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THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTIOI City and Suburban Circulation Largest of Any Sunday Newspaper, in Atlanta The South's tandard Newspaper A. P. Service United Press N. A. N.

A. VOL. No. 294. QN'LT tlOHNINO NEWSPA PES PCBL18HED IN ATLANTA Entered at Atlanta Poetnfflca As Secood-Clau Will Matter.

ATLANTA, GAM MONDAY MORNING, APRIL 3, 1933. Single Copies: Daily. Be: Sunday. 10c Daily and Sunday: Weekly SOe; 80c. MICHIGAN MAKE REPEAL DECIS ON TODAY FIRST AS TATE TO VOTE ON AMENDMENT 21 ST Giant Mexican Cypress NICOTIC BUREAU SENATE WILL HEAR Credited With 4,000 Years AND FORCES ROOSEVELT TO ASK REVISION OF DEBTS ON FARMS TODAY WISCONSIN DRYS CONCEDE DEFEAT IN TUESDAY TEST Quiet Rules in Germany After Jewish Boycott Official Anti-Semitic Gesture of Saturday Not Expected To Be Repeated in Near Future.

BANK BODY'S PLEA FOR POWER TODAY MAY BE COMBINED Hull Gets Berlin Data On Transatlantic Phone WASHINGTON. April 2. UP) Chiefs of American foreign affairs today put their ears at the heart of troubled Germany iu a trans-Atlantic conference with the aid of a special telephone set-up which is helping to make 20th century diplomacy what it is. To get the latest information on the nazi boycott against the Jews, Secretary Hull got the Berlin embassy on the wire, and for several minutes he and his aids talked over the situation with George A. Gordon, counsellor and charge.

The special equipment, installed a year or two ago and used but little in these times of governmental economy, enabled three assistants also to listen in. Gordon's voice was heard Iy. giving reassuring news. OAXACA CITY, Mexico, April 2. (JP) Dr.

Herman von Schrenk, of St. Louis, a consulting timber engineer, believes that the famous cypress tree near here is the oldest living thing in tbe world. Dr. Von Schrenk, who has made two visits here to study the tree, said he thinks it is at least 4,000 years old. It is 140 feet high and its circumference 40 inches from tbe ground is 117 feet.

The tree is located in the Indian Tillage of Santa Maria del Tule. Some years ago the late Ambassador Dwight W. Morrow visited it. BERLIN, April 2. (JP) One of then was himself slain by unidenti- fied men after he had been taken to the quietest Sundays in years was ex jail.

Although indications have been Single Machine Would Be Called Upon To Enforce Prohibition, Dope and Industrial Alcohol Chamber Is Expected To Grant Committee Right of Access to Morgan Records. given that the boycott may not be Legislation To Relieve Farmers Burdens by Over a Billion Will Go to Congress. resumed ednesday morning as sched Michigan Anti Prohibitionists Warn Followers Against Overconfidence Bred by Overwhelming Victory of Last Fall. uled, Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister, told a mass meeting at the Lustgarten Saturday afternoon that ECONOMY KNIFE it would be a simple thing to re-es tablish the movement. KILLED Bv FRANCIS M.

STEPHENSON. WASHINGTON, April 2. OP) Legislation to reduce the overbalance! debt burden on American farmers by MORE EFFICIENCY AIM OF MOVEMENT Eerienced in Germany today on the eels of yesterday's nazi boycott against the Jews. The boycott appeared likely to he the last organized affair of the sort, at least for the present. The boycott committee has ordered the organization which carried out yesterday's movement to remain intact preparatory to a resumption at 10 a.

m. next Wednesday, but doubts were expressed that even the leaders of the movement harbored thoughts of resuming the boycott unless untoward incidents occurred. The committee further ordered that signs which might be used in any subsequent demonstration be restricted to reading "Jews," instead of the various signs used Saturday. (Some of the signs which were posted Saturday on Jewish business places carried the words: "Danger Jew Store and "Attention Beware of the DISTRICTS TO NAME CONVENTION OF 100 SIFTLY WELDED a billion dollars and more will he proposed to congress tomorrow by 2 SERIOUSLY WASHINGTON, April 2. (JP) The senate will be asked tomorrow to grant the broadest power in its possession for an investigation of the inside operating facts of J.

