Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 11, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1896
Page 8
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- :: ^fi:-^^ The Golden Rule's Great Smash-Up and Clearance Sale. must be closed out. Cost not considered. Come Today, Morning:, Afternoon and Evening. BRING YOl'RJGOLD, SILVER;OR GREENBACKS HERE AND GET 16 TO i. :» dozen Duck .Suits with Blazer jackets and wide Skirts, former price, $2,50, for today only 9 •Men's Shirt*. AH out COc and 75 0 iMen's working shirts and luundrlecl Percale Shirt go today at •• 39c •Choice of our best men's Shirts with two collars and cuffs in many fancy 500 callce Wrappers In full width skirts and full tleerep, in fancy colorings and designs, made to sell at $1.00 and*3.00, for today 45c and 98c Corset. AD immense stock 10 close out. A fine summer corset, extra designs, today. • 75c long waist and full shape, only., 39c The up-to-date. Corset, the newest out. see if, worth $100, for today up only. 58c Shirt Waistp, A good waist in full sleeves, and many colors and sizes for only. 28c Very fine Percale and Lawn waists, choicest materials; some hive white collars and cuffs, choice for entire lot. 69c Underwear tpecials for tomorrow. Ladies'vests, extra good, regular 20c quality, for today The celebrated Kiser Silk Vests, to close outlet only lOc 39c Corner Fourth and Market ALL OUR PARASOLS A?: LESS THAN COST. THE GOLDEN RULE Corner Fourth and Market. The Ladies This is tbe season of the yoar when •ae unpleasant but necessary work ot Souse-cleanlug claims the attention of •a>e housekeeper and not a little depends OB the appearance of your lace cm-tains as poorly donc-up cnrtalni spoil the effect of a well-furnished home cjnicker than anything else. We have siperlencGd help In this class of work ,-tfho do nothing- else and we Know we can give yon -perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year 4>f laundering shirt waists, being the only firm In the city using machinery o-rcrasively for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 .Market St. TREAD LIGHTLY Fire Works .TEe.>largest a- 110 most complete assort- a»at in the city. Parties Intending bavins home dls- of fireworks come to us and we l Gs you out. have all sizes oC flags, bunting, Ettrgman -Cycle Co .fire You Out of Employment. Have you a horse, buggy or other personal property, or vacant lots you would like to exchange.for a business that will gtv« big returns? l at 703 nichigan Avenue. DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY, JULY It, 1800. Michigan peaches.—Eothermel. Eed and white raspberries.—Rothor mcL Don't miss this great sale at the Gold ea Rule. Spring ducks at Kluoy's Brondwaj market. , >. - • For the picnic take a camp stool, 27 3Lt. Foley's. Sec onr ladies' .f2.50 line shoes to $2.00.—Walker & Kmich. Dr.'Bamfleld has fltted up offices ove •3fea Tosher's drug store. Fifty-cent imported Onyx hosiery 2 cents tomorrow.—The Bee Hive, Sice turtle soup will be served fve af tlie "Old Homestead" this morning. '. Get your hosiery,' gloves, mitts,, etc at the Trade. Palace today, 3c a pair up The search- for the lost Chlcora 1 lintc Michigan has nt last been aban Honed. . !H.OS waists, 08c; OSc waists, 48c; 50 waists, 23c; nil day and evening.— Trndfr Palace., , '. ; rmct snits. OSc:.duck skirts, 59c; lin an suits', $3.98, $10.00; skirts, $4.48- TrscTe Palace. Hood's SaTsnparllia.purifies the bloo o-wereomes that tired feeling, creates a appetitt.-mid gives refreshing sleep.. Attsnd'ttte wonderful shirt waist sal tomorrow evening;.$2 nud ¥2.50 waist ftfr ?1; from 7 to'-10 o'clock,—The Be For There's Crape on the Door O'er-the-way. efferson is Dead and Other Things Have Happened. 'he Blood Hound Has Eloped With the Jack Rabbit. And Sage Brush and Magnolia Are Emblems. Tlio Journal through professional onvtcsy i'eels compelled 'to nsk the forbearance of the public for the Pharos lui-lug this campaign. The Pharos will >c compelled to advocate what it does uot believe and stain what It knows is lot true. It is so-situated that it must also be guilty of gross ingratitude to Grover Cleveland, who relied. on its faithfulness and loyalty ami gave it a fat postoflice appointment. This humil- ating situation must bo so unpleasant u itself that The Journal expects to be as; lenient as possible and only notice ;he whoppers, .and that casually. Probably the gentlest anethoa would be to let the Pharos answer itself by inserting some of the Pharos editorials, like those given below, without comment. The Humane- society. just organized has already created a sentiment against cruelty to animals that .should be respected also. Anyhow The Journal asks the public to be ns Indulgent as possible and to avoid all street discussions in front of the Pharos -office. If necessary Street Commissioner "Jamiesou will put sawdust on the- pavement. That the .influence of the' Pharos may not be entirely lost in the campaign The Journal gives herewith some of Its recent editorials: Ben Indorses the Republican Platform. An International agreement providing for the free coinage ,of silver at an agreed ratio is the proper nrethod of solving the money question.