Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 3, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 3, 1895
Page 1
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wsrjrv c She VOL. XX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 3. 1895. NO. 54. Proof of the advertisement is in the fulfilling. Your Money back quick as a wink if every yard, every article is not as represented here. . r The Secret of Economical Buying ^ Told in a Few Words "THE BEE HIVE STORE'S PRICES '—THAT IS THE KEY THAT UNLOCKS THE DOOR OF PLENT \ ! Prices were never so low. Stock never so grand as it is at lour Little Paradise this spring. These words are addressed to all our patrons and particularly to the Ladies who have not in the past made our house their trading place—those whose former trading places are no more—we promise that we can please you and that one visit will be only an introduction for many more. We have an introductory offer! To our patrons and all such persons whom we hope in the future to call our friends. This offer is for Monday and Tuesday next and consists of Yards, 36 inch, Full Bleached, Green Ticket Lonsdale, 16 Yards for 6000 SILVER CALL. Its Friends Issue an Address to Democrats of the United Statesi Being Circulated In Congress—Populists and Free Silver Republicans Not Wanted. The Cheapest Price ever made on Green Ticket Lonsdale in the history oi the Muslin- In Addition Thereto We offer many other Bargains and hope/you will qrj v e our GANT SPRING STOCK YOtJR CAREFUL INSPECTION. ELE RU m^i^^^^r ^^>^5^^ One Price! Year Money Back If You Want It! SY Call and See. pity Thowiwli oi TUMI b» niwai ollndMtrudttllaMatliricDiikl. Purity* Volurat ol Tone Unequal** D. A HAUK, The wonderful Regma Musio Box. Will play any tune. I am agent for Logansport of the genuine, also the new things in Gold Belts, Collarettes, Buokles, Czarina Pins, Butterfly Hat Pins, Side Combs, Hair Pins, Watoh Pockets, Ladies' Guard Chains, Gold Brioabrac, Spectacles of all kinds fitted to the eyes. 30 years 1 experience in Engraving and all kinds of work done to order at Tbe Jeweler ana Optician. 410 Broadway. CONGRESS HARD AT WORK. See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Disease* of Women treated by the new eleotrieal method that has given wonderful results. Don't forget that their vapor treatment for all Chronic Lang • Troubles gets the remedies to the diseased spots and cures whom everything else fails. Call ard investigate anyway. It costs yon nottiinK for consultation. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, AtiTbe Medical and Surglcalllnstltute. 417 Market Si, - - Logansport. Ind. Ground Hog Boots! buy Leather. It's a now, and it will pay out our Winter Too late foo Felt; a Ground Hog case you to help you clean Boots. WflLKER 6c RflUOH 42O Broadway. Much HufllnGMA to Bo Transactnd Before Adjournment Monday. WASHINGTON, March 2.—The arrest and imprisonment of two Cubans—San- g-uilli and Agruirre — claiming' to be 'American citizens, for participation in the revolutionary movement in Cuba was Saturda3 r morning 1 called to the attention of the senate by Senator Call (dom.,Fla.) who presented a telegram received by him on the subject and had it referred tT the committee on foreign relations, with a request on his part that the committee aet promptly in the matter. The conference report on the fortifications bill was presented by Senator Cnll (dem., Fla.) and was read and concurred in, leaving- seven other appropriation bills still in conference. At 11:35 the naval appropriation bill, the last of the great appropriation bills, was taken up and the senate proceeded to consider it. The amendment reducing from 2,000 to 1,000 the number of additional seamen that the secretary of the navy may enlist was agreed to—31 to 25. The conference report on the agricultural appropriation bill was presented and concurred in. WASHINGTON, March 2.—In the.house the business of the last legislative day was begun by the passag-e of ' a joint resolution to furnish the citizens' committee of Louisville condemned cannon from which to make badges for delegates to the next G. A. E. encampment, also, joint resolution continuing in office the present officers of the courts of the Indian territory. Bill granting the abandoned military reservation at Fort Hays to the state of Kansas for educational and park purposes. The conferees on the sundry civil appropriation bill have agreed to the senate amendment appropriating 1 $500,000 for the equipment of a mint at Denver—5100,000 to be available during this fiscal year. • WASHTXGTON-, March 2.