The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVIII—NO. '10 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TI!E DOMINANT NEWSI'Al'EU OP NORTHEAST AHKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST .M1SSOUKI Hlythevllli! Courier, Blythevlllff Dally News. Hlythevlllc Herald, Mississippi Valley Lender. HI,YT1IKV1I.!.!•:, ARKANSAS, .MONDAY, MAY -I, li):il HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Ohio Wesleyan Makes Proliibtion a Part of Regular College Course Backers Are Confident of Victory But Preachers Arc in Opposition. Ci'.ixen.s of Mississippi county will I decide al the polls tomorrow whether Sunday baseball, played without interference of officials tor more than two vein:, s'lall be legalize;! or banned throughout '.he county, Tiie election will be held under the provision!) of an net passed by Die recent legislature giving counties ot 50.000 and more population , the privilege ol lesalimg Sunday baseball by vote. Sunday baseball 11V DOUGLAS W. MIM.KIt \Vrillcn for \'1'A Si-rvU'i.- ' DELAWARE, O., May 4-Prrliaps students In American Colleges! Tallest Building Opened Fairdclcl's Counsel SecuresiProsiilcnl Uraes Business Court Order: Plan to ; Men to Force Rcclnr.lion Amend Coniolainl Sooni m Taxes for Armed Froc will solve the prohibition problem, who knows? lndi\lduals in nearly! i every strata of society have died. Anyway, at Oliio Wesleyan Uni- • vcrsily here they're (joing to study it ai a regular college course i „ ,-.,',. . ,, „ . „ . , I filed :> suit SMnrd'iv (•nnl-sUnr the . I'nsident Hoover today called upon P,i.lub.tioii as a governmental problem will be offered (is a part of v .,, ( ,,, v „, Mnjw Nd|1 n , ccl , „,„,,„ 1)U5ll)MS lncll , 0 > imc , B ,.,^ s . the ci'iitrul course in political science and both sides of the issue will i flection in the recent municipal! »i'"i to disarm. has been legalised in Pulaski Attorney; fin- A. B. Fnlrfipld. who WASHINGTON. M«v (UPI- be considered in a scries cf croup studies and lectures. 11 will be the ' flrcl'oii. of greatest hindrance to cc- first academic course on prohibition in an American college. Dr. lien A. Arenson. head of the-J- political science department, who proposed the course, explains the choice of S ' ' 1CCt '' vhcl sired been argued about so heatedly by | « lo vitalize th'j university's wc-rk in political science. Dr. Arneson choic prohibition to be "ie poll Lrots of thn elii-Hon lo- enomii- he told the In- div. irc")ara(<irv 10 amending lh" tei national ChnmlKT of Commerce rumn'alut in thp suit to Include • in a speech. Is taxation wrung snnH n e rharc"s of illegal votinu. • from Ihc people so governments i coun- wets and drys. " ! am " ot 5Urc thal thp ty for some time. , . After passa»c of the act which ' bition question Is the most mi- Hives Mississippi, Jefferson, Union I portant issue before our people." and Sebastian counties the cppor- j -«S's Dr. Arneson. "but il is one tunity to l^ali/e Sunday baseball.' tl-.3l keeps intruding and lhal will H L Gladish of Oiceoia, districl keep huriKllnj unlil .scmethini! i-- 1 prosecutor, announced that the dene about il. This problem must ! Sunday pastime must be legalized ; be dralt with before wr can face I or it wc'il-J t>c banned throughout I o^er national problems of per-1 Boih sides -of the issue are to however. ths prosecutor taking the attitude that he. would not lake action In the matter until the electorate of tlie county had the opportunity lo settle the issue at the polk. 1'eiitioncrs Are Confident j Signers of ihe petition, upon the j presentation of which Judeo Sal B. i Harrison submitted the Sunday' baseball question to vote, were confident ot an overwhelming victory i p f ^ Cotiari'eSS ' Jl'oefl to in the election tomorrow and other backers of Sunday baseball were equally sure that the S'.