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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia • Page 4
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia • Page 4

Atlanta, Georgia
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PAGE KOUK A- CONSTITUTION. ATLANTA, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1930. COURT UPHOLDS lb Merciless Satire Marks Annual BOTH PARTIES SUBJECT OP WITTY ATTACKS Gridiron Club Dinner Frolic TWO DEATH VERDICTS 3-Year-0ld Boy Killed When Aunt Backs Auto GRIFFIN, Dec. 13 Lamar Walker, 3-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs.

Lamar Walker, prominent Griffin family, was killed here Saturday night when he was run over by a car which was being backed out of a carage by his aunt. Miss Jack Han- Foreign Physicians i Barred From Mexico MEXICO CITY, Dec. 13. (JP) The interior department today issued orders forbidding American and other foreign physicians to practice in Mexico. The step has been taken to protect Mexican doctors from tow street, will be completed upon arrival of a son "from San Antonio, Texas, it was announced Saturday by Aw try Lowndes.

Mrs. Hadley was a resident of Atlanta during Sherman's invasion and had seen the city grow from a country village to its present size. Until a few days before her death she was engaged upon a history of Atlanta. Sh had been a member of the Baptist Tabernacle for 30 years. Surviving are three daughters, a son and two sisters.

Chas. Chapin Dies In Sing Sing Prison OSSIXIXG, X. Dec 13. (P Charles former newspaper editor, who was serving a life sentence in Sing Sing prison for killing bis wife, died tonight. He was 72 years old.

Mr. Chapin began his newspaper career when a youth on The Chicago Tribune. He later worked for The Chicago Herald, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Washington (D. dailies.

He came to New York in 1SS7 and worked for The Morning World as a Slayer of Frank Marlin Must Die in Electric Chair. nox. Biggers a change of venue because of certain "prejudicial" newspaper stories. The confession of Bigers was amply corroborated, the court held. Myers was indicted for the murder of II.

F. Gunn, a railroad detective, and remained at liberty until his capture and trial in 1928, the'electro-cution low baring been passed in the meantime. He was convicted and sentenced to bang. The supreme court Saturday denied a rehearing, the conviction having been affirmed. The case of D.

F. Pope. former Walker county legislator, who was convicted of uttering a forged will of the late J. K. Wardlaw, was passed on Saturday by the supreme court in ruling on a question certified to it by the court of appeals.

The question was whether a defendant in a felony case can be legally convicted where evidence directly connecting him with the offense charged is testimonr of several accomplices and where only corroboration of testimony by each accomplice is testimony of the other accomplices. The supreme court ruled a defendant mar be so convicted. Pope was pentenced to four years. WASHINGTON, Dec. 13.

(UP) Republicans and democrats alike, from President Hoover down, heard their policies and troubles satirized in rhyme, song and jest tonight at the dinner of the Gridiron Club, composed of leading Washington newspaper correspondents, Just as the guests took their seats there was a terrific crash. A member rushed forward toexplain: "That is only the American voter vindicating Mr. Hoover at the polls November 4." Throughout the dinner a weird array of battered lame ducks, worried Beginning Tuesday Store Hours 9 A. M. to 9 P.

M. thing like the first 18 months of the Hoover administration. And wasn't I right?" There were feeble cheers and Fess continued: t. "And now my brave but defeated comrades, in the name of Hoover ycu fell; in the name of Hoover you must rise again. Would any of you by any chance like an executive appointment?" The soldiers threw off all signs of weakness and cheered "This is the spirit," aid Fess.

"which has kept the republican party fat in the leanest years, The pld guard dies, but never surrenders the pay roll." William Allen White and Will Irwin, pro-administration journalists, were busy petting out a Hoover newspaper. Irwin brought in "an article reporter. In 1904 he returned to St. Be a Practical Santa Clans! Will Bigzer, Fulton county negro, and Arthur Myrm, Richmond count negro, must die for the murder I railroad men, the former in the electric rhair and BIycrs at the end of a rope, the state supreme court rulnl Saturday. Jligprs is undT electrocution en- fence for murder of Frank Marlin.

railroad engineer, whose body wan found in an abandoned reservoir at 1 the end of Parson street more than a year aeo. In the Bigers decision, 1 the appellate court held that the superior court did not err in denying Louis, where be remained foe. four years. He then returned to The New York World as city editor, where he tC out James J. Davis leaving the cabi-, remained until 12 years ago, wnen ne shot his wife in a fit of despondency and was sent 'to Sing Sing.

He had intended suicide but lost nis nerve. Cocktai 'r Napkins prohibitionists, bewildered politicians, wild revolutionists and cunning propagandists passed in colorful review before the guests, who included, beside the president, Vice President Curtis, ambassadors, the cabinet, leaders and numerous members of the house and senate and distinguished men from all parts of the country. Lord Astor, husband of the famous Nancy Astor, delayed his return sailing to. England to attend. President Hoover and Senator Joseph T.

