Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 22, 1957 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1957
Page 15
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um Logansport —Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday. Continued cold. Low tonight in 20s. High Saturday 35. Sunset, today 4:25 p.m. Sunrise Saturday 6:37 a.m. High today 36, noon; low 26 at 6 a.m. Sunday outlook: Snow. "YOUR HOME TOWN KEWSPAPER 1 NOW IN OUR 114th YEAR HOME EDITION Founded 1844- Fur All Dvpnrlnient* 1'lione -llil LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 22, 1957. Full-Leunrfl United i'rrl, Wire* Day and .Mjrlit Price Per Copy, Seven Cents FULTON DOCTORS SEND CJFTS FOR PATIENTS REVEAL U. S. METEORS Air Force Announces 33,000 M. P. H. Speed PRESENT CHECK FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND Working On Anti-cancer Compounds WASHINGTON 'UP>-Tlie U.S. Public Health Service announced May it lias put sij: research organizations to work producing potential new pounds. The service's anti - cancer com- National Causer Institute said one group of compounds to be synt/iesized under the new research contracts is known as antimetabolit.es. The compound inhibits growth of cancer cells by blocking certain metabolic reactions, or life processes, the institute said. HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. (UP')— Tile Air Force announced today that it launched artificial meteors last month over New Mexico at 54 miles altitude and at a speed of 33,000 miles per hour. The experiment was performed Oct. 16 by the geophysics research directorate of the Air Force Cambridge (Mass.) Research Center. The meteors were fired from an Aerobee rockcl emitting a light ! 5,000 times brighter than the "Soviet Sputnik." The Air Force speculated lhal the meteors, an undisclosed number of aluminum pellets, may have "gone into inter-planetary space." The announcement explained that the velocity required to shoot materials into space and escape the gravity of the earth is 25,000 miles an hour, 8.000 miles an hour U said these compounds resem- . s !°7 er l , nan lne s P ecti ° f ble needed chemicals and are ac- cial meteors. Fulton county Medical Society was the first organization to send Us Christmas gifts for mental patients to the Logansport state Ii6spitnl this year. Looking over approximately 50 gifts received Thursday afternoon from the Fulton county doctors for distribution at ward Christmas parties alonjf with those donated by other groups In the hospital district is Carl Luebbert, recreation director. (Pharos-Tribune Photo-Engraving) ADVISORS MEET Sharp Sets Lower Cost For New School Program City school Charles L. morning I hat s u pe r int endentlTluis the total cost of building Set Sites For Gift Campaign Annual Drive To Aid 'Cliff Patients Chairmen and collection cepted by the 'cells. However they i "An excellent photograph of the differ from needed chemicals j event was obtained by means of enough to interfere with the cells' i tn e Baker Super-Schmidt meteor metabolic processes oC self-repair and self-reproduction. Laboratory tests have shown that when cancer cells absorb certain antimetabolii.es, cell repairs are faulty and the mils either fail to grow and multip.'y or die, the institute said. The cancer instit'ite said hormonal substances offer another "promising" avenue of cancer research. It said both male and fe- cameras at Sacramento Peak Observatory in New Mexico," the announcement said. "It shows an artificial meteor traveling at a speed greater than t 33,000 miles per hour with a i Mrs. Bea Mcllwain, on the led, president of th e local Business and Professional Women's club, )• shown above presenting a $100 check to Miss Mary Catherine Golden, treasurer of the Special Education Equipment, Fund. The check was donated to th e Cass County Council for Mentally Retarded Chil- brightness of minus two magnitude i clcott strcc ' (aboul as bright as Venus)," the! Air Force added. j "When the rocket reached an altitude of 35- miles above the desert, its tip, which contained the dren by the B. & P.W. for equipment for the spec! al education school under construction on South (Pharos-Tribune Photo-Engraving) LITTLE STARLINGS sites male hormones hinder growth of .shaped charges (of aluminum pel- aid Friday i three junior high school buildings for the drive for Christmas gifts and remodeling the high school for Longcliff patients in Cass Men fa of Columbia s j ze |Would be about $2,000,000, cons id-! county's four incorporated towns .1.1 erably less than the cost of a!were announced Friday. a cost of between > w ^ sch ° o1 ' he ~' J "•'-" """- 1 - " S500 000 and $600,000 each. | Sharp's comments were , ' . ... „;,.., Friday after a meeting of the Ci- In contrasta new h,gh s^ool , ' Committee Thurs. duphcaung the facilities of thei dav ^^ a| / wnich tim£ , ^.