The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on September 3, 1951 · 17
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · 17

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Monday, September 3, 1951
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' jfipM w-v v A WHWW.Wi .-i i i mi v ," ? jt. --r ?I :.-'V ; " . .rs r- i ? I - - t f, ' , ': i . lit 4 .; m ' Rain Stops National Net Semis FOREST HILLS, N. Y., Sept. 2. (iP) Rain caused postponement of the semifinal round in the nation-' al tennis championships Sunday, ; hurting the gate receipts but en-chancing the chances of the United States retaining the championship.;-- - - . . ' i The soft, steady rain was a lucky break, however, for Dick Savitt, No. one seeded star trying to score a sweep of Australian, ; Wimbledon and the U. S. cham-nionshiD.s this vpar. Th hi man from Orange, N. J -was limping iever to perform in Atlanta, includ on nis uuured rieht lesr as he pft "iK use Appuni! ana xvlariy uia- the West Side Tennis Club Satur-!rion at the same stage of their ca-day night after his thrilling -reers, currently is busily engaged quarterfinal victory over Budge ,m trying to help powerful Dixi- RUSSELL ELEVEN PRIMED t Triiitt Hasn't Seen His Best Halfback .''".. By CHARLIE ROBERTS , ,; Alex Truitt,, veteran, football mentor, who ' turned his back on Columbus to take over the head coaching reins at Russell High this year, , will open his season against Hape- ville Friday night without, perhaps, the two best football players in the East Point school. He has never seen one of them play a second of footbalL : , ; He knows the ability of Billy,, puntinr chores. Gibbs Mobley, Moran, the lad he expects to be his triple threater before the season - is over, only by hearsay. Young Billy, currently hailed as the best high , school ihf ielder Asiociited Prct Wirephoto MITTING MUELLER, THE HOMER BOY NEW YORK, Sept. 2 New York Giant outfielder, Don Mueller ' is welcomed by teammates at plate in sixth inning of ' Dodger game after hammering out first of two homers. Mitting Mueller is Eddie Stanky, others are Jim Hearn (wearing jacket) and Monte Irvin (20). Patty of Los Angeles. Frank Sedgman of Australia, Is favored to overcome the defending champion. Art Larsen of San Leandro, Calif., in the other semifinal, and Savitt, game leg and all. was regarded as a better foe for the Aussie ace than Seixas. The women's semifinals Monday will see top-seeded Doris Hart of Miami. Fla.. atrainst lR.voar.nlH ! Maureen Connollv of San Dipffo I; and Shirley Fry of Akron, Ohio, meeung ivirs. jean waiKer-smith, ace of England's Wightman Cup team. " . Miss Hart whiDDed Nancv Chaf fee of Ventura, Calif., Saturday, 6-2,. 