—The president has approved acts of congress to provide for the appointment of additional judges of the United States court in the Indian territory; .to amend the revised statutes relative to the steamboat inspection service; a joint resolution suspending the entry of goods in bond to the free zone. WASHINGTON, Mar;h 2.—Representative Bryan (dein., Keb.) has abandoned his intention of securing- a conference of the free silver representatives and senators with a.yiewof issuing: a call to the democrats of the country, laying- down the proposition that a majority of the democrats favor the free and unlimited coinage of silver, and calling- upon this majority to take control of the party org-UTuzn-tion. Ilo decided instead to circulate the call among- such of the house democrats as favor the free coinag-e of silver, with a view to securing- their indorsement. The call is presented . only to democrats, and not to populists or free silver republicans. It is addressed "To the Democrats of tliu United States," and reads as follows: Xhn Cull. 'We, the undcrsijjuod democrats, present /or your consideration the following statement: 'We believe that the estubJishment of gold as the only monetary standard and the elimination of sllvor us • u lull lCKU.1 tumior money will increase tho purchasing poiver of each dollar, add to tho bunion of all debts, decrease the market value of another forms of property, pontinuo and intensify business depression, and, flc&lly,' reduce the majority of the people to financial bond;i«c. "We believe thut no party Oilfl 1)0|)0 for tin* during success In the United States so lontf us It advocates a sin«lo 'gold standard, and th.it the advocacy of sucli a. financial policy would be especially fatat to a party, which, like ttie democratic party, derives its voting strength from those who may, \vlthout reproach, be called the common people; and we point to the overwhelming defeat of tho party in 1894, to the opposition aroused by tlie veto of the seigniorage bill anil to tho still more unanimous protest against the issue, of gold bonds, as proof that the democratic party cannot Ue brought to tho support of the KOld standard policy. "We believe that the money question will be tho Issue in ISOOand will so remain until ll Is Kcttlod by the intelligence und patriotism of the American voters, "We 'believe that a large majority of the democrats of the United States favor bimetallism and realize that it can only be secured by-tic restoration of tuc free and unlimited','coinage of gold and sliver at the present™.uo, aud we < assert that the majority has and" should..exercise 1 tho rl;;ht, to control the policy of the party and retain tho party name.-.- : "We believe that it is tho duty of the majority and within their power to take charge of tho party'organizations and ma',;e the democratic party ah effective instrument in tho accomplishment of needed reforms. It is not necessary thit- dcjnoJ rats' should surrender their couvlctions on the'other questions In order to take an Motive part,, : fn : tho settlement of the question:lv, wlifc'n atri this ' time surpass . all others in-importance.''"' ' "We bellevtf-.that th'e-ranlc and file of the democratic party should at once assert themselves in th&demoeratic party and place tho party on'racbrd'.in favor of the Immediate restoration of the,-'Jree''''and unlimited coinage of gold und.silve:r>"at,thu present legal ratio of it! to 1, as. such-cojnago- existed prior to 1873, .without waiting fo^-the aid or consent of any- other nation, 'suoh.gblil and silver coin to be a full legal tendefvfoi all debts public and private. ' .p-.J.-i:^'..;."\Ve urge all democrats who favor the financial policy above,[set'torth to associate themselves together and impress their views upon the party organlnition; we urge all newspapers in harmony.iwith the above flnanoial policy toi)lace : lt.»t the. head of tho editorial column and assist,, in.,the Immediate restoration of bimetallism."' TRADE REVIEW. FROM H008IERD03T. SEARCHING FOR THE DEAD. Another Alan l'lio~uc.ht tn Bo Still In Kulul of CnUap.ieil! >'e\v York BulldliijT. NEW YORK, March 2.