Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 14, 1957 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1957
Page 5
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Tuesday Evening, May 14, 1957. U.S. Will Use "Titoism" In Cold War With Reds The United States seems to have | decided to make more use of i Q I | [ • 11 "Titolsm" as a weapon in its cold D 14 M KG T It 111 war with Soviet Russia. It is known that about 100 mil- j lion dollars in economic aid is: about to be granted .0 Poland. i-y- ^, I Now it is reported that the gov- j | Q (j YQ QUO t© ernment has decided to resume its military aid to Yugoslavia. Both countries are Communist- ruled. They are pretty likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. The question is whether the United States ought to help any country that has a Communist government. Certainly it is against United States policy to aid communism. But it happens that in the instance of Poland and Yugoslavia, any aid granted to them will not help Soviet Russia. It would be calculated to loosen further the grip of Moscow on all Red - ruled countries. Both Now Liabilities Poland won a great measure of independence from Russian domination as the result of its revolt of last October. Yugoslavia broke entirely away from Russian domination in .'948. The two countries are now liabilities and not assets to Russia. They are proof that Russian rule of other Communist countries can be broken. Wladyslaw Gomulka, who as Communist party leader is the real ruler of Poland, and President Tito of Yugoslavia would win no voles at all in a Moscow- conducted popularity contest. Tito's position is secure. The Soviet government makes occasional motions of friendship toward Tito. But Tito has shown again and again that he has no intention of giving up the least bit of his independence. The Russian motions of friendship invariably are succeeded by outbursts of denunciation when Tito fails to respond. As has been pointed out, Gomulka's position is still delicate and potentially dangerous. Ike Stresses Aid The "Stalinist" Communists whom he ousted from power are Class of 28 BUNKER HILL — Diplomas will be presented to 28 Bunker Hill high school seniors at commencement exercises at 8 p.m. Thursday, May 23. Baccalaureate services will be held the previous Sunday, May 19, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, with the Re.v. Austin Gable delivering the sermon. Officers of the~ graduating class are Jerry Gable, president; Major E. Ellis, Jr., vice-president; Sharon Kay Kunkle, secretary; Judith Ann Moy, treasurer; and Ronald D. Oldfather, reporter. Other graduates will be Garold L. Armstrong, Carolyn Anne Bev- ingtor., Lorrita D. Bowen, Max R. Cain, Anna Marie Davisson, Beverly Ann Engel, Sandra Colleen Fike, Mary Karen Gable, Judith Marie Gallagher, John E. Garner, Jo Ann Jennier, Dixie E. Lawson. Deloris Jean Little, Michael F. Michael, Delton L. Ramsey, Richard L. Ray, Ronald E. Reed, Charles R. Scudder, Patricia A. Sparger, Rita Kay Steffey, Maynard E. White, Edrie Edith Workman and Kenneth L. Youngblood. The seniors left Friday for a nine-day class trip which will take them to Charleston, W. Va.; Char- loltosville, Va.; Williamsburg; Washington, D. C., by way of the Old Bay Line; Philadelphia; New York City and Pittsburgh. Hoover Film To Be Shown A film on the second Hoover Ctimrr.i.vsion's recommendations for "ovcrnment economy will be shown In several local organisations by the Junior Chamber of Commerce committee on the Hoover report. _____ ..... _ ..... _____ _ 'Title of the film is "Waste Not, trying persistently to weaken him. ' Want Not." The 2!l-minute movie He is being subjected alsfl to if, being sponsored by the Jaycces strong pressure by oilier political 'to acquaint the public with the leaders, and by Poles generally, j commission's recommendations who want a complete break witli | and their purpose, economy in gov- Russia. j ernment. Gomulka's position has been The first showing of the film will „ Thelrrn made more difficult because of, be Thursday evening at the YMCA ' c .