P. Morgan and the nation's other big private banks. Determined to clothe itself with all the authority possible for the inquiry sponsored by President Roosevelt, the senate banking committee will ask for the approval of a resolution based on the most far-reaching powers allotted to congress by the constitution. Senate leaders predicted the drastic resolution would be approved speedily, either tomorrow or Tuesday, on the basis of Chairman Fletcher's re ON VET EXPENSES A.V.Dalrymple Expected To Be Placed in Charge of All Three Lines of Work After Merger. IN CROSSING CRASU Drys Have Advantage in That Popular Vote Will Not Decide Convention Makeup.

we nave the boycott so organ-j ized," he said, "that it can be re-1 sumed at 10 a. m. on Wednesday. If' it must be resumed we will crush German Jewry." The boycott, imposed by Chancellor Hitler's national socialist party in retaliation for foreign reports of anti-Semitic measures in Germany, by proclamation issued Friday afternoon was limited to the one day. It was indicated that resumption depended on reaction in foreign countries.

CHRISTIANS ARE INVITED TO JOIN PARIS PROTEST PARIS, April 2. Thousands of pamphlets inviting Christians to join Jews in an anti-Hitler protest were distributed at the doors of Paris churches today. The tracts said, "The old and new testaments should unite to combat these crimes unworthy of our civilization." Cardinal Verdier assured Grand Rabbi Levi of the Catholics' solidar Jew." In addition "quarantine" signs, outlined in black and yellow, were put up.) By JAMF.S P. SELVAGE. Veterans' Administration Quickly Puts in Effect Roosevelt Decree Saving Four Hundred Million.

H. M. Perkins, 27, Dies When Fast Passenger WASHINGTON. April 2. VP) By the Associated Press.

An estimated 900,000 of Michigan Creation of a huge, consolidated ma- Police at Kuebeland today arrested 33 persons, claiming they were socialists and communists who were seeking to form their own unit, the rhine for enforcing jointly the pro port that the famed house of Morgan had challenged the committee's authority under the stock market investigating resolution. Fletcher is ready to tell the senate that Ferdinand Pecora, committee counsel, submitted 23 questions to the Morgan firm, out of which the bankers refused to answer one and questioned the committee's authority Train Crashes Into Automobile at Bolton. voters today took to marking ballots with little X's in the first decision by a state on repeal of the cighteentu hibition, narcotic and industrial al President Roosevelt. "In one of his most ambitious at-; tacks on the economic crisis, the president will propose a swapping of present mortgages for new certificates of indebtedness to be based on a greatly reduced interest While details of the far-rciching measure were withheld tonight, pending their presentation to congress, it is known that instead of the present rates of eix and seven per cent on agricultural mortgages a maximum rate of 4 1-2 per cent will be provided. The same relief will be proposed by Mr.

Roosevelt very soon to small home owners who are bearing much the same load of indebtedness as the farmers. Wants Speed. So important does the president regard this move for agriculture, he hopes the congressional leaders will be ible to 6peed it through as an amendment to the pending farm commodity bill about to be reported to the senate from its agriculture committee and already approved by the house. The gigantic task of refinancing government and private mortgages held by the farmers will be done under existing agencies in keeping with the Roosevelt program for econ cohol Matutes is being considered bv steel helmet (war veterans) organization. Only one serious outbreak was re the mlministration.

amendment, while the citizens in a minimum of 19 other states looked ou At the ilirpction of Attorney-Gen Bv C. P. WILLIAMSON. WASHINGTON. April 2.

(jT) Veterans administration officials to-iiizht had written the word "economy" ported in Saturday's nazi boycott of secure in the knowledge that at least eral Cuiumini's, the new director of H. M. Perkins. 27, of 610 Western an ambcr brew 3 2 er cent will be tne Jews. A Jewish attorney at Kiel ity.