6-4, and the British girl downed Mrs. Magda Rurac of Los Angeles, 6-2, 6-3. The other girls aiso quaiuiea rriday for the semi final. DOWNS SULZER, 4-2 Sage Faces Clay In Capital Finals steel win the Atlanta Amateur C&c Atlanta Journal the Atlanta constitution, ion., Sept. 3, 1951 17 Tucker's Pigeon K 4b n foe 1 ii ..... m J ff ' Jim PiU Reicde Clay a 1 center-turned-halfback, will toe extra points and Stamm, a "transient" between Russell and . Brown High for three years, will kick off. Jack Quinn is a scat-back of whom much offensive know-bow is anticipated. Ditto for David Byrd. f Joe Bell one of the few who saw heavy varsity duty a year! ago, is a 185-pounder of whom much is expected as a line backer.j Heft and agile savagery will be, forthcoming at tackle where Jim1 Dial (205) and Reggie Clay (200)1 bar the door. ' Starting guards are a couple of middle-sized oper atives named Richard Bell and Charlie McDuffy. v 18B1 BrsSEIX ROSTER TNDS Don Veal (165). fed Stamm 18S. 'nrmn Vangba (160). Dal Onlna Xj Race Winner Ben Tucker's pigeon covered the 103 miles from Seneca, S. C, to Atlanta at an average speed of 1,297.10 yards per minute to take first place in the Gate City Racine Piceon.Club race Sunday. Following in order were the oieeons of Julian Fraiser, 1, 281.65; Pete Demos, 1,280.10; Juli an Fraiser, 1,277.30; Tommy fea-cock, 1,276.10; Cecil Bradley, 1,-274.40. and Bob Williams, 1.274.0 The next race will be held Sunday, Sept. 9, between Spartan burg, S. C, nd Atlanta. SOUTHERN NASH. Damato.Zb LDdf.if.3k Ray.rf . , Barna.if Harha,l Fannini.e L5 P Porio.a 1CHATTA. 3 1 3 ll.Miranrta.M . 4 1 O 1 .Mauldin.rt 4 2 A ( lai,3h 4 O O , 1 0 a Grate. If 4 13 fl Buesehea.if 4 0 3 3 ol'lBkl,2 2 A 8 1FlHtas.e 3 0 1 1 i.Mathleaoa 0 0 1 0 Keller.e ICtlAia.a -H .2 1 4 4 12 0 2 0 11 4 2120 3 0 0 0 4 3 12 3 14 1 0 0 0 0 110 0 3 0 0 2 30 21 13 Total 29 S 24 101 Totala Run for Fletaa 1b t ahTilla 000 110 1)002 Chattanooga 000 010 O'lx 3 R lttwlr. Spencer. Miranda. Buesrhea, Colaauuki. EE Clary. Faaalnc. RBI Barna, Pamato, MauMia. Keller 2. 2B LwIwIk, Fleitaa. 3D Manldin. Keller. SB Orate. Fanninr. DP Iry to S Dearer to Harahmaa, Miranda ta ColvlasM to Tailor. Harshmaa to t annine LOB Nashville B. Chattanoora 9 BB Off Mma 4, Irr 4. Porto I. SO By ISIma 3. Lary 8. Porto 2. H Oft I.ary 7 in 6 Inninn (none out la Jth, Porto 2 la 2. PB Fleitaa. Winner Brorfcwell. MeCatcaeoa. T 1 :08. By ED MILES Dan Saee Jr. Sundav was un to his old tricks. Once known as the putting terror of the local links, Dan sprayed nash. .i...po...itHAT'xr,A a.n.po!a. U .ui. " J .. u J fU.u ?.' 1 ? :Mlranda.aa 3 O A I biiuis wiiii an uuai;v.uai,uiiicu ucuuenty, vci siiuwcu cmjugii i iuawif,j j tt :t x recovery to defeat ex-City Champion Bob Sulzer, 4-2, in the :ti . 