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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia • 2

Atlanta, Georgia
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1 11 11111 11 in i u. Wi II mmmmmmmujuuiul. 2 THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, May 10, 1952 Aid Intact, Veteran Pension Increase Gets Final Congress Okay WASHINGTON, May 9 () The Senate gave final con eep Bradley, Acheson Ask gressional approval today to two bills to increase veterans disability and pension benefits by an estimated $202,000,000 a year. $7-Billion Material Fund Held 'World Fire Insurance' The measures, which were sent to the White House by a voice vote, represented a compromise between House and Senate versions of the legislation. The House approved the bills Thursday.

Veterans 50 per cent or more Hf-r? filial 1 iiteiu i disabled from service-connected causes would get a 15 per cent in By FELIX BELAIR ISw York Timss Nsws Service, Special to The Atlanta Constitution WASHINGTON, Mfty 9 The administration's chief military and foreign policy spokesmen told the Senate armed services committee today they would not accept responsibility for any substantial cut in the $7,900,000,000 requested for the Mutual Security Program in fiscal 1953. crease in their compensation. Those Associated Press WIrephoto Worlds." Gordon Jennings, special effects director at Paramount, built the five-foot model. These pictures show its disintegration in the explosion scene simulating effect of a deadly ray supposedly in enemy possession. ac- posed "any cut whatever.

Philippines Gift Replaces 'Press Table9 WASHINGTON, May 9 Un President Truman today accepted from the Philippine Islands a carved hardwood table which replaces a larger Philippine table that stood in the White House lobby for years. Truman told Ambassador Carlos P. Romulo he was glad to have the table "for these news hawks to sit on that's what they use it for." The massive old table on which reporters often have sat and on which visitors sometimes have left their hats and coats developed a large crack which President Quirino no-" ticed on a visit to the White House. Quirino sent the new table, round like the old one, as a replacement. MARTIAN MONSTERS "DESTROY" CITY HALL LOS ANGELES, May 9 The Los Angeles city hall was blown apart by invading monsters from Mars, but it was only a scene for a forthcoming movie, "The War of the General Bradley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State Acheson testified in secret session that they op- cording to Senator Byrd who presided at the hearing.

Committeemen and witnesses declined to amplify this comment. In the Senate, however, a vigorous dissent against the demand of Senator Taft, Republican leader, for a second $1,000,000,000 cut in the Mutual Security authorization was entered by Senator Wiley ranking minority member of the foreign relations committee. Senator Wiley called for passage of this bill as reported by the committee with $6,900,000,000 authorized for weapons and other material, equipment and supplies Arnall Asks Price Law Change To Prevent Chaos WASHINGTON, May 9 The Office of Price Stabilization (OPS) told Congress today a quick change in the price-control law is needed to prevent higher food prices and chaotic conditions in the merchandising trade. less than 50 per cent 1 disabled would receive 5 per cent more. Pensions for veterans of World Wars I and whose disabilities are not connected with their military service would be raised from $60 to $63 a month.

Veterans in this category who are past 65 or who have ben totally disabled for 10 years would be increased from $72 to $75 a month. Where the disability is so great a full-time attendant is needed, the rate would go up from $120 to $129 monthly. Widows with children, whose husbands died from service-connected causes, would get an increase of 15 per cent. Widows of veterans of World Wars I and II and the Korean War whose deaths were not connected with war service would be increased from $42 a month to $48 with corresponding increases for their children. Pensions of pre-World War I veterans would be increased 7 per cent.

KING MAKER In his column on Page 4, Gladstone Williams gives his analysis of the Florida primary. (PAID POLITICAL, ADVERTISEMENT) Speed Reply On Austria, Reds Asked New York Timei News Service Special to The Atlanta Constitution WASHINGTON, May 9 The United States, Britain and France prodded Russia today for reply to the three-power request March 13 for adoption of an abbreviated treaty for Austria. A State department official making the announcement charged the Children of Denmark Eat First Bananas COPENHAGEN, Denmark May 9 Iff) For the first time since 1939, when imports were banned, bananas now are available in Denmark and the younger generation is having trouble with them. A whole new crop of kids has grown up without ever having seen or tasted a banana and they just don't know what to do with them, Some eat them whole, peels and all. Others insist upon spending allowances for green ones, because the yellow ones don't look as pretty.

