The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on September 7, 1925 · 10
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · 10

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Monday, September 7, 1925
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) - PAGE TEN BRYAN NOT MEMBER . OF KLAN, IS CLAIMED Washington. September G. (A) The Washington Tost has carried a fttnry purporting to quote from .wo letters written by members of the family of the la'v WiTliam Jennings Bryan, stating that Mr. Bryan was not a m-mler of the Ku Klu.v One of the letters was written by the sun f the commoner, William Jennings Bryan. Jr.. and was addressed to Thomas A. Conway, of Elyria. tli in. lr reail : '.Mr. Bryan never was a nienibet of the Ulan or sny similar organization. 1 h.-ne stated this many times and it has been published in many pa pers." Tim other letter, which is said to l,a i irtnillc i'ie sine as the one writ ten by Mr. Bryan. Jr., was written at. Mrs. Bryan's direction by W. K. Thompson, secretary to Mrs. Bryan to C 'ne I'. II. CjHahan. prominent , . . i . i r i ii i.- oemocr! i h: if.'tnn . 'i i n i. .. and !i close triend of the commoner. ( Both letters are ilnted August 3!'J."(. The Post pointed out in connection with the letters that on the day of the Bryan funeral in Washington, the Ku KIiit K!an, according to press reports, m many sections ot me conn- try burned "fiery crosses"' iiS a tribute! In his memory. i Also it notes that among the many floral tributes received on the day of the funeral in Washington was a wreath from the Ku Klux Klan. A few days biter, on the occasion of the big Han demonstration in this city, a h wa laid on his grave in Arlington cemetery. Onlv at the Eton and Harrow match, at Ascot and at roynl tunc- lions is the "top hat" worn "by com- n.nnd" in F.ntrlanri. and even at the! university matches it was not the rule i tris year. LOGAN CIJUIKE STROTHER C. FLEMING LOGAN CLARKE INSURANCE AGENCY Fire, Automobile, Burglary, Accident, Etc Fourth National Bank Bldg. Phone Walnut 0983 PeraonaJ Attention Prompt Pay No Delay Visitors from Atlanta to Nmt Cork and Sbr AUmtar A prrfeet new hotel riot appreciates Yonr patronage and otfrn 600 finely furnished rooms, each with bath, shower and aervidoT. Three exceptional restaurants. CratTenient to away irnm noisy 2h Hlamac 71 ITTtEET AHD CROADWAT Ltz Ownmhip-Manatmemt M YJ University School For Boys Thirty-First Session Opens Sept. 9th Atlanta's Select Private Non-Military School. Classes limited to fifteen pupils to each teacher. The only non-mili-tary school in Atlanta whose graduates are admitted to college upon diploma. For catalog, write or call R. K. White, A. M., President 41 W. 14Lh St. HEm. 0410 P hi M We cjrrv a full tine of paint, paint brushes, white lead, linseed ml. window glass and cverythine to be found in a ftrst-cLtss p.tin: stre. Fulton Lime and Cement Co. 521 Edge wood Avenue HAS YOUR ARGUMENT GOT A T U KC H WILL YOUR SALES-TA LK SELL THE GOODS? ) our goods will back up your claims why trot tell the farmers of the southeast about them? Sranj too. otto f, time and let 'em CI r:ery-oiher-day east are w.i;ti:it; tor The Tri-Weeklv Cnnsuru-ti'"1" jut a you wait tor our dailv pc-er it's a hal-it they have had tor over a' half eery -?rv. on thiiK inee -re miftaken- -ivr need. fa-m r aftei rhe F The FOR SAL! Flat newsprint paper suitable for small publishers and job printers. The price is right P. 0. Box 1731, Atlanta. Ga JonesCountyMan ! I Held i n Florida On Murder Count Ma-on, fia., September 0. The sheriff's office announced tonight that AV. A. (Frog Eje) Johnson, wanteii in Jones county on a warrant cliarij-in murder in connection with the slaying of County Policeman Floyd Malone and Deputy Frank Tucker, nine days ago, is under arrest in Miami, Fla. Deputies from either Bibb or Jone.