^ increasing enrollment in and the possible cost a new junior high school or high school building were scussed. Sharp was not present at the . dav nis present building, which contains ( gn * ihi f two gymnasiums, an auditorium' and a swimming pool, would cost the city from 2.5 to 3 million dollars, he said. _ I d j scussed _ If the present high school is' maintained., he added, it could Charier Goodrich is the chair- ::nade! m sn for Royal Center, and gifts donated tor patients in that area rr\ay be taken to the Community State bank, t\e reported. Chris Bahler, the Galveston chairman, announced that the collection center there will be the John Thomas Company. Residents; of the town of Wal- be remodeled for a bout $2^ 21 TO 35 Jaycees Seek Outstanding Young Farmer Who is this community's most outstanding young farmer? That's the question raised by a new Junior Chamber of Commerce project now in the planning stages, according to Bill Neville, president of the local Jaycee group. Very soon, a community-wide search will begin with the public asked to nominate any farmer, aged 21 through 35, who is making outstanding progress in his agriculture career, is practicing soil and natural resource conservation and who maintains a consistent contributory role in community improvement and affairs. mceting jecause of the Teachers Recruitment program at the high school, where he was one of the speakers. Committee members v/ere told that enrollment in the city schools had climbed from 2,820 in 1943 to 4,640 today, A preliminary report from the finance committee estimated the cost of a new junior high school at $,'1,200,000. A new high school would cost $4,000,000. The building would contain 47 rooms, each capable of holding 30 children. It was pointed out, however, that these estimates were for a "plush" school. Committee members a.greed that it was much more than the city could afford, and indicated their interest in a more functional school. They were told that a junior high school was built at Muncie for 51100,000. Several members plan to visit the Muncie school arid s:hools at Lafayette Monday. The committee, which is making a study of proposed 'school con- ton may take Walton-Tipljn their gifts township to the public library, according to Miss Beulah ' Hall, Walton chairman, and residents of Onward may take •their gifts to the Er.yeart grocery, according to Mrs: Elizabeth Means, Onward chairman. cancer cells by charging the hor-| lels antl explosives), was auto- mone environment which the cells matically separated from the rock- need to continue reproducing. et '. 'he A:r. Force-said. Gain $1,516 In Seal Sale Contributions to the 1957 Cass county Christmas Se.il Sale totaled Sl.516.70 Friday morning, one week after the campaign began. Mrs. Ramon Simpson, general bairman, said $1,S22..55 was from -,.,_• - , the city, with the remainder com- ?\ Alr Forcer , said th 's was the ;„„ r,.™ tvio nn ,,n-« sho c=,iH! rir st successful experiment "Thus when the explosion occurred at 54 miles altitude, the remaining instrumentation in the rocket was not damaged." The "shaped charges" directed lhe exploiiive forces at tremendous speeds. The experiment was suggested by Prof. F. Zwicky of California Institute of Technology and was first tried in 1947 using V-:2 rockets, the announcement said. There were other attempts, but City Ponders New Plan For Scaring Away Birds City offici.ils next Wednesday will receive u final report and recommendations from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife iiervice on how to rid the city of its bird problem, it was revealed Friday by Mayor Ralph Eberts. Eberts- disclosed that the Fish and Wildlife Service has been conducting a study of the local bird to is at the Gas office of the Northern Indiana Public Service company, Third and Broadway. The Cass county Association for Mental Health, sponsor of the annual appeal to "Share a Christmas gif; with a mental patient," has set Sunday, Dec. 15, as the date on which all gfits should be Jackson township chairman Elsie Miller turned in S44 Thursday aft- "The production of the artificial ernoon. j meteors should prove very useful The county Tuberculosis Associa- as f tool for controlled experi- •••— board will meet next Tuesday ™ nts '" th ?, P^ics of the upper atmosphere, the Air Force said. in. They be distributed to lhe patients at Christmas parties in the hospital wards December 22. Gift tags and pamphlets suggesting suitable gifts for either male or female patienls -are available at the collection site. The Fulton county Medical society was the first group to complete its donation of gfits. proximately 50 gifts from Ap- that Purpose of the search, according struction projects, was shown ,, ulll:l mu » ucs ^ u, e ^u^nu to Mr. Neville, is to increase pub-! charts outlining the rise in enroll-;district also are conducting gift group were received Thursday afternoon at the 