^ rSch , ' e^ Poland's serious economic situa- j for tho Y's Men club, and four if^^v^cef'romWyneK Pence tion. The weakness of J'oli.sh.,h 0 «-ir WS arc scheduled next week. n, e d Znla h Ihe Cass'' cimdt economy Is inciting popular un- They will be at the Monday ™ rest. It is helping the "Stalinists," noon meeting of the Rotary club, and the Soviet government, be- a. the Wednesday evening mcel- cause it wcanens Gomulka. i m g ,,r the Bar Association, the Capture Two Brothers In Wild Chase Disarm Three Police Officers And Trade Shots With Other Policemen Before Being Captured GARY, Ind. (UP)—Two young Chicago brothers faced possible kidnap charges today after a wild melee in which - they disarmed three policemen, abducted a motorist and traded shots with a 12- man police squad. The two, Courtland May, 18, and his brother, Allen, 23, were captured Sunday after a -five-mile chase. No one was injured in the bullet-pour.ctuated fracas. The brothers were held for investigation on charges of auto theft, shooting with intent to kill and carrying guns without permits. Police said the two also faced a kidnaping charge for commandeering a passing car driven by Thomas Vaughan o! Gary. The trouble began when officers Leroy Swisher and James Hi'.ton stopped to give aid when they saw the brothers' car stalled on a railroad track. While waiting for a wrecker, the police began questioning the. brothers. Allen, who later admitted thn car was stolen, puUed a 1 gun and disarmed the officers. Moments later another police-; man, Thomas iJodkin, stopped to! investigate. He also was relieved of his gun. At this point the excited Courtland apparently went berserk and began screaming, jumping up and down and shooting. The policemen fell to the ground and two bullets narrowly missed them. Meanwhile, Vaughan, who was on his way to work, stopped his car to see why the policemen were lying on the ground. The brothers ordered Vaughan at gunpoint to help them flee. Police radioed for help and t/he car was slopped at a roadblock. Allen and Courtland jumped from the car and began running, firing their guns at a .squad of 12 policemen who returned the fire. Allen fell into a ditch and was captured. Courtland was subdued after emptying his guns. CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 36— Mother of Castor and Answer to Yesterday's Puzzle |C|A|NI .fftTi'lTlsl IsklslHl lAlRlOlV'IA 1 l 12 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 IT — E — C — B e — H — V — 1 .— 0 — S ;— p 1— C J— S — p a t— r B— E 1 12 15 easuro verybody's 3! ncle 4i entury plant 4£ razilian stuary 44 an's name haded walk 4t erm t.i 48 ast agca 6C ontal imagea 5 11 orrect ense EC rohlblt 5( upola 5 r Inging voice 6J ertainlng- to n era ° ondlo alslf.er 11. 25 51 3b « DM MB 53" " M? '2$ 40 — U % J5 «• 14 % % v/, Ml W SB IS It < — S — 1 fl — K h —A — R — S a — B — E — F — S ( — S L— B £%^ 27 11 57 y //, W 2B ll.) mall bird an's name omoves skin om Irult !ml of race orso corch ppallinp eiiet tion ufflx: Ihcrent of ewins caso KK-nhaped. ema o deor ociety girls :olloq.) horo bird DOWN talo sheep ^ W ^^ U(, H7 y fa M 48 •li W n •>» V, % Hi 10 51. f? 9 IM •*v |S| H 0 P S f? A 1 g <l <kP ' A »> ->l SM ? 1 o /J So *' ;z H. N T| T E<E E 1 T L OIT |e R V 1 S E S J a • i c i s s 1C 1] I' 1< 2 2. 2 2 ? 3 3 3 y < 4 4 4 A | T K S T — — — — — — ., — — — — T R A 1 N = E I T c c i •r 5 fciiiiia !=«:«• R 1 P O p S I B 1 0|T W Tl 0 Pi D B F F dc O C P U Si F TV F U C Tl le VI R P w — M — n i— u 4749- Cl- G2- DM/. Vr VHM ntUH fln«!ll!