— A gang- of 100 men toiled all niprht.at the work of removing the huge pile of debris in the buildings Nos. 151,;153, 155 and 157 Orchard street, ..which partly collapsed Friday af terri<>on.";Tb.e work was carried on by calcium fight without intermission almost from, the moment of the crash, and..between t. and 5 o'clock Saturday morning the workers' efforts •were rewarded by the recovery of two bodies from the wreck. Two more are believed to be stilt .buried in the ruins and two of th'e-Unjured died in the hospital' during 'the night. The two men who .are '"believed to be still missing' are •« believed to lie under the debris of; thd -basement of No. 153 and on the other*side of the party wall or else under a heap of ruins which still remain undisturbed on the west side of the building 1 in the basement of No. 155. It w impossible that they can be alive, as no living- creature could have possibly survived under the hug-e pile of masonry that^ell, but nevertheless the work of clearing- away the ruins is going on, without a break, that no chance of succor will be left untried. . .. f ,,;.....- .=.-*., •. : ". A'J. 8 o'clock in the'- 1 - morning another body Vas taken from the rains. It was identified as that of Joseph Marro, an Italian labbrer^Hejwas'31 years of age. Bow the llunlncn Munition Appear*- to Dun and Bra<Utr«et. NEW YOKK, March -.—R. O. Dun & Co.'s weelcly review 01 trade snys: "No gold KOCS out. though sterling cxchnnes has risen close to tho exporting point, Bad it does not yet appear ihat the syndicate has made any e3ort to control the exchange market The stock market ivaits abjectly for London, and foreigners show thus far more disposition to sell than to buy. Withdrawals or gold by redemption of legal tenders have BO; ceased, but since the closing of the syndicate contract have averaged about JliO.OOO per day. There is no essential change In tbo money market, though rates are somewhat higher. Agricultural products are a shade higher, but without any rc:uson which looks to future operations. More people aro idle In the (treat Industries than were idle last week, but not for reasons which distinctly af- lect the fucura. "Wheat is 1& cent hiprher. but clearly, not because western receipts are a trille less than a year afro, nor because exports from the At- lanrlc coast are small. Spasms of speculative activity must be expected during every season, and -when prices ure at the bottom such spasms can only mean an advance. Nothing Is seen to justify any material rise, as supplies in sight do not decrease more than they would nnuinilly on account of bad tvcathcr. Corn Is only a shade higher, with western receipts much smaller than last year. Cotton j dropped a ^eek ago to 5.5C cents, the lowo-^t point ever known since modern classillcuUons were adopted, and has not yet risen, thouirh the talk of Kreat reductions in acreage this your is as vigorous as ever. The whole market turns on the fact that the stocks of American cotton here and abroad are considerably larger than ever. . "The industries make very slow gains where they make auy. Nothing now can bo said of boois and shoes for tho market Is still unsettled by the controversy about prices. Xew orders arc sc:'.:uy and the main reason is that jobl-.ers have ou the whole large stocks on band, and are not now unxlous to increase them at higher prices. The demand for cotton goods is on tlie whole decidedly disappointing. The demand Jor woolen goods of the butter grade seems a little bettor than has been expected "The failures for throe weeks of February have shown liabilities amounting to S8,5£8,UC8 atalnst iHMttMlS for tho same weeks last year, in manufacturing $2,&5r.G50 uirainst !*.- U-io.S-17 last year, and in trading U5.250.330 neuins: jO.Mii.ffiU last year. Failures for tho week have been C50 in tho United States against, itil last year and in Canada SS against •c; last venr. " BnuLstreet's says: ••Wbile the course of general trade during tile lirst two months of the current year has been disappointing. February cuds and March bCRins with tangible, though not as yet satisfactory, signs of improvement It is encouraging to note that gains are reported In the volume nf trade at almost every southern city, notwithstanding advices from northern cities whose jobbers supply southern and southwestern markets, that low prices tot products had curiuilod purchasing ability at the south and southwest. Amonc larger eastern business centers no general