The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on June 15, 1975 · 155
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · 155

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 15, 1975
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SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 1975 Ctt Atlanta Tournal and CONSTTTimON 0 Movie by Any Of her Name Is Same Film SifeS By BARBARA THOMAS Journal Amustnwnti Editor Moviegoers who fail to see that smaller print on the marquee and are stricken with the feeling that they've seen that movie before are probably right At least one film company, United Artists, is going in for renaming and releasing a gaggle of films in a big way, most of which failed to "reach their full potential," according to UA special projects director Richard Moses. Therefore, ticketbuyers who hustle in to see "Killer of Killers" and recognize it as1 Charles Bronson's "The Mechanic" or "The Mercenary" as Marlon Brando's "Burn," ' shouldn't think they're being tricked, say studio officials. You can get your money back within the first half hour if you've already seen it under another title. UA officials are quick to say that the retitling and revised marketing campaigns are not designed "just to pull in more money, but to make the films more appetizing to the public. The general idea is that if a film it is retitled it was a failure, but many just didn't reach their potential audience." Moses, who was brought in to UA to head the program of , special handling for smaller . films and in devising new . campaign for old films, has , some interesting ideas on what makes a film popular. "I believe the public no longer discovers movies, and if there isn't an overwhelming desire by the people to be part of an event, people just don't go. It's tougher for a movie that isn't a media-, created event to find an audience no matter how good it is. "Showmanship is knowing what the public hungers for even if they don't know themselves. It used to be that the hero got the girl; now everyone gets the girl, only the an-, tihero gets her first." New marketing techniques at UA puts the emphasis on motivation, behavior and. socio-economic patterns, or selling the feeling and emotion of the film rather than telling the story. Atlanta audiences who went to see "Going Ape" at theaters here last week recognized it as the George Segal-Ruth Gordon film formerly called r r A GAGGLE OF MOVIES ARE GETTING RE-RELEASED UNDER NEW NAMES, WITH NEW ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS Charles Bronson in 'Killer of Killers'; Marlon Brando's 'Barn' to Be Renamed 'The Mercenary' "Where's Poppa." Smaller letters in parenthesis on the theater marquee identified it as such. The original title - made sense until the film's ending was changed as being too risque. Since various shenanigans involving gorillas were woven through the film, UA played off it's basic irreverence and retitled it "Going Ape." The infamous "Last Tango In Paris" is likely to be re-released, under the same title but with a different ad cam paign. UA officials feel that back. "That was exploitation, just to call attention to the Supreme Court ruling," said an United Artists spokesman. An old Burt Reynolds' film, "White Lightning," is being re-issued, "playing off Reynolds' increased popularity. Film company officials expect to play 87 per cent of the initial go-round, especially in the smaller communities. As an example of the research that goes into movie marketing campaigns, consider the four different approaches used on Mike Nichols' "Day of the Dolphin," on sexual m6res have changed to which Moses worked for Avco the point that "Tango" can no Embassy. Ad campaigns first 'longer,: be played fas a ; billed the film as a producer-"shocker" so it will be billed director combination, then Damoi as a "bizarre love story." V " Although officials say "The Mechanic" was ". 