Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 18, 1957 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1957
Page 7
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Saturday Evening, May 18, 1957. Ann Landers Miss T.N.T., Age 15, Worked Hard for Ruined Reputation Dear Ann: I don't know quite how to say this, but I've already made a mess of my life and I'm only 15. Last year I got permission to date. I wanted to be popular so bad that I hinted to the boys 1 was willing to offer anything. I was quite busy, but not with the fellows worth knowing. The wore soon got around that I was free and easy and the nice boys ignored me. Now I realize 'how dumb I was to put myself in such a spot. I'm sick of fellows who have no respect for me. Is it too late to start over? I'm terribly ashamed Please tell me if there's any hope for a fresh beginning? I'm willing to do anything T. N. T. Washed up could start over at an age when •most girls are just beginning a very pretty picture, indeed. My advice to you, young lady, Is to stay at home for about six months. When those boys who "aren't worth knowing" phone for dates, tell them you aren't interested. After being turned down four or five times in a row, they'll get the message-and give up. If you conduct yourself in a lady-like way, you'll attract the fellows with the high standards. Wait for a call from one of these boys, even if It takes a year. When you've hammered out a new kind of life for yourself you'll be a much happier girl. I/et this serve as a warning to you say. — MISS and wishing you think they are in reality they other gals who "popular" when ore only "available." * * * Dear Ann: Is there a limit to •what a wife should take before she and her husband go their separate ways? Dora a paycheck give a man license to terrify bin children and » l >use and humiliate his wife? My husband is a confirmed ul cohollc and his home \H ju^l a place Where he stops off lo fill Ills seemingly bottomless tank. Then ho lakex off for parts unknown. He's the violent, brawling type and the children cower In the corners when around. If I nay one word to him, he replies, "I pay the bill;i around here. Whal on; you Kinni/. to do aljoui it?" DIIKH bed and board mean the.' destruction of nelf-n;njjcel. and ipirit for us? Should it? — A. R. NO, in capital Jell cm. The noxl tlrnr; h<: a«k.i what you're nolntf to d<i about it, Icll him UK'S the one •who IK gointi to havi: to "do something" — not you. The law sayn Launder It Easily a man must support hte wife and family but it doesn't say they have to live under the same roof if he's a tyrant. Get his clothes together and invite him to headquarters elsewhere. A rented room may give him fresh appreciation for the home, wife and family that he now kicks around. Tell him to dry up with Alcoholics Anonymous and to let you know when he's ready to come home and behave like a Dear Ann: When my husband and I got married three years ago we moved into the other side of my in-law's duplex. I felt in my bones this wasn't a good idea but we were short of money and decided it would be a good way to start out. My mother-in-law has broken every one of my electric appliances and returned them without so much as an apology. Our card- table set has been in her dining room for five months because she has it piled with sewing that "isn't finished." Whenever I have company she walks in "to borrow .something" wearing blue jeans or shorts, and she weighs 200 pounds. The other day she smellcd the chicken frying and came right in and said "Looks bcl'.er than what we've got. Pa and I will be over for dinner at fi" .... and they were. When I lold my husband la.st night that we simply had to move, he said he was perfectly