Arizona Miner from Fort Whipple, Arizona on May 11, 1864 · Page 4
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Arizona Miner from Fort Whipple, Arizona · Page 4

Fort Whipple, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1864
Page 4
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1... POKTKY. Wkm Friends We tiovo. Friends whom We !ot are dearer far Than wealth, and gold, and jewelafcro, ; W Wotrtti not elm nge a faithful irtart Pot J1 Hie pride Much ntorca impart; J ' Ifor would we barter one loved smite Jrt- M the scenes that eduld beguile; tht'TiV not n diamond we ahonld pita T i; Or covet like those beaming eye3 (v'' ; IHioie depth of aaorod troth wc'Ve provad, "Which fondly talli na we Are loved, f Hi All thing of earth from us may sever, f Cut love and friendship laat forever. . v Heart which are true are mtnea of wealth ; ;5; Oar balm in aicknoee. joy in health ; Tongue that will breathe no bitter word,- From whom no malice e'er w heard, : And minda wnteh we need never fear To sawder's voice will yield Uie oar ; II amis which we elafp with faith nnd troat, Ofaoula that when we're fcnrn'd in dust Shall in their mighty truth arlte, And mott egaiu beyoud the skie i ' for earthly store cmiaulu m titter, " Mn But love and friendaliip last forever. " i'.V V ARIETI rS. ' Maw peraon write beauae tbey have nothing to do, tftrfW.y considering that they have also nothing to Pirnie aru like rati, and a mna mind like a trap thev1 gotlu eairftr, and then perhape can't get out at nil Wiirk Iteftin complained that the iimea were mi bard hp could nof ketip his above water, bus wife told him rt would be above water more If be kept it above wi iflu-v ie& ! On TT5J2 GlOVlfiUKOlt'S IMTPHSDlTJOff. e append the conclusion of the notos on the Cavernosa Expedition, begun in tho third number of the Mjkbr : After carefully exploring tho upper valley of the Sun Francisco, wo crossed over to the east side of the river, for tho purposo of pursuing our explorations towards the head waters ot tho Jaalinn. W left, the valley on iho 1st of March. travelling- dun euat, and soon struck the chuin of mountains which bounds the valley ou tbo oust and stmt h-easU It presented the same appear ance a$ tho mountains we had previously travelled through. We experienced little difficulty in our firt days'" march, and in the afternoon came to a small vullisy in the mountains, which appear ed to have been a favorite camping ground ol the Indians, judeirif? from tho number of lires which had been tlure. It afford uu excellent ahcltnr for stock, being bounded on all sides by mountains and lofty peaks, from which a person can overlook the whole valley. We camped here for tho night, at a spring of water, which the Governor culled Oak Spring. The soil is ol a red candy nature, bearing excellent fi;d for anmialH. 1 he rock resemble the old red f anrJ itone, and in some places rise perpendicularly, similar to Inscription liock. On the, next day wrt continued our eastern counSe, through large and almost imputable canous, and numerous dry creeke. About noon va came into a small valley,. through which ran th main fork of the San Francisco. It was a boautitul mountain fetram, by fur tho largest wo had Been ; the water was perfectly transparent, and fiom its liafiks, at a huight of 20 or rfO feet, wo could plainly sue the udh in the waters below. The Bund ban looked favorable for gold, but it wa difficult to hud " the color. I ho water rnahed furiously through these mountains, which in some placed rose to a great height. We crossed, nd beuun to ascend a mountain on tho opposite side, which wui by far the worst wo had yet met. Alter gieat diuiculty, we reuched the aiummit, which proved to be a largo mesa, from which we had an excellent view of the surround ing country, i he au r runcisco Mountain was about due north ol us. The stream belore men tioned runs from the north-eaat, and probably head: tit the foot of the mountain. Doubtless, Leroux's, New Years, and Volunteer Springs are its head-waters, and are consequently the head waters of the San Francisco Hiver. and do not. as some writers suppose, empty into the west and north-western Fork. To the north (gast'arrt mountains covered with pine nnd.pifioh. I hey are probably the termination of the volcanic rene., To tho south ami south-wost appears a broken maun of Urn prless mountains strtjtch-iwg towards the Utla Kjver, whilst the north-rt portion of the uppc