The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 3
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r ' TAGE TWELVE Rhubarb Gingerbread A Treat for the Family barb, 2 tapioca, supar, ! Bf CECTLV BKOWNSTONE Associated Press Fond Hdltor Your family and puosUs have & treat in store for them if you try a new kind of shortcake—this Ins- *clou« rhubarb-gincerbrrari rrea- tion. The cake base Ins a delightful flavor that comes from old-fa.=h- foned mild molasses nt\d jtisf the right blcnci of spires. Th? rhubarb | filling nlFO IK swpetonnrt with molasses snd has a surprise ingredient —quick-cooking tapioca. The tapioca thickens the filling a bit rmrt gives U- interestine texture. One worri of warning about the rhubarb fillinp — keep heat. low, watch carefully, and don't i-tir the rhubarb once it begins to soften if you wflnt it to keep its shape. If you prefer rhubarb fnucn to havlnes ,, m ii the rhubarb in pieces, Just stir ill well once it's soft; when it cools it will be thlrk enough lo spoon bc- twc*n the layers of spicy gingerbread. In buying rhubarb for the .shortcake, choose stulks that, are fre.^h, firm, thick, and of pood color. Usually, well-colorpd rhubarb is well fJavorcd, Do not pee]; the skin helps to give the cooked rhubarb attractive color and to holrt the pieces topf-thor. Rhubarb is sold either !n bunchpj; or by the pound. Rhubarb Is delirious teamed with strawberries, pineapple, orange src- tlons, and sliced b^na nn.&. When you want to use U in a fruit compote be sure that, in cooking, the pieces stflv whole. RHUBARB r.rxorrtBKEAn SHOKTCAKF, InRrcriictils: 2^ cups sifted flour, 2 ieaspoons bnktne ,<:od,i, *•? (eft- spoon salt. 1 teaspoon cinnamon, ^i teaspoon ginger, '.-3 teaspoon nutmeg:, 'A teaspoon cloves, *i cup brown suenr ffirmly pnckedi, fi cup sbortening, ?i cup old-fashioned mild molasses. 1 cup buttermilk, 2 egps. Rhubarb Filling, 1 cup crcnni. Xfakrs 9 Fervlngfi. HUrBAKH Flf.MVO Jfiffrfdfpnts: is to 2 pounds rhu- tablespoons quirk -cooking '.* teaspoon salt, 4 cup cup old-fashioned mild BMTTHSVILLE CARK.) COURIER NEW When roasting meat loavos, the same as meat cuts, use a low temperature /or finest re-iuJU. A WO degree* P, temperature is recommend-, ed for beef, veal, lamb or ham loav- w. Pork loaves or tho,«e mixtures con lain In? ground pork should bft roa.sted at a 350 degree P. temperature. BILBAO, Spain Wy—The Ba^jne shlpy.rde <r« In full production, building «hlp« totaling over 100.000 tons. Included are two pa*sr.n- St-r ship, of 16.WO ton* each (or the Unnwtlantlc service with soutli Amprlra. [A : Cut loaves and ron( ends' [from rhubarb Wash but fin not peel. With sharp knife cut stalks into 1'i-lJich length* lo make 4 nips. In tip nf double boiler mix i tapioca. salt, silgnr. mola^es, and 1 rhubarb tngcthrr. Place over veryj hot. ibul not bollliiBl; have j wafer in lower pint of double Ijoller ,ili,*t (ouchinc; bottom of upper part; cover tiahtly. Cook, stirrinB several times before rhubarb softens. Keep covered and cook u'irhout stirrlnc tapioca Is transparent—this rnny lake ns Intiu as 1(4 hours. iWith spatula scrape down sauce fron) sides of pan n ttv times.) HfHlovr troin hot, water. C'hJd fn pan. life ns inline and lopping lor Gingerbread Shortcake. TOH ' >•"" •" CAIT s P nn 9 vegefobles ":! without Morton's? PLAIN OR IODIZED I WHEN <T RAINS IT POURS heavy cream ened). t whipped and s\vectMelhod: Into Inrpe mixing bowl aJTt flour, baking sorln, salt, clJina- mon, ginger, nutmeg, anrl cloves; mix hi sugar well. Melt shortening In small wiiicepfln; stir in molntscs, then buttermilk. In small bowl beat eggs until foamy; stir in mnlnsscs mixture. Now gradually stir moln-s- ses-egg mixture Into flour mixture, Beat until smooth, about Va minute. Turn Into 2 well-greased lightly floured 9 x 9 x 2-inch pans. Bnke in moderftt* <375 P.) oven 26 minutes or \mtll cake tester comes out clcnn. Turn out on wire rack to cool. Put toffftfcher ahort-cfike fashion with Rhubarto Filling and whipped Pork and Veal Save the Day Chop* Ready Friends To Bi*ty H«memakers V ywrVe a homemaker who nlwi »or)K aw«y from home, ttien you've probably said "thanks" to pork, T»»l nnd lamb chops more than otic*. They're « rcnrty frtfnci when me»l preparation must fit into » Frankfurters Take Prize for Joy, Economy For enjoyable, economical eatin" flavorful frankfurters