happy and besides we can't afford II. What shall I do? — UNHAPPY WIFE Toll your husband you can't afford NOT to move. A. situation like this could blow the marriage. Stand firm on the Issue if you have lo pitch a tent and battle It through to a victorious finish. The rest of your life could depend on it Good Luck. # • * CONFI/DKNT1AI./LY: KING FAUOUK: Your "royal humor" simply knocked me out. Why don't you pul. that show on the rood? lSW/TjU&IONKD WIKK: You must also be on welfare. Toll your relatives the free hotel l.s closed. This Is ridiculous and you're foolish lo put up wilh It. Coyprlght IDf-V, Field Knter- prliius, Inc. IQGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Jackson Township Schools Receive $871 Federal Aid The Juckson township schools have received $I!7I In federal funds IJDCUUNV of children In llu: schools whose parentn have somu coimoction wilh the federal go- vernmenl, according lo Fred Zeh- rlng, township truiilcK. Addll.lonal fuiuls arc iiKpected lo make HID lolal for Ihe year approximately $l,0, r i2. ehriiiK said lliere are 21 children of Hunker Hill air IWJKI military personnel and civilian cm- yiw In the Lincoln and Calves- Um sdiool'i at the prowjnl llirie. The amount of money given to llio Kchoobi depend upon llm live- niK'.' dally atlendancu of thu ittti- \ \ 8458 10-20 Jlffy-oti nlilrlwahiler Ihal'n n rlndi to earn for with HM fronl biil.toiiiii).;, no flliieveii. For cooler weather new another one with idi'itven. Nu. ll-ir.ll with I'ATT-O-ltAMA Included In in «|y.en III, n, M, 1(1, III, SO. Sl/e IH, 'M liiiiil, nleeveleiiii, -1% yiirdn dl M.lndi. For thin palU'rii, /lend Me In COINS, your name, addrnn.1, nl/.n 'nv i.'iiini; In filled wilh mimrl, unw denii'.n.'i for all ;.i/,c!;; iipoclal lea- lurci; Klfl palleni prlnlml Iniililn di'.'ilred. nnd the I'A'ITI'JItN N1JM- HKIt lo Sun Iliirneti (I'haroii-Trl- IHIIICI :m VV, Qulncy Slreol, Clilca- K<> K. Ml. Dnii'l inl.'iii thi! Inlivil liiMii! of eiir fa.-iclniilliiK iial.l-ern inaKa/lne Iliuilc FASHION. The SprhiK «< Summer the bonk. X'i eeal.'i. Chicago Wants to Expand Rapid Transit CHICAGO — The city's norlh- j south clevalnd - niibwiiy lacllll.leH do llm Joh of Iwo iil|jliL-liinn Hiiper- liltthwiiy.i, Um (Jhlcaijo Traimll Anl.horily him repertcd. Thij CTA ,'iahl a none coiinl uliow- ed Hint Norlh Sldo rupld tnin.'ill IriiliiH carry Ill.VtKl periioiiii goliiK Houlli In Ihe lieavleril. hour of Um weolulay morning riiMi, Durlhf/ llio name hour, the'CTA nald, in,0(K) pei'KoiiH go iiolil.h In aiiloM on Norlh Lake Shore Drlvn. The drive In crowded |.o onpiiclly (lurlni; the I'liiih purlod. Virgil K, (iimlock. CTA board dialririan, pointed out, that. It. would coal hunilreilii of mllllinifi of dollani Lo hiilld l.wo mere nnpor- hlKhwayii mieh an l.alie Shorn Drive, And U woilhl cant addll.lonal 'iiilllhuiii, hu nald, lo build downtown parking npaco lo handlo additional anlomoblleri, ({unlock lined thu CJ'I'A niirvny no an nrKiuiiunt for allot meal, of highway fiiniln lo rapid inuinll riicllltie.-i. The Irannll. aulhorUy In .-n-nliliiK a ntihi'ldy lo expand rapid Irannll. fudlllluN and make lliein iiafn. IKIHIf IIOMII HAII, CABIN HIOI/FAST, NorlhiM'li Ireland (Ul'i—Irish Nal.loiia.liNi dynamllml a nli^iial cabin on tlio main railroad line from ItdfaKl. lo l/induti- ilerry loilay In llui Uilottl of a niii'loii of aliiacKn on coiiiiiniiilcti- iioiii., liinl.allnl.lonn In Norlhorn Iro- laiiil. Today—"A Bullot In WalHng" X "Thro* For Jamta Dawn" ROX Y An ALt.1 ANCS SUN.&MON. Opan 1 p.m.