The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on April 3, 1932 · 16
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · 16

Atlanta, Georgia
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Sunday, April 3, 1932
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PAGE 1 WO B THE CONSTITUTION, ATLANTA, GA., SUNDAY, APRIL 3, 1932. "Gators Rally in Eighth To Beat Petrels Second SIX LINKSMEN SHARE HONORS AT EAST LAKE Half Dozen Tie for First Place in "Blind Bogey." Six East Lake golfers shared firt friz" with scores of "8 Saturday aft ernoon in a mind bogey" tournament n the old course. They were Scott nu'iion jr.. i it. .MeCarlev, M. J MrKinnon, Berrien Moor Jr., K. O Knot and p. G. Lombard. .NpfOTid honor also was well di- vi-ipft between seven players, four of whom hud 77' and three tied with inoe players finishing second were G. E. Mitchell, R. D. Bet-tikofer, W. L. Market and P. J. istes, father of Charlie Yates, with 7 each, while John Harland, M. It. Campbell nd Evan McConnell turned 4IJ 'HIUl lit tf lfCB. There were 55 entries In the "blind Dogey. "Dog FightAt East Lake Resumed. May in the regular Sunday afternoon "dog fight" tournament on the -No. 2 Ea-t Lake Country Club course will be resumed at 2 o'clock this aft- crnoon. Jt waa postponed from Lint - we.ic when a heavy rain and hailstorm iiaiteu tne play. Stephenson Takes Individual Honors. K. A. ftephenson won individual honor on the No. 2 rourae at East i.ake naturday afternoon when his drive from the 12th tee hit a few inches from the nip and rolled in for an ate. the hole i par three and measures 2U' yards from the hack tre. Sfephenson was playing with J. C. Kyle, J. J. Nicholson Sr. and Ir. li, B. (lay. It is ihe second ace to be made on the No. 2 course this year. Druid Hills Meet Honors New Members. In compliment to the tl new members, 5,'i of whom are associates, l.'t intermediates, 12 juniors and three women, a "do fight" tournament will be played today over the Druid Hills course in the first of a aeries of novelty eveni to be played during the next lew months. A dinner tournament has been planned for the next two weeks and each new member will be paired with some fid player. It was announced Saturday by officiuls of the club. Harry Stephens, the club professional will be in charge of today's t 'tirnament and will assist members of the tournament committee in selecting tba team for the dinner tourney. 6 to 4 thow new members arc t.. A. f. Kin-ley. Arthur Major General K4war't " Kin-, r. II. M.t'ord. t'harle. Frederick-aon Itink Iroiitmau. I.roy H. iMnard, Hal l.lmtsay, Clisrlea A. Kwiac, Iwn jii). 'I'' VrvM- T- E". I"- . D. Vol-To, J. C. BiiishmsB. H. C. Bo, K. A. Milor.1. t H. Holan, JR. 6. Loch-ou,t K Hrooks rln.n. K . I,. a.nry, . K. tonkin. J. r. Oarllngton, J. J. A'lama, laua Beler. John o. Chiles, Paul lymtou, K. V. Kramer, M. D Hes-". K. V. Walda. ti. S. r,ter. J. j. tliigl.-h.n. J. C. Brn. T. C. I'.rklna A . il.rbut. J. H. Mots. W. T. Healer lirr Healer. Sam C. Hanry. J. M. Moore,' ' rw'rd. J. N. K!lh. W. W. Winter, o. c. Waters, t.. U. West T . , .Uf.l,,;",-'v r- Knh',. Tr- r. A. I "'If11, ,J- C- Pa'l. J- rearaoa. W. J. .M.Iarla Jr.. l.r. a. H . kraraa. p. w. Smtta and llnraia Paro,k. Tha Intrma- , tlij-aea alrFll. Jr., t. t' V au i' A,U", " Johnas at i T.hl4n. W. B. firB, r. T. Alaniar c. C. Bennatt. r.rrr.t Fo.lar Ho land John flinaa. Rowland WIIMama Jlf.". ,nIMr- Hor.r. Jr., Kdmintf w 1' ' J" w"" Jr.. K. 1). Kina Jr. Wolditca and M. J. MrDmwsh. Tha . mo mrmhera ara Maa Annie L. Gwm Honors Are Split At Druid Hills. first honors were dirirtexl three ways Saturday afternoon in a ne-y 'blind boey" tournament on the Jrui! HiU course, in the first of a erics .f regular weekly norelty tour-risments sponsored by Harry Ste-rnens. the club professional. t J?tk,,I,A'hanley, Hi,sh Powell and J. J. MiConncghey finished in a tie for first place with 74's. Sevond honor also was well divided, with Hunter Perry, H. II. Ellison. J. It. f.wmg. Mai..r Meehan. Charles I- wmg and It. T. Henderson turning cards of 75 each. Tom Stewart Scores Eagle at Forest Hills. lorn Stewart set the pace on the irret Hills golf course Saturday afternoon with an eaale 3 on the Ion.- rr 5 4r.2yant th hole. He w.. laying with 1'rsvia Johnson and Ttn 'ltts and led the war nf maVA than ' go!fers who flayed "the course during the afternoon. ' Jones Heads Olympic Foursome Here ! L ?K ss-. -v-- -a -4 J f Kxfr ,1- V " ' - hit - ',.