«. lit. CH- d S ol I" 1 B tr C A G A N 1 T R 1 P E N E I T n o G e ii) ~ A P 1 A P T I N U E F! 1 N G O D D S s B A S R 1 S E Ing le sun rl's name arUc afaccs 3foro - ber plant • iwnlns pen' cnt i the ocean uirch service jrfect nusual n of A-clam ^ma Q horue Ipo out m Jl 11: P or nv m OH ro Ml ec n nc ro !V :f[ 030 dal ;mlago thless IIIRS her art ^ons a co ompensBd ildltlon re cctlve CO Ix: follower trma Ihcaman oth measure Francesville To Graduate 28 on Sunday FRANCESVILLE — Commencement exercises for 24 Francesville high school seniors will be held at 2:30 p.m. Sunday with Dr. Leo M. 'Hauptman, registrar at Ball State Teachers College, as the speaker. Kathy Honegger is valedictorian and Max Kruger is salutatorian o£ the graduating class, and ofr.cers are Sheila Tom, president; Kruger, vice-president; Karen Cords, secretary; Richard Wendt, treasurer; and Rita Lowry, reporter. Other graduates will be Harold Beiswanger, Ralph Byroad, Marsha Byrd, Donald Davis, Donna Downs, John Fisher, Ruth Fox, Phil Gutwein, Joyce Jordan, Donald Ledford, Janet Linback, Fred Manion, Joe Moiicel, Norman Querry, James Ramey, Carol Rogers, Carol Swing and Carol Vogt. Pre-graduation activities for the seniors began on May 3 with a breakfast sponsored by the Sunshine club. The group took the annual senior trip from May 5 to 10, visiting Now York, Philadelphia and Washington, D. C. Baccalaureate was held Sunday afternoon. the Culver Clinic. , The Slitchery Club met with Mrs. ; Clyde Morlan on Thursday. The local Women's Christian j Temperance Union met last week 1 , with Mrs. Roy Reynolds. Mrs. Ivan M. Walker entered station hospital at Ft. Benjamin Harrison near Indianapolis last week and underwent surgery. j Samuel Medbourn underwent major surgery at St. Mary's hospital, Rochester, Minn,, recently. Mrs. Richard Bohmer was ad- mitted to Memorial hospital in South Bend and underwent surgery recently. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Griffith have returned home after spending the winter in Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Smith have returned home from Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Warner spent a few days in Tiffin, Ohio. Miss Dorothy Reed of Cincinnati was a visitor of Mrs. D. Smith. Mrs. Evert Hoesel spent a few days in Lafayette. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brooke spent a few days at Gilman, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ault were recent visitors of Mrs. Anna Kendall. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Winkler spent a few days in Cleveland. Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Long were in South Bend for a weekend. Miss Patricia Black returned from the Knox hospital last week. Mrs. Grace Bolcn has been visiting relatives in the southern part of the state. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune triv» k True life Adventures i' ON rue "WRONG CHICKEN "foo u«re,THE HAWK BECOMES AWAKE THAT MS HAS ATTA<2KEt7 NO UUNSLE HAS TANSLEP WITH A FEATHEKEI7 FUKV.THE MAUAVAN COCK O' THE \WOODS, THE VJIU7 STO£K FROM WHk>» FK3HTINO BANTAM COCKS AKE BRET?. Veterans Council To Meet Thursday The Cass county Veterans Council will hoJd its May dinner meeting at 7:30 p. m. Thursday in the D.A.V. home at 029 Jtoee street, with Phillip Demon!, Howard county service officer, as guest speaker. The county commissioners and county councilmen will be special guests, according to Claude Noel, president. All veterans planning to attend are asked to register with their veterans' organization by Tuesday. Read the Classified Ads Husbands! Wives! Get Pep, Vim; Fee! Younger Thousands of couples are weak, woni-out, exhausted Iwcaub* lx»d>- lurks iron. i'or m*\*r S'miniuT icclini; iifti-r -U'. try Oslu'x Tonic Tablets. Contnin iron for iicw ]M'p, vim; phu hir.h'polrucy UOM; Vit.nnin lii. Ill a Miu'.lu :lny, Ohlri-x supplies as imuh iiou us Hi iloz. raw oysters, •! III). «l liver, 1(1 lln. ..I Ix-,'f. 3-<!:iv "niM-ac(iuuili'.ed" si/e only fl'Jt 1 . Or yet £com>my si/.c, save $1.07. All druggists. Court Notes rou i e 2 in a suit n, e d nay h Ihe Cass cimdt ™ The couple wns marHed 23 1052 and 23 ' May . , i „. ,, , President Eisenhower empha- 1 Thursday noon meeting »f the Opti- ! ;l .?, , nil-,, f .NUII .