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Dayton Daily News from Dayton, Ohio • Page 4

Dayton Daily News from Dayton, Ohio • Page 4

Dayton Daily Newsi
Dayton, Ohio
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0-9 THE DAYTON DAILY NEWS SATURDAY, OCT. 7, 101 AN INSISTENT. MESSAGE. JESTS and JINGLES EDIT0RLL DIGEST AMtRICAN CUIRSMT THOUGHT hopes. Eastern Thrace is loat to Creece, but the country has still much to do in the way of re-establishment of itself and solving its problems. scalane i--- ii JAY SIB WHAT WK WANT T( KNOW IS Was it so dark in the tenth inning of that world's series game that the umpires couldn't see anything but the cash register? DAYTON DAILY NEWS FOUNDED IN IMS. EnUr4 FotoM. Dwtua. 0.. InJ-CUw Mitwr fublbM rT dr I. Th. N. Bulldln. rn.r Fourth and Ludlow rtru. br fh fubluhin Co. M.k Audit Un. or CgJ-tottanj. iuUtr.b... will Uur th. lW.rt.nt by dim. Mi 02 or MM. aaMn known aux wmpl.Pt ol Mtit. MEMBER Or THE ABSOCUTtD Th A-ucimlrf Vtmt ntltlU to o( n.w. di.p.lcl... crd-l to It or not. credit! In thu. Lta be.1 "ublul-d tenia. All IHiinl BUHSCRll'TlONS UN1TEU 8TAIE8 and CANADA. Daily and Bundan On. jraar aU IHO. thw month. on moutn Mc Daily only On. yr (b.VO. an month. l.o, th -0; month e. Sunday only: Ona yar UM. tooth. 11.10. threa montha 76c. one moot. Mail aubMrlvtion. o.yabl advaoc. ISSl'K IN Kit SKY. Exactly to what extent the wet and dry issue will figure in the coming election in New Jersey is a subject on which there is a broad division of opinion among editors of tho country. It is accepted that Senator Joseph Frelinghuysen, who defeated (iivrge Kecord by a more than 2 to 1 vote, will have the support of the dry and, especially the anti-Saloon league, while Gov. Edward 1. Edwards will poll most of the moist and wft votes, but because the tariff and kindred subjects also will be an issue the re THOMAS ir. LAU'SON Tom Lawsun add 'd another spectacular incident to his lung public career by disappearing co-iiu'iilent with the announcement that was made that his magnificent estate is to be to satisfy debts. Despite his aire (he is years old), Tom l.awson may still have a lot of ambition burning within bis breast. He has had a remarkable, life. Ohio women vote against the return of the long skirt, (lood for the Buck eyes. Naturally Ohio women don't have to follow the styles. Isn't this state the "Mother of precedents?" lle ran away from school when he was sult will not be received as a clear prohihi- twelve years old and became office boy in tion leferemluni many editors fear The women won't have to explain their vote as their "reasons" are Senator reliughuyscn's sweeping vie a uoslon nanK. lien only seventeen ne ilia lie ui-iiniriiiir (Hill in lory is agreed have been a romplete ver 1,1... 1 i.i; lipiCNF- In Ohio the skirt Will no more trail the dirt, For the dear girls have taken a vote; They will pass up the style And display the old lisle I i.i i i sinie ivt'ouoi can aporova so lar as a railroad poi.l he bad organi.el. 1 tile iesult of the election will show con-llis curly genius tor coining money seemed cuju.iy tm. state stands on the Honor to remain with him through the advancing! question because "if the defeuted side in-jears His copper interests actpiired for him! s'1' was the tariff, or some other issue a considerable fortune. Then he turned I wl''e the scales-there can be no i i- complete and conclusive contradiction. The writer, and bis series of articles on from which there is Finance Kverybody's Maga.ini! con-1 no appeal, will come only on a test, where stituled whu; 'wis designated as an expose there is no other and confusing: issue in-f Wall Street. Hut bad luck finally over- Vl'jw'-" J't't-re is no Uestion that "the re-. in New Jersey will be pleasing to the took loin l.awson. Coupled with financial i And their reasons they don't need to state. Bible Thought Tot Today PA UK NESS UISAI'I'L A US art my uip, Lord, mtd the Lord will lujhtan my For by thve I Aatii run through troop; oy my (Sod haw I kaprd onr a -laULJ Sanwd Ui; US, iu. With so many Ohio women running for office they can't be bothered with trailing skirts. Likewise, even if they are in politics, they intend to keep their skirts clean. THE MlSSISd "EXHIBIT moisc, health declined. Finally poinUs out, but it is convinced that t'ov HaiTv Davis it nib observed by if. i.ecsnry to sell property will require all of Senator Frelinghuy- Jt i. i i Ken's liel ti vein 1 DUO I i 1 1 1 1 Ill I' I ll IN I I II I i i.i.'v ii those who attended the opening Kdwards is nerhans the ablest. Political to narn .1... 1.. 