-county will leave here tomorrow morn inz to bring Johnson back to the city. lie is said to have left hen the morning, following the murder and was traced to Augusta, to Savannah to Jacksonville and finally to Miami Johnson is a former street railway motorman of this city, and is tinder t tionii here lor violating inc nroniiM jtion law. for alleged bootlegging. t Officer state that he moved from ( (his citv to Jones county several ' ....I... ' . t l. . i..... i mom us t:;o n tirrr iir v.ij;, t iii!io, cu by one of the men previously arrest s led on murder warrants. I .Mitchell Moore, one of the nine per . j sons held on warrants charging rant- i rPr jn connection with the slaying: of two Jones county officers, was re-j leased from the Bibb county jail late i last night. That a special session of the Jones county grand jury will be called next week was indicated by officers vestigating the case tonight. These officers stated that only two of the prisoners held in connection with the murder are accused of being principals in the crime. Names were i not disclosed. There are said to lie one or more accessories to the crime, the officers stated. . The merchandise trade balance in favor of the Tinted States in foreign trade in 1!24 was approximately MKMHKVK0. everything yet congesaon. fj S st Si'vl ZSk&M 1 5Kjik?a . JJL. rmer have ill in rov at one it. 100.000 farmers of th farmer take a daily paper -The Tri-Weeki L.onstitu-the news who'e fa mil v ai! of 1 I I SSbr 4 If - - i many advantages OF ATLANTA CITED by c. frank dunn c. Frank d club and one of a group of men largely responsible for completion of Ken- tncky highways which now form o'ie of the principal gateways into Georgia, will work with the touring bu- t K 'i , , ' ! ' . 'A -1 ! C 1 BANK DON. I - $l.-!reau of The Atlanta Constitution in routing tourists via btone ilouutaiu to Florida. Mr. Dunn has just been named publicity director for the Stone Mountain Memorial coin drive in Kentucky and while in Atlanta recently in connection with his new work, viewed Stone mountain for the first time. Mr. Ditun was unstinted in his praise for Atlanta and cited among other jioints of interest for tourists. Stone mountain, the painting of the Battle of Atlanta, the Wren's Xest. Bobby Burns Cottage. Kennesaw ! mountain and otner points, which he ' found time to view during his short i stay here. Mr. Iunn is well quali- fied to judge the tilings that interest ; tourists, not only because he annually routes many thousand cars to all parts of the country, but because Ins city of Lexington is one of the richest in points of interest to tourists to be found in central I'nited States, giving him an excellent opportunity to know and study the tourist and his desire to see the interesting spots as he motors through. HAM BRICK CONDUCTS SERIES OF MEETINGS i A series of meetings will begin to- ; ni 'til nt the North Atlanta Baptist ! (rh.ircn with Evangelist Y . L. Ham- brick conducting services. me r at midnight Saturdav, and the votes j vital will continue all during the week ! ,vj1 he counted Monday by a commit-The suh.icet for tonight is "Tne Devn. j tPe .pointed by the board of manag-: Where Did He Come From. hat s : -p. A T.i-e ia lnmni sra. ll o...i AV'i.r.. la Ito Clr.iixr''" ' J,c i"o.ift. ...... ..- - - III K lif.l.l .1 1 T I nVloctr 1 ' rp .io t.c 1.' m .-.w " - - - - - . ?rvi each night. Toilet Trio Send for Samples To wticcr Labor tcr ;, Lrp R. Idr ft. i o cur j constipation th medictnv mut be more than a purgative; it must contain tonic, alterative and cathartic properties. TuWs Pills posses these qualities, and speedily restore to the bowels their natural function. BUGS them Bee Brand Insect Powder won't stain or harm eny thing except insects. . Household sizes, 10c and 25c other sizes, 50c and $1.00, at your druggist or grocer. Write for Free Booklet. "It Kills Them'. McCORMICK & CO, Baltimore. Mi. PEABODY BALTIMORE. KT. Ihn Leading Endowed Musical Conservatory in the Country I Scholar h!r.l. Omrmtlc training BED) ! t - sai uuun ifin- BANKRUPT SALE ! Vratnr' of 301 degrees, recorded l.v . 