1 it. .i r n:i r m. i .ra.r Bemiiinais .oi me annual vapiiax viiy country aiuo cnam-pionship. ' Sage Monday faced Gordon ml"' f"1; w- H- tark Clay in the 36-hole title matchi "consolation rri beginning at 9:30 a. m. Clay S from Ir. Minalrn. P. Osborao default from semifinals victory was won at the'Bo,,' " expense of Charlie Ewing Jr, ana again n was ine accuracy on con-solation biht mirt detaait from the winner which proved the dif- K- wiuoa. ferenre. Yniin? F.winff was wild I THIRD R.' H. Hardwlek it., heal Ir. . j i - i i Harry Knfera, A-3: O. eff the toe and after being only johnay Adamaon. i-nn. 5 a I m ii.u am uonev near mil Mnier 4t. ! Alf Kmmtk kM k in... 1 3 10 OTIarv 'th 3 2 1 Oi Taylor, la 1 O O IV Grate. If Haralunafl,la 4 17 liBnearhea.rf . Rowe.lf 4 2 1 O Colasinki,2a 3 10 1 Keller.e Bradv.r 4 2 6 0 l-roth.p Hortn'floa.B 3 11 O Mathiesoa.a 3 2 2 0 3 O 1 O 3 0 4 2 3 0 10 2 O 4 O 2 O 1 1 2 0 3 1 10 0 0 10 0 1 Total Nashville Cbattanoota R Ray. nencer 2. 32 112171 Totals 000 000 Barna, Harshmaa Brady. E Taylor 23 2 21 ff 440 0 H 000 0 0 2, Rowe, RBI Rowe 2. Brady 3, Worthlnrloa, Barna. Hanhman. 2B Brady. 3B Rowe. Hit Barna. Hanhaw. Brady. DP Taylor lo Miranda. I .eft .Vashvili 6. C hattanon.a 2. BB Ciroth 2. Mathleaoa 1. SO Groth 2. Mathieann 1. Worthlntton ff. Hit Off C;roth Baseball Federation tournament and has not yet reported for foot ball practice. He also missed spring drills because of baseball. Ralph (Red) Henry. 180-pound flankman who is regarded by Truitt as the best potential end he ever coached through the years,' recently decided to give up the game. The carrot-top, who came to Russell in the spring and became a sensation as a first baseman, -proved also to be a hard-hitting blocker and tackier in spring grid drills. Now he's out of the picture. The Vagabond Truitt, coach at Columbus High 1942-44, Vandy 1945, Savannah High 1946, Baker 1947-49, is unperturbed. The like able mentor, whose Columbus High team snapped a 33-game winning skein of Atlanta Boys High with a 7-0 upset victory m 1942, figures he , has a good first team but few reserves and believes he may win a few for the school that didn't win a game in 19S0 but tied three in a row and gave some of the state's most powerful elevens double trouble before succumbing. He will exhibit one of the very few single wing back balanced line attacks in the section. Moran probably will do much of the passing, . punting and running when he quits the diamond wars, but Truitt believes Earl Gillem and Jack Leverett will 'prove themselves able passers. Ends Don Veal and Ted Stamm and Gillem will handle 14!. We Brooka tl40. Clurica TACKLES Jim Dial 20B), Rertla Clay 200). Pedro Harrison f 280). Larry Dewberry 4155. BHl Henalea (156), Frank Llvlnmton