Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 25, 1957 · Page 25
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 25

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1957
Page 25
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um i UULlt» LIOfWM Monday Evening, November 25, 1957. Nixon Playing Political Cards Very Carefully WASHINGTON (UP'.—The political crisis which burst around the Eisenhower administration when it was caught with its Sputniks down ie proving again that Vice President Richard M. Nixon knows the game of politics and how to play it. That is a matter of considerable importance because Nixon is likely to be nominated by the Republicans for president in : -n TL- I Political know-how of a high order will be necessary if the Republican nominee is to be elected. Sputnik I soared into space on Oct. 4. The high order of Nixon's political know-how in this crisis first was indicated on Oct. 16 when he took the first reasonable opportunity to sound the alarm. Initial White House reaction had been Press Secretary James C. Hagerty's statement on Oct. 5 that the Russian satellite "did not come as any surprise" to the administration. Four days later, the President told a news conference the successful launching did not raise his apprehensions by "one iota" about national security. Political Knowledge Shows On Oct. 15 White House Chief of Staff Sherman Adams ridiculed delivered 'last week in Mains: and Pennsylvania. Alcorn cam« up with spending figures dcs;ign2d to show that it was Truman, not Eisenhower, who cut back the missile program. There is going to be a big election year dispute in 1958 about rocketry, missiles and national defense. Nixon and Alcorn are moving now to compel the Democrats to answer charges of negle t instead of making such charges against the Republicans. Burnettsville Mrs. Gertrude Taulnia.3 is spending a few weeks with, her daughter, Mrs. Victoria Everrad at Columbus, Ind. Mrs. Maud Lavinder was able to resume her position at the G.ilHam and McDowell store Monday after a few weeks absence because ot flu. Mr. and Mrs. Larry McLeland &!: Loganspor-t were guests ol Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brechbield Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Graham of Franklin were recent guests of the Russian rocket effort as a play! his parents, Rev. for "high score in an outer space Virden Graham. and Mrs basketball game." Ben Sands of Tri-State College The next day, Nixon warned a!spent the weekend with his par- San Francisco audience against any brush - off of the Russian achievement in rocketry. He called Sputnik I "a grim and timely reminder" of the great magnitude of the Soviet Union's scientific and industrial capacity. That became the new administration party line on Sputnik I and Sputnik II, with hi - fido aboard, made it even more emphatic. How seriously the administration now assesses the meaning of the Sputniks is indicated by talk of diverting farm, housing or veterans' benefit funds to stepped-up erits, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Sa.nds. Mrs. Winifred Troxel is spending a few days in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Erech- bield and daughter were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brechbiel. Other guests in the afternoon were Mrs. Stella Lewis and daughter of Otterbein and Mr. Mansfield of Lafayette, and also Mrs. Don Heiny and daughter oE Hcadlee and Mrs. William- McLeland and Janice. Shelby Davidson spent Wednes-, day with her grandmother, Mrs. j Irma Davidson o! Idaville. 'Mad Hatter' Designs New Crop of Hats NEW YORK (UP)—Okay, fel- ows. You can quit laughing at some of those .things we've been calling hats. For you ain't seen nolhin' yeti A ' 27-year-old milliner named William J. just previewed nis summer sports collection.