Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 14, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1891
Page 8
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* * ' r "' " ~ i^t ' 7 A ' *;«fg, aw^3|sK w , JM'%'^ Jrw5gFv*\ *|M^.^^^,:p^v;;^«^ r !T [ ^ ! ?ww^ wSj T V 'f ^ ' 1 -f" f j r i-t „ ( J ^ , t '•K ^ "' * ' " f PBGIAL SALE On Fine Dress Goods and Spring; Jackets SCHMITT & HEFFLEY, N. B. Low Prices Prevail. RAILROAD RUMBLINGS. Heat* I'rom the Note-Book of Our Kallvray Reporter— Points Per- 88. 8$. PANTS, PANTS. ? •| I have secured 30 styles of VYorsted Pantaloouings 'I- which sold heretofore and are sold everywhere for $10, -' but which I. seH now for the low price of EIGHT DOLLARS! The bi«-«rest bargain I ever had. Call early and O*w O ** £ secure choice. I JAKE HERZ. I '«' I Go to Headquarters For Your Spring Suit. Harry Q. Tucker, THE PEARL ST\ TAILOR. You will find all the Latest Novelties 'in Spring Styles'. Tours Truly, • , : "PlJCK.' ? For the Next Four Weeks I will sell vou an elegant suit for *t <j S22.OO CASH. '1 do this to make room for the finest line of Spring Goods .ever brought to this city P. J. HOOLEY, The TaI I< Daily Journal. SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 14. Pearl SJreet. We have some fine celery.—Foley. Imported dress patterns.—Golden Rule. Use J. B. L. -Blood and Liver Tonic. eod*w Fine large fresh strawberries, at Foley's. Go to Foley's for fresh strawberries and all vegetables. A few sleighs were seen on the streets yesterday morning 1 . Miss White, of London, Eng-. : is into, e city, the guest of Miss Magee. Frank Tennant, clerk at the Murdock hotel, is confined to his room by illness. Mrs. Henry Kraut is visiting her daughter, Mrs. August Hipskind, at Wabash. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Keesling entertained the "Chestnut" euchre, club last evening. Mrs. Magill, of Chicago,. who has been visiting Mrs. T. H. Wilson,leaves for her home to-day. John Gray don't need to publish cheap John price lists, His goods and prices speak for themselves. Mrs. Maish, of Cincinnati, O., who has been visiting her uncle, Capt. W. H. Snider, returns to her home to. day. ProF. G. Samtee, 'the celebrated German eye specialist from Detroit, Mich., is in the city at the Murdock Hotel. mchl3d2twlt Mothers, just what you need, is ••stocking knee protectors'" for the children, at Patterson's, the Haberdasher. John, Gray is now showing a very large and complete line of underwear for ladies, misses and children, also for gents and boys, suitable for spring and summer. Mrs. Mary S. Vickers, wife of Patterson Vickers died last evening, at her residence 63 Bates street aged 22 years. The time of the funeral will be given to-morrow morning. Mrs. J. C. Davis, wife oi the Montreal banker, stopped over Wednesday, the guest of Mrs. E. Vance, while enroute from Sidney, Australia, to Montreal; Her son also accompanied her. John Tierneyhas sold his interest in the Senate saloon and has purchased the place formerly owned by Barney Bligh. He will remodel it in elegant style, and will be pleased to have his friends call on him. John Gray has now on hand a full line of Smith & Angell fast black hosiery. This is the only real fast black hose of pure, vegetable dye. Every pair guaranteed: no mineral poison used in coloring. Mr. Charles Moss, of Chicago, arrived ia the city last evening and will to-day join his wife, who is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Yantis, of Bethlehem township. Mr. and Mrs. Moss will return home Monday. The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Flory will be held this afternoon at 1 o'clock from the residence of Mr. Will Richardson on North street, interment in the cemetery by the Bethel church in Clay township. The fiend in human guise, the being BO lost to conscience and morality who 'nipped 11 a copy of the City Directory from the Journal rooms last night will- confer a favor on the reportorial staff by returning the same as soon as convenient, as the book is needed every hour Said fiend may sneak up the stairs-and lay the book down where he'found it. feeling perfectly, safe, as no questions will be asked nor eye turned on his act. All we ask is the return of the stolen article. We have a Bible left yet, come and get it and learn the Ten Commandments. Supt. J. F, Miller's new private car is here and it is an embodiment of convenience and elegance, so complete in every detail of appointment that it makes one think he could be independent of home were it not for family associations. Yet while the elegance is to the forward and quite as much interest, and even more is found in the culinary department, arranged in accordance with the planning of Lewis Willis, who has been with Mr. Miller, as king of the kitchen, dining room, chambers and parlor for over flve years and approved equally satisfactory ia every department of service. There is absolutely a place for everything, and you may be sure everything is in its place. The compactness with which all parts close, and the numerous things that each compartment includes is really astonishing; and then neatness conspires with utility and