'h' I nite,l States weather bureau. ' ltui't:n. Atlanta, r.eorsia. at 10 o'clock j oefore Z o clock, at which hour the i a. xi . on sericmtier !?'h. jo, the toi'ow-1 previous high of 100.3 had been brk-: inn property of J he M inter Homes Com-! ml r -f- r, r.Vl.w.L- ur ' xnnt...n.- I ..... K..- Km i f .1 . n (. mi,, i ; " '"fi?l;n,;r,Z fi,. , ..-i ment: machinery and tools: auto trucks. j Knll information njav be secured Irom i ; Ralph H. Pharr, 504 Hea'.er ISuiiding. At lanta. Georgia. jonx w. i.irsroMB. Tniftee in Backrnpuy of The Minter Domes t'ouipaiij-. LOANS ON DIAMONDS -:- Jefferson Loan Society 8 Auburn Ave., Atlanta, Ga. ' SEALED PROPOSALS i Ttcn TWO.HOCM PORTABLE SCHOOL BUILDISGS AT HOHELAND AMD WMxit- FcoT?n AvrutiE SCHOOLS. 1 Sca!cl irn'oosals oe re?eived hy he Bc,--rt f K liv nri .n. 'tty of Atlanta, n r tM-fore 12 o'cl.xk en. September 1"'. 12.", in er of K. f,. Md ull"Ugii. husioes-i minasfr nf BT.rd of Kdncation. City Mall. 2. "l'lai end nreitu-ationa may be pr.i-ri!-cl of K. L. M.t'ulloagh, t'urth fleer. t'.ir TJsi! i 3 The Board, of Education reserve tue ' i rii-nt to reject aar oae or a'.l bu! and to i j Prn'c'i a-e invited, in accordance with 1 tb f-nkins f;nd proiw'.oo at the mortgage. ! fcr tl e sale to the Cemiiany of $5o.'i00 pur hie, or any part thereof. irst Congou-dated 3J art care Bends ot the ieergia Bail-way nd JJlectric t'ompany, of Atlanta, ia.. d nroposals tn be receired not later tbn I and to be o?en"d on September 2-"th, 132S, J t tuelve o cloct noon. Ihe risijt la r- serred to reiet any and all nffers. GEORGIA RAILWAY A. MWER COMPANY i. W, BUINE. Tice I're'idenT. Atlanta, iin. Lm Established J872 Mambera ofprindpal exeliaceea. lrjcjuflnf Vinr Or lean a Cotton ExchaBpa, Naw York Cotton Exchange. Ne York Stock Exchanga and Chicago Board of Trod. Direct pnv-it wirea t5 New Ycric, Crucago.and pvincapel potota ia the Cotton Bait. For further iMfarrttatim w mur morrmmvonatnt A. V. CURRAN & CO. Trart Coxsaay ef fieanrta Baildita raaoe WAiaoi SC25. Atlaata. Sa. DaRy CattM Market THE CONSTITUTION, ATLANTA, ADMITS WRECKING PASSENGER TRAIN Tjouisville, Ky September 6. C45) Removal of spikes from ties and a broken switch lock wrecked Louisville and Nashville pasenger train No. 21 late last night, killing the engineer. scalding; the fireman aid clighlly in- j juring- more tnan a score or passengers. One man. arrested on the scene I today by special detectives and spirited away to a jail in u nearby county, was said by them to have confessed and implicated two other men. The wreck occurred at Knob Lick, Ky.. 300 miles southeast of herj. The train crashed into steel cars standing on a siding, into which it was turned by the broken twitch lock. The engine turned over, killing the engineer. John F. Dudderar, of Louisville. ad derailing seven cars. The engineer saw what was coming, but could not stop the train. He shouted to his fireman, O. F. Walling, of Louisville, to jump. He did just as the crash came and escaped although badly scalded. I-ist i " injured. The passengers who were injured were cut and bruised by being thrown about, in' the cars. Their hurts were treated at the scene by doctors from nearby towns. Those injured slightly included : J. O. Kochert, New Albany, Ind. Mrs. Klla May Lauer. Louisville. John Knead. Blue Itidgo, Ga. Mrs. A. Walters. Harlan, Ky. Miss Catherine E. Brown, Jx)uis-ville. W. D. Stodgill, baggagemaster, Louisville. Mrs. I. E. Disney. Louisville. Miss Loretta F. Brown, Louisville. Miss Loretta F. Browu, Louislle Fred MclUure, Crab Orchard. Ky. Mrs. Katherine Wiggins, Brodhead. Kr. F.ihiit Nevitt. Blue Kidge. (la. Mrs. J. C