Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 17, 1957 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 12
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Twelve Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Wife's Mistake Nine Years Ago Should Be Forgotten Dear Ann: I don't need advice. I just want to ask you if I did the right thing. This has been bother- *row up to be feminine creatures, as the Good Lord intended. , , .- chat with the family doctor ing me since 1948. My wife and I (should open the half-back's eyes were married four years. I gave| an d put an end to this foolishness which stems from pure ego. * 9 * Dear Ann: You'll never get another letter like this and I'll guarantee it. There's only one guy in the world who could create such a problem—and I'm married to him. We have a darling son who is four years old. My husband is teaching the boy to smoke cigars. He thinks this is very cute and assures me cigars are not harmful. Of course this act has created a 1 her a surprise birthday party and invited a friend who worked at the same plant. He was separated from his wife and was down in the dumps. This fellow fell for my wife and started to phone here for dates, She seemed to like him a lot, too. Be fore I knew it she told me sho was moving in with him. I said 0. K. but to be sure to get a ring. I left the divorce proceedings up to her and agreed to let her go. In three months he called and asked me to come and get her. He said i they weren't in love after all, and' it was a big mistake. I took her back (there'd been no divorce) and never said a word to either one of them about it since. I still work with this fellow but I'd never trust him again. All my friends say I was a fool to take my wife back. Although this happened nine years ago I still think about it every day. I don't believe T ,,, , , - * . , iiJV.41^ 13 MUtlJIll^ VUtU dUUUL. Cl 111 ever be able to forgive or for- four-year-old smoking cigars. Since get what she pulled on me if I live! your words see m to be falling on to be 100. Have I been a fool about dcaf ears ask your doctor to talk Longcliff TV to Be Demonstrated During Open House May 26 There will be a demonstration of :he Logansport state hospital's closed circuit television system during :be annual Open House to be held Tom 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Sunday, Hay 26, according to Eugene Darby, director of adjunct therapies at Longcliff. Thousands of visitors are expected to visit Longcliff during the day. Guided tours will leave from sensation among our friends. The he administration building at fre- child does not inhale but he puffs iquent intervals and routes will be away and seems to enjoy it. Will marked so that those who do not you please say something in your column about a father who would do such a thing? I'm hoarse from yelling but it does absolutely no good.—BEAT-DOWN MOTHER Yeah, your husband is a rare one. When they made him they broke the mold all right— but they must have dropped him, too. There's nothing cute about a this?—TEDDY You'll never live to be 100 if you don't quit beating yourself ovei the head every day about some thing that happened in 1948. Your wife was wrong wrong wrong wrong and you were mighty generous to take her back. But you DID take her back, and that should have closed the situation. Quit collecting opinions and use your energy to make a go of this marriage. Dear Ann: I have a problem that's never been discussed in your column. I wonder if anyone else has this same situation? My husband is a wonderful husband and father. He's a real family man, never carouses or spends money foolishly. We have two daughters, 11 and 9, and I'm sure he's disappointed that we have no sons, although he's never said so. He was a miler in high school and played football in college. He buys the girls baseball bats, teaches them how to climb trees and fight like boys. Ho encourages them to wrestle and build up their muscles. Our daughters are the toughest girls in tho neighborhood. They can beat up on any of the boys their age. They don't like to wear dresses and have no interest in the little feminine frills that I loved when I was their age. My husband is proud of all this. I am concerned. What do you say?