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Motels Offer Free Sol for Lodging ons eer Dessuout ATLANT A G0NSTITUTI01 The South'g Standard Newspaper A. P. Service United Press N. A. N.

A. 1 The Largest Total City and Suburban and the Largest Total Daily Circulation of Any Atlanta Newspaper. VOL. No. 292.

Entered at Atlanta Poatoffic Aa Becood-Clasa Vail Hitter. O.NLT MORNING NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED IS ATLANTA Slngla Copleat Call, Be; Bnnday, 10c. Dally and Sunday: Waekty 20c; Monthly 80c ATLANTA, SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 1, 1933. 2 o) Ire Jl rj Zs UUlDw C3 FTTN fin Ml IU 400 Autos of State Taken From Officials, EXTRA ASSEM BLY NEW 11 DOZENS OF TOWNS Sturdy, Six-Pound Boy Born To 14-Year-01d Girl Mother To Go on Block Next Week Under New Law MOVEMENT DRAWS I VIRTUALLY RAZED REVIVAL IN SHIES CHEER BUSINESS ill SUPPORTERS ill BY FURY OF WINDS -C" fV-l 4 Storms Take Heavy Toll in East Texas, Thert Woodin Announces 265 More Banks Restored to Normal as Industry Scores Many Gains. Action of Hotel Men Declared Advisable To "Avert Severe Losses by Sale of Beverage in Surrounding States." Swoop Across Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama.

LARGER CENTERS ATLANTAN SOLICITS VIEWS OF CITIZENS SPARED BY WIND II ai (X I A NvJ z. ew i 1 1- A- 's ''x 1 i 12 It was necessary to use trucks to get some of, the more than 400 state-owned automobiles, required to Death List ExDCted To 1 1 i. 11 1 11 A 1-1 TT i I re 5Uiu unuer an atl ui inc general aemDiy, iruin tne garages vi luiiner employes iu ine ioi on tail Fair street where they were assembled for appraisal Fiday. Under the law, employes who have been using Representatives Rogers and Flynt Urge Delay of Issue Until Relief Flans Arc Formulated. them will be given first purchase preference on the machines and terms may be arranged if desired.

Here Grow as Reports Are Received From Villages Now Isolated byDisasteiu NEW YORK, March 31. Bright spots appeared today in business and financial news from all corners of the nation. An upturn in retail sales and a revival of confidence were reported in various federal reserve districts. Dun and Bradstreet's, in its weekly report said "the curve of retail trade has jumped sharply this week." This conclusion was reflected, the report said, in the "heavier demand for women's apparel lines, dress accessories, shoes, home furnishings, leather goods and boys and men's clothing, sales of which reached large totals during the week." "The expansion of activity in wholesale markets, which made such marked headway last week, has been accelerated further by the strong current buying movement," the report added. In the twelfth (San Francisco) fed after, state employes traveling in their own machines will be allowed five cents per mile.

Staff photo by George Cornett. National guardsmen Friday watch-ton hand. Some must be brought from be represented when the final check ed over a round-up of state-owned far distances, and had not reacned Atlanta by late afternoon, up is announced oy tne state purchasing agent, who has charge of the sales. Present plans are to first offer the cars to state employes who need By the Associated Press. A spring storm that swept from Texas to Alabama increased its death them in carrying out their duties, and list to 68 last night and left several then to the general public.

No cars of the University of Geor hundred injured, many wrecked vil- gia or its branches appear on the lages and a flood threat in its path, iges and Additiounl recruits of the proposal to hold a ahort payless extra session vt the Georgia general assembly to pass on beer legislation were recorded Friday and tome opposition was expressed as action of the Atlauta Hotel Meu'a Association in proffering free lodjing for 10 days of a beer bill session was communicated by telegraph to Governor Eugene Talmadge, Dublin. Mrs. Hi-leji Williams Coxon, of J.udowici, Lot'." county, who was in for the day, was quoted as willing to attend a special session list, luir uiiiaiuu uioiivou I lie coil oy states The tol its staie-ownea auiaaiouues sume Texas, 20. automobiles while appraisers fixed values under which they will be offered for sale next week to the highest bidder. Approximately 400 state cars, ranging in price classification from the highest to the lowest, were arranged on a vacant lot far out on Fair street, while the guardsmen, three or four or them, sauntered about to make sure they remained there.

