The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on August 12, 1955 · 21
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · 21

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Friday, August 12, 1955
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To Amuse Us To(U At the Theaters RT ".nijel sirwi." Anion Walbroolt, Wjinart. At 3;3i. 5:30. 7:30. 9 0. I d re ji aj,,.,!, Huninliry H'Wirt. A Mo K.iy At 11V 3. Ho, &- Till 9 ..'..". UiHV With Diitif-vs "Lear snd the Iramii" in rinemsScupe. Al 11 :!M). 1.(13. 4. 6:05. S. 10:10. '.Not ii Strang?"." oltvla l'f Kinrl .Mitibum, Al 11:19, 1:.j4. 4.;:t. 7:u. 9:39. PK4U(il'M- "It rsnir Krora Be-m-alli the Hps " At 1 1 Of.. l:.Vi. 40. 7 1'7 10:14. 'VreaturS With Atom Hrain." At 12.39, 3:26, n i l. 9. ROXY "Whi'e Witch Donor." At 11:24. 3:44. 8:04, 9:24. ' Pickup on ftumh Htreft." At 1.12, 4:32. 7.82. Legtfirofe Theater C'hsim AMinmirrm . I niton I'arlii fiinmril at 8: iy p.m. "Atiim. liet Vnur fiuu." Pri-S'nM in th Municipal Theater (.mlur-thi'-Sutik. Neighborhood Theaters tMt.Hlt AN -"HtMUlrr" and "Muss ot V .illn'tl." A M l,h --''This Inlanrl Esvtb." Jimi Momm. Kami D-mieitfue, RKOOhll.W KM "Atomic Kid'' Mtcssy Hoi'iii'i. "1 lesiwiHlu. .,1 if., .. Bit hilt All- "Sevni-Yi'sr Itch." Cln-rmaScuiie. Murllin Monroe. O.-M H.1, "torbiddra" and "Battlt of Kiiurt Kivcr." DKCATI K "Seven l.ittl row" Vlith- Vision, color, Bui) liorw. tAvr I'OINT "l,op Ma or l.svs Me." bum bay. Jami-a duney, MoHV "Tins Island Karih." Color. Miane." iiuiir. Aian lwtUd. KMI'IKK "ToRUhfK Ui Nljhf Color. itit Kori -Ntnerv" H i I. Ill "Kar Iliirlaiiu," "Bowery ttojs in Hutu Sociciy.'' FAIIUAX "Tl Vannlmii Pralrls." ''1'lie v.iancy Kirm Hovi. ' FII.TOV "l! Mountain," "Hells Island " Both color. (iAHUrN llll.l.s -Opins tomorrow it o:4j. "Iiailtly Long Jiu" K. A&tatre (il.r.M "Thf Looters." Technicolor. K"rv I'aitioiin. Ju.ic Adam CMiKihi.x "Annapulu story" and "Vciiow Mountain. 1 Both color GKIK "Man From Hitler Kjdgt." l oloi. "i'uit of the Cobra." KIKkUIIIIII iti-ii s isund." Color. Jo'in Payne, Marv Murpliv, MIl-ii Thu Island Karti." Col- o'. Jeff Morrow. MlMiilllAI, ".-ii!tli: Bull." Clnemi- S.-"iv, Color imle Robertson. PI..- Me or Lcms Me." i 'lin'maScojic color, Ioris Isy. POM r. Hi: I.KOM "Han Krom Bitter Kifliii1." mlnr "Oanir Busters." RJIllllKS Seven Utile Foya," VlsU- Vislirtl. i-olor. Hob Hoiie, JUTi (Austell, (.a.) "Soldier of rot- tu' e." i inernuSttitie. Color. SWAN iXnriTiiM., I.i.l "(Jim Futt." Ti'chnlroior. Knck Hi'dsnr. Tl; IIHiMil) "tiang Busters," "Men From Biitcr Ridge," color. TKMI'l.r: "The Prodigal." Clnema- Hiope. Lana Turner, Komund Fuidom. TI.NTH VI'ltM-T "Capmlo U8M- loot.'' Color. Hock Hudson. Drive-In Theaters BASKIII.M) "Black Tuesday." "Ir.g .Tntie silver." cinerrasi ooe. Color. Ol.l MWIHIU "Kh'.her Patrol." color, Hichfrd 1' gan, Iiawn Adams. PKA( IITKr;b "lh Par Horiwna," is';i'is en, color. "Koitd Uouae '' PIMIMONT "Adventurn of HaJH Hnh.i " I'memeSeope. "The Raid ' Rmisf:VT.I.T "Black Widow." cla- emuScope, color. "Battleground." B()TT "Far Horlrons. " VLt a Vision. t:olor. ".Iej,ue James Women." 1 KI.ll.liT "liBrden of Evil" Tieimue of the Golden Condor." STKWAKT "Adventures of. HalJI Hubs." ctnPmaScooe "The Raid." g)l TH FXPKei.XM AV "Reap Wild Wind" "Men of Funtins l.ady." (8l I'OKT I'AKK "Thunder In the Kat. ' "r'orr-e Back Utile Sheba." H. 1! il.llhonia Cnnyn) Ths Man From Bitter Ride " color. M(MS - 1.1 r lnycr - Coliwloiil . "Vers Crui." Coior. Gary Cooper. Colored Theaters AMIHY "From Here to Eternity." Burt Lancaster, frYanlc Sinatra. OARVK.K-"Sun Shines BiiBht," alt-star e.isl sift nteht Elt-HTl-ONt; on of Day Crodi-eti ' "Adventures of Haljl Bahs " POKRKS1 In Cinemascope. DoroUly li.irdrldee at "Carmen Jones. ' BO'4l. "N. T. Confidential." Richard Conte; "Two Ouia end a Badge " HIT "From Here to Eternity." Burt Lancaster, Frank Sinatra. Dine and Dance BH.TMOKP. TKRRACE Dins and T'anoe to Wade Crr'atrrr'a Music. HKMtY iRAI)V PAHUISK ROOM Five-Star Revus with sll-itar acts. At 1:15. 