Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 18, 1957 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1957
Page 6
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Kz Lofiansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Saturday Evening, May 18, 1957. NOW IS THE TIME! LI VI NO CHECK THESE ADS FOR IDEAS, VALUES A SMAU HOUSE PUNNING BUREAU DESIGN NO. A-409-F DESIGN A-409-F. This four bedroom house is of frame construction on an insulated concrete floor slab, without basement. A utility room provides for storage, laundry and heating equipment. The floor plan consists of a large combination living-dining room kitchen .with dinette, dual bathroom and four bedrooms, all opening into a central hall. Closets are large and numerous and include coat closets, linen cabinet, storage closets and wardrobes in the bedrooms. Exterior finish calls for vertical siding throughout with a touch of stone or face brick in front, wide eaves, picture window and planter. Floor area is 1G20. square feet, cubage is 17,820 cubic feet. For more information about DESIGN A-40fl-F, write the Small House Planning Bureau, St. Cloud, Minn. In Canada, the Small House Planning Bureau of Canada. St. John, New Brunswick. Plan Your Rec Room Carefully The recreation room is fast becoming an integral part of every home. Even apartment dwellers can sometimes afford an extra room for family fun. It's the hideaway where adults entertain their guests, where children may amuse ability. The room will look larger themselves, where family pets may jit you stick to a solid color, al- cavort to their hearts' content. Iti though a big fad now is the floor is a room apart from the rest of'with the built-in checkerboard or the house that mey be cleaned!chess game. You may have stripes A bright gay Bermuda pink, turquoise, yellow or even an apricot hue can do wonders in creating a snug feeling. I£ the ceiling is loaded with pipes, put in a false ceiling below the pipe-laiden one. A cabinet arrangement around one side of a room to house all sorts of paraphanalia — records, toys, hobby equipment — helps to avoid clutter.. If the playroom is an integral part of the house, hard flooring is to be preferred for its clean- easily and spares other parts of the house from heavy use. When making a plan for a fun room, think it out carefully. You should: (1) Avoid clutter (2) Use easy-to-clean flooring (3) Employ washable fabrics (4) Use sturdy furnishings. If the recreation room is to be in the basement you'll also want to solve any moisture and drainage problems that may exist before you embark on your decoorating scheme. You don't want a leaky cellar after you invest in good floor and wall covering. Painted walls can give your room a cozy look, although wood panelling also is very attractive. i diagonals or rectangles if you pre- 'fer. If the floor surface is level laying the tile should be a simple matter. There are many systems for leveling off uneven floors. It's easy to keep floors shining. A new floor wax containing vinyl is recommended for linoleum, asphalt, rubber and vinyl tile, and in one corner of the room to double as a seat. A cabinet below book shelves may house bridge table, bridge chairs, children's folding chairs, and other things. Upholstery and window fabrics should be tubbable. Any furnishing put in your recreation room should Modernize Heating Plant in Summer Heating plant modernization work is best done in the summer. If arrangements are made to have the work started now,-the rejuvenated heating plant can be ready long before the snow flies. dated.-objects. Cast-off upholstered furniture may be made to look new with a gay slip-cover; old end tables may be painted in chic decorator colors. If there.is not enough sturdy but old-fashioned furniture around the house, it may be easy to locate at used furniture shops. EIG AS A HOUSE One of the most durable .of woods is western red cedar which has been endowed by nature with an oily texture which repulses insects, Ullttll, 1UUUU1 HIJU Vinvi Lilt;, CUJM - . ... . ' even finished wood. It is a water- [making it long lasting. This re- repellent, self-polishing wax that imarkable wood co.mes from giant includes scuff-resistant qualities. |lrees whjch grow along the north- Anything you desire to screen , orn ?ac)f 'c Coast. One of the larg- out of view may be hidden withi est known cedar trees is located near North Bend, Washington, the same type of picket fencing that is used out of doors painted in the same over-all color as your fun room. A large flat toybox may be kept measures 200 feet tnll and 58 feet in circumference near the ground. 