Film producers were reportins on seven others. ihitiou A. V. Dalrvmple is mnk legally theirs four days hence. avenue, was instantly killed, and At- fatally wounded a nazi leader and joining the anti-German boycott.

AIicuiKan stepped in to make its re On behalf of the Morgan firm, however, its counsel, John W. Davis, has announced that "there is no dis lee Perkins, his brother, and W. E. over a wie field of their activities in conformation with President Itooscvelt's decree for an annual sav ins this the focal point of his first days in office and it was understood in iri'fu circles today that the plan almrtly will be laid before President peal decision barely ahead of Wisconsin, for the voters of that state will Carson, a companion, of 334 Third ings $400,000,000 veterans take their referendum tomorrow and street, N. Vv were seriously in BURIAL OF LIVING position to decline to answer any pertinent inquiries." "The impression given that the firm benefits.

even the local Anti-Saloon League jured shortly after 9 o'clock Sun From the White House, veterans chieftain conceded a victory for the of J. r. Morgan Co. has refused day night when a Louisville Nash DETECTIVE DYING FROM GUN WOUND repealists. bureau officials received the voluminous executive order promulgating the ville passenger train going south Meanwhile.

New lork state was deep slashes in veteran benefits. struck their automobile at the Bolton CHARGED TO CULT having its own troubles on the beer question. Warring factions in the While the greater part ot the econ crossing. omies decreed in the order will not state legislature were gripped in deadlock over legislation to control his brother and Carson be effective until the beginning of the Perkins, were i-eturninjT to Atlanta after a trip sale of the brew. But thirsty Empire state citizens omy.

to Nashville, when in attempt Henry Morgentnau Jr governor or pointed out that unless the legisla C.D.Holten Shot Through ing to cross the tracks. L. PJ. pas. the new farm credit administration, tion is on the hooka by Friday, beer senger train No.

33 bore down upon 7 California Filipinos Arrested for Interring Expectant Mother. can be sold without restriction. Abdomen in Attpmntintr and his aids have drafted the legisla-Yuuuiiifil in Aliempiing tjon and administer it them. Witnesses said the cowcatcher In the rational capital in the mean picked up the car and carried it for a to co-operate the proceedings ot the committee is entirely erroneous," Davis said. Despite that announcement, Pecora has drafted at the direction of the committee a resolution in which he seeks to have the senate extend to the committee all the powers within its possession.

He also has advised all members of the great banking house, numbering almost a score, to be ready to accept the service of subpoenas to testify before the committee. If the senate votes the additional power tomorrow, Pecora is ready to return immediately to New York to exercise He contends it will be a "waste of time" for anyone to challenge the committee's authority under the resolution he has drafted. It will be used not only to go Into the Morgan books, but to investigate I ArrPt lVptrrn through the federal land banks. quarter of a mile before it was time A. V.

Dalrymple, new director of the prohibition bureau, let it be new fiscal year. July 1, the bureau tonight virtually had completed instructions to field stations directing the actual carrying out of the chief executive's orders. The instructions are expected to go forward to field stations tomorrow or Tuesday. How great would be the effect upon the field forces of the dropping from the benefit rolls of thousands now receiving emoluments tonight remained a subject of speculation. Brigadier General Frank T.

Ilines. veterans' administrator, who assisted I irovernmpnt bond issue IS re- stopped. nnired for the tremendous transac known that be would act to obtain II. M. Perkins wa3 dead when the ucuit nucu tion.

The bill is believed to have no i ,4 1 Roosevelt. The attorney-general, taking his cue from the Roosevelt edict to merge executive nancies wherever possible to effect economies and co-ordination, bnx nM.ed for specific recommendations from tbe new enforcement chief n.t soon ni possible. Narcotic Executive. Dnlryniple, who served several years in the prohibition service and was chief of the narcotic division in the Philippine Islands, is known to agree with the attorney-general that the combined organization would be more rffeciivc. He will, however, give it more intensive study before formally fcilKsestiug l'1 new The activities of each of the en-forccuu'iit agencies often interlock, it was pointed nut today, and Dalrym-ple fitl that greater efficiency would result if information uncovered came to a central source instead of being pned from one agency to another.