Matthews, Butte, Mont. I. K. Davis, Brodhead, Ky. W. J. Hayes, Crab Orchard, Ky. I. il. Stamps, Allan' . Mrs. O. Ferguson, Mt. Vernon. Ky Mrs. J. I). Camden. Itowland. Ky. vV. F. Sheridan, superintendent of the Louisville division, went to the scene on a special train and started the investigation which led to the arrest of the man who when questioned was said to have given the names ot his companions. The cars in the train remained upright, and all but the last Pullman was derailed. New Trustees Of University Known Today Athens. Ga., September 0. (Spe- ci-l I Time for ciisrinir hnHofs hv the alumni in the contest to elect "four .,Q- maUx, tn v- t, -.t e t.,,. 0f tje University of Georgia, closed , " - j . t i;irv anu receivea me nauors. r.L . - . .1 1 rip resuir. is exnecien to ne nn- I no'mc-ed late Mondav, j Kiht nominated candidates, and a ninth one, Harold Ilirseh, put into the r.-H-e hy tue alumni ot Athens, were voted on. Those nominated by the board were: W. IX Anderson, nresident of th i?;i.k rn(nnt.;n.. a r . Frank D. Foley, attorney, Columbus; Harry Hodgson, business man. Ath- i-ns : Samuel 11. iMbJey, l nited States ! .t'udKe. -Marietta: V. H. Barrett. ; I'nited States j'idgp, Augusta: A. It. ,J.awton. attorney, Savannah; Marion : Smith, attorney, Atlanta; AVarren i.Mdse. attorney. Atlanta, and Harold Hirseh, attorney. Atlanta, j According to Mr. Lowe, the voting ; was the heaviest ever polled in a so-: ciery election and the outcome of the ! election is very problematical. I The new trustees will be qualified jto participate in the election of the successor to Chancellor David C. Bar- row. resigned, to be held on September ' 11, in Atlanta. SOUTH CAROLINA PRAYS FOR RAIN Continued From First Page. bringing a measure of relief from the heat. Oklahoma continued in the grip of the heat wave. At Tulsa, the mercury touched 105 degrees this afternoon. Birmingham. Ala.. September 6. ! (&) The temperature in P.irmingham i rose to Km at 2 o'clock this after-! noon, equaling yesterday's record fig- ure. Two hours later lazy clouds ap-! pea red and a breeze developed, al-' leviating the iutensity of the heat i somewhat. KnosviUe. Tenn., September 6. High temperature records of the past 51 years were shattered here this afternoon, when for hours the fir V S 7 fill av.fl t 1 nrl I m I An . . " " '"-i"ir wave broke. A droo of !) flerrees i two nours was registered. DECLARES ATLANTA NEEDS PUBLICITY Continued From First Page. hotel in Cincinnati, the Gibson, motored through for the purpose of completing arrangements for the Dixie highway u;otorcade which will reeh Atlanta at noon' October 15. The motorcade will leave from tli? north ern terminus of the Dixie highway October .". The chamber of commerce in Cincinnati will entertain the motorcade party on October 8. Many prominent persons not connected witn the motorcade have accepted invita- i tions to this dinner, including Sen- ators h.riisr an'! Il'lPont. Governor Donahev. of Ohio: Governor Fields of Kentucky; Adolph S. Orhs. pul- li-hr of The New York Times, and many of the officials of the Dixie Highway association, t!:? Kentucky and Ohio highway commissioners, and others. The complete program for the entertainment of the motorcade will be announced shortly and will include stops in Lexington. Ky. ; Middles-boro. Ky. : Knoiville. Chattanooga. Atlanta. ,T-r- Jacksonville. BEEM New Orleans, La I Uttn Seat On Waanaat GA., MONDAY, SEPTEMBER' 7, KENTUCKtAN WILL AID MEMORIAL COIN SALE W. VILKY McFKUliAN. W. Yiley McFerran. executive s-letary to Governor Fields of Ken-tiUky. who was in Atlanta recently preparing to launch a "clean-up" ctim-paign for the pale of Stone Mountain Memorial coins in Kentucky. Mr. McFerran is .state -ommauder of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Fireman Overcome By Smoke in Rescue Of Trapped Negroes Fireman R. K. Griswell, of company No. 4. was overcome by smoke and heat sorly Sunday morninjr while n id in 5 in the rescue of 20 negroes who had been trapped when flames gutted SIS 320. ?22 and K24 Decatur street a buiidius owned by Sehoen brothers. The blaze began, according to fire officials, in the junk lionse of J. Minsk, 31S. 320 and 322 Decatur strcer, spreading to the grocery s'ore of H. Minsk, :?24 D-catnr strret, vHch was also wrecked. The eause of the fire has not been determined Griswell" s condition is not serious. The negroes who were rescued were roomers in the lodgings of Kosa "Wrisht. 