-v.r- J f if s Ho- tz ? LiL, .XfJix. v '&i&&si ;rc V;- """"""'"'"''''W'WIIiaiWIiiiiajaa, I MAUREEN WINS ON LAST HOLE INNORmSOUTH Miss Orcutt Takes Last Two Holes To Win Title. By Rnlk.. T ...Ml 1 . . uuwwj uii wui piay a cnaniy matcn t over Ihe Last Lake course next Sunday for the benefit of the Olympic fund. In the foursome will be George Sargent, new East Lakes pro; Charlie Yatea, state and city champion, and Errie Ball, southeastern P. G. A. champion and assistant to Sargent. . Sargent is shown on left and Jones right. (Story on page 1.) Photos by Constitution staff photographer. , - Gabby Street Lauds Card 'Farm' System . . . i Youngsters From Minors Made Team, He Says; Won't Miss Mr. Grimes. Three Matches Played at Piedmont. Three matt-hea were completed Sit-tir.J.iy afternoon on the Piedmont ivsrk mnnicipal course in the first of a two-day dinner tournsmcnt in which the winners will be the guests Mi'tidsT nljjht. E. E. CanfieM won two points front J. J. Johnson. Frank Campbell lost two pomis to M. M. Stewart snd Howsnl tilenn won one point from J'r. Harry itocers to rive Jim I?rsm-D.ett s team one-point lead. The remainine matches w(i be rom-I 'cted this afternwn. Lynam Takes Over Job at Sweetwater. IVmdas I.ynsm. AlUnU boy. has i Vcn app'Mnte.l profeirtcl at the! Sertwater I'onntry Club. Austell, j Is . and will assume new duties! KwJer. will he on duty each J da throughout the sprieg and sum- j rt-er months and will ass;st Howard J-3n.t, tae ewner. By Jimmy Jones. A serious-faced man with black, piercing eves ut in tli studying a pitchers' chart. Outside, a lanre. sauad of nla ver tn Virierht crimson jackets were tossing the baseball around, warming ud for lust another exhibition game. . Ihe serious-faced man, who is of middle age, paid not the slightest ttention to the cay chatter of his athletes or the rdort-rlonninir of shinv new baseballs flitting from glove to glove. mey call him the sergeant. He was one of the most famous catcher n the big leagues during his career. He was the only man ever to catch ball thrown from the Washington monument. When the World War breke out, he was one of the first to ioin up. Charles (Gabby) Street, who stepped from the role of a bush league manager into the leadership of a world's champion baseball team almost overnight, represents a new study in manager types. lie is me entmisiastic, optimistic type, yet he combines a seriousness of purpose and a canny gift of direction on the field that makes of him a great leader. "I'm not a hit worried. I've got creat hall cluV Gabby confided frankly to newspapermen who interviewed him upon his arrival here Friday. "My main problem now is to find out a way to keep all of the good pitchers I have." he added. GREATEST WORRY. This really is Street's greatest worry this matter of pitchers. He considers Tet Carlton, Diazy Dean and Itay Starr, all graduates of the Cardinal farms at Houston in- the Texas league and Rochester in the International, as three great young pitchers and certain to make the grade in the National league this season. Resides these he has Jess Haines, Sylvester Johnson. Rill Ilallahan. Hint Rhem. Paul Derringer and Jim IJndsey of the old guard, not to mention Allyn Stout, brilliant relief pitcher, and Arthur Tearhotit, arqnire4 from the Cubs. Although he considers , Burleigh Grimes still a good pitcher and one of his hole cards in his drive to two consecutive Nstional leaeue pennants, Gsbhy j not remorseful over the pssMnr of the vetersn spitballer to the Cubs. RIG SEASON'. Paul Derringer, youog right-hander, had a big season last year and is certain to b a winner for yeara to come. 'I don't want to let any of theee young pitchers go, for if we do. what's the me of our maintaining all those minor league farms to develop them? Street pointed out. The Cardinal manaser feels that these boys are all ready for the bis show and that they would be discour- sei it shunted into the minors again. The old sergeant is a big booster of the Card. celebrated chain store system, which is the best organised und most elaborate of any in baseball. C.IFS CREDIT. To til Cardinal system, which "!erate,ll minor league subsidiaries. Street cye credit for the e!erion of the teem to the top of the National league, wtjere. it once wss a chronic second dmsinn outfit. Krom these clubs otit in the wide open spaces come the fresh young recruits with new Mood to Mrengthen and refresh the chih from year to ear. Now when a I ar veteran like Rnrleich Grimes passes, he is not missed, repper Msrtin. nor.. W . . ! : . Charley Glhrf. Tatil Ierrinrer' CARDS DEFEAT CRACKERS, 4-2 Continued from First Sport Pag. wild pitch and scored when Barnes misjudged Bottotnley's short hoist to right-center. Johnny was a little unsettled in the second and his curve wasn't breaking to suit