—W.M. I'd say you have plenty to be concerned about. Parents who encourage girls to be boyish., or boys to be girlish make a grave mistake and sometimes do damage that lasts a lifetime. If your husband is determined to raise boys you should adopt a couple and permit the daughters to Summer Pillows! to that man. If he wants to amuse his friends with parlor tricks, why doesn't he stand on that flat head of his? # * * CONFIDENTIALLY: D I S A GREEABLE: Sit down with your mother and tell her exactly how you feel. Have a Family United Nations Conference. Talking it over could prevent all-out war. (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. First Sub-Hunting U-Boat Is Launched GROTON, Conn. (UP)--The USS Skate, the first- hunt-and-kHl-type atomic submarine to be built, slipped into tbe baptismal waters of the Thames River today. Smaller than either of her nuclear-powered predecessors, the Nautilus and Seawolf, the Skate was christened by Mrs. Lewis B. Strauss, wife of the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. Waiting tugs in the river fielded the hull and towed it to a nearby wet dock where the Skate will be 'fitted with its reactor. Navy Undersecretary William B. Franke called the Skate "the first of the assembly line subs. Her launching marks the end of the era of research and prototype development." He believed "The-day is coming when many of our ocean going ships will be nuclear-powered—-not only for our naval ships but also our liners and freighters." desire a guided tour may make a more leisurely inspection of any phase of the hospital operation. Movies concerning various aspects of mental illness and treatment will be shown. Snack bars will be open for the convenience of visitors, with proceeds going to the Patients' Recreation fund. CAPEHART FAVORS CUT WASHINGTON, D.C. (UP)-Sen. Homer Capehart listed among 61 voted in fovor of (R-Ind.) was senators who cutting .nearly Josephine Lowmon 15-Year-Old Wants to "Get Rid of Hips Friday Evening, May 17, 1957. Hospital Notes 16 million dollars from line House- approved appropriation for the U.S. Information Agency Wednesday. The cut was approved 61-15. This exercise appears In Josephine Lowman's hip-slimming leaflet. Capture the Sun EACH 1YARD Cpl. Personal Edward J. Bender has re| turned to Fort Bragg, N. C., after i a visit with his parents, Mr. and j Mrs. Edward Bonder, 1015 Twentieth street. Cpl.'Bonder has been serving with the 82nd Airborne Division on troop maneuvers in Panama. This was his first visit home in 17 months. 5577 With a little ingenuity and this pattern, you'll be able to make a variety of "checkerboard" pillows to use eilher indoors or out. So easy and inexpensive to sew or crochet! Pattern No. 5577 contains complete crochet and sew directions; material requirements; stitch illustrations. Send 25c in COINS, for EACH PATTERN ORDERED, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT (Pharos- Tribune), 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, 111. It's ready- The 1957 Needlework ALBUM — fifty-six colorful pages .showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! RUBBER STAMPS Made In Our Own Plant 2-DAY DELIVERY CHRONICLE PRINTING CO. 417 Market Ph. 4362 TRAFFIC TOLL Ml INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Indiana's -1057 traffic death toll climbed U> 341 last week with the addition of 19 new names to Hie list in a seven-day period. The 341 total compared with 3(i4 a year ago, and the 19 x deaths compared wit'h 22 for the corresponding week of IMG. Q. "This is the first time I ever have written '.o a paper for help, and I hope you can and wilt help me. I am a mess, have been told that I am cute, no worse and no more. I am five feet four inches tall, my bust measures 34, waist 22 and hips 37 inches. "I want to get rid of my hips and increase my bust. I am 15 years old. I weigh 117 pounds." A. right Your and weight is your bust just and Then do the same with left leg. Q. "1 have pimples anoT blackheads on my back which are most embarrassing when I mal or bathing suit. I am 15. What causes these?" A. A 4 , your age the little oil glands are overactive. You probably wash your face carefully several times a day but when taking your baths miss this area on measurements are all right, too. Your hips are out of line. If you will do the hip slimming exercises faithfully you can lose inches in that spot. Here is one: Lie on your left side and put your right hand on the floor to brace yourself. Lift your right leg up toward the ceiling. Lower leg. Do this ten limes. think so. My mother told me to write to you about it." A. Girls vary as to the time of