This combination would be similar in principle to another proosal re-ccixms consideration from the administration for brinsiug together in a more cohesive organization the various inwatigative bureaus of the government, including the department of justice bureau of investigation, the intelligence unit the internal revenue bureau and the postotfice inspection unit i a suunrc UL ill lUl I in: men ram aiuuueu. au auiuuiauce imai Shot bv a neirm he attemnterl tn I fixed limit on the amount of this IT P.t.nn X. "1MS- H1UC u. Hum ulans for a possible combination of Urtest early: Monday City a. A'a.

a. iiiit i. uu vuni otler'twtf to the Crawford W. Long YV. lA)ng A iA.

MARTINEZ, CaU April 2. UP) The body of a young Filipino, woman, who, authorities here said, was buried alive by members of a secret society, was exhumed today from a grave on Jersey island in the San hospital. Carson was said to nwe K.uti, Detective C. D. Holten was probably wiU be neeaed for tbe refinancing of been the mor seriously injured of the miaiiy wounuea ana was tasen 10 around $8,500,000,000 of farm m- survivors of the crash.

No one was Lewis Douglas, director of the budget, in preparing the cuts for the presi Grady hosDital in a. critical condition, debtedness. thrown from the automobile, it was Joaquin river 40 miles from here. Following a preliminary examination, I trfLLJiS dent approval, immediately indi the tax-paying brewer would have full protection against illegal traffic. Repealists in Michigan held the thought today that they would score a clear victory over those hoping to retain the eighteenth amendment.

But reported, cated that almost all of the planned the operations of the other leading Iabop ca foreman, and half a doz- physicians said he had little chance 5n order to oermit the flotation of The train was delayed for an hour construction at veteran hospitals private bankers on Wall Street, to recover- I the reouired new bonds at a par value as tbe result of the crash. would be discarded. en other Filipino men and women were arrested for questioning. Officers declared they had obtained Perkins is survived by his wife and Holten. who was shot throueh the The president insisted upon a sound they looked toward the polls to se- Structures under construction would be completed, he said, but new build aDdomen.

and Patrolmen B. S. Acree eR Advances. one daughter. Miss Dorothy Lenora iect delegates to a convention set for rerkins his mother.

Mrs. Mary H. April 10, with a warning from anti- contessions tnat the young woman, ings and new additions would have ana jonn uttemptea to arrest I tk on oot i Meanwhile, as the senate agncui- identified as Mrs. Celine Novarro, 26. was pushed into the crave which had to be absolute necessities before work Perkins; one sister.

Miss Dora Anita prohibition leaders against over-confi-rerkins, and three brothers, Owen, dence. Chester and Atlee Perkins. Michigan voted more than 2-to-l on them went forward. been prepared for her the night of on a cnarge oi wite neanng -f approval on the and assault with a gun upon another measure to boost the 19 after being accused of Ilines likewise indicated that some institutions might be closed because Pecora does not expect, however, to be ready to present evidence in public hearings for about a month, believing it will take that much time to work up his case after he gains access to the books of the banks. The senate judiciary committee also will confront tomorrow a proposal for an investigation in connection with the New York banking situation.

It will be called to act on a resolution introduced by Senator Costi-gan, democrat. Colorado, to anthorize it to investigate the delay during the neoro I nriee of Bfrriciilture nroduction. the last November to repeal the state prohibition law, and Governor William A. Comstock told voters recently unfaithfulness to her sick husband. Ordered Grave Dug.

of the diminishing of their activites. Reaching Ardrews' house. Holten hill still stands almost in the same The industrial alcohol bureau has been charged with the issuance of per Kantinello, authorities said, ad STUDENT AT TECH and Ector burst through the front I form as proposed by the president door while Acree guarded the rear I and approved by the house. One point mits for handling industrial alcohol that "if we vote wet next Monday we'll lead the way." mitted knowledge of the burial and told them it was he who ordered the and medicinal lmuor under present Mintiites ami after April tt will have entrance, which was locked. remains to be settled the proposal The Rev.