OPS boss Ellis Arnall said that unless provisions of the Capehart amendment are clarified he will be compelled to boost ceiling prices on stocks in hundreds of thousands of food stores across the country. A recent court decision, he reported, also made it possible for all sellers of merchandise to seek price increases under the amendment. Arnall said the effects of the decision could be "disastrous to effective price stabilization." In letters to the Senate and Soviet role in Austria negotiations was a "classic study of Soviet ob Crushed Under Truck After Gallant Gesture PARIS, May 9 UH A gallant, Gallic gesture cost Raoul Chanut, 47, his life today. Chanut, a porter at the central market, was stuck in traffic, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. A bus went by with a pretty girl on the back platform.

Chanut tossed her the bouquet, lost his balance and fell beneath the wheels of a passing truck. structionism and procrastination. The treaty, consisting of eight and technical aid. He said the amount should be regarded as "a premium on a fire insurance policy in a world where fires haye broken out everywhere." Scheduled to become chairman of the foreign policy group in event the Republicans organize the next Congress in January, Senator Wiley did not mention Senator Taft by name but quoted from a message to Congress by his father, William Howard Taft, when President, urging that foreign policy "be raised high above the conflict of partisanship." Senator Taft has said he would not initiate but would support an effort to cut a second billion put in the authorization for the Mutual Saucer Photo No Hoax, Says 17. S.

Attache RIO DE JANEIRO, May 9 (INS) The military attache at the U. S. embassy in Rio de Janeiro examined today negatives of five photographs taken of a "flying saucer" sighted over Rio Wednesday and called them the best he had ever seen of the phenomenon. Col. Jack Werley Hughes aid several Brazilian air force officials visited the office of the newspaper Cruziero" to study the photographs "shot" by the paper's cameramen, Ed Keffel and Joao Martins.

Following publication, the pictures will be made available to the U. S. embassy for study by the American Air Force. Aeronautics Minister of Brazil Nero Moura also expressed "great interest" in the "saucer" photos. The photographers told of how they spotted the object that looked like an airplane coming head-on, while they were at Barra Da Ti-juca beach, on the outskirts of Rio.

As the contraption neared, it looked like a plane flying sideways. The photographers then said as it approached closer it was an object perfectly round, wingless and absolutely noiseless. Col. Hughes expressed special interest in the photographers' statement that the "saucer" was noiseless and concerning its tremendous speed. He added: "The question of the flying saucers has been widely discussed with the only basis contradictory articles, would end 14 years of oc cupation for Austria by Germany House Banking Committees, which (PAID POLITICAL, ADVERTISEMENT) PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT and the Allies and restore the na tion to full freedom and inde Kefauver, Russell in Funds War pendence.

Request for action on the treaty handle controls legislation, the OPS chief said that if the nation's merchandisers lined up for 'price increases it would make uniform dol-lars-and-cents ceilings or standard markups almost impossible, and create a virtually impossible administrative problem. The Capehart amendment was introduced by Sen. Capehart (R-Ind) at the last session of Congress and attached to the wage and price controls act. It permits cost increases from June 24, 1950, the Security Program and in the en- WASHINGTON, May 9 OR Sen Suspend Lid, Bibb Textile Leader Asks suing appropriation measure. The ators Kefauver of Tennessee and measure now before the Senate Russell of Georgia traded charges and House would only fix ceilings today over who is spending how proposal was transmitted in identical notes by embassies of the three Western countries to the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow.

Since 1947, the note said, "several hundred meetings" of Big Four representatives have failed to bring about agreement on the Austrian situation. For this reason, the note said the abbreviated treaty was proposed. "This government considers its proposal provides a basis for immediate and equitable settlement in Austria which would relieve a much to win the Democratic Presi for the money bill to come. Senator Ferguson dential nomination. The Kefauver-Russell battle had -ml sf- I IIUMI SV 1 '1 date fighting began in Korea, until last July 26 to be added to retail got into the debate to suggest that WASHINGTON, May 9 UPl A to be really bipartisan a foreign its start in Tuesday's Florida Southern textile manufacturer to- prices policy should be first discussed OPS has been operating on theiday asked Congress for suspension of price controls on.

textiles to help with members of the minority party. He borrowed a quotation basis that the amendment applied only to manufacturers and proces When you elect me your State Senator, anyone who may wish to qualify source of constant tension in Eu- from the late Sen. Arthur Van-rope and render justice to the denberg to say that Republicans Austrian people," the American should be consulted by the admin- note said. Democratic preferential primary which Russell won by some 60,000 votes. Russell challenged Kefauver to "tell the American people where he is getting all the money he is spending" in numerous primary campaigns.

