Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 29, 1962 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1962
Page 7
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XJG4NSPQRT PUBLIC LIBRARY Friday Evening, June 29, 1962. ANN LANDERS Little Visitors Love Her Meals-Forget to Go Home Dear Ann: Don't let anyone tell you that times have not changed. My mother taught me to come home at meal time when I was visiting friends. Not so with the children in this neighborhood. They hang around' the kitchen and say "Yum yum" and ask for a taste of everything. One little fellow said to me "Gee, I wish I lived in this house. My mother is a lousy cook and everything you make is wonderful." I don't mind having a few youngsters once or twice a week but it's getting so that our own family never sits down to supper alone anymore. What can I do without sounding like a meanie? — SURROUNDED Dear Surrounded: If you plan supper for six o'clock, say to the visiting youngsters (at about 5:30)-'Your mother will be expecting you home soon. You'd better leave now so she won't worry." Then politely usher them to the door. There will be no hurt feelings and after it's happened a few times the children will learn to go home without prompting. Dear Ann Landers: I'm 18 and in love with a boy who is also 18. I graduated from high school last June. For reasons I won't go into, Boris won't be graduating until June, 1963. Last Christmas he gave me an engagement ring. When my folks saw it they asked me when we planned to be married. I told them in about six or eight years. They raised cain and made me give the ring back. I have a good job and am saving money toward our marriage. Boris has a part-time job and. he bought himself a car to run around in. My main complaint is that he never cared much about going to church before he met me, and he drinks a little too much. With my help, he is showing signs of reforming. I love him and think we could be happy. Do you?—DON'T KNOW Dear Little Girl: What you "Don't Know" would fill several large volumes. I'll just hit the high spots: 00 An IS-year-old girl who ties herself up for six or eight years has rocks in her head. (2) A high school kid who "doesn't care much about church" and "drinks a little too much" sounds like bad news. (3) A girl who saves money toward marriage while her boy friend buys himself a car "to run around in" is a fool. She usually, winds up supporting both herself and her. husband while he blows his salary on extras. You need this infant like a moose needs a hat rack. Forget it. Dear Ann Landers: I am a woman who has been happily married for 10 years. We have two children and I can truthfully say we have had a lot less trouble in our marriage than most of. the people we know. Last week my husband did a strange thing. A, girl we both know casually was involved in an auto accident. She is unmarried and used to live. in this apartment building. The accident occurred near a small town about 50 miles from here. She broke her arm and was taken to the small town hospital. My husband left work early and drove to see her without telling me he was going or asking me to go along. When he got home to dinner (several hours late) he told me where he had been. Naturally I blew my stack. He hasn't gone to see her since, nor has he mentioned her name. Was I wrong to blow up? Shall 1 apologize? Please advise. —PUZZLEMENT Dear Puzzlement: By all means apologize. The paucity of evidence didn't warrant an explosion. He told you where he had been — now forget it or you may create a problem where none exists. Are you going steady? Making marriage plans? If so, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Before You Marry — Is It Love Or Sex?", enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Copyright 1962, Field Enter prises, Inc. COOK' TOUR Q. 'Tarn a bride and a working girl, 25 years old, small frame, feet, almost.5 inches tall and weigh 124. pounds. A year and a lalf, ago I weighed only 102 wunds. My doctor gave me vita- nirvs and advised me to eat a lot. '. don't think 1 weigh too much, jut I would like exercises whereby I can lose in the thighs, hips and stomach." A. You 'are just about the correct weight. Since you say that you have a job as well as a hus- jand, you will probably like exercises which are effective for more than one figure fault. There- r ore, I suggest you use my Combination Exercises. The following exercise is one of those from my .eaflet. It slims. both hips and abdomen. Lie on your left side. Be sure that your body is in a straight line from head to feet. Swing the right leg backward as By JEANNE LESEM NEW YORK (UPI)-A switchboard operator in one office calls 4 p.m. "potato time." That's when working mothers call home to tell their teen-agers to put potatoes on for supper. It is also the hour when wives start calling husbands to ask if they'll be home on time. As the afternoon wanes, the evening meal also gets lop priority from single women who work, reports "Today's Secretary," a magazine for the "Girls Friday" nationwide. Writer Marilyn French questioned married and single working women for tips on evening meal preparation after a hard day at the office. "Shifting from electric typewriter to electric range is easier if you do it gently," said a wife whose family gets home late. She's obviously not a calorie- counter, as she stops for a coffee and toast break on the way home to tide her over while she cooks "I'd be very glad to bid but I'd rather leave my mon- ey in rny F & M Bank savings accounfl" pA'prnERS AHD mERCHAnTS / LOGAHSPORT. InoiAnA A PURDUE SUMMER CONVOCATION THE ALLEGRO AMERICAN BALLET COMPANY Starring Doreen Tempest Formerly with Sadler's Wells Ballet Co. PROGRAM • ROMEO AND JULIET • RAYMONDA-PAS DE TROIS • THE NUTCRACKER THURSDAY, JULY 5-8p.m. Edward C. Elliott Hall of Music 75c ADMISSION 75e Tickets on sale at the box office in the Edward Elliott Hall of Music. Open 8-12 and 1-4. 