Warren Jones, Wisconsin Thus far. however, he has not given details of the institutions which would be closed or partly closed. He intimated it would be necessary first to determine which institutions, because of size, location or special features would best serve those veterans who grave dug. state superintendent of the Anti-Sa Andrews shot Holten one time as A mW PrTVient "It was justice," he was quoted he entered the room, and, catching wauonai ai loon League, said publicly in tnat state that although prohibitionists the additional duty of inspecting tbe brewing of legal beer. The narcotics bureau is charged with enforcement of lnws against illegal transactions in as declaring.

AY him before he fell, used his body as Vo" ren, hi can Deputy sheriffs from Martinez and still hoped to win in tomorrow's referendum, his "forecast" was that the a snieia wnen Victor attempted to -r Vio Stockton were led to the grave last fihnnr nrr A proa hoorA 10 i hi nrnditct and handling permits, and will remain on the rolls after July 1. The economies in expenditures ordered by the president will sweep over virtually every activity of the bu li. I ViT t. submission to tue committee lomor shot and ran to the front of the house the prohibition bureau enforces the nignt by Pablo Uusbriuante, Filipino, Busbriuante, the officers said. re Hoover administration to the prosecution of Joseph W.

ITarriman, former chairman of the Harriman National Bank Trust Company, on charges of false entries on the bank's books. PUBLICITY TS EXPECTED ONLY ON NEW STOCKS 10 aid Ector. 1 1 rnu. TJcoirctt- farm morttrnire bill ported the burial of the young wom eighteenth amendment. Indec Treasury.

vote would be against them as it was when the state enforcement law was repealed four years ago. Unofficial figures for some of the decisions by other states on the repeal question show dates set for May 15 iiy aivvov x. cj will be sent to the senate banking an following a quarrel with Kan tinello. Scott Patterson Jr. Near Death After Crash of rested lim.

He was taken to Grady I committee for preliminary perusal hospital for treatment of several but it is the expectation of senate Among those arrested were Cadog and Espridion Kang, who Chairman Duncan U. Fletcher, of braises anrl rnts hpfore. wn taken I lenders that a renort on it may DC mr a i-M in Aew Jersey, jiay in in Wyoming. Motorcycle, AUtOmOblle. June 10 in Nevada, June 27 in West rn ihtk nnlia clatinti Aura tin wna I rpepived in time to Dermit itS COn the senate banking committee, said allegedly prepared the grave.

Cadog was quoted as savins booked on suspicion without bond. sideration on the floor as a part of woman member of the secret society i rne rommonif. measure, tonight that the "blue sky" legislation recommended by President Roosevelt would be drafted so as to require publicity only on new stock issues or x'once saia mey receiven me cau Virginia. July 11 in Aianama. juiy 18 in Arkansas.

July 21 in Oregon. August 29 in Washington and September 19 in New Mexico. pushed Mrs. Novarro into the grave after a desperate struggle and then to go to Andrews' home shortly be- Scott Patterson 18, of Madison, sophomore student at Georgia Tech, 1U IUIUUIqUU issues regarded in that category. his wife with Continued in Page 4.

Column 6. DETROIT, April 2. (JP) Michi was critically injured late Saturday reau, but the chief executive in is-sning the order asked in a formal statement that no veteran hold the belief that he or his comrades had been singled out for the sake of governmental economy. He called attention to his whole economy program and described the veterans cuts as only an integral part of it. Principal among the items of savings will be about $100,000,000 to be cut from allowances for non-service connected disabilities of less than a total and permanent character.

Those permanently and totally disabled, even though the disability cannot be connected with service, will leceive after July 1. only $20 a month as compared with present. Veterans organizations have estimated this one regulation alone will remove some 40C.000 veterans from the rolls. tempting to shoot another negro when of the president and Secretary WTal- nnliMo iuianliiJ tk Jilaane tt- rt 1 night near Madison when his motor-1 gan voters an estimated Narcotics and industrial alcohol are still under the jurisdiction of the trensiirv. but the prohibition bureau is a part of the justi'-e department, to which it was transferred during the Hoover administration with the ap-proal of prohibition organizations.

