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Arizona Weekly Citizen from Tucson, Arizona • Page 2

Arizona Weekly Citizen from Tucson, Arizona • Page 2

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:

THE ARIZONA SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, I 7') viiiEzi eoraay avis nrsc proposo-i ai tlio dupe of Moavtv and Out for th Dolejrateshio. he 1 iu j-iied at th id. a and told tho story or thj dog crossing a bridge, dropped thobone-hej had in his mouth for ono ho saw in! tiio Avateri Don Pedro said the same would probably apply to inm, wore ho te jrivo up tho sheriff's oiBco iind so.k that of Delegate, out after all ho yiel ded to tho temptation List uotii. Tho truth of the stoiy will now com3 houio to him wit.i increased force, an unpleasant realization a ino3t disagreeable experience. Poop. Cusen'duhy. So far asheatri from, Jim Gusonoiuy has not received a single vote for Delegate. His silly and impudent addros.5 to tho voters, and his more silly and illiterate le ters seem to hav3 done liiui no sjood. We have a specimen of the lattei which we think wo must print in oui next. It is a literary curiosity. Badly Sold. Clint. Thompson probably feels about as bad over the rosult ox tae election as any man tho Territory. Without cause! turned on his best threw away hi3 money in foolish oets, made ridic ulous assertions that he could not prove and lost ca3te jverywhere. He is not a politician, and the sooner he the fact the bettor for him WlIERE 13 IT Poor Dooner by opposing he would havo a future. Wheiv is it to Certainly not in Arizona, for here ho is as thoroughly used. up and useless a3 a last year's oird nest. No Wondek. Tho excellent Van Alstyno has been heard to say it is no wonder a party led by the Ourys and Dufneld has been beaten. Wnat has he to say of that party's putting for ward Dooner, chieliy notorious as un successful blackmailer, as one of its orators and a presiding oiiicer at one. of its meetings Thanksgiving. "We, to-day, publish President Grant's Proclamation on this subject. Governor Bafford should at onco supplement it with another. No people have greater cause for intense gratitude than those of Arizona. On Tuesday last they rid themselves of the threatened rule of a bad a body of men as ever aspired to position. The incursions of the Apaches are frequent and terrible, but the advent! to power of the crew of Tucson bogud Democracy, who fought tile People' ticket Avitu such desperate zeal, would have been a greater because constant, continuous calamity. The people of Aiizona have a right lo rejoice und bo excedding glad, and should judiciouriy tender thanks to Power that rules U3 alL EorT. Columbus Delano, late Com missioner oi internal xveveiiue, ua entered upon his duties as 6eoretaiy.ofj tho interior vice Gen. Cox resigned. GEN. tfohenck lias been beaten foi C. from Ohio by only thirty vote s.i Louis D. Cainnbell is the successful man. Wo trust our friends in the several towns and settlements through out the TeiVitory will not be backward in sending us iteni3 ot news, such as current improvements, arrivals of immigiants, births, marriages, doaths, unusual changes in the weather, pub lie meetings, Indian depredations jyvhrn they occur, etc. They will helre make our naper interesting and) ndvortiso each locality far and wide, for the circulation of the Citizen La not by any mean3, even now, coufin-1 od vathin the borders of Aiizona, andj is constantly increasing, Letters received heretofore which did not appear wore not rejected for want of merit, but for causes then explained which happily do not now exist. 