Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 17, 1957 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 5
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Friday Evening, May 17, 1957. Doc Quigg's Travel Hints Could Prove Discouraging By DO CQUIGG United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK (UP)- Word has reached here that the island authorities are reactivating war- famed Henderson Field on Guadalcanal and the equally celebrated Munda airstrip on New Georgia. The romantic names of these two exotic isles are a reminder that the travel season is nearly upon us. Millions will be on the move. As a public service at this time, here are some excerpts from "Quigg's Handy Hegira Hints," a briefcase - size compendium in which that no-doubt noted travel writer scrubs off some far - way spots which have swum before his eyas for years. (Note: Some of these places I were visited under unseemly conditions induced by World War II. There may have been changes.). Guadalcanal: Charming tropical hell-type paradise not too far below equator to escape its influence. Always seems to be steamed up about something. Tourists are advised to take along their own air. The local air often seem to right, you can press noses with a lady Maori guide named Rangi who once pressed noses with Mrs. Itoosevet. Korea: People with delicate noses should go to an air-conditioned bar for the summer. Korean air is freighted at times. son'Shoe Repair shop was formerly located. The Reiter Community Home Demonstration club held it's annua guest night at the Reiter school Tuesday evening, beginning at 7 o'clock. Devotions were given by Mrs. Howard Ewen. A program of interest was presented by the committee, Mrs. Don Werner, Mrs. Glen Moody, Mrs. Merrel Wagoner and Mrs. Virgil Jana. The hostesses were'Mrs. Harley Shemya, the Aleutians: Visibility: Carr,. Mrs. Ch'arley Fear, Mrs. nil. Dewy fog' drives men to grog. Midway: 'Beware of low-cruising gooney birds: they never change course, not even when outweighed, as in the case of bashing into battleships. Little America: Seal is eaten, as well as worn. Zamboanga: Monkeys do, too, have tails here. I saw one swinging from a tree hollering, Ma, no hands and feet." "Look, be all steam and no oxygen. Northern coast affords magnificent view of assorted rusty, half-sunk ship hulks. Owing to generous warmth of climate, no 'clothing whatsoever is needed—except a full-length mosquito net for both day and night wear. New Georgia: (See Guadalcanal). Bougainville: Beautiful Empress Augusta Bay has nice surf and swiftest undertow ever felt, outside Niagara Falls. Just inland are two more-or-less active volcanoes—they're more active when you're trying to sleep, shaking you around like a rag doll. Fauna includes five-inch centipedes with which tourists soon come to familiar terms. Admiralty Islands: Great fishing, if you like crocodiles. Ne* Guinea: You can't see the woods for the fungus. Periodically, herds of ants on tour eat their way across the countryside; they have no special diet, will eat your clothes off your back or, if you prefer, cat you and leave the clothing standing there. The na- Rochester Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eiler-entertained at a buffet supper Wednesday evening honoring their son- in-law, John Hunter, who will leave Saturday for the Service. Guests present, were Mr. and Mrs. Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eiler and son Bobby, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hubbard and child- Floyd Nicklaus and Mrs. Bertha Grube. Wednesday Justice Everett Gray's Fulton court, two drivers were convicted of speeding following their arrests by state police. They are William'E. Merrirrian, Martinsville, who paid $15.75 for exceeding the state truck speed limit, and Mary E. Gates, Lucerne, who paid $15.75 for exceed ing the state speed limit. Mrs. James Newcomb, assisted by Mrs. John McKinney entertained at a bridal shower recently, honoring Mrs. Roger Smith, then Miss Marcia Newcomb. The entertaining rooms were made beautiful with their arrangements o£ Spring flowers. Several games and contests were held with Miss Judy Rosenbury, Mrs. Phil Miller, and Mrs. Deloisc Mr. Hunter will be stationed at winning them. The lovely gifts were placed under a decorated sprinkling can suspended from the coiling with pastel colored ribbons leading to the gifts. Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. for his basic training. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Teeter of Talma, had as their Sunday dinner -guests, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Teeter, Mesa, Arizona; Mr. and! at the serving table. Mrs. Loy Fisher, Hartford, Michi-j Guests were Mrs- Frank Holland, gan; Mr and Mrs. Ray AMerfer | Mrs _ Helen R osenbu ry, Mrs. L. CROSSWORD PUZZLE An<w " r to v ACROSS 1—"Waste metal 5—Slender flnlal 9—Rotating piece 12—Story 13—African tree H—Simian 15—Arabian seaport 16—Bumpkin 7—Baker's product IS—Army officers 20—Remainder 21—Rodent 22—Suffix: follower of 4—Mephistophelea 27—Obvious 31—Send forth 32—Hall! 33—Arrow poison 34— Starch prepared from cassava 8G—Genus of gees* 37—Openwork fabric 38—Sink In mlddli 33—Zest 42—Not Investigated 47—Time gone by 48-^-Fllamunt 49—Ripped 50—Conjunction 51—Sicilian volcano 62—Silkworm 53—Bishopric C4—Flesh 55 —Sow DOWN 1—Male deer 2—Load 3—Danish meapure 4—Producing* M|A AR T|E P6 A V 0 E P|l AP SL TE ES (J t N t a b D L t A M S s T O >J | < J D E fa T 5 C vj b E I C u 3 1 T A T U R K t V b R bib El D 1 (• T E f= L J D E D A R 1 L> | A P S E S n ? N 1 P 4 O 1 A S S ~ T E k A S E S b A V E A M <? c R T 0 A S T E D ?JT = : A < JS S r 1 C L 3 L = s M T 3V IS B—Striking effect 6—Body of water 7—Slippery S—Dine D—Sleeveless cloak 10—Egyptian sacred bull 11—Encounter 19—Hurried 20—Double- breasted overcoat? 23—Note of seal* 2*—Place 25—Wine cup 26—Gratuity 27—Girl's name 28—Abstract being 2D—Born 30—Comb, form: three 32—Incite to effort 35—Faroo Islands whirlwind 35—Swiss river 38—HorrlngMke Hah 30—Flaps 40—Chills and fever 41—Memorandum 43—Ono of - Columbus'a ships • 44—Dull perRow •JG—Great Lake 4G—Lifeless 43—Dress border Delphi An art course will be offered n Delphi this summer. The course i will be open to anyone 15 years of Plymouth, Mrs. .Dixie Gunter and son Larry, and Mrs. Robert Teeter and children of Rochester. In Justice James Walton's Rochester Court Monday, Garnctte E. Wakeland, South Bend, was convicted of driving without a valid operator's license and of failure to appear in court, and was given a fine of $.13.75. Wakeland was unbale to pay the fine and was placed in the county jail. The South Bend man was arrested by city police on April tho first and ordered to appear April 14th. After he failed to appear ho was apprehended by state police Monday morning. He will be confined in jail lives have interesting hairdo — days or until his fine is paid, bright red and tumbiewood-bushy. Also in Walton's court, Robert New York: The natives are j M. Sehrenker, Kokomo, paid $15.75 restless by night. Also by day. ;upon conviction of speeding in a New Zealand: Tho plural of, posted zone. He was arrested by Maori is Maori. The Maori pro-1 the sheriff's department Sunday, nounce Maori "Mowry." Maori! Ernest L. Burgoon, 45, Bridge stick out their tongues as a welcome sign. Instead of shaking hands as a greeting, they press nos«s. If you play your cards AOT-ICK OP ,UI.;KTI.V<; OF TIII.; cou.vry HOARD OK UHVIISW OK CASS COIJ.NTV Notice IH hereby iflvon that tho County Board of Iluvluur tor the County of Catm, Ktato of Indiana, will meet at 8:00 A. M.. Central % ,"' iSfi 1 T1 ""'. " n Monday, June 3rd, 11)57, at tho offlue or tlin Ca:nn County A.udltor for rr-vleivlni.' an- uOM.smeiits and tho valuation of real estate and uerwonal property aH.ieMHud Tor taxation JIICIIAKD W. GOUT, Auditor CaHs Co., Ind 1S-23 STATIC OF INDIANA) COUNTY' OF C'ASS ) NOTICK TO AM, I.'KU.SONS LN- TISItESTJiH) IN TUB JiHTATE OF MJ.VNJB C. UJIISCH, JJIOCKASIOD. Jn tho Circuit Court at Cans County, April Term, Jl/57. Caunc Number 14'JKJ. In tho matter ol' tho Kiitato of MINNIK