—35c 'Til 6 2 FoaturoE—Comedy Fun and Action DOUBLE FEATURE C1ARK GABLE "KING AND FOUR QUEENS" „„., "CROSSWfNDS" wilh John Pnyrm - Forroit Tuek*r Say Reds Deported 35,000 Hungarians; 2,000 Face Death UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (UP) —The Free Hungarian National Council • charged today that more than 35,000 persons have been deported and some 2,000 sentenced to death by the Communists since last October's revolution in Hungary. The- council, .speaking in the name of the Hungarian people, requested that the Uniled Nalions General Assembly be convened "without delay" to consider Hungary's plight. A similar demand was made last week by the Magyar synod of the Evangelical and Reformed Church which asked that the assembly invoke sanctions against Russia and its puppet Budapest government and- supervise free elections in Hungary. No chance for an assembly session seemed likely until the world parliament's special fact - finding committee makes its report, expected early in June. Galveston Alumni Banquet Tonight Tho annual banquet of Calves ton high school alumni will be held at 7:30 p.m. Saturday in the school gym in the form of a carry- In supper. An orchestra will play for dancing lo begin at !) p.m. Arthur Scott, president of Ihe Alumni association, will acl as loaslmastcr for the banquet, Coinmlllcc« include: food, Dorothy Lynus and Hislly JcmuKan; table and chairs, Wayne Bnhlcr und Ned .'Johnson; table decorations, Debru Ilonk, Belly .lohnson and Helen Doom:; cnlerlalnmcnl, Kred Zehrlng, Frank Day and Max Chambers. Martha Loe Ronk IK secretary ot Ihe a.SHouinllon, The "Toaster Lady"! Josephine Lawman Family Service Association Helps Persons in Trouble is a fn.'u service of Hit! Family Service Association: Every so often 1 like lo men- ( ——•—• lion The Family Service Association of America In this column because it does such wonderful work In helping people who are in trouble, whether 11 be Illness, domestic or financial problems. II him u highly trained and experienced staff and branch offices are widely distributed In llio United Slates. Counseling and all Its services arc available free of charge. i'lven In this Uine of great [Iron- perlty more people are ooeklng help from I bin organl/allon limn ever before. In l!). r >5 around n mil- ion pcr.'iniiM ruuiilvuil counseling and help. Hindi It, Junes, president. of The Family Service Association of America, had Kome iittiM'ii.slla).; tiling lo .say about why no many people need help when l.lrries are so prosperous. II Is apparent. Hint. higher inciimiiH do not. nucuKsni'lly mean thai there will be ffcwor family problcm/i, Mr. Jones mild thai, one reason fur llio Increase In I hi: niimlier of peoplo HID a.'wiocmiion lielpK in simply because II. In hecoinliiK bel.ler known. And, of coiirHO, llni Increase- in population in llio United Stales Is a factor, The population Incriuiiied .'HI million In thu hull. 20 years. Mr, .loneii snld "In- du.'il.rlal expansion llnulf -truly con- Irllnile lo new nodal cnmpUudl.lcH, such a:i InereiiMoil mobility of the family." At. Ihe rale America IM KrowliiK, In III mo™ yearn there will ho aronnil 11)0 million people. There will he more children and morn lonn-a|/ers and more older I'olltH, IIKI will he Ion In your llm renler of altrac-i kllclicn i Tll<! y Servlco AHKoclatlon I'allurn No. fi-llM ronlalmi tloll| of ^"i"''l'-'» I" linvlnc. a dirflciill, mil nmliimu palleni; malerlal ru- lllll < 1 H"tU»K oiioilKh pnopli! for a Milriimeiil.il; iiiiwhiK dlrnclloiiii; . tl '" lll(11 ' " l - lll ' r ' "• lll ' l ' ll '» '"I" " ll " l 'l- •olor tninsfer for floral molifn, |"K« I" dun l.o tin: fad. lli/il. fowof Send Zfic In COINS, for KACH .VnuiiK peeplo In colluKuii aru en- •A'lTKIlN OHDPMIKI), your iiiimo,' 1 '" 1 !''