-.nday spr^rt would be legalized. It was point?:! o'.'t ihat the legislative act req'.nres . only n majority of t^e votes cast in the election and not n majority of F.mbark Unon Five-Year F.d.ucation Program. hoi SPRINGS. May 4 The susgeslion 'hat Ihe . (UP)- | mHinnl i the Qualified electors in the county, j congress of parents and teachers Blythevitle citizens will cast their j Inllols tomorrow at the City Hall, a five-year nrocram lo cut illiteracy in the United Ri2t?f Cately store huildinz. and Ark-Mo [ held the attention of delegates to ; Lumber company office. (cro 35th annual meeting 'here to-j 1 Although there has been no or- (] n y. ganked opposition to the Sunday | Tlie plea to drive out illiteracy in baseball movement since the plan; (his country was voiced bv T,o:iis to legalize the Sunday snort originated in a petition to tl'e county court several weeks aao. it is un- dcrs'cwl that an active pro^rm apainst Sunday basebnll has developed in the past week. A. Alderman, sceciallst of the U. S. Dsparlmen! of Education, in an aadress Inst nieht in whkh h^ Fii'! between 12 and 15 million mil-rates are found in this country. The sneaker said a stamping out oi" il- FairPnld. who was defeated by a six vote iimuiu In the returns • fil'd '.•• the election commission. ' won Ihc first stop in his suit Sat- nrday whrn hf secured nil order • "iav spenc! live billion dollars a V'ar smiporlini; ll't'iv armies. I'olnlinif his remarks to the Men- n ^ disarmament conference to be llclli lu:xl Feburary, the executive j frnm G. E. Keck, circuit judije. i I'.ilivercd what may be regarded us aliowin? his mjresentativcs to ex- j''is mosl vigorous Internallonal amtiie the |x>!l b-ioks and make i message since cntcrliiE the Wliilc couies of Ih" hooks. ' House. Cou;>"il for Fairtleld filed suit' 1'e said: after the election commission lia-J. " Il ls wilhin the power of busl- rcfuscd to allow r-vnuiinnilon of Ihe ""•'> s m ™ of the world lo Insist j roll books, iiplirlrtlivi Ihc con fen-! "'is Problem shall be met with tion of Mavor R'nl tint such ner- : "-iuceriiv, coinage and conslruc- m!ss!on iRlalil not legally be Riven : '»? action. It is within the power bv the commission. Miss Emma i °- slulesincii to Rive the world a Cox, secretary of Hie commission i <! r ''a( a'suianoe for the future and and custodian of th; ballot boxes.! " Teat moral victory for human- was served with the order of Jiidw' U>'-" Keck late Saturdav aft'rnoon and surrendered the pel] books to Fairfield's counsel. The ballots were , kent seali-i ;>* ordered by lh--> court, j I'o'.e In discussions about the trou- V. G. Holland, who with Reid, i h'os of the world. The minds of his Fvrard and Henderson nnd Cecil j hearers were filled with proposals Shane, represents Fair field, made : for solution of the silver dispute, a cony of (he vot'is listrd in the ti'o concentration of told bullion, ncll bocks as did Mayor Ncill Reel. aml tftrifr barriers. But the pres- 1 '. The poll books wtre then turned 'dent mentioned none of these, over again to Miss Cox and placed I nls speech subordinated them and i In Ihc vault of the Osceola bank, j raided what he called "the para- I Miss Cox tcld the Courier Nfws mount ye.sterdny. disarmament." j that through an Ijonest error the! Tllc ™ !l! war started (he Uilnn | commission, conicryiecl of Fred Tay! lor of 'Osceola/ Tom Manln-of land Miss Cox. had sealed the rc>ll tfc » nf ilfp n ' ul Properly, the great I Tallest lower in the world, tallest- thins created by Ihc hands of j books in n box with Ihc ballots ta * burdens, an social and polltl-1 mnn, Ihc Empire Htnte Building on New York's Fifth Avenue Is : aurt (he commission