1 dramatizing vances that have been made in these industries in recent years. The progress in heating has been particularly significant, says the Plumbing and Heating Industries Bureau. New heating equipment is more compact. Now boilers, take little more space than a refrigerator. With the advenl of baseboard healing and panel heating, the distribution of heat no longer interferes wilh furnilure arrangements. When teamed with a clock Iher- moslat, automatic healing provides Ihe ultimate in comfort in that night-lime tempera lures are reduced to a comfortable level for sleeping while daytime tempera- lures are raised before Hie family is ready for breakfast. Controlled heat is more healthful heal. There are no sharp ups and downs in the temperature Ask Nursery To Aid Home Landscaping When you landscape your now house, ask your local nurseryman to suggest shrute and trees that v/ill suit .your lype of home and the way it is located on your lot. Professionally-trained nurserymen can enhance the beauty of your home by blending it into the landscape. Through the correct choice of plants, they can call attention lo Ihe attractive lines of the house and disguise or elirni- nalo olher fealures. Stressing the importance of proper landscaping, real cut ate brok erg agree lhal a house with well- kept grounds always has a higher value than one without. Houses with attractive shrubs have sold up to 20 percent more than those with Bkirnpy, poorly-planned plantings. Tips By Nurserymen Here are some suggestions by the American Association of Nurserymen to improve the beauty of your grounds. Don'l p'anl your shrubs in straight lines. Curved contours are usually best. They soflen Ihe hard, angular lines of the lioune. Tree. 1 ! usually look best when planted a short distance from the house. If any purl, of your house i/i exposed to the hot summer sun for long periods of the day, plant fast-growing shade trees an noon an you can. I'lanling.'i around tho entrance should coniiisl of slow-growing shrubs which will never reach higher lhan several feet. Other- wine, they may have lo he cut buck frequently to keep your eri- truncn walks clear. I.nw HhriiliH lor Kiiumliillun Low slow-growing shrubs also are usually bunt for foundation)!. They should cover thw foundation, but at full height, should mil reach above find floor window aills. For foundation plantings, the nit- micliillon recommends only shrubs that wlll_ remain full and green the entire year. If flowers are planlwl hero they may look lovely for a few month/: when they arc in bloom, but the roil of the lime the ugly concrete foundation will be Your local nurseryman also cnn «uggo«l how to line shrubs to solve Kpccliil problems. For example, nn evergreen hedge can shut out neighbors' views of your property and give you welcome privacy. You can choose- hedges to grow to heights of a few Inches or up to 2(1 feet. Another common borne own«r«' problem—noise, from the /itrceU- can he solved by planting lrce« on the iitreel nlde of the properly, Tho association ha.i found that mich planting!! can reduce noises by an much as nil percent. WITH for B«auty and Economy K PERU BRIKCRETE CO. 479 Adams Ave. Peru, Indiana HAVE Beautiful Floors In Just One Day. OHM BERRYFAST and BERRYSEAL Rant Our Sandors HYMANS' STORE Homo of Uonoll Pnlnt • Wnllpnpcr - Hndlo • TV 530 N. Cleott I'll. W.\ or 21883 Housewives Turning Away From Large Picture Windows American housewives arc turn- ( ing away from large, "useless"! and "impractical" picture win-! rlows, 11 is emphasized in the offi-| cial report of the government- Kponsorod Women's Congress on Housing, which has jusl been released. The Congress, which was organized by Ihe Housing and Tlome Finance Agency in Wash- inglon, was altcnded hy representatives from every section of; the country. i Women now reject finor-lo-cell-l ing glass areas "because Ihey de-l stroy privacy, are co.slly to drape: and difficult lo keep clean, and] also bocau.se they make healing'j more expensive in cold weather| and increase air-cooling loads ini hot-weather," Ihe report stales. j "The women wanl privacy forj informal family living and they want houses planned lo assure the required areas, for the family as a group and for individual members." At Ihe Congress many representatives stated thai