9:15. 11:15, Dotwood Ixiunue from p.m. DOMIXO I.OI N(IE FVsturlnt Kals-tan, the Fabulous Tokvs Trio. Mar-Tin Boans and Davs Townsend s )rcheglra. 01 1'SV RtMIM Three floor shows nisbtly. tarly show 9:00. Boh Her-rlnzton'i Dance Band. 10 K I OTTO MS 8TK AK HOl'SR Featurmj Wes Baiter and Hl Orchestra and Phyllis Miller and Flams Tieminl. IF.KKA LoiMflr" ripen 3 pm. Pallr. Featuring Perry Braehler. At 9:30, 10::M, 11:30. 12:30. Movies in Review F-FamVy A-Adult Ireatmfnt nhancti th pictorial quality. Revktwdr'a ratlufi FcUrnt coniexlv. Adult clannlltcftUon. The Paramount Theater ii currently exhibiting two new aol-eme-fiction attraotions "Crea-tiu-e With the Atom Brain." and 'We're No Angels," a bright, ophisticated comedy which origi-l ..jt Came From Beneath tlit By PAUL JONES nated in France and which later became a Broadway stage hit, has gea tieen transferred to the screen with aurprising success. It is now showing at the Fox Theater. The story concerns the lrv- 'youngsteri aren't apt to apprecl-cretlible exploits of three Devils a'e the subtleties. Island convicts-two murderers I Bogart, Ray mid Ustinov are and a confi- Ule lovame cons wno move dence man 'n on Carroll, the storekeeper, who fled the an Wss Rennelt, his wife. At . . A I . 1 . . . I -i' nriion and 111 sl ult Plil" 1J wiuup ine tuined new acts shopkeeper, but when they learn of o h I c a n- e is 'n the 1111,1)08 ' financial ery into bless- c"saster ,lMy set aDOut to wipe ings for a bank-,out tne n& lnl' ISart' who rupt storekeep- is "erving a term for peddling er. They also "bottled air," sells a baldheaded play Cupid, B,nt a vom brush set to taking a heavy et tlie h''5"''0 shennanigans off hand in at least:10 start, two romances. lne im!,'e is on of ,n most t M . nt thi nrt of fool- onginai ana one or me mosi ishness on the screen, Jlichael .amazing sequences seen In a Curtis rounded up a cast which u '1' includes Humphrey Bogart, Joan Bennett, Peter Ustinov, Aldo Ray, Leo J. Carroll and Basil Rath-bone. They carry out their assignments so perfectly that this subtle farce has become one of the comedy hits of the season. The film is full of amusing situations. It is, however, adult entertainment. There is nothing ? iiumimrey Botsn I mmmgatmummmmMamimmmmttjm'Mtmmimmmmm I W wMnw,,. I IMiMIMW iPnlllll IBIIII I n t J THE ATLANTA fONSTITl TION, Frirl, AnjmM 12, 1955 21 "Mor Fun Than A Mrry-Go-Round" r ANNIE GET YOUR GUN 4th WEEK VisiaVision's broad screen morally objectionable, 3 STARTS TODAY B r i THf HlkOIC STORY OF THf LtWIS & CLARK EXPEDITION MacMURRAY J I OONNA ! REED pC'ICOUHlJ' HESTON J 1 BARBARA V HALE J Vk tnmmm Fsr E3A Food, Pop Free At IVew Glemvood Drive-In Tonight The picturesque new Cilenwood Drive-In Theater at 4-t'l Glenwotni Rd. in DeKalb County will open Friday night with refreshments "on the house." Fred Storey, owner of the new ; drive-in, said the theater will accommodate S25 autos. It is the ninth drive-in in the Atlanta area, jit boasts the largest drive-in the-jater screen in Georgia, he said. (The screen measures 125 feet and j will accommodate all CinemaScope land VistaVision productions. I Opening attraction on the screen 'is "Khyber Patrol," featuring Richard Agan and Dawn