vaiiey soems to ex- inu. urontioK 'ruilmt; country in tho direction of Fort Whippto, which confirm my lormer ats- iMrlin. thnt a good, wagon road may bfi uade j Irwin tho valley, which would be a great impcot fHHit u the Ohavtts cut-oil During the afternoon some of tho Californians surprised a ranchena, though (us they stated) they were not aware of it thenieelves, until with in a few paces of it ; when, as a matter of course, they gave battle, but the Indiana turned out in Denso of ditches would b greater. Iho soil is simitar to that of the npper valley, and soma large cotton-wood grow on the banks ol tho river. It t not na likely to bti overflowed as the upper valley, the land eloping mo. e towards tho river. There is plenty ot mnsquiio, wnicn makeo excellent fire wood, and good roada might; be made to almost any part of the Territory. There is no timber within 40 miles ; the cactus and chollui flourish thero; iU chief advantages over the upper valley, are its moans of access, and its not boing subject to inundation. Wk arrived at Woolsoy s Uaucu on mo Kin of Murch. In 8ummirH up, we might say the country wo passed through was good foi stock- raising, we found the be3t grass on too highest mesas, and so scarcity of it anywhere. I hero was plenty of water lor stock on the whole rou .e ; our longest march, without water, being 2G miles, on oor return. We found very little agricultural land, and none, we believe, that would produce without irrigation. As a mineral country it is unpromising, owing to the streams of lava which have covered the greater portion ol it. Uowever, there nre some places, especially tho tract of land drained by the Agua JLria which present good indication? of metallic wealth ; and that there are good gold-field still further east than we went, is the prevailing impression of those who know tba character ot tbo country. J. 8. veeks ; and a second term of said (Jourt, for said district, shall bo held at Lu Paz, commencing on ho last Tuesday of November next, and to con. inuo two weeks. Tho times and placos for holding terms of Uto District Conrt, in tho Third Judicial District, will b designated in it subsequent proclamation. Given under my hand, and Seal of snid Terri- ory . at Fort Whipple, this ninth day of April, a. d. 864. and of tho Independence of tho United Statei of America, the eighty-eighth. JOHN N. GOOD WIST. By the Governor: Riciiakp 0. M'Cormicjc, Secretary of the Territory. AMD Hr.Rotsx" s perhaps a peculiar a word a any in .. t,,ori f turn first I-tti-ra of it are mftiB. the Ihn fuft fc-male. the four ftrst a brave nana, and the Wfco e a t rave woman. A f P4M9H proverb says : A little in the morning ft fcuonsrh ; euougii at dinner is but little ; but a littl-At nijfht i to jnuoh." The Indian philosopher, equally profound, hold that 44 too much rum k just enough." What docs vonr husband follow asked a pernon who was engaged in noting the occupations nrr itlzons. late! v. of a female. " Why, Sir," she rn,ai by. foltowH drinkmu rum." The cauvaaer at once etitt-red opposite his name, "Gentleman t' I nos'r see." said Mrs. Partiagton. as Ike camo 3W3 fr-Hn school and threw his bookB into one chair. a . ,. btri ...tner. ana nre p on i;tc nuqr. , ,i ,ilwirt xvt Uit medal- I doit ee, dar . vi r. .Mtf l tret the tnMlal. for a moirr ;r -tMk )tn i .f3fti w. Bat no matt jr. wH.u vWadvftr- aa v t;i: i.-ro' a l aats yon witi gcVit T . fr 'M&Mx 'on oa of Uae Ckwif ana efenkfd in cm Ufy with her 8r -WW in cvjay. m at?na i a i-iiuwiawn t, iild i , atd km two dlJH;i? . 1 a half to hold her piraaot Qver the little girl till they should reach Marsvill4)t It happened to be a rich Chinese merchant, and he replied, You hold parasol ober me to MarysviHe-, X gib you five dollars." A babk not old enough to walk, was creeping on KI!. ."1X22,1 Sct tetaE s.t" nU,nbera than they expcCe,!, and tho ohfef't Hhc looked at it. and crept all around it. with boys beat a hasty retreat the grtaU'St inieresi ju ijci bci. wkv hu wvn jjuuliu down hf-r little Hps she kissed it. Now was not that (wHtifni 1 The bright little sunbeam lighted up joy lw in her b-tby heart, and she expressed that joy with a swert k:. Last Wonns. Mr. Conway writes from London ; l v :hc v,-i!c of the very eminent Bishop oi Extc-r. Mm I'hflnot died ; and thero has been a great deal of iaterft n tlie Lliruman worm io khow whui me con-eluding ncenes of a life so devoted to Christian works m Wn waa known to e. Lately her dying words have beui rt inrted; and whjlstthey have passed from tongue h umane have not vet been in nrmt. Hut to my mind thW aw Wo good to be lost to a world much given to Cant. 1 ah? gpoa lady turn when neain was mar, caned all hi:.