The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on November 2, 1966 · 13
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · 13

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1966
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State Education Film Wins Honors at IV.Y. Film Festival A filmed documentary on Georgia's educational system brought national recognition to the state when it was awarded the New York International Film Festival's Bronze Star this month in competition with more than 400 other documentaries. This is the festival's third highest award. The film, produced at the request of Gov. Carl E, Sanders, was originally made as a report to the nation on the Georgia educational system. John Harper, press secretary for Sanders, said the film was such a success that it has been shown In theaters over the state. The governor praised the film and Avary Wins Award for Cancer Unit - The one-man "speech crusade" by J. Arch Avary Jr. against colon-rectum cancer has won a National Honors Citation for the Georgia division of the American Cancer Society. Avary, immediate past president of the Georgia division, spoke to more than 320 audiences in 1965-66 explaining the dangers of this type of cancer and the importance of an adequate cancer detection examination in helping improve cure rates. The announcement of the citation came this week from Mrs. Robert E. Ringle, chairman of the Committee on Honors for the national board of directors of the American Cancer Society. Avary, a victim of cancer himself in 19G3, worked with Georgia businesses, banks and industries to offer an unusual collection of incentive awards for any Georgian who would go within 30 days of hearing his talk for the examination recom mended by the society including the proctoscopic check for colon-rectum cancer. Nearly 300 persons men and women took the Atlanta banker up on his challenge and qualified for prizes. Four early cancers were found. Noisy Bird The jackass penguin of south' em Africa gets its nickname from its mulelike braying. "MEMORABLE" "MAGNIFICENT!" 20th CENTURY FOX presents JPbuib CINtKASCOK IMw b) 0UM Ceorge Ursula James PEPPARO 'ANDRES MASON MAT: WEDNESDAY 2:30 P.M. SI .50 MAT: SAT. t SUN. 2:30 P.M $2.20 EVERY EVENING 0:30 P.M $2.50 Tf, M V 1 . a & : offered his congratulations . to its producers, Harper said. tne motion pic- ' -m iiifA A n r i n t ment of the f State Depart- . ment of Educa tion and direct ed by J. Hunter Todd, the film began pro- duciion last year and was completed i n Go. ..,, April. It tells the story of education in Georgia its past, present, and future from kindergarten to graduate school. Todd said scenes were shot all over the stale with a variety of new techniques for this type of documentary. Close-up shots, split screens, and montages were used to dramatize the learning process. One crew even took shots from the top of the new educational television tower in Augusta, WCES, which is named after Gov. Sanders. The 15-minute color film gives a glimpse into the future and demonstrates the possible use of educational television on each student's desk which can be switched to various stations for mathematics, science, English, and other subjects. It also shows the use of special monorails for taking children to school, teaching machines for language, electronic libraries and other innovations. As director Todd put it, "It is an