Addams. ; Patrons will be charged only for admission to the theater. Served 5 to 9 P.M. r Ticket Good Any Night This Week 1 OTReAKGI O trt&jLL robert mitchum WSfiS 1 1 it. uNtrt p AWTsinVlf fCjn FRANK SINATRA 1 I CfiSiafo 1 1 ' r a0RIA GRAHAME I rm rnrPR I mm atlantans (4brooerickcrawford Ij WM3 j I HAVE ALREADY SEEN IT! ' Hi CHARUS BICKFORD lwiS0CTURi ' It lout as if we have JSWf i and Mm HELD OVER 2 wT Sl ! i I ' ' ""' '" ' ' ",: 1 ' i i n i i in r rm s a i i mm i m m k i rrr.iL. rrVtohjkH MUSIC AND LYRICS BY IRVING BERLIN &Zm BOOK BY DOROTHY Or HERBERT FICLDS ;qixJVj PRODUCED b DIRECTED BY ERIC MATT- v STARRING William Shrincr Jo Hurt Stanley Carlson TONIGHT AT 8:30 MUNICIPAL THEATER UNDER-THE-STARS Chastain Amphiteater N. Fulton Park Tickets: (1.00 snd JJ.OCi Boxes 13.00 GEORGIAN TERRACE HOTEL EM. 4708 SYMPHONY BOX OFFICE, J. P. ALLEN CO. AL 2956 : "ANNIE GET YOUR GUN" DINNER FREE Reserved Seat TICKET SPECIAL PRIME ROAST of BEEF DINNER OH BAKED YOUNG CHICKEN With Dressing 7-Courte Dinner $050 - ea. Roast Beef House Piedmont Hotel 7 1 sc& i mi AT 6:30 See for Yourself! rr THf WORLD'S ersr BARBECUED RIBS ON Mr GUAIANTfZ OF SATISFACTION or MONEY BACK Enjoy real barbtu at Its best ths old-ldihiontd kind thst's pit-cooked slowly over chsrcosl and hickory lasts rest barber. us flavor in every bar Ii you don't sgres they'! wonderful, the theck's on us How sbout it? Wilt it be barbusd ribs for you toniKhi? w.rh Cols Slow 25 ood Oorlic tooit Srvct on a Troy or Boxsd to Take Out RUBENS' DR,VS 'N 439 Mori.fta If. CY. 9443 t IW I M I Tvvas the niit before Christmas and all through Devil's Island there was the devil to pay. Three escaped convicts take over.. .The setup is perfect! Hovv come they wind up ta'mming' trees and singing carols? That the hilarious part of it ! f UNIT I U J w a 111 ip'ZV. l If 1 nunvir ms L'. . u 1 '"t ' I f wt J'V f 5.i (.otfT i.J5! .isra " - ----- t m ft t I I lo eo '"- b i "JfS ... .round sTz j world zr V I IT CRUSHES! KILLS! DESTROYS! ft1 vor, "IW r.;,XV.;; W fn T 1M rfi $ f Y IF StnhtnE building.! ,Vk TVA II - -s- CWs. 1 fflamnWiaz "Sahara 11 ( shock-full of thrills t Wii l Color by TECHNICOLOR HARE" I'll A I Jfc I " eo-tUrnng raSBI BENNETT- RATHBONE E3 Won r 1 unlirlre75i& .d by pat duggan . by michael curtiz TOPS I rVp-vSfflA-i-- V aSll' ScreenplaybyRANALDMAcD0UGALL-Ba,edon.playbyAlbenHu8on FICTION Av Ti , . , S Pj&JSn ! Features Sorting T,7T Ol ;. .v, Dead men walk the ilrrrli ... di- I.XC ii C 4 1 1:193:245:29 .Sfn v,-!-: vj v reete.1 by twiMed scientific tnindt ll6 AjV V",' I 7.34 ,da ffi&fflw Otar&mq Kk,. X Lent on creating electronic r'3 H' , 'AAj FOR OPENING NIGHT- ALL REFRESHMENTS FREE Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Barbecue, French Fried Potatoes, Potato Chips, Ice Cream, Coca-Colas, Orange and Grape Drinks, other delicious foods all free-Come early. Have supper as our guest. BOX OFFICE OPENS 6:30 ft SEE ON OUR GIANT SCREEN LARGEST IN THE SOUTHEAST FIRST ATLANTA SHOWING "KHYBER PATROL" EXCITING ACTION IN COLOR WITH RICHARD ECAN DAWN ADDAMS Fitit Showing 8:10 p.m Second Showing 9:30 ALSO IN iCST- . It yon can't mots ths first ihowing, con later. Fr rsfrsthmenti ell night. "CALYPSO CRUISE" AND "PET PEEVE" JL,Be the First to Attend One of the M Finest Drive-In Theatres in America in One of the Finest Communities. .X, Finest Equipment More Modern Than Any in Use by Any Theatre in Georgia. Pertect, Clear, Picture Over 125 Feet Wide. mwMmmmwrFmaHmmmmmBMmmmmMmmimmmmm ' "il il rli if - l suss ,m ss si Ti sssMs(W .AJk st mk i 1 C if- stlli .ft sl, .is f- " -

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