'state hospital. Obher counties in the lie understanding of the farmer and his problems — and to create, through example, more youth interest in farming as a profitable and satisfying career. Numerous awards will be made to the community winner and runner-up. Winner will be entered in the slate judging and may win an all-expense trip to a national awards program in Indianapolis Indiana, next April. There, during a three-day awards program, A- •merica's Few Outstanding Youns Farmers of'1057 will be selected and honored. For the fourth year, Jaycees and the American Petroleum Institute committee on agriculture, are national co-sponsors. More than 1,500 communities are expected to participate. Nomination forms will soon be available from the Junior Chamber and at other locations within the city, according to Mr. Neville, Smart People Use Want Ads Daily Be smart like the 80,000 persons who read the Pharos-Tribune and Press classified section daily. They know that is the place to look for values. 1929 factory built pickup, Model A, $50. xxxxx. It was sold on the first day the ad ran. You, too, can sell those items around the home or garage that you thought were unsellable when you phone 4141 and tell a trained acltakcr what It is that you -want to advertise. ment during that period. The charts showed that enrollment is increasing at Franklin, Longfellow, Jefferson and Webster schools, but is remaining stable at .other schools. They also indicated that 248 of the pupils in grades one through six are transfer pupils, brought in from the county. An estimate of enrollment figures for 1960 indicated that there would be 1,160 pupils in junior high school (including the ninth grade: and 1,100 in the high school. At present there are 1,030 pupils in grades seven through n'me, and 871 in grades ten through twelve. By 1966 enrollment at the high! school is expected to reach 1,400. The committee was told that this figure is the capacity of the present high school building. drives, Mrs. Everett Smith of the Ac- Uvity • Therapies department at the state hospital, today announced the names of eleven Carroll county organizatior.ts that will sponsor ward Christmas parties at Longcliff this year. They are The Delphi' Christian church, the Delphi Lions club, the Camden church, the Psi Iota Xi sororities of Flora and Delphi, T.ri Kappa of Delphi, Delphi Rural Youth, Cutler Presbyterian church, Delphi American Legion, Delta Theta Chi of Flora, and the Clay township Home Economics . club at Rossville. P.™. in th. county nurse to discuss the progress of the campaign. Brown's Trial Rescheduled CROWN POINT (U?)—The murder trial of George Brown, 25, who escaped with six other Lake County jail prisoners, Thursday was rescheduled for Dec. 2. Brown's trial was scheduled originally for Monday, but when tourt convened the defendant had escaped. Brown, the "Dunes killer", was accused of the rape-slaying of two women. The ex-convict was recaptured Wednesday with another escapee at Mattoon, 111. Three others including two accused players, were captured within 24 hours of the Two, Wallace Cass Savings Bond Sates Show Increase U.S. Savings Bond sales in Cass county were $121,198,90 during October, an increase of $4,606.80 over the $106,592.10 sold during the same month last year, according to Charles H. Wilkinson, chairman of the counly Savings Bond Committee. Savings bond sales in the state were 5.3 per cent higher than during October of 195G, while Cass county sales were up more than 4 per cent. National sales for the same period dropped 13.6 per cent, it was reported. It was also revealed that 52 of 92 . . i mono total's. J.WU, VVtlllUCU 1V1U- Indiana counties reported sales hammedi „,_ charged wjth grand gains over those a year ago. New City Fire Truck Taken On First Run City firemen took the new 600- gailon. pumper, purchased recently, on its first run at 9:30 p.m. Thursday, going to Washington township. The firmen were called to the Joe Minnick Jr. home which is under construction. They reported that a salamander had exploded, causing minor smoke damage, but no'; starting a blaze. Firemen were also called at 12:45 a.m. Friday to extinguish a trash fire at the west end of Biddies Island larceny and Houston 2. Smith, 18, charged with auto theft, are still at large. The men escaped from a Inflationary Spiral Ends, Says Mitchell WASHINGTON (UP) — The inflationary spiral has ended. So, too, apparently has the 13- month rise in the cost of living. Secretary of Labor James P. Mitchell gave the good news to Americans. The Bureau of Labor | Statistics was to issue a cost of | living report today for the month of October. Council Cuts Funds By $475 Action Taken At Today's Meeting- The Cass county council cut only $•175 off requested additional appropriations and transfers of fund* William D. Fitzwsler Jr. of the'totaling $81,279.04 at its special government agency has been in' Ung Frid morni ,. ^ contact wrth city officals.tne may-1 0 , fice of County Auditor Richard or said. The survey was carried; Go]l j out by Fish and Wildlife employes j ,,',..., , from the service's extension sta-j cu11 .