artistic approach to a very broad survey of education in Georgia." The film also presents the problems of present-day education in the state including existing old school houses and teachers who may be too old to teach. The prize-winning documentary shows up-to-date teaching methods which are being used in Geor gia schools. One of these is the use of separate laboratories in which two or three students conduct experiments in a Brunswick school as well as focusing on special programs which are offered periodically. John Barbe. an Atlanta composer, wrote the. musical score. "MISS JULIE" HATED BLOOD BUT DID NOT FEAR DEATH Wed. thru Fri. 8:30 HARLEQUIN PLAYHOUSE Pakistan Opens Door KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) -In a move to further improve relations that formerly fell short of good neighborliness, Pakistan has abolished the permit requirement for Pakistanis visiting Afghanistan. LAST 2 WEEKS! Th Gramt Muiittjl $ucct "The ROAR Of The GREASE PAINT" mo., THURS-, FRI, SAT.-0:30 P.M. Mil PiicatfM HI, N.E. 237 0517 WARREN" SUSANNAjr FEATURES AT: 2:1 5. 4:10,( 05, t.00. 9 55 mm york. From the bold, bizarre OJ M, j T best seller, of i man who I J I buyi himielf a totally new lifel W Itf-Jll Rock Hudson This It n Adult Attraction I IliaEHWBSV Afie It From The X iTAS FUNNY A MOVIE AS ANY FR0M THE J AUDIENCE COULD ASK FOR!? V START! , fTHE -i I I WRONG BOX I ' J I JOHN MILLS , RALPH 4?VCCr RICHARDSON Z'&iJcS- -PETER SELLERS J ffc 1 CENTER SS. 1000 ROCKING CHAIR SEATS 1 m In free parking 300 cars! Ss, IfH SEVEN again... I 1 I MAGNIFICENT . fj again! 7 Vft i MISCH PRODUCTIONS. INC. I Vetera of if J W JULIAN MATEOSwAfiRm mtes-vsgiuo teto-oauk wihs-eusa nouns -JORDAN CHRISTOPHER V SS5i Sm mtS-5 "am 1 COLOR D, PiLuii 1 fUuMW g UNITED ARTlSTSy Cos. Features ot: yyjr NSS. 2:30-4:15-6:00-7:40-9:35 yXr UKE EVER 9 SKIT andlW mm The bunnit picture or . theyear! FRfl ROBERT C00TE- LAWRENCE ROMAM - GEORGE SIDNEY- DORYjwd ANDRE PREVIN I PARAMOUNT :l rr WINNER OF 6 ACADEMY AWARDS MEIRO-GOLDIVYN-MAYER PRESENTS ACARLOPONTI PRODUCTION DAVID LEAN'S FILM t OF BORIS PASTERNAKS V3 -h y-vk-vwm ' JLlUUlUJi IN PANAVISION'AMO METROCOIOR i V4 C M RESERVED SEATS NOW AT BOX-OFFICE OR BY MAIL PHONE FOR RESERVATIONS 0,o:,"i,",i" PfarmBrr STRrrT 5??MM O.UU r.Wl. THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 1966 J3 ATLANTA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Hulu rl Mann, 11 Conductor M uww'uamwiini jean. ' rr TOO GOULD featuring Van Cliburn Competition ivinncr Radii LUPU Grieg Piano Concerto TOMORROW 8:30 AUDITORIUM Ticket prices: Loge & Orch. $5; Rear Orch. & Dress Cir., $4; 1 Rear Dr. Cir. $3.50: Bal. $2.75 & $2. Charge tickets to your J. P. I Allen, Davison's, Rich's or Sears account. Box Office, Main Lob by. Atlanta Merchandise Mart. CHARGE TICKETS BY PHONE. CALL JA. 5-2956 RARLESSLY..XOURAGEOUSLY...RECKLSSLY..JHE SCREEN ASKS THE MOST TICKLISH QUESTION OF WORLD WAR II JL ViL fe 1 y L Keeping vital supply lines openl Savage hand to hand combat! IS'iSs to"''OM DID YOU DO IN THE WAR , DADDY?" JAMIS COBUHM OH SHIM SERGIO FAHTONI tlOVAIMRAlU UDD1H III COLOR mm w 3' "wsm U. - . .. -i.iTS a. n,naiaiiiUfcK- j , - mvA B3 :r "ffiiwi jTtnLffma. i niTTTiTSI ill 1 s 1 CNMI TiCRtIS AVAILABtl AT MARTIN S IIAITO AND MARTIN CINERAMA ICUOfFICES ,tt&&&hml ""ANDREWS '" PLUMMER I VIATINEES - 2:00 WED., SAT., SUN., . HOL.itt tvtlNlim.s-B UU (SUN 7 00) V i ' V'-! -' Henri-Georges Ctouzols lAIIBdDLKttUIEl ' itirnng SIMONE SIGNORET VERA CLOUZOT i Sec FROM THE BEGINNING ifC I NER A M All HTNB OIVIL WAR S MAD! THI ALLICB...A WOMA ? IVIADIITMBIIVI JCNirvlllB. mooucnoa . ml nHH TIFV k.SOLCSIEGEL llVAiliill !fv fANlSiON COLUMBiACOLOft m IrVIIIMlkK m 1 1 liii; in 1 1 ySZMVAW A ATM ''i ll it 1 f 1 H1iSrnf lirnrMirMi nni iimi. EllZnOETH TnVLDR RlCHtlRO DURTDM I l&fMa's RFRiiin Dp I viRciruinvsroaoL:? mm, TDiWFRANGQSA! MPOM1ANT t MO ONt UNDER It WIU M AOMITTtO UHLtS J ACCOMMNlCO BY MIJ MftNT. NO CHIIORIN'S TICKITS Will II SOLDI IVIRYONI MUST HAVI a Tifk-rTI MO ASIC MILL II ACCtTfO ON THIS PICTUPI1 m taP.ST itrtMAirt anooucnOM or IOWA0 AUMI !;.. u V-,IC From rehearsal hall to perfection to performance. sBOIMOL mum us 1111 i IHl KHSffll IHtATW JrMPHQW ORCKtSIRAS m TECHNICOLOR' 3 SHOWS DAILY: 3:30-1:30-9:15 7araan MATINEES S1.25 EYENINGS $1.50 (ADVERTISEMENT) (ADVERTISEMENT) mmmm IBB GO OUT FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT At the Theaters ART Alfle. Michael Calnf, MIIUrnt Martin, Julia Foster. Shellev Winters, color, 3:15, 5:20. 7:25. :30. CAPRI Marnle. Sean Connery, TiPPi IIMiren, 2:4Z, 7:0V! ine Bircn, leauca ja TfH'O IIII.L-What Wd Yon Tx In The Mar DaOdy, Jitmeo Coburn. Dick Shawn. VILLAGE The 8 winder. Ann-Mar-Mret. Tony FranciuM. BKSTOATE NO. 1 Thla Vncgriy Is C(imU-mnpd, Natalie Wood. Robert Kwlford. WK-wmATE NO. J-The Rwlnfer, Ann-Markret, Tony Franciuaa. Rod Taylor, Je. 9: 16. both color. Tandy. 4.54. CMKROKFE Kaleidoscope. Warren Beattv, Suzannah York. Color, 2:15. 4:10, i:05, 00, 9:55. FFSTIVAl My Little Chickadee, W. C. Fields, Ma West, 12:00. 5:00, 7:00, 9:00. FINE ART Bolshoi Ballet 67, 3:, 7:30, 9:15. FOX Seconds. Rock Htidnn, Sa- Inme Jens. 1:15. 3:31. 5 32. 7:33. 9:34. LAKKWOOD-Fantastic Voyage, Kle- Shen Bovd, Flmnnd O'Brien, color, :30. 4:15. 6:10. 1:00. 9:50. tENOX 8QCARE Khartoum, Charlton Hcslon. Laurence Olivier, Richard Johnnon, Ralph Richard-Bon. color. 2:40. 4:55, 7:15, 9:35. LOKW'8 GRAND Dr. Zhlvago, Chaplin, Julie Christie, Tom Courtney, Omar Sharif, color, 1:00, 1:00. MARTIN CINERAMA Sound of Music, Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, color. 2:00. I 00. MARTIN'S CEORCIA Diahnllque, Simone SiKnoret, Vera Clouzot, 2:39. 4:25. 6:31, 1:27. MARTIN'S RIALTO Alvarer Kellv William Holdcn, Richard Wldmark, 12:15. 2:26. 4:37, 7:16. 9:27. NORTH DEKALB Fantastic Vovaee. Steren Bovd, Edmnnd O'Brien, color. 2:15. 4:05, 6:00, 8:00. 9:45. HIIODEfl The Blue Max. Ceorre Permard, James Mason, Ursula Andresa, color. 2:30, 8:30. ROXT The Wron Box, Michael Calne. John Mills, color. 1:44, 3:38, 1:32. 7:30. 9:28. jitimate Theaters ACADEMY THEATRE Tile Roar W The Ureaseoauit. The Smell of the Crowd. 8:30 p.m. BARN DINNER THEATRE Dial M for Murder. 7:00 p.m. HARLFOITN PLAYHOCSE Strlnd-berg's "Miss Julie", 8:30 p.m. THEATRE ATLANTA The Roval Hunt Of The Sun, 6:30 p.m. promptly, Nov, 2nd told out. Legi ai ASHBY Double Monster Shnw-C.nd-zilla Vs. The Thing: Gldrah The Three Headed Munster. in :WMmWWMMW. MWtii HaiaueliooD 1 P!!THlSPROPgRTYffl lSC0MjD ijttJXUri ALuIrAi" 'TSI H0P6 TUiJj liii.Silfci'TfmLu 1 '1 s Ul I M iiuucsifi Mllili'i 1- -lit, BasswBawMtMlaMiaWal, BELMONT HILLS (Smyrna) My Fair Lady, Audrey Hepburn, Hex Harrison, color. BELVEDERE The Swinger, Ann-Margret. COBB CENTER Return Of The Seven, Yul Brynner, color, 2:30, 4:15, 6:00, 7:40, 9:35. DECATVR What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?, Jamea Coburn, Dick Shawn. EASTGATE Thia Property Is Con-demned, Natalie Wood, Robert Red-ford. EAST POINT-What Did Yon Do In The War, Daddy?, Jamea Coburn, Dick Shawn, color. EMORY The Swinger, Ann-Margret, Tony Francioaa, color, 3:35, 5:30. 