tl50. ..... C, CARDS Richard Bell C170, Charlie MeDuffv U55. Jark Prirkett 41S0. La-wnmr Kmith MAO). Charit VanchB 4150). CENTERS Joa- Bell (185). Chartea Dn- airKS r.lbha Mobley 4152. Jaek Qulna, roraptala 145). Earl Gillem (110). Jack Leverett (145. Darlrf Byrd 4160). (ieonce Walker (140). name .iicvanieia 4170). Reuie Lea (160). Charlie Mania 4140). Jeff Prnett (150), BMW Mora, eo- raptaia 4170). Larry raaa (no). Donahoo Cops Capital City Shoot Phil Donahoo broke 96x100 Sunday at the Capital City Gun Club shoot to gain the third leg on the Lander Motors trophy. Runnerup with 95x100 was Bobby Autrey. . Shooting will be held Monday at 3 p. m. with the public welcome, it was announced. Other acorea: . . Dr. Linton Smith Bill 00: Bob Bealty O7H00: Henry Alford Jr. S.ltlOO: Bob Aatrer Sr. 85.100: Jim Crmaaer 84x100; Mra. Bob Aatrer 79x100. 'the RHODES' NOW 2:50, 5:00. 7:10, :1S . M. "SHOW BOAT Tachnieolor Ktthryn Grayaon Howard Kaal nno rifiM-n at nmp wrnr. intf) a1 I nvnt tTinv w u l.tunrf .i.r.nii : i'.. .Z ." . "'"J"I?"m - " . .tmiuct uw - . . - . - - ....... - - i nn n i nrmif i-hi. L. ROCK Koohrek,M 4ttey.2b 4irire.ef Simnvin.lf Atkins, lb . Helm . default from , h 'nhrev.rf in i leoieigki.e WU'aoa.a fustained lapse which was caused "r' DJJ"i71r nirkey defaait from in no great part by Clay's ma- rniRTH r.! k. Taylor deraait from r. Chine-like pars, interspersed by a'H. Hardwlek sr.; L. Bnlterworth beat Jaek birdie on thp 12th , Warner Jr.. 4-3. rirme on ine in. j roXsoljATIOw. w; Wesh, Man Clav was VICIOUS against both: from J. . f hllea: H. Holdea Jr., default fni Siinrlnv In thf mnrnirif? . bom Mi Taulmaa. quarterfinals he trounced Dr. ch""conVer:' h. a. John Ridlev. 8-6. Saee's mornine Alien, 34nt hole. victory was won, 3-2, over BiUoLATioN a. o. Mitrhen beat Bob Schroeder. Ewing reached the! eMXTH . rMy Dr. H P. semifinals by Upsetting defending McDonald, t-ap; Dr. H. r. lVall beat Park champion Morton Bright, l-up,jM"mt' l'u- CONSOLATION M. J. Hoover, Jr., beat and Sulzer gained a morning yic-jIy,w Stmtf 4.3. W- C- cmer beat joha tory on the 19th hole by a gallant baraer. 4-3. Tallv aeainst Jim Clav. Sulzeri seventh M. McDonald beat C. b. - " j i u Wilson. 1-up; was mree-auwn 111 uic . iciuci Fiemini. 4-2 ttMM nf tho hattlP and was, N'chol beat never up until the deciding extra hole. CHAMPIONSHIP Qt ARTF.RriNALS Charlea t'.wins Jr.. beat Morton Rrilht. 1-p: (rordon 4 lay beat Dr. Joha Ridley, 8-8: Bob salrer beat Jim 4 lay. 19th; JJaa Sage, Jr., beat Bill Mrhmdor, 3-2. CHAMPIONSHIP SEMIFINALS Clay beat Kwinx. 5-4; Sa( beat Sulxer 4-2. CONSOLATION QlARTERFrNALS Bnddv Tauiman brat Joha Madriox. 3-2; ). A. Ntmhion beat Rwwell Gill. 1-ap: A. W. Smith Jr.. beat Iter Hardwire, -5; Char- He Danaala beat BohhT Maraden. 