Some of the cars were much the worse for wear, being without tires or wheels, while one had a motor missing. Some still showed the scars of previous smashups, while others still carried the shine of new paint months azo. The state highway cars, some 237 of them, were for the most part in line, however, and led the list in numbers. From the Atlanta district 40 cars were turned in, 37 from the Cartersville district, 27 from the Gainesville district, 27 from the Thomaston district, 34 from the Louisville district, 36 from Moultrie district and 36 from Waycross district. Practically all other state departments were represented.

There were seven from the agricultural department; five 'rom the auditor's office; 12 from the entomology department; three from the forestry and geology department; five from the game and eral reserve district report, retail department store sales were said to have Private sale of the cars will oe Mississippi, GS. Louisiana, 9. Arkansas, 1. The death list swelled aa renorta onen to state emnloves until April 11, increased in February, although nor the state purchasing agent saia, when machines not purchased by ma ntt i noes XSr Till 0. CPfl II mally dron during that month.

Mrs. Virgil M. Motes, 14-year-old mother, and her new-born son posed for a Constitution photographer Friday at Grady hospital. Staff photo by Kenneth Rogers. The husky, fi-pound, 7-ounce son oftparents.

at 54 Marvin street, by the I irom isolated commiinitips nnf ff hr From Kansas City came the tenth 1 1 1 l.n xitfAtaAjt tnp 1 siaie vkm'i win i'c tangled communication lines tune erl nrixs In Ttie 1 I .1 i. 1 it i district court that a decided reduction in business mortality had been UUU111. II 1. 11 ,01 'i v. 1 Llcv.

Beavers 1 1 flit aoted. The youthful romance developed at a dance in the Marietta home of her UO not m.UB iuC 1 Th. Bf rr.9a In the eighth (St Louis) district price tney win De auctioned wi. and polkh. Hut all must go on the ro cousin, Kmory where she under the new law recently signed call for the payment of 20 per cent at, least -u per: cash, and the balance in 10 monthly sons, it moved into the Mississippi first met young Motes, the son of William Motes, Marietta farmer.

The girl was in the sixth grade of English by Governor Talmadge, Friday was fish department; four from industrial relations; nine from the health department; five from the revenue commission 15 from the cigar and ciga-ret tax division; one from the secretary of state's office and one from the veterans' service department. Numerous other departments will installments, being interest at we uir. mypcu eouiuwest the final day for turning in the nf tut tnf. Purchasers other kansaa and north and central Loui Avenue school, and, after a courtship than state employes will be required siana. Nine persons were killed in cars, but the state purchasing agent's office was still checking lists, and was unable to state the total number ot two months, she left school to be come a wife.

a year-old mother I nday blinked round, blue eyes, wiggled pink toe, and gurgled with the joy of living, in the maternity ward of Grady hospital. The baby boy, born Wednesday, was named James William Motes by the mother, Mrs. Virgil Monroe Motes, of 51 Marvin street, who was married at the age of 12 years. Infant James William is the son of a unemployed mill worker. The ther will be 15 years of age on July 4.

Her 'parents are Mr. and Mrs. Marion AVinters. The young father and mother were married April 5. 1931, at the home of her Louisiana three in yesterday's winds to pay cash.

Mrs. Motes has one sister. Mrs. L. ana six in J.nursday'8.

without pay to vote on tne Deer question, if Governor Talmadge decided to issue the rail advocated by Representative Eugene Poplins, of Clarke I'ounly. Senator Walter A. Sims, of Atlanta, said he would atteud a pa less session News dispatches Friday paid that the AiiguMa Chronicle today will announce an offer to provide railroad transportation for Senator William Lester and Jim Cart-ledge, Roy Harris and Wilmer Lanier to and from Atlanta to the proposed special "beer" session. Representative Koy Harris, of Ilichniond, nouse floor leader, expressed willingness to serve without iay "if I can borrow the money." larris said that the last session Continued In Page- 4. Column S.

lhe winds jumped on Mississiddi Copeland, and three brothers, John, Clarence and Mitchell Winters. Young in the delta, killed six in populous Washington county and then snread Motes ran a sweep at the Exposition ROOSEVELT WINS BAD STOCK TOLL Cotton Mills at the time of the mar over the state. It hit in southwest riage, but was laid off within four a promising upswing in business for the third week in March was reported. Gain in Atlanta. From the Atlanta (Ga.) district came the word of a gain in department store sales during February.