him. repper Martin and Jimmy Wilson tripled in succession in that inning, Martin scoring on the letter's hit. Gel-bert was walked but Hallahan whiffed. Adams forced Wilson at the plate when Bejin made a nice pickup and th row home. tjelbert scored when Watkins doubled, but the latter was out going to third, Barnes, Roetz to Chapman. GARLAND SPEEDS. Lou Garland worked th last three innings for Atlanta and, according to Sr. Louis newspapermen, fhowed the Cards as much speed as they had seen sll spring. Garland blanked the Red Birds in the seventh and eighth, but they gleaned a final run in the ninth with two out on Gelbert'a double and Dizny Dean's single past short. Gabby Street thought the Crackers looked very good against his boys and termed them a hustling ball club. He particularly liked John Ctimmings and Goff. Red Barron thought his boys showed marked improvement. The crowd got its anticipated look at Dissy Dean. The Texas boy re lieved Hallahaa to start the sixth and showed plenty of sniff for the last four innings. The boy looks like a great pitcher. The Crackers hava a busy seven days ahead of them and then will come a brief rest before the opener in Nashville. April 12. Today they play the federal prison team. On Monday they will not play but will meet Oglethorpe on Tnesda and Wednesday and Hertford's Kastern league champs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. BOBBY'S SWIG GOES JISCREEN Slow Motion Pictures To Be Shown at A. A. C. Thursday. . Slow motion pictures of the swings employed by Bobby Jones. Harry Vardon and Joyce Wethered, three of the greatest golfers the world has ever known will be -shown at 7 :"0 o'clock Thursday night. April U, at the Atlanta Athletic Club, it was announced Saturday by Scott Hudson Sr., president. The pictures will follow a buffet dinner and reservations for both the dinner and pictures must be made at the club not later than 10 o'clock on the morning of April 14. ' Although the pictures were ser-ureil for members of the Atlanta Athletic Club, they will be open to anyone interested in golf in the city if they are accompanied by a club member. George Sargent, the new professional at East Lake Country Club, who won the national open championship some 20 years ago and who has made a particular study of slow motion pictures as a means of teaching golf, will show the films and will ex-plan in detail the mechanics of golf as the picture, is being shown. In addition to the special showing of the swings of Jones. Wethered and ardon, several other interesting sport features will be shown as an added attraction. jh staricr th va ri us tournaments scheduled for the i Msm-js all .r pu-ij trnnl . . j -farms', which Branch Ri-ker con- -vnoiccr it'll f.oies across Sweetwater twk from the present layout are under construction atsd will be yeji ty f, r rUy ; the etr! fall. lh rw greens fcre been trt.M .n,t hit." laughed Ten" Martin, who was sitting nxi to Gabby on th bench. "But he's a g"d county b"r like the rest of ms,- the affable Martin added. Macon Club Denies Taking Baron Ontion MACON, Ga., April 2.-UP) Charlie Knowles. rookie catcher signed by the Macon Teaches of the Southeastern league, was not tnken under option from the Birmingham Southern league, club. Ed G. Ja cobs, rtraaidont of the local club, stated this morning. J .i scons saw Knowles had been made a free agent by the Barons after the I caches, who have consistently refused optioned players or other tie-nps with higher ranking clubs, turned him down under the option arrangement. BIRMINGHAM. Ala., April 2. JP) Charlie Knowles. rookie catcher, waa turned over to the Macon club of the Southeastern league today by the Birmingham Barons. In Macon. Ed G. Jacobs.' nresident of the Macon club, said Knowles was not taken under option, but was made a free agent by Birmingham after the Macon Peaches had turned him down under an option arrangement. Jacobs said the Teaches have refused optioned players or other tie-up, with higher ranking clubs. Knowles formerly played in the Georgia-Alabama league. Dillon Graham, Associated Press Sports Writer. PINEHUKST. N. C. April 2.