^ |M eonniiia In nodal work. iddriwii and llm I'ATTKIIN MUM- Mr - •'" ..... ' coiidudeil, "Kxcopl. for ttfll to ANNK (.JAHOT (I'linron- wllhorliiH on Ihe vino Hliindy. iinffl- I'rlhune), m W. Qulncy Sl.reul, !l:i " nl - Ki'nwlh Is Ihe only all.wnal.lvu lciiKo (I, III, ''for llm Kinnlly Service l''lehl hi ll'n rondy- Thu l%7 Ncodleworlr 1 '""" " f I' 1 " populnlloa rlmi mid HID AMIIIM — rifly-iilx colorl'n! ]U\WH'. Incroaiied iiiimher of I'ainllli.'ii niioil- ihowliiH many jirnlly deiilKiin; ^"f. pi'ofeiiiilonal iiiiiiliilriiiiiu wll.li iliiH dlreel.loini for maklim II cro- l'"'"'onal (llll'IcultliMi." iliel lluirin and a cnilll. Only 2licj Utelmiaod by Thu ItitKlnlcr i copy I j mill Trillium Syndicate. IDB7) Today! 'EDGE OF THE CITY STARTING SUNDAY Open Sunday 1 PM-Wo«k-Dcry« 5 PM Vincent Astor and Hoagy Carmichael Face Tax Troubles WASIITiNGTON (UP) — Vincent Astor, Ihe millionaire, and Hoagy Cormlchaol, llio songwriter, having lax Lroublus. Handley Recommends $1,500,000 Site'for State Office Building INDIANAPOLIS (UP) -Governor Handley today recommended construction ol a new Indiana state office building on a $1,500,000 site rather than on properly the stale already owns. Handley told the State Office Building Corn-mission "I feel that we should go along with the Met- tropolitan Plan Commission" which suggested a site just norlh or the Slatehouse and frowned on a site'in Military Park, an area the stale owns west of Ihe Capitol. The governor indicated he ap proves metropolitan planning for the future. He said he was In Lake County this weelc and saw industrial expansion which he fell was not patterned with a view lo Uie future. "Indianapolis Is fortunate in having a plan commission,' Handley said. "Let them build the city the way they want It built." The commission met to consider sealed proposals from financial firms on financing construction of "a building in line with o bill passed by the li)37 Legislature permitting Hie state to float bonds or lease and eventually gain title to a structure built privately. I-Iaiidley also lold the commission he favors purchase of an existing building to consolidate offices of the Stale Highway Department, now spread over five buildings. Seven Benson's Farm Program Will Encounter Trouble in House WASHINGTON (UP)—Secretary of Agriculture Ezra T. Benson's farm program today appeared to be in for further trouble in the House just as things began looking up in [lie Senate. Chairman" Harold D Cooley (D- N.C.) of the House Agriculture Committee said Congress will turn down Benson's request for authority to reduce price supports on basic crops. Cooley predicted the Benson pro- Hospital Notes ST. JOSEPH'S Bon:: To Mr. nml Mrs. Iluy- •mond Mitchell, roulo 3. Kewaana. n son; to Mr. and Mi's. Floyii .Martin, route 1, Wullon, u son; In j Mr. mid Mrs. Thomas Drumimmd, • route 2, n son. The Interim! Revenue Sorvicu I Admillwl: Mr.s. Helen Howoll, has hilled Aslor for $M2,«1!).30 " l12 •f<>h'« ll >» slrool; Mrs. Hope which It claims i\ K rolled to pay MHIcr, routu 0; .lames UrldHi 1 , lloynl Center; Mrs. Kmogtme Whn- lay, 1)31 Twenty-First sired. Dismissed: Baby Can.'idiU'U Schmkll, 2S.10 Nortli slreol; MnsU-r Richard Smith, -121! timee alrecl; Murk- Huffman, 1MB Helm slreol; Mrs. Sudlo Fowler, IW'A Seventh .ilroel; I,mils Bniimnn, route II; Mrs. Kvclyn Blgler, 801 Cinrflclil aVIMHie. MKMOH.1AL . Horn; To Mr. nnd Mr.'!. Paul ICnox, IBZTi Cii'iinl ulrwl, n son. Ad:nll.U'd: Mn.sl.cr lloniild Slnv- (!!•, I toy nl Ccnlor; Millon Sltiurl, ;)il() irtimpliniy street. DhmlsM'd: Miss Constance llork- In taxe.s on t "Klfls" to his former wife, Miiry dishing A.slor, when they were divorced In 105.1. It In trying to collect $1,401.711 from CarmlchaL'l on Ki'iiumls he claimed too much In deductions for mjoiil i'oe.i, expenses nnd bond uniorllxntlon. The CIISCK won; disclosed In poll- l.lon.1 IJie iwo filed In pTOlcslliiK thu Movorniminl. claims. Antor said llcm.i ho trnn.iftirroil to his former wife wcru not "Klfl.s" ml. wwo In'lien nt alimony under Lholr dlvoi'CD aKi'''i!tm>nl. 