-; t 0 ,. si/ed in talking to congressional ; mist club and the Thursday eve- leaders in Washington last Thurs- 1 n i n g session of Ihe Linns club. day that he regards foreign aid i The movie will also be shown at as an investment in peace and a,,,,,. Kxch a, lgc c ,, lb mc eting the j weapon m the cold w.tr. : following Monday evening. ! in ., su|l for (liv{)rce r ,, om K()hcrt r,2a Maole of h ? r seems would take President Tito closer to Russia. The big test is the way Russia •will react to American aid to Poland and Yugoslavia. H. can hardly be doubted that in cither instance the Soviet, government will regard it as a hostile act. Find Anti-Freeze Caused Mysterious Death of Children INDIANAPOLIS IUPI—Dr. Robert B. Forney, head of the Indiana University toxicology department here, today blamed ami-freeze for the deaths of two Gary children last month. Forney said he found fatal CAP Resumes Search For Missing Aircraft UAWLINS, Wyo. (UP)—A Civil Air Patrol search was to be resumed today after bad weather hampered search for <i missing private plane which carried a Minnesota radio and television executive and his wife. Dallon Ic Masurier and his wife, Dorothy, reported missing since late Saturday on a flight from Salt Lake City to Rapid City, S.D. The couple was en route srom Burbank, Calif., to Duluth, Minn., where Le MA.sunc.T i.s president of Station KDAL. Me formerly was employed by' Slalion WIRL, Peoria, 111. Planes searching a triangular area of central Wyoming I'rom ItuwliiiKs northwest toward Hivor- tcm and from Rawiins northeast toward Cusper were hampered Sunday by poor visibility. The cloud ceiling was as low as 500 feet. "Monday in the Cass circuit court through the law firm of O'Neill and O'Neill. amounts o[ "ethylcne-Klycol or a similar K'ycol compound" in the vital organs of the chilrirun. Jo Anne Smith, 3, and her brother, Dwitfht, 18 months, died April 21. Forney said apparently the children drank an anti-freeze com- pOUnd. \<rPI(;K Olf ADMIMSTIlATIOiV The children died about three .STATIC OF INIJIANA) hours after they not sick. They COK.VTV oi' - CASS )''" had abdominal pain*. Their eyes | IN; TII i ; : 'JAW oiituurr conivr puffed, and they turned "cold as | A -y,;|i',, ',„ I'^hl/^Vr,, umt Mary ice." j'l'rliii;n \v;iji, un 2'Jlh il;iy uf Alay, Forney said olhylonc - Klyeolj (i!;'. 1 '',.!, 1 ", 1 ",! 1 "ir' 1 iJ,'i 1 '"rt' l "j. r " i i'rh:(]'ii! would eause such symptoms. Four of the dead children's brothers and sisters and two neighbor children were hospital-1 \f<^'{ ,V,; i ",!', llt1 ,;' ll ,,f"l.in' x nrV'imhi!- ized wilh similar symptoms. But •• ' Wiey were released after a few days. NOTICM BTATli; OF INDIANA) ISH: COUNTY OF C:ASM > \OTirl-: TO AI.I. ]'KI!SOXK l.N'- TKUKSTK]) IN Till': KSTATK «.![•' KI,1,K.\ GUCMKN, <l.'c-<Msi-cl. In tho (,'iroiilt Oiiur: o£ Cium Comity. Apr!; Ti<rin, Itt.'iT. • •liusu NllinliiM' l»7(i:i. In UHI maUer of tin- KMutl'. of Klltui ClK'ldtMi, def.t'afUMl. NuMr.i In hcfuliy ttlven Hint Tho 1'Vrniiirn & .Mnri-linntu Klulu liiiiik, AiiminlM'.rHior (If Iu.nl» nun u'Uh ttlti Will HIIIICM:ll llf till' IlllflVI! nanu-rl eMtiite, IIIIM i)rns,'HU:il iili'I flleil IIK urroiml III flllill ncllli'- rTii-iit ot fluid I'MtiiU 1 , anil 'Ihut tin 1 FUtllll Will COIIll: Up f ( 'l" Hi" ''S- umlnatlun anil iirllnn i>r Kiilil i!ir- cult Court, on tho 2Ktl! diiy nf May, l!ir,7, at which tlnlii all pcrm.na ln- toru.stud In »ald enta'i' arn rn- (lUlrm! to appear In iiahi court mid «h"\v ciiiiHt 1 . 