Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 18, 1957 · Page 28
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 28

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1957
Page 28
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LUGANSKM PUBLIC LIBRARY Fourteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune . ___ Battered Mike Wallace Give Few Personal Views NEW CAMDEN GRAIN BINS NEW YORK dUP)—Mike Wal. lace, battered but not bitterecl, has developed into the fattest target in TV. Other performers are interviewed. Not Mike. He is third- degreed. "There used to be a time," said Mike with a wistful look, "When reporters would ask me about my hobbies and where I went to school and whether I enjoyed -playing tennis. They would ask me to pose for pictures at home with my wife or maybe, playing the fiddle. "Now . . . well, now each interviewer comes in with that glint in his eye. Some of them sit there with cigarets dangling from their mouths and the look of Jack Webb on 'Dragnet.' The.questions are short, sharp and probing. The whole - truth - and - nothing - but- the - truth kind of thing. "Do I object? Well, I couldn't possibly inasmuch as I have become so identified with that kind of technique myself. It is just and, I suppose, natural that everybody should take that tack with me." Pulls No Punches Wallace has been fair game since October of last year when he launched a pull-no-punches in- wish more attention would .paid to the interviews themselves. We're not just interested :in shock values. We're interested in people with- interesting opinions which, I think you will admit is pretty rare for TV." CHURCH SPEAKER terview area. show seen only' in this Mrs. Ena Chatfield Henry, de- partment of Institutional Missions ary Society, and former mission- These new grain bins are just part of a 8125,000 remodernization project at the Camdcn Farm Bureau. The renovation will include also a new warehouse, new corn cob storage, and a new >|>nrt of the elevator. Operations will not be suspended. Completion of the project is expected by Dec. 15. (Pharos-Tribune Photo-Engraving.) However, Mike really has been beleaguered since April 28 when he switched his interrogations' to the ABC-TV network. Creek Christian church this Sun"I guess I go through two or | day. three interviews a week," said | The wife of Thomas L, Henry, i Wallace, "and the questions fall • minister of the Kokomo Christian! pretty much in the same cate- - church, she is in charge of bud-j gories. They ask me whether I : get records and payrolls for seven am interested only in shock value .'institutional missions operated in and they ask me whether I am. this country in behalf of Christian a sadist. "They ask me how much money I make ("My ABC-TV contract will bring me a million dollars this year"), whether I am under analysis ("No"), and my religion ("I'm a Jew, but a backsliding one"), and what guests have turned me down (General MacArthur, Charles Lindbergh, Alger Hiss and Marlene Dietrich, among others). "They ask me just about anything you could possibly ask a human being, including my politics. That's the only question I refuse to answer. I don't want to seem cagy about it, it's just that I feel my value as an interviewer would be lessened if I were to be identified with a particular point of view." Has Free Rein Frequently, Mike is asked whether ABC-TV officials and his cigarette sponsor try to cramp his style. To which Wallace r&- piies: "I would say we've had about 99 44-100th per cent freedom. On one or two occasions there has been a little commotion upstairs but it didn't amount to anything The 56-100th was strictly caution ary. Nobody ever tried to rul out a guest. "What guests are coming up Well, we're going to film Ber trand Russell abroad and we think Nasser and King Farouk. President pf Syria has given us an okay. And those close to Char lie Chaplin say he's ready fo us. "We want attention, but w< i churches. A native of Arkansas, 'she went to the Phillipines following World War' II to help reestablish Christian church work there, serving as treasurer of the mission' and helping reorganize the Philippine Federation of Christian churches office. Mrs. Henry served in East Asia for three years, after which she went to Congo and served as treasurer of the mission at Mon- ieka. She taught Congolese women and girls how to sew, and was boys' dormitory mother for local -station schools in addition to her office duties WASHINGTON .CIRCLE 3 The Washington township Circle Three Home Demonstration club met Wednesday evening at the -home of Mrs. Frederick Bow- JtOTICK OF S.VLE OP HEAL ESTATE Notice is hereby given that th