<:hmmatod a S400 request by lion at Purdue Univeristy, Lafa-!? nenff ?• R- Carson for he detec- vette i tor equipment and reduced a re" ' _. , ., ., ., .requested $300 for an adding ma- Mayor Eoerls said the method hine ,„ lhe treasure ,. s otf f ce to recommended by the agency us use! *,,<,of a delayed-explosion shotgun: prob'.ems and will deliver its recommendations to the Board of Pubiic Works at its meeting next week. shell designed for just 'such problems. Details of the methods and program will be spelled out for the city in the report next Wednesday. The mayor, who has one of the special shells, said a feature of the program, expected to be carried out immediately, is the ex- He reported that city policemen would ,. • .. .. . ,,.„„ ,f _ r shells, w-hich are made in Japan. Miicndl said the level ,ng of o n other prices is a "good sign' because, " • .. , > . slrcel inflation "has been a concern of inflation "has een a concern o , emploves, who would many people.' It represents and .'...., f ' h -, .:_,.,. hoiir , end of the "so-called inflationary splVal," he. said. Defense Big Item One big item in the nation's economy appeared certain to go up, however. That was Defense spending — and with it a probable rise in the federal budget. A parade of top administration officials pounded hard on the theme that defense and missile spending would have to take precedence over any balanced budget. Vice President Richard M. Nixon said "we must never make the and-water" diet in the disciplinary section of the jail. The five were back on the meager rations. bread- mistake of putting a price tag on ATOMIC OFFER MADE KARACHI, Pakistan (UP)— The United States has offered Pakistan $350,000 toward the building o! an atomic reactor, U.S. Ambassador J. M. Langley disclosed Thursday night. Langley, in a speech at Dacca, said American aid was intended to maintain Pakistan's internal security and to protect it 'against external aggression. be required for about eight hours, according to Eberls. This method of combating the bird population, Eberls explained, The $80,804.04 allowed for the remainder of the year included $3.089.54 for counly revenue items, all by transfer of funds, and $1,900 for hospital maintenance, all by transfer of funds. The councilmen allowed $53,900 for the highway department of which $2Ui45.95 represents transfers and $32,254.05 additional appropriations. The $21.9M.!>0 allowed for hospital construction is all additional appropriations. Seek Patient Entertainment uiru pi/puiauuu, i^uti ts uAjj'**" 1 ^"! i . is to scare them away, rather than An appeal for assistance from to kill them, although some would 1 local, organizations in presenting be killed. The mayor said repeated: Sunda y. afternoon programs for the firing of the shells at selected sites| entertainment of Logansport State where the birds roost is supposed hospital patients was issued Fn- scare them away for some! <*W by Carl Luebbert, director• of recreational therapy at Longcliff. to time. The program is expected to be implemented as soon as the recom. mendations are completed and the special shells obtained. Accused Killer military strength or on what we will do to enable the United States ,. and the Free World to avoid being j Finally placed ::n a position where we can' |_ California be blackmailed." NEW COLLEGE PLAN NEW YORK (UP) - Former President Herbert Hoover proposed Thursday night that some of the nation's high schools be converted into college preparatory institutions as a means toward increasing the output of scientists and engineers. Police Slate Driver For Two Violations Calvin riayden, 41, of route 6, city, was arrested at 1 .a.m. Fri- duy by city police for improper registration and violation of a restricted operator's license!. He was slated for city court and released. Officers reported that Hayden h;ad stopped his car on Fourth street, in the middle of the street, and they discovered the violations CHECKING MOTOR TRANSPORTATION Sudan Official to Visit Logansport Next Week Moawia Aziz, 25, foreman in the Motor Transport department of the government of the Sudan in Africa, will spend several days in Logansport next week as part of a na- tionrwide tour he is making under the Foreign Specialists program of the International Educational Exchange Service of the U. S. Depart-i 3,000 trucks and 1,000 passenger ment of State, it was announced cars), he is interested in studying Friday. Arrangements for his visit 'here "s-»---~ ---. --- _ Wednesday noon Nov. 27. why the car was halted there. aim uiu.y ujbuuveicu uie viUJimous. , . ~: , i. n .,« when they stopped to check on | «nW Sunday morning Dec. i