-(JP) Sinking putts of more than 20 fet to win the 17th and 18th holes. Maureen Orcutt, Englewood (N. J. star, overcame a one-hole deficit to o-fea Mrs. Opal Hill, of Kansas City, to day for the north and soutn -championship. Her 1-up victory Drought her the crown for the second suews- sive year. Dowu from the start. Miss Orcutt forced the play with a chance-taking game- all the way. Although she kept the match squared often, she waa never ahead until the final hole. Mrs. HiU'a uncanny ability to smk long putts enabled her to win several holes which it appeared Miss Orcutt would capture. To overcome her nuttinir iinx which finally left her on the last holes. Miss Orcutt gambled freouentlv on Ions second shots, playing them over t4aps to the greens. THIRD VICTORY. The victory today wan th third tif the winter season for Miss Orcutt and gave her top honors for 'he year's early campaign. A par 4 gave Mrs. Hill th first hole as Miss Orcutt'a drive wan h ink- cred and the Missourian canned a i.V footer on the second for a half after Miss Orcutt had spatined a wida trap with her second shot and was on 1'ie green and had the hole 1 appa-ently won. Again on the third Miss Orcutt chanced -a long brassie and cleared the traps stretching in front of the green to score a 4 and even the match, but Mrs. Hill won the 5th with a par 3 and earned a half ou the ith by passing a stymie. DRIVE TRAPPED. Miss Orcutt won the 7th a Mrs. Hill's drive was trapped, but dropped the 8th when another long brassie found a trap. They passed the turn j all square after Miss Orcutt's lar 4 ' won the 0th. Mrs. Hill won the 10th and halved the 11th and 12th. A trapped drive cost Mrs. Hill the I3tli, but she halved the 14th and loth. Miss Orcutt missed a fine chance to win the 14th as Mrs. Hill's drive was trapped and her sec ond shot was short, but Miss Orcutr putted .cautiously and short. - The 15th was halved in 4s . ltd Mrs. Hill went 1 up on the Itith. where Mia Orcutt'a putt for a half rimmed the cup. The long-hitting New Jersey girl stretched her second to the edge of the green on the long 1 1 th and boled a 25-foot putt for a birdie to win the hole. . A cross wind caught Miss Orcutt's drive on the 18th and it carried into a trap, but she made a long out to the left of the green, leaving herself a difficult chip over a trap which she carried and sank a long roller for a par 4 as Mrs. Hill missed her try for a half. Miss Orcutt's medal score was S2 snd Mrs. Hill's 84. Their cards: ' Orcutt out 6S4 445 56443 ' In ....556 444 534 39 !2 Hill out 455 43 65643 In 4S 544 4454083 Reaulta of final matcliea in other divisions: t Firsb Siviiisa. Contolatien Mrs. Charles Barbausli. ot Cleveland, heat Helen War-ins, of Plnehnrst, 5 and . Bscond Division Sirs. E. B. Morrow. of Baltimore, heat Deborah Verry, ot Wor-cter. Mass.. 6 and !S. Second Consolation Mrs. I. M. Barnes, nf WaMiinrton, b'at Mrs. r. E. Campbell, of Ptttahnrch. 3 and 2. Third Division Mrs. H. O. Kerslen. nf RMimond, beat Ann Cochrane, of Baltimore, 6 an.1 5. Third Consalation Helen 8HIirk, Greenwich. Conn., won by default from Mra. E. F. Eubelacker. of Hackensack. Ji. J. Fourth Division Mrs. I. A. flarber. of Pittsburgh, beat Adelaide Keckford, of N'ew York, 3 and 2. Fourth Consolation Mrs. G. M. Adams, of Philadelphia, beat Miss n. M. Patterson, of Platnfield. S. J., 6 and 4. rifth Division Mrs. Ikinme T.eiglilon- ef New York, heat Katherine Coa, of Sew York, 3 and 2. Steve Hamas Owns Qualities of Champ Former College Star Has Speed. Power and Punch, Bob Edgren Says. . By Robert Edgren. . Steve Hamas, who knocked out Tommy Loughran in the middle of the second round at Madison Square Garden, made as sensational a hop into the limelight as any heavyweight of recent years. : In a way Hamas has been under cover, in spite of the fact that he has won 2 4 of his 2 7 professional fights with knockouts a record that should put him in a class with Berlenbach as a walloper. . Charlie Harvey is Steve's manager, and Charlie is a wise oldtimer He has handled some of the best boxers in the world in his time Unlike many other managers Harvey has had sense enough not to ruin a first-class youngster by rushing him along too fast. Charlie Isn't money-mad. He can wait a little to gather in the dollars. He hasn't outmatched Hamas. He has brought him along slowly," carefullv. He has given him time to develop. A few months ago when Charlie Retzlaff was the new sensation of the moment, and Hamas and Retzlatf were the stars of the novice boxers, just breaking into the news with their swings of knockout victories, promoters wanted to matfh Hamas and Retzlaff. No, said Harvey. "Steve amU 1 Charlie are fine yongsters, and coming I - GEORGIA WINS EASILY ON TRACK Bulldogs SwarnD Clemson Tigers, 105 to 29; Bach-cllor Big Winner. ATHENS. Ga., April 2. Th Cni- versitv of leor?i:l" trmdc ti:itti nv.e. whelmed Clemson, 105 to 2!, here along fast, but they both have a lot to "They're both great punchers. One would probably eliminate Ihe other. I've seen too many good prospects ruined by being rushed along too fast. I may think 5teve could beat Charlie, but I'm not going to rush Stev. I'm going to give him time to devi'.nj.. and 1 intend to make him a champion." Iietulaff, starting .with a firing of kuockoiits, was rushed ou toward the top. He met clever Joe Sekyra and was outpointed, and that was a discouraging setbacit for a big fellow who was used j landing his punch and seeing them drop. VVIV Ti-ti?r - H:imns hantllil lliffor.nt lir k. f'l. ... ' lie Ilarvey, went ou winning fights phis afternoon to win the first meet and learning. As a result he has met of the year. The Bulldogs took 1 1 a inr more ciever Doxer than Sekyra out ot la places in Tiilnmv fyiit.hpmi .n1 K .1 . 