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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia • 18

Atlanta, Georgia
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(PAID POLITICAL ADVEKTISEMENT) iJutAaaAjimnatijM TR. 2-6363 DIANA DORS "A KID FOR 18 THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, Friday, Sept, 7, 1956 Arthritis Fund Drive Starts m. i OAUtl f. lutuu peseati OLIVIA tie HAVILLAND Alio Betfl Dovif "THE VIRGIN QUEEN" Georgia, is chairman of the drive in the two counties. Iftp-ODAY AND SATall Box Office Open 1:30 p.m.

Daily 9 ELECT MORE MEN LIKE YOUR LEGISLATOR mini TR. 6-791 9P PEACHTBEI AT RHODES CENTER'S "EDDY DUCHIN STORY" I CINEMASCOPE COLOR TYRONE POWER KIM NOVAK rRiP? Brace Frank a CROSBY KELLY SINATRA co starring 0(10 yiirorinon 'Celeste HOLM John LUNU Louis Calhern Sidney Biacwnw i ARMSTRONG COLE PORTER tmT NEXT: "CATERED AFFAIR" BORNl TWO FARTHINGS" i Continuous From 3 P'TBEI AT UTH JOHN MONA FREEMAN mi WOODY WOODPECKER -7 HkaWVil' Va Teen-ager on Latest World ONE WEEK ONLY 2 Shows Sat FAY McKAY HORSESHOE LOUNGE LARRY WARD ORCHESTRA Bl 1UW- 19 SB USE WANT ADS JA. 3-3636 JsV d0 ippttana iii I i mm are Trial'- anon Newa rilrliVitilllrl assHHMHSHrn RIALTO-NOW PLAYING See for Yourself! rr thi wosto fsr BARBECUED RIBS ON MY GUARANTEE Of SATISFACTION or MONEY BACK Enjoy real barbecue at its Destine old-fashioned kind that't pit-cooked alowly over charcoal and hickory. Taste real barbecue flavor in every bite. It you don agrre they re wonderful, the check on ut.

How about it? Will it be barbecued ribs for you tonight? wilt, Cole Slow $125 and Garlic Toast Served on Tray or toxed to Toko Out nnncMC DRive in sT WMhlWtsP JA. 3-9443 439 Mariatta St. T0DAY AND SAT. Office "30 SECONDS OVER TOKYO" 9:30 Spencer Tracy Van Johnson "Man of the Forest," 8:10 "NOT AS A STRANGER" 7:45 Robert Mitchum Olivia de Havilland "WILD STALLION" 10:25 Bill Elliott Open 6:30 p.m. doily WILLIAM LUNDIEAN Sj POP and POPCORN PRIZES and FAVORS! 1 Entrance 2 Screens Come Early Come Late A Feature Starting At A Convenient Time for YOU! TR.

2-7946 tOO N. HIGHLAND E. "Eddy Duchin Story" C8COPE COLOR TYRONE POWER KIM NOVAK YOU'LL LIKE OUR PLANKED SEAFOOD art i 84 LUCKiE STREET NOW PLAYING Danny Dillon Smile Servict MISSTONI Ifieouty of the Big Top Alan Mario Harmonica Virtuoso tor Show ond Doncing ERV HINKLE end Hit Orchestra No Cover Charge Luncheon Show 1:16 P. M. Dinner Show 9:15 P.

M. Supper Show 11:15 P. M. Reservations JA. 3-4042 HENRY QRADY HOTEL I raVOiwJi ON THB FREDDIE MGM Ricordini Star At 9:30 AtDEN fARKlNO rsr.

Author HONDO In Th Dogwood 1 Lounge 1 I Jim Scott Duo I ALL TWINS admitted FREE A motion picture so rrfeej daring you'll toy: HOW DID THEY DARE iN MAKE IT? 'kif JVl eaja MS NORTH THEATRE Martin and Lewis in "3 RING CIRCUS" at yJn bt- ADULT DRAMA FOR ADULT MINDS -Hl 1 i uH32G lTSJ katlns Sessions Dally Except Monday MA. nnimr nn mm 7-9615 Color Cartoon K0IYSH0WIN6l story of a Oct. 2, 8:30 P.M. Oct. 23, 8:30 P.M.