did not beltev.' cal ;"fj} bi "^ ; ' J formally open now, after Impressive ceremonies in which ex-Coveri r had the lUitlionlv lo norm 11 inoujjti ino nulious n;uc signed i. nan me nmnnrus 10 permit ^ K ello?s-Briand pact promising: 1101 ' Al Smlt ", president of [be firm which built it. Governor Roosc- not to resort to arms they have, i veil cf New York nnd other national figures took part. President he added, nearly 5.500.000 men ac- Hoover in Washington turned the switch which lighted the lobby. Mrmbeis ol the Blyt'r.eville Min- Htcrocv would be ne:cM3rv before isteri-1 Alliance are on record as . !he ultimate- ijoal. that of havin? onnored t.i Sun-lav basetnll ar.'t the | pnrrutr, morr kccnlv appreciate Rev. p. Q. Rorie. pastor of th" ciTil'Ten's problems, can be reaiized. First HfoHiodLsl church here, stated today that in the event Sunday bas'-lnll was legalized t'"at the con- Their addresses were exnrrted to With this in mind other speakers ioclav picked up the subject. Hie opening of the box.- although access to Ihe poll books under oilier f:o!!dilio:is was generally reccyni7e:l. Hls welcomins siwceh to the business leaders of many nations wa.s short but 11 sounded n uew in the first place, Mr. Hoover malntatne-l. It brought '"destine-| Five Unmasked Men Parii- icpatc in Robbery This : Morning. MEMPHIS. May 4 (UPI — The Main and Dcalc street branch of the Union Planters National Bank and Trust company was robbed of approximately S25.0SO shortly after the oneniiiK hour todnv by five lui'iiask^ 1 ' h.mdits, three of whom cntetxl ''.e main lobby of tho building v;iillc their companions guarded the doors nnd waited in •'• iiulomohllc ncnrby. The bandits completed their holdup before iiolice and fli'e squads summoned lo the nei"hborhood by alarm slrem esuld arrive. Hun- dvcds of person. 1 ; congr:Bated al»ut . Ihc InUldln 1 ! foHowing the robbery and police lines were established- The loss, according lo John Heflin, vlr.i-prcsident in charRa of ihc - . bank, Is uv InsuuMice. The b'.anch is located in the sotilli end iislnc.TS district. Carried SholglllL'i The Monday morning crowd wos Just beginning to enter (Tie bank lien the first oT thn band snovc:l his way into the building. "Obey our orders and we will not hurt n one ot you." tho leader shouted, "disobey and we will shoot you do\vu ; •.. like dogs." • -. Witnesses said the bandits car- . ried sawed-ofl siiotguns an'd made ; no attempt to take money from any of tha customers \rt:o -xire 1W- ed up In front of the teller^ windows. The majority of the lool was a deposit of Ihe JJherty Cash Oro- " . eery company, S16.675, all In cosh, ; except about $4,030 in checks, which hnd Just been handed a teller. One bank clerk, Vun Mart'.n, injured- whpn .a tanJit. .-.; ' stituticnali'.y of the recent act winch pave certain counties the privilcco of voting 0:1 .the issue would be attacked in a court action. A majority of the pastors of this dftiil more conmletelv the Droiram which it is thought the asso:iation w'll sponsor. Tb" mornine srss:nn was owned bv Mrs. Hu^h Bradford, national r-"sident. Sicramenta. Cal.. an:! Or, Ri-n A. Arncson Speakers of state and national reputation, representing a revised en- fcrcrment .system, advocates of the i prrsent law and out-and-out wets \viil be asked to express their views. "The course in prohibition is part cf a larger scheme." says Dr.-Arne- tlve under arm.s and twenty mori millicns in reserve. The figures ari on increase of 70 per cent over tlie pre-war period. "Surely with this understanding." he ssid, referring to the pact, "the self-defense of nations could be assured with proporllon- otely far less military forces than these." Manila Youth Resists s]lo , vn abovCi ns , he ccranolllcs s(I11 . tc( j Lower picture shows «™ R««e™lt viev,.,« New York from onc.or i«" Micldlesboro Boy in Officers, Receives Blow Firfn Saturday. city made reference to Sum'av airl 5'~as devoted to business mat- baseball and [he election tcmarnv.Y ' tcrs. Arkansns educators '.vill dom- in their sermons yes.'