7:30, 9:30. EMPIRE Cincinnati Kid. colori Flight Of The Phoenix, color. GORDON The Young fivringeri. Rod Lauren, Sherwood Singers, color: Waco, Howard Keel. Jane Russell, color. GROVE The Batman with Batman and Robin; The Swinger, Ann-MarKret. color. HILAN Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, Elizabeth Taylor. Richard Burton, 2:30. 4:50. 7:10. 9:30. IAKEWOOD Fantastic Voyage, Ste- Shen Bovd, Edmond O'Brien, color, :30. 4:15. 6:10. 1:00, 9:50. MADISON-Soft Skin On Black Silk, Adult3 Only, 7:15. NORTH DEKALB Fantastic Voyage, Stephen Bovd, Edmond 0 Brien, color, 2:15. 4:05, 6:00, 8:00, 9:45. PLAZA The Agony and tha Ecstasy, Chariton Heaton. Rex . Hamson, Inane Cllento, color, 2:55, 5:40. 8" 30 RHODES The Blue Max, George Penpard. Ursula Andress. color, 8:30. RITZ The Swinger, Ann-Margret, color; Oueen Of Blood, color. ROYAL Adults Only The Christine Keeler Affair; Woman ITiat Wouldn't Die. , STRAND (Marietta) Who'st Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, Elizabeth lay- lor, Richard Burton. TECH WOOD The Glass, Bottom Boat, Doria Day. Rod Taylor; Hold On, Herman's Hermits. BANKHEAD What Did You Do In ?he War Daddy?, color. James obitm, Dick Shawn; Assault On A Uucen, Frank Sinatra. Vlrna List. BOLTON The Swinger, Ann-Margret, Tony Franctosa; Waco, Hcward Ki-ei. Jane Kussell. FORFST PARK Torn Curtain. Paul Newman. Julie Andrews; The NlKht Walker. Robert Taylor. Barbara Stanwyck. . Fl I TON The Swinger. Tony Fran-ctiwa, Ann-Margret. ciihir; Wa-o. Ilirvtard Keel, Jane Russell, color. GEORGIA (Marietta)-What Did You Di In The War Daddy?, James Co-burn, Dick Shawn; Call Ma Bwana. Boh Hope. Gl.ENWOOD What Did You Do In The W;ir, Daddy?, James CntMiTn. IHck Shawn, color; Mister Moses, Robert Mitchum, Can-oil Baker. GWINNETT The Swinger, Ann-Mar- fret, Tony Frawiona. rolori Wai-o, liward Keel, Jan Rucaell. color. MARTIN (Marietta) The Swinger, Tonv Franclosa, Ann-Margret; Waco. Howard KeeL Jan Russell. N.E. EXPRESSWAY What Did Yon Do In The War. Daddy?. James Coburn. Dick Shawn; Assault On AUueen, Frank Sinatra. Vina NORTH 85-Whn's Afraid Of Virginia Wunlf. FJizabeta Taylor. Rkhard Bun on; Robin and the Seven lloodi, Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin. PEACHTREE What Did Yoq D Tn The War. Daddy?, Jamea Coburn, Dick Shawn; Mister Mnaea, Robert Mitchum. Carroll Baker. PIEDMONT The Swinger, Tony Franciosa, Ann-Margret ; Waco. Howard Keel. Jane Russell. ROOKEV ELT What Did Yon Do In The War, Daddy?, James Coburn, pick Shawn; Disorderly Orderly. Jerry Lewis. BCOTT The Swinger. Tony Fran-ciosa, Ann-Marprei, color: Waco, Howard Keel, Jane Russell, color. SMYRNA (Smvtna) The Swinger. Tony Franciosa, Ann-Margret; Waco, Howard Keel, Jane Russell. S. EXPRESSWAY The Swinger. Ann-Margret, Tony Francioaa; Waco, Jane Russell. Howard Keel. STEWART What Did You Do In The War, Daddv?, James Cobirm. Dick Shawn; Billie, Jim Backus. Patty Duke. Till NDEKHIRD Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton. 7:22; None But The Brave. Frank Sinatra. 