evidences o£ improvement nro reported except a larger volume of trade In staple lines at Pittsburgh, together with better demand In the iron and steel trades. -At tho west there is less encouragement, Improvement being reported only from Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis and St. Paul. Mlidor weather has not favored tho business situation at the northwest. Stocks of general merchandise throughout the central and southwest are small and the number of buyers from those regions at Chicago is Increased, Like reports are received from St. Louis, where orders lor spring goods aro of fair volume, although buying continues conservative, competition inducing froquent concessions in price. General trade has preserred only a moderate volume at Cleveland, Kansas City. Omaha, Milwaukee, Duluth and , Minneapolis, where collections are fair only and the mild -weather is unseasonable." Telegraphic News of Interest to; Indianians, WON'T GO TO THE CAPITOL. ' Found Dead'"In *HU ilouil. KJE.XOSHA, Wis.,. March. 2. — 3. M. Bower, who had . recently purchased the Tcuhagen house at this.place, was .found -dead on, the steps leading up from the first floor. The general impression is he died of heart *Mtrmt). He leaves a widow and family at Wan- f :Xkfij}lBich 2. —A young man walked' off, tSe'-jrear end of a train at East Adrian^ at. 9 o'clock Friday night ' He was'.fpund at 6 o'clock Saturday-morning'. 'He had a long cut on his face, and was '/unable to give any accoont of himself?' He had a ticket for Kf^W York. ,.:.. ,.,V;" oIvtbVJKolb Pmpln. Ala., March 2. — S. M. Adams has called » meeting of the state executive "committee of the peo- -ple's- party for March 13 In this city. This meeting will- take up the dual government question, which is still popular with the Kdlpite*. All Hill* Must l)o 8onl: to the 1'rrnldenl ut WJ>it.n Ilounc. WASHINGTON, March 2,—The statement is made on the authority of a member of the house committee on appropriations that President Cleveland will not g-o to the capitol on Monday next but will require that all measures passed by congress, shall be sent to him at the white house-to receive there his consideration and action before the Fifty-third congress passes out of existence'at noon on Monday next Wlsconiln Cltlei May Unite. GBEEX BAY, Wis., March2.—Meetings of the common councils of Green Bay and Fort Howard, the two cities which have been a-courting- for the last fifty years or more, were held to take action upon an ordinance having; in view the consolidation of the towns. After the reading- of the ordinance at both of the meeting-s it was laid upon the table until next Saturday, when definite action will be taken. Public Debt Statement. W-isanfeTON, March 2.—The monthly statement of the public debt issued from the treasury department shows that February 28, 1895, the public debt, less cash in the treasury, amounted to $390,413,940, a decrease for the month of $34,033,328. This decrease of debt la accounted for by the receipt of gold on account of the last bond issue against which no bonds have yet been, issued. . Fir* IxxMt (or Fxbnurr. . CHICAGO, March 2.—Fire losses for February throughout the country caused a total loss of (12,532,510, of which fires where the losses amounting to $100,000 or more contributed $5,034,550, and fires under $100,000 $7,497,960. The losses for February of last year amounting to $12,918,225. GLEXVHXE, Ala., March 2.—Tom ana Dors Meadows left their children at home to attend a neighborhood dance. When they returned their cottage home was in ashes and the charred remains of the little ones, the oldest of whom was 14, were found. . Brooklyn Striken IndleMd. BBOOKLYX, March 2.—The February grand jury handed twenty-five indictment* in the court of sessions against persons who in vmrions -ways- interfered with or obstructed trolley can during the recent utrik*. Oratorical Content. .-. • IXDI.VSAPOLIS, Ind., March 2. — Tht : .S several colleges of the state hav*.', chosen the following young men and-W: women to represent them in the annual - ; college oratorical contest hero nexto:] week: Butler university, John Butler;, « Hanover, M. Jesse Brown; De Pauw,,4-; M. L. Dapgy; Indianaiiniversilv. Pres*/-^ ton V. Eajrlesome; Earlln.u o Allege, •<:< Nellie E. Wood; Frau.vlia college,,.';Frank Martin. The representative; ,:| from the state university is colored,; ;:5 the first of his race who ever took part i'.in the contest. - ; .,; Itorcott Provca to lie $crloi». -. ,^ lyrDiAXAPOLis, Ind., March 2.