318 Decatur, and Magnolia Fond, :!24i Decatur. Flames of undetermined origin destroyed the home of Will Hennett. 19-: Fairhaven avenue, and seriously damaged the residence of J. P. Pierce next door at 101 Fairhaven. The f;rc was discovered about 2:40 o'clock Sunday morning. Sparks from the boiler room caused a blaze that did Finiall damage at the Fox Manufacturing compauy, located at Bankhead avenue and Means street, about 1 o'clock Sunday morning. Georgia Casualty Co. Celebrates Arrival Of Gunn and Jones) Today has been proclaimed a new j national holiday in M0 states of the ! union by one of Atlanta's largest business houses, the Georgia Casualty company, which ha- instructed every one of its branch offices from Key-West, Fla., to Seattle, Washington, to celebrate Monday, September 7, not only as the nation's Labor Day but also as the day of the honie-com- ! ing of Robert Jones and Watts (Sunn j back to their native heath with all . the glorious honors of amateur golf. I This new national holiday has been proclaimed by the Georgia Casualty company, it was announced at President W. Kmett Small's offices, because of the close association between the fathers of Atlanta's two young golfers and the offices of the Georgia Casualty company. R. P. Jones, Hobby's father, is senior counsel of t (irwirnrii I'ncunlrv eoTimativ. ami Judge Will Gunn, Watt's father, is the company's vice president. MEN'S BIBLE CLASS NAMES NEW LEADERS "With election of new officers, plans for another year's work, were laid Sundav morning by the Men's Bible class of the St. Mark's Methodist church. J. A. Strever was named president to succeed 'Charles F. Hoke, and a signal compliment was paid Judge H. Warner Hill, of the state supreme court, in the recommendation of the nominating committee that he be elected teacher for life. .Tude Hill has taught the class since hrs organization, approximately five years ago, and is held in high esteem at the church. Other officer include Gyon Parks, first vice president : li. M. Kogle. second vice president ; Charles O. Merk secretary: 1j. I... McCullough. assistant secretary: A. Twton Miller, reelected treasurer : Hunter Bell, publicity manager: "W. 15. Swint. leader of Section "A." and C J. Wood-berry, leader of Section "B." Albert Armstrong was named class cartoonist. Students Entering Oglethorpe University in September should matriculate at once. The student body will be limited to 4."0 for the session of l'J'JZ-'JG and until Jxwr? hall and the new nnits of lAipton hall are finished. Catalog and bulletins on application. Phone Hemlock 300G-J or W. (adv.) LODGE NOTICES Regular meeting of the Masonic Home club will be held in banquet hall of W. D. Lnckie b-de, Gordon and Lee atreet. tlv (Monday evenine at 8 o'clock. All those interest M in the Masonic Orphans' home at Macon ere cordially invited. VV. H. POOL, Trest. roWKR. See. j r. Atlanta lodee. No. 2. Kn:ebt of Pythias, will bold a regular convention ' on Monday. September 7. at i H p. m.. in the Camle hall, j tor. floor Forsyth bniMins. ' All qualified and vinitin j local Knightu cordially iu- vited. KARXEUT SEAMAXS, C. C. i CRAKi. K. K. A S. ; A. A. The atated eonclate of Coenr rie Lion command-. ery. No. 4, Knitlita , Templar, will be held in j its asylum thi (Mou-j day) evenine, Septem ber 7. at 7:30 sharp. Matters of special i interest are to le disressed and you are irged to be preer,t. The Red Cross will be conferred. Visiting Sir Knlshts cordial-Iv invited to meet Wjtii us. By order R. G. C.ER5LIN. C. H. AT. KEESK, C. G. J.NO. TV. MTTRREI.L, Ree. PROFESSIONAL CARD j A;bert Howell Jr. Mark ttoldiog Uio?!i M. Horsey ""S" ""T;"" . 