'C .1.. IU- 11 I I I i .11 .1 I I I I 1 1 l.T (. tin. see lnm come urprismg aim ONCE I PON A TIME It was an ordinary thing for a world's series game to be postponed on account of snow. start I over again. pick to contest the election." The size of tho majority convinces the Syracuse Her home nriUHsa ald that "we have another proof that the. suffrage of women parallels the Home building, which underwent some- old male lice," while it is inclined to believe thing of decline during the World War, that at the general election "we shall have and for a short time thereafter, has become1 referendum that will settle the problem" -i ot the wets and drys no far as New Jersey a passion in the tinted States, judging slaU. KrelinphuvBeirn suc-' igurcs which are presented to the atU-n-cess at the primaries "will," for several lion and consideration of the public. From reasons, give satisfaction," the Washington a survey of the situation in the country it as. his he paign in unio ill oiunimis was not "among those present." By every tradition associated with the oi'uiiu; of political campaigns this was unprecedented certainly most unusual. few days before the first guns were fired in this commonwealth (iov. Davis skipped out. It was said in the capital that "under the doctor's orders" ho had been directed to "take a complete rest." Tho governor, therefore, left Columbus. On tho day of the opening of the world's series in New York, Ohio's governor occupied a box seat among a lot of "notables," as the sporting writers describe the collection of prominent people who were present for the basTball classic's opening. That will have a referendum that will settle the said that about five billion dollars have THE JOY OF LABOR BY JAMES J. MONTA01E Have you felt the thrill of the daily task The joy that the workers know Do you get a thrill from the man-sized job As the long days coma and go? Do your fingers tingle to seize the saw, Or whatever it is you wield, When you play your part in the mill or mart Or the forest or farm or field? Do you gladly labor with hand or brain No matter how great the load Do you sing a song as you march along, Though rocky and rough the road? Are you well content with a life of toil As the world goes rolling on. And grudge the day that you give to play As uttarly lost and gone? nrooieni 01 ine weis am i rva so been spent for borne building thus far this Sew' Jersey is concerned. Senator Frvling-year. Such a colossal enterprise, quite nat- huysen's success at the primaries "will, for the urally. is worthy of more than mere cur- lve satisfaction," reasons, give satisfaction. Washington Star (I ml.) savs as his record sory consideration. It is, to b'gin with, a IS irooit he fi-innille with tint nit- iii--iih most encouraging sign ot sianimy ior uie js wlsi.lti.- ut- l'rnm Nrw York WeaJ stamped; the rate for cents tor lo ter was insuf ficiei 1 1 countries a '-Politeness, in ter was insufficiently PEOPLE'S FORUM intelligence, clearness are all n- was a singular ami unr.caru ot tniug to nation. America as a country of home- nation but it wonders how the result in his have happened. While his party in Ohioj builders and home owners, needs have little state impresses Former President Was bringing up the heavy artillery and! worrv ubml its future. This is one of the 11 recalls that the Democratic nom- i 1 I iee tor governor, "Mr. also was a opening a campaign which has been de-, compelling talking points in connection with candidal for the Democratic nomination scribed as being of the utmost importance of our national position. At for governor in 1910 when Mr. Wilson carlo the president and the- party, the party's i it.ust a start has been made in catching up r'ed off the honor, and in that contest had governor in Ohio preferred the a condition, which, during the war and uPPort of Joseph P. Tumulty" ami game to the official speaking event at the for many after the cessation of 1 it tai.ieil in these words. 1 am told why 1 had to lav extia on the letter: what stamp my correspoiul'iit Is doing your duty enough for you? Do you hope, when the day's begun, Your reward will he, at its close, to see The commonest task well done? Would you rather keep on through the summer's heat And the winter's chill and snow, Than loll at ease in the balmv breeze, DEFENSE OF SHORT SKIRTS. Ishuild have put on, and what 1 tell him so bat Editor Daily News: ill you please find time his letters will be stamped correctly next time, and spine in your papers to punt just a few lines' "This is America all over. It shows us the Anir-that 1 have been wishing to say to the mothers audi niethod of informing the public clearly, cui-girls of Dayton, in legard to wearing long