7-0. l-oer r.rolh -. Imp. McCatrbeoa, Brockwell. T 1:25. ab.h.po.a.1Mf;MPHlH ah.h.po.a. 4 11 :i Samooff.:th 3 O O 2 4 8 4 2 Mc4.hee.rf 3 O .1 0 5 2 4 O I 5 1 ft O A O 1 Oi H hlte.if , 4 1 A 0 2 BUI Frarier.rf 3 1 3 O 3 O O 3 3 0 13 4 2 2 0! Jim B 3 O 3 2 4 13 0 U lhwn.e 3 20 4 10 3'L'field.p 10 0 1 laGlxdnn 0 A O O jBiacaa.a O 0 0 O G. Richardson heat S. C CONSOLATION C. L. R. Nlchol beat A. M. Howard, 2-1; R. Bullard beat L. Quinlao. default. EIGHTH J. C. Brown beat J. M. Weaver. 2-1: Bill Bondurant beat J. Baiter. 5-3. C4NSOLATi4N R. D. Iaon, Jr. beat Joe Harreil. 2-up; Jap Oabome beat J. Strib-lintt, 1-up. NINTH Horace Beck. Jr. beat H. D.t Morgan, Jr. 2-up; Hixon Kinsella beat Ralph Plaster. 5-4. CONSOLATION" Hoicombe Green beat Phil Graves, b-5; d Scruggs, Jr. beat Horace Powell, 6-5. TENTH J. C. Moore beat Arthur Burden 2-1: J. Stradling beat Furman Smith. ri-5. C4XS4LAT14)N R. (Treiuhaw. Jr. beat F. Maier. 7-6; J. E. Mellet. Sr. beat G. Mitchell. 3-2. ri.KlT.TH Tnrtnn fitmn heat T T CONSOLATION SEMIUNALS Menhoaj , 2-up; W: J. Hobhs. Jr. beat W. W. Ieat Tauimaa, J-II oaaaaia awai .5 FTWT Tom Penderxraw beat Spencer brat J. gtemblfr, 6 Total 35 10 27 1 2! Totala 28 5 27 8 a Walked for Littlefield In 8th. Little Rock lOO 200 0003 Memphis ltd OOO 4)00 2 R (Mey. Hamnhrer. CiesleKM. tpricht. White. E Knohofrk. Frarier. RBI Koahorek 2. Unite. Fraiier. B ,rlce, Koahorek, I p-iiht. HR White. SH Koahorek, Jim Baamer. DP K.whoreK m Otey to Atkins 2. Atkins anaRistrd. Samroff to Baumer to I nrisht. LOR Little Rock 10. Menipht 11. BR Off Williamson fl. Uttlefleld 3 SO Williamaoa 3, UttlefleM . H Off Little-field 9 In 8 Inning. HBP By IJttlefirM uu). yyilliamaoo .ilciBre. Kozar). Mn- LABOR DAY 9 P. M. FOREST PARK' "VALENTINO" ' ANTHONY DEXTER MON.-TUES. STEWART GRANGER in "BLANCHE FURY" Color by - 'f Technicolor , P'TREE AT 13TH Smith, I Ford, 3-2. CONSOLATION A. C. Tusgle 'beat Dr. 3. L.. Pittman. 4-3; John Malont TO AMUSE US TODAY ertrrOR-S KOTe: Motea ara rated tor tjrpa audience (men. women, family. adult. for quality (excellent, good. fair, tndtfferent). At the Theaters ART Blanche Fury.' Stewart Granger. Adult. At 3:30, 5:30, T:30, 9:30. rnv "Un romM the Groom." Comedy. Excellent. Family. Bing Crosby. Jane Wy-man. ate. at 12:80. 3, :l6. 75 and 9.45. IOFWS GRAND "The Peopl Agalnat o Hara." Suspense. Drama. Adult. Spencer Tr?rv, Pat O'Brien, etc at 11. 1:10. 3:20. 5:30, 7:40, 9:50. 9 A RA MOl'N T "David and Bathsrieha." iama. Fxcellent Adult. Suaan Hayward. Gregory Peck. etc-, at 11:15. 1:20. 3:25. 7:3 "9:40. . RI ALTO "Happjr Go Loely." Comedy. Good. Family. raid Niven. Vera Ellen, etc.. at 11:30. 1:30. 3:30. 