Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 20, 1957 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1957
Page 7
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LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY Monday Evening, May 20, 1957. Hoosier Colleges and Universities Ready to Graduate 12,000 Students INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — A possible record crop of about 12,000 students will receive degrees during the next month from more than 30 Indiana colleges and universities. Indiana and Purdue, the two coeducational state universities, will send the largest delegations of graduates into the world to seek their fortunes. Nearly 3,000 degrees will be awarded at each of those schools. Third largest class is at Notre Dame, a Roman Cathloic school for men near South Bend, where about 1,225 degrees will be presented. Ball State Teachers • College of Muncie; another state school, willj give about 1,050 degrees and In-| , _ . diana State Teachers College at Born - To Mr ' and Mrs ' Paul gola, Oakland City College, Fort Wayne Bible College. June 8—Rose Polytechnic Institute of Terre Haute, Taylor University of • Upland. June 9 —DePauw University of Greencastle, Wabash College of Crawfordsville, Earlham College of Richmond, Indiana State Teachers College of Terre Haute, and Indiana Central College of Indianapolis. June 10—Butler University of Indianapolis, Indiana University of Blooming-ton, Hanover College and Huntington College. June 17—Anderson College. .™ ST - Hospital Notes Terre Haute about 800. One Class Has 25 Classes at a couple dozen other Institutions 'of higher learning are smaller, ranging in size from 25 at St. Francis College of Fort Wayne to 367 at Depauw University at Greencastle. The series of commencements when Indiana Technical College presents degrees in engineering to Strauch, Walton, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Homer Wilson, 1107 East Broadway, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Cree, 619 Fourteenth street, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Edmund McDowell, 211 East Colfax street, a daughter; to Mr. and. Mrs. James Fordyce, 2114 Otto street a son; to Mr. and Mrs. John Leonard, 2201 Smead street a son; begins at Fort Wayne May 19 to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Taff, route 3, Winamac, a son. Admitted: Mrs. Bernard Cox, route 5; Mrs. Rae Wagner, 329 about 225 students 48 of themi L >JULC j, nno. nm. ,,w ft ..^, .«,.. from outside the continental limits Front street; John Germaine, 2220 of the United States. Peter V.! East Broadway; Mrs. Glenda Sax- Moulder, president of Internation-l ton, 19 West Miami avenue; Mrs. al Harvester Co., who will be the! Harriet Walters, 520% West Mi- commencement speaker, will re-: ami avenue; Mrs. Clifford Elder, ceive one of fo.ur honorary de-! 1322 North Third street; Lee Trutt- grees. The others include George;man, 904 Fifteenth street; Mrs. Loesch, director of the Fine Steel; Helen Beaver, 1200 High street. Association at Krefeld, Germany, Dismissed: 0. J. Hickey, G09 who will fly to Indiana from Eu-;Wheatland avenue; Thurman Hood, rope for the ceremony. route 1, Royal Center; Mrs. Rosa The series ends June 17 when'Fry, 1717 Nineteenth street; Mrs. Anderson College gives diplomas Thelma Adams, 1516 Wright street; to 115 at a ceremony highlighted! Miss Judy and Miss Barbara Rusk, by a commencement address by Dr. Richard C. Raines, Methodist bishop of Indiana. Dates Are Listed The commencement calendar: May 19—Indiana Technical College of Fort Wayne. May 26—St. Mary's College of Notre Dame. May 29—Grace Theological Seminary & Grace College. May 31—Vincennes University. June 2—Purdue University of Lafayette, St. Joseph's College of Collegeville, St. Francis College of Fort Wayne, Franklin College, Marian College of Indianapolis, Valparaiso University and University of Notre Dame. June 3—Goshen College, Manchester College of North Manchester, Evansville College, Marion College and St. Mary-of-the- Woods at Terre Haute. . June 4—Ball State Teachers College of Muncie. June 6—Tri-State College of An- route 1, Bringhurst; Miss Beth Ann Cox, route 2, Frankfort; Mrs. Dorothy Dolnics, 414 Sixteenth street: Mrs. Leonard Koontz, 1403 East Market street; Mrs. Spence Vaughn and son, 411 Second street; Mrs. Billy Robinson and daughter, 127 East Market street; Thomas Bligh, 1802 High street; Claude Small, Walton; Gordon Hisey, .417 Twentieth street; Fred Strasser, route 4; Mrs. Helen Howell,'1812 Johnson street; Mrs. Ronald Beck and daughter, 119 Northern ave- MEMORIAL Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Flora, Camden, a daughter; to Mr. and Mrs. William Phillips, Kewanna, a daughter. Admitted: Mrs. Pearl Buchanan, route 1; Frank Moore, 1243 College street; Mrs. Ada Flora, Cutler; Joseph Oliver, route 