The second (New York) district report told of a slowing in the rate of decline in the amount of business done by department, 10-cent, grocery and shoe chain stores. The fifth (Richmond, Va.) district told of a remarkable revival of confidence. The Dallas (Texas) district reported a strong- undertone of confidence had developed during the past 10 days. Secretary of the Treasury Woodin announced that 265 national banks, with deposits of $350,000,000, were restored to 100 per cent banking functions through reorganization in the 10-day period ending March 25. The 265 do not include those national banks originally licensed to resume month after the wedding, it was said, Mississippi near Brookhaven, in northeast Mississippi at Tupelo and in southeast Mississippi near Lucedale.

The heaviest toll was taken at San- The baby and mother both have bine eyes and blond hair. ON FARM RELIEF dersville a Jones county Tillage near SAID25JIILLI0NS Mobile Woman Slayer Weds Ex-Official of Jail MOBILE, March 31. OP) A courtship which budded while she was serving a year in prison for killing Foster K. Hale, prominent Mobile attorney, has culminated in the marriage of Mrs. Willie Mae Clausen and a former night turnkey at the jail here.

Mrs. Clausen completed her sentence February 3 and was married to Dewitt Melton Pryor, the former turnkey, at Brewton, Ala, ten days ago, it was learned there today. Pryor resigned his jail post shortly after Mrs. Clausen a release. laurel wnere 14 met death.

At Raleigh, in middle Mississippi, seven were killed and at Harmony imf U.S.C. OF CASKS Favorable Leaders See Staggering Loss to Inves i SCHOOL EMPLOYES ARE Pi 190,000 into Alabama and raked Brewton. aa Report Following White Dalrymple Is Named U.S. Prohibition Chief important railroad town near Pensa- tor Reported to Committee Studying New Law. WE BANKING cola, Fla.

At least 40 persons were House Conference. injured there, none seriously. Chattanooga apparently the north. Continued in Pago 4, Column 7. ern tip of the storm area had high winds and some damage.

By DON J. KIRK LEV. WASHINGTON. March 31 Half-Month Salary Dis- Control of All Commer- Rain fell in sheets as far east ai CAMP IS SLATED nucimi nf hroad farm relief Atlanta. 1 1 I By THOMAS L.

STOKES. WASHINGTON, March 31. (UP) The American people have purchased $25,000,000,000 of "undesirable or worthless" stocks eince 1919. according to an estimate pre Two in Plane Held For Firing on Prison tributed After Mayor Key and Clift Confer. cial Banks by Federal Reserve Is Favored program including in its scope aiaj xne Mississippi valley, already a for the farmer in meeting his mortgage bit worried about approaching high as well as lifting his crop pricesto- water, was apprehensive as its creeks FOR ATTORNEYSHIP night was predicted by senate leaders overflowed from the deluge, after a long -conference with Tresi- A revised casualty list: sented today as congressional commit dent Roosevelt.

fcandersville. Miss. Dead: Bobbie Storm clouds hanging over the ad- Stewart, 3: CLvde Stewart. 6: two LEAVENWORTH, March n. OP) Two men identified by J.

K. Codding. United States commis ministration's sweeping agricultural children of Foster Hnddleston, Char-aid bill, already passed by the house, jotte Taylor, negro; Betsy Ann Mc- WASHINGTON. March 31. 4 A.

V. Palrjmple. of California, today was appointed prohibition director to MUM-eed Amos W. Wnmliwk, his selection bring announced by Attorney-General Cummins. The attorney-general Raid.

In making known the move, that "I have every confident' in his ability to meet the cvacting requirements of his difficult post." Major Dalrymple. a lare, jovial man. who prominent in the California campaign of Vice President Gamer hi uest for the democratic presidential nomination last year, will take over his new duties tomorrow. Major Dalrymple has had long ex-prrience in prohibition work. Inder the admiiuM ration of President Wil-he was supervising federal prohibition agent for the central division.

fHtiprisin Illinois. Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin. Iowa and Minnesota. WASHINGTON. March 31.