13- BBIV, He whfe ril-' and Jhas generally done right, but in the I In Tucson, the total vote cat at the ol-ction on Tuesday last was 404 or i wiiieii AicO'ormiCK receiveti 'M6 ana UBrady 1-i') votes, giving McG'onnick a majority of 104. Florence and Adamsvillo, total rvote 82, of which Brady ha3 a nrijori- of I. At Grant, total vote 33, for jIc- (7ormick. So far as hoanl lias a majority of 200 hi the county, which is quite a 5 good a3 expected in view of the. small vote cast, the total in the county beiug about 700. (7amp Goodwin not heard from. Yavapai county will not be far from a tie, and tho Colorado will givo Mc-Cormick 2.30 majority. Ott, tho People's candidate for sher iff of this county, and all the People's uommoes, are successful by 200 majority. In view of the desperate efforts made by the opposition, their falsehoods, slanders and tricks, these results are highly gratifying and furnish cau3o for general rejoicing. They prove jthat the People are still firm for the right, and are not to be hoodwinked or misled by any faction, and that treach ery, deceit and personal abuse aro not accepted as convincing argument. A Public Blessing Tho election of H. Ott Sheriff of Pi ma county is a positive public blessing intensified by contrast. It is a credit to the sound sense of the people, and will bo gieatly to their profit. "We have rarely met a man who combines more good qualities as an officer and entleman. Campaigns like tho one jjust closed, try the mettlo and trust worthiness of men, and ilr. Ott has KJOiue our. oi tne contest victorious in ill respects. His popularity and fit ness have been unmistakeably evinced by the votes of the people. "While we leartily congratulate Mr. Ott on his success, -we no less sincerely congratu late the People of Pima county on se- urinjr his services as The Reason Why We hear that Oury ft Co. wonder vhy the civil and oven the military officers Lit such an interest in the re cent contest itnd were so united in the wish for ilcGormick's re election. oleferenee to the infamous address put forth by Dooner, Bonnet and oth- rs of the so-called Democratic county may furnish thorn some light upon the matter. In our next, wo shall review this document ventilate its statements w'o intended to ha ve done heretofore1. It is said be from the pen of Sylvester Mowry ibat whoever may have been its author, its all ccious assertions are such as to wan ant its condemnation by ovcry true trieud or Arizona. Illegal Votins; As we presumed would be the case, the men who were so loud hi their Pharisaical bawling against illegal voting, were the only one3 who endeavored to secure fraudulent votes on Tuesday last. In more than ono instance they were caught hi the very fact of voting and So- Inoriana, and they probably succeeded in palming off some such upon the judges as legal voters. For a party orotessinc a most earnest desire ior a pure election, they resorted to unusu ally low tricks, at which wo are not surprised. We knew from tho start tnat the cry ot traud. was simply intended as a shield for their own well concocted villanies. PERSONAL. Toll the bell, A crowd of damned () Bonis Float down the Styjjiaa river. (Poltieaily.) P. B. Brady heads the floating canvass just closed ho proved' himself i -i. t. too weak to always do ngat. By -lis- cennur to ana acting upuxi uue iiuviu-o, of pretended instead of real friends, ho has brought political if n'ob'finan-f cial ruin upon himself, and has few sympathizers. That prince of dead beats, and slanderers, and carpet baggers, Sylvester Mow! is more likely to bring up in the club rooms of Pacific 3treet, San Francisco, than tho Pacific Club of that city. 'Miserable and despised Sylvester. If Granville Oury has not yet discovered the place tho people of Pima county desire hiin to occupy, he has, at least, ascertained the one they will not permit him to P. W. Dooner has probably a glinvpso of that future" which he said awaited him -if ho played the treacherous part ho has, instead of continuing as a worthless if nota damaging simpleton. It may ass'uage his grief some to be assured that we aired nothing for his idiotically vicious abuse, and aro now enjoying healthy laughs at hi3 calamity. Viewed merely as a -rare compound of fool and knave, lie is admirable. Tho notorious M. B. Duffield will probably- emigrate, or remain hero within legal bounds and fouh. The Spanish-French eavesdropper and servile toady and tale bearer, whom the people have condemned as unfit and unworthy to be Eecorder, will have time for meditation and find room for improvement. McClatchy and other sufferers financially may have gained aa insight into that lesson wiiica experience teaches, if they have lost thoir ourren cy. They are referred to what th Scripture and Ben Franklin say, for consolation. Yro havo sympathy for those who for some weeks have been apologizing for the coumanv thev