.erday and al- | inate tonijhfs meeting a! -.vhich thOL'ih mnst of the mstors simn'.v | Mr<. L. K. T?"-!an. ;)re=irient of f;.; urged I heir consresations to vote.'.'Arkansas oin-,re-:s. will preside. tViey o:\prcs>ed Ihomselvt^ as per- M1DDI.ESBORO. Ky., May -1 UP)—Mobs hay? {fathered t«'ice hreF.teninE to lynch Frank Kearns, son. "which will involve studying 24. and' his brother Leslie. 20. a tkr.rly governmental problem f <"' braking the neck of Eugene each vear." Rnsenfield. ID. but police diswrsed MANILA. Ark-.—Clyde and Bill JollifT. brothers, driving their car It-rough the main street of Manila Saturday afternoon at high-speed, were stopp?d by Constables Wright j and Horner. Numerous Injuries Also Reported in Southern Slaies Over Week End. ATLANTA. May 4 (U! J >—Eight Bill resisted arrest and was hit persons were killed and a dozen Bradslrecls Report Survcv of Business Failures in T" n t ril'St Quarter Ot struck him over the head 'with a pistol after Martin tailed. to put up his hands.' Griffin Knows Jlandits Police Inspector Griffin who personally took cliarss of the search to: »'ic bandits, sajd after the rob- bi. I'.j knew the' men. "Some of tl:e:n are- Memphis men nnd others are from out of tOTH." Griffin said. ' rne robbery Is the first of a scries In Memphis and vicinity planned by the gang. 11 E. T. Peacock, president of the Union Planters bank, later told the Unitc-d Press that "S25.MO will cover the Amount stolen." He said the money was insured. RoaJs in this vicinity leading from Memphis were being watched today by members or th; sheriff's force the constable's office NEW YORK. May 4 (UP)—Rc- ball. opposed to Sunday May Cballcnpr ValMily i Tlie Rev. Mr. Rorie hi remark-1 • in» on the approicliin? election. I held Ihat when Sunday "ceases to | to a holv dav. 1! will also cease to be a holiday." The Methodist pastor dc:lared that Smidnv baseball nii'l Sunday nnvie.s provirinrl an on- ly resi;lt in every organizs'.iou working seven days in the week. Tlie MethcdiM minuter stater; that what was f^oori for MKsjssinpi county wa.s irood for (he ether counties 'ConMii'tivl nn Pnee Three^ . Privileges to Foreigners Declared Entlerl in China NANKING. China. May 4 <UPi — A mandate was issued today bv the ministry of for r ten affairs of] 'he Chinese nation' 1 ! trovernment | ('"i-Iarins extra territorialily nbo'.-1 New repulations povernin^ Third Man for Osceoia Auto Theft Mav 4—Roy and Donald Rnlfcrd, his compan- for come trace of the ban-lUs who Joot2d a Memphis bank early this ' rooming. A: 3 o'clock Ibis after[ noon local officers had no repcrc of the r t :«--:rs. ATcmphfs officers warned Che 'hcrifl's office to b2 on. the lookout for the bandits. such an Pirn. '•The chief difficulty in teachinc •lie co'.irse will be that of enabling the students to distinguish care- atimils Dr. Arnescn. "For Ihat «i'Ijvrry reason, the ro:;rse will prove ! a most valuable aid in developing th »|that very necfssary type of dis- •xercls" of iunsdiciicn over for- cnmir.aticn. ri-rn natioiais in Chins will be j "Students will be required to I effective January I. 1932. the man- I evaluate carefully all of in-! ri^l,. ra i(]. i form a I ion en Ihe qu'slion. The I | records and connections of all! Kxtra territorialltv is the ar- sneakers and writers whose ma'.e- nu'emrnt mirier which nationals I rial is presented will be studied, of rrrtain European nnvnm'.cnts Special rtudy will be made of those residing In