Noy. 21, 8:30 P.M. Sun. Dec. 2, at 3 :00 Dec.

10, 8:30 P.M. Jan. 14, 8:30 P.M. Feb. 25, 8:30 P.M.

Mar. 14, 8:30 P.M. LAKEW00D St.Tl Jk -9kqr aT JT JAMES STEWART MAN FROM LARAMIE AT SOUTH THEATRE fAe HANDFUL OF HOPE THAT BECAME A FISTFUL OF HELL! Gregory Peck Barbara Britton "The Gun Fighter" at "7Z Cameron Mitchell "Gorilla at Large" at 9:15 I I AUDITORIUM Atlanta Music Club Presents The Atlanta Chapter of the Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation has lounched its 1956 cam-Is -'paign to raise iJUpWU and DeKalb Counties. Contributions to the artlintis tf ...111 campaign wuj ue used largely to support the ar thritis clinic at Grady Memorial Hospital. Funds also will help 4 1 A.

D. BorMon Jr. nuance iiuuuiioj Research to improve treatments. Support for the drive will be 'sought through letters to Atlanta area residents. Donations may be jnailed to "Arthritis" in care of the Postmasler, Atlanta.


Setts Available for TODAY Showt and fop Next 4 Weeke NOW Phone Reservations MU. 1-5133 CHARGE IT We Honor All Major gasoline and Air Travel Charge Cards We are a TRIP CHARGE member. Box Office Opens 10 a.m. to p.m. To Amuse Us Today At the Theaters ART "a Kid tor Two Farthings." Diana Dors.

At 3:27. 8:29. 7:31, FOX ''The Burning Hills." Tab Hunter. Nalalle WL At 12:48. 2:33, 4:18.

6. -03. 7:48. 9:42. LOKIV'S High Society." Blnr Cron-bi.

Grace Kelly. Frank Binatra. At U(iU. 1:11, 3:22. 8:33.

7:44. 9:55. PA A "Hold Bark the Night," John Payne, Mona Freemiin. At 11:24. 1:08, 2:51, 4:36, 6:20.

9:48. KIAI.TII "HICKer Than Lite." Jamea Mason, Barbara Hush. At 11:35. 1:35. 3:35, 5:35, 7:35, 8:35.

Legitimate Theater ATLANTA ARFNA ri.AVHItfJSK "The Four-poster." Romantic comedy. At 8:30 p.m. Cinerama ''Ttala la Cinerama." ROXV- 6:30. At 2. Neighborhood Theaters AVOMMI.K "That Certain Feeling." "A Lawless Rider." BKtioKHAVKN "Bohwanl Junction," Ava Gardner, Stewart Bl kllKAIl "ddy Duchin Story." Orone Powor, Kim Novak, A "Karth'a Island" and "Rawnirle Years." Both dolor.

ATI "Kddy Duchin Storv." Tjr- nm- Pnupr k'tm K.ivuLr 'Wmm EAvr "Eddy Duchin Storv." 1 vrone power. Kim Novak. EMOKV "That certain FeelinK," Bob cva iviane tsainL color. EMI'HK "Cockleshell Heroes" "(lurifiHhtprv" Knth fnlnr and fcl I l.ll "Homebody I'd There Likea "Canadian Pacific." A 1 1( FAX "The Outlaw's Daunhter." I ne Jungle." I I. TON "Broken Arrow." "Return of the Texan." Hnth Colnr CAKI1K.V "Trapeze Burt Lancaster.

Open at 6:4 5 p.m. (il.L.N Technicolor. Tony Curtis, Burt Lancaster. GOHIHIN "Somebody Up There Likes jie raui iewman. CKOVF "Karth vs.