were in, and trust the lessuii 'they have just been tausrht will be of value to them here after, and that they may live to real ize its fruits an hundred fold. EXIT DOOHi Eli. Except to occasionally syaiii tv printing and journalistic fraternity to not in any way oeoome associated warn, thit waste of clay la Doled" Dooner, wo shall let it revel in tho fruits of i'Sji vileness' in as "much qui.tness as a uilty conscience will perimt it. He "nas made a ridiculous aud profitles-s attempt to play bgo, and when the rairfnin dr citopoeu on iuesuay, ic mci tioln a iarire audienc lienco ono who could p-rosent- a of the repulsive and none of the talented peculiarities or miglifc add of 'Pecksniff, Dogbeny, and Peregrine Pickle. A gossip reports tliat a Iter his mouth had been shot off on Monday night, he was seen cooling off on a frigid rock, in an out of the way place, exclaiming in the language of Job, Bthold I am vile; I will lay my hand upon my mouth. Once I havo spoken; but I will not ansAver; yea, twice, but 1 will proeucd no further. At tho close of this soliloquy, he moved off and His troubled bosoin- unbidden tsihs And tears unforced foil copious from his eyes. Exit Dooner. Tun llev. Charles H. Cook, of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Chicago, has been in Santa Fe. He was awaiting an opportunity to nroceed to Arizona. COXG Jl ATUL ATIOXS Although wo have not tho comr-1 returns of the several counties yet enough is known to a-wuro us of th triumphant re-dec ion of Hon. E. 0. McGurmick to Congro-H, and therefore we congratulate the -m! of 1 in on thoir choice. Itauco'ds with' 'common seme, poetical buuues sa- tcr.y auil itu return xor service com AHoni bj presented at "Wa by man of tried, true and successful a'oiir'y by one pje of any and aoove a majority of Territorial 'Dele-gites. It is putting it low to say that this action of thu People of Ari-zua will be worth 'millions of dollars to them, a Lvgo influx of needed population, thus 1 ssening the danger from Indians, and making available our vast wealth for the marts of the Wo not only congratulate our fel low citizens fur these reasons, but for others hardly leas That of consigning to political death and beyond resurrection a few bad men wiio have done their best to subordi- natt the interests of the People to the ratification of partisan feeling and for designedly selfish purposes. It i3 rare that we exult over a foe so badly beaten, but in long experience in politics, we never encountered such a thoroughly kid opposition. It has had for its leaders murderers, those banished from other Territories by popular and just fury, itinerant vagabonds and bummers that in well regulated comnninities would have been arrested as vicious vagrants, mi- paralleled liars, They have hesitated at circulating nothing that depraved minds could conceive, which they imagined would misrepresent and damage their opponents, and mislead the people. The better the man, tho more falsely and malignantly they assailed him. They boasted of theft which they did not commit, but which they believed they hadi They, started out by throats of killing and vii lent crushing of one and another kind. They wholly avoided manly or even 'ordinary opposition. What they did not do or say. to carry their- points, they failed tu think of. For ail these and oilier reasons, we with joy and gladness, jsongratulate the of Ariiona at large and as well those of Pimi county upon their deeLkm on Tuesday last. It is haid to realize the immense value of the victory of that day, aiid what dire calamities have been averted thereby. Again we cong-atulate the People without distinction of party upon their work of Xovrv.inoer loTO. "A Great Liar and Blowhnrd." To show 'who iias written himself down us "above, and to vindicate our cjrrect,' wo "ivo place to the tll0 Arizona Jincr-'of -w rhe editor of tho Tii'eson PrvvJSX is fast wrifinii himself down "a jroat In- and biowuard, wine a net puns con uue-a oiy, a we n- eruuiore dow on his knees and' filling the position of affidavit man to a set of amoving poiiuciuu. i- uipur ui iuj zzu uit. ono iiuo ot iiieuoou. Jt evovy in Ari- zon.l avj wranned up in and that his election is a foregone con clusion. We iinow oettcjr, ana to show hat