-And ;he word is it swims we will wear it. The designer, a self - styled "mad hatter," comes up with some fishy specimens, even IE the fins are felt and the scales arci sequins. ."These hats are for fun, done with style," said William J. "But do make serious hats. My fun | hats are ifor the young in heart. Leslie Caron,' Margaret O'Brien and Audrey Hepburn are my customers." The milliner, Boston-born, Harvard-educated and fairly new to the New York design scene, showed beach hats shaped like octopus, lobster, dolphin and other denizens of the deep. He even supplies the hooks. (Girl supplies bait).' Yard-Wide Octopus His octopus, a yard wide, is mostly of bright orange straw, but has eyes of beaver felt with jet-bead centers. Tentacles have black velvet tips and the milliner declared these wind around milady's head in a most fetching manner. "Hats have just been too sedate; that's what's wrong with the millinery business," said the de- MISTER BREG1ER "Well, I'm glad you finally show Mother SOME respect, by not criticizing her advice on your driving!" signer, hauling forth a lobster. I man's basket — "with compart This number, in straw, measured mentg for packin( , your bea ch about three feet, with claws draped toward the Bearer's face. The '.ail drapes to the back, like a streamer. "One of my favorites is this pink sailor," said William J. It was prosaic enough at first look, but second showed a pliable line dangling from it. On the end: a four-foot long fish in pink and red felt. Fisherman's Basket. Another hat copied a fisher- t featured a gold - embroidered lar scene. William J. said the wearer need lot worry about keeping these •fun" hats on. Each io built with >andeaux or other interior equipment for a firm fit. The designer, born William J. Cunningham, now runs two firms. The other, bearing the Cunniag- lam name, produces the "sori- sus" hats he menlionei I make more money as WT1- iam J," he' said. Last year, the designer startled :he millinery industry with a col- .ection of outsize fruit- and vege- .able hats for the beach. What's 'or the future? "Oh, probably something to do with outer' space," he said. Read the Classified Ads Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribuno Seven 'Lentil Roast' Main Dish for Vegetarians point of holding a Thanksgiving Day dinner? The answer is provided by Mrs. Mcta Ferreira, secretary of the sociely. "We vegetarians don't want to go to our families and make them feel uncomfortable ourselves, so we get together as- one big fam- NEW YORK (UP)—Tasfy tid- Jly, young and old, and partake of bits for Turkeytide: ; nature's vegetable gifis." The Veci'tarian Society of New What is a lentil roost? Well, alk will 'hold its 2Bfli annual'says Mrs. Ferreira, yon put the Thanksgiving Day dinner for more lentils through a liquofier and than 200 of the faithful with the'they come out in a consistency following menu: Vegetable I similar to that of baby food and soup large green!then through some process known sal-ad, lentil nut "roast with twojto the chef they are molded into vegetables, baked potatoes, raw i a roast that can be cut when apple pie with uncooked whole cooked, wheat dough and ground almond butter, fresh fruits, coffee substitute or peppermint tea, fruit candies. Why do vegetarians make a Cottons, washable rayons and linens marked "vat dyed" or "vat printed" are color-fast to laundering, sunlight and dry cleaning. lunch," he said. At the fashion show, the model pulled out a sil ver fox fur instead. His "mermaid" collection fea tured something new in hat ma-i lerials—aluminum woven to look life fine braid. He also has a group of hats for lady golfers. These carried out the spots theme with-such decorations as a bobbing golf ball on a spring. One, he dubbed the "19th hole." U.S. rocketry. The political heat j Mr _ and M , rs j ames Maddock is on. It has been on since the and f am ji y attended a family din-. Wednesday evening at the first satellite went up and the administration now is well aware of that fact. During the fortnight or so that th« White House seemed unimpressed by the Russian achievement, the old timers around town were remarking that seldom had so few been out of step with so many. The so many were the public whose imaginations and' fears had been plumbed by the beginning of the space age. There were some pious Democratic pledges that nobody on their side would try to make political hay out of the Sputnik crisis. But they were demanding to know, too, the whys and whos of responsibility for- the failure to have a U.S. satellite in the air. Nixon Leads Attack Former President Harry S. Truman, who knows a good political thing when he sees it, said the Truman administration missile program was "broken up after I home o£ Mrs. Nellie Billing at Idaville. Mrs. Basil Kestle of Monticello was guest of her mother, Mrs. Lina Shull on Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Parks and lamily, and Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Herrick of Idaho were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Parks and family at Warsaw, i