undersigned Commissioner, ap pointed In an action Cor partition in tho Caws Circuit Court, wherein HOWARD SEYBOLD, is plalntlf and THE NATIONAL BANK OF LOGANSPORT, Administrator wit tlic Will Annexed of WINIFRED J.AYTON BKVAN, Deceased; ED NA AUSTIN: THE NATIONAL BANK OF LOGAN-SPORT, Guardian of Edna Austin, Incompetent a-nd EEVAN AUSTIN, are defendants lor tho partition of certain rea estate therein described, to sel tho real estate described In th complaint in said cause, will, a *uch Commissioner, on the 26th <lay of November, 1957. offer fo sale to the highest and best bid <ler. at private sale, the following described real estate in sale County of Cass, State Q' Indiana to-ivit: All of Lot Four in George Sevan's First Addition tn the City of Logansport EXCEPT the east fil'ty five feet and nine inchss thereof TERMS OF SALE: Sale will be for cash, for not less than tho lul appraised value thereof, free s.nd clear of all liens and encum Frances, save and "except real es late taxes for tho year 1957 du< and payable in 1958. Said sa'.o will he made by !:ho •undersigned Commissioner at The National Banlc of Logansport X,oKransport. Indiana, at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M. (C.S.T.) on the 2Cth day of November, 1957, and from day to day thereafter, wltl reservation to accept or reject al bids. The National Bank of Loganspor Commissioner HANNA & SMALL Attorneys for Commissioner *» KOTICTC TO TAXPAYERS OK 1 A ItntTlOXA'L APl'ROPJIIATIOiVSi Notice is hereby given to the taxpayers of Washington Township, Casg County, Indiana, thai the proper legal officers of sakl township at a special meeting at tlie residence of the trustee of said township at 7:30 o'clock P. M. on the 2nd day of December, 1957, will consider the foj- Iitwing additional appropriations, •which said officers consider necessary to meet the extraordinary emergency at this time; TOWNSHIP KITXD \. Trustee's Salary. Clerk Hire, Office Rent J120.00 Total Township Fund J120.00 SPECIAL SCHOOL 1'UXJDi 12. Repair of Buildings and Care of Grounds ...$300.00 14. School Furniture and Equipment 1500,00 13 School Supplies 300.00 27. Miscellaneous 120.00 Total Special School Fi'.tid $2220.00 Taxpayers appearing at such meeting ahall have a right to be heard thereon. The additional appropriation as finally made will bo automatically referred to the S,tate Board, of Tax Commissioners, which Board will hold a further bearing within fifteen rt.iya at the County Auditor's office of Cass County, Indiana, or at such other place as may bj designated. At such hearing, taxpayers objecting to any of such additional appropriations may be heard and Interested taxpayers may inquire of tha County Auditor when and wher» such hearing- will be held. CHARLKS McNULTT Trustee Washington Township, Cass County, Indiana yer. The president, Mrs. Ray Bobertson, opened the-meeting by leading the group in the Home Economics Creed. Boll call was answered by members telling their maiden name and the school they attended. A Christmas party was planned with the losing team of the attendance contest entertaining the winners with a dinner and gift exchange. The lesson was given by Mrs. Jean Stratton, who demonstrated various hair styles and talked on hair coloring and care of ehUciren'.? hair. Mrs. Bowyer read the history of the song of the month and devotions were offered by Mrs. James Osborn, Refreshments were served to twelve members and three guests Mrs. George Marcellino, Mrs. Stephen Hamilton and Mrs. R. R. Bradfield. The door prize was awarded Mrs. Osborn. Concord Missionary Sooicily The Concord Presbyterian Missionary Society meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Marilyn Carter, of Lucerne, recently with 7virs. Ruth Wipperman presiding. Prayer was given by Mrs. Madeline March. Mrs. Jane Hanna, president, gave the lesson, "With What Hope for Eternal Life, for Society and Ourselves". Roll call was "something to be thankful for" and reports were given by Jane Hanna, secretary and Louise Stoughton, treasurer. Jean McCrea and Madeline March .gave highlights of the- fall Presbyterian meeting and Sina Ayers was • appointed- to send Christmas box to the missionary. All questions from the "Outreach" were answered and "Fairest Lord Jesus" was sung followed by .the Lord's Prayer in closing. The Christmas dinner and meeting wilL.be held at the home -of Mrs. Joan McCrea. Peru YMCA Director To New York Confab PERU— Stanley Prague, Peru YMCA director, will attend a 6- day conference of secretaries at the United Nations headquarters in New York this week. The program, known as the North American YMCA Staff Seminar on United Nations and World Affairs Education, is sponsored by the National Council of the YMCA. ONWARD HD CLUB The Onward Home Demonstration club met at the home of Mrs. Josephine Reed Tuesday with Ruth Widner, president, opening the meeting by reading the poem, 'Thankfullness". ed dish dinner and gift exchange at the next meeting. Hostesses serving refreshments were Florence Lind, Mabel House, Bertha House and Vona Christy. Purdue, IU Eye Bucket INDIANAPOLIS CUP)— Hoosier college football's prestige rose substantially today with Notre Dame's upset of Oklahoma, successful completion of. "minor league" play and the indication that Indiana's undermanned outfit isn't going to play dead for Purdue, after all. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Births: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Caudle, route 1, Cutler, boy. Admitted: Edward Ezra, 1714 Smead street; Everett Seal, route 1, city; Mrs. Donn-a Agnes, route 1, Bunker Hill; John Coble, route 2, Carnden; Mrs. Helen Yeager, Cam-den; Curtis Bookwaller. Twelve Mile; and Miss Joy \eher, route 1, Logansport. Dismissed: Mrs. Edna Martin, 400 Wheatland avenue; and Miss Judy Miller, 18-11 Spear street. ST. JOSEPH'S Births: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schawitseh, 1308 Erie avenue, girl; Mr. -and Mrs. Lynn Bucher. 17 Devotions were given by Lethal Not since 1947 has Indiana Layman and the lesson on Land-.spilled Purdue and the intra-state scaping was presented by . Sarah i rivals clash for the "Old Oaken Bowman. Bucket" at Bloomington in their Lois Hines, Garden chairman, reported prior to a book review by Margaret Greasor. A report on the club trip to Indianapolis and of Achievement day were given and members having gifts to give patients at the state hospital are asked to take them to the gas office as soon as possible. Eighteen members and three guests, Mrs. Nell Little, Mrs. Laura Reed and Mrs. Sparrow attended the meeting. The next meeting will be December Wth featuring a luncheon at the Onward Christian church. season finale Saturday. Indiana, with only one victory to show this season, played its best-game in a 27-13 loss at Michigan Saturday. Purdue .trounced hapless Northwestern, 27'0, and the Irish blasted Oklahoma's 47- game winning streak, 7-0. They'll entertain tough Iowa this weekend. Hanover successfully defended its Hoosier College Conference crown by spilling Taylor, 26-6, but must share the pennant with Anderson. Both have 4rl loop records. There were numerous stellar performances as the secondary change. There will be a fifty-cent gift ex- 'colleges wound up the season. St. - u ---- Joseph's fullback Keith Fingerhut scored five times' in a 48-13 romp over Eastern Michigan. St. Joe is Indiana Collegiate champ and finished the season with' an eight- game winning streak. State scoring champion Carl Herakovich added four tallies to his output to lead Rose Poly to a BOONE HD CLUB "The method to freeze sweet potatoes" was told by Wilma Morphet in answer to roll call when members of the Boone Township Home Demonstration' club met at the Royal Center Library. Mary Berkshire gave devotions and the lesson was presented by Jessie Sandberg and Corabelle Handschu. The group voted to hold a cover- 46-7 triumph ov-er wim ess Earlham. Morrie Goodnight passed for three touchdowns and crashed over for two more in DePauw's 37-6 rout of Wabash in their annual "Morion Bell" clash. DR. W. RAY DAVIS Your Chiropractor For 25 Years, Says: There is a cause for every symptom Have th-is cause removed and enjoy health OPHOE HOURS Monday, Wednesday & 'Friday afternoons and evenings Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays, Mornings 'til noon 304'/2-4th St. (Over Central Drug Store) 4th St. Entrants PHONE 3365 Monday Evening, November 18, 195T. HONOR HANDY One-Year Birthday Party Launched for Composer NEW YORK (UP) — The music world he set to singing the blues kicked off a year-long birthday party Sunday ni,ght for W.C. Handy, who'll be 85 when the party's over. About 900 star-studded guests at Hotel ball- Birthday to the Waldorf-Astoria room sang "Happy You" as confined Handy, now blind to a wheel-chair and but sporting a red rose in his lapel, took his place on the dais. The Negro composer, who first put to paper the haunting mood NEAH CLfB The members of the. Neah club met at the home of Phyllis Wray for the November meeting. New officers took charge of the meeting during which time a donation was made to the Boy Scouts. Roll call w;is answered with favorite TV programs and performers. The co-hostess, Marge Zarhnan, was in charge of entertainment. Prizes went to Dar'.ene Hoehnc and Anita Hoehne. Phyllis Reed won the door prize. that's known as the blues, was 