beauty covers all, whether you look to the refrigerator, range, pastry and cook table, sink or basin, toilet room including the bath, the dinning room, with its well filled china closets, which answers for a bed room at night, Mr. Millers state room, or the reception end of the car. There can be eleven persons slept on the car and a dozen seated at the table who; the larder promises, will be well fed, while the cut glass and cbina, as well as the silver, attest the elegance of the •service. The finish of the car, in antique oak, is as fine as the furniture made to match it. but is comparitively plain, and the silk ceiling is as delicate as the "heavenly blue" to which it is compared. ThiCiris the same cumber of Mr. Miller's old one, "38," w.hich went to S. F. Judy, for years yard-master here under Mr. Miller and now General Manager of the Pecos Valley road with headquarters at Eddy, N. M. And for its association you may depend that Sana values it above all cars on wheels, for his eighty-nine miles cf road are a good ways down in the wilderness and this car is a connecting link between that and Richmond, which will always be home to him. — [Richmond Telegram. free Gravel Koadc. The action of the delegates from the unions of Logansport in the Trades Assembly at their last regular meeting upon the suject of free gravel roads for this city was but an open, expression of feeling upon that subject. Their resolution past upon the odious system of toll roads in our county denounces it with not too much bitterness. The welfare of the laborer and mechanic is too closely related to that of the merchant to feel any the less greviously the common tyranny of the toll road system. It was ascertained from Weidon Webster yesterday that the Salesmen's Union some time before Christmas also unanimously denounced the toll roads, and furthermore, appointed a committee to examine into the proper method by which our people could rid themselves of this octopus, the poisonous lips of which has been for so long sucking the life blood of our citiy's trade. The committee is now getting in readiness to act upon this matter, and will more than likely call a meeting of the merchants to co-operate with them. Mr. Webster, the chairman of the committee, was furnished a map of the county, showing the toll roads by Engineer Osmer yesterday. The map resembles the shape of a huge rectangular spiders web with the poisonous enemy sitting in the center, his body hovering over the doomed city of Logansport, his long repulsive legs reaching irregularly from the body and overtaxing and clutching the townships on all sides. The damage of the toll' system is immeasurable to the farmers and • in- calcuable to the city. Almost 300 regular traders are by this system kept away from our markets annually. It is an embargo of the city's commerce and should not be endured. The trade of 300 farmers is equal to about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars annually This is now lost to us. The Bartholomew County J. M. B. A. Lodge, No. 3,888 has passed the following: Inasmuch as the Legislature of Indiana knew the people were demanding immediate relief from high taxes, therefore be it Resolved, by Star Lodge No. 3,883, F. M. B. A., that they are subject to censure, and that we pledge ourselves not to support a member of the House for any position of trust who voted against the emergency clause. So many have been cured of rheumatism- by Hood's Sarsaparilla that we urge all who suffer from the disease to try this medicine. 12 Mr. Victor L. Ricketts of the Delphi Journal, was in the city yesterday. AT HARRY FRANK'S ANNUAL DISTRIBUTION OF PRESENTS Wm. Graham, city, received dinner set; Rudolph Berndt, city, received table: B. C. Mead, RoyaV (.'enter, re: ceived watch. -,.'-.'•-• The following received at eel engravings: 0. C; Ouster, AloDzo Clary, F. Sanderson, Henry Mucker, A. B. Keeport, Y. P. Winslow, Jacob Moreliar-t, Mrs;!%, Rideel, J. H. Wirick. ' :: V " : PERSONS HOLDING The folio wiosr Numbers will find it to their interest to call: o 2383 2500 2850 3501 4394 4770 5402 0120 101-66 11350 11877 " HARRY F R A N K "TO BE SURE/ Wilson, Humphreys & Co., 2OO and 2O2 Fourth St. What a Cent Will Buy. You can buy any of the following articles for a penny at McCaffreys': , , , 4O Hair Pins, 5OO Yards of Thread, A Paper Needles, A Paper pins, 1 Dozen Cloths Pins, A Fan ey Thimble, 2 Lead Pencils. It costs us a hundred times as much to tell you. of this as we will ever make on what you buy of ^hem-but they are only samples. If a penny buys so much what will 100 pennies buy? If some necessities cost so little, others will be proportionately as cheap and McCaffrey keeps almost every necessity or luxury that yon have want for. C 0 S T Is an all important matter with you on such things. Pay $500 more than you should for a house and it is comparatively little. But pay more than you should for what you every day find need for, and the constant drain will in a few years take all that a home would cost you; You pay for all things just the least that they can sell for by M. McCaffery & Co.

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