9:51. N. STARLIGHT - Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton; Gypsy, Natalia Wood. Rvwalind Russell. S. STARLIGHT What Did You D In The War. Daddy?. James Co. burn. Dick Shawn; Soy Who Cams In From The Cold, Richard Burton. Claire Bloom. Adult Theaters CENTRAL P.P.S. The GlrU) Wtio Wouldn't Pay Off, Adults only. 15 DRIVE-IN The Degenerates. Adults only. BREMEN. GA. BREMEN Nevada Smith. Stevt McQueen, Karl Maiden. Miscellaneous BROADVIEW KIDDIELAND $! Piedmont Rd.i Fri., Sat., Sun. Rides. Golf. House for Birthday Parties. Phone 355-1624. CI SIIION CI E (74 Forsyth St.) Billiards for Guys and Dolls. SOI'THE ASTERN OWN-YOIR-OWN. BE HI NESS SHOW: 2nd Ftoor, Atlanta Merchandise Mart: Over 75 Franchise Booths and Business Op- Jortunities on Display: Oct. 26-30; p.m.-lO p.m. Daily. 1 p.m.-8 p.m. tmday. STOVE MOUNTAIN SCENIC RAII ROAD Lecture Tour via 1910 Streetcar. 10:30 a.m. to 5 .P.m., Mnn. thru Fri. Weekends Scenic Railroad with Great Locomotive Chase narration. STONE MOUNTAIH SKTLIFT Exciting cable car rides to top of mountain daily from 10 a.m. 6TORYLAND (4-Lane Marietta Hwy.. 1 mile North ef River I Fairyland Exhibits and rides. Open Sat. and Sun. 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Birthday and school party reservations. Bat Cava now open. CELEBRITY LOUNGE (st the Coack and Six. 1766 Peachtree Rt.) Fabulous Rich, Pearcs Dynamic Song Stvlist. CHART ROOM OF THE PORT O' CALL (1999 Peachtree Rd. NE Featuring Tba Don Tweedy Trio, open 5-2 a.m., Mon. thru Sat. Dinner 5:00-11 p m. CLUB PEACHTREE (Across from Loews) Cotton Watts, Suzette Dupree, Yolanda Savage, Danny Payne, Robbie Reba, Lynda Moore, The Atlanta Lites. DOMINO (Imperial Hotel) Watusi Scandals of '66. Topless a Go-Go. EL MOROCCO (Peachtree Manor Hotel Pearhtree at 6tb) Featuring Ray Tico. FISHERMAN'S WHAPF f9J Monroe Dr.) Seafood Specialties. Featuring Judy Thomas, Folk Songs. GYPSY BOOM (24 Pine St.) Con-tinunus Burlesque Show and dining starting 7:30. Bambl Jones, Cunt Poll, Petite SUr. Valarie, Maron Montan. JOKERS WILD (Peachtree Manor Hotel. Peachtree at 6th) Open 4 pm.-2 a.m. Featuring Ray Tico. JUNGLE CLUB (789 Ponce ds Leon In Clalrraont Motor Hotel) Bur- lesk a Go-Go. . , KING'S LOUNGE (Pearhtree at 4th Street) Larry Mao Trio and Jo, KITTENS EORNEK (Peachtree ai 6thj BITly Lee Riley, Billy Scott OLD HllDElBERG (J209 Mania Drive. NE) Viennese and Ger man cuisine, open for lunch and dinner. Mon.-Sat til 11 P.m. . PAS( HAL'S LA CAROUSEL (1:30 Hauler St., SW) Featuring; the nation's top jazz artists 6 p.m. tU PLANTATION LOUNGE OR Mara, mv's Shanty 1489 Peachtree, NE Featuring Randy and Tba Holt- PLaV' ROOM (PeacMrea and lOtli Street) Btihb Donata and tha Newsbovs Dancing from 8:30. PINK PUSSYCAT (1237 Slmpsesj Rd., NW, Ooallty Plata Sboppint Ontert ? shows nightly. RED VELVET LOUNGE (Americana Motor Hotel) Don Baker Trio. ROBINSON TROPICAL GARDEN (Pares Ferrv Bridge at the River) Dine and Dane Fri. Sat. only. THE ROARING "SIXTIES" (251 Piedmont Rd., NE) Lyn Shell at the piano, 5:30 to 7:30. Ralph Mays and his fabulous Tptow Strutters. DLnin k Dancing. SANS SULCI (760 W. Peachtree) Opens 4p.m, daily. Dancing. Mitels Wayne Band. S;30 to 7:00. Starring Paul Pek recording and TV Personality pins J, Estes Baud. TOP OF (Peachtn-a at fth) Fran Warren, Peter Brady, Chuck l.awson inn. TOP OF PEACHTREE (Rank af Ra. Bldg, 30th Floor) Lookout Lounge, Sue Evans and Tha Scamoa. WHISK-A-GO-GO (114 Ponce da Laou avb au uuiar man.

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