84 on Saturday. The mayor of Yonkers formally and permanently changed the name pf the street ^ where Handy lives from "MinervaJ Refrcsh . m( , n i s were served. Place" to "W.C. Handy Place" during a neighborhood and family Plans for a ham supper Decem ber 7th at the home of Janice Early were made with husbands to West Melbourne avenue, boy; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McWherter, route 2, Winamac, boy. '• • Dismissals: John Viney, route 2, city; Miss Mary Derby, 213 Eel River avenue; Mrs. Albert Gulp and' daughter, 115 Hammond street; Mrs. Richard Gilsinger and son, 420 East Ottawa street. party Sunday night Handy came down town for the formal dinner tendered by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publish ers. His first song, "In the Cotton Fields of Dixie", was published 50 years/ago. Seven years later he wrote "St. Louis Blues". It made a fortune for Handy, the son and grandson of Alabama Methodist preachers. Among those seated on the dais when Paul Whiteman's band played Handy in with "Alabamy Bound" were Barney Balaban, head of Paramount Pictures; Assistant U.N. Secretary - General Ralph Bunche; novelist Fanny Hurst; Mrs. Ronald A. Dougan, president of- the Women's Clubs of the U.S.; Rep. Philip J. Philbin (D-Mass.); Morton Downey; Oscar Hammerstein II; Larry Lohman, vice president of the Columbia Broadcasting System; Rep, Adam Clayton Powell (D-N.Y.l; Deems Taylor;' Ed Sullivan, and Dr. C.B. Powell, publisher of the Amsterdam News. President Eisenhower wired Handy that "with talent and devotion you have added much to the culture of our land. As a unique expression of the spirit of our people, your music strengthens the unseen bonds which unite mankind." Cafeteria Supper and Bazaar, Wednesday evening, Vov. 20. Serving 5:.'(0 to 7:30 at 3urnettsville Brethren church. Read the Classified Ads Jim White Fire Insurance Ph. 2491 Myers Greenhouse. Dial 3996. In Memory Of Dale Reed, who gave his life for his country, 13 years ago, Nov. 19, 1944. Mother, Brother k Sisters It's Cold Outside!! For your saving and comfort, call on us for prices on "Capitol" the finest and most competitive Aluminum Combination Doors and Windows. Why pay more?" Vou can't afford to be wilhout them— KOOL-VENT OF LOGANSPORT 511 Erie Fhone 3650 Winter Term D*fr*« Cwmi hi •••ctrilv* S«cr*tarM HOT International Colf«g* Fort Wayne 2, Indiana Rhoads Klever Rug Kleaneirs and Upholstery Cleaning Guaranteed Phone 4530 Large Roasting Capettes Alive at Farm Ph. 40710 Dressed 2238 Excellent Quality RUBBER STAMiPS Made In Our Own Plant 2-DAY DELIVERY CHRONICLE PRINTING CO. 417 Market Ph. 4362 REVOKED LICENSE Youthful & Overage Drivers SPtCIAL RISK AGENCY "Ov«r Walgretni" Phone 2277 SPECIAL PURCHASE Rubber Weather STRIWNG Finest Quality— R*0uk»r $3,95 50 ft. roll VESH BROS. 316 E. Market Phon« 4419 NORGE SALES & SERVICE VESH BROS. 316 E. Mlit. Phont 441S Due to the death of our father, Candida Donato DONATO'S ITALIAN VILLAGE will be closed until further notice. Hear- MISS 1MM MEYtRS, LECTURER BAZLEY'S pott EVERYDAY IOW PRJOES WOMEN OF INDUSTRY LH.1 AUDITORIUM O Broadway Tues. November 19th-7:45 P.M. Sponsored by PSI IOTA XI SORORITY Coupon Good TUBS. 19, Wed. 20 only Tickets $1— On Sale at Door PUBLIC INVITED Mtn and women •mploytri and •mployets will b« equally inter«tt*<f tn this addresi. BAZLEY PKBSIH CREAMERY BUTTER at Purcell's You'll f/»/oy ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY TUESDAY THRU SATURDAY BAZLEY'S FRESH HOMEMADE SAUSAGE FINE FOODS-EXPRtTLY PREPARED MIXED DRINKS-DANCING Tuesday and Wednesday Only CHANGING ENTERTAINMENT AT OUR FAMOUS PIANO BAR ATTRACTIVE FAMILY ROOM Plenty of Fr»« Parkins Spat* MAKE Y'DUR--- Cnr/sfmos party reservations NOW 24 and Linden Ave. . Phone 4952 •LEAVE YOUR OROTR NOW 'FOR THE LOWEST PWOBS SEE 'BAZLEY'S FRIGtDAIRE IMPERIAL WASHER iv/M -famous 3-RtVG A&TA7Q& tor CleanMf Clothts • Lint Removal • Driest Spin —in tests with tix leading automatic waihert Doei Automatic Dyeing— with on* utting of eonlroli. Eaii'tif, safeit, b«»t way of dy«lna; fabrics v»t — txeluiiv* with Frigidair*. $fl.55 A wmc after limit dawn p*fmml Modil WCI-J» OTHER -PHIGIDAHtE WASHERS FOR AS IFTTU AS $229,95 MATCHING DRYERS AS LOW AS $189.95 315 Fourth St. Dial 2762 Following ThankjSgiving Observance-Stores Will Follow the Xrnas Schedule of Store Hours NITES-OPBNTO9P. M. November 29-30 December 6-7 December 13-14 December 20-21 December 23 December 24 Close 5 p. m. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS OPEN • De<ember 4 ' • December 11 • December 18 Retail Division — Logansport Chamber pf Commerce ET "LELIC LIBRARY.

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