into bricks firm enough to stand shipping anywhere. The dust could not be shipped, for it would be blown about and lost. All this has been accomplished, and apparently the iron mills of the east wil: never again want for cheap ore- There is a -whimsical humor In th«, large vote polled by Kev. Dr. Swallow, Prohibition candidate for state treasurer of Pennsylvania. Dr. Swallow is manager of the Methodist Book Concern in Philadelphia. The fact that he polled 100,000 votes for a state office in Pennsylvania, which, with the exception of New York, has the largest foreign population of any state in the Union, is a striking one. He carried nine counties entire. Perhaps there -ww something in the good doctor's name, Sis-allow, as belonging to a Prohibition candidate, that tickled the fancy of voters and drew their support. H« Silent Make » Few Remark* on th« Diogley Bill Failure mud Relate Hi* and Banna'! Joke About; the Currency Qa lion—Other Point* to Cover. Late ad-rices from Washington inform us that President McKinley is making notes—not of the kind he made during an unfortunate period in his gubernatorial career in Ohio, when he was induced to mortgage his political future to Hanna,, Alger, Herrick and others of like morality—but notes of things to put into his impending message to,congress. We learn also in this connection that he has not proceeded far in his work as yet, but has actively begun the task of jotting down suggestions, says the Kansas City Times, Such being the embryo condition of his project, we faintly trust a few efforts in the suggesting line from so pop- | nlar a favorite of the masses as The j Times will not be scorned by this chief j executive of the nation, or be met at i the door of the White House by Judd ' Porter and hurled into the front yard. The president is pestered about the preparation of his message, and it is our patriotic duty to prompt him a bit. In the first place, he will do well to make a start by reminding congress that the running gear .of the Dingley bill is working the wrong way, and that instead of piling up revenue in the treasury to operate the government with and obviate the issuing of more gold bonds it is causing the opposite result from the one promised by its framers and is making a deficit at the rate of $10,000,000 a month. Having called this contrariety between promise and fulfillment to their attention, he might suggest that congress work the Dingley misfit over, turn it upside down, inside out, and start it off in the opposite direction to the one it has -been traveling with such disastrous consequences. • This done, he should next call the notice of congress to the beauties of his double ended diplomacy in the Cuban matter. He should describe how, after having accepted a nomination and been elected on a platform which warmly extended sympathy to the Cubans in their struggles for liberty and promised to interfere promptly and vigorously for the terminating of the barbarous war waged by Spain against the insurgents, he allowed the continuation of atrocities and barbarities unparalleled to be perpetrated bv the Spaniards on the island without remonstrance, intervention or hindrance for several months after he was inaugurated. At this point he could burst upon the listening representatives and senators with the announcement that after nearly six months , of masterly inactivity he plumped a be- [ whiskered and epauleted minister at i the court of Madrid with the gentle re- • quest that it inform the United States j at its earliest opportunity when it would be entirely practicable for the armies of Scam to crush the remaining life out of the Cuban insurgents, so that, the business of buying and selling between this conn try and the island might j profitably be resumed. A climacteric ', "coup de plume" for this section of the message would be a graphic recital of how, frightened by Canovas' assassination and (general Stewart L. Woodford's strut, the queen of Spain threw herself into the arms of a Liberal cabinet, which promutly agreed to give such of the Cubans autonomy as were found alive at the end of the nest seven months. Having. launched. thus gayly forth upon the sea of his remarks, the president might follow his hand and tell congress all about that huge joke he and Hanna played on the voters concerning the currency question. He should recapitulate how this twain assured the people before election that they would only hold on to the gold standard just long enough to bring about intern?.tional bimetallism; bow they bad packed Wolcott, Payne and Stevenson off for Europe with positive instructions to get England, Germany. Russia and the Latin union to arrange for the reopening of the mints to silver or to spend $100,000 expense money in the attempt; how these three grizzled bimetallic' graces bad all sorts of flirtations with the European governments, and how they finally got 3 frightful kick and a polite apology from England ia response to their bimetallic overtures, accompanied by the request that if they had a new song on the subject of the double standard they might come around in a few years and sing it, Salisbury intimating that her Britannic majesty, if still alive, would hear it, but refraining to promise that bootjacks, empty bottles and other bric-a- brac would not be thrown at the troubadours, A larger vacant space might be left in this part of his message by the president for the insertion of the laughs, loud and abundimt, which are sure to be given by his associate political bun- ko steerers in both branches of congress. There are other suggestions we fain would; make to President iicKinley, so that he may get them down in his notebook for use in his message, but we do not ""eel so ungentle at present as to de- lire to overload his mighiDr and tired mind with too heavy a btirden at one time. If he will apply our saaall contribution of pointers in an honest and trutMtd- manner, however, he will deliver a, message that will live iis long in history as the sins and scandidsi of his administration and his cowardice and incoinpetency in dealing -with them. HeKlmle* Ea«Uy Plnwd. • : Ai Mr. McKinley couldn't get international bimetallism, no doubt hen now favors the single gold standard. .J Mr. McKinley ia easily ^leased, « ind j ' '""iOf Trenton, N.'J. recently Assigned and offered for sale by the OTTO SHOK & OLxOTHINQ GO. "The Stock is Entirely Fresli and comprises the best Manufactured goods and consists Entirely of Staples." 