China have nnt bnen 'ubjcct !o the vited to an alley to lers". A few minutes later Kearns ran inlo a store an ed for a pan of water. "I've knocked a man cold." h? said. Rosenficld was said to have been hit bv a brick after he wa* cet- lini; the test of the fi?ht ar.'l was _ then rrabbed by tlie two bvotlicrsi' . - . -, and twisted In opposite directions! u -« ™ sentenced m S: Louts • until his spinal co umn was brok-1 <°* robbciy, on December 0 192,. FJQ.X i He was let o;it on bor.d while the :*-'"" uoremc eonrt . c tutl!e:l his appeal.' affirmed. est liaWlitv figures of any Rrom> total of SHG.GM.CCX). or 3C.9 Held Memphis Negro as. Suspect in Attack Case MERIDIAN, Miss., May 4. (UP) —Josh Friii?!?, 27, negro, who has a police r :• )id, was in jail here today in connection wit';: an attempted attack on a ten-year-old girl, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs: E. C. L-me, who reside mar here. TI:c child positively identified tlis Food was an ontstandinj source i Ke = ro " 3 "or »t!^"k5r. OPCEOLA. Ark E.Vnon and Joe Beaton, botli \\!i;:e rini. charqcd with the thcf of Guy Bryant's 'automobile last uvrk. are in jail nnd officers are fareliln<? for Will Kastline. who is alleged to have- orcapo:! across the Mivi^lnnl river inlo Tennessee In a motor boat beloiuinz to W. E. H'.int and J- K. Lcvewell, follow-' in» the wreckins of th? Brvant rnr. which the three are said have driven all nlclit. automobile v:os found wrecked ifar town, and the boat was 1 James L. Dye sits in a cell-at the ; truck Missouri penitentiary and won- in[ . a . ders just why official red tape had accidents at"N-i;iivi!:i'~ to be broken when il looked suf- bo:o'j"h Tcr.n fie'cntly tangled up. ! ' " ' '.— Thirty-nine manufacturers. 122 wholesale dca!ei~ and I '-i Find Brew x=fid Liquor at Manila at In l.IOO rrlail fond merchants having ! '.' Ga!n^-1 closed during tlie firs! three months i of Ihe year. In the c!ctliin p , r busi- | ness there w?re failures reported •by 172 r.ianufnctiirers. n whole-i MANILA. Ark.—C3i:rrf V-'ri^ht i salcrs. ar,d 1.263 retailers. | and Home,- raided !hrc? l:om=s here .r . ] [ Saturday ar.d founti 3D pints of in ASl'ICa ,, i hn:ne l-re\v ar.r' several gallons of Laramal !> ougheriy Will j liquor. :so an^ts w. • made. court attaches forgot to notify St. rave eniovcd the privilege of hav Visit Little Rock Bishop rouipanv ar.d ollicers are Arkansr-s (owns last fell ana win-' leaichmc for Geor?e Pavrish. who t c r. slonlins in rnc si ale and dls- lliiy believe aided him in Ihe wire . postni of (lie propcity in th: ad- theft. joining slate. hit by the au- ticnl fcicnco riep.irtmrnt 14 years! aim. He is anther of "Kleinents ofistantly aftei C(i!:stltutic;nal Law" and a conlrl-jtomobllc late Saturday liislit. Her biiloi- to masazincs. jlmEband lived only about two iiours. single lishliuit fissh repro- corned by ARKANSAS— Cloudy, warmer to, . _ . i ii'ght: Tuesday unsettled, thun- .ountanian Crown r rmcc ' ^vshoT.-crs in wesi port:on. arrived; Has Conquered Diphtheria! Acccrd:r.g t^ the official scatter lie 21st | n r . cbscrver, Charles PlnlMps jr., tr-.o 1 minimum tcnip:r?'.i've here ycster- BUCHAREST. Rcumania. Me"' 4 (lay was ; degrc-e.s and tho r.iax- ?1-!'UPI — An announcement today ii:n::n 83 degrees, cloudy. Today'a of Mtir.pliis : raid Crown Prince Mlrhael had re- year ago tlie inininiirn temperaments enough wasted el'i'lricity to scout leaders, civic U.v.dcrs and of- covered from an attack of diph- ture was CO degrees and the max- more. your home tor 20 years or ficials who escorted him hotel. to his ; th:rla and v:ould be permitted to, 87 degrees, cloudy, with .01 j leave his sick room this w«eki / inchrs of rain.

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