1 W. r. H!ox1wort6 ! Artbnr tleyman j;..rme Hotmim DOR5EY, HOWELL & HEYMAN Lawyer LOS to 30 ConaaUj Cliz. Atlaata, Ga ,V -Jr.-, J 4? P1 1925. GREAT AUDIENCES GREET DR. HOUGHTON Three great crowds assembled Sunday at the Baptist Tabernacle to vel-conie Dr. Houghton and his wife into his active ministry at the church. At the Sunday school hour he was greeted by 1323 Sunday school students At the 11 o'clock hour Dr. Houghton spoke on "The Church of Todav " He took his text from Johr 20:21 "Peace be unto you; as my Father hath sent me. even o send I you" savins; that this was the method and message .,f the church of today. Dr. Houghton said that the church had .been ihe foremost topic of the day since the war. Dr. Houghton told of the Palace of Peace built to be the home of the Dove of Peace. The palace was built but the nation did not find peace. He stated that the only message of peace was the crucified Iord, ar- that the only way a nation or community could find peace was through the blood of Jesus. He quoted from a French minister who said during the war that the blood of our sons need not have been shed had we paid enough attention to the blood of Jesus. He stated that organizations and societies were good in their places. but that Jesus was better. lie said that the gospel of Jesns was not a social or political one hut an individual one, showing that two of his greatest discourses were delivered to individuals Nicodemus and the Woman of Samaria. He said that what Jesus wanted was not the head allegi "LOANS' Take Advantage of The Money Market TTiia is a refinancing period. Never have vre seen the money market offer aa many advantages in the form of low interest rates and easy terms. It may be years before you will be able to refinance your business property mortgages as advantageously as TODAY. MORTGAGE LOAN DEPARTMENT Adair Realty & Trust Co. L O A N S WAL. 0100 'loans: '3S Years Without a Loss" 7 and B EViortgages We have a few 7 and 85? direct first mortgages which we offer our clients subject to prior sale. Weyman 8s. 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For escli Keueration ohatl leave on thia earth ame of its savioss or some of Its laixr in a permanent form. Thia will never he better shnwn than in the honw huilt b-r J. I.. Turner when he ronrejved the .!ea of Hollow Tile ron'-rete .Spanish VPIaa. Thr Wi" 1 here for a hundred years as a testimonial of sincerity. It ia a distinction t. own one. Villa Mirafloren open to the pnhllc everv ds and even'n except Pandar. 'in Univensltj- Urire between Morningide arid Irv::d it ills. J. L. TURNER 418-419 Atlanta Trust Company Building. Villa Miraflores HEmloclc 3845-W Edvr. Kicbtirdson. C. I. A. IV. C. Jackson. C. V. A. I.. I.. Iavi. C. P., A. RICHARDSON, JACKSON & DAVIS CERTIFIED FUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS S orrt-PMr to ALONZO RICHARDSON & COMPANY 1420-1425 Atlanta Trust Co. Bldg. Atlanta, Ga. FOR 20,000 sq. feet floor space, centrally located, suitable for many kinds of business. Close to retail district. Freight depots of all roads near. Will give a 10-year lease o acceptable party. For an interview address U-336, Constitution. Lowest Interest Rates on Real Estate Loans ATLANTA AND SUBURBS Also in Other Smaller Georgia Cities See o before 100 apply for a loin else here. We re maWnu aiirartlre term -.!b-ut rej taae. Low rates mn.t lloerai MORTGAGE BOND & TRUST CO. r. I LETT1S. Preitdent. T. W. PATTTTRSON. 