Al sioner, as Lynn and A. N. Barlow. apparentiy were cieareu urew, negro; two children of Theo though no appointment is scheduled ex-convicts of Denver, were arrested hour-and-a-nait meeting nexweeu meui- late today on a charge of firing hera of the senate agriculture com Continued in Page 4, Column 8. for the immediate future, it was learned here today that Lawrence from an airplane at guards of the mittee and the chief executive.

They I Camp, of Fairburn. is slated for Jthe federal penitentiary in an atempt to en me nt his- renuest. fti nf nmtpri Km tea district at Air municipal employes this morning are again on the same pay day basis as a result of distribution of approximately $90,000 Friday afternoon to about 1.S00 employes of the Atlanta school system. Mayor James L. Key approved the payment after a conference with Thomas W.

Clift, school business manager, in which Clift cited figures to show that on the basis of the revised finance shet on which council is slated to act Monday, the school department had a balance of $00,121, and that the pay roll for half a month. aid in an escape plot. WASHINGTON. March 31. UP) Unification of all commercial banking under the federal reserve system was proposed today to the Chamber of Commerce of the United States by a committee of its members.

At the same time the committee advocated that the chamber study anew, in the light of recent disclosures, its previous commitment in favor of hanks maintaining their security affiliates, together with its stand in regard to banks continuing to deal in investment securities. Extension of branch banking under "careful regulation" by federal and state governments also was indorsed. In advocating the unified bank The agriculture committee, despite meek of study, has been unable to torney for the northern district of injuries were reported as a The Wca FAIR. Georgia. He will succeed Clint acree on the measure.

It will resume result of the firing. Hager, of Atlauta, repuDiican in its deliberation tomorrow, with dinirmnn Smith, democrat, South The two were arrested when their plane landed on the airplane field at cumbent. tees began consideration ot jfresiaent Roosevelt's "blue sky" bill to protect investors. As this wholesale fleecing of investors was revealed in defense of the Roosevelt measure, that bill in its first inspection ran into a maze of controversy which forecasts considerable revision before it is acted upon next week. The estimate of fake stocks came from Walter R.

Miller, chief of the foreign loan division of the commerce department. He told the house interstate commerce committee that the total of etock purchases by American public between 1919 and 1933 aggregated $50,000,000,000, half of which "were undesirable or worthless." He listed $12,000,000,000 of foreign purchases, of which a sizable percentage, he said, were "bad." Beginning of consideration of the Roosevelt bill today by the house committee and the senate banking c-imittee developed a major dispute Carolina, and others holding hope that ort ljeavenworth. WASHINGTON Forecast a out win De reponeu 10 me scnoic The department of justice is yet to indicate what its policy will be with respect to naming district attorneys under the new democratic adminis and Georgia: Fair in northwest 1 nrAAH i nrnhahlv dinum li nrl smith The brothers left Denver yesterday in Lynn's red cabin monoplane for Leavenworth. They were to meet a third brother, Theodore Barlow, who will complete i-i nflrtinn Safunlsv fair fnlrl tration, but expectations are that, ex- gage imancmg program, expecieu iu aia uui 1 ii aim HC3I ffui a ivsiia Continued in Page 4. Column 6.

Continued in Page 4, Column 8. Continued in Tage 4, Column 6. Continued in Tage 4, Column 7. a term in the penitentiary for viola Weather forecast for all cotton tion of the federal liquor laws Sat states may be found in market pages. urday.

German Government Orders Warden Zerbst said there was no Basketball Team's Airplane evidence found within the prison to indicate any prisoners had attempted to escape. Neither was a weapon Local Weather Report. Highest temperature Tt Lowest temperature T1 Mean temperature 4 Normal temperature 5 Rainfall in past 12 hours, ins. Deficiency since 1st of month, in. 1.0 Jewish Boycott Limited to Day Crashes, Hurling 6 to Death Continued in Page 4, Column 7.

found in tne plane. In Other Pages Kditorial Pate 4 fi.rr. Via Robert Quill.a Dr. WtUiam Brady Mol.ia Mamck Army nlws 4 Kadio Programs 5 torts Pages Kaipa aU-Gi'l "Bioak at tha Say" News pf Georgia 7 Daily ro-s WoiH Puule Comics 8 oily IUmi" Society 1 Whitner oi 10 amline 1 hat field 1(1 Ciilrterton on 1 inant iat II, it Theater Programs 12 Tartan IS Atlanta's Wants 13. trov Sections 14 31.