Flying Baucen" and "The Werewolf." HII.A.V "Kddy Duchin Ptorr." Scone. Tyrone Power. Kim Novak. KIKhWooi) "Target Zero" end "Animal World." Color. MAIIISII.N "Shack Out On 101" and nesen panna.

"Snake Pit," Olivia DeHavll- POM'B UK I.KON "Sanuaio." "Vera Cruz." Both Color. RHODES "Kddv Duchin Story." Color. Kim Novak. Tyrone Power. HWOoli "Santiago." Alan Ladd.

wra c.ary Cooper. Tr.MPLE "Hilda Crane," Jeannej Sim mons, uuy Aiaajaon. scope. Drive-In Theaters BA NKHFAII "30 Seconds Over To- jn." 9:30: "Man of Forest." 8:10. "'i nun aa ranger," 7:45 "Wild Stallion." 10:25.

fOKr.sT 1'AKK 4) Td Climb Highest "Vanishing tl.KMKKiii "Broken Lance. C'Scope. "Rubv Gentry." Cuers) Anvlhlnf i.inM v. Connor. P.A HTKr.K -I'd Climb Highest jniemo.

rirliMo.VT "Apache." Cole. "Big House. U.S.A." "Drums Across the River," "Creature Walks Among tTa." SCOTT "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain Color. "Jnferno." SO. "Summertime" and "Silver Cltv." Both Color.

STKW4RT "Apache." Color. "The Yearling." Gregory Perk. Ml. AKI.K.IIT Ring- Cirrus," 1 1 "Man From Lararme." Ml. MAKI.II.IIT "Uunfighter." 7:40.

10:45. "Gorilla at Large." 9:15. Out-of-Town Theaters Br.I.MONT JIII.I.H (Smyrna) "Johnny Guitar." Joan Crawford. 85 FAVKTTKVII.IJC "Inside Detroit." "Tribute 1o a Pad linn BIT. (Aostrll) "Man Who Knew Too Much." Jamee Stewart.

Color. SHAN Oorrrosa) "Teua Lady," Claudette Colbert. Color. Colored Theaters ASHBV "The Man Who Knew Too Much "Killer's Kiss." CAIHIR "Rebel Without a Cause." James Dean, Natalie Wood." C8. 1 'Blazing Six shooters." "Day Knnh Stood Still." POKRhwT "Juhal." Glenn Ford.

Sov Chasers." Bowerv Hfiva. ITZ "Man Who Knew Too Much." "Tall, Tan and Terrific." OUI, "On the Waterfront." Marlon cranao. uiacx uanouu." Dine and Dance ANCHORAGE "Tonl Claire and Marl forrano at 1:45. I ifl I'nrwl Panrt foe Danrin SII.TMOKK RF.N lF.Z Vol Lorfll! pen a.m. in la niidnUiM.

I unchecn 1 1 -rtn in 9-ft( BII1MOKK TtKRACE Featuring rea Atarteii. Dine and raicai to Wade creager'a nuaic Bmim at e.m. CUl1 liri Olrt Show lesrormt imger Lam. Kitty tells. Jtreddie HerTiard DOMINO IJIVSC.r, (InneHaJ Hotel) ubby Jones, Gloria Bhayne.

EI. MvtUHXM Dining and dancing to rne music or 1'aco xaia ana hit Mambo Oomho. ClFNk RooH Feafnrlng (sherry Lynii, Joy Paige and Carl and Ar-lene. Boo Uernngtor, Orchestra lor dan'ina. BLNKI PARtlHE ROOM Hve-ia Revue with All-star Acta.

At 1:15, 9:15. 11:15 pot. l.oewood Lojrse from 5 em. RHIN() IKIil'll Al, GARIIEN Dinir.g rnd dancing FrL and Nit. night, II pm.

1c 2 a.m. jIFAH RiNlH In Peraon. The Fnor A'. ay airnar ene larry vaia In tne Laanre. ZFHHA I.OI NGE iHwell H'lM li -Jij-n aally 4 ib, jVces HeUiy at piaoa Ice Skating I K.I RE 8 IkeMMl) Tavwlay ifmvih enoa, three teauona dally.