housewives wilh wall-high p-iclure windows often found themselves scrubbing Iho floors while nelghborn watched Ihern from the strecl. Another objection Is the difficulty of keeping such large glass expanses free from rllrl and dusl. "The women waril windows lhal are Bfisy lo clean," the report stales. "Sashes lha 1 . may be removed for cleaning had a wide appeal." Tests by the makers of It. 0. W. windows — the rcmov- e, operaling, wood lype — prove thai, wish taken from the frame can lie washed Indoors In about one-third the time required when Iho sash is held wllhin UK; frame. Ogg Grabbed a Limb Since the flrnl caveman grabbed up a fallen piece of wood lo I'l^hl off a vicious animal, man iwed wood for shelter, for weapomi and r or toolH, Today, an with our ciivc- inuti ancient, wood plays a dominant part In our liven. We take II r or granted, when we iieo more .linn ninety perconl of our liorncw Tamed, nlded, and finished Imddo in woiirl, lhal UI|K is a natural way if life fur Americans. Knw of 1111 nt'/ii lo roall/.o Unit wood In a iniilcrlal lhal wan mil Invented by man. Nature gave II. homily, an In Ihe lovely and Incomparable grain and Icxluro of tho fir and went ;:oai!l. hemlock. MAY ... IS PLUMBING, HEATING-COOLING MONTH . . . and now is tho time to rravo your Plumbing and Heating contractor inspect your present equipment— (you'll avoid the summer rush) . . . h0 also is offering low prices on now fixtures and equipment during this special month. If you're thinking of installing a now water system for your suburban homa or farm be sure to contract your Plumbing - Hoating Contractor now during May. Ho Is tho man with the KNOW-HOW and with tho equipment to do tho job. BAKER SPECIALTY & SUPPLY CO., INC - DISTRIBUTORS 701 Erio Avo. Log an sport GAL. I I For an Impressive Entrance First iiiiprcsHloiiH nru lasting. Knhmieo tho cntrnncn In your linmo with ornumcnl.nl Iron wm'k Wo rriuko lliem Lo your MpcclflcnllmiH In our pliint. Logansporr Metal Culvert Co. ;:;:» iimum HI. i»»i 5i!>7 LOGANSPORT LUMBER CO. 719 Spencer Phone 3067 _ ^ IF YOU'RE PLANNING ON BUILDING A NEW HOME Be Sure to Contact Pattee Construction Co. Hundreds at I'lmis of Cfliivcnllonnl-nulll llinncH 401 W. Clinton HI., LogniiNpiirl curve. Because there is no waste heat, automatic heating is more economical. Hot water healing offers certain plus values such as the use of the boiler for snow melting on the walks and driveways and the indirect healing of Ihe faucet water by Ihe same boiler which heats lha house. Big Eight Conference Now LINCOLN, Neb. (UP) - Tlw Big Seven Conference today ad- milled Oklahoma A&M for membership by unanimous vote. Tha conference will be known as Uw Big Eight. CARTER'S Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HOME and INDUSTRY MONTICELLO, Ind. Phone 624 GARAGES rr- 39 SIZES 12x20 24x30 No Monoy Down 36 Months To Pay You can't boal our Garogos for Quality or Prleo, You MUST Soo Our Display al our Homo In Thornhopo lo approcialo tliolr Iruo valuo. Also Car Ports, Porchoo, Broazo- ways, Sholl-Cottagot and Housru. Shown Dally Excopt Safurdays CHARLES RAGLE AND SONS Box 12, Oak, Ind. PPLED Puinl — remodel — repair... now. Jlcpiiy In oiuiy-lo-mcet monthly pnymuntij while you enjoy tho new comfort, new pleasure 1 , now nUrac- livcntiuu of your homo. Fiwt AND LOAN ASSOCIATION VI (UftHOt Assets ova i- 11 Million Dollars 314 fourth Stroaf BEFORE YOU BUY YOUR HEATING EQUIPMENT BE SURE YOU GET AIL 3 1. Quality Products (Gas, OH, or Coal) 2. Proper Planning & Engineering 3. Expert Installation by Trained Men CITIZEN'S COAL & SUPPLY CO. Can furnish all 3 with n»ults Guarantied to Satisfy. Soo Us Bofor* You Buyl 'f I'll ICiiPIKirKi'lNKIIll!-; 1 : '.Ill IIS-Hi IN STOCK ' LUMBER PLYWOOD -. PANELING -' ROOFING SIDING MILLWORK HARDWARE PAINT GARDEN SUPPLIES . ; TOO! RENTALS '; CEMENT : TOOLS YES SIR! WEEKEND CARPENTERS! You'ro going in tho right direction wlion you do business with us. Wo can holp with cidvico and ideas, and savo you monoy too! Consider the following for your springtime projecfs [~| GARDEN TRELLISES || LAWN FURNITURE I".') GARDEN HOUSE |;j GARAGE D PANELING D SHELVES & CLOSETS OPEN SUNDAY MOWNING South Side Lumber Co. 811 Burlington Avo. Phono 2319 WE GUARANTEE OUTSIDE WHITE HOUSE PAINT •11) 1111 KQUAI. IN l)UAI,ITV <tUVKIIIN(i CAPACITY TO ANV TAINT AT ANT I'lltCK IINHKIt ANY IIIIANi; NOW ON Tllli MAI1KKT. DAVIDS 516-518 E. Broadwqy Phono 3167

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