we havo confidence in our knowledge, avo will stake tho Miner office against its value in money or property that Brady Avill be our next Delegate to Congress." It would be well for the substantial itizens of Arizona, if somebody accepted the stake offered by Marion of the Miner. Xoav, Marion, who is proven "a great liar and blowhard," you or avo The People have decided that thou art the man." 1XDIAXS. Wo have a rumor from Pima Villages that Uol. Sanford killed three Apaches and had three of- hi3 own men Avounded in a fight a feAV days since. Also, that the Pimas have succeeded ha lulling some Apaches in the Pinal mountains. VOTiZllH TUCSON Tho Ion on our fellow citixons of I'd. wtro mainly io i i th. ir i A 1, 5 and t'ao v- :lf.i- e. "'inick i i.i i a th: ir st-iM1." Vijiid and and will ri thi i.i birt' res1 4. siar.i! reeor. It to 00 Ullilj' i renin -t xr. with true ifisf tction coinpliuKint to Avlim '-a voters. Ail was mil to mislead them by a series of thomot ab-r -nious falsehood2, 6 the iu-detVigablo indusTy and honoVy o' Messrs. Oc'ioa, Carillo, and other well informed men on public they were either satisf ictorily explain ed, truly, denied, or disbelieved. Wo take this occasion to sur9 our Mexican fellow citizens that tho confidence they have again shown to in Hon. E. will never be abused nor unappreciated All those who voted for him will never have cause to rep-ret it. Tiri: Santa Fe Daily Pvni, of says "tho-AiazoNW CrrizsN nth? title of a now Tucaon exchange, whoao first number we have juit receivoa. It gives evidence of editor! il ability and energy, and we trust will mnt with success." Reward for Seal ok. Tho folloAving, translated from ta i Ures, (State of Sauora) paper of Sp'. 30, 1870, will pvDbably interest one readers "For some time past, the state ot 6'onora has been nay ing" for each Api-che scalp $200. An appropriation oi $10,000 per month having been moth by the central governm ait to aid Sj-nora against the incursions of the Indians, the Governor of that state," Don Ignacio Pesquiera, estimating r.t their ful1 value the difficulties to be encountered and the to be made Dy the volunteers who are about undeitt-laug the campaign against the Apaches, has ordered that from the amount received from tho central government for the defense of the frontier, a further sum of $J00 for each sc.lp shall be pud in addition to th $200 above mentioned. Therefore, from "Sep! for each Apache scalp presented to ti- proper authorities, there shall be pai o00. We eall tho attention of voluut? companies which are bting fonm-d, r. the above, that they may be to pursue the Indians with energy an. I perseverance." Oi; course the Avhippe and vanquished editor of the Arkonun has Is-day viciously endeavored to sIioav th the election has been carried by unfair means. We know of 5 ono saving those used by his OAvndosporar- i to which we havu eLsewh. r-o ferred. We are entirely tha the people should judg a to til conduct of MeC'ovmiok i nd. I -has been straighiforwa- avi honest, w' ilo that of jon-envs has notoxiouily the rove se, and no one knows it better tliLi poor, Itihdntod Doonov. Base. Th.3 attempt aaow undue piessure use. to make tho miners at the Vulture mine, or any clas of men in this Territory, vut for cGormick. At( every point h-7 distinctly st itod that ho wisho-d no one jto vote for him compulsion, and avo know tho that monoy Uvas used to buy vot'es by -am- Doat cunipmy, L-'jop-ir, Whttia and the mail contractors is absolutely and maliciously false. TllEltE has been some talk of holding an inquest upon tho remains of tho slaughtered-bogus the people seem so well advised, of hoAV it came about and satisfied thereof, that the ceremonies of an inquest" will bo omi'tod as unnecessary. It is well, for the carcass is very offensive. jtfbwliY left San yrancisco promising the certain defeat of MqCqt-mick. What Avill his friends think of his success i Will they noAV realize what a charlatan he is 'i Maiiio, of the Miner, has been more filthy than usual in his present campaign, but as usual he has helped Mc-C'orjnick. NOKrn Florence, the only precinct in Yavapai county yet heard from, -gives IfcCbrmiok a majority of 11 -out of 19 votes polled.

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