021ZC22ZO* JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Combination Exercises Aid Working Girl .Swinging one leg and one arm in opposite thighs, hips and stomach all at the same time. directions provides workout for muscles of dinner. Another secretary, whose family gels home early, serves them milk, soup or juice in mugs while they wait for her to fix the evening meal. This technique can be an excellent method of weight control. The late Dr. Norman Jolliffe, a nutrition expert, once told me that a low-calorie first course eaten 30 .minutes before mealtime reduces appetite pangs so that you aren't tempted to 'overeat. The bugaboos for most after- live cooks include choosing foods and finding time to prepare them, wrote Miss French. Some working wives become Sunday cooks, preparing a big roast or baked ham on Sunday. They use the leftovers the remainder of the week, in hot and cold sandwiches, with noodles in sauce, or as stew or chop suey. An Italian secretary said she triples her spaghetti sauce recipe, uses one-third immediately and freezes the remainder in two containers for future meals. Other suggestions from working you swing your right, arm forward. The right arm moves backward as the right leg conies for-; ward. Continue, with a long, smooth swing. Reach . with the arm and toe as far as you can in .each direction.' After a while, turn onto the right side and swing the left leg and arm. Q. "Will hip and thigh exercises cause broken capillaries in the legs?" A. No. Q. "Please advice whether it's proper to wear a hat with one's costume. I've noticed, that where I live the casual style seems to be the order of the day." A. Times have changed. In the past hats were obligatory at luncheons and receptions and cocktail parties. Now the only time when a hat seems to be essential is for church. I think this is too bad in a way because hats can be so pretty and glamorous. Q. "Having had a good deal of trouble lately I more or less neglected my figure, with the result that I now find that I am about .0 or 12 pounds overweight. Will exercise help? I am 37 years old. is that too- late to be thinking about improvement?" A. Too old at 37? You are never ,00 old. Women can improve theii appearance though they are YEARS older than 37. If you wil make up your mind to do so, you can lose that 10 pounds quickly and I know it will be a relief to you. Any exercise helps because t burns up calories. However :he main value of using one's own muscles is the way this tones anc also distributes weight. wives included the following: Let children set the table in advance, after school, or set it in the morning and cover it. Enlist older children to prepare salads, peel potatoes and make pudding or gelatin, desserts. Arrange equipment so that cooking utensils are near the stove, frequently - used appliances, on counters near electric outlets, and dishes and glassware, in cupboards nearest the table. One secretary — obviously, the "try anything" type — said she dries dishes with her hair dryer. To which our office wit, wisecracked: "It's all right if you don't have dandruff." Utah's Bryce Canyon takes its name from a Mormon pioneer who homesteaded nearby in the 187ns. Open Mon. thru Fri. 6:30 p. m, Sot., Sun., 1 p. m. Within The Coffin I Lie Alive! s T A IE Plus "Wonders of Philadelphia." A review on American Fashions and color cartoon. Shows at: 7:40 and 9:45 p. m. SKYLINE Last Time Tonight No. on 17 Phone 4802 TOWN at io : 30—PARIS at »:;)o Hoio couCd it hapn&n to knew her! NADJA TILLER' TONY BRITTOiTWILLIAM BENOIX TOMORROW'S BONUS SHOW WALKER MOOR r ,*GOLD OF THE SEVEN SAINTS If any of my readers would like ;o have my "Combination Exer cisps" send a stamped, self-ad dressed envelope with your re quest for leaflet No. 5 to Jose phine Lowmnn in care of this newspaper. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune SevflR Robert E. Lee Ready For Excursion Trips Twelve Mile Ladies' Aid Will Meet TWELVE MILE-EUB Ladies Aid will meet .Thursday afternoon, fuly .5 at 2 o'clock 'at the church. Chapel contest losers,' captained >y Mrs. Dorothy Wilbur, will en- .ertain the winning learn.; Skinner Ladies -Aid will meet Thursday evening, July 5 at the home of' Mrs. Paul Smith. Corinth WMS and Sisterhood lave been postponed until July 11 and 10, respectively. Lioness will meet Monday eve> ning,' July 2, at 7:~45 at Memorial iall instead df the regular date Because of the,July 4,celebration sponsored, by the 'Lions starting Tuesday evening, July 3. • -. Eight members of the .