— Pharos editorial, Feb. 29, '96. . 'The free coinage of silver at the. ratio of 10 to 1 would be a safe policy if th Intrinsic values at such ratio were equal. Tir«fonly safe way, however, to maintain a double standard' Is 'by inter national agreement. 1C England France, Germany, Austria and th United States should agree upon a-ratl( and open the mints of all these natlou to the free coinage of both gold and sil vci there would be no trouble In main tain-ing a double standard.— Pharos edl torlal, March 11, '00. Ben Predicts Defeat. ' To our miuil there Is no danger of thi Government adopting the silver stand ard. There will be agitation and advoc ncy'.of such a policy but it will end -In . defeat .lust ns the demand for an uulini 'ited volume of greenbacks .ended in do feat.— Pharos editorial, Feb. 12, 'OC. .The fight on the money question an on the tariff question was as'lntensel> bitter during Jackson's ndmlnistratloi as at any time since. In the end -spurn money, and a low tariff wore winners They will win ngaiu.— Pharos editorial Marcb T, '00. Ben Asks Why? should not the protecting arm of the Government be extended to th silver mine owners as well as to other industries.?. The silver Industry Is Ian guishlng they say Why cannot th power oil this groat Government be invoked to increase tii'ty cents worth of silver to a cloH;u-?—Pharos editorial, Pub. 12, '!)(>. Wliy should not the silver mine owners have the value ot' their mines cu- liaiiciid by legislation us well as the owner of'a coal mine-or'an iron mine? It" by legislation a tin plate mill can-be made to earn dividends, of 100 pur cent., viiy should not thu Government make 0 cents worth of silver a dollar? The cnatoiw from .-the. silver state? should ,tand up for their rights. So should lie fanners of the \Vfcst..' The farmers Mould require tlie Government to mala' heir wheat worth, a-dollar per bushel.— Pharos editorial, March 5, '00. Ben Explains the Ratio. There 'Is 'nothing obscure about • the lollowing words of the [last national] Democratic platform. . ' ' . The dollar unlt'of coinage of both uetals must be of equal .intrinsic and 'xcbaugeable Value." , . The meaning Is .that mulur. tlie present- ;elattve-intrinsio,v!ilitus of-gold and silver the coinage ratio- must be,- something near 30 to l;-Phards editorial,March 2,'00. Ben Says "Bully for Carter." Carter and his silver contingent- declare that the protected paupers .'shall have no more pap until the mine owners are permitted to suck a Government teat also. Bully for Carter-Pharos, editorial,'Feb. 29, '00, • - | Ben Shows How it Would Affect Labor. . The 'protected manufacturers would be gainers If the Government should provide for the free coinage'of sliver at the ratio of 16 to 1. They would be able to obtain their labor at 25 per cent, below what they now pay and in many cases 50 per cent-Pharos editorial, March 21, '00. . • . '. .. Ben Indorses Campbell. 'I am opposed to our country going ahead alone and coining free 'silver. .No one nation can do it and.suryiye, but the United States, .France-, and Germany could do so without England's co-operation.—Pharos editorial •'Indorsement.; 6t Gov. Campbell's views, March 14, '00. Ben Predicts Good Times. It Is not at all probable that tbe nex House will have a majority favorable to the free coinage of silver at a ratio of 1C to 1. When It becomes a demonstrat cd fact that there'is no danger of this country.'adopting the sliver standard.li conducting the business-of'the country prosperity will conic again -and, with • lower taxes on. the necessaries of life every kind of business will boom again —Pharos editorial, March'12, '00, ' Ben Indorses the Sentinel. "The free coinage men of this coun try,"'.'says the Indianapolis- Sentinel "will never have any weight In the sec tlemcnt.of the silver question until they get rid of the delusion that this: country alone-can control the values ' of the world. The.business;.Instincts.of the American people will: prevent. them from accepting that doctrine,-.even W they arc not able to. reason .It;out. I Is the same rock on which tiie;bld green back theory was wrecked.-. .The,only ef feet of urging it is ; to ; convince more Americans' that all the. views, of Its', ad yocates are,unsound. , It-Is in. tills way that the advocates of free-coinage ar doing more; barm- to> thej:ause of bl metalUsm than any other-agency In thte couuti y The value o£ stundard money —as to gold and silver^uslns countries- has always beeu contiolled by the ag gregate action of the countries that us It, and of necessity this must always be tbe same The only way to secure «ta bllity of standard money is to secur harmony of national action concerning Standard money If world '-money, ind no money can take -it out of t'.ie vorld's Influences, unless that nation shuts itself out from the rest of the vorld. This Is the simple, almost axio- natic fact which the bimetallists of Cut-ope have "accepted and are acting ipon, and the sooner the American poo- .... accept-it the better."