skirts. ciftely, and courteously. My heart just aches when I see young girls, and have 1)p)-p'r1 m( just nrrivd young mothers wearing horrid long trading parj wlth thp Telegraph, Tea-skirts, which make them look at least 20 years older run; tmis. thai, they; really are. Years ago wore the Jong m-Qn of (h(, T. has aIreav hostilities, thivatnied to become most in VM), threw his influence, "when it was alarming in the nation's affairs. Construe- apparent that he was not in the running, tion work has progressed to a point during not Mr. McAdoo, but to Gov. Cox. and rl iU was a factor in the Ohio candidate's suc- 1922 where it seems more than likely thatceM The x- York EvHnini, Where indolent brooklets flow? Would vou rather he part of this busy it will continue. The movement because is another paper which believes the world Than sit on the velvet grass SKirts an uie trams, i ami ir.v -j ff atute capital. a mere matter of interest it must be conceded that a man of Harry Davis' temperament would much prefer to watch a baseball game to listening to a lot of political speeches. But this isn't the answer to tho riddle! Davis wasn't wanted at Columbus. He was told to absent himself from the ceremonies. The world's series offered the best excuse in the world for dodging the campaign opener. man whom Carmi Thompson and its own weight will continue for some time to come. tho Store fit Oil 1 I 11 ii iu mi '-i- older than 1 do today. Never 'Neath a summer sky as the years go by wet and dry issue will lie submitted to a referendum next fall and it declares that "it is a pity that the principal issue, as Senator Frelinghuysen sees it. will not be th, tht kent vonth.i01 "al.v to bo paid for msunicienty And watch the procession pass? uc churl iVirt mill hnliLeii hair nf tOllllV." It letters. If you would, you may be perfectly right, SAFEGUARDING BANKS the only one." ror wie vtui ui man tier, But nevertheless I would fain confess The American Bankers' association con- .15 wncinnau limes Mar. (Kep.) Uis- That you've got a whole lot on me! LIMERICK CONTEST fly D. F. E. Second St. in its pace. As Davton is considered one ot our- best ami leading cities, we keep that old nd SS?" I'UrCC'1' li8a.u 'kee Sir in'thSmen'of I "To remedy this state of affairs, the postal a. 70 can go abiut with the feeling that she will Uon wishes to ir, fo the publ that ne iiinooiiiK me lesuii, as a iriumpn ior tne vention in New ork has been bearing a. Harding administration, declares that "the gTeat deal on the subject of safeguarding recrudescence of George L. Record and his money deposited and held in the vaulU of defeat again for a Republican nomination these institutions. It is a practical' subject are not without interest. His speeches i him to be ahe same old Record. Per- for the bankers to discuss, since in almost, haps that ig one of reasong Repub every state, with more or less Means of New Jersey again refused to put the problem of thwarting bank robbers has1 in his hand the party standard. Politics is Ko r.f a lHv." Men fPlta ii V114 JUSL Babe Ruth was a bulky young Yankee, get But when peeved, was inclined to proud to see their wives looking as young and fresh other speakers so strenuously defended in an administration that is being set (lown as the worst and most inglorious in Ohio's long history, wasn't wanted at Columbus. He was the "Exhibit which had to be shunted to the background. The party leaders as a matter of fact are ashamed of Harry Davis' record as a governor and they cn'arged size. This list contains the rates at presen in use in France and foreign countries. It will scr.t on receipt of 2fr.f0 to everybody who fills in an signs this circular of subscription and sends it the administration, Rue (ieoft'roy-Marie, No. J3C Paris. cranky; He would swing at the ball And hit nothing at all; And then weep in his cute little hanky. not unlike the phonograph." This is some as a girl of 20. And why not? The Lord never intended the American women to lay aside any of their beauty or activities with the coming of years. And what has brought this about? Nothing in the wide world hut getting the dresses up off of the sidewalk, and out of the dust. 1 am old myself, but anu out. oi uie i o.u uuN. what the opinion of the Utiea Observer Dispatch (Ind.) which after referring to Rec fhis time there is no mistake about it, I hav ord attacks on Senator Frelinghuysen, TOM SIMS SAYS: got rid of him for the opener in Columbus, come to be recognized as of primary im-j portance. It is essential, of counw, and speakers before the convention brought out this point, that an exchange of ideas of workable values, be engaged in on