lave been made by the local Altrusa club. Logansport is the only Indiana city on his itinerary, with the exception of an hour's stop-over in Fort Wayne enroute to Akron, 0., after he leaves here. Mrs. Florence Daggy, president of the Altrusa club, said that Mr. Aziz is scheduled to arrive here at AGED BOCTOR DIES LAFAYETTE (UP)—Dr. John S. Morrison, who delivered more than 2,000 babies and performed Lafayette's first successful Caesarea section delivery, died Wednesday after practicing medicine here [ more than 50 years. home of the Rev, and Mrs. J. W. While on Friday evening. Since, he will not have much opportunity to visit farms in the other places on his itinerary, the Sudanese official will be taken Saturday on tours of the Mary Donohue and Delbert Smith farms and the Gerald Skinner poultry farm. He will be entertained Saturday the manasement of motor vehicle | evening by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pohl- fleets in the United States. Conse-'man. road from Chicago. He will be the guest ot 'Mr. and Mrs. Guy Woolpert, 3126 Pennsylvania avenue, during his stay here. In view of his potential responsibilities in the Motor Transport department of the Sudanese 'government (which operates a fleet of quently, arrangements have been made for him to visit Kain's Motor Service, Mrs. Daggy stated. Mr. Aziz will have an opportunity to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with an' American family. He will be the guest of State Representative and Mrs. Robert D. Schmidt for Thanksgiving dinner. He will visit the Logansport state hospital Friday afternoon and 11 a.m. via the Pennsylvania rail- will be the dinner guest at the Mr. Aziz will_-leave here at 9:25 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 1, by Indiana Motor bus. Most of his itinerary, which began August 26 and ends December 15, includes the larger cities of the United States. He has been in N'ew York City, Detroit, Toledo, Washington, D. C., Portland, Ore., San Francisco, Flagstaff and Phoenix, Ariz., and is now in Chicago. After leaving here he will visit Alt ron, 0., Atlanta, Ga., and Washington, D. C., again. Born Jan. 7 1832, at Wad Medani in the Sudan, he is a mechanical engineer, having received his B. S. degree from Cairo university last year. He is a Moslem. During his visit to the U. S. he has observed in detail, such phases of motor vehicle fleet operations as maintenance, repair, overhaul, purchasing, dispatching and control in order to obtain information and ideas which might be useful to him as an administrator. He also has visited schools of engineering where automotive engineers and mechanics are trained. His knowledge of English is very good, according to the Committee on Leaders and Specialists of the American Council on Education, which was in charge of-.setting up his itinerary. BAKERSFIELD, Calif. CUP)— Authorities said today an escaped mental patient and accused killer arrested here apparently stopped in Indiana and bought clothing en- route here from New York on his transcontinental flight. Frank Edward Wetzel, a man so tough his threals brought out Any group willing to present plays or other entertainment in the Longcliff auditorium on a Sunday afternoon should contact the recreational director either by phone or by mail, it was announced. . The Sunday afternoon programs help provide diversion for the pa- tienls during the long week-ends, Luebbert pointed out. Soviets Kidnaped German Scientists PHILADELPHIA (UP)— Russia kidnaped more than 2.C9D German scientists at the end of World War simple vagrant, the FBI said. He j ^^ A amy ° mcer tCsUfied was identified later by fingerprints! illursaa y ; ' Vladimir Shabmsky, ex-lieutenant colonel in the Red army, to'd a Senate Internal Security subcommittee hearing here that Soviet espionage activity in !he past 10 years enabled Russia to gel a as the man sought in a nationwide manhunt as the suspected slayer of two North Carolina state patrol men. Police said Welzel had clothin< bought at a Vincennes, Ind., store. His prints were found on a stolen automobile parked near the alley j where he was caught. The car was stolen in Louisville, Ky., Nov. 9. Wetzel is an escapee from a New York mental hospital. He broke out vowing to free his brother, William, who is awaiting execution in Parchman (Miss.) State Prison for the murder of a fellow prison inmate. scientific jump on the rest of the world. FARM WORKER KILLED FRANKFORT (UP)—Peter Hobson, 61, Forest, was killed late Thursday when his clothing became caught in a corn picker on the Wiiltha Smith farm near Forest. The machine hurled Hobson against the ground several times and he died of a broken neck and internal injuries. CLASSIFIED ADS for the Sunday Pharos-Tribune and Logansport Press may be placed Up to 5 p.m. Saturday PHONE 4141 ask for an adlakcr

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