16 Walton Street, Cornrr Uroad - ance of many but the heart allegiance of few. Snnday night Dr. Houghton spoke on the subject. "Has the World Outgrown the Bible." MORTUARY E0EACE X. McCLTSKEY, JK. Horace M. MeCleokey, Infant son of llr. and Mrs. Horace M. MeCJeskey, died Saturday at the residence, 306 Washington street. He Is survived .t Ms crnndpsrents. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Corley nnd Sir. Minnie McCleskey. - v FLORAL OFFERINGS 425 Peschtras St Phone WAi. 603o A FUNERAL DESIGNS 115 riACHTl.II 3ES.sE9?!3?!53Si L O A N S HEALEY SLDG. Rents TO WANT ONE lidgcv.'ood .hv. a"J Pryor Si. wTitr'TWftUi- Money to Lend Phone WAlnut 3111 PLUS WAlnot 3810 repayment fratures. Vice Pres. . - L R. MrfUTIHKT, Vt-e P-. ATLANTA, GEORGIA 5 v FLORAL OFFERINGS '4 Funeral Notices AVIIITAKEIi Friends of Miss Fannie Whitakor are invited to attend her r . . . . i . i . . . . mirai iuis lAwntiay) alternoon at 31 o'clock, from the Sacred Heart churchJ r amer j. tiowe ofriciatinR. Interment at Greenwood cemetery. The remains are at funeral parlors of Greenberg & Bond Co. CUAIItY Mrs. Kmma rJiizabeth Cum-ny died Sundav n:ornini. Sentemher 7 t at a private sanitarium, in thef . - - , . n-ini-iu year ot ner age. Mie ia survived by her hush.nid. Mr. O. A. t'limby, and two children, Mildred and I.ithea Cuml.y. The remains V.-ere carried to t.'iirrollton. Ga., this (Mondavi inormnir f.r funeral and interment. Harry G. I'oolo, in charjre. IO.NKS The friends of Mr. Walter E. Jones and Miks 'Lucretia Glynn are invited to attend the funeral r,f Mr. Walter K. Jones Tuedav afternoon. S)femher 8. J0t!r. ' at s o'clock, from the chapel of Htrrv G. Poole. Key. I,ivid will officiate." Interment at Oakland cemetery. Mr. Jones was a member of Chippewa Tribe. No. r,. I. . It. M.. arid Krarire ( oiincil. Xn. 117. j. o. i;. A. M. MAUTIN The friends of Mr. and Mrs. John It. Martin, Mr. and Mr. . J. Has well ami Mr. and Mrs. James Martin, of Birmingham. Ala . are invited to attend the funeral of Mr. John li. Martin this (Mondavi afternoon at 3 o'clock, from the residence. 3.'5 Knglish avenue. Interment at Magnolia cemetery. Aw try & Lowndes Co.. funeral director. CAKNFS Mr. Henry W. Carnes died at the residence. 307 West Fourth street. Sunday afternoon, September? C. in-the forty-ninth year of his! ir,e. je.iies i,iS wuiow, lie is sur-i viveu l.y fire daughters, two sons and five sisters. Funeral services will be held tliis (Monday! afternoon at 2 :30 o'clock, at Use residence Inrerment j at Friendship church Tuesday. Sep-j N. Awtry Ac Lowndes Co., ! funeral lirector. ! 1IKXMXG The friends and reia-j lives of J. I Hennin. Mr. and Mrs. , J. . Heiinins: and Miss Alice Irene j Helming are invited to aifend the fu-ineral of J. r. Henninp. 11 -months-old son 01 Mr. .ana .Mrs. J. U. Jlenmnc. this f Monday) afternoon at 2:3() o'clock from the residence. 7 Snyder street. Interment at Hollywood eem-M'V.v. Awtry & Ixwndes Co., funeral director. I.ANDKKS Mrs. Birdie K. Landers died at the residence. Hills Park. Ga., Sunday morning. September C, l!2-"i. She is survived by her husband. Mr. J. T. Landers; one sister, Mrs. John Hetnpsey ; one brother, Mr. Edgar Ewinjr, and one niece. Miss Ernest I'h.irr. Funeral arrangements will he announced later by Barclay & Brandon. j ALEXANDER Mr. Aaron Alexander j died at a private sanitarium Septm-I her fi. 302.". lie is survived by his J widow. Mrs. N. Alexander: mother, i Mrs. Dora Alexander, of Charleston, j S. C. and two brothers, Charies and t Burton Alexander. The body wiil be j carried to Charleston. S. C. thi J (Mondavi afternoon for funeral and j interiuciit. Barclay & Brandon, in j charge. ! WALL Mrs. Mary Ann Wall died ! Srnday morning, September , 1V. 