Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 18, 1957 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1957
Page 23
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Monday Evening, November 18, 1957. Josephine Lowmon Here's A Hefpful Check On Your Mental Health Did you know fnat mental illness hospitalizes more people than all other ills put together and that I it often can be prevented? It is impossible for any human being to live without tensions and snxie ties. To do so we would have to be devoid of all interests and en thusiasms and involvements of the heart. Also many worries are protective to .our health and hap piness. However, the way in which we manage our problems and the manner in which we react to our worries IS important. The average healthy, well-adjusted individual can go through times of anxiety and crisis and then bounce back. He or she may feel the impact in fatigue or depression, but within a reasonable length of time natural resilience -will return. When to Correct The time to begin adopting corrective measures is when you live in a constant state of unease when there is no rea"son for it. If you have had a prolonged time of strain and tension, you should be watchful for any harmful reactions in your personality as well as in your health. BUT, how do you recognize it when this is happening to you? There is a very interesting booklet which gives you a questionnaire to help you evaluate your own outlook, your own mental health. This booklet is called "How TO Deal .With Your Tensions." It was a joint project of the National Advertising Council and the National Association For Mental Health. It was written by Doctor George S, Stevenson, Consultant for The National Association for Mental Health, and psychologist Harry. Milt. Questionnaire It certainly seems that we should Investigate any symptoms ot mental distress just as we would any physical symptoms' and seek aid when we need it. I think this questionnaire will be helpful to «veryone. Here it is. 1. Do minor problems and disappointments throw you into a dither? 2. Do you find it difficult to get along with people, and are people having trouble getting along with you? 3. Do the small pleasures of life fail to satisfy you? 4. Are you unable fo stop thinking of your anxieties? 5. Do you fear people or situations that never used to trouble you? 6. Are you suspicious of people, iristrustful of your friends? 7. Do you have the feeling of being trapped? 8. Do you feel inadequate, suf- Ai'e you unable to stop thinking of your Anxieties? For Cold Days! fer the tortures of self-doubt? Need Help The authors do not indicate that disaster is ahead of you if you answer a number of these questions in the affirmative, but rather that you need help and tha:t the situation should not continue. Do not allow it to become chronic! Overcome it because it puts the dampers on living and it also endangers your future mental welfare. Perhaps you oan -help yourself or maybe you need expert aid. One way you can help yourj&lf if you need it is to read this booklet. It gives you direction fcr self help and' also tells you where to find more expert help if you require it. The booklet will be sent to you free if you send your request to Better Mental Health, Post Office Box. 2500, New York City, New York. * * * Tomorrow: "You Must Have Dessert'—'But What About My Diet?" (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate. 1957) It Pares the Inches Ann Landers Girl, 16, May Be Mature for Age But She's Far Too Busy 8160 12-20 Dear Ann: I'm sure you'll remember me. I wrote last year and signed the letter "So In Love." The fellow was Jerry. You 'told me he was too old for me'a:id .you were right, so I dropped him. I wrote again six months later and signed the letter "Scarlet O'Hara". The boy that time was Tony. You advised me to give him the air because he kept after me to do things that weren't ' I went with a boy named Greg: after Tony but I didn't have to write for advice on him as my Dad caught him borrowing our car one night and I had to agree this wasn't very nice. Now my problem Is Bruce. He's darling looking and wants me to wear his sweater. My folks are against him because he got a girl in trouble two years ago. She was older than he was so I figure it was more her fault than his. I'll admit he has a hot temper and his religion is different .from mine. Please, Ann, help me again. You've been right so far.—GARDENIA GIRL P.S. I'm now 16, and mature for now I admit I am stymied.—B.H. My advice is to take HIS advice —don't take him seriously. If he has to get shellacked in order to tell you of his true fellings, he has too many paralyzing inhibitions to make a good partner for life. If you wonder if this man cares for you. the answer is probably yes. Alcohol sets free the censoring agents of the brain and the naked truth is often exposed after my age. Dear Gardenia: How can you tell the names and numbers of the _.. -i j v players without a scorecard? You Slim as a needle and so becom-^,, . , „ „„„„ K ,,,,, f ,, r „ , K _ ,,„„. seem to be very busy for a 16-year- who - s mature £or „. , : mg to a young ngure. S.mple sheauh dress to sew with short or seau ress o sew wi sor or er age three quarter sleeves. You'll com-, A boy whose religion is different plete it easily. No. 8160 with PATT-0-RAMA is n sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 14, 34 bust, short sleeves, 3M> yards of 35-inch. For this pattern, send 35c in I COINS, your name, address, size'the others. 1 desired, and the PATTERN NUM- ifrom yours has one st-'ike against 'him at the outset. The rest of the description doesn't sound so hot either. Since the Romeos seem to say hello and goodbye like French Premiers, I suggest this one join HER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, 111. Dear Ann: What is your advice in a situation where a very attractive and eligible man makes vio- The Fall & Winter .'57 edition of lent declarations of his love while our pattern book Basic FASHION he's under the influence of liquor, ;'is filled with smart, new styles 1 but is cold as a" mackerel when for all sizes; special features. It's colorful, stimulating and so useful. 