Logansport Pharos-Tribune from ,  on November 18, 1957 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from , · Page 21

Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1957
Page 21
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LOGANSPOR] PUBL1U LIBKMKf Monday Evening, November 18, 1957, Shapeless Designs to Be Style Trend Next Spring By GAY PAULEY United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK (UP) r- It pains me to report this, but the shape ot things to come in fashion is pretty shapeless. Spring 1958 gives all the breaks to the woman with a spare' tire. The. waistline, which used to count for some come-hither, won't even show. It got lost when designers re - discovered the chemise, a tubular garment which one type which the group said "probably will' be the bridge to the true chemise lor most women." Other forecasts for spring; Continued popularity for the "blouson," fashion's term for bloused top worn with slim skirt, especially in dress-jacket combinations cut to look like one piece. Mohair a favorite fabric for sipring coats; and a now silhouette in coats, called the "b.ath- robe" and cut with low-slung belt Annual Dinner Of Scout Unit On Wednesday Regional Executive' Of Chicago To Be Principal Speaker began its fashion career as.un- derwear. It also is dubbed the i like its namesake. sack. _ and the shift-the latter an! Bold colors and bold archaic word, according to Web-; tions in bolh prinLs and solids . ster - ' One designer showed a red-orange Well, as the clothes industry, greatcoat for evening, lined with _,, 'American Beauty red. Another combined an orange coat, lined in lemon chiffon, with a lemon chiffon cocktail dress. sees it, the chemise was too good a thing to relegate to antiquity. The fashion group of New York, in its semi-annual preview of the new collections, called the chemise the number one silhouette for spring. The "Sack" Of Paris Margaret DeMille, co-chairman of the. show, said the group's ready - to - wear committee had started out by saying, "after the chemise—what? After all, Paris featured the sack last fall. But, she added, the committee "after a month of covering the market decided there is no 'What? 1 . It IS the chemise." The fashion group said all due credit should go to the French for giving the chemise a "new look" and "authority." But it pointed out that several American designers showed it a decade ago, and proved it with models parading the runway in a Traina- Norcll chemise of 1948 vintage; one from B. H. Wragge, 1950; Jeanne Campbell, McCardell. 1952. 1951; Claire "This shows it is a product of evolution, not revolution," said the group. One word of caution to the home with him, but relatives said Oil Company Executive Shot to Death INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Theodore R. Turner, 51, wealthy Indianapolis oil company executive, was shot to death Sunday night in the driveway of his fashionable home, apparently by bandits bent on robbing him of filling station receipts. Turner's body was found by his 21-year-old daughter Celia when she ran outside the family after hearing five shots. Three Rivers Council, Boy Scouts of America, will be S. W. Kilander,' Peru, a member ot the Council Executive Board. Training awards will be made by Oscar Beasey, Logansport, training chairman. The Silver Beaver Award for outstanding service to scouting and youth will be made by Ralph L. Tucker, Logansport, a council vice president. Clarence Hill, Logansport, is general chairman of the program. His assistants are Walter McColly, Monon; Claude Salisbury, Peru; Overton Hershberger, Leland . Smith, .Richard Rammei and Dr. Principal speaker at the annual D K winter all of Logansport. Recognition Dinner of the Three! ' _ Farm Worker Tries to Give TV "Message" NEW YORK (UP) — A bearded farm worker sneaked in front of a television camera on a nationwide quiz program Sunday night. Before he was led off stage he presented to an estimated audience of 45 million people the first words of his "message to the American people." While contestant Norman Fruman was answering an $8,000 question and a studio official said "everyone was too busy to see him." Richard Fichter, 34, of Springville, Pa., stepped on stage and began to read ;rom his 300- word, typewritten speech on CBS' $64,000 Challenge." deputy regional scout executive "Dear Americans, the Russians from Chicago. The dinner is- sched-iha've gotten a step ahead of you uled for Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. land you are trying to catch up," in the Logans-port Memorial Home. Fichter began. MISTER BREGER Kilander hfas been associated, /ith the Boys 'vcoitU since 1927.! from ore taking his present Emcee Ralph Slory recovered his surprise and grabbed 's arm. He turned Fichter "It's been brought to my attention that on your coffee breaks you've been secretly listening