the part of tho bankers. Robbing banks is not engaged in as actively at the present time as I never feel old, and I want to say further, that 7 'iJJt'- Lu 7. V. i asserts tnat "Kecord has been a stormy I i. 1 I ir tHOWHII. I 1 11.. (II II 11 II I in (11 toil, tt 1 1 v' 1 1 If IIKMiUn tAllll by providing him with a couple of box seats petrel in Jersey affairs and is something of The skirt, long may it flap. .7 I for insufficiently stamped letters, is nod at the world's series. In tho annals of po 7: of 'tailing you why; but it haJ a promoter and corporation man himself. The result showed that the state Republi litical campaigns in this or any other state compiled a complicated tariff that ordinary Any man can prove he has good sense by saying that you have. cans intended to "stand pat," the Philadel- when I cut off the length of another skirt, from tho bottom of my dress, and went out with the other young people. So I want to beg the young girls and it was some months ago. Possibly this isjphia Evening Bulletin (Ind. holds as arithmetic is of little use. In order to have th' list you must pay 2fr.50 for one to hang on the W'' "To make the customer pay for knowing wh:" New Jersey has shown no inclination to be Sometimes we think the oookworm 41 due to the fact that additional vigilance has "old girls" let us keep the short skirts, and if we kin to the hook-worm. tempted by the Record platform embodying do radicalism or the La toilette type. the rest will soon follow. Long skirts are not 10 1110 i ingenuity. M'Vfj the lead, and the well dressed women are "Tl" Aft in ik ti-0, rimes uie liuuin ui uonmi uie mil Kansas City has a Tiffany Coal and we can prove it. methods. Not only two methods but two mentalities nUUlI.IK Oltui, Aa IIU Wlliuoii vou ntcn a. and still look young, I beg of you one and all LET been exercised in behalf of banks. The average successful bank robber is a clever and intelligent individual. Occasionally an amateur bobs up and tries his hand at the game, but amateurs are easily detected and apprehended. It is the man who plans care NEW YORK LETTER there is no precedent for such action. Davis was too ill to be in Columbus, but the atmosphere at the Polo grounds, besides lng more congenial, it so turns out was ex- ceptionally more wholesome for him and for 'his party. Perhaps some explanation will be. forthcoming as to this novel procedure. If Carmi Thompson is willing to stand by the record of Mr. Davis in public office why was he ashamed to have Davis present at the political ceremonies where he should have been In America the public is a master, which the admin-l US KEEP THE SHORT SKIRT. istration must look after. In ranee, the public A NEWS READER. Dayton, 0., Oct. 4. BT O. 0. McINTTBB. A London doctor says our girls work too much. Our experience is they work too many. the 'paying pig' which the administration must bleeili as iiiucn as possioie. fully and executes skillfully who causes 'jryy- YORK, Oct. 7. Night life jn Man CIVIL WAR VET FOR DONAHEY. Editor Daily News 1 was born and raised in the state of Ohio Am a Civil War soldier, was with Sherman to the sea. I read a great deal of all sidei If you want a man to growl at you treat him like a dog. the greatest trouble to criminal sieutns. lrnaltan is in the doldrums. Only a few is possible to reduce bank robbing to aisuPPfcr clubs are making expenses. Satur- day night is finding the town deserted A WORD OF WARNING (TINE: LITTLE ORl'H AST ANNIE) By EH BERT (iAY MSSO.N Turkey is having her day. After Turkey of the political question and take both the Democrat Pleasure seekers are crankinc ud the ear minimum in this country. But it is going to require, co-operation between banks and day comes Turkey hash. NATURAL GAS 'he greatest possible indulgence in protec- a man hy sitting Natural gas companies are talking once tive equipment to bring this about. There's a big new tabernace on the old Miami's! You can uplift tlown on him. and Kepubiiean papers, sincerely oeneve. vie iwna-hey will make the best governor the state has had in a good many years. He certainly is an honest and upright man and is deserving of the vote of every old soldier as well as the World War boys. A CIVIL WAR VETERAN. Dayton, Oct. 2. and hitting it out of town for the road houses. Here they are less likely to hear the police raiding ram at the door. Those postage stamp French cafes that bloomed in he ornate apartment houses are lifeless. The proprietor of eight has disposed of all shore. An uayton an tne devil nas some stirrin times Our new tariff is said to be an elastic LODGE'S INSINCERITY It is recorded that Senator Henry Cabot I.iwhri. si