The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1931 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1931
Page 10
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SATURDAY, .MAY 2, 19.H Church-Flat Pays For Itslof NEA Senior \ An unusual religious edifice, a = small church-apartment. Is loc;.led' nt Akroi), O. Hie slruclure was built nndor the direction nf f*ev.! G. A. Goransun of Ihc Swi'dfcli Bapl-fst churuli. in iniS. i The muh) nuditorium, v;itli Ihej usual church cfiulpjiipnt. aixl n < Sunday school room occupy nio.;l j o[ Hie first lloor. About 300 IK-V- Liquor Gives Province i Profit of 9 Million for 19301 f-c.iis fun !>:.• seiilc-d in tin' ai:<ll lorium. four LMOJU anas'liuenls nr; 1 loc.-iU'd directly behind I lie in:iln nudHoi'luu-L unjoi Ihr sunin rr:ol. Above llu-sp nit? Mtniliu" MiiU'si on ill?, sraiml ami tlihd ll.-mrs hi lilt i 1 ." n r. I]\t-onio from tin 1 rentals ha 11 l;?cn u:,'?it to cnro for inlrrcsl 0:1 loiins iH-solliitcd to build the all- lice. TORQN.TA Ont. (UP)—Revenue from the Mle of liquor, ami liquor permits, gave, (ho Ontario Provincial Government, a. total pro!l!, of 59,315.957.30 last year, nccordlns to the Ontario Liquor Control Uonid'.s annual report. The Beard p.-iiil S1S.SOO.MO lo l!ic Federal Govcrtn'.iLMit ns cnstomri dnUcs, oxcls; dnlics. mall du'.ies. bK;r gntlom3e, and .sales tux. Of tlie 1,323 pn-mltl cancellations, 499 were for ovcr-iii(iul|;pnci. the report suited. 81-Year-Old Idahoan Wins Fiddling Contest PULLMAN, Wash.. <UP) — Rc- fusins lo arimlt there wris any fidiller better tlinn lie, Durtoii J. Davis, 81-yenr-old Idalio innn. ^c- copt<?d a challenge nnd won n fiddling contest from J. W. Pnvr, 80, of Pullinnn. The "feud" was the result of a challenge winch orlqlnnloi! when Sr.:n Biccze, n fnrmer. be! Hint r.irr could outplay any old-timer entered in radio competition. Friends of Davis urged him to enter tlie contest, and he won the majority vole of- the judues. Navajo Sand Painting, • Preserved for Museum TUCSON, Ariz. (UP)—A Navajo Indian sand painting, said to be the only one In existence, is attracting many spectators nt the University of Arizona museum here. • Members of the Navajo '.rib' achieve beautiful production'; of natural scenes by streivins; co!oie,l sand on light sifted san;l but tlu-y sir? ^eftrcvcd before suntlo\v;i each niglit. The iilclure for the.- museum vvns cbtained by Mis. Jolin \Veattirrnll who Mwnt most, of her girlhoo-.l around Hie Navnjo lnd(nii>. ft v^s after much elicrt thai apalnttr w;is jjL-r.suatlftl to ctcne lo tlie mnseiim and prci^rc tl'.c p.iiiitiny ns lie. in coinmo:i with oilier members of Ihe Irlbo, i:c'!--'ve that |>rinuttin^ the Sun lo set en n inlntlii;: Mil! urlny Hii'kness Ui Ihe rSrni. Horseshocr Worried Over Outlook of Trade TORONTO. 0:il. <U1'<—Tlr rinp.^tion of whp.t \vlll bccom? rf th' liorscs when I her? Is no (inj Irft ti; look after Ihcir (eel, Is Inlhri lir.r Sam llcopt-r. Sam, as yon inl^ht (jur^s. lr, • or rather, w:is-a liorsc^lincr. A lev,- (Iny.s av,o, fill years to 111-. 1 day when lie first started, to work ns an appienUce hoi.s'.'.shiwi', In 1 . iioumleil in Ihe List imll In tun ! lust shoe, for l.--.e liors-? he cvi-v will nt with new foot-scar. "l-'lfty yc.irs Is lo:u; :>nou3h," In- romarknl as 1>? droppccl lib hammer. Now, having rrllrc.1 at 70, he complains to ncw5pa|K l rmen. he's a bit worrlni. Nobody is lrainl:v.; (he liorscshoeing trncle. lie says, al- Iliough the nuinbcr of work burses constantly Is increasing. c!r?sp!!c the inroads of the automobile, truck. RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday lit Sunday and Monday Smashing Drama of Wise Wives a n <1 Sucker Husbands. . . r I nan Ever Before! MIGHTY STARS Or THE CUCKOOS' ~£ Wf '~'d C' X 5 FiAlURt COMtDY BOV.E5HILL j | 5rrcrn\ bmmiliuj nit-uils find How I'aris (list way! f-^r^* KHAKI CLOWNS IN BE HIND -Till:- RUKNT ,I()V JAC! $& §E With DOROTHY \.