-Pharos edi- orial i-ndoisomfcnt of Indianapolis Sen- iuc'l. March 11, '00. THE ELECTION. hdications as to What the Results Will Be. Now that the party nominations have been made there is some speculation as o the result. Indiana will be a factor :hough not an important one; apparent- y. Still it is best to take no chances, and Indiana should roll up a big Republican majority, for on Indiana may depend the result. This is about the way the electoral vote will stand: D R Alabama '• '• : 1 ^ Arkansas ••• 8 • • California ° Colorado -"• . Connecticut • - • e Delaware . 3 Florida '• 4 Georgia ^ Idaho s Illinois Indiana •—. •• • • [owa • • •. • Kansas •. —'• Kentucky • • • • Louisiana s Maine ..' Maryland Massachusetts Michigan ; Minnesota Mississippi ° Missouri • Montana • 3 Nebraska •••• s Nevada NeSv Hampshire New Jersey New.York', i ;• •• North Carolina . .,.- • •... • -U North Dakota 3 Ohio Oregon.... ; '•. • •••''* Pennsylvania-.-.. • Rhode Island • • • ; • South Carolina '• •'• 0 South Dakota Tennessee ... • • Texas 1!3 Utah ..,..'. 3 Vermont ••:••••. Virginia •• — ........ .-12 Washington • 4 West Virginia .-...' • 6 Wisconsin .!.-.' 24 15 13 10 13 C S 15 17 4 '10 36 32 .4 1- 12 165 2S2 SIIA'EH'A LEGAL TENDER. f Editor Journal: Is the silver dollar a legal .tender at the present time? ..' ,WESTSIDBE: :.: Silver was made a legal tender for 'all-debts public and private by/the : Bland-Alllsbn law ol .1878. The Sher man law of 1800 continued this lega :tender powej^ The Wilson, law of ISO! . repealed 'only- so 'much of the law of 1890 as directed the purchase of silver buliioa and the issue of treasury notes thereon;- Silver is now a full- legal ten •del- -and has been for almost; twenty >years, since .1878? '-It is' redeemable .in gold and tbeiefqre maintains its value as- coin and circulates freely. There is more.silver in circulation than gold.- Ed Journal OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank has ever originated and carried out, this one will surpass and will positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin •• 2.75 Dur $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots--- 2.25 3ur $3 and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 Our$l and 1.25 Cotton Worsteds 75 Our$l Cotton Worsteds 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c Childrens Pants 14c In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity to help themselves. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street. Foley's Ice tea Is the best thing to use In, hot "weather ALLEGED THEFT. Says he "Dropped His Wad," Which Consisted of $13- Thomas Anderson-, au employe of a Southside brick yard, complained Thursday evening that he had l>eon robbed of ?13. 'He had been with a crowd of young fellows in tbe afternoon, and claims that he was "touched." His assertion is uot credited by the police, a* he never.reported the case, and about a year ago it is said, he charged a young man with a similar crime, which upon investigation could not be proved. DEATH OF JOSEPH STREBEL. Joseph. Stiebel an old -and highly respected citizen of the Easteud, died yesterday morning at .5 o'clock at the resi- 'deuee of his nephew 1 . Joseph Strebsl. Tiie deceased was born in- Alsace, Lorraine, GO years ago. He'had lived In this city for a number of years, work. Ing at his trade, that of a tailor, until a few years ago when he retired from the business and has since lived a retired life. The funeral will be held' this morn .Ing at 9 o'clock from the.St. Joseph's Catholic church, services conducted by •the Rev. Father Koebnc: Interment will be made in Mt. Vincent cemetery. The atmosphere was warm last niglit, both politically and otherwise. Every few steps there was a group of pers- pirlng political economists explaining '.'where the Democracy was at." It was .mostly Democrats doing the explaining and Republicans were sympathizing with them. Joshua J. Gardner has entered suit against Samuel Smith on a note, demand being tnade for $400 L D Boyd Is plaintiffs attorney Any Tii-e Made, Self-HeaJin'g, If .You Puncture Your Tire You Never Know It. Tbe Compound. . Guaranteed to do the Work, amd Add" to the Life oi tlie •;••'' Tires. Line Palling, tbe bicycle and shoe man tos this new compound now perfected and ready, for the market, and It Is guaranteed,to do as represented. Any; •tire once treated is made absolutely.sclf- healing. . Pffitag,.the shoe man, has the compound at Ms store, and is ready to treat any tire. LITTLE LOCAL. 'Attend Pflffing's sale ..of -tan shoes.. Choice of the house ?3.4S. All $5'. and 50 tan shoes reduced to $3.48 at Piling's mid-summer, sale. , There are no better shoes made than Plfflng, tihe shoe man, handles, and'now. your chiofoe of any tan sboe in bis store, for $3.48 is surely a bargain. , Take your tires to- Pilliflg and nave the tires treated. Guarantee to make any tire self-liealing. •""..' . NO more punctures if you will hare your tEres treated. It adds to tbe life ot the. tires and makes them hold-air fn- •<feftn!tely.- Pilling, the sboe' man, .418 Broadway, Logansport, Ind- ilr.' Oliver Hand, of this city, has purchased the Royal Center Record of Mr. M. H. Kraus. D.urtoK the past two years six different proprietors have had charge.of the paper.. The last will and testament of Joshua W. Williamson was filed for probate yesterday.

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