'ho Itumn Included a one million dollar Iriml fuin.1 from which his former wife receives Uui Income, ,:i?r> in furniture, ff7,MO In paint- iu:«, !f:il ,2(111 In a cooperative ii|iartim.'nl, nnd a $27,000 nuck- ;:i>. A.'il.oi 1 .said llio jfovcTiiiiiiinl luul fulled lo note 1.1ml he received In •ullirn $3,05(1 wiii'lll of paintings, M:i,»lK) In dliuiuiiul clips, nnd onu '!">,2fiO AitKMM eow. ('armlehaol prol.iwlud llio KOV- urnin(!ii1.V) clnlrn thai, hid net In- coint) In I lira WIIM ifr,,:!.",!) limleiid :>f tlio $21(117 liu reported. llln :leduclloini of :pll,lHll) for iimml.'i' commlwilimii, $2,(B8i for hoiiil Uliiorlly.allon, nnd l.rnvc-l and html- ne.s.H I'xpoiifH'ii of $1,1-111 wi.'ru (Us- 'iliinvwl. Read the Classified Ads .shire, '110 I'lnsl Main sins;!; Miss Opal llnllniiur, l.nlui ('Icnll; MILS- tin- Donald Dorlon, lloynl Center; Mnslor Richard Dow, ruiito -I; Olamico Krwnmn, II 111 North rtlrixi; Rnsscl! l>'lory, 2011 North slniul; Master MMiaol Mnrtlit, Twelve Mile; Mauler Jnnic.t Ncff, 24 Vi Kasl, Hrondway. 1.OIII) MAVOll IIUTIIIINK IMfllMN (UI'I — l,i)r<l Mayor Holierl .Url.icfln arrived homo from a .two-month visit, lo the United Sl.al.its nnd Canada Friday nlnhl and iiiiiil he would hu hack on the jol) today ilonpllo urduM from I'remlcr Kainon Do Valcrn lo "«tay In bud for l.wo weeltti." llrlrtcou said hn wa.M a "llt!.k' tired" al'lw Innidri'dH of spcedies hul "I fool til. as n fiddle." Pastor Who Killed Robber to Deliver Dinner Invocation INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — The Rev. Robert W. Gingery, a New Albany Methodist, minister who killed a bank robber after he shot lo death the pastor's stale trooper friend, will give the invocation at the Indianapolis Press Club's annual gridiron dinner Saturday night. The Rev. Gingery was among 27 distinguished guests scheduled to sit at the speakers' table, including three U.S. senators, Gov| eraor Ilandley and two former governors of Indiana. Musical entertainment will replace the traditional skits poking fun at politicians and governmental officials. But witticisms by Kokonio attorney G. Richard Ellis as "roastmas-ter" will include a wealth of barbs. Conspicuous by its absence from the speakers' table guest list was the name of former Gov. George N. Craig. Two other ex-governors, Democrat Henry K Schrjckw and Republican Ralph F. dates, will he there. Short political talks aimed at defending their parlies will be given by Sen. William K. ICr.ow- f California for the Republicans and Sen. Richard K. NeubiT- .;er of Oregon for !he Democrats. Sen. Jlnmer K. Capcharl of Indiana also will be present, along with five former "riiaslmask'rs" it. previous gridiron dinners, the slalo chairmen of the political par- ies, President. Herman Wells oJ' iKMaaa University, editor Drys- dnlo Briinnon of ihe Marlon Chronicle, editor Karl Hlchorl of the i'lvansvilh' Press. Mayor Phillip Uiiyl of Indianapolis, Indianapolis speedway owner 'Pony Hiilmntt and olhiii's including several stole lej.ilslnl nrs. Handley will eiilerlaln (he no- 1,'ibl.es at a reception at the governor's mansion before llv dinner. Nevada Explosions Are Again Delayed liAS VKUAS, Nev. IHPl — The Atomic Knergy Commission loilny 'or tlu< third CdiiM-i-utlve day callod off its scheduled opening itonile blast of Ihe ;i>&7 sprlnn- The ixi.slpoiionK'iil was announced bin'ely live hours Imfon- i niielear device with n violence <'<|im-i to 10,001) Ions of TNT was o have been exploded atop a :ioo- 'nol. lower at the Nevada aloitilc •ovlnn grounds, n miles norlh- i.wl. of hero. Thu AKC seli'tillsls explained