to a smuggled- in pocket radio —" Peru State Police Post Included in Extension PERU— The State Police post here will be included in an extension of microwave stations in northern Indiana. The microwave stations will be extended north from the Hortonville station. The proposed system includes West Lafayette, Ligonier, South Bend, and Dunes Parks posts.' The State Budget committee Thursday approved a request by iei nearmi: nve snois -- -------- = — • --------- • --------- .... , n. j Turner was killed by four bul-; h€ was scout . executive of the, over to a studio aide, who ushered | StalE Police £or $100|000 Lo extend lets in the chest Police said he had returned from making nightly collections from four filling stations he operates as president of the Turner Oil Co. Officers believed the ban- I Samoset Council at Wausau, Wise. ', He is an Eagle scout and has at- dits thought he carried the money girl who figures that if waistlines;Turner placed the collections in don't count, netiher do calories, j a night depository. The sack still hugs the figure Authorities believed the 'bandits through the hipline. The "Unbelted look" With the unbelted look for daytime will come longer gloves,' stronger accents in jewelry. i shot Turner in anger when he told | them he had no money. The apparent robbery attempt was similar to the robbery Nov. 2 of Sol J. Solomon, a meat packing Skirts will be shorter and heels' company executive, who was lower for "balance." said Miss'slugged and robbed of $65,00 in DeMille. "We on the committee; weekend receipts as he returned to find we already have shortened • his home. our skirts an inch to two inches," j Turner's shooting occurred as ha she said. I parked a car on a driveway out"For evening wear, anything!side his garage containing two ex- goes," the committee forecast, (pensive automobiles (Cadillacs). The chemise isn't all tube in; the new collections. Some design- > ers featured the "breakfront" —JDOyS Of! Foot, Lose cut to look like a two-piece dress i Clneo Dn/-a *« in front, one-piece behind. Others; ^ loi * J *ate TO showed the front fitted, the back! Horse-Ridin<J Pair an unfitted, fully - rounded oval. Still others were semi-belted, the 2VOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF 1 AI>- JDITIOXAf, APPROPRIATIONS Notice is hereby clven to the taxpayers of the Civil City of Lrfigransport. Indiana, that thfi Common Council of said Ci'.y. at th« regrnlar nnjetlriK In the Council Chambers on December, Itt57 the 2nd day of will eon.slcler the following: additional appropriations which said officers consider necessary to meet the extraordinary emergency existing at this time. TO CITY OKNEHAIj FI'NDi BOARD OV PUBLIC WORKS AND SAFETY 1-111 Services, ReKular J lofl.on 3-3R Supplies General ... 85.00 5-52 Licenses and Fees ..„ POI.ICK 2-214 Telephone and Tele- Kraph ................ 3-252 Repairs oC Equipment ................. 300.00 4-451 Parts of Equipment 400.00 BOAHO OF i>irni,ic WORK AXU SAFETY 2-2(57 Sewaffe Disposal .. 4,000.00 5-57 Taxes ............ 475.00 CLBRK-Tn EAS L'RER 1-111 Service* Regular . COUNCIL 1-111 Services, Regular . CITY COIJHT 1-111 Services. Regular 2.250.00 CITY COURT 3-36 Office Supplies ---STREET & SRWER 2-253 Repairs of City Curbs & Sidewalks . . 2-254 Repairs of Scwera PARKS 2-262 Other Contractual Serv .................. CEMETERY 2-25 Repairs 4-451 Parts of Kqulpment L STREE 100.00 400.0(1 400.00 100.00 4(10.00 400.00 700.00 SPECIAL 2-25 Repairs 2-28 Other Contractual 13,500.00 4-43 Street & Alley Materials ................ e.noo.nn 4-431 Parts of Equipment 1,200.00 Taxpayers appearing 1 rvt such meeting shall have a riffht to be heard thereon. The additional appropriations as finally made will be automatlCciily referred to the State Board of Tax Commissioners, which Board will hold a further hearing within fifteen, days at the County Auditor's Office of Cass County, Indiana, or at such other placn as may be designated At Such hearing, taxpayers objecting to any ot such additional appropriations - may be heard and interested taxpayers may Inquire of the County Auditor when and where such hearing win b« held RALPH G. SMITH Olprk-Treasurer City of Loeansport, Indiana 16-21 ROOSEVELT, Utah (UP)—The losers of the race were standing at the finish line to congratulate the winners Sunday ni.ght. One of the two men on foot who lost to two men on horseback said, "wait 'til next year." Townspeople said maybe they would make the fiasco an annual affair. ,The race was over r. :!58-miIe course, through snowy mountain passes, from Salt Lake City. The winners were Ray Hatch, a 76- year-old cowboy astride a thoroughbred horse, and Dee Ray Hall, 19, on a wild mustang he broke himself. Losers were two Brigham Young University track stars, Albert Ray 24, of New York City, and Terry Jensen, 18. of Idaho Falls, Idaho, who finished by automobile. Jensen