Robinson, senate minority leader, were the only speakers, but under the ancient rule of the Gridiron Club that "reporters are never present" their remarks were confidential. This was the first time Mr. Hoover had come face to face with many senators and congressmen since he aroused their wrathful criticism by saying that some were "playing politics at the expense of human misery." There was much speculation among the guests as to whether the president and the democratic senate leader would take this opportunity to speak frankly, to each other. One of the most famous political controversies of the last generation reached white heat at a gridiron dinner when Theodore Itoosevelt, then president, denounced the late Senator Foraker, of Ohio, a leader of the republican conservative group. Prohibition Travesty.

Prohibition was given special attention in a travesty entitled Save My Child." Dr. Liquorsham. of the law enforcement commission and Mrs. Mabel Willebrandt, with her grape concentrate, offered to save the child, but Pa Anti-Saloon League and Ma W. C.

T. U. appeared suspicious. A benefit performance was arranged (I net to enter the senate. "Our public wants to read about the achievements of the administration." complained White.

isn't' getting Jim Davis out of the cabinet an achievement, demanded Irwin. A Mirarle. "No," retorted White. "That's a miracle." President Manana of South America appeared while revolutionists in dazzling costumes assembled from all parts of the world. One of his followers dashed in.

"Mr. President, flee for your life," he shouted. "Yon are in the greatest danger! There is a revolution and Mr. Stimson is backing you." "It is the end," erie'd the president In despair. "I shall be overthrown." Congressman Hamilton Fish tinder-took to disperse the revolutionists but instead was greeted by them as a friend.

"If let alone." the leader of the revolutionists told Fish, "you and your communist-hunting friends do more to upset, governments than all of us revolutionists combined." Three cheers were proposed to "Hamilton Fish, the revolutionists friend." Raskflb as Godmother. John J. Itaskob. chairman of the democratic national committee, was represented as the fairy godmother who waved his magic wand with a dollar sign at the end of it, and changed Cinderella Democracy into a beautiful princess, clad in costly raiment and sought by many snitors. Guests included Sneaker Nicholas Run-Resist Rayon Vests, Teds, Bloomers HOB 6 ror a Usually, Would Be $3.95 No wonder the little roosters crow so proudly on these pastel bits that will please every "spirited" friend on -your Christmas list.

Scarfs and Vanities Cannon Bath Sets for the unemployed lame ducks, of 1.49 49 Lohgworth, ambassadors of Germany, Italy, Argentine and Peru. All the cabinet except the secretaries of war and navy. Viscount Astor, of England; Bernard Barueb. Senator Robert J. Bulkley.

of Ohio; Senator-elect Marcus A. Coolidge, of Massachusetts Carl R. Gray, president Union Pacific railroad Karl A. Bickel. president United Press Associations; General John J.

Raskob. chair Set These beautifully tailored Rayon pieces, woven to resist runs, and daintily trimmed with Swiss applique, and Milanese bows, make practical, pretty, and inexpensive. Christmas gifts for your feminine friends. Rayon Underwear Street Floor 1 'l ft i Colorful sets 2 bath cloths 1 bath towel and 1 bath mat Of beautiful reproduction Belgian filet. Attractive gifts for women.

man of the democratic national com- i congress. A sweet young sopranff. Miss-Prosperity, offered to sing but she was rejected after it was discovered she lisped and pronounced "her name "Myth Prosperity." Charles Michelson. publicity direc tor of the democratic national committer, was crowned "King Bunko, the Bombadier of Blah," in a scene tf Byzantine splendor. Baron Munchausen and Dr.

Cook, the polar explorer, arrived to pay homage to the new emperor. The republican defeats in the last elections were depicted when a bugle called, darkness fell on the banquet hall, colored lights flooded the stage, and out through the din and smoke galloped Napoleon Fess and his marshals, as defeat closed around on the reld of Waterloo. Through their binoculars they saw their forces being routed along the battle line. "Wrong Coolidge." "Your majesty's troops are falliug back in Massachusetts," said Marshal Moses. "Heavens! they are following the wrong Coolidge." As the defeated old guard gathered Linen Damask Cloth and Napkins Of smooth, full bleach Irish linen -both hemmed and unhemmed laundered, ready for use.

The thoughtful Christmas gift. IDAVDSON-IPAXON CO. Atlanta "affiliated with. MACTlS.Jew AA mittee Senator Simeon D. ess.

chairman of the republican national committee; Richard Whitney, president New York Stock Exchange Daniel Willard, president Baltimore Ohio railroad Colonel Arthur Woods, chairman of the emergency committee on unemployment, and Robert J. Bender, vice president United Press Associations. Former President Coolidge, in his column workshop, was represented as adding three more- words to his already 397 to make his column "an even four hundred dollars." However, the "columnist" soon was recognized as Mark Foote, AVashing-ton correspondent of the Grand Rapids Press, and other Michigan newspapers. He was formally welcomed into the club as a new member. Jay G.

