The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 10, 1977 · Page 61
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 61

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1977
Page 61
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No oomph Cavett talk show lacking By JAY SHARBUTT AP Television Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) - There are those in the smart set who claim current TV talk shows provide no mental sustenance. They often sigh for the glory days when Dick Cavett had an ABC talk show. It is their theory he got the ax because he is too urbane, subtle, witty and intelligent for commercial tv. Their theory is sorely tested by brother Cavett tonight. Tonight, he begins his new, half-hour, $1.8 million nightly talk show series on public television by chatting with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, who act for a living. Cavett, flanked by his guests in a three-chair studio setting, complete with audience, starts things rolling by declaring to viewers he's delighted to be back with a regular interview show. And, he says, "I'm especially pleased to be doing it in what I think is an appropriate and congenial setting of public television. I look forward to bringing you a season of the best people available, the most interesting, the most newsworthy..." Then he asks Sophia and Marcello, who estimate they've acted together in eight or nine films, in which movie they first teamed up and when. Sophia says it was about 20 years ago, in "Too Bad She's Bad. After some banter about Marcello's skinny legs, Cavett bears down with: "Do you believe in such a thing as ... chemistry?" Sophia helps translate the meaning of performing chemistry to Marcello, whose English is passable. Amid more banter, she informs Cavett, "I speak English quite well." "You certainly do for your age," he comes right back and says. "We are the same age, more or less, same generation," she tells her 40-year-old host. He says: "You're a miracle of preservation." She says: "You, too. You, too, I must say." In time, Cavett pursues a harder line of inquiry. "Sophia," he says, "I don't mean this as just a fulsome compliment... but why are you more beautiful off-screen than on?" Later, he asks her: "What was the crossroad, the moment in your life, when you took the turn that led you to be a movie star rather than a housewife or whatever you might have been?" Later, to her costar, Cavett inquires: "And what was it for you, Marcello, that spelled your destiny, what was the moment when you went down the road to movies as opposed to architecture, which I think was your great love?" Marcello says it was when he got laid off as an accountant. ( WNET in New York, maker of this series, says $1 million of the show's first-year cost came from 196 of America's 265 public TV outlets, the balance from Gulf & Western and the Chubb Corp. Cavett does get interesting guests. But he should ask Jack Paar, who got him in the business, for a year's supply of interesting questions. Otherwise, all is lost. gftf MuknaMb&alifarnlw Fruit accountant indicted by SEC ; Disney make-up artist Bob Schiffer transforms comedian Jonathan Winters into a pumpkin for a special Halloween edition of 'The Wonderful World of Disney' entitled 'Halloween Hall O'Fame airing Oct. 30. Schiffer started with a plaster impression to produce the mask. Ford enters into first tv contract NEW YORK (AP) - Gerald A. Ford's first paid television appearance under a contract with NBC-TV will deal with the early days of mis admisistration and will be aired in late December, NBC announced. . In the one-hour prime time program, an "NBC Reports" special to be aired Dec. 21 at 10 p.m. EST, the former president will be interviewed by NBC Nightly News co-anchor John Chancellor. Ford will discuss his emotions prior to and upon succeeding Richard Nixon in August 1974 and his later pardon of the former president, evaluate key personnel in his administration and review how he tackled foreign and domestic.problems, according to Lester M. Crystal, president of NBC News. Among the key figures in his administration to be discussed in the special are former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, former Secre­ tary of State Henry Kissinger, former Agriculture Secretary Earl L. Bute, former Treasury. Secretary William Simon and former De-. fense Secretary James Schlesinger, NBC said; The program will also explore Ford's decisions in dealing with the troubled economy and ending the Vietnam war, the network reported. toric event has the oppor- In preparing for the pro- t" nit y to question the princi- gram with Ford at his Vail, Pa' involved. Colo., summer retreat and FP his Palm.Springs, Calif., home, the former president and NBC discussed his diaries, White House logs and other archival material, the network said. "It's not often anyone living close to the time of a his- LOS ANGELES (AP) - A key figure in a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation last year—which involved a California wine- grape