- domestiCn & iu-r bedside, silently took leave of i&ain. She' then said slowly 4 lie Hiire to sec that the old iiishop has bis warm soup every evening,' aad died " Dick took tub Tchkeys. A story is told of Du jc a darkey, in tvfcutueky, who wa n notorious thuf, mi vfetous in this respect that all thr tiu-tts in the ut iiiborfcpod were charged to him. On one occasion, v? , . i neighbor of Dick' master, eailed and aaid t mto& V id oat of that imrt of tbe eonntry, d lole ail hi (Krv Jo ) tuf-y!. DickV il4 mi i'k v, t hfwever, went .eM Wfart Pick work. atiO aecased it theft : ' t ,!e Mr Stm' tark'jB,M the maatar. .'..'t raaalaf." rtt! ed TJii k x mm. "Well." at length aaid Dick,; yi 0 - . 4r I didn't t! lfBi tiirtoyH, but 1 1 Wru eroaa Mix. Jones paature and sew1 oni of M'ar rails ou tho fence, so I bro t home the rail, and. confound It, when I came to look, dare was nine tarky - on dfi rail." A visky talented young man made the acquaintance (A a qnakdr, gentleman stud lady. The Quaker had a i'H dau'thUfr. mid also a fine library, the books from r!ik?h ho fraisly. loaned to the young man, who eeneral- Jy i arw fu tht eveuing to return them, whon ho sup- v, be'aHljgr woum oe at iiome. sue olten ex-cl oji'rd fhe books for him and had a friendly chat w.tii h m. One evening be eame as usual, and the yrai.K - nly nu t him at the door. She waa dressed to fg't m Hid jald. M Who would you like to see, me or nv rfe i.-r7 I was abont to cull on a friend. If mv Biftt! will answer your pnrpose. please to walk . i i ..j. ee ....... .1 q vuti room -U. dilated as soon as the in teliigenco reached camp, a large party set out, but the red birds had goUe,and darkness prevent ed pursuit. . . . . The next day a small party set out in order to aeceitain the direction ol the trail, and found it leading into un immense canon, they followed tracing it to tho bottom, and when we made Our appearance at the brink of the yawning gulf, they shouted to us to " holdn." but owing to the imperfect sound, it was construed "come on." and wo commenced descending. What siuht it was 1 Tho mule3 rolling head over heels und the packs flying olF into the abyss below some 1500 feet .Finally. w- got to the bottom and theu found out our mistake. Here, indeed was gratification for the explorer I lie migh sately say his feet had trod where the white mau never had been before. As there was no vioible V:. means of getting out, tho sides ol the catton rising; perpendicular, it was finally agreed upo to f low thj canon. dwu, ttul jjo io the lownr vhII Kranyi, Aftei ibuumerapk-'linji dtia.W reached thil rivor, the third day wiib mi uny imwmu aodayul, jave the kiihug oi a J-w uiules. Wt fultuweu iU course to lb ti,ir tiU..o lint LtBftif it 1iaiMj&alble to ! tNow u . .. ATTENTION TRAVELLERS! Ia 15. 0 OJa A 31 AX X O x 9 BY JOnX X. GOODWIN, GOVRRNOR OF ARIZONA TiWtlTUKY, DKriNINO JUDICIAL DISTHIOTS, ASSIGNING JUDGES.' TO ALL VHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Whrrbas, it is provided by tho first Section Of the act of Congress providing a temporary government for tho Territory of Arizona, that tho act organizing tho Territorial Government of Now Mexico, and acts amendatory thereto together with all legislative enactments of the Territory of Now Mexico, not inconsistent with the provisions of tho first named act, are extended to. and continued in force in tho said Territory of Arizona, until repealed or amended by future legislation. And, Wiikiu:as. it is provided by tho tonth Section of said act, organizing the Territory o New Mexico, that the said Territory shull be divided into three Judicial Districts, and District ourt shall be held in each of said Districts, by ono of the Jnatioe& of t.he Supreme Court, at such time, nnd ptede, a3 may be prescribed by law ; and y tho six toontb section of the said ac;., it Js further provided, that temporarily, and until otherwise provided by law, the Governor of said Turri-tory, may defiao tho Judicial Districts of said Territory, and assign tho Judges who may be appointed for said Territory to the several Districts, and also appoint the time, and places for holding Courts, in the several counties, or subdivisions, in each of said Judicial