U. HIKHCH. deceased. Notice IM honshy Klven that liar- old .1. Tuherty us Kxiicutor oC the unovb namud eHLatc, ha« presented and riled hln account In llnul settlement of nald i-Mtatu, anrl that tin; .same, will coini-, uji for the ox- amlnatlfjn and action of nald Circuit Court, on tin. 3rd day of Juni:, ]!l. r >7, nL which time all perform Interested In nald estate arc ro.iulred to apjji-ar In nald conrti und show cauMi;, U' any lh<;ru IK: "why *al<i account should not he approved. And tin- heir* of said tie- cvilnnt and al! othern Intci-umed ' are alHo required to appear ajid ' inako proof of their heirehlp or' claim to any pa;-|. nf Hald eMate. H/Mioi.n j. 'n: H'K nr V" ''"' " ' l v "i liarnnii Office IliilldlnK. I LoKanMi)ort, Indiana I Attorney For Kntatu ! 17-2.1 ; port, III., signed a proxy bond of $15.75 after being arrested by a special sheriff's deputy in Akron over the week end. He was charged with public intoxication. The Tom Thumb restaurant, which has been at 714 Main street for the last year and a half, is moving to the corner of Fifth and Main streets, where the Thomp- The bride's grandmother poured a S e or older regardless of previous art training. Beginners are encouraged to enroll. The individual may choose to work in oil painting, water color or drawing. Students may enroll for either a six week or an eight wtek course. The class will meet one day a week for 3 hours beginning the first week in June. Classes will meet outdoors whenever weather permits. Instructors for the class will be Mr. Dennis Byng, Instructor pt Art, and Mr. Richard Callner, Instructor of Art G. Miller, Mrs. Phil Miller, Mrs. Elmer Newcomb, Mrs. Carl Newcomb, Mrs. Kline Blacketor Jr., Mrs. Deloise Severns, Mrs. Edwin Newcomb, Mrs. Josh • Blacketor, Miss Judy Rosenbury and Miss Cathie Newcomb. Those who sent gifts were Mrs. Larry Evans Mrs. Byron Glnn, Mrs. Russell Smiley, Mrs. Howard Mr Mr* {L' PurdnUC University's Art and . n Charles Richardson, Mrs. Herman ! Deslgn Department. Miller, , . John Bendal, Miss! Forty-eight seniors of the Delphi Carrie Ann Ginn, and Mrs. Paul Myers. Mr. and Mrs. Josh Blacketor were business visitors in Logansport Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. William Jefferson had as their recent guests, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jefferson of Los Angeles. Wilford Guise and his nephew. C. R. McVay of McAlIen, Texas, returned to Rochester Wednesday from a weeks business trip to Northern Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. Harry McVay and Mr. C. R. McVay of McXllen Texas were evening dinner guests Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. A. N. McIntire at DuLong. Admissions to Woodlawn Hospital are Mrs. Phillip Nash, Mont-one; Wade Conley, Rochester. Dismissals: I,indley Servis, Bourbon and Edward Mow, R. R. 3. High School who left Sunday noon on a three day trip to Chicago have returned home. Mrs. Norma Fulton, Mr. John P. Beach, and Mrs. Raymond Temple served as chaperones. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hizer of Camden entertained at a Mother's day dinner on Sunday. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Watson and Mr. and Mrs. William Watson and son, all of Rockfield; Kir. and Mrs. Bernard Gish and family, of Monticello; Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Meek and family of Deer Creek; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Clark and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Williams, all of Logansport; Mr. and Mrs. Homer Hackett of Delphi, and Mrs. Lottie Williams of Camden. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Martin of Logansport tcntertained for their families on a Mother's day dinner on Sunday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. John.I. Bowman and Bruce R. Goslee, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bowman, all of Delphi; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smith of Yeoman; Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Martin and Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Martin, all of Logansport. ' Mr. and Mrs. Everett Cunningham, and son, Ed, and Justine Hacket:; went to Muncie to attend the Mother's day program and open house which was held at Ball State Sunday. ' New officers for the 1957 - 1958 school term have been elected by the three upper classes of Delphi high school. Senior class officers high school. . Senior class officers chosen are Paul Vollenweider, president; Tom Merrell, vice - president; Virginia Fisher, secretary; Jo Ann Coomy, treasurer, and Kay Clawson, student council representatives. Officers for the junior class are Robert Randolph, president; Jerry Johnson, vice - president; Joyce Gushwa, secretary; Bonnie Wilson, treasurer, and Gwcn Benner, student council representative. Winamac Two divorces were granted in the local court. Louise Foy was grantsd a divorce from Jacob Foy and her former name of Kado .was given to her. The other was Lucille M. Will, divorced from Chester 0. Wills. She was given custody of their five-year-old daughter, Sharon Kay. The suit for divorce by Allean Peters against Arthur H. Peters was'dismissed by plaintiff. The claim of Ed Pingle for $1,500 against the estate of Perry A. Franks for personal services and money loaned has been transferred to the trial docket, after the claim was disallowed by the executor, Charles Podell. Final approved was given by the court to the report of Vern Rains, as administrator of the estate of Gertrude Rains. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune noon at th.} home of Mrs. Irene! Fichprhnrlf HpnHc Trapp to complete plans. iriSnerDUCK 116005 The firemen held their regular meeting at the town hall Tuesday evening. They voted to join the Indiana Volunteer Fireman Association. Mr. and Mrs. George Selle, Mrs. Don Brenner and son, Scott, of South Bend, spent the week-end here with Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Wilson and children. Sunday guests were Mr. and Mrs. Emme Wolfe and daughter, Betty, of Logansport. This was in honor of Stephen Wilson, who received his first communion Sunday. Mrs. Wayne Kopkey entertained at a birthday supper Tuesday evening in honor of her husband on his 30th birthday. Guests were Douglas and Beckie Zachary, Louis Battenfield, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ross and son, Lynn. Mr. and Mrs. Will Hall spent Wednesday in Plymouth as guests Loco! Baptist Men W. A. Fislierbuck was elected president of the Men's Council of. the Baptist Temple at a dinner meeting Thursday night at tha church. He succeeds Carl Hooton. Other new officers named aro Donald D. Lutes, vice-president, and E. W. Leslie, secretary-treasurer. The Rev. Raymond Echols, pastor of the Broadway Methodist church, was the guest speaker. Tt II T* LL t t i ' '' ^uticouaj' in A jjijiuukii s»o £uvo^a Russell Button, who has been sol o£ Mr5 . Levollc Crissinger. Other seriously ill at his home northwest of Winamac, was taken to the Veterans hospital near Indianapolis Wednesday. A committee consisting of Mrs. Carl Stark, Mrs. Louise Long, Mrs. Richard Olson, Mrs. Irene Trapp, Mrs. Velma Hunter, Mrs. Jessie Hoover, Mrs. Alvina Hoover and Mrs. Walter Drach met Wednesday after noon at the home of Mrs. Carl Stark to make plans for a 25th anniversary of the class of graduate;! of the local high school class of 1932. Another meeting guests in the same home were Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Swanson of Rochester. TINTED IN GIRL'S DEATH GARY (UP)—Alvin Clark, 16, Hammond, was fined $40.25 Thursday on a reckless driving charge in the joyride traffic death of Linda Kennedy, 14, Lansing, 111. Linda was killed Tuesday night when Clark's car backed over her accidentally as she jump«i on and off a fender in Ind. 53 while the two were with a group celebrating EKBERG & BRYNNER CANNES, France (UP)—A bos- i omy actress and a scowling gen-, tleman witih a completely bald head stole the spotlight from Russia Wednesday at the film festival. Shouts by photographers of "Tliis Way, Please, Mr. Brynner!" and "Miss Ekberg, let's have more