Kefauver's national headquarters promptly replied that the Tennes-sean "has spent far less in conducting primary campaigns in 11 states than Sen. Russell collected in one dinner at Atlanta." for the office of State Senator will not have to do so the industry make a comeback. Testifying before the House banking committee, Charles C. Hertwig predicted a pick up in business but said the uptrend would be aided if the uncertainties which stem from government price controls are removed. Hertwig is president of the Bibb Manufacturing Co.

of Macon, statements of people who asserted sors of goods and to sellers of services. Safeway Stores, a big food chain, contended, however, that the amendment applied to wholesalers and retailers. It sued for the right to boost prices and was upheld by the Emergency Court of Appeals, a special bench which handles price cases. The govern- they saw the saucers, and amateur at my private office- You may qualify either at the At pnotographs that only presented istration "on the takeoffs as well as on the crash landings." One of those supporting a further cut in the authorization, Senator Cain argued that with the present national debt being $258,000,000,000 tfie administration soon would have to ask spots in space. I have no doubts on the authenticity of the photos taken by Keffel and Martins.

and president of the American Cot- -tl -c fc Sf Peach Crop Seen Little Increased WASHINGTON, May 9 (Ft The Agriculture department today estimated peach production in 10 Southern states would total bushels compared with last year and 15,002,000 for the 10-year average. ment is considering an appeal to ton Manufacturers Institute. He Congress to raise the legal debt the Supreme Court. THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION Issued daily except New Year's Day. July 4.

Labor Dav. Thanksgiving ana Kefauver headquarters said money for his campaign "has come almost entirely in small do- limit from $275,000,000,000 to Treasury officials and entered as second-class matter at the lanta City Hall or Fulton County Court House. I had to qualify fn the Marble Halls of the Gulf Oil Corporation on Ponce de Leon Avenue, where I found the door locked and after knocking for five minutes, your present Senator unlocked the door and said, "What do you want?" I told him I wanted to be your next State Senator and give representation back to th people. Let's put this political Clique otrny tciihout flowers May 14 said there was no such present nations trom people of limited fosi umce at Atlanta under Act of March 3. 1879.

The Atlanta Constitution morning). The Atlanta Journal evening and The Atlanta Constitution and The Atlanta Journal (Sun spoke at a committee hearing on renewal of the Defense Production Act, which gives the government power to impose price ceilings. The Georgia manufacturer said he doesn't expect textile prices to go above present ceiUng levels even if controls are suspended. intention. means.

day) puousnea ty Atlanta Inc. 10 Forsyth Street, Atlanta. Georgia, Girl Knifed To Death on N. Y. Street Subscription prices by carrier: Morning 1 and Sunday or Evening and Sundav, 1 week.

I 4ac; 1 month, 3 months. 'J" 6 months. Sli.70: 1 year. $23 40 Mnrn-! A vXv A ing or evening, daily only, 1 week The industry's great production mm iiiiuimtsibrj as aaLiLy iiiui.ii ui wnicn is now year. io.ou.

Mommg. evening and Sunday (13 1 week. 75c; 1 idle, would seem to make that i month. $3.25: 3 months. 59.75; 6 months imnnscihlp owont i o.n 1 S19-50: 1 year.

$39.00. Subscription prices lrf I I I I 1 wlv. urn ui i oy man on request. Single copies: Daily, Sinffle mniM 5c: Sunday. 15e Plus 3e sales tar on sales NEW YORK, May 9 VPi A 30- all-out war," he said, year-old man, apparently thwarted and eliveries made within the State of Georgia.

in his love for a 15-year-old high school girl, stabbed her to death today before the eyes of horrified passersby on a Manhattan street corner near Pennsylvania Station. He then ran a few steps and stabbed himself with the weapon, a hunting knife with a 6-inch blade, moaning as police reached him: "I want to kill myself. I want to die." Police identified him as Eduardo Charriez, a Brooklyn post office clerk who had first met the girl, Olga Salart, when both previously lived in Puerto Rico. He was not hurt seriously. Detective James Buckley quoted him as saying he and the girl loved one another and that she had told him earlier today that "if my Associated Press Wirephoto HERE'S A LINE ON SOME GEESE ST.