1-......I a.1 1 foil V. - - -vun.....u, .1 11 . i.a.i siiv(.nni I -" viinaiu 1 Id 1 ' II llwrilS Hlli the cleverest of th hearios nn hi. Oi-aham Kn-kIlr tlm rl'm .. ... ear very convincingly. Hamas is now the Bulldogs romped away with every sssitw s,v iifcuv in vii i nn lory mjuif, 4 a II a m . IV' ww l,,lHi "n l1,tj wuit-. le-vi-iiL i-xcrc me .i.;varu insu, wnicli Stawr HnmnO 1 i ha lrina-1 et a 4lr V, I r la n ff:.. t a.' ll. .a. a. . ::;UH" " " ' v ii-ui- iuc AiKtrrw, iruni ntjinn uniitna, Tool; er peopie iiKc io 100K at. CHtt miuk with a first and tbird plnw. The jiiui me siug-ers. ana, HKe .lack r.ulMo-s swept the broad jump and ....,,....., .,. .dvi. v.'uuiik ui. lue sum pur. he has the speed to nail the speedy Graham Bachcllor. making his d ii 1 1 V IkATriMI T n ATr nan nnf aavarnaa UnA I 1 4. .... n Bjvavas, . u J Ll UnUji ytJ the way he foujrbt Louehran. Went into him from the start and kept him busy dodgin- punches. He ran Tommy . nd 7n the broad iumi ' and"' rscul all arounil the ring and never let him I throw. Bachcllor "trr'i S sto. i ThrKe;n Ktw; "!?w.- "ir.. javeiin tearing in. chin on hin chesV wea; ?' 1 urre incurs. ome tnree feet hettpr G.I.A. A. Stages Track Meet Friday Alter several years of track inac tivity the Georgia Interscholastic Athletic Association will revive the sport with a meet at 1 o'clock Friday afternoon at Grant field. The event will be sponsored jointly by Tech High. Boys' High and G. M. A., the Atlanta members of the association. Others interested in the movement are Monroe Asgies, Lanier High. Riverside Military Academy. Go.don Institute and Savannah High. Okefinokee Club Prepares for Meet WAYCROSS, Ga., April 2. Extensive preparations are being mad by officials of the Okefinokee Golf Club for the Annual Georgia sand greens golf tournament scheduled for the week of April 19-23. A large corps of workmen have been busy during the past few weeks getting the fairways m excellent condition for the tournament. The course measures 5.902 yards and is a par 72. tearing in, chin on his chest, weaving. uoin arms eocKeu to puncn. tie banned at Loughran and dropped him with a right-hand crack on the side of the head, fcr a nine-second count. As soon ne Tommy was up and moving Steve dropped him again with a left hook on the chin. And then again with a smashing right to the jaw. which beat Ixtughran so hopelessly that Gunboat Smith, the experienced old gunner, held up I la ma 8 hand with no further waste of time. ... COLLEGE BOXER. Steve ' Hamas is the first college boxer to really make good among the heavyweights. He wss a great college athlete at Penn State, where he won 11 varsity letters in sports, establishing a record. He could play any game well, but boxing was his favorite. Three years ago he won the intercollegiate heavyweight championship. ; . After finishing college Steve went west and did some rather sensational boxing on the Pacific coast. The first time I heard of him was' when I met Vic Foray the. who was pop-eyed with enthusiasm in describing this young college lad who .socked them on the button and let them lay where they fell. "He's a coming champion," said Vic. Somewhere I've heard thos words before, hut coming from Via? the made a slight impression and I began to keep an eye on young Steve Hamas when Charlie Harvey took him in hand. Vic draws those Joe Jinks comic pages, but he and I worked tot-ether as sport cartoonists for many years in New York. Vie was a nut on boxing. He used to sneak out of the office to box with Tommy Murphy. I knew he knew his stuff. So when he said Hamas was good it meant something. Steve has done everything Charlie Harvey asked him to. He is a husky fellow with th. hliil.1 rt . ....-,.1.