frontage, please," greeted the 'stars" when they arrived for the showing of the Soviet film "Don Quixote." The man with Hie shaved head and. the bosomy girl with the startling decollelage evening dress were treated as royal personages. It was not until after the showing, which no one paid very much al- tention to, that officials admitted they didn't know who Uio two celebrities were. will be held next Wednesday after-Linda's birthday anniversary. Read the Classified Ads NOTICI4 BTATJC Of INDIANA) )SS: COUNT* OF CASS ) NOTION TO A LI, PKKSONS IN- TKKK.STKJ) IN THE IOKTATU OF JOHN A. l''OI.L,KN, UHC.'UASKD. Jii llio Circuit Court, of CHUB County, April Turin, IJ57. (•anno Numljf;r HK8K. .In tliu niultur (if Hi u Instate ot J.>hlJ A. J.'(illl>ll. lluc-UUHUll. N'.tlcn l« licrohy nlvcu that Rli.'lmrcl A. Mullquo aa AilmlnlH- trMor of llui above named r«- tnto, IIIIH jircKtintctl mill lllod hln amount In Tlnal nuuluintmt ot aiild est;u<>, and tliiit thn Hiuno will COIMU up fur thi) n.xiunlimtlon and action ttt HJI[(| (.'Irciili C'.url, on till! 3rd day of Juilii, 1!IT>7, in which time nil pommi:! liituri'Hlnil in mild ent:Uo urn rei|i;lr<!d to :i[)p<-ur In aald court raid Hliovv caumj 1C any them l,n, why mild account nhould nut ha npurovixl. And tho tiolrn or milil ilnciidnnt and nil nthum InLm-- t'fUud uro also required u> Rppuar anil niillto Iirmif of Illnlr hi!lr»h!|i or tiliilm to any iiart of Hald o:<- tati). niCMAllD A. MOMQIIK ADMINISTRATOR 1 'I'r.Honal ReproMonuitlvo MYKHS & .MOMljUK 21:! Fourth Ktr«<a IjoKanHpnrt, Indiana Attorney 10-17 NOT1CIC STATIC OP INDIANA) )SS: COUNTY OK OAKS ) NivnCK TO AI-L PKHSONS IN- TJ'jmOHTHIJ IN THE KSTATK OK KI.VA H. NKAI). In tliu Clrc.'iiit Court of Cann County. Indiana, April Turin, 1U57. CaiiHci Nunitnjr UXG7. In tlio nmllur of the IDHtato ot E!va II. Ncail. I|UI:«IIHI.<I|. Notlcu In tu-roliy Klvnn that Oni Porter as Admliii«tralor of the nliovu named ii.-uaU'. ban prumsntud and fllod his iu-coitnt in final tmt- tlement of Maid nutate, and that the munu will (;onio up for tho examination and ac-tlon of Hald Circuit Court, on tint 1st day nf Juno. lDr>7. at which tlmn all por- HOII.H IntoroHtod In mild i-statn are required tu appear In aald court and ahow cau«i-. If any thorn he, whv Hald account Hhnulrt not bu approved. And tho huirH of said decedent and all others Interested are alnrj requlrsd to appear and niako proof of their holrahlp or claim to any part of Hald imtato. KLIi'.AHICTH HIKKER Olurlt of the Circuit Court for CIINS County, Indiana HUI5ST .t GHUND Attorney ATTENTION HOG FARMERS ARE YOU GETTING TOP PRICES FOR YOUR HOGS? Compare prices paid at Muncie National Stockyards with other markets. MUNCIE The American Farm Belt's Highest Hog Market COMPARE FOR YOURSELF! The following average prices paid for barrows and gilts at the major hog markets, weekending May 11,1957: Average Cost Average Weight Omaha $17.94 238 Kansas City 18.13 227 South St. Joseph 18.08 230 St. Paul 17.87 238 St. Louis 18.11 223 Chicago T 17.99 240 Sioux City 17.87 237 Interior Indiana 18.08 225 Indianapolis 18.28 227 Muncie , . 18.27 234 Order and Packer Buyers operate on this market. Muncie National Stockyards, Muncie, Ind. ML USED IN OUR STORE REDUCED TO CLEAR Prices Reduced Farmers Commission Co. Telephone Atlas 4-3221 Nenstiel & Holloway Commission Company Telephone Atlas 4-3862 ' AND MORE • ALL STYLES • ALL SIZES • ALL MODELS Some with new Picture Tubes Hurry these won't last long Burnett's Bargain Barn 416 S. Third Phone 2821 PENNEY'S •A L WAY S Nothing says Stop! Shop! Save! , . 'like, PENNETS ( UMMER DRESS CARNIVAL EC. LOOK EACH Pretty patterned cottons Sunbacks with jackets Petal-toned cotton broadclothl Eyelet acetate jersey prints' FINAL CLEAN-UP WOMEN'S SHORT COATS Every Short Coat reduced to sell now. Good colors and sizes. LONG COATS $10 TEENS DUSTERS And SUITS Faille Dusters and Butcher Rayon Suits. Wear now and all summer! Boy end Girl Toddlers and Girls' COATS And sum *2 First como—First served! No Layaways, Please.

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