Officials said today in response to questions newspapermen that or-tanned tlrys undoubtedly would oppose any tuoe to take from the pro-fiiMtion bureau its identity. Dnlrvmple's firs; enforcement du ti.s are to be centered upon strategy necessitated by the legalization of beer. His bureau carries the burden of preeniing transportation of the beverise into drv states and prevent-in; illegal brewing. He said yesterday that eery effort would be bent toward breaking up any illicit liquor traffic so that th authorized, tax-psvma brewers would have full ijunw iv.uru me nuuieao, it nna jace for administration, cycle collided witn an unngntea auto- saia. Continued in Page 4, Column 5.

mobile said to have been occupied by iioiten was soot, one time in tne a i negroes. Farmer Ends Own Life After Murder of Wife He was brought to the oeorgia abdomen, the bullet, of .45 caliber, I HlirthPr Jail AfJVanCe ranging completely through his back. 17 Baptist hospital and Sunda- was given two blood transfusions in an ef This was found to be the intention of the president after some controversy arose over the bill submitted by the White House. Since the measure is not satisfactorily clear on this point, it will be amended, Fletcher said. Included in the "new issues" category will be stock previously authorized but not issued and blocks of old stock which is advertised anew for sale and thus comes under the publicity required for all stock advertisements.

Both the senate committee and the The Weather FAIR. Neither Acree nor Ector was sen- rpa ously hurt in the fight with Andrews. feared HI 1 ICntSin fort to save his life. Both legs were broken, one in three different places, and he was suffering from shock and other injuries, according to hospital TIENTSIN. China.

April 2. flV- attaches. Young Patterson, who is a popular Government By Siamese Monarch student at lech, is tne son ot Mr. Japanese occupation of the city of Shihmenchai, 10 miles south of the Great Wall in north China proper. Saturday has resulted in renewed fears here that the action is a prelude and Mrs.

Scott Patterson Sr of Fall Results Fatally For Utilities Executive Madison. His father is a retired mis GRAND HAVEN, April 2. (A) Sought for the slaying of his wife and son late last night, Louis Paul, 5o, shot and killed himself in the woods near his farm home this morning ct the approach of a posse of officers and farmers. The dead, besides PauL were his wife. Mary, 45.

and the son. Tony. 25, who were slain, officers said, as the tragic climax of a family quarrel that bad raged for several weeks. Mrs. Pari was found dead in bed.

of a shotgun wound. Officers said Paul apparently killed her on the sionary to Africa. Both parents were to Jananese occupation of a wide Georgia: Fair Monday and Tuesday; ittle change in temperature. South Carolina and Florida: Fair Monday and Tuesday; little change in temperature Maryland. Virginia, North Carolina and Eastern Pennsylvania Mostly lair Monday and Tuesday; somewhat cooler Monday.

Kentucky and Tennessee: Fair Monday and Tuesday: slightly warmer in west and central portion Louisiana. Mississippi Generally with their son Sunday at the hospital. BANGKOK. Siam. April 2.

(CP) area south of the wall. house interstate commerce committee will continue their public hearings on the bill this week. Because of the number of interests desiring to be heard, leaders have recast their plans for enactment of the bill. It is doubtful whether itnow can be enacted during the coming week. Comoletinz a week of study ot iving 1'rair ninoK tonignt issued a (A Japanese detachment was re; Tech.

Patterson had started to his decree leclaring a state of emergency to have, noennied Shihmenchai home for the week-end. lhe acci and dissolving the government. -t 0:30 a. m. Saturday after a stiff dent occurred about three miles from The royal decree suspended the con- tti instinir seven hours.