1; Mrs. Helen Tripp, 706 Sunset drive; Mrs. Luia Thorne, 1731 Michigan avenue; Mrs. June Dempsey, Royal Center; Frank Moore, 1243 College street. Dismissed: Miss Joyce Davis, 1330 College street; Mrs. Molly Dillon, Camden; Miss Florence Down hour, 1205 Ash street; Mrs. William Adair and son, route 3; Master John Ballard, Peru; Miss Deborah Crain, Lucerne; Miss Penny Ann Ellis, Camden; Mrs. Kenneth Gloser, and son, 1731 George street; Mrs. Sadie Gray, Burrows; Robert Hoffman, Royal Center; Shelby Jones, Lebanon; Miss Vickie Walters, 1830V5; East Broadway; Master Michael \Villiamson, 509 Eighth street; Master Thomas Layton, Fulton; Michael Musselman, 522 Tanguy street; Mrs. Rex Shilling, and son, 826 North street; Master Ronald Stover, Royal Center. Box Car Pays a Visit to a Diner ROCHESTER, N.Y. — George Vesel bent over to tie a shoelace in the living quarters of the diner he operates—and the next thing he knew he had a- box car for company. Looking up to see fixtures come crashing down, Ves'el said he 'thought it was an earthquake." He smashed a window, cutting his wrist, and fled in fright. Then he turned to see what had happened. A diesel locomotive left untended in nearby yards with its engine running had started up, picked up a meat-loaded box-car on the rails a short distance ahead and shunted it through a bumper stop into the rear wall of Vesel's diner. The 58-year-old proprietor, who had just spent $2,000 on the diner to repair damage from a fire, had reason to believe the eatery was jinxed. Dance Entertainer Don 7 * Underrate Self In Applying for Job Miss Barbara Joy Halstead, billed as the "Sweetheart of Song and Dance," will entertain during the benefit dance to be held Friday, May 24, in the local armory under the sponsorship of the special deputy sheriffs of Cass county, according to Sheriff 0. R. Carson. Miss Halstead was selected Little Miss Indiana in 1948 by the Screen Children's Guild of Holly- jwood and was runner-up for the ! title of "Little Miss America" at the Hollywood Bowl in the same year. The dance from 9 to 12 p.m. is being held to help raise funds for uniforms for the special deputies. Hollywood Blonde Attempts Suicide MEXICO CITY (UP) — Hollywood blonde Francesa de Skafta was recovering today from two week-end attempts to kill herself because of charges linking her with Confidential magazine. Mexican bullfighter Jaime Bravo, her husbaml of two months, said she took an overdose of sleeping pills Saturday night and slashed her wrists early Sunday in a fit of depression. A Los Angeles grand jury is reported to have indicted the 25- year-old actress and nine other persons last week for conspiracy to commit libel by furnishing Hollywood gossip to Confidential. 100% opaque NYLON TRICOT Fully lined beautifully fitting Prin- ceit ilyle bodice with dainty embroidery and nylon late and net trim. Semi Cova-Bra back. Net (rimmed 4-gore skirt with front and bonk shadow pant/j. White only. Sixes 32 lo 40. lavished with finest nylon Vol laces at the perfect filling, shaped bodice. Matching !oce al hem with French.style novelty insertion. 4- gore skirl with front and back inatW panefi. While only. Sixes tt I* 40. NO moNiNd JUST we, Mir, MYI Peek-a-boo diamond shaped bodice of all nylon loco that assures a smooth, perfect fit. Fully lined with soft nylon net. 4-gore skirt with front and back shadow panels has matching nylon net trim at htm. Whit* only. Sizes 32 lo 40. t^IV^ 0 • jfa~&\kM&F ^^^r fSJLJTf \ JP"~"% ^^ J iJ \_JA-' Read the Classified Ads hunting, remember that there's more room at the top than the bottom. At least that's the theory of job counselor Richard Gleason, who says most job applicants underrate themselves. Gleason, who heads his own firm, specializes in finding jobs for executives and management people in the $8,000 to $30,000 a year bracket. But he's gone as high as $90,000. Right now, he said, there's a shorting of executive talent in this country. "World War II and the Korean War interrupted the careers and the training of many promising young men," Gleason said. "So industry has had to rely on older mem in executive posts." Actually, he said, age seldom is a deterrent to a knowing job seeker, "but it almost always the excuse an employer gives for not hiring." "The reason usually is the fact that the applicant hasn't sold his prospective employer on the advantages he can bring to a job," Gleason said. He offered these tips to jobhunters: —Don't, change jobs unless you're assured of at least a 25 per cent pay increase. —Don't switch jobs for more money unless the new job has a sound future. —'Get at least five possible jobs bo pick from before you jump. Gleason, vrtio has helped thousands' of persons land jobs, said the last thing to discuss in a job interview is salary. Many applicants, he said, fear that if they ask for too much they'll