Call ilA. 7-6l5. Miniature Colt MTT-HTT Two lS-hnW eoor- 1 i a EJL-J I fl 7:40 11:35 9:40 Life. The Old IN Blood an Story of dition! BURNINC HILLS, Louis 'Hondo' gives us such Louis The merican L'Amour i Untamed, Empty Land, The Has Always Pitted His A aas1 Lone A I L'Amour Author of an American. He is Jor dan, a wild trapper, who has been forced to kill a man and is hunted by a posse.

With only the help of a magnificent, untamed woman, he faces his challenge the way the lone American has always faced danger, defeat, and victory! 2000 Moreland Avenue hi: (If etMBw I Here Is a Magnificent West in The Great Tra- jjii ELEANOR STEBER The great American lyric soprano. NBC OPERA COMPANY In Puccini's "Madam Butterfly." Produced by the National Broadcasting Co. and the Radio Corp. of America. Beautifully staged and costumed.

Organization of 96 people. Renowned soloists. Sung in English. BALLET RUSSE de MONTE CARLO This superb ensemble is always a highlight of the season. MANTOVANI and his orchestra Among the most popular of all broadcasting and recording orchestros now a sensation in concert.

JAN PEERCE, tenor, and LEONARD WARREN, baritone. Their program will feature many duets composed for tenor and baritone selections that have never been heard here in concert. BOSTON POPS TOUR ORCHESTRA Arthur Fiedler, Conductor. Atlanta debut of this extremely popular organization. PITTSBURGH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA William Steinberg, Conductor.

WALTER CIESEKINC Pre-eminent pianist. "I'll Climb the Highest Mountain" Color Susan Hayward William Lundipan "Vanishing American" Scott Brady Audre Todder "BROKEN LANCE" Cinemascope Color Spencer Tracy, Richard Widmark "RUBY GENTRY" Charlton Heton, Jennifer Jonea "I'll Climb the Highest Mountain" 8usan Hayward William Lundigan "INFERNO" Robert Ryan Rhonda Fleming Pi94mwt ft tiWttegf "APACHE" Technicolor Burt Lancaster Jean Peter "BIG HOUSE 0. S. Brod. Crawford.

Ralph Meeker "DRUMS ACROSS THE RIVER" TECHNICOLOR Audie Murphy Walter Brennan "Creature Walks Among Us" Jeff Morrow Rex Reason rrsMrcvrlre Hwf Ml DM "I'll Climb the Highest Mountain" Susan Hayward William Lundigan "INFERNO" Robert Ryan Rhonda Flemlno "SUMMERTIME" COLOR Kath. Hepburn Rossand Braul "SILVER CITY" COLOR Yvonne de Carlo Barry Fitzgerald iMeivaarl lsrJeW "APACHE" TECHNICOLOR Burt Lancattep Jean Pet era "THE YEARLING" Technicolor Gregory Pec Jane Wyman nee aw a a I Mi jr-i -5 -j ATLANTA'S FIRST TWIN GALA OPENING TONIGHT StE OUR BIG AD! TWINS ARC BORN See our BIO ADI lauati if 0 (vHD I Ji" mY 1 i ami- wm fRs of rteR rwsr cove SCALE OF SEASON-TICKET PRICES Orchestra, $18.50, $15.50, Dress Circle, Center Balcony, Side Balcony, $7.40. Purchase your season tickets promptly if you desire to attend these programs. Over 3,500 season tickets hovs alreody been sold. No single admission tickets will be sold until the close of the season ticket sals.

SEASON TICKETS ON SALE NOW at CABLE PIANO CO. 235 Peochtree N. E. Phone JAckson 5-1605 TOPS IN Ok I If Leghorn Foghorn I COLOR CARTOON I WORLD WIDE Ih NEWSf (sat STtaaoeiaDHiC SOwmO. TOO I iuww.s) aipnnKs.

vi uienw a ata..

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