1C any llieru lie, ^vhy Maid aeeomil Hhmild no!. In 1 ftlijirnved. Anil tho hull's of Jialil decedent and all ntlioi'M IntereHleil nro ulHc riiqnlred to appear and mako proof of their IieirMhlp or claim to any part ol' fia[<l icitali'. Till': FAnMKUS .t MKIl- <; 11 ANTS STATIO It A.SIC, Adinlnlntrnlor lie llonln Non With The Will An- nexort Or Tho Irritate or Kllnn (Incklen, Di.ccns.iMl INirnonal KepreHi.-i'.tatU'u UTTKRS & MOF,IQI;K 113 Fourth .si rent. l«OKannport, Indlknn JLttornoy 7-11 . tloo of thlM notlc will hn forever fir :<alil chilmft I. i. liiilliiini, llilil 2tlth day (M April, IIIT.7. _ rin'rk «f lli'u Circuit Court for CIIM.H C'Hinly, Imllana ILOriKlfl" K. .MISTICI'! Attufiioy ftir I'lHtuto The estate of Mrs. Catherine Pollard, who died Jan. 19, was estimated at $<i,953.39 when it was opened Monday in circuit court for the purpose nf determining l.he inheritance tax. Two daughters .arc heirs. Nowman Gee is the attorney for the estate. The trial of William GogK'm and others against Dolly Damm and others, contesting the will of the late Minnie Hirsch, which had been scheduled for Monday in the Cass circuit court, was canceled when tho plaintiff dismissed the complaint. The will was filed for probate through Attorney Harold Tu- bcrly on June 22, last year, and the will contest suit was filed Dec. 1-1. Culver Mrs. Ferris Xechiel, assisted by Mrs. Krrol Cutler and Mrs. Samuel Woods, entertained 28 members of the Home Economics club, a guest and a child in her hnrne Friday afternoon. The last meeting of the year of the Literature group of the Culver City Clul) was held Thursday evening in the home of Mrs. Meredith Sprunger, with Mrs. Ann Aylsworth, Miss Bss Easlerday and Mrs. Ora Reed assisting the hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maekey are the parents of a son, born May 1 at Parkview hospital, Plymouth. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Floscnzier on May 4 at ] WANTED: At Once! '-.•• 500 WOMEN, Age 17-59 '' MARRIED OR SINGLE Poiilioni arc opun NOW for woman trained ai DENTAt ASSISTANTS or PRACTICAL •NURSES, in clinlci, doctors' offices, institutions, private homes. This iparo tim* training will not Interfere with present |ob or household Huties, High school education not necessary. ENJOY A GOOD, STEADY weekly Income. Gel full details nowl SCHOOLS OF PRACTICAL NURSIHG Wrjju llox A-^-i.*! t'./H 'I'hlM NttlVHIIH „._.__-_- I,<iKiiiiniiiirl, liiilliiini- . S Fl.oi. i.nd nil Bookl.l, .nllroly without nbllgatlon, mi B Haw I can Btcom. o Practical Nun* Haw I tan »«tom. a Dintal Anlilant riihrim-Trllitiiic * -I'l-riM K/1I-1B Namo ..................................................... - ................................................... *»• ...................... City and Slal. Occupation B Married Single V As t lie I label I says... 'served wherever Where there's good taste, there's refreshing Stroh's beer. It's been that way for over a century. Stroh's means good taste because only the finest ingredients go into Stroh's. And Stroh's is fire-brewed to create a flavor unmatched for lightness, for smoothness, for quality! Enjoy Stroh's in bottles, cans, and on draft... The beer "Served wherever quality counts!" You'll like j^^fc ^^^h m Ml fMj*fci ffftp ^f^D America's only fire-brewed beer .. , fire-brewed at 2OOO degrees!' it's lighter! THE STROM BREWERY COMPANY, DETROIT 26, MICHIGAN See the exciting adventures of JACK LONDON come to life in CAPTAIN DAVID GRIEF (Thursday 9:30 PM, Channel 59)

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