The served with satisfaction that reports The disaster overtook the Canadian Deficiency since Jan. 1, 2.t! March government stepped of atrocities abroad are ceasing, party on its homeward trip from lotal rainfall since Jan. 1, ins. IU.oj at the last April 1 Jesters Have Inning Today, So Shy at Purses, Stray Plug Hats Tulsa, after an international series of games with the Tulsa uuers. 7 a.m.

n. i p.m. A. A. basketball champions on Dry temperature -i the United States.

Wet bulb 57 60 55 Beware, suckers! Today is the day The big craft suddenly developed Relative humidity S8 47 98 motor trouble after skimming tne Oklahoma and Kansas prairies for Report of Weather Bureau Stations. minute today with aa order that the anti-Jewish boycott, which is to start at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, will last one day only and then will be i in abeyance until Wednesday, This action, taken after consider-i able pressure had been brought to bear to prevent disruption of the nation's business life, led some observers to assert that the boycott movement wouM le dropped entirely after the I ains'e day. more than an hour. The left-wing stations Teuipei aturel Halo NEODESHA, March 31. (Tragedy flew with a group of young Canadian athletes through bright Kansas skies today and ended in quick death and injury in their sporting invasion of the United States.

Members of the Winnipeg Toilers, basketball champions of Canada, and accompanying party were the victims of the crash of a disabled tri-motored airplane in a forced landing -on a soggy, narrow plowed field. Six of the 14 persons aboard are dead; one is reported dying; two ate not expected to recover and five were given a fighting chance to survive by phvsicians. The dead are J. II. O'Brien, Min motor unit and Pilot Hawes appar-l and stave or 12 Bra ptn.

I High ently decided to land the heavily weather lanen crair. Atlanta. rm Picking out a narrow strip of cloudr plowed ground, the pilot apparently 1 I "Ml, KU'llJ The propaganda minister also is-' sued a set of boycott rules, declaring That no banks must be closed. That nazis must not enter boycotted premises. That the boycott must be kept within legal regulations.

(Boyeotters are liable for any damage inflicted under the law.) The order limiting the anti-Jewish movement to one day came aa a surprise. A fw hours before the propaganda minister issued his proclamation N'aii storm troopers cleared Berlin law courts of all Jewish judges and attorneys. One of those ousted was Chief Justice Kurt Soelling. Simultaneously Hans Kerrl, Mti president the Prussian diet, issued a pronnaciamento which in effect barred Jews from all Prussian courts and provided for the posting of uniformed nam -to supervise order in public bnildings. The Wolff News Bnreaa reported that in the town of Annabel? shop aiucsJippea me iiugc i-raii iu a luiur Buffalo, clondy I effort to avoid overshooting the small charioton, cloody Joseph Goebbels.

cabinet minister of propaganda, signed the order which sicasliied the first official move ia space. The win; struck the earth I Chattanooia, rioany and was crumpled. The landing gear Chicago. I the boycott situation. It was the nazi ni9 uiruiuueucu aim mc jiau? waB Oalvestoo rlear smashed.

Helena, part clouily Hakes, Conscious of the danger Jacksonville, pt. cldy. awaiting him in the muddy field, Kanaaa City, clear turned and shouted a warning to his passengers. Miami, part cluody 44 51 9 5l 40 71 40 6S St 53 72 4 a 70 so 74 42 70 7S 62 A4 S2 neapolis, owner of the plane Uvie H. Hakes, 28, Windom, pilot; Mike Shea, Winnipeg, member of the team; Joe Dodds.

Winnipeg, member of the team; R. H. Bonynac, Winnipeg, team business manager, and H. E. Ezzens.