25 cents. CASKET PLANT BURNS BATESVILLE (UP)—A ?15,000 fire damaged a new plant of the Hillenbrand Casket Co. Sunday. The blaze was blamed on a spark from a -torch being used in construction work. The loss was mostly to the roof and equipment. SKIDS INTO TRAILER FORT WAYNE (>UP) — Robert Edgar, 27, Spencerville, was killei today when his automobile skiddec on rain slick Ind. 427 north o. p here into a tractor-trailer. Joseph A 'Reynolds, 48, Detroit, the truck driver, was hospitalized for shock •and lacerations. Both vehicle •were wrecked. , LOGA NOW THRU TUIS. TVin the approval of all the girls — from the little miss do mother — with this cap-and-mitten set! If you either crochet or knit, you'll be able to make this cap that fits snugly over any type hairdo and •the mittens with extra-long cuffs to keep out chilly breeze-s. For| (that 'pixie air," add pompoms i and tie-string to hold cap securely. Pattern No. 5832 contains both crochet and knit directions for cap and mittens in small, medium and large sizes. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT (Pharos- Tribune) 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. Have you a copy of our 1957 Needlework ALBUM? It contains fifty-six colorful pages showing (many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! TODAY — "Tall Man Riding" and "Dragoon Walls Mawacrft" ROXY Tues Wed and Thursday Open 1 p. m. Fun At Night Shers. North Jeffrey Hunter CINEMASCOPE: STATI Open 1 p. m. , 50c 'Til 6 HURiRY! ENDS TUESDAY NOW THRU TUE5. Um MM. MTTIE m im may. OPERATION 1 MA BAL 1 MCXUMMM ^ ONE MY A! ^ fflMI'MMUUNCXEVMIR Wed. "HUNCHBACK Of NOTRE DAME" ORDER YOUR Personalized Christmas Cards QUICK SERVICE 50 for $1.95 and up Hallmark Cards "The most beautiful in the World" Exclusive with us. TIMBERLAKE'S Pre-Thonksgivinji SALE Coats-Suits " Dresses Juniors, Missies; Petites> Women's SAVE ON FASHION COATS Our stock is overflowing with new styles—fine fabrics — lavish fur-trims! All priced at dollars less than you'd expect! GROUP 1 Were $49.95 $69.95 Now $37.88 $51.88 GROUP 2 Wer* $75.00 $99.50 Now $55.88 $71.88 he's .sober and asks that you not take him seriously? Please answer soon. I'm a sens .ble woman and have been able to handle my af- a few stiff belts. But who wants a man who has to get himself oiled up in order to express genuine deyotion? If his love can't stand the cold light o£ a sober dawn it is too immature [or serious consideration. * * * Deai- Ann: I am so fed up on my in-laws I could just scream. Everytime they have out-of-town guests they haul them over to our house. We never get any notice, they just ring the doorbell and when we turn on the porch lights, there they are. It's maddening because it happens so often and we never have any warning. There are times when we're busy with house repairs, sewing or just relaxing and watching TV. Occasionally we have company of our own. I'm sure my in-laws figure it's much easier to bring their company to our house for US to entertain than to spend an evening with them alone. My husband doesn't want to say anything because he might hurt their feelings Don't tell ME to tell them because if I had that kind of nerve! I wouldn't be writting to you for help.-S.P. I don't know what kind of nerve you think it takes to insist that people respect your privacy, but if you don't have it, then there's nothing anyone can do for you. Since these intruders are your husband's parents he should ask them to at least phone in advance and let you decide whether or not you want company. You've both encouraged this barging in by your Bad Checks Lead To Recapture of Escaped Convict CONNERSVILLE CUP)—Authorities said an escaped convict from India_na Women's Prison was back in jail today because of a circular prepared by Police Chief Talcott Keller. Mrs. Ruth Wilson, 38, Covington, Ky., escaped last May 5. She was sentenced to 2-14 years on bad check charges at Columbus July 20, 1956. Keller .said, bad checks led to her recapture. Keller said Mrs. Wilson passed several bad checks here in July, September, and October. Keller distributed a circular to Connersville businesses giving her description and a sample o£ one of her checks, Mrs. Wilson entered a supermarket Saturday and an employe recognized her and called Keller. Mrs. Wilson also escaped from the prison Aug. 28, 1956, She was captured in Tennessee and returned to Indiana last February. FATHER REVIVES BOY INDIANAPOLIS ('UP) — Ted Andrews, 3, Danville, was fished unconscious from a pond into which he had fallen Sunday and revived by artificial respiration applied by his father, Robert, athletic director at Decatur Central High School. The boy was discovered missing when his family and 25 other relatives sat down to a dinner celebrating the birthday anniversaries of Ted and two other members of the family. fairs with aplomb in the past, butirepeatiid failure to speak up. Si- lence is often interpreted as approval. * * * CONFIDENTIALLY: ASHAMED GIRL: Of course you can wear white, if you've never been married and haven't had a child out of wedlock. Your mother is being too technical. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelop*.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Paris Adaptation r |N PARIS this season Balenciaga, one of the top * signers in the French couture group, made the headlines with his new shapes and special touches. A good example is this handsome gray-black worsted coat with fringe cascadinj? down, the closing from neckline to hem. And here in America one of our famous stores brings it to us in an exact translation of the model, faithful in every detail — high-banded stand-away neckline; widely cuffed bracelet-length sleeves; far-set, double- breasted closing. The coat is available ie Oxford gray or black. GROUP 3 Were $105.00 $150.00 Now $78.00 $112.00 Group of Wool Dresses Regular FaH & Winter Wools SPECIALLY PRICED FOR CLEARANCE Up to'/3 off dress shop 326 East Broadway A Gift from Bailey's.'.. whatever the cost may be, Possesses Unmistakable Distinction! 'POHUAAN Yes, a gift from Bailey's is more than Just good Will or something in a box; it is a useful item that will be long remembered and appreciated by father, son, husband or sweetheart. W« are always pleased to make suggestions and show you-... "The way to a man's heart!" For the men in your life you can pay no higher tribute than the selection of his gift,from

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