lose out. "But it's oJten as bad to ask for too little," he said. "An employer values an applicant much as he values himself." Most persons don't realize their own potentials, don'i realize how much experience they have to offer and don't know how to sell themselves, Gleason said. "Even sales managers, who know all about selling a product, don't know how to put their best foot forward when they're looking for a better job," he said. Gleason said job hunting should proceed along these lines: —Pick the job you want. —Analyze the job's requirements. —Consider how you meet those requirements. —Prove it in good promotional letters. "Remember," he said, "a prospective employer wants to know what you can do for him, and he wants proof based on your experience." Five Aboard Raft May Be in Trouble SANTIAGO, Chile (UP) — A Chilean frigate steamed today to the help of five men who reported their 33 • foot bamboo raft breaking up in a storm after drifting six months across the Pacific from Tahiti. But there was some doubt whether it was in trouble. Radio amateurs in Chile, France and- Switzerland picked up the messages from the raft Tahiti Nui Sunday. The fri-gate Baquedano put out from Valparaiso Sunday night and Chilean "h-am" Luis' Desama- ras reported it had made radio contact with the raft, commanded by French navigator Eric de Bisschop. However, two American radio amateurs in Boston said they monitored a message from ; Santiago "ham" saying "Everything okay now." The Americans were James J. Donahue of Fra- mingiha'm, Mass.. and William Hawthorn of Wayland, Mass. LANE CHESTS THE PERFECT GIFT Graduation, Birthdayv Weddings "PRINCESS HANE"—Serpentine front. gleaming brass trim. Self-rising tray inside. Free $500 mo)h protection guaranty. Your choice of finishes. No. 6151 $69.95 "RHAPSODY"—A modern design in American V/«lnut. Has self-rising tray lined with feltcne. deeming Brass hardware. Also available in Blond Oak. No. 7421 $59.95 "CONTINtNTAL"—Modern "off-the-floor" design with striking brass trim. Hai lock and key. Spacious drawer In baMk Your choice. of finishes. No. 6126 $89.95 3 FULL FLOORS OF FINE FURNITURE 1ANE CHESTS START AT ONLT $49.95 Market at Fourth Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-TribunB Seven POSTPONE TESTS AGAIN LAS VEGAS, Nev. (UP)—Atomic Energy Commission scientists ,oday lost their gamble with the weather and were compelled to postpone for the fifth straight time an atomic test which had been scheduled for 5 a.m. p.d.t. today. Read the Classified Ads CONSTIPATED? new laxative discovery un-locks bowel blocks without gag, bloat or gripe Constipation is caused by what doctors call a "thrifty" colon. A "thrifty" colon is pno that, instead of retaining moisture as it should, does tho opposite: robs the colon of so much moisture that its contents become dehydrated, so dry that they block the bowel; BO shrunken that they fail to excite or stimulate the urgo to purge that propels and expels waste from your body. TO REGAIN NORMAL REGULARITY two things are necessary. First, the dry, shrunken contents of your colon which now block your bowel must be re-moistened. Second, bulk must be brought to your colon to S-T-U-E-T-C-H STIMULATE it and so, excite its muscles to action; to a normal urge to purge. AND, OF ALL LAXATIVES, only CoLONAID, the amazing new laxative discovery possesses COLONAID'S great moisturizing capacity plus COLONAID'S stretch-stimulating bulk that activates normal colonlo reflexes. So effective that it relieves oven chronic constipation overnight, COLONAID in yet so smooth, so gentle it has been proved safe even for women in the most critical stages of pregnancy. SUPERIOR TO OLD STYLE bulk, salt or drug laxatives, COLONAID neither gags, bloats nor gripes; does not interfere with your absorption of vitamins and other valuable food nutrients; and in clinical tests, did not cause rash or other side reactions. IT'S A PHYSIOLOGICAL FACTt Exercise tones your bodyl And COLONAID exercises your colon to tone it against constipation, overnight! Whether occasional, frequent or chronic, whatever your degree of constipation, get COLONAID, in easy-to-tako tablet form at any drug counter, today! Tho price, only 98c for the economical GO tablet package, brings you positive relief at less than 2c per tablet. gives you all this! Because there are no moviftg parts in Us freezing system. Automatically you get.ice cubes without using messy trays. If s the world's longest refrigerator guarantee. The Servel Gas Refrigerator is the only one that gives you these three wonderful, exclusive advantages... PLUS ... every other worthwhile feature such as a huge freezer compartment, roomy door shelves, and AUTOMATIC DEFROSTING? CO 7A«? GAS Company MOXTHIRM INDIANA PWtllC SIKVrCI COMFAMY FRED A. HAUSS, District Manager

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