developing the bust. You do have time yet to do so. Many develop later or.. Good nutrition and exercise aid in the growth and development of our body. Showers O.K. Q. "Will you give me your opinion on this matter? Some people say that it is all right to take showers during the menstrual period. What do you think?" form. Later/these become infected j A. A warm shower is all right. and form pimples. Use a drying! Avoid chilling such as a cold the pimples shower would give you. about'your back. Therefore, the pores waisti become • clogged and blackheads ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Kiesling, 1814% High street, a daughter; to Mr. and Mrs. Spence E. Vaughan, 411 Second street, a son, Admitted: Mrs. Jeanne M. Spring, 618 West Market street; Miss Tracey Griggs, route 2; Edward G. Schieckedanz, route 2, .Macy; Edward H. O'Connor, 1900 I East Market street. Dismissed: Joseph E. Eagan, 520 Henry street; Mrs. Isa C. Gallahan, Mexico; Mrs. Mary A. Brennan, 414 Brown street: Mrs. Nicholas Howell and son, 2020'A East Broadway. MEMORIAL Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Richard Isaacs, 613 Fifteenth street, a daughter; to Major and Mrs. Robert Everson, 1715 East Broadway, a son. Admitted: Master "Donald Dorton, Hoyal Center; Mrs. Daisy Crane, Galveslon; Master Richard Dow, route 4; James Neff, 1124% East Broadway; Miss Constance Berkshire, 410 Main street; Master Michael Martin, Twelve Mile; Miss Opal Bolinger, Lake Cicott; George Engle, 424 West Melbourne avenue. Dismissed: Mrs. Richard Harness and daughter, route 1, Frankfort; Mrs. Jessie Hilchens, 212 Humphrey street; Joseph Parmct- er, 215 East Ottawa street; Mrs. Hazel Gray, route 0; Mrs. Edna Millman, Flora; Mrs. Mamie Caldwell, Cainden; Leroy Hildebrand, route 4; Mrs. Lillian Miller, 423 East Ottawa street. Interceptor Missile Contract Is Awarded WASHINGTON (UP)—The Air Force announced \oday a contract for production of the new Bomarc long-range interceptor missile. The jet propelled pilolless vehicle is designed to knock down enemy bombers "at a far greater distance ,.than any other missile presently in use in air defense," the announcement said. The Boeing Airplane Co., Seattle, Wash., received a S7,109,195 con!tract "for production models." The contract obviously will cover ionly a few of the missiles but the ! Air Force said it would be sufficient to "begin quantity production." A larger contract would be expected to follow. Published reports of the missile's range have been 200 to 300 miles and its speod is reliably estimated at about 1,550 miles an hour. PLAN TO BURY WHALE NICOSIA, Cyprus (UP)—Engineers were called in today to bulldoze a dead but stubborn 45-foot Object Air Carrier Hit Still a Mystery JACKSONVILLE, Fin. (UP) — The Navy said today it has "no idea" what the giant carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt hit in a shallow ocean area about 40 miles off (lie Florida coast Wednesday. "We are making every effort to determine the cause of the damage." said a spokesman. The big flattop smacked into a mysterious underwater object, causing it to shudder and bringing an oil slick lo !he surface. The Navy said today the ship's propeller and ils propulsion scar were damaged, but that the huil apparently was not damaged and that "no water-tight integrity was lost." PLANT BACK AT WORK CRAWFORDSVILLR (UP) — Production was resumed today at the Raybes'.os - Manhattan Inc. plant as Allied Industrial Workers lotion or and ask alcohol on your mother to scrub your back Tor you each day. Q. "I am 15 years old and am very flat chested. My mother says not to worry because I have plenty of time yet to develop but I don't Tomorrow: "Family Service Association Helps Persons in Trouble." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) Obscene Pictures Reported Found in Highway Cabinets INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — employes of the Indiana Highway Department said ! they destroyed about 500 I static copies of obscene Two State today photo. photo. 