uhnrt lino, mrn in disctissintr the tariff. It has to be to cover a multitude of sins. more about the declining supply or tne product. It is necessary to call attention nowadays to the fact that conservation measures almost always are necessary in the matter of natural gas, since the consumers in years past have been so extremely profligate in their use of natural out one and it is on the market store, Billy Sunday's comin' here to preach an' tell us oi our sins, An' wallop old Beelzebub, an' knock him off his pins, lie's a scrapper an' a winner, an' he's chuck plumb full o' pep, An' if vou're a hardened sinner vou had better watch Turkish situation, declared: "I nrav aK.o they were serving cock- linenlv in rlnlieata iilaoEAD CURRENT OPINION .,.1 lfr 7 -e soc, omu The man who doesn't know good manners frequently gets in the soup while eating it. I n.c mma majr out ui silver DucKets. ow the cocktails are is a task which the Christian nations ought served in bouillon cups and wine is taboo TU .1 ii your step woo uo not, ko to me roan nouses This winter's coal shortage reminds us M'KENNA'S MASTERFUL SPEECH. MR. Or he'll have you singin' hymn tunes 'fore you know pack their bottles of inferior gin to apart of the saying, "Many are cold, but few are pas. now nest go annul e.tucaung uie have ai.compIi!,llsd at the erul of the public in this matter becomes one of the war 0f aU thp npn t( u)k a)((Ut rathe, difficult iiroblems, since the public, whut tQ have or generally speaking, looks upon such advice (lf th war. what you're about, For Billy SundayTl git you, if you don't watch out. frozen. ments anu turn on tne victrola. The musical exchanges are offering any number of jazz bands at reduced prices. New York World It is safe to say that in all that has been written throughout the world these last three years on the subject of reparations and debts, there has been nothing else, so brilliantly lucid and unimpeachably fair-minded as the address delivered yesterday at Once there was a wicked man who said it was nj largely as propaganda, mere was a time Men get intoxicated with love. That's why it is bootlegged. Lodge is the leat capable. Put for the And there are no takers. It is the time of year when New York steps into first speed, but it is deader now than it was in mid conspiracy which he headed, and the "round shame, He wouldn't go at all, he said, when Billy Sunday came; The two principal causes of divorce are robin" which he instituted, many troublesome problems in Europe not only could men and women. the bankers convention by the Right Hon. Reginald McKenna. In six columns of newspaper print he Said he took in too much money an' his slang was out place, summer, for then the tourists were having their fling. The young men who, in the language of Broadway, spend their time trying to put the burners on the blondes are evidentlv An' his manner in the pulpit was an out an' out cli3-l covered the length and breadth and depth of this most difficult subject as it has never been covered before. Raisuli, famous bandit, has quit. It is understood competition in his line was too keen. sitting around the parlor lamp playing His conclusions do not differ in any important grace; But one night he went to hear him, though 'twa just to sneer an rail. But almost before he knowed it he had hit the sawdust trail. au.nors. cnorus girls are going direct respect from the inside opinion of informed men the have been determined, but would have been settled by this time. As the chief of the intrigue section in the United States senate Lodge left no stone unturned that would insure a defeat of every position assumed by the American peace commissioners in Paris. A way had been opened for the very thing which the Massachusetts senator now world over. M. Poincare in private life would agree home from the theater and sending out for a sandwich, instead of the wine washed AVOCATIONS BV BE ETON BRALEY true romantic glamor If you like th' primrose path you'd better watch whaU. midnight snack in principle, no less than Chancellor Wirth or Secretary Mellon. Mr. McKenna's speech sums up the conclusions to which practically every one has come There's a to the In the supremest of the upper clubs the you re about, r- c. in -i. i wielding of hammer, ut -tony ctumiay gn you, you (ion other night, there were only a handful and who is not tied up in some form of political bunk. avows he prays may happen. A consider- headwaiters were placing customers And the song the saw is singing makes glad music on the air. But he does not merely sum up. He explains the rea in 9 An one time there was a student everybody thoTrgh loTrgh