that wind conditions woiiM hiiv<- vsiilli-il in radniacUve fallout on he small southern Nevada farm :<minmiilly of Alainii and the In- lialjili'd area north of i.hal. |ii,vn. TONIGHT-WJUIAM HOLDEN IN "PICNIC" & "JUBAl" OP'BN DAILY 1 P. M. Midnight Tonight REGULAR PRICES SUN.MON.TUES. THE GREATEST NOVEL EVER WRITTEN NOW MAGNIFICENTLY ALIVE ON THE SCREEN! Throe unforKoMarilu love nlorioii, (old iiKiiiiuil, Um IweltKrminil i)f n world war. Tin-mi liimrii nml (.wnnt.y-iM'K'i'' iiiiniidiii of incomiini'nbli! oiil.ei'lniiiiiiniit...you'll winh tlutru wuro morn! "A SPECTACULAR MOVIG."-i.,'i. OO-'STAMRINO ANrTA BKBBRO TBCHNICOIOH posal would not win support of a majority of committee Republicans, much less Democratic members. The House Wednesday killed th« main provisions of the administration's billion dollar soil bank plan by ordering a halt to the "acreage j reserve" plan at Uic end of this ; year. i Benson denounced the action as "false economy" and looked to the Senate to restore the program. Key senators indicated they opposed the House move and wero in favor of giving the program a longer chance to prove its worth. Members of Cooley's committee generally agreed on the need for overhauling tlw farm program which has resulted in tight production controls on such major export crops as cclton, wheat and rice. But that was as far as agreement appeared to go. Few took , warmly to Benson's proposals but Uiey apparently could not decido among a number of other plans. Supports presently arc set at 73 lo 90 per cent of parity. Benson j has ask'ed the committee for pow' er lo fix supports at GO to 90 per • cent or zero to UO per cent. Other congressional news: Appropriations: Congress passed and senl lo the White House its first appropriation bill — $3.!RM,927,000 (o operato the Post Office and Treasury departments and U.S. Tax Oonr! in fiscal I'.iSlt. Thu bill was cut $80,364,000 — $58,000,030 of it from postal requests. The postal cut virtually assured a n?w reduction in postal services in July. BmlKi't: The congressional budget. cuttitiK fever continued to soar. Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon U. Johnson called for sending Ihe cut postal appropriation t>ill to the While House "on roller skates" to lei the people know how much Congress had sum) on the first appropriation hill of Uie session. Hoiislnit: The Senate Hanking Committee overrode its subcommittee and voted against reducing present miiiinuims on house down- payments with federal mort^iges. The committee also voted to keep public housing construction at .15,000 units a year for the nest two ycs-iivi. The .subcommittee had proposed '.vru.ooo units for the period. Disability: A House judiciary subfommitlre has proixxsed that, either the vice president or a special commission dei'ide when n 1'resiileiit is unable to carry on bis duties. It. left the ohnlce up to tiro full judii'iary eommitli-e. Show Slum At Duik Quiet O|tnn Half Hour burlier SIINIIAV-MONDAY "NEVER SAY GOODBYE" Rock Hutlioti-ConiDll Uorclork im:si>AY.wi:t>Ni:>r>AY "DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK" Hill Kaloy - Ainu fm.il Opin 7iOO p. tn. Han OKI... Clo.o. 13.00 Cl.il.I.on ruin FINAL TONIGHT EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS 3 Big Features for the price of one, plus "Bugs Bunny Cartoon" No. 1 No. 2 SPENCER TMCY ROBERT WAGNER No. 3 VICTOR MATURE • SUZAH BALL J TKCHN.COLOW .JOHN LUNP,.^ji SUNDAY AND MONDAY v IT Will PltAlURE YOU « HUNDHFO WttYS< GARY COOPER COLOR hv OB I UKIB -,<-» Dor^on-tv »*-», ANIKONV PRUKINQ J«... .,...i...,.,g MAIVJOKIC MAIN Co-Peaturu DANA ANDREWS JOMFONTAWE Com* «arly and htt Iha kldillm »n[oy our larp* ployyfourtJ

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