1 popular enough in original release, the title confused too many people who presumed Bronson to be an amorphous garage worker instead of a hired killer. . A new ad campaign was devised for the film "Carnal Knowledge" after the Supreme Court decision overturned the Georgia ban calling it obscene. The new marketing showed a male and female nude seated back to New ; .'. Back switched to a six to 60s approach, "a glorified flipper," then to the presidential assassination angle. None were too successful until researchers noticed the film went well in four cities, none of which had anything obvious in common. . After studying 60 different variables, Moses came up with the common denomina-tor-an abundance of teenage girls. Under the rationalization that this was the audience for the film and that the young girls empathized with George C. Scott as a father figure, this final campaign caught on. - . "Pelham 1-2-3" is another of the UA products to .undergo revision, again because of confusion over the title. It will reappear as "The Mastermind," playing off the plot rather than the subway location. . UA thinks "Burn" will be a difficult one to resell since it is the whole history of British imperialism told in terms of human relationships. "It's an intellectual picture that makes the audience think, so it will have a small, selective audience. ; The original title conveyed little and since a mercenary is what he is, that seemed an obvious choice. We hope possibly that Brando's new-found adulation will draw people in and broaden the audience," said , the spokesman. ' - . ,, ?:k , .. Other films in the process of being re-released or re named include "Juggernaut," with Richard Harris and Omar Sharif, (to be called "Terror on the Britanica") as well as "Paper Lion," "Poppy," "Across 110th Street," "Electra Glide in Blue," (to be retitled "Big John,") "The Visitors," "The Hunting Party," and "Jeremy." CHARLES BRONSON "DREMOUT" H:M,;tt,,M0,H5,30ff6) "ISUKDATTnE TC? CFTKEWw.LD" AllM,IO,'M,;)Olt:MfG) PLUS! "Winnie The Pooh & Tigger Too" Release HOLLYWOOD -The forest in all its seasonal beauty, with. , narrow trails, gurgling streams and tangled thickets, .is the magnificent setting of Walt Disney's enchanting animated feature "Bambi," which is being re-released for a new generation of moviegoers. As created , by Disney's most prolific artists for the film which was first seen in 1942, the setting is as real as all the forests on the North American continent, the result of three years of planning, of field trips embracing wood- lands from Maine to California, and research that in cluded every detail, even to the smallest leaf. Much of the atmosphere In this movie, widely acclaimed as Disney's most visually beautiful and real, came from a five-month trip through the Maine woods by Maine-born artist, Maurice Day and a woodsman companion. While Day was studying and photographing the forests of. Maine, similar, though less extensive, field trips were being conducted in the Western states. Important areas which provided inspiration for Disney artists were the Sequoia, Big Bear and Chico regions of California. 111 n & 1 : I 1 k t 1 k 1 X T . L I 1 mm mx m v m u n mi A v--- if ltrH&fH mmmmmmm. If ticrmiccc in the2$ .(Bin, Sin and aNIoht they're still - ,v wiuujt-iuiu ciuiiu; The EDGAH lANMUHYJOttPH sWUH Production of I A MFC COCO asQueenle starring in VA !:: : i i m 9Y a . If CobbylW IV i m i ii i fi ti r Tf,JJMf.)niL rVAMEfttCAN INTERNATIONAL Release . c&Starrins Perry ring Royal Dano TUfany Colling David Dukes 8 1 I 'Mnui Chnunnn -vtftri:e; 4 00-5:45-7:30 9:15 1:2 had n:: uzinzst tcjui 1 1 Hold It high and let it fly, was his motto ...but if you cut him, you cut yourself some big trouble! (Hi .Fid f '..ifkV. ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK ALBUM AVAILABLE ON FANTASY RECORDS jowaaw.iioButMeol(ul . . ' nUCWANWTIRWIIOMKIIMIM . . . . "CORN DREAD, EARL A ME"-, MOSES GUNN .iM ROSALIND CASH BCRNIE CASEY KEITH WILKES. mn MADGE SINCLAIR mmm LAURENCE RSHBURNEnT X nrriV Now V 110 i.l A.fVi 7.i i Showing ' ' M mm ua WITH TMI OfVl TMKVMUK L 1 MIAKOUI STOMKUm M.MMX : NOTTWUI HAUWTMH WOW M TOWN has been completed on Ber nardo Bertolucci's 1900," which Paramount will be releasing in the United States and Canada. ' Produced -by Alberto Grimaldi and directed by Ber-tolucci, "1900," stars Burt Lancaster, Donald Sutherland, Depardieu, Dominique Sanda, Stefania Laura BettL Sandrelli. C1 iiWSBP MKXK , 3:305:307:309:30 cmaf.les c. ;o:;so:i 1 3:205:207:209:20 E UfOKOMWV ftAWMMCIviui I !nnl 2Mis::sHFm MCE BFCXE! TXEKAIWITim C8LCCX CSX aadUVEILnBlE . DIE 2:50 7:20 GUN 5:00 9:30 3 ijgtii All Star 'TREITV WEIUPS'' "l?r"" Cast ?05 405 605805 10:05 CD WEffifi th Peter "RAGE WITH THE DtVlk" MkHwwiMiAJ r a . -:.. DAILY'"' -' f--a "yXX"! imi 130 5:307:309:30 13 iTlTlMII Charlton ' "NRfOKtWi" V ! 5 ' HeSt" 3:305:307:309:30 ftUMMiA Peter "RACE WITH THE DEVIL" Vt it llll" f J r..j. DAILY - , "'"'"'"'T '3:30 5:30 7:309:30 E JI If CnCert ' 3:30 5:30 7:309:30 Wfflf$ Jony "IERKE" '7'?'?'''' - S 3 30 5:30 730930 LH , tOlKtVlgA'Peter "RACE with the oevh" 1 SSSWlT Fonda F!J 1 M'flO :00 4 00 6:00 8:00)0:00 V3 j W I S Peter "RACE WITH THE DEVIL" 1 UUiTim cnnH. DAILY trx I ""Aiffr" t0m 3:30 5:30 7:309:30 El mwm 7? ,,RACWotah,JyHEDEVI1" i "Wit" FOI1a 3:30 5:30 7:309:30 E ) SI E" "RACE WITH THE DEVIL" i. Fonda 3 30 5 30 7:309:30 E I miMffim J, "RACE WITH THE DEVIL" I 3:30 5:30 7:309:30 E I lWia7TiiinS , Mel "TOUNC FRANKCNSTEUtt' 1 I H BrOOkS 3: 15-5: 15-M 5-9: 15 E ) Wbca la SMtheni California rltH OIfl!lS!i;,TUO,Ca TOUB ' from the terrifying No.1 best seller. ' SheNrvasthefirsh. 4 ' Si M nav . yr"9 imr Pinw iiiimmuiimiiit i ink i. ui u yy hi u r.WlMM AY IV cm IM itnuu BY HUT HER BENCHLEYandCABL GOHLIEB PEIER BtM -JOHULIAMS :ioi iSLnu nitnriiiu u. immim uhiiu onunii omm lowonnq nmiu w m hicodos t urn fWOiTAl (UiOANCI SIKCUTEDj tOMt WATtlllAL UAV NOT BE m .lUffHIOQNmG KttVXHWGaOflUMtEN FfrilSTAOTS FRIDAY r7? 3500 PaachtiM Road ' fhon26l-M3J ' Exc!usive! fe!(fa2S 2:40 4:50-7:05 9:15 2:50 4:55 7:0b 9:15 hKflA I ' II '""l- 1u& 0 H tax Ifou, HE WAS TAKEN BY EVERYONE, FOR EVERYTHING HE HAH PETER SELLERS CHRISTOPHER PLUr.1P.1ER CATHERINE SCHELL HERBERT LOr.1 . -BLAKE EDWARDS' The swallows fromCopistrono retumcdl GcaMacArthur retumcdl The Fifties ictumccN The Sixties will return! And new Inspector Clouseau rtturnt . . rcr.mcf c3- tn J y ClSEMtmiUOifiCEl n BURT KWOUK PETER ARNE Register now for FREE Pat Pink, Ptof Shaptd .83 Coral Diamond, valued at ntorly S1400 to bt givon away, tomplimtntt A Mowr t Brkl. Rtgiitw at ony of Hit four itort localioni or in HWrt iobbitl. No tickt porchoM Mctuary to win! YOUIL FEEL IT AS WELL AS SEE IT! Held S r Over!, i'Wi I " l "'-1 M Shows Daily: 2 15-4 40-7 05-3 33 'f i : Held Over! m 3:00 5:25-7:40 9:50 , ?C TJ F"FB 3:15 520 7:25 9:30 WWt. WWII IMUkl.ll Mn FRAMED nr 2:50-4:55-7:00-9:05 ,2:504:35 A 3:00-5:00 i.aa o.nn .UU9.UU p. 1 "REPORT TO THE COMMISSIONER' FT 2:30-4:20 6:05-7:55 9:45 3 at Drive-ins! - PJlEEmUEUlL 2:30-4:10-5:45 725-905 Mi- 2:15-4:00-5.40 7 25 9 10 2:50-4:30 6:10 7:50-9:30 trrnrr 1 r l I 2:304:10 5:50 7 30 9 10 Plus "THE SEVEN UPS" ' atOrive lns! TTTTTTr The one that towers above them all! 2:45 5:408:35 IRWIHAlHtfS 2:45-5:458:45 Plus at Orive-lnt.. . T(r!IS:::G SPYS pc I cu:rr EAsnvoon 2:3 S. I f pmTT r FOURTH saraxi tZltn EST "SITES TOM! " ,.iir Art Cornoy Bst Actor! 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