ordinary business clothes at the ring side sons for his conclusions with a knowledge of fact There's a simple sort of pleasure when you was wise, tuples. only the professional dancers and of principle which is quite extraordinary. scheme and plan and measure tvin no cue uiougnt so more tnan nimi an net turned about on the floor. His conclusions are these: good many years ago, when the supply! of natural gas apparently was unlimited. Factories of all kinds used the product for heating; cities and villages lighted their streets with it; and it sometimes happened that gas lamps were left burning all day, lircausje. it was considered that it was cheap-ert to let it burn twenty-four hours day than to take the trouble of employing a small boy to go around and turn off the burners. At that time the situation was such as to seem to justify the belief that natural gas never would be reduced to something resembling a luxury. Hut the passing years soon demonst rated the folly of early profligacy. Today cities have the product at greatly increased cost, and some communities find themselves unable to get it at all. THRACE Whatever of aspirations Venizelns may have entertained for leadership in Greece bused upon tho restoration of eastern Thrace to Grecian control, now have vanished in the determined stand taken by the British. The new arrangement provides for the return of Thrace to Turkish control. And that, of course, ends Venizelos' dream For the making of a table or the shaping just criticize At a nearby table was a well-known mtri about town, noted for his many romps to of a chair; Everything about this Sunday, said his creed wa out date. First, that England can pay interest and sinking fund, because she still possesses foreign securities Though you're awkward and ungainly and the alter. He was plainly bored. The able part of what has transpired in the past and what is transpiring at this minute falls to the shoulders of Henry Cabot Lodge. For the purpose of carrying out a political plot to gain control of governmental machinery in America he sacrificed everything else and seared his conscience in the bargain. His insincerity is best demonstrated by his present position relative to the Turkish matter. with which to pay pay. Since England can pay, she will Said they wasn't any devil an' they wasn't any fate But he listened to his sermons, an' My Goodness vivacity of his companion was not contagious. A former wife happened to come your blunders stand out plainly Though the job is bungled badly when your laboring is done, how he fell in the room. He watched her for a long Though your friends may jeer and kid it, New he says that there's a heaven an' he's sure thalj time ana sighed: "tve lost some mighty there a hell: good rnends by marrying them." Second, that the other debtor countries, including France and Italy, do not have foreign securities with which to pay their debts. They could pay only by exporting more goods than they import; and since the world is not prepared to take a great surplus of French and Italian exports, hope of payment from none the less you re proud you did It, As a carpenter you're awful but you've had a lot of fun! If you trust in scholarship he sure your arguments are stout, Cafe managers say the spenders have not returned from Europe and that in another two weeks night life will jump into high. Or Billy Sunday'll git you, if you don't watch out. Then your labors grow more thrillful as lie's a strong, two-fisted fighter and he's always orf the jump. We suppose the tariff makers will say that the people of the country ought to be happy that they possess enough money to pay the additional prices which the "special interests'' will demand. Every time he pounds his pulpit, hy, th' Devil git you find you re getting skillful. That you do not pound your fingers as you often used to do, When you know, beyond denying, that the task which you are trying old digging, too, is becoming one of the lost arts along Broadway. Broadway Ereyities, the official oracle "of the Great White Way, declares the time has come when ''the Johns won't loosen." They are these countries must be definitely postponed, and nothing expected ultimately except what can be paid by the export of goods. Third, that Germany can pay now only with the foieign balances which she still possesses. But these balances could only be used for reparation if individual Germans would sell them to their government. This consent can only be obtained by offering them a profit, which in turn can only be done by improving the mark. These views arc now established everywhere, ex a bump; He's incessantly in motion, he's