6:3a 7:30 and 9:30. V0T "Buck Private," Abbott and Cos-tello. at It. 2:20. '3 :40 9. "In the avy." at 12:2U :4L 7:01 and 10:20. Dine and Dance irtlVTt Blt.TMORK GARDEN TER RACE Wade Cregar and tua orchesua. rt.mfm from '30, n. m REMIT GRADY PARADISE ROOM ihna daily eireot Sundav. 1 :15 and 9:45 p. m. Dogwood Room, dancing from 5 :00 to, 8 :00 p. m. cnanea a woung a CI. I B 2 Dinner dancing S p. m. Gene orter' Cavalieia: George Petraa, strolling .AiiR.rim,, T.m msrnn fr'ridajr. f OPA CATRICE LOl NCE. Imperial Hotel Onen 2 p. m. Ralph Xaylor at the tiano. .4BINSON, TROPICAL 44ARDENS Dinner. 6-12. Dancing from 9. Ed Foster orchestra Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Oeonnans orchestra Friday. Saturday. OWL R04.1 Dining and dancing. 4 anttl midnight. Albert Coleman and hi orchestra. rr.NNINtiS R4KSE ROOM Johnny Had-sail's orchestra. Dancing from 9 p. m. JOE COTTON RHYTHM RANCH Rormd and square dsncmg Mondav. Wednesday, Fnriav and Saturday nighta to Billy Walker and hi Trans. 4GVPSV ROOM 4Clermont Hotel Two floor showi nightly, 10 P.- in. to 1 a. m. Dine and dance iriF.l CA WIGWAM Dinner 6-13. Dancing fjom 9. Amusement Park try C1TT Lafcewwod park Mldwa. 80 rides, shows; boating, bowling, akatlng. picnic grounds open dally. 7 to 11 o. m. bunoays. a to ix p. m. r rr-w Neighborhood Theaters FAIRFAX "Girl Under 21 and 'Oirla of the Road.'" FIVE POINTS "Ma and Pa Kettla Back on the Farm" and "Mountain Rhythm." FLLTON Tomahawk," Van Heflin. OARDKJf "Fabiola. GROVE "Renegades." Ivalyn Keyes. GLEN "Soldiers Three." Walter Pidseon. GORDON "On Moonlight Bav," Dona Day HI LAN "On Moonlight Bav.1 Dori Da v. KIRK WOOD "The Great Caruso." Mario Lanza. MADISON "Dear Brat" Mona Freeman. MFMORIAL l Can Get It for You Wholesale" and "Apache Drums." PLAZA "Show boat," Kathrvn Grayson. PONCE DE LEON "Half, Angel." Lorettn Toung. RODEO "Rocky Mountain" and "Breakthrough." Rt'ssF.I.L "On Moonlight Bay." Doris Dav. SlIAAN "Fighting Coast Guard" and "Fabiola.r TECH wools "Passage West" and "County Fair." TEMPLE "Al Jennings of Oklahoma." Dan Durvea. TENTH STREET "On Moonlight Bay." Doris Dav. WEST ENIJ "Appointment with Danger" and "Katie Did It" Drive-In Theaters aer Williamson 411-51. Loser- (12-10). Imps Drimore, foole, (Second Game) ab.h.po.a.l MEMPHIS 2 13 O! Samroff.Mb 3 2 12! Higdon.lf 2 11 1 O 1 Oi Fraiier.rf 0 O A 01 1 A 2 1!Kour.2b 2 A A 0! J.Baumer.aa 2 A 1 01 Plnciottl.e 1 A 2 0! Rntblatt.p 1 A 4 1 a White 2 0 0 01 k I- ROCK 4tey,2b 4 ronln.lf SlmpKon.ef Atkins, lb Iaurh'ty.3b Humph rey,rf Itoolittle.e C ieslel.ld.e Connelly ,p Littlefield Mitchell. ah.h.po.a. 2 O 1 1 2 111 ?A 4 A 0 2 0 2 1 1 A mi 2 0 4 1 10 0 3 0 0 0 0 16 3 IS 7 AO 1 01 2 Totals 16 4 15 41 Totala a Walked for Rnthlart In fttk Little Rock - '10A Memphis 100 (Called end of fifth, darkness. R