Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 22, 1957 · Page 25
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 25

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1957
Page 25
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Friday Evening, November 22, 1957. ~~~ Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Eleven KIRBY ANP THEY'VE PONE IT/ THEY'LL RAPID OUR POSITION ANP THE OTHERS WILL BE ALONG SOON . TURN THE CAMELS IOCS: ANP HEAP FOR THOSE RUNS. WE'LL MAKE A STANP THERE... IT'S THE BARON'S PIANE HE MUST HAVE SENT IT OUT TO SPOT MICKEY FINN OKAY! LET'S GO OVER! HE'S TURNED THE CORNER! ITS TEN MINUTES SINCE 'V[ THE DOCK IS PHIL AND BLASKO WENT If OPENING! HE'S IN \ I WONPER WHV THE >i COMING OUT OTHER WATCHMAN IS TAKING K NOW! SO LONG TO — KERRY DRAKE OH DONT BE SO COO;- WITH A CUSTOMER, MINPY.' WEU..' I HARDLY XPECTED TO SEE 'OU HEREv SAHARA.' I'LL fSSS UP/.. tl'L SAHARA DIP TRY TO PO POUCH ON VCXIR PRESERVES WITH 56T. PRAKE TH6 OTHER NIGHT... AND SHE APOLOGIZES/ BUT_ I CTIMT COWE MERE TO TELL YOU THAT.' 1 WANT A 3OOK ON t»W TO P1A* A WEPOPWS.' REX MORGAN, M. D. \TTTTiri1TTTir?M\V 1 j' VOKW, LAP/...TAKE jmUJI III II 1IIIWX14J yOUR FIGHT TO A MAYE.E THAT'LL TEACH >. PROMOTER/ HE VOU TO STEP OUT ON ME !) CAN PUT VOU ON TELEVISION .' 1OUR UNGOVERNABLE T NOT HALF THE TEMPER WILL GET -Iv'TROUBLE VOUtL GET YOU INTO SERIOUS TROUBLE ONE Of- YOU'RE JUST LUCKY V3U CAN REMEMBER IT, PROFESSOR/NEXT TIME THEY'LL CART YOU AWAY IN AN AMBULANCE.' IS HAS BEEN THE OST EMBARRASSING (PER1ENCE I CAN =MEMBER, CLEO / INTO IF YOU TRY WO TIMING ME ONCE MORE .' THESE PAYS, CLEO/ TIZZY "Well—this time it's not for me!" GRIN AND BEAR IT "I shall welcome my opponent matting missiles and satellites o campaign issue!.. . I'll match my ignorance of tht subject with his, any day!..." TERM FOR, CON MAN INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Clayton D. Gallagher, 37, Indianapolis, was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment Wednesday in Federal Court for aiding another man in impersonation of an FBI agent in a confidence game. A jury found Gallagher guilty. The man he aided was Oliver Plante, wh , pleaded guilty previously and wa I sentenced to 2 years imprison imc.nt. Freshens YourMouth SvreetensYoiir Breath Enjoy chewing delicious Wrigley's Spearmint often every day. WILL SELL NICKEL PLANT WASHINGTON (UiP)—A gover: mcnt • official said Wednesda about 20 American firms hav shown'a "definite interest" in bu; ing or leasing the huge U. S owned Nicaro nickel plant in Cu ba. Ira D. Beynon, special ai.sis ant in the General Services Ac ministration, said the governmen hopes to 6e ready to ask for foi mal bidding on the plant "isome time after the first of the y«ar." Workers Laid OK SOUTH BEND (UP',—The Studebaker-Packard Corp. today laid off several hundred workers "to adjust production and balance inventories," officials said. BUZ SAWYER WE HAVE A PI-hNE TO RY SUCH SERIOUS COSES TO OUR NEAREST AMERICAN HOSPITAL. NO.' 170 • CONFOUND IT, SAWER! IT'S ffff LIFE I'M RISKING. WE'RE STAYING HERE AT AKBAR.' THIS ISA DISPENSARY GIVEN MY PEOPLE SVTHE U.S. POINT 4 PROGRAM. WE SUPPLY MEDICINES AND TAKE CARE OF MINOR S~ BUT ILLNESSES.. NEEDS A DOCTOR ...POSSIBLY A SURGEON, AT ONCE; E;UT, SIR YOU NEED A... WHAT YOU «N FOR ME HERE AT YOUR DISPENSARY. ... WHERE ARTESIAN WELLS MAKE THE PESERT BLOOM. Bailey's CROSB1 S(|UARE Shoes support busiest men in finest style. MARY WORTH AMD IT'S NO 60OD,M'LI5S! >/ UF'n RFTTFB YOU'VE SOT A CAJHER TO BiltlD MOT wr t keu - -AND VOU CAN'T CLIMB THAT A ^mr?AfiWN LADDER CARRYING A *~ omwASWN PROFK5IONAI PVAYBOV ONyOURSHOU.DEW! Nff.' I... KNOW YOU'RE RIGHT! MARRY1N6 EACH OTHER WOULD BE FOOLISH. 1 BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN WE MUST UP A—A MUTUALLY PROFITABLE A«OCIATION!--.COME BACK TOMORROW NKJHT! I-.NEVER BELIEVED « a c OMK K A PER50N COULD FAIL « SOMETHINfi OF IN.LOVEINONE M A SHOCK TO tVENING-TONIO! .JE, ME.DARUNfi! LITTLE ABNER How Sadie Hauikins an (continued-) '" SINCE NONE^ 'O'YO'BIN WAN ENOFFT'MATyW ' MAH DOTTER,SADIE —AH GOTTA TAKE; FIRM MEASURES. 1 : AH DECLXiFtES THIS 'SADIE HAWKIMS DM'ff- WHEN AH FIPES -YO' STARTS RaiNIN»V*IEN AH FIRES /VCIN.SAMK STAFrrsrr •'W'ONESHE: KETCHES'LL BE HER HOSBIN'- Well, Sadie did catch one. The other Doflpetch spinsters alloujed it: were such a good idea—Sadie Houikins Day uas mode an annual affair !!- WEAR'E, IMMMV- IRRESARDLESS. 1 /) l f5OT,THEY'S / (-7H£Y'HAIN'T TOO J KUNHIH 'SHOES. PURTV TO RUN IN- NANCY I'M SO THRILLED — I ASKED THAT NEW BOY TO GIVE ME HIS PHOTOGRAPH—- HE SAID THIS WAS THE ONLY ONE HE COULD FIND STRICTLY BUSINESS ". . . And have it gift-wrapped!" STRICTLY RiCHTER "Be sure to do a good job on the index finger. I'm making a long speech in court tomorrow." CUT1ES "I hope you won't mind, dear . myself!" I bought one for DOTTY DRIPPLE I HAP IT \ ALTERER ) COACH — wtLBEPrr, VOIJR UNIFORM POESNT LOOK RIC5HT ON VOU/ I SPENP MOST OF MY TIME ON THE BENCH, ANYWA.V-- --SO I HAP THE PAPS CHANGEP TO WHERE THEY'LL PO THE MOST GOOP/ GRANDMA THANKS VERY MUCH FOC TH' NICE LUNCHEON, GRANDMA// WELL.WELL.'/ THAT'S TH' FIRST LADY HOBO WHO EVER CAME T 1 MY DOOR' JUST THINK.SHE HAS NO DISHES T' WAPSH, NO ' FLOOP5S T'SCRUB... Q- ••'11-22 GOSM, WISH I WAD TH' •, BE A HOBO/']

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