Paul Parks, a student at Mon- • Chester College spent the weekend ; with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. HaroW Parks. LEFT." Nixon counter - attacked last week with a charge that the U.S. trails Russia in missiles because of a "calculated decision" during Truman's administration. Republican National Chairman Meade Alcorn immediately followed the Nixon lead in speeches REITERATES CHARGE NICOSfA, Cyprus CUP)— The j English-Language newspaper Cyp-' rus Mail Sunday repeater its re-: port that a British officer warned' that his men would fire on young' Cypriot children if they did not' stop booing him. An official' spokesman had denied the newspaper's statement that the officer commanding British forces in the village of Akanthou threatened to open fire or clamp on a curfew unless the children stopped making the derisive sounds. Read the Classified Ads 3 New Colors! Camellia Pink This delicate, decorator- selected color wqs designed specially for bedrooms. Now—3 more exciting new colors for your telephone. Perfect for kitchens and bedroom!*, they mean a smart touch no matter where they're placed. You'll love these attractive pastel colors...plus the convenience of extn telephones. See them at our business office. Call for complete infonnation. Forget-Me-Not Blue Another bedroom favorite, this popular, soft pastel adds beauty to any room. Gardenia White Sparkling white, it goci just right with gleamin; Kitchen appliances. NOW TEN TELEPHONE COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM Cam«lll« P!nk * Gardenia Whit* * Classic Ivory # Down Srey # Forget-M«-Not Blue. Garnot Rod s|c J«do Green if Sand Beige * Sunlloht Yellow $ Turquolee GENERAL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF INDIANA, INC. Suddenly all America aspires to this car Here it is .; . the magnificent automobile that hai toppled a 10-year tradition among fine cars . . . the new Imperial for 1958. In the few short weeks since it swept on the ( scene, it lias triumphantly carried forward its gr^at success story—is now becoming the most admired and waited fine cur that ever dax/.led a nation. *'' To own and drive it is a feeling beyond compare. For your car is the most beautiful of all cars — fleet, clean-swept and alive, with excitement Yours to command is the performance of the industry's greatest engineering—with its sure, satiny handling, its unlimited comfort and luxury. This Imperial in truly the year's most magnificent motorcar. We're ready to show you a dazzling array of new Imperials—in a wonderfully attractive price range. You'll never forget the moment when you step in and take over the proud possession of the automobile that has triumphantly emerged as America's new fine-car style leader. Come in and see the Imperial... finest product of Chrysler Corporation. The triumphant Imperial . . . Finest expression of the Forward Look HENDRICKSON MOTOR SALES/ Inc., 411-423 S. Third St, Phone 5151 Give at«a serve the" magnificent whiskey.;of Mr. Bond Jind Mr. Lollard illard KENTUCKY BLENDED WHISKE.X holiday dress win r gracious g Give and serve Bond arid Kentucky whiskey ... It adds SOIttt* Itfirig all its own to your best (Wishes for a happy holiday season. AVAII.ABt.E-> Kentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskeyS Y&af9 Old THE BOND & LILLARD COMPANY; LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, DISTRIBUTED BY NATIONAL DISTILLERS PROD-' UCTS COMPANY. BOTH 86 PROOF. KENTUCKY BLENDED WHISKEY CONTAINS 65% GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS. Take your Pick... and tell St. Nick! Come see our wide variety of Machines and Cabinets—then drop a hint that what you want under yew- tree is a new SINGER Down payment on a new SINGER can ba M little as Abri!liantnewSINGER*SLANT-D-MATIC —the finest sewing machine :made for both straight and fancy stitching. As little as $34.00 down. DELUXE STRAIGHT-NEEDLE MODEL ... gear driven electric with handy drop feed for eaay darning, embroidery. Only $18.75 down. EARLY AMERICAN CONSOLE .. .an authentic reproduction finished in honey-tone or Salem maple. 7W*'> o SWGEft for »wy poettf— «v«ry purpot* ELEGANT BOWFRONT CONSOLE ... in casual or rich mahogany finish. FRENCH PROVINCIAL CONSOLE in warm satiny fruit- • wood finish. •A T THE SINGEft MFG. CO. SINGER SEWING CENTER Lultt in your plane took undo- S1NOSR SEWING MACHINE COMPANY 3. i Fourth c t. °Sone 3417

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