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The Otto Shoe & Clothing Company. Read Our Great ... Serial Story ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. Bushnell's official plurality in Ohio Is £8,101. Homer Xash Hibbard, one of Chicago's wealthiest pioneers, is dead, aged 73, The Nutriment company's plant at Chicago burned, causing a loss of $100,000. Cattle near Eldora, la., are dying from eating cornstalks on which poisonous smut had gathered. Mrs. Warren Beckwith. daughter of Robert T. Lincoln, has sone to Mount Pleasant, la., where she joined her husband. Captain William Wyndham, who succeeds A. G. Vansittan as British consul in Chicago, has arrived, accompanied by his wife. The Countess Boni de Castellane, nee Gould, has bought for 1,000,000 francs- a site for a charity bazaar. This she will give away absolutely. Rev. Dr. Robert Collyer told his. congregation at Xew Tork that he had no Intention of leaving his present charge to acospt a call to Chica.go or elsewhere. Refined beet sugar produced wholly in Denmark will be subject to an additional duty when imported into this country of not les.= than .135 of 1 cent per pound. Louis Scaessar had the poor taste to criticise three Chicago highwaymen who had held him up. and as a result the fellows stabbed him twice with his own knife. Karl Roeser, a well-knoivn German- American journalist, is dead at Washington, at the age of S6 years. He was one of the founders of the Republican party in Wisconsin. Three days ago Felix Gevault was ser.t as an emissary from the Spanish government to the Cuban rebels. He was promptly hanged. Two other emissaries have not returned. THOMPSON'S HERB TEA . . .FOR THE.. . Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE ...FOR . . . Dysp.psia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney Complaints, i Kbeumatism, Neuralgia, Catarrh, Nervous Debility. Sick Headache, j Loss of Appetite, Blotches, Pimples. i Scrofula, Erysipelas. Salt Rheum, Eczema, Weak Back, Fever and, Ague and all other Diseases arising from Impurities of the Blood or Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 26 Cents, PREPARED BY THE THOMPSON HERB TEA CO. NEW YORK. Brilliant tv«ddtng at Bloomlnxrton. Bloomington, Ills., Nov. 17. — Two prominent families of Chicago and Bloomington were united by marriage last night. Stillman Bingham Jamieson, of Chicago, ied to the altar Miss Maurine Green, the daughter of Homer H. Green, of this city. The ceremony was performed at 7:30 p. m. at the First Methodist church: The wedding was the most brilliant in local history. A. "R. Ryan, who with Rev. P. F. Jernigan claims to have discovered the secret of reclaiming gold in solution in the sea, says they ar« now makinr JIM a day, and will soon be .sltariai: thou•ands. Hints In Rev. V\~. A. McWright, one of the j ablest and mcst popular preachers in i Kansas, has mysteriously disappeared. Mi.Wright's friends assert he is a victim of the morphine habit. Cecil Robinson, 11 years old. shot and instantly killed his 17-year-old sister Mattie. at the Robinson home on Jefferson avenue in Indianapolis. The shooting was accidental. Te*t«d a Submarine Boat. • Oshkosh. T\~is.,Xov. 17.—Richard Raddatz went down in the water of Lake Winnebago Monday in his submarine boat His companion on the trip wasi William H. Engt.bright, proprietor of the Tremont House. They remained under the surface of the take three hours, and when they came to the top Kaddatz let out enonfh surplus air to have lasted three hours more. The test iras a saccese. the voyage under water b«ing made without a hiteb- Bave the goods to advertise. Tell your story plainly in the newspaper that the people read, and in language the? will easily understand, and among others observe the following Advertising Points: Profitable advertising results from good goods being offered, well. Grive you'- rival's advertising attention, but give your rival no ad- Tertising. Advertising prestige is hard to win, but not hard to lose. It is easiest sustained. The acid should be so plain that it will l>e understood by a reader of little understanding. Your advertifiirg should be complete in iteelf. To secure the best results, u&e the DAILY and WEEKLY PHAEOS, with its large circulation in both city and county. MEDICil TRUTMENT ON 111 To Any Reliable Man. M«r»elous «pplunco»n*on« month'i mnadl*» of r»r« power will bo nent on trlml. wiOunO, onr- advance payment, by ihe f oremoti. oninp»n 7 la tb«. world in the tre»tni«nt ot men wmt, brokm, Ol»- courwted from effect* of «xc«««««. worn, OT«. work. Ac. H«ppr marriage tecnred. compleU nt- toratlonor development of »» mburtooodlUOPi. The time of thli offer U limited. No C. o. O. scheme; DO deception; no ejoo»or«. sceme; D ERIE MEDICAL C0.. Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vegtibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping- Cars between St LOUIB and Lo EAngclei, Cal., running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every "Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 KX> p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturday* and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kanuw City, running through to Pacific Ooaet without change. Only three days from Logmas- port to Los Anj;,relet, -via thi» line. For berth reset-rations etc.,call on or WABASH R.&, u

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