-1 . ..... "u.j t a iiuuvurr, plenty of speed, and love for mix ing. Also he1 is smart. You can't beat that combination, with ISrt pounds of good fighting weight to go with it. RATED IN FIRST TEN. Funny thing, while Hamas has had quite a bit of local reputation in New York he wasn't taken seriously as a menace to the lads camping on Schmel-ing'a trail. Two months ago he. wasn't even listed in the New York rating of first 10 contenders for the heavyweight title. The list ran Sharkey, Loushran. Schaaf. Walker, Sarnera. Sekyra. Retzlaff. TTzctwlnn nrifr;h. Poreda. So now I suppose that the list maker will move the unconsidered Hamas right up into Tommy Loughran ' place, a notch behind Sharkey. I don t say that he lielongs there, yet. The list might read Schaaf. Sharkev, Walker. Hamas, etc But he is up in the bunch, and Harvey will no doubt be persuaded to break into his system of cautions slow development and send Steve in to fisrht the best of them. It is a remarkably wift climb, for a collegian who was just a college champion thre years ajro, but Steve is np where they'll have to stop him or take his dust. He might need a little more experience to meet Schaaf. who looks the best of the heavyweight contender bunch. He would have his work cut out to beat Sharkey, who haa more experience than any of them. If llpmntar t4l 11 nnmaa rtanb a 4":V a - - ... - ISI-V 1 1 - in.,,. a i i them all. Dempsey will be near the the vonri!stera n.-hn ha ion 'r timl milt. i. j . a-erminwy ,ni near incline youngsters wno haven t had quite head of the contender list and a hard as much experience as a fellow needs tlut for nnvhjwtv In a ..L I - . ..u : . - : . l . i . r. . 1 . i 1 i . i . lies me niar. Who is going to beat him? Hamas never has lost a f i-ht ! His fichtine who is builr a lot like Hamas, but 20 pounds smaller and several inches .hirt.r vmiM i n 1.1M i. . 1 e - .... ... n nuiiic in i never nas lost a fight. But among the newer heavies, 1 limit is unknown. but as a varsity track mnn. srarriwl his?career with a han tn win fir-t- n the shot put and javelin and take - - . u i . . . l in i i i than the Southern conference record. Muck Anderson. (Georgia --tar of three years ago, holds the conference javelin record and Bachcllor will get his chance to officially break it when Georgia goes to the conference meet at Birmingham. Ala., May 21. Captain, Ralph Owens equalled the Southern conference HlO-yard dash record as he clocked J.S seconds for the century dash. Captain Owens also iWOu" . . bro"d j"mp to follow closely behind Ruche! lor in ioint scoring. Bachcllor broke a long-standing Lniver.?ity of Georgia shot put record when he threw the shot 44.U feet sua sr . "MMAHIES. 100-T.rd Daah Owena (Georyla). first- S20-Tard Daah Lynn "(Clemaon). firat; Wolnoff (Oeorela). seeomlr Armstrong (Clemson). third. Time -' 3 440-Yard Daah Williaiiia Tiieorslal, first; . 'F1'"'"""'- "oui; ' Uavid Hieor-Sial. third. Time. M. Half-Kile Still (Ge.,ri-I.. flrat: W. Baa-',1, Jw'rKi. eoil; Martin tCleuisoB), thint. Time. 5:08.. . ,Slil",erBhrdt Cris. first: (C.lemsoM. teronrt; Ijitlmer (Clemsonl, third. Time, 4:47. , . Two-Mile Arremlale IGenreial. firsl-tii.HTi --nnd; Latham IClemsoiiK third. Time. 11:7.4. High Hurdles I rjnuliaw (Gwrzia), flrat-r.ouers iGeoryial. se-und; Gilmer (Clem-aonl. tlilrd. Time, ia-. 320 taw Hurdles H. Baker tneorela). firt; Mnddnx IGeortrin). sei-nnd: Whit mire triemsoni. third. Time, '.'j.T. Shot Put Rai'hellnr ((orfl"l first-('rmjeh HJeorslsi. second: Jlamrkk Hieor-S'S. tbird. Iitan.-e. - 44.9 feet. 4 DUeua t rouch (Georjia). firat: Ba. hel-lor H.enrBial. se.-ond : Vance tIn.Hi, tMed. Diatanee. 128 feet S Inehea Javelin IVarhellor (Genrsia), firat: Wilson ll'lemsoni, second: Dickens (Georgia). ni""nee, 1!W feet 3 inches. Pole Vault Dickens and David (Georgia) tied for first: l"nrrv 11-lnm.nni Heisht, 12 feet 4 lti lies. High Jump David (Georgia), first; psrka tjlcmsonl. second: Towns (Georgia third. Uicht. 5 feet 11 inches. Brut. tiimn. -Ili.n. . - . Hhkens (Georxia). second: Itachellnr (Gwr. gls). third. Dlstan.-e. 13 feet 1-5 inches Belay Won by Genrela; Williams. Krhua-ter. W. Baker and Still. Time, 3 minute. 3 seconds. Georsia"a remaining meets are: s April Preshyterian, at Clinton. S. C. April IH Vacant. April L'S Auburn at Auburn. April 3o Southeastern A. A. C. la Atlanta. . Mnv 7 Tech In Ath.n. May Jt Vanderhilt in Athena May 21 Southern ronferenca Atlanta. Browns Return Lookout Fielder ST. LOTTTS Anril 9 tJPi'n,. St Louis Browns today returned Infielder Weston Kinirrfan tn tli. t'ti.tlanAAn. club of the Southern association, from wnicn tney drafted him this season. HURLER SUED. RENO, Nev., April 2. UP Waite C. Hoyt, major league baseball pitcher, was sued for divorce on grounds of cruelty here by Mrs. Dorothy V. Hoyt. Mrs. Hoyt asked for ?23 a week alimony for the support and education of their two children. Harry, 8. and Dorris Arlene. . Their marriaire in 1922 culminated a high school o-mance. j meet In Wi.:I l-y parted within t.e rext few ri,t work ca the f;rwavt i - 'e.t tf start this week. The jsweerwate- course is one of the pcrtset aine-ho! Javouta r.