Otey. Hlgdon. White. K None. RBI Grlce. .McGhee. Hlrdoa. "B otey. SB Kotar. JH Samroff. DP Clesielskt to Koshorek. LOB Little Rock 2, Memphia 4. BB Off Connelly 4. Rntnlatt 2. SiO By Coanelley 4. Rotblatt 4. W Pi Connelly. Winner Rotblatt 46-l. Loser Connelly (2-21. I'mps Poole, Mitchell. Debitor). BIRM. " Rogers,3b Rarkleyjf Ortis.lf PlersalI.ef Letehas.2b Dlplppo,lb Ryan.e Raney.p Freemaa.p tMathla Totala (First Garnet ah.h.po.a. N. ORI '3 0 1 3 iVopinek.Si 3 0 0 0 navls.lf 3 2 2 3 0 1 A 3 14 0ieyan.2b 3 0 1 lFohb.3b 2 0 6 0 rt herry.rf 3 A 3 liLvellle.e lOO 0 Oorton.e 0 0 0 LJapalme.p u v ui ah.h.po.a. 3 0 0 7 3 0 8 O 3 13 0 3 18 0 3 13 1 3 1 1 A 2 2 10 1 A 1 A 10 2 0 2 0 0 0 -i 243188 Totala - 24 A 21 S awaiaea lor juney ta otn. Birmingham 000 000 0 0 New Orleans - qvq 010 , 3 R Fogg, Wherry E Nicely, Reran. RBI Wherry 2, Dortoa. 2B Rackley. 3B Wherry. HR Wherry. SB Bryan. DP Wopinek. Bcvan and Coogan. Left Birmingham 6. New Orleans 3. BB Lapalme 1. SO By lapalme 3. Raney 2. Freemaa 1. H Of Raney 3 In 4 Innings. HBP By Lapalme iDlpippo). WP Lapalme. W Inner Lapalme. Iowr Raaey. V Slonehill. WelaJ. Girard. It T "4 fcV ' -c - f -it .. t .. , --. :. ! ' MIDWAY OPEN 10 A. M. 'TIL MIDNIGHT W GATE if PARKING if PICNICKING NX 33S0 BAH0 H!6r Bf-36lf ' "DESTINATION MOON" TECHNICOLOR Plus Carteoa Carnival and rirwnrk? Ol'plsv. 8:45 P. at. fl Tt LVerCMAMLtf It-2010 'Prehistoric Women" Color Plug Cartoon Carnival and Fireworks Display 1:15 P. M. "RIO GRANDE" John Wayne Mturttn O'Hara l..lHaVia4L,T "A YANK IN KOREA" Lon McAllister Williams Phillips tf;l:imeisET m .3000 Moeto av 0-J "AIR CADET" Gall Russell Stephen McNally wwa l M Si M W J Lavil I kT4477 Stewart at Clavaland. CA. "OH SUSANNA" In Color Rod Cameron Adrian Booth Moon.' John BANKHEAD "Destination Archer. FEACHTREE "Prehistoric Woman." Laa- rette Luei. PIEDMONT "Rio Grande." John Wavne. ROtisEVELT "A Tank in Korea." Lon McAllister. STARLIGHT "Air Cadet" Gall Russell. Stewart "O. Susanna," Rod Cameron. Colored Theaters - ASHBY "Only Th4 Valiant." Gregory Peck. CARVER "Ac In The Hole." Kirk Doug- EK.HTY-ONE "Ace In The Hole." Kirk Douglas. FORREST "Highway 301" and "Old Frontier." HARLEM "Tomahawk" and "Ghost Catchers." LINCOLN "Rosa of Boomtown" and "Show Them No Mercy." ROYAL '"Cry Danger." -Dirk Powell. RITZ "Onlv The Valiant." Gregory Peck. STRAND "Thunder Gap Outlaws" and "Sahara." AMERICAN "Best 4l tha Badmen. ert Ryan Rob- A YON DALE "Dear Brat" Mona Freeman. ERiNiKH.ti EN "Excuse My Moonlight Bay." Dust" Reo Doris Skelton Bl( KHEAD "On rav. CASCADE "Fort Worth" and "Snow Dog." CENTRAL "Silvet Canyon" and "Cuban Fireball" TFCATl'R "The Avengen." John Carrolt DEKALB "Dear Brat." Mona Freeman- EAT TOINT "Al Jennings of Oklahoma." Pan