a human dynamo, He don't hesitate to tell you where th' wicked are (70 May at least resemble something when side-steppjng the glided cafes for the one your tinkenngs are through; If his slang an' oratory fails to get beneath you Oh, you feel exceeding clever when the i.rmed heancries and most of them freeze up at the mert; mention of a winter fur ot ingratiating hiniseir into tne good graces i.f his countrymen through such a channel. coat. tough! fruit of your endeavor Is a box or chair or table or a sofa or a shelf skin. Why, he'll win you with the magic of his fascinatin grin; cept among politicians and the people they delude. If One of the writers of fashions for men Mr. M'Kenna's address could be widely circulated it If you love your badness, sinners, better watch what! Which is near what you intended; and you Two cannot live ns cheaply as one. There's the ex-kaiser, for example, who had to sell his life story before he could marry ngain. The owl may be, us someone has said, a dumb animal, but he makes himself heard in plain language just the same. declares that Jack Dempsey, the pugilist whisper "Ain it splendid 7 would be difficult to play politics much longer with you re about, the finances of the world. For the argument, as he, Or Billy Sunday 11 git you, if you don't watch out. has nresented it. is absolutely unanswerablp. and As you stand around admiring what you Hi is the best dressed man in New Y'ork. He points out that at a conspicuous theater first night recently Dempsey was the only fashioned by yourself! people who do not want his conclusions can escape man in the audience correctly dressed in them only by ignoring his reasoning. Life can never be a glum thing for the man who's building something every detail, lie wore tne proper wing collar and bat tie a detail that all the (When it isn't really labor but another others had missed among other things. American Methods vs. French form of play). Hut ein'zelos, nevertheless, can exercise a most important function, should hi! decide to return, in wielding a leveling influence over national affairs in Greece. It is apparent that the revolutionary spirit has de-eerted the nation as quickly as it came upon the sc'iie a week ago. There wasn't any real blood-thirst on the part of either 'he a i my or the navy. The principal point was the abdication of Constantino. With him gone affairs soon settled down to something approaching normalcy. And yet it is very evident that a steady hand is needed in Greece. As Turkish demands are more frequently met hy the allies, public sentiment throughout Greece will need to be reconciled to a rituBtion which in a v. ay spells purtial defeat for national Give him rules and chalk and pencils, give New York has groups of young hoodlums him tools and such utensils, The limit London acknowledged receipt of vora and instrumental wireless program this way: "Hean music and woman singing. Pittsburg Sun. who rent sightseeing busses for an evening Writing in the Matin (Paris) Stephane Lauzanne, to ride through the town and hoot at pedes editor of the paper, draws attention to the American That sign "Drive slow, school," always makes u4 way and the trench way, to the detriment of the Comptroller of Currency Crissinger has sold his home in Marion. He's an optimist. There will he plenty of Turkey for Europe by Thanksgiving Day. It will soon he "tag day" for automobile licenses in Ohio again. Give the Turks an inch and they take a mile. latter. He soys: And he'll have the sort of hobby wTUch will drive his cares away. He will paint and he will plaster, he will do his best to master Fery craft he ever heard of, with no thought of filthy pelf. Every tinker's job will lure him and there nothing that will cure him think that the feilow who wrote it should have ti je in at the first grade entrance. Detroit Free Pi Jud Tunkins says some of us never get over th merry-go-round habit. We want to keen going fast trians, in ilarlem the other night they began shouting and jeering at a man who was returning home with a basket of eggs. The bus was caught in a traffic jam and the object of the jeers pelted them with nis eggs. A traffic cop discreetly turned his head the other way. And the jeering ceased. i "1 have before me a letter Just arrived from America. It was insufficiently stamped, and I had to pay on it. But on the back is written in plain printed letters the following notice from the American postal hdministtation: Of the feverish endeavor to be making; regardless of whether were gVig i 'i'Jeajje ajiyise tiua le things, himeellt vv asniEjjMm star, 'x.

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