The city Madison at 11:30 clock Saturday stitution until after the elections, northwest of Shanhaikwan. Chinese night He was brought to the hos to be held shortly, forcing out of masts! city which was taken last lorch of their home, then carried her pital early Sunday morning. ofaee Luang-Pradit, civilian leader j.nlIllrv tv ln Other Pages News ef Georgia 2 Kdilurisl Pate 4 Ti.rr Fmihi Robert QmUea Pr WiUiaa Brady Mallia Marrtck lUily ros Word Punle A tunic A "roily Island" A Soi iJ 7 aniline I hat field 7 ulbertson on Bridge 7 Paces 8, Xaipa HcGiil a "Bruk taa Day" Jimmv Jtm Theater rotram Kdw Programs 9 ui.inrial 10 Tartan II Atlanta' Wants It. 12 Cns Sections 12 body to the bedroom. Two Are Found Slain More than 30 Tech students vol of the coup last June which oust-di Japanese dispatches quoted the As officers reconstructed later de fair Monday: Tuesday partly cloudy.

Alabama. Extreme Northwest Florida: Generally fair Mondayand Tues- rtnv. the king as a supreme monarch and commander of the Jananese troops at velopments. Paul then waited on the unteered blood for the transfusions when it became known that they instituting the constitutional restric-1 shihmenchai as saying that if the On, Georgia Highway would be necessary. Byrd Daniels.

tions. I Chinese continued to resist the fight Arkansas Oklaboraa. West lexas: Emory University student and an in- The kinz elevated Men-Pradit to I in- NEW YORK. 2. OP) Frank Hulswit.

57-year-old Michigan public utility executive, died late today. 10 hoi rs after falling from hi fu'th-floor room in a Broadway hotel ta the marquee over the sidewalk. Police naid they believed Ilulswit lost his balance and toppled while tryine to repair an antenna outside the fifth floor window. Beside him on the marquee tbey found a pair i pliers, while the broken wire of the antenna dangled from beside the window. Ilulswit.

who has a lower Broadway office and who has stopped at the hotel intermittently for 20 years, HvH in East Grand Rapids. Mien. He was a native of Grand Rapids and an officer in a long list of utility companies. supreme command, and asked him to I if the hostilities continue along the assist in establishing a democracy in eastern extremity of the Great Wall, terne at Georgia Baptist, gave blood Generally fair Monday and Tuesday, for the first transfusion and Frank East Texas: Partly cloudy Monday Dunbar. Tech student and friend of and Tuesday.

porch for the return of lony and a younger brother. William, 19. who had been to Muskegon. Tony was killed as he neared the porch. William, who had approached the house from tbe rear, heard the shot and said that by the time he reached the front of the house, his father was running down the road.

aiam. believed tne Japanese niseiy Meanwhile, the monrach will reign I would oocnnv the region between Patterson, donated blood tor the second. WASHINGTON. April 2. Weath- with a council of 20 under the con Khanhnikwan and Lanchow on the IRWIXTOX.

Ga April 2. (JP) Ray L. Butler, 35. and C. Lester Rutherford, 3S.

both farmers, were found beaten to death on an abandoned highway detour in this county today and three men were being held in connection with the killings. Sheriff T. Sanders said the men were found locked in one another's Bill Ray. 19. of near taimurn, was er bureau recorus ot temperature mm stitution.

south bank of the Luan river half critically injured, ana nis cousm. ur- ramiaii 101 iue noui way to Tientsin man Ray, 18, of the same address, p. tee principal couon-sruw was seriously hurt when the car in areas and eiscwnere: 1- A 1 Ct1n1l aft. I Antipathy of Natives Threatens Pre- Little Poison Victims WOlL'II lurjr nc Hltftiefst San. ernoon overturned ium a snvu STATION .10) Five other I Alpena miles west of Fairburn.