Duryea. FMORT "On Moonlight Bay." Dorla Day. rCCLID "On Moonlight Bay." Doris Day. EMPIRE "Prehistoric woman." acd "Tana, iac la God 1 Coua'J?.1 Fights Infection! Promotes Healing! Minor cultcralchet burnt Buderma OI FITMENT Mi 1 i THEY'RE DELICIOUS Mac's Special ' K""s STEAKS'I85 with hot rolls, trench fries, groan galad MAC'S TASTY FOODS Atlanta's Finest Drive-In 117 MEMORIAL DR., S. E. m m .m i ill2 Kian.fMwmii f THE BEST STEAKS A 1 SERVED IN ATLANTA wM'MfWffll.??' I y Ijl" AND GREGORY PEofQ R I ALTO now HAPPY CO LOVELY i IN TECHNICOLOR) : ff SPENCER TRACY a V MG Mf.T FEQFLE I ACAUST O'HARA 1 III CO-WasasKs II U PAT DIANA JOHN O'BRIEN -lyNN-HODIAK I Y WEDNESDAY M Joal McCREA 7 Jf OljJD MONDAY AND TUESDAY "THE AVENGERS" swrth JOHN CARROL AND ' ADELE MARA ,) 1 MONDAY THROUGH WED. "BELVEDERE RINGS THE BELL" vith CLIFTON WEBB YjfB& SMITH TONE wm & - Added ,C"1 1 1 . News Colortoon I ?. Eddie For,'a trf Their TWO fiSOV Fun Shows ... ijO "BUCK PRIVATES""! , - AND ALSO rSiS" "IN THE X. HAVY" C0LORV,'" J.arw" CAR- &J GDYUtUIiE THAT STORMS THESEUS OF THE WORLD! 1 r w vwvi -r il 1 1 n-:,-"C CJ . JP VV,..RA0UL WALSH " launi" x aenaansgsg ha Ooit Bae BohatU a4il ATTEND Faatura at 11:15, 1:20. 3:25, 5:30, 7:35.9:40 ,20Cantry.Fo Technicolor SUSAN HAYWARD viv. ADMISSION PRICES HI - ' - -- Li , MATINEE ... .90 r - . . O w (pannr.:ou:3T ADULTS .,1.25 CHILDREN ALL TIME .. M Tax Included Sat;fact!oa Gua'aitead oe Your Money lack PARENTS AT DRUOOISTSN. SILVER SLIPPER ALL THE FRIED CHICKEN YOU CAN EAt. S1.S0 ? Hat Biscuits and Gravy Monday Through Friday J. B. Melntyre. Rhythm Combo Saturday Night Also Steake and Seafood at Its Boat HIGHWAY 42 CONLEY. GA. PHONE OI. t18 COMING WEDNESDAY Southern Premiere The newest; jf) h fj Cij In I most modern If fjlvlli J S At, ''nfihe W ilir ?rj Atlanta area. c Bf j ll 1 1 f L -Tl Intersection Scott Blvd. nil .ry ' gVU and Lawrenceville Hwy. 1 1 1. 1 1 i- . n " -w--fB oi r . j n Trfiiixn n TJ Opening Feature r y M U L (ALSO TUESDAY) R "KOREA PATROL" D .0 V AIW COMOITIONEa Also "Never Trust a Gambler," with Dane Clark and Cathy ODennelL The exciting' story of an American Patrol . In the Korean tifhtinjr. Never Before Shown . in Atlanta r PLUS "PONY EXPRESS DAYS" A Technicolor Western Featorette PLUS "CORtl PLASTERED" A Hilarious Full Color , Cartoon . aMssaasaaBassaaaaaaaaBjRaaaaaBtBssaBaaa f PLUS LATEST WORLD NEWS 3 on Thealro Opens 6:30 P. H. First Feature 8 P.'M. GIANT I 1 1 i lasa V VIUW DISPLAY 9:15 P. M. FREE! favors and refreshments for the kiddies. BEtlVErlU TUEflTRE Scoff Byrf. and Lawrenceville Hwy. - AC.:iCCICy Adu:j$5 C3c tnc, Tcxhildren Undsr IZt ttZZ 1 M 3c r , a m .a a a. M- . - m. m. m. . , - -r ' rT IT i i -;

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