lake trie pri/e. Franks have a place on al- innsl everyone's list or favorite foods . . . Grandma likes slices floating In bmvls of olrt fashioned split ^pea soup. Junior want.s "Hoi DOBS" uith plenty of must.ird nnd pickle. For n treat the enlire family will enjoy, serve stuffed baked frankfurters topped vs'lth barbecue sancc. The stuffing may consist of bread dressing, sauerkraut or mashed potatoes. Here's a dish that's novel and unu.suallv tasty—baited frankfurters stuffed with pineapple. A Juicy layer of crushed pineapple is sandwiched between thick, i me.aty frankfurters, and crowned with a spicy sauce. Pineapple Sluffert Frankn 1 pound frnnkfurlers 1 No. 3 can crushed pineapple (2 cups) H cup finely chopped onion 2 InMespoons butter or margarine 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce 2 teaspoons prepared mustard ^i teaspoons sugar V, cup chilf sauce j Split frankfurters not o,uiie! through. Spread out half the ' franks, cut side up, in a creased! baking dish. Spread with partially' drained pineapple. Top with remaining, split frankfurters. Cook onion in fnt until tender (about 10 minutes). Stir Frequently so as noli to burn. Add remaining Ingredients auri cook lor s minutes. Spoon .sauce I on franks, nake In n 350 deRrec F ! oven for .10 minutes. 4 to 5 servings A SU9STITUU FOR MEAT , But perhaps you have not. oxplor- •d the clmp field Ihormichly. For tnfftnnce, have you served nil types cf pork chops? Center cut loin ] thops are the most popular. How- | l^er, according to the ment «ji«- i clallH, Rcbn Staggs. you'll rind thai ! mime fine pork flnvor when you ; purchase ICM demnnricd rib chops and shoulder chops— arm nnrt blarlc — which are actually fitpaks. Pre- quently, you'll Ilnd these priced several cent* per pound under center nit loin chops. All types are prepared by the enme cookery method. trralsing. In veal there are also loin, rib tnd shoulder chops. Another choice i which you'll sometimes find In your ; market 18 (he kidney chop. This comes from the loin and Is cut to • contain a crosi section of kidney. Veal chops are prepared by braising, too. As for Ir.nib chops, the choice Is loin or rib, rconnmirnl shoulder chops and, frequently. Saratoga chops. The latter come from the lamb fhouWer. The shoulder is honed and rolled, thrn skru ercd nnci <nt to form pimvhcel type chops. f--pmb chops ;ur- usuaUv broiled, hov.Tvcr. th?v may be braised lo rnry their 5c-rvin^. MACAHONI-SPA€HETTI Eft a NOODLES HODGE'S PURE LARD 8 Lbj $1.39 T/i Lb. Box HOMINY GRITS T:BONE STEAK STEW MEAT SLAB BACON " ! "°"" COUNTRY EGGS BLUE PLATE TEA CHILI CON CARNE Lb. Bonelcs* Lb. Lb. Doz. 19* 79* 690 '/< Lb. Sail Meat; Lb. 310 390 HODGE'S CASH & CARRY GROCERY HOMER HODGE /MW- Miles West of Bly — Half Moon Road -You can substitute any one of the RED CROSS MACARONI PRODUCTS and have even tastier, better meals! Fresh Picnic Pork Roast Ib. 39 C FREE 2 Lbs. Sugar with Shlbiey's Best Flour in Print Bags Self Rising Plain or l.t). Lb. r'ully Dressed HEIS .............. K tnid (Jivule BilOGIA ........ Swift's Sliced BACON Krcsh Tenrtpr PORK LIVER , b 300 Swansilown (White or Devil's Fond) CAKE MIX ,,,320 430 450 u.430 Sea Swell SALMON iUcCormicks TEA 25. fc. $1.98 2 for 490 i/i Size Meyer's Vitamin D 1/4 Lb. 2 16oz. Loaves 290 J ?e Si \vii h flPPLEJELLY,3»2, M 350 ?,i!jid Quern SALAD DRESSING 410 BREAD DUZ .... Fresh Green CABBAGE Lb 50 Calif. Ireherjt LETTUCE 2,,,Mt Simkisl 132 Size LEMONS „_»* It Poys To Shop of Mays' MAYS' SUPER MARKET 421 South 21st THURSDAY, JUKE 5, 1968 SALE PRICES EVERY DAY For everyday savings on groceries and menls . . . Liberty Cash can't he beat! Shop Liberty everyday and you'll note the savings in your grocery budget. SAVE EVERY DAY AT LIBERTY! BLUE GOOSE LEMONS - - doz 23c DUNCAN Grapefruit - 6 for 2Sc FRESH Radishes-2 bun 13c IN THE HULL PEANUTS - - ib. 29c FRESH Tomatoes - - ib. !5c SLICED BACON - - - ib. 39c PURE PORK COUNTRY STYLE SAUSAGE - - ib. 39c PISH WHITING -- ib. 15c FRESH Lb. 69c Shrimp-5 ib. box 239 STREAK-O-LEAN Salt Meat - ib 29c VICTOR FLOUR 5 Lb. Bag TOP GRADE TISSUE PAPER 2 ROLLS 13<z PURE BLACK PEPPER 2 7-oz. Cans 29 C RADAR BRAND DELICIOUS PORK & BEANS 3 CANS 23c MISS LIBERTY OLEO 2 IBS. 35 c MISS MUFFETT Cheese Spread 2 LB. BOX 79* ADAMS FROZEN ORANGE JUICE 8 6 oz. Cans 1

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