Districts, by proclamation to be issued by him. Now, by virtue of the aforesaid enactments, I do hereby order and direct, that until otherwise provided, the Territory of Arizona shall be Districted, the Judges assigned, nnd tho Courts held as follows, viz ; All that portion of said Territory lying south of the Gila River, and east of the 114th degree of longitude, west from Greenwich, shall constitute the First Judicial District. All that portion of said Territory lying west of tho 114th degree of longitude, west Iroin Greenwich, shall constitute tho Second Judicial District j And all thut portion of gaid Territory lying north of the Gila River and east of the 114th degree of longitude, wet from Greenwich; shall constitute the Third Judicial Dtetriofe. Tho Ron William T. Howell it hereby assign od to Uiu First Judicial .District,, &od will hold The mail route from EL PASO -T0- KANSAS CITY, via SANTA. FE, has been recently fitted up withj new and comfortable . COACHES and fresh animals, g i m t . . . j vajs and now anoras a speeuy $uu pleasanf trip to the State. Travellers are assured this routed is perfectly sttfe. Such precaution! buying been trkn by tae&j Military that thwre is now no darner to b up- prehended from tntbr ladmns or Uurnliftj. Sl Each coach will b in chnrgw of a careful ni attentive Conductor, who will imkv it bis ?. Special Busiuuss to care for the comfort of passengers. !2& We have also established a line of Ezpresijj in connection with Ium j U. S. Kxpress Company 2 at Kunsa3 City, Missouri, and can forward Money, or smull packages, to any part of thg United States. p DAVID R. KNOX, General Ag't. M. L. BvKKfi. Ag't. Santa Fe. SANTA FE HOTEL -AND "" 'BiBST AURANT, StiW&-wosir oorner of the r hsIk, ti thu iirO-Ktr'f;r c.i.tinial1v W- oaaii to & imnU va!ny where thote wi re cx tens, fttins, many of the walls otjll standing. It might have been a capital ol the Aztecs, but we were in search ot a camtal i'or the Aiifilo-riaxbn, and finding this would not suit, pasded on, leaving its possibilities and prob abilities to more philosophical heads. On til Oth of Alarch, we came in sight of the long looked lor lower valley of the San Francisco, stretching as lar as the eye could reach towards the south and south west a desert of and sands. We camped h the the valley about noon Alone the banks of the river nre some cottnn woods, and i great quantity ol unit-wood, wer your pnrpose. please to walk in which has been deposited" by fieshets, We ym" isJtzF ThT'i11"1 d"r u"; vMk r-r1-: 10 l',Br rdi"" ntnranioroJ. " Uo-hc-ilM not- ? .tilt! raiicisijp ntiil feuliiw. Our pro- Mill n-i u..;.t to deUihi her from her engagement, but if visions running short, and the country south be- .!r ' 1 not been going out he would have enjoyed her ing.wyll known, we concluded to return .to the , 4 ' o iU '.i.aiL i 1.. ttn t wa Lr1!'"'! the uj.p. i ..tli I'L -rp l law tm, t of , t i.-U, aad li.ay Wits after varAs xmrrled. I Uud wlijcli oqukj bo irngato, akhougU tha ex- Tlie Hon, Joseph A Hp U heraby aaigaad to tho Second Judicial Bistnct, cad wf 11 hold t)be courts-therein. . 1 ' ' Tho Hon. William F. Turner Is hdrerjy'nssfgri- ed to th 3 Third Judicial District, and will hold tho courts therein. Ip the First Judicial District, a District Court of the United States, for said District, shall be held at Tucson, commencing on the last Tuesday of May next, antl to continue two weeks ; and n second term of said Cout t, for said District ahull be held at Tucson, commencing on the last Tues day of ictober next, and to continue two weeks. r In the' Second Judicial District, a District Court of tho TJdfted Stmtoi, for ea'd District, thai! lir brdl at X& .Vfa., dbaiBwiioiog On tht 'Inst 'i'ueadfey of June ueat, and to continue two hooM of Per en k Co. - 9m. EUtH, Proprietor. f'- TBStOltT i:XO0dK, H. SA.ItCfaif?i?; 5?ippzrIctor, yBONT 8THBKT, HEAD OF BbAKE, DENVER COLORADO Tub Pronrietor of the above House, havjofl completed it in modern style, would solicit tfiff patronage ot his Irienuo nnu uie punuc gvnwuHjme Havinc added a Bar, well stocked villi tnfj choicest beverages of tho Eastern market, anajt all the corn forts of a first-class Hotel, and supfg plving tho 'lubie with the best the nmrkt mTords, I mean that the I remont snau rau' second to none id tho 1 erntory. MINER'S HOUSE, OiilIC70S7 & BAXTER, Proprietor. Boaid, par day, 2,00 por weok, $10,80.

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