syndication empire was indicted by a federal grand jury and charged with perjury during SEC testimony. John K. Dees, a Fresno accountant, was indicted this week and accused of lying in response to questions at SEC hearings conducted Jan. 8, 1976, and May 12,1976. The questions involved details of audit work he did for Sun Fruit Ltd. in 1972. Dees will be arraigned Tuesday: before a U.S. Magistrate. Last July 28 Dees was in- Ball, Reynolds will fete Capra LOS ANGELES(AP)Lucille Ball, Burt Reynolds and Carl Reiner will be the hosts for the 90-minute salute to six-time Oscar-winning director Frank Capra. James Stewart, who starred in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and "It's a Wonderful Life" for Capra, will appear. dieted by a San Diego federal grand jury along with Walter: Wenke and two other persons, all of whom were' charged with mail fraud and 1 filing false documents with the SEC and conspiracy in. taking over and allegedly looting Sun Fruit. The SEC had previously ; filed a civil fraud suit in• July, 1976, accusing Wenkel and several associates of: scheming to defraud the firm's public investors, who sank about $10 million into the grape tax shelter business. Wenke was chairman of Sun Fruit, whose syndications involved lands in the San Joaquin Valley, from 1972 to 1975. T4 'Wiz' filming in New York NEW YORK (AP) - "The Wiz," from the award-winning Broadway musical hit, is now filming on location in New York Citv. Diana Ross stars as Dorothy, Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow, Nipsey Russell as the Tin Man, and Ted Ross as the Cowardly Lion. Other starring roles include Lena Home as. the Good Witch, Richard Pryor as the Wiz, and Mabel Rang as the Bad Witch Evillene. The real story of why President Lincoln was killed. The Lincoln Conspiracy ^OCRDALEy Kara* M. and Highway ft 324-5270 £**N VALLEY PLAZA CINEMA I & EI 333-3440 1940 WIBLERD. BAKERSFIELD i the author of "Taxi Driver. " ^BBy ' A chilling portrait of a man obsessed. W'-f* ROLLING tottnm 2:10 -4 :10 -6 :10 8 :00 -9 :55 BARGAIN MMWtf $1.50 EViRYMV TK3:30 *.M. 2:00-3:55-8:00 7:45-»:30 f Family Night ADULTS ... 1.50\ CHILDREN .. .50 MKERSf lELO'S FAMILY THEATER OPEN WEEKDAYS 6:45 SAT.. SUN. 12: IS WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS' GOES TO MONTE CARLO • r , Don JONES Don KNOTTS HI TECHNICOLOR" I pi ||A A troublesome iwosome! JSsS WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS' vUMeofltoo Critters Ptfclttd by BUENA VISIA DISIHIBUtlON CO ISC' tVAl! OISNEV HtOOUCIIDNS [3^1 TECHNICOLOR' lyj ALSO ADDED - "DONALD ni Ills DUCKLING BANS" mm Express Greyhound buses leave Greyhound Terminal Oct. 4 thru 16 at 9:00 AM direct to the Fair at Fresno. Enjoy the Fair and the Horse Racing. Return trip leaves Fresno Fair at 6:30.PM. Low round trip tare $10.00. Greyhound Terminal 1820 18th Street — 327-7371 VM-KYS MMTKIIIUJI'ra WW YOU Tl M OUR MOTS FM DHHN8 MM E)TTFJTMMBfT. A RK MMB OFOUACANOIE. OUTS. TACO. CHEESE ENCHHJUM. CPAWtN MCE, BEANS AM KVEMOE AT VHI-KVS. VOIM CHORE OF FEATURES AT THE HUE. M0N .aTUE8 .0NLY •:v: ONLY $3.99 ptr fttrssn T 'HE ||ILE 323-7118 ill 72119th St. A DIFFERENT KIND OF LOVE STORY! ARE YOU READY FOR 8:35-11:15 0 GRk^TESTADVENnJRE ftSinbadandThe Eye Pof the Tiger •lire* M. and Highway 99 324-5270 99 Show Ijme Dusk The f o story o' **t* v m J88E ft m JHE ONLY ANIMAL WHO KILLS 'FOR REVENGE. HARRIS SINBAD 8:40 iJOUEiV ORCA 7:00-10:40 ——SSI ptfTIIW «V«9Jt «*«Uti «M. Hng Kong -AND- wsm I he slon of a niniii'r.l —AND— „ PETER . BLYTHE vfl £ FTJNQft DANNER ' 1 "FUTUREWORLD" • •• si AT DUSK-KIDS FREE , MANN THtATHES —AMD- ROBERT CONRAD , SUDDEN DEATH AT DUSK-KIDS FHEE 11 . MANN THEATRES •feco's Present SPAGHETTI DINNER AND THE MOVIES FEATURING SOUP Off SALAD, OUR OWN OVEN FRESH BREAD, A SPAGHETTI DINNER with Choice of MEAT BALLS OR SAUSAGE AND YOUR CHOICE OF FEATURES AT STOCKOALE SIX. M.MICTrfWW •gTAHWABriNCLUDtp MSHSAYSSHLYt "to till him Wi i mf 1-- J •"* 1 »— A*— * «i CHARLES BBONSai BURT BM GATOD M BATOR 615 -tUFFALQ 8:10 Twl-Lite Tickets 5:45-6:15/51.50 VALENTINO £« s RUDOLF NUREYEV rtS ^tTtofTwi-Lite Tlckrts 5:15-5:46/$1 .1 > * PltlMent Uncoto •H UU<d. KO ^ibHv^sl The Lincoln Conspiracy D S *7S'ST BSSS ^*^0 JS 1 < TODAY AT 5:30-7:15-9:00 IPG'Twi-LiteTickots 5:00-5:30 TODAY AT 1 :15 -1 :30 ® Twi-Lite Tickets 5:45-6:15 1 -STAR. MARS' ( TODAY AT 8:00 -1: 15 jBJTwi-Lite Tickets 5:30-6:00 TODAY AT 6:00-0:00 Twl-Lite Tickets 5:30-6:00 I ' '.ill'"* ; '.'ir'lVI The 1 Lincoln O Conspiracy Phw John Wayne "THE SHOOTIST" TERRACE | WO TMran Way Off UnlM . 111-74** CHARLES BRONSON THE WHITE BUFFALO FJ53 UnitedArhsIs BURT REYNOLDS » . "GATOR", FOOTBALL SPECIAL COMPLETE DINNER INCLUDES • 2 PIECES CHICKEN, • MASHED POTATOES & GRAVY, • CREAMY COLE SLAW • HOT ROLL AFTER 3PM MONDAYS ONLY At dl participating locations BAKERSFIELD 5656 STOCKOALE HWY. (STOCKOALE VILLAGE) 2695 MT. VERNON (AT COLUMBUS) 100 CHESTER AVE. (AT FIRST) PIONEEETAKE OUT Home of the GOWN PIQMtt CHIMN •1 '1 4 % 'i * '1 i '•i I 1 •'.•5

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