—An- ;• drew Stcffin, a cigar manufacturer,-, 1 ,* some time ago discharged thirty-five of --J: his fficn. The union then declared »! : | bo3-cott ou his shop .and the fight h»» '. been bitter. Friday Steffin announced '\ that, unless he was given assurance by ;:'to-day that Ue would be allowed to•-..-; •uork without interference he wouldM-U- n once move to Cincinnati. . He is one o4 '•'; the largest manufacturers in the city. y : ' iH Havo to 1-ljr. ., "'• Ind., March 2.—Jacob Ga*. • i, nett's residence at Dora, this county,..^was the scene of great excitement • > ; when Prof. Hcnc5crson, of Anderson,; X aud Doc Small, of this city, spirit medi- , • urns, were exposed and a free fight en- -~ sued. Furniture was overturned and,.X: ; Small and Henderson were knocked- , down and the tables piled on them. ,./| They were finally gotten out of the---:" b^ck way and escaped further punish. .;,-• went. _ ,?','- I'oiiou In PTOK«II Oraoffc*. (-.'"! XEW CASTLE, Ind., March 2.- : -Carrie, ;/; the 4-year-old daughter of William. ?; Williams, died Friday from the effect*-, -.; of eatingfrozen oranges. Afewmin- — -; u!e; after the child had eaten ta£..•$ orange she ran screaming to her fatbeiy,. ~ complaining of severe pains in her - >• stomach. , After suffering in great...,,:: agony for half an hour she died in ';'.; convulsions. . v Now Kl*iutrlc tine. ; ;V-; VALPARAISO, Ind.,March 2.—Amove--''- i ment is on foot to build :tu electric tail— ••'.' 0 way connecting this city with Chicago. \ ; Several Chicago captalists have »igni- --!v- ficd their willingness to furnish a large ,>|:-r proportion of the capital if the terrfc"-J " : ?< tory through which the line-passes .^ 5 will furnish and guarantee reasonable! •'';". support. ' - : ! Coiivtctn Knrnpp. • ' • LA PORTE, Ind., March 2.—Joseph '• Rogers and George Turnage, convicts- •;-, in the Indiana prison, made their es- , : , cape. Rogers was serving a term of-,, u ; two yenrs for grand larceny, vrhila -;,.-•> Turnage was received in 3S88 from I.n- ';. diunapolis to serve a term of eleven...' ,' years for manslaughter.. ' . "..% Victim of White C»|.|icr« Mar D>. MUXCIE, Ind., March 2.—The four men charged with the Granville white cap outrage appeared for preliminary trial Friday afternoon, but the prosecuting witness, Amanda Hamilton, who was lashed, is lying ut the point oi death and the trial was postponed. A MRminoth Ditch. PBENCETOX. Ind.. March 2.—A mammoth ditch 10 miles long, 40 feet wide , at the top and 12 feet deep will shortly be cut through the western part of thlm-. county. Contracts will shortly be ad- - vertised for. The estimated cost U . 8100,000. .ArrcHted on K Foriccry Charge. "^ ELWOOD, Ind., March 2.—W. C. Baker, the New York installment manager, whose arrest recently on a charge of embezzlement was followed by his release from jail on a bond, was rear— • rested on a charge of forgery. Vandal* Bob » Church. HUSTISGTON, Ind., March 2.—Th«< Methodist cnurch was-robbed, " o n.la— sionary contribution box being-stolen. ' It contained several dollars in pennie*. The empty box was found in an outbuilding. The BOH Baker*. IXDIAKAFOM8, Ind., March 2.—Ther*1* a, probability that .all the boss baker*- , of this city will disunionize their establishments on account of the bread war- which has been waged in the city for- a month. ' Killed at Colambd*. > COLUMBUS, Ind., March 2.—Walter- , Sellers, special freight man for the Blf Four road, this city, was killed here by being run over by a train. He lived two hours and died in the city hospital. Aw.y. JjtFFEBSOSmtLE, Ind., March 2.— William M. Gibson, 84 years old, died at Gibson Station, 0 miles from this • city. He was one of the wealthiest men in this section. , . Stole H«r »on«j-. « HuSTCfGTOsr, Ind., March 2. —A thief robbed Hiss Cotlin, a school-teacher here, of $250 concealed in a folding bed. • AKBOS, O., March 3.—The works of the Akron China company were destroyed by fire at 1 o'clock Saturday morning 1 . The. fire started in a pile of straw in the packing; house, and is be- liered to have been incendiary. Th« loss on building and machinery Is $50,000, and on stock. $12,000; , insurance, • $15,500. One hundred and forty, mem.. are thrown ont of employment. : . 1 fe-

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