-ar At-lssta. Tech Golf Team Plays Two Matches. Te-hi tea. whih pr e even is two match. lasf w.k w I r-,t Pavi-!n aM Fmorr in the se.wi l rf ir, lXi2 ?Titi'z a. he-1-t'e. Iii'vn w.II Ke t'e Jackets' nn. -rorriNG off." Tepper says that when Dean first j went to the majors, he began ""poppingj ti mnn now everynooy expe-ta it fit cued and orrsniieH an.l .11 f ,k" ?- ul Ply. lrsonaliy 'n t so have rvoted oitt oMeP r-farers oaa. i tie other players are letting him SFrR.T f1 owo t'gung thai-he will Tr. ..,1 , learn. . - -. urc. a irrit irCtIon,! me swrtt ot ts rn Of Ihey sr. up there to stsr. And Oabby isn't afraid of sinr BkS c-.ts n swell h.a.l. .."h .i,ut Tepper Martin? Not a hit worried. ? Gsbhy. He II come aJoaij. The hW-'f,B Athletic rTe him will d4 him gem4. "It certainly didn't affe-t JVaa r.B's t 1 Vkk Tuea-iay after- f ryk"t carl at t clock Fri day a'teraonn o the No, 2 Fst Lake Course. Martin also is enthusiastic ahoot C hartey Gelbert, th yoting hortiton. , . , "Talk aout your Travia Jacksons. fll Charley is one of the best ia the business." he said. Gabhy Street Isn't misleading himHf. He figures his team woa't -C on forever. He has ryplacr-mefrts bandy. Jim Kottotnley. Krankie Frisrh and Jimmy Nil-on have a few more good seasotw left in them, ha believes. Rut he is keeping Jimmy Collins, a (nod 1V!W,P H. K. IVcni-nn. " esiaeh hmB- S cf the Jscket t:ier, w nkint ever, V Z' f " r - r- , , ! etfrt to arrsnre a srhedu'e fnr iK. ! u ' keymsn of his lafleld. wiU Tech kr v.! " fCTr l"l 'o.irhet to replace when the For- Ijike asd Emory ejful tfe-! fir ...V.i.: I "1h res on. Street says ! . , " - I fl.r. IS III, p.m.. covinfl . , - B . . V . . ' U . . , rrs.ty of Gerg'a freshmen. hasen-aa. game a SOUTHEASTERN BASEBALL LEAGUE SCHEDULE 1932 ' AT MACOX ATJAtKMIM AT MOXTGOMERT AT tVBl8 - AT MOBILE AT May 1S-17-1T-1I April 2S-2S-2S April lt-20-29 May 1-2-1-4-15 May 1-4-7-7 MAr?r Your Juna f il-M-M M-r Ma, 24-2S-:7-:i-I Juna I.-.-7-I Juna --10-lI-U . , . Jul? 15-24-27 July 7-S-"t-17s ' T-2-2-2 July lOi-ll-12-II July 14-15-JI : Aur. 22-23 1- Auj. Tx-i-1 Aug. 1-1 Au. 10-11-21S Auc 12-1J , m May J-ll-19-11 May lJ-U-14-lta AprU JI-24-2J-27-2T April lt-2-2i April 2S-I9-30-34 JACK-40 Jun 1I-1MMH May 19-34-J1. Jua t-I May 2:-JJ-4-2l-2ls Juna ll-lt-14-lf July 2I-2I-23-24S 7, . Jun27-2-2t Juna 1-2-2-4-4 July ll-lt-29 jOOrt Auf 1 J"" - July 3-4-4-lls t J'r T-l-t Aus. 1I-1S-1T Aug. l-lt-l-2U Au. (- Aug. 1-2 Au-. I- May l-:-Jl May 2-1-4 f May 1I-I7-1" April 19-20-11-11 April 19-29-21-21 MO.VTGO.EBt- Juj.. 23-2I-2S Jut.. 1-1 I NeWS 1Z IV''" ' Juna S-V-'lM 1-11 May 2S-24-:S July 21-29-39 July Jl-12-li , " o)y 25-2-2T Jul 14-15-19, June 27--S-29 mmm Auc. 2S-29-2T Auc. 16-11 A us- 22-21-24 Auc- 11-13 Au. 1-1 AprU 21-22-23-11 May S-J-9-7 May l-t-19-19-ll , . May S-2-4-4 COLOICC May tl-U-24-Il Ju. -9 U-19-11 MlyV, XT:.. V. Juna 1-7 11 J. ,9- 1-3-, Jnty 14-1.-1. al. - Flt , J J Jul, 11-12-13-2. An. 1- . Auc. 12-13 Auc. la-L-17 ' - - - ' t-2'-J7 tl Anc- 19-11 . May 12-13-14 AprU ll-ll-ll April 2I-J.-24-17-J7 April !-29-19-l. May K-1T-1I MOBIL? jUIS, li-ij-it ya, JS-I7-! M" ,'3W Jua - M,y -2-n . , Juna 29-21-21 July 21-21-21 Jn. 19- July 1-1 . j ".-It ' ' i! K-V ' , III The July 19-21-24-21 " Anc- 11-19-29 Aus. l- Au. S-. , July 21-29-3. Auc. 12-23-24 April 25-24-2.-27 May 19-19-29-21 aprU 22-23-2 May 12-13-14-14 May Si-9-19-11 Sn.M, Mr - I Juna U-23-21-3S '' ,JJl,T j5,"!! i ,u" 1-'"t-l Jun 12s-13-14-19s , July 4-4-i-. July 21-23-39 Jr 11. July 21-22-21 July 17s-ll-24 Constitution Atic. 1. I Auc- SJ-2I-J7 Auc J--2la . Aac 11-19-1. Au.. 14S-1H.-1T a tHcwtfMa Saaday pat. - Ill 4 ,, i.,,, . I,, wwnM, m L w n t -TTri"-- r BRADLEY'S HIT CINCHES BATTLE; RQGERO IN FORM ( Dixon Relieved by Mitch- i ell; Oglethorpe Plays Crackers Tuesday. By Jack Troy, Staff Correspondent. G A I N Kt V I L LE. Fla.. April 2 Florida put on a big rally in the eighth inning today to come from behind and defeat Oglethorpe. 6 to 4. in the second and final game of the Dixie league scries here. Florida won yesterday. 5 to 2. Lefty Dixon had pitched masterful Vail for Oglethorpe prior to the eighth. He lost much of the control be displayed in the earlier innings and filled the bases in the eighth. Charley Mitchell came into pitch for the Petrels and his debut was marked by Bradley's sinslc, which sent in the winning runs. EARLY LEAD. ' Florida took an early one-run lead hut Oglethorpe went ahead in th third and held that lead until the eighth. Al Rogero was in good form for Florida. He was in difficulty in only two innings, the fourth and seventh. He fanned seven. But he actually Save up more hits than Ihe Oglethorpe pitchers. The 1'ctrels nicked him for nine safeti-s. while Florida's hitting totalled eight. ihe game was featured by fine fielding on the part of both teams. A ...