^Bethlehem Methodist WSCS entertained sixty-four patients at a Ward party, at State Hospital. Billy Stuber, 9, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray'Stuber is improving after recent surgery at Memorial hospital, Logansport. .Claude Kime is improving at Methodist hospital, Indianapolis. Mrs. Kime and Marjorie visited him 'and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer See, Anderson, Sunday. . Mr. .and Mrs. Byron Moss and Max and Mrs. Emma Abshire visited Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shand and family, Kalamazoo, Mich., Sunday. Mrs. Frank Hay and daughters and Everett Doran, Fontana, Calif., were here for funeral serv- iqes for Mrs. Edith Doran. Dick Babb accompanied them back to California and continued to San Francisco where he is stationed. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Young have returned home after vacationing in Wisconsin. Mrs. Tom Helms is improving at the home of her parents, Mr. The Robert E. Lee, a 53-ton,106-ft. Jong, pleasure boat, capable of carying 300 passengers, was scheduled to start two-hour excursions Friday on Lake Freeman, five miles south of Monticello, at Roth Park. The boat, the largest paddle wheel excursion boat built and registered in Indiana for use on inland lakes, will .carry 300 life preservers, according to the operator, William Luse. During the two-hour, cruises concession stands will be open and passengers may dance to juke box music or to small live combos, Lute said. The Robert E. Lee, with 4,600 square feel of floor space, is 24 fee; wide and stands two stories high.. It is powered by diesel engines, and is propelled through the water by a large paddle wheel. Luse said the boat can accommo- dalc 400 passengers but only 300 wil; be permitted to take the cruise at any one time. The boat will be operated between 1 p.m. and midnight daily. The live music for dancing wil) be provided on the top deck each Friday and Saturday night. and Mrs, Joe Lybronk, Calveston. The baby is also getting along well. Mrs. Lena Ax.bell and Mrs. Edith Johnson, Lancaster, Ohio, visited Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hintie and other relatives. Mrs. Pearl Kime attended funeral • services Sunday for Jesse jowman at Rochester. Ronald Grable visited Mr. ami Mrs. Larry Grable, Joliet, 111., over the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. David Zarlmar; and family visited last week with Mrs. Zartman's sister, Mr. and and Mrs. Richard Woods and baby, of Salina, Kansas. . John Kime spent Sunday with Miss Mona Hutchinson at Ball Stale. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Welling, South Bend, visited Mrs. Edna Welling Sunday and she accompanied them home for a few days visit. Mrs. Mary Hemmersbaugh, St. Paul, is visiting relatives here. Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Skinner at Lake Manitou were Mrs. Hemmersbaugh, Mr. and Mrs. William Brown and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hemmers- baugh and family, Mt. Prospect, 111.; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hibner, Bremen; Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Brown and Jerry. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Swanson are home after vacationing in northern Michigan including a 5- Day Forecast ir t % United Press International Northern 3rd Indiana E-DAY OUTLOOK: Tempera- ;ures will average 3 to 5 degrees aWe normal. Normal highs 82 to 87. Normal lows 61 to 65, Cooler <wr . weekend, turning warmer again in midweek. Precipitation will total one-tenth inch or less n scattered showers and thunder- she wers over weekend and again in midweek. Central & South Indiana F-DAY OUTLOOK^ Temperatures will average 2 to 4 degrees ab<ive normal. Normal highs upper 80s. Normal lows mid 60s. A little cooler central about first of week. Precipitation will average oni>tenlh inch or less in widely scattered thundershowers over weekend. RAMS SIGN LINEBACKERS LOS ANGELES (UPD-Velcr- an linebackers Bill Jobko and Rol> Long have signed for the 19*2 National football League seuson with the Los Angeles Ri-ms. Jobko, sidelined late in th<! 1961 season by injuries, is re portedly fully recovered. vinit to Mackinac Island. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hinkl* viiiiled Sunday with Mr. and Mrs I/Ten Hinkle and family, For W»yne. It's The ROBERT E. LEE EXCURSION BOAT at Roth Park, Monticello STARTING TODAY-4>AILY EXCURSION TRIPS EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING AT 2 P. M., 4-6-8 AND 10 P. M. ON BEAUTIFUL LAKE FREEMAN. You'll enjoy these sight-seeing trips on the largest paddle-wheel excursion boat ever to be built and registered in Indiana on any inland lake (4600 square feet of floor space). Romantic moonlight excursions, dancing under the stars to the music of the "Illusions"—a great teenage band. Also visit— THE PIRATE'S ROOST "only one like it ,in the world" FINEST OF FOODS and your favorite drink served in the atmosphere of the Old Pirate Den. It's Beautiful! — It's Exciting!

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