Hayden. of the Detroit News, was elected president of the' club for the coming year; Walker S. Buel, of the Cleveland-Plain president; J. of Washington, D. secretary, and J.

Fred Essary, of the Baltimore Sun, treasurer. Cloth 70x86 $4.94 Cloth 70x106 Cloth 70x70 22-Inch Napkins $4.94 Doz. around. Napoleon Fess addressed them. It was he continued, who said the country bad never seen any- (.:.

aU(vi Hemstitched Mayflower Pillow Cases Soft, smooth Cases," of our famous "Mayflower" quality in A gift boxes ribbon-tied in A gift she'd appreciate. Each Jy DR. FRITZ PREGL DIES IN VIENNA SATURDAY Embroidered Pillow Cases Good quality cases with dainty embroidery inserts. Sizes 42x36. A practical home present.

Linens Second Floor 39 VIENNA, Dec! 13 (JP Dr. Fritz Pregl. noted scientist and winner of the 1923 Nobel prize in chemistry, died today of pleurisy at the ase of 61. He was head of the Medical-Chemical Institute at Graz. Dr.

l'regl was universally known for his development of micro-chemical analysis, as he originated methods for determining the composition of organic substances to the minute quantity of one-millionth of a milligram. This he effected by reducing the size of equipment and also devising new methods. For application of his procedure, Dr. 1'regl previous had perfected, with the co-operation of YV. Kuhlmann, of Hamburg, delicate scales on which could be weighed with perfect accuracy substances of the tiniest quantity.

Small glass instruments were necessary, of course, and Dr. Tregl learned to blow them himself. In addition, his method permitted such analysis in relatively few minutes, compared with days of close experimentation under the old systems. As a result many honors were Two Splendid Fabrics at Thrifty Prices elve ransparen $1 AAva. II showered upon the chemist.

He was awarded thev Nobel prize for the development of an antiseptic iodine solution which bears his name. JOHN J. EISERT. MEMPHIS. Dec.

13. (JPl John J. Eisert, 52. a member of the editorial staff of the Memphis Press Scimitar, died of a heart attack at Lowest Price Elsewhere $1.39 Last Year's Price $1.69 i his home here- today. Before coming For formal afternoon and evening dresses, and wraps at unusual savings.

Black, street shades, and evening colors. Give Them Something They Can Wear Hark ye! Mamas! Papas! Favorite Aunts! Doting Uncles! If they're the college age or "poor young working gals' give them something to wear that is gay and unusual, but still has a meaning in their busy lives. Washable Flat Crepe yd. 119 to Memphis 12 years ago Mr. Insert was employed by newspapers in New Orleans and several cities in Texas.


13. (j?) Dr. Anne McFarland Sharps, professor of hygiene at the Florida State College for Women, died here today from pneumonia, developed after he was injured ia an automobile accident a week ago near Marianna. Dr. Sharpe was a native of Jacksonville.

111. She was a graduate of Northwestern TTniversity medical school and came here in 1025 as college physician. HARRY F. ATWOOD. CHICAGO.

Dec. 33. JP Harry F. Atwood. 6L attorney and authority on the American constitution, died today of a cerebral hemorrhage.

He wrote several hooka, including "Back to the Republic," "Keep Ood in American History," "Safeguarding American Ideals." and "The Constitution Explained." For ten years he had been president of the Constitutional Educational Association, He was assistant federal district attorney of Chicago from 1908 to 1911. RICHARD M. BOARDMAX. NEW YORK. Dec.

13. UP) Richard Mather Boardman, 5-f, lawyer and author of articles on biographical and sociological topics, died today in Presbyterian hospital. He was decorated for Y. M. C.

A. work in Greece in the World War. His widow, the former Dorcas Lee, is president of Scientific Housekeeping, In, a movement to solve the servant problem. (B) Sleeping Pajamas $5.95 One-piece for solid comfort and nonchalance. The one sketched is pink celanese with bright flowered trousers, collar and vesfee.

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brown. Mannish in cut; feminine in chic Over 1,200 yards of Davison's famous all silk, flat crepe. In black, white, eggshell, street shades, and soft colors for Christmas lingerie. As Always All Perfect! Silks Second Floor i (D) Lounging Pajamas $12.95 Adorable ones of ntvj, red, and eggshell. The pants sre navy, blouse is eggshell, and the cute scarf is all three.

Underwear Third Floor DAVO SON PAK Atlanta aJJlUat with. MAC Y'S Jfetv CotA HADLEY FUNERAL PLANS AWAIT SON Fnneral arrancementa for Mrs. IDAVD SON IPAXO CO. Atlanta affiliated with MACY'S. Mui (JoiK I Amanda Berry Hadley, f.

oldest member of the Baptist Tabernacle, land a resident' of Atlanta for i th last 7l years. wh died Friday i afternoon at her residence, S4 Bar-J.

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