\-.K and other stars in cast of 1000 Also Comedy '& Fox Admission, Matinee & 10 ,5- 2uc Coming— "Bad Sister," with Night i A1 "° C;lll ^ ll - v antl I'«'•"• " Admission ilatinn' 10 I'lOc; "Hook, Line & Sinker Bert Wheeler and \Voolscy. Conrad Cominpr— 1 "Trader Horn." '," with '"Kick In," witli (1;n-;i Kolioi-l. l 'l)ay livoiik," with 1 I Xsivavro. ^o& Mow I amon' About Mississippi County JL JCL ^fc' (For Home Consumption Only) Figures make rather dry reading sometime, but \ve believe every business man and farnicv will be very much intci-oslcd in figures used in this ad. Much has been said about "What's wromy with agriculture" Lno {inures used herein largely answer the question as it relates to Mississippi County. Statistics can deal only with the 'average/' and while some of our farmers are not affected by the conditions as set out herein, they are much in the minority—the big majority coming in that class called the "average." .MISSISSIPPI COUNTY HAS :!ll.:-'IHM!u!e>:— 1.112 llm-si'h— 5.50S Caltle- ll(j«s— 1!I!>,!>;17 Chickens. I 'sin-- Ihu niininuini fwil minirvments for livestock :iml (he hih'sl l-\t\- < nil production census, we li,,,| that tin- food requirements- ''I'"' 11 ' 1 ; ..... '• ; " t(1 Kh'TliiKi- of feed have (he' values (valuinj? h:iv al *>H per Ion and con. :il $1 per bushel): Needs IVod.iclion Khortairc ">' Si,;iR2,:i(in.nn ? r.or,,:) lo.nn § svii'iiiooo 2.:tSl.!M7.l)0 l,G57,5fi.|.(H> . Ti US.'l'.OO T()TALS S-VTii 1,2 17.00 A TOTAL, SHOUTAGK OF $lf>2.()0 1'OU KACH ?l,(iio,:i.| :!.oo IN TIIK COUNTY MISSISSIPPI COUNTY HAS A POPULATION OF (I9.2SO 1'KOPLK UsiiiH I lie aviTi.KC per capita ctinsnniirtimi of milk, OK ITS and pork pro- duels and Ilii 1 population of (i!),!>S9, we linil the following retiuiremenls of Iho Iliree items listed ahnvc; (he value of such ri'(i\iirenicnls (at lOc for purl.: 2(lc for OJJKS and 20c a gallon for milk); production and pliort- aj;e to he as follows: Shorlase S (i.SO.OKi.OO 7.')0[<)00.00 I'orl; I'njilncl-; .Milk TOTAI, Needs SI,170.0 <i27,2 M7,7fil.OO Production 21 5,91 fi.OO 2(i(i,S01.00 S2,795,Or>:i.OO S072,77f>.00 $1,822,278.0(1 A TOTAI, SHOHTAGK 01-' S172.00 FOR KACH 1'ARM IN TIIK COUNTY 13,432,621 Spent Each Year For Food and Feed Jliat could be raised right here at home, and that only includes hay, corn, pork products, esgs and milk. 1 his represents a total of $324.00 for each of the 10,583 farms in Mississippi County. Can we afford to con- iinue this annual dram upon our crop revenue, when it's so easily remedied? $36.57 Per Acer Tin: lahli> on the vijrlil shows lhal il would lake 'I4,<m HITOS more in liny and torn to meet, our iKwis in food, supplyint; the -Ki,848 Ions of hay and 72-1,383 Imsliols of uoni thai we ;ire slio.l each year. This atrcaife vvoiikl yiokl an average of ?:!(i.57 |ier aero, exclusive of tlio value of soybeans in torn and bonolit to the land in soil liiiil<liiij: as (he ivsnlt of rotation. Alississippi county's average corn pnidiiclion is 2S.G bushels pei- acre. The h;iy average is 2.5 ions per acre. Ifc.sod on liKiircs and the last census as to acrcaifc in various crnps we. find the following siliialinn with regards lo (lie number of acres mfiiired to produce mir feed rc([iiircmen(R; I ho atreaste now and the acreage .sl.nrla^e: Acre Needs Acres Now Acre-; Short 11 ay C'orn TOTALS 1 15 U2,7ir> in.r,no 17.1 If. 2(i,SS(i •1.1,0.12 What About Cotton? Mississippi county's average cotton yield is SHI pounds of lint. Figure this at lOc a pound and you hnvc 533.10. Add $9, wl.icli is about the average value of the seed, and you have a total PIT i.cre yield of $-12.10—on 55.5H more than the average feed value per acre. Then figure the uncertainly of the price of cotton, tlie difference in production and gathering coat and see which pays best. It's Not Too Late To Play Safe! ^ _, V' Although most of the cotton has already been planted in Mississippi County, it's not too late to plant a few move acres of feed. Only about four more acres of feed per farm will give us what we need. Take a look at tlie cotton market report at the left; remember that's the New York market too—not Blytheville's; remember Blytheville is about 130 points lower than New York and then figure if you can afford to not grow more feed with 8 cent cotton staring you square in the face. If you decide it cannot be done; put a few more acres in corn and soybeans and be sure you have all the feed you need this coming year. A few acres less in cotton may mean the difference between a little profit and a big loss this year. $109 Prof it from 1 Sow Cow-So w--50 Hens Don't Forget Soybeans IHBnnTUUi^H^mW^HH^B^^^- Neio York Cotton NKW YORK, May 1. (UP)— Cotton closed easy. iMav .Inlv Oct. Dec. .Jan. .March Spots Memphis Open Hii;h nsii !)<n 1010 101,'i 1071 1050 11)70 1071 I (iso ios:i •110:1 11113 closed (piiel al mnrk-el nn 7-8 nieh Low Close IMS 950 071 <>7:i KID;) 1003 1027 1027 1010 1010 10(12 10i;:i •150, off 25. middling was 8.GO nt yesterday's close. On March 15 last year, J. I-:. Johnson houjdU a pnve bred Hampshire gilt for S50. Since that time ho lias sold $52 worth of pigs; put up $IJ3 worth ,if nieal (at 12 1-2c pound): nine pitfs now vahiod at $-15 and the sow value;! at $">()— a total of s-^n!). He estimates his feed cusl at ?00 (all home r;iis,"i) making his lolal cost $11)0, leaving a net pnuii j lt ID moi.Vhs of 5100—nvnx' than 100 per i-ei.l. \ViiM. he did can be done liy any fanner with tin.' an'.l.itinn to do anythinj; besides r;cisi> cotton. Buy a MIW! \\'ill lift many a Mississippi county mortgage. Today \ve have an average of 15 hens per farm. An average of -M liens is rc(|uirc(l just to supply our home needs. I cow on each farm will just about meet our home needs and save us S7P,0.000 ,1 year. 1 In'ond sow on each farm will raise all the meat and lard we need and save us RG80.016 a year. •! 1 hens to the farm will save us S-lll.I-UW a year. These three together will make ?172 a year for each farmer in Mississippi count. The Rlythevillc Oil Mill will buy all you can raise and pay cash money for them. There's plenty of time left to plant them and 25 hn-hcls per acre will heal 10 cent cotton a mile. Your livestock can live all winter on a soybean field and save you a big feud bill —ask Charlie Abbot if yon don't believe that. They will increase your production next year by 2. r > per rent in either corn or cotton. Bo sure to plant soybeans this vear. The Difference Between What We Raise and What We Need Js $324 Per Farm~The Difference Between Farm Loss and Farm Profit. Let's Raise the Difference and Quit Worrying About 8c Cotton this Fait Joe Isaacs J. C. Penney Co. Farm Equipment Co. Courier News This Ad Paid for Uy— Ark-Mo Power Co. First National Bank Three States Lumber Co. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Hubbard Hardware Co. Blyflieville Cotton Oil Co. Chicago Mill & Lbr. Corp. For Agricultural Committee, IJlythevillc Chamber of Commerce

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