Plans for Flight Over Mt. Everest si 70 Showing Improvement Atlanta 72 Continued in Page 4, Column 4. twi Atlantic City Probe To Open Today In 'Sacrificial Death PURXEA, India. April 2. (CP)tographs were to be taken except in arms and expressed the belief Butler had been attacked first and Rutherford killed as he tried to pick up the body.

lie said Rutherford's head was cut practically off, apparently with a piece of iron. The sheriff said he was holding a man listed as Arnold McConnell, IS, in jail here and had booked John I-ayton. 20, and Iluby McConnell, 20, at the Bibb county jail in Macon. Heightened antipathy among native the vicinity of Mount Everest itself, Members of the family of 6-year-old Birmingham t'hicaeo Cincinnati Denier Detroit El Fa no Burglars Loot Home, The subsequent allegations that a Marjorie Ford, who swallowed part of mysterious plane had been seen fly a bichloride of mercury tamec ing back and forth over Nepal inlveMon day morning while playing with Set It Afire, Escape aroused the people and tbe authon In I vear-old David Eugene Pirkle. said PROSPECTS A ie se'Ier is he ho ues the WANT AD PAGES cf The to find a buyer j'u-klv economL-iSIy.

A WANT AD in The Constitution reah the lirgfft mi most reiifr audience in the southeast. A trial ad convince you. Call WAInut 6565 tcdiy. Ycj may "charse it." Read and Use The Constitution's U'anf Ad Paget "First ia Day Hrat to Pay" advance to the airport at Kharmundu. Sunday that she appeared to be out k.

i I of dancer and the condition of tbe Lowest Sat. Nlslit. 32 41 40 41 42 40 4 70 S-J 4S r.s tu (A ii VI 42 K2 S4 ls 2 5 .01 .10 .00 .111 Jt .01 .01 .00 .11 .10 .01 II I .00 .00 modore Peregrin Forbes M. FeUowes. Pirkle boy.

at Grady hospital for aviation enthusiast, will servation. was reported to be very Family of Seven Dies As Train Hits Auto Kaosa City Ky Wert Little Bock Lo Anelea txniTiIle Memphia Meridian Miami New Orleans Mobile New Tork NnrtufieM nichmond 58 .14 2 -s 34 P4 fiS 72 no B4 82 4 42 72 fiO i -2 78 seek to persuade the native leaders good." tn thmiw hot tha David A. Pirkle Jr Atlanta attor authorities in Nepal threatened today to frustrate a daring plan of British aviators to fly over Mount Everest, tallest mountain in the world. The Nepalese authorities, friendly at the outset some weeks ago. were reported angered by a mysterious plane flying across their state.

Permission to make the attempt to conquer Mount Everest from the air, traveling from the base at Kharmun-du airdrome, near the Himalayan range, had been granted by the Nepalese when the British expedition reached India for the flight. However, the authorities made it plain they would have to be kept informed of all movements of members of the expedition, and that no jho- IXEZ. April 2. C4 Effort a grand jury picked from the plain, unassuming folk of the Kentucky hills, witnesses will be called here tomorrow to describe weeks of shouting and praying ia the "unknown teegse" that criminated ia a human sacrifice. There were no indications diviners ia this modern duplicate of a practice that r'Vi hack beyond the history of tt Babylonians; no cost-I temple art! no robes of ceremony.

Mrs, Lncinda Mills .1 mountain worn an ia her late sixties, finally chosen as the victim, was choked to death in a mountain heme. nr.m.r;,. mnw delay I nev and father of the boy. said that the attempt until the weather, now doctors at Grady would be unable to more favorable than at any other time I say definitely about the condition of Burglars entered the home of J. Dollar.

385 Inman street, S. while the family was absent Saturday night and after ransacking it set the house on fire, police were informed Sunday morning. The home was badly damaged. A vacant house at 900 Pryor street was practically destroyed by fire of unknown origin early Sunday morning and the roofs of two adjacent houses, at 90R and 806" Pryor, were slightly burned, in the same blaze. of year, becomes bad and puts a stop his on for possibly another 24 hours.

Marjorie became sick soon after the St. I.oaia San Antonio to the flight this season. The flight was to have been started two had eaten part of a tablet and CHILLICOTHE. Mo. April 2.

A family of seven, including Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Grimes end five children, was killed today when their motor car was struck at a trade cross-ins ix mis west of ChUJicothe by Burlington passenger train No. 14. was given emergency treatment.

The last week, prior to the change of San rranciaro Tampa Vfk.hnra' Wilmington Pirkle boy later was sent to the nos- heart by tbe Nepalese. but fciza wmoi and bad vUibiliti held the atart. i citai..

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