8393 12-20 Those wonderful halters that everyone adores. Each from a yard of fabric, and designed to insure an enviable suntnn for you. No. 8393 with PATT-0-RAMA included is in sixes 12, 14, 16, Hi, 20. Si/e 14, 32 bust, top, % yard of 35-inch and % yard contrast; center, % yard; bottom, 1 yard, send 35c graphs and drawings found in filing cabinets in the department. Mrs. Mary Wilburn, who became photostat operator March 1, said she found about 300 pictures while cleaning out a cabinet. She destroyed them, she said, at the order of office engineer Martin L. Hayes, who supervises Uie photo- stat room. LeeJand Liston, a microfilm operator, said he destroyed about 200 similar pictures .he found before Mrs. Wilburn Was hired. Price iags on the pictures ranged up to $1 each and one roll bore the notation "Indiana State Fair, 11-22-55." Renewed Cub Charter Will Be Presented The renewed charter of For this pattern, send 35c In The renewed charter of Cub COINS, your name, address, sizrj Scout Pack No. 304, Columbia desired, and the PATTERN MUM-'school, will be presented to the BEH to Sue Burnett (Pharos-Tri-; Parent-Teacher Association at a bune) 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago (i, 111. Don't miss the latest Issue of our fascinating pattern magazine Basic FASHION. The Spring & Summer '57 issue is filled with smart, now designs for all sizes; special features; gift pattern printed inside the book, 25 cents. meeting at 7 p.m. Monday at the school. Robert Kleifgen will present the charter, service awards will be given to Cubs and the su program will be discussed. Read the Classified Ads r~ ' ™' ANY WILL COME TO LIFE ,,WHEN YOU WEAR' IROMANPINK For Graduation , Give Her MAX FACTOR'S New Primitif, cologne, perfume Dusting Powder startling new pink in Max Factor's new Mfi Lipstick From the fashion capitals of Europe comes Max Factor's 1 Roman Pink ... the lipstick color that changed the face of fashion i in Rome, London, Paris. It's i the color that can create a whole new fashion personality for you! It's here in Hi-Fi, Max Factor'* new lipstick thzt'smerything | you want in one lipstick! 5&1.25 plus tax. Jap Court to Try American Soldier TOKYO (UP) —The United States announced today it lias agreed to let a Japanese court try on American soldier in the INDUSTRIAL MISHAP FATAL HAMMOND CUP) — Frank Mehok,-53, Hammond, died Thursday of a skull fracture sustained when he was struck on the head by a falling part from a crane. Mehok, a welder, was hurt , acci- j Wednesday while at work at an dental shooting - death of a Jap-1 industrial plant. ncse woman on a U.S. firing range last January. The U. S. Far East Command said it waived its insistence on primary jurisdiction over S3C William S. Girard in the Camp Weir shooting incident Jan. 30 and agreed to let a Japanese court try the 23-year-old Ottawa, 111., soldier on a charge of causing the death of Mrs. Naka Sakai. Lightning Kills PInycrs JONESBORO, Tenn. (UP) — A lightning bolt cracked across a baseball field during a high school game Wednesday, killing a 15- year-old player and injuring five oUiers. Michael Watson, 15, a member of the Lamar, Tenn., high school team, died soon after he was struck. Show Starts At Duik Gat«i Opon Half Hour Earlier SATURDAY "RAW EDGEl" (color) Rory Calhoun - Yvonne-DiCarla SUNDAY-MONDAY "NEVER SAY GOODBYE" (Color) Rock Hudton-Cornall Borchorf whale into a trench grave. Villagers on Cyprus' northwest local union members returned to coast first tried to sink the car- their jobs ending a week-lout; cass with explosives, then hauled ! strike over negotiation for a now it ashore and tried to burn it with! contract. An a'greem en t was three tons of wood and 70 gallons of kerosene, all without success. reached which included an 8-cent hourly pay increase. ROX Y 4 L L i d v C i DAY'MONTALBAN CARLSON HAVOC Jamie Da NOW SHOWING Open 1 p.m.—35c Til 6 2 Features—Comedy Outdoor Action Jean Simmons Rory Calhoun in "A Bullet Js Waiting" Plus—"Monster and Ape" Sunday—"King and Four Queens" BOX OFFICE OPEN 7:00 -11:30 Childnn Fr.«l FRIDAY & SATURDAY It's New and It's Free! CBIGBONUSSHOWe +P NO EXTRA COST! *P STAY LATE AND SEE ALL 3 FEATURES 3 But)!; Bunny Cartoon No. I p-ffoiamte. TAB HUNTER NATALIE WOOD No. 2 STOKER TMCMWERTWICKt No. 3 CHIEF CRAZY HORSE j Come «arly and \»t the Kiddiei anjoy our large playground FRIDAY & SATURDAY LAST DAYS THE YEAR'S SURPRISE SUSPENSE HIT! OPEN SUNDAY 1 P. M. WEEK-DAYS S P. M. NOW 2-FEATURES OPEN DAILY 1 PM S0c TIL 6 BIG ALL STAR DOUBLE FEATURE!! AND OUNN MNEST ROD FORD-BORGNINE-STEIGEir uM ' A CINEMASCOPE JUBAL SATURDAY MIDNIGHT SUN.-MON.-TUES. WE GREATEST NOVEL WRITTEN...^ ALIVE ON THE SCREEN! "TOWERS OVER Atl MOVIE GREATSI" -Ntw Vorl: Mirror "A TRULY GREAT PICTURE I —lot Anjj "A SPECTACULAR MOVIE! — liteMopatin* PARAMOUNT PMSINIJ AUDREY

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