'at the residence. .";." West I'eachtree ' street, in the seventy-fifth year of her 1 ae. She is survived bv two daughters, j Mrs. S. C. Prim and'Mrs. W. Frank I Winecoff. and two sons. Mr. W. M. j Wall and I r. J. C. Wali. The rc-j mains will be sent to Eastman. Ga.. this t Moiida.v 1 mornin via Southern I railway, for funeral and interment, j Harry G. Poole, funeral director. jVAl'GHX The friends and relatives of Uev. Eiias LaFayette Vaughn are invited to attend his funeral this (Monday) morning, September 7, 0i'.". at 10 o'clock, from ihe First Baptist 'hur-!i. Or. Charles W. Maniel officiating. The following gentlemen will please net as pallbearers and meet at the chapel of Barclay Ac Brandon at U:4(t o'clock: Rev. J. L. Jackson. Kev. W. II. Maj, Uev. W. E. Cutis. Uev. S. A. Cowan. Rev. W. H. Faust and Uev. E. E. Roberts. The remains will be taken to Macon, Ga., for atifj interment. RRUGDEX The friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Brog-den. Mr. J. S. Brogden, E. S. Brogden. Wyley Brogdpn. William Brogden and Mrs. Ann Clower are invited to attend the funeral of Mr. John B. Brogden this ( Monday I afternoon. September 7. 102.". at 2:30 .."clock, from the chape! of Barclay & Brandon. Pallbearers selected will please meet at the chapel: Mr. John A'fred. Mr. Joseph A. McCord. Mr. E. W. Brogden. Mr. Wilmer More. Sr., Mr. W. C. Dumas and Mr. Victor L. Smith. Interment nr West View. JO.NKS The friends of Mr- and Mrs. W. A. Jones. Mr. AV. E. Jones. Mr. Aubrey Jones, Miss Pauline Jones, of F.tirburn. Ga.; Mr. J.. J. Jones, of West 1'altn Heach. Fla.; Mr. (Jlenn Jones, of IJradetitowti. Kla. ; Miss Minnie Wratt, of Aibertville. Ala., and Mrs. Wiltna Hopkins, of Albert-ville. Al.t.. an invited to Attend the funeral of Mrs. W. A. Jones this (Mondavi morning. September 7. at 11 tVlo-k, at the Hetliany ifeth- odist ehureh. near Fairbtirn. (a. Iiev. Arthur Manoits wiil officiate. Interment will he in the churchyard. The following: gentlemen will please aft as pallbearers and assemble at the resi dence. Fairbtirn. fia.. at, 0:4" o'clock: Rev. E. W. Jones. Mr. L. O. Jones. Mr. Ed Harris. Mr. E. A. Harris. Mr. Homer MrOaniel and Mr. Walter Boyd. A. Hemperley. fur.ernl di rrr?"r. HOU'K.V The friend and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bowen. Miss Martha Miller Bowen. Mr. Robert I. Milam. Mr. and Mrs. AV. E. fcbell and Mr. and Mrs. John M. Milam, of Greenville. S. C, nr" invited to attend the funeral of Mrs. Charles A. liowen this (Mondavi afternoon. September 7. lt2-". at 3 o'clock, at !he residence. No. ".Y27 Peachtree road. TJev. M. Ahby .Tone-; will officiate. Interment at We-t View -emetery. The following scntle-men will pleaie net as pallbearers and meet at the chapel of II. M. Pat'erso-i & Son at 2:1." o'clock: Mr. E- T Wootton. Mr. Frank M, Berry. Mr. W. T. IVrkerson. Mr. A. J. Uyan. Mr. li. A. limn. Mr. W. W. Burns. Mr. A. E. Dunn. Mr. AV. Btyne Gi!.-son. Mr. Tbomns C. Eaw. Mr. Henri-C. Heinr. Dr. S. AV. Foster ard Mr. F. J. Ter.crgfv. REBKE Friend of Mr. and Mr. i Charles J. Burke, Mr. and Mr. Clavlon Bifke. Messrs. Edmund ; Gerald and A' indent B. Burke, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Nictd. of Eakewood. ;Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. George AV. Es taver, of Jacksonville, Fla.: Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Beno. Mr. and Mrs. N. J. lieno and Mr. Frank Reno are invited to attend the funeral of Mrs. Charles J. Burke this (Monday niornin-' at 10 o'clock, from the Sacred Heart church. Rev. Father Philip A. Hasn officiating. The following gentlemen will please act as pallbearers and meet at residence of Air. J. Clayton Burke. 27 East Wesley avenue, at 0:15 o'clock : Messrs." John M. narrison. Jpmes E. Harrison. Barney Bell. Frank Harrison. W. E. Harrison and James A. EaTIatte. Interment nt Greenwood cemetery. Greenberg & Bond Co.. funeral directors. LOANS ON DIAMONDS Established 1S33 Nat Kaiser Investment Co. 3 PEACHTREE STREET 1

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