Hendricks. co-pilot. you get roped in unless you are mighty careful. If there is not a calendar handy, be reminded that today is the day after March 31. And March has never had but 31 days.

Today is the day when you probably will find on your desk notations to call Mr. Lion or Mr. Fox or Mr. Monk Key at Main 55SO (the Grant park roo), or to call another number (the river pumping station) and ask for Mr. Fisch.

It's also the day when there will be memoranda on your desk asking that you call some mysterious number (an undertaking parlor) and ask if you have a box for me 2" There are many similar pranks of which you must fight shy today, if your peace of mind and dignity are not to be impaired. The best procedure, according to all experts, is to be distrustful of all requests, telephone calls, memoranda, and believe nobody, not even your wife. And. if some suddenly geneous person offers you cigars, candy, or other delightful gifts, regard him as a betrayer of mental eqquilibrium and de-dine his presents with proper gratitude and regrets. Danger lurks in the most inoffecive-looking places, and thrice-armed is he who keeps his 7 7 70 so 5K 11 70 70 SO 44 7 54 SO 7 4 74 7H 7S 44 72 t-2 S4 74 74 S2 7 PHONE THAT WANT AD TO WAInut 6565 If ou iuve a room, rooms apartment or houe for rent; a.

used car to sell; radio or furniture, place a ant ad in The Constitution. No matter hat vour ant al requirements may be the Want Ad fie of The Constitution wit! rroduce results. Our Ad-taker help you if you'll r-fcone WAInut 6S65. You mir "charse it." Read and Use TJie Comlifud'on'i Want Ad Pate Ttrat it th Day Firat to Pay" party of Chancellor Adolf Hitler. rather than the government itself, which ordered the nationwide repres-, sive measures.

i Dr. Goebbels asserted in his procla-I mation that the interim between the i end of the one-day boycott and Wed-i nesday should be considered aa a I respite. Ia this interim the govera-i ment hopes that no more rervorts of .72 l.W .2 .0 T. .00 .40 .2 .) 2.30 .04 .00 .1 .04 Im having motor trouble and I Minneapolis, clear going to have to land. Everybody watch out." he was quoted as saying by Al Siiverthorne, one of the sen- Tor, rain ously injured Oklahoma City, clear pers leaving jewisa stores were anti-Jewish atrocities in Germany will; stopped by nari pickets who pasted The team left Tulsa with a bright I The injured: Bruce Dodds, player, internal injuries, reported dying; Andy Brown, player, critical; George Wilson, manager of team, critical; Lauder Phillips, player, scratched and dazed: Allan C.

Samson, foreman of a Winnipeg newspaper co posing room, badly hurt but not critical; T. A. Siiverthorne. player, broken legs recoru lur line iBiuiuauiu allu 1 plnnitv gentlemanly playing throughout twoUaa fricico. ciVaV i4 ilance on guard and succumbs not to the wily request to have a seat (on this eletrically charged chair).

The best practice, if yon will take the frank and sincere advice of an old and frequently-bitten Tictim April Fool pranks, is to stay at home today, refuse to answer the door or telephone, and turn over on the other side for a nice long nap until Sunday morning, when all danger will be pat and gone that is. if you are at all discouraging games lost to 'he Looia, raia The disaster eame on the second Saannb. Prt 72 1 anniversary of the death of Knute 3r' 0 i a oewSprrr aoroaa. on tneir stamps reading: If foreign propaganda has not bea -We traitors bought from Jews." lf).

Dr. Jewish directors Rudolph Mid. tb boycott will be operating department resumed with full force and ve- More in Berlin and Hamburg, re-hemence tu now has beea signed, and other Jewg in key positions Snn! reamed or ut. apparently faring Ir. set the company's affairs entirely ia the forth that the goTtrameat had "eh- i hands of noa-Jewi.

Kockne. otre Liames lot ball wizard, virk.hnrx. rir and arms: Hugh Penwarden, player. TO erituall tinrt anil tineortseious. and! who.

like the Canadian athletes, was wiimintton. rm Ian Wooley, player, critical, uneon-i plunged to his death in the crash of W. MINPLING. lleteorolosUt, Weitier Bureau, scions. i an airputne on a avansas prairie.

susceptible to practical jokes. ft.

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