- -hl.iimiimv; imiy i me game was f contributed by Itil Tinman, stellar 'Gator third baseman. Firtman made a one-handed rub of George's grounder down the base line, whirled and threw him out at first. Bradley made a creat runninjr stop of Whitley's single, which seemed pood for at lesst three bases. Hal Martin and Charlev anee were good for Oglethorpe. " ? Ed Sauls was the only Florida piayer to get two hits and one of them was a booming triple, r-ittman also hit a triple. For Oglethorpe, Martin, George, uhitlcy and Anderson secured two hits apiece. In Florida's big eighth Bradley met the crisis with Galuzian, Mizellc nd Pittmnn perched on the hases. His spanking single sent Galuzian and Mi-zcll home aud Pitt man barely made it t third. He wo red on Captain Llarks long outfield fly. The clean sweep of the opening series gives Florida a commanding lead m the Dixie league. , ERRORLESS BALI The Florida team played errorless baseball on Fleming field. Coach Brady Cowell has moulded a formi-t.ahle pennant icontender. Mitchell .who pitched yesterday, retired the side after R rod Toy's hit.Roth be and Dixon were in good form. Dixon had complete control of the situation until that eventful eighth. 'ach Frank Anderson and his bovs will return to Atlanta Sunday. The next two games will be plaved against the Crackers Tuesday and Wednesday. box Brow- 1 OGI.ETHORl'E ah. r. Marl in, , 4 n linker, ct ........... 3- o Whitley. 2t 4 . 1 Moore, rf 4 '- o Gcorirr, if 4 j Bryant. In ........ g j Anderson. 3li ...... 4 1 Vance, e ........... 4 -0 Pixon. p S o Mitchell, p 1 0 Totala ........ FI.oniPA llnore. as ... ;i'llis:an. Cli Miaell. lit .. I'ittnian, 3h nradley. rf . Sauls. If ... Hancock, rf Rasaett. rf . Tread;old. rf 'lark. e Hosero, p ... ..31 ah. 4 2 4 a a 2 2 1 1 a 4 p. a. e. 2 1 n son ' 1 t 3 O ti 2 0 11 O II o t 1 400 o a it 000 21 10 1 no. a . e. 2 So 2 o o Son 0 2 II 10 n 1 1 l O II 000 0 OO 9 O o J 2 11 27 11 0 3110 ino 4 100 13x ti Totals oo . . Oale-thorpe , Florida linns h.tlert In ii.VlV Rradley 2 Clarke. Georee. Anderson 2. Miirl 1 P.1. ,WO b"Jw "'; three hnse hits. RnJ"-T- to'en bas., Baker; hit.. uf. t J!": ' T"h 4 r"" iB 1 Iniilnca, off iiChr."t 1 7 "h 2 "In" ' 1 'nnfne: lo.-inS pitcher. Iiixon; b. h.,u off ni . : "imca aui. nv Iiixon 2 hy Mitchell 1. by Ttncero 7. Cmpirea. Sin! 0 CUM MINGS SEEN AS REGULAR MAN Continued from First Snort Tage. in one whole game. He got just three hits in that. - - LOOKS OEXUIXK. The boy looks like a real ball player, one the fans will like to get out there and encourage. dimming Is Memphis (Tenn.) boy. He was a star prep school athlete there. From Memphis he went to anderbilt I'nivcrsity. - A bad knee injnry kept him from being the expected football star. He recovered after an operation on the knee and became a baseball star. Cumming rame to Atlanta with the idea of becoming pitcher. This was soon disspelled and he became an outfielder when hall players saw his hitting power. During last season Cummiiics p'ayed in the ill-rated Palmetto league. -.His form has been great all this spring. He has commanded attention from the first drill f snring. And unless all indications fail he i a Kiii-to-1 shot to be playins baseball out there when they cry "Plav" in the narrow confines of Snlpher Dell on April 12, just nine days hence. CUBS SELL BELL. LOSS ANGKLES. April 2. (IPs The Chicago Cub today sold Iet-ter Hell, veteran third baseman, to Louisville, r.f the American association, and sent Pitcher Johnny Weleh to the same club on option. Key Is Ineligible For Bulldog Nine ATHENS, Ga.. Anril 2 Homer Key. mishty mid ret of Georgia's football team and regular shortstop on the baseball team, will be unable to play hatehall this spring, having been declared ineligible on account of scholastic difficulties. Key, regular last year, was one of the best players on the Georgia team and was counted on heavily by Coach Bill White. He was an excellent hitter and a fine fielder. I Webb, a third-bae candidate, will he shifted t short. leaving Harold henririrk to ho!d down the hot rtweer. The little shortstop is the onlr member of the Bulldog hasehall squad to he declared ineligible for the remainder of the season. A

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