dropped out of the race Friday night, shortly after starting, with a pulled tendon. Say got within 60 miles of the goal line when doctors told him to get off his swollen ankles. Even so, he sat around for a while, hoping the horse might collapse so he could hobble in first. "I'd like to go again some other time," Ray said. "I'm confident I can do better." A Beairtthl i and Practical Gift tended two world jamborees and four national jamborees. Master of ceremonies will be Dr. M. T. Barco, of Winamac. A special scouts' message wil be read by John Kleifgen of Troop 27, Logansport: Group singing will be lead by Hollis Johnston, of Logansport, Scouts who have achieved the Eagle rank curing the past year will be recognized by Overton Hershberger, council advancement chairman. They are: Tom Brown, Troop 5; Ed Fitzgerald, Troop 7; Stephen Kaye and Sidney Leech, Troop B; all of Logansport; Wayne Mayhew Jr., Troop 52, Medaryvil'.e; Leonard Webb Jr, Troop 49, Mexico; David Applegate and Harry. Totten, Troop 28, Monti-cello; Stanley Morris, Post 225, Montioel'o; Eric Harmon. Troop 26, Brcokston: Joseph, Stephen and James Reed, Troop 15, Onward. . The Council Statuette Award will be presented'by James F. Volpert, him off stage. The farm worker told network \ official Julia Shorwell he could not "sleep two nights ago and got up and wrote a message to the American people about godlessness," His message said Americans were "frustrated" because Russia was ahead scientifically and were "frantically blaming first this one and than that one." Fichter, who got into the studio on a regular ticket after being thrown out of afternoon rehearsals, was taken to Bellevue Hospital for observation. (the system. $2 Million in Miami Taxes Paid in 1957 PERU—A total of $2,185.476 was paid in taxes in Miami county during 1957, according to Donald Exmeyer, county treasurer, This was 193,011 higher than the 1956 collections of $1,992,465. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Seven One-Third of Miami UF Quota Collected PERU—Over one-third, of the quota of 561,634 has been collected in the United Fund Campaign in Miami county according to tabula- :ion of the latest reports at a luncheon held at tho Bearss Hotel Friday noon. Jectcd were: Industrial, $10,183; special gifts, $3,803; goverment and education, $1,745; commercial, $1,608; general sales, $1,566; professional, $952; organizations $365 and county, $245. Divisions and the amounts col-lfi Twenty per cent of all batterici sold in the U. S. are purchased by Executor's Sale of Real Estate Residence of Odessa M. Murray, Deceased located in Grass Creek. Seven rooms, I'/i story, modern except furnace, one acre of land . . . private sale beginning Dec. 2. Contact undersigned for particulars. REX E. MURRAY, Executor K.F.D. 3, Kcwanna, Ind. V Tel, Grass Creek, 2556 FARM SALE FATAL HEART ATTACK ML'NCHS (UP) — W. Edward Wilson, 44, a Muncie insurance executive, suffered a fatal heart attack Saturday while watching Butler University, his alma mater, play a football game with Washington University at Indianapolis. Wednesday, November 20 SALE STARTS 12:00 NOON Vt mile west of south gate of State Hospital on blacktop road. 1 John Deere tractor and cultivator; one 2-16-in. plow on rubber; 1 Genius 2-14-in. plow; l John Deere 10-ft. disc; 1 corn planter for K or M; lawn mower; oil drums and oil; lot of hand tools; poultry equipment; posts and fence; some household items and many other items not mentioned. Not responsible for accidents. Terms Cash Freeman Simms Sale Lunch by Clymers M. S. C. Bridge, Auctioneer SUFFOCATE IN FIRE CLARKSVILLE (UP)—A couple suffocated in a fire at'a home near police headquarters Sunday. Dead were Mr.. a:id Mrs. Cecil Cummins. A police radio operator saw the house was in flames and called the fire department, but help arrived too late. The cause of the fire was not determined. Read the Classified Ads Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Finds Healing Substance That Does Both— Relieves Pain—Shrinks Hemorrhoids astonishing- otatcments fike "Pttei have ceased to he a problem!" The secret is a new healing »*b- stance (Bio-Dyne*) —discovery ef a •world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in tuppotitory or ointment form under the na'm« Preparation ff.* At y druggist. Mon«y back guarantee. ?W T»ric, N. V. <Sp«i»l> -For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink, hemorrhoids and to relieve pain—without surgery. In case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (flhrinkage) took place. Host amazing of all—results were MI thorough* that »ufferer» mad* IT'S 10-30! "s 400 Day DOME CLOCK $22.00 Y««—your credit U good or Fernbaugh's Jewelry Store 416 E. Broadway "You need, VHDOL 1O-3O... the motor oil that guarantees quickest starts on coldest mornings!" World famous! 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