LOUIS, May 9 Like ships in a convoy, these wild geese were paddling around Friday in a public wildlife area north of St. Louis. This is their regular formation, a straight line with one parent in front and the other in the rear. The goslings are about two weeks old. rttracltue lJotlier'd t)aii Gift! 7 unites the "call of the jungle" with modern science! 21 Hindi Panther TV lamp Gambler Charges O'Dwyer's Top Police Escaped Prosecution in Graft Probe mother tries to separate us, kill All thpsA men woro eince frienric me and then kill NEW YORK, May 9 tfi-Bookie king Harry Gross said today he can't understand why the top brass been more indictments if Gross had been a bit quicker to come clean about his 20-million-dollar-a-year of O'Dwyer and he appointed i Charriez added, according to the them all before he left City Hall detective, that he went to the girl's of former Mayor William O'Dwy-; gambling ring.

in 1950 to become ambassador to nome morning and her mother, Mexico. All have since resigned Mrs DanielIa Salart. ordered him their posts. t0 stay avray from her daughter. er's police force escaped prosecution for graft.

"Perhaps someone was taken care of I don't know," Gross told a departmental trial of five policemen. "All I know is they were mentioned and they were left out." His remarks angered Brooklyn Dist. Atty. Miles F. McDonald, who directed the original probe into po "NEW RIVER" Oil Treated Stoker Coal Satisfaction Guaranteed HARDAWAY COAL SUPPLY CO.

Anyway, McDonald added in a statement, a graft-probing Brooklyn grand jury indicted everyone against whom it thought it had a case. Gross wound up two and a half days of sensational testimony that far overshadowed the personalities of the five cops on trial. For the first time, the boss bookie publicly exposed the tieup between his gambling ring and crooked cops who siphoned from it one million dollars a year in protection payoffs. The dapper, 36-year-old bookie named more than 100 cops plus former Police Commissioner Wil 1165 Baakhead Dwy. N.

W. EL. 558S lice department graft. McDonald said there might have Film Magnate Senary Not Worried by TV HOLLYWOOD, May 9 A PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT Re-elect G. EVERETT MILLICAN Cf STATE SENATOR FULTON COUNTY JlS Democratic Primary.

May 14 i Constructive Service For Ail The People Here's something really dramatic to highlight your home! It's Jacquelin's TV Panther Lamp the perfect light for TV viewing. NOT pottery, but fine vitrified china, your choice of four colors. Soft, indirect light is soothing. Eyes glow when lighted. New! Different! You must see this panther to realize how magnificent he is and what a value! movie magnate promised theater! CHOICE OF FOUR COLORS liam P.

O'Brien, former Chief In-' spector August Flath, former Chief of Detectives William Whalen and men Thursday that television will never take the place of movies and former First Deputy Fire ComrmV sioner James J. Moran. i sex. I Film executive Dore Schary as-! ured the Council of Motion Picture Organizations that movies are here; to stay. I "I don't believe that singing com-' mercials, quiz shows and 20-year-1 (PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENTS (PAID POLITICAL ADVEP.TISEMENT) (PA ID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT) old potboilers will ever take the place of movies and other healthy diversions including sex," he said Members of the ATLANTA BAR ASSOCIATION Who Know the Candidates Best VOTED 4 to 1 (388 to 99) PAUL WEBB BEST QUALIFIED FOR SOLICITOR GENERAL illUggQIII LI I 851 Gordon in West End (AM.

7731) 123 So. Main in East Point (FA. 4314) Whitehall at Mitchell. D'town, (WA. 3016) wi iiir "i ir tar ninn 1 1 fn it MWftfc" cx 3093 P'rret Rd, in Buckhead (CH 4465) 741 Morittta Sf.

at Pendtrs (MA. 7511) 423 in L'tf 5 Points (LA. 2018) li hi I Panther Ebony' 'Chartreuse Jungle Mahogany 'African Ivory Feet carefully padded with wool felt to prevent scratches Athens Columbus Griffin LoGrange Rome Let's Re-Elect Paul Webb.

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