The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1931 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1931
Page 9
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SATURDAY, HI/YTIJKVIUJ-;, (Aitft./ COURIER NEWS PACE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents * worrj for first laseruou and one c*m a word for each iubswent Insertion. Ko advertlwinent taien for less than &0c. Count the words and Bead ihe ^ash. Phone 306 FOtt SALE FOR SALE-Bauy chicks. Pay this tall. Kuu us aloul plan. Marilyn llalcliciy. 90-Tl 1 ' FOR SALE-Kowdcn and DPL cot- ion seen, Welch Foster at tlic Grand Under. 2ck1 ALFALFA I-'OR SALE—12 or 15 tons ol 3rd and 4th cuttings— well turod al McCline, Illinois— $19 per ton. C. li. Brwiion, Sikes- lon, Missouri. 1C-K5 t'OIt HKNT FOR RRNT—Apartment ill Ingram building. Sec Parkliurst Company. OC-TF FOR RENT—Furnished auarlment, 305 Dougan. 28P-K5 WANTED i'OULTUY WANTED—Market prices, any.^uanuty. Marilyn llal- ClR-ry,-aiu B. Fourth St. aC-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora JTizell, 2207 IBth bt. TF WATCH Lutes windows for prizes given away Saturday morning. 29C-K2 1'OULTRY WANTED —.Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St., wesl ol eouiLtiouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone M. 21C-TF OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern ~~ 1 WAS -feuuMCs POC GRAHAM ABOUT SQulR CASE SAYS A -A VACANT SPACE ,WHERE UtiTfV IDEAS SIT OUT A PAfiC E ' COME, MOW, MAKE SPORT c,F llEARP IT IMAQIME.P 9M av UFA stwKC at SPOOK WEARS' A AM' POESKiY GO IfA TOR SPOOKS ARE . . QMES ARE EXPERT'S SAV ' FAT SPOOKS- ARE A SOCIAL DISAPPOIAifMEMT J Trie APPARlTiof-i To is plcoi/cj, "I cni on a mailer 0} life a WANTED—Reliable man between ages of 25 and 60 to supply old established diuiiaud for Kawlcigh Products in North Greene county. Other good localities available. Surety contract required. Company furnishes everything but the car. Oood profits for hustlers. Write the W. T. Ra-.vleisjh Company, Memphis, Tcnn., or sec me. Dave Edwards, Lcachvillc, Ark. 2UC-K5 SALESMAN—To call on business concerns. Introducing new low priced product. We deliver and collect. Pays big. Fyr-Fytcr, 2180 F. F. 'iildg., Dayton, O. lli:ili: TODAY IIKII11; HOIimiV. m-rrrllr III lovr Kith TD.M.MY tt'll.SOX, ,11,- rulrrM lh:il k? [H 'ilitiiiilii^ li> HIIJII. i:\ i:Hi':i"\ il l:r ii.uil.l ml fnrvtf, llerj I nuj IUT "fjmi;;" Ulil- n:i|i'Tnniiny mid InKi 1 lillil Ilitti Ike cunnlry «hrrr *tt* urKvi. him in runliHlie In rulEi-ct 1 liuj not Ijrr.ilc Ilit- hr.nrl or lili n-lnrltijr iiiuil, MISS. IIIIKI-MIAN, Him IM linanrlu^ lilul. I/Elding to vinn h;iv linn, I;IT)| tfalls liEii] n ".still" nnu 1i-N htm return In IUT AlMcr. \vnlr, rffuurk Ilktcn In Tumi:]) 1 * r.\|ilttn:illL/n A- cliHii-Jiirnf. ',rit liar T Ill) uur., IM liflEi |I|H i:ui-k> am) It nlirprUi- ItnJ lli-r>l mid hi*r KUIIJ-, <i Iji'McEi ylriili'. Oni- iif thr li A\<ill). • !!["; jut:l? tr hiT, i Ilito Ihp trati'r iinil U t-nrilril IILI! li* :i "aca kltlj." NOW C» ON WITH TUB STORY ClIAl'THIl IV YWI1KK tlio whirling water Anglo lie (houBht ol lirst thai it was jufit an extra big \vave In? lilin ulKiiil. Pint It cliiln't gvcr ami leave lilin free to catch his hreaili. Instead it scemej to pick blin ut) auil cavry lilui swilily along with it, vvilli cruel n.-s.s. The hnrilcr he rouyHt the more it laughed at lilin. tlio precocious Kltly ot tlic sea loving willi |1E5 prey. Beryl's first alii work completed, slic set .ibout la count noses. That is when An^le iva3 inls^ctl. "\Yliore Is he?" she asked, anxiously glancing up and dinvii the beach, for him. everyone," antl then slie scut their roll cry, as she calleil'it. ringing out In a slrnng full to:ie that was. Eurptisinyly clear timl sweet. 1 Beryl had a voice, cvt:i though her ramily wouldn't admit It. As Its eciioes died away (l:c . hays took it up and (lung it foiih again. Fiery] stratnctl her ears to calch an answer Lmt none cane. Fear £E-i|j|icd her l^lien for the hatl promised never lo so oul g h."'.: t':-c-n tli:: iv.-^t uatcr, Ki'iLict'aiu:: l"''-:y- 'ivrjilrrl to Irnuw ii' iitll IV.AS il .'.n-,'. yi, c cuuiil mil u-:i: Duy v.-.^-.-a t thr>[| o:-.ii rO.'.c snw Aii^Ic, still and while, tin his bac'u ills ch!n ever Tomujy'3 .> | to n:f." sl:eonlorcil n.ti - tlie excited- jutuhlecl. "What Is it? lii'.vc you fouutl him?" she gasped as she ran p;isl the ling. They fell in wllh her, each trying to tell what he thousiil of Mike's illscDveiy. But iieiyl would not stop to listen unlll she reached Mike. i;ot • iiiio |;o:ii ] lo t-:!:e the boy. "Arc you good for it?" Tommy ' gasped. "Yes," Beryl saiii. "Let's so." Tommy uas ylnd to le relieved. RELIABLE MAN WANTED to call 0:1 fjirrhcrs in Mississippi county. Wonderful opportunity. Make 58 to 5:10 daily. No experience or capital needed. Write today. McNESS Co., Dept, I, Frccport, III. LOST AND FOUND LOST .While Gold Watch and Chain Saturday. Five Dollars Reward. Return to Courier. P-K-2 FOR RENT—One of Shane Apartments, on Main Street, in very best condition. A five-room house on Second Street, just freshly decorated. Telephones 197 and 57). 28C-K4 "There, look! Way ou(," ho shrilled, pointing toward an object that Heryl could not Jisccra at first. Mike began lo jump up and dov.-n. "It's somebody swimming," ho screamed. Then Beryl :ua«e out a bit o! a heaO, ami rp.w thai an arm Hashed rhythmically :ii> and down In the 1'KKSONAL CARS WASHED, Greased, Tops Dressed, Bodies Polished, 50c each Job. Bob King, 417 W. Ash. 28P-KC EDCAR COLEMAhf — or anyone knowing of his whereabouts, please write John Forsliawe, "St. Louis, Mo., General Delivery. 28P-K4 ot hearing of Ihe roll cry wiUiont her permission. Angio wouldn't have done it wiliully;. fihc was certain r>f that, llc'd wandered away or — site turned iu sharp alarm to the water. Lacy waves broke at her feet where she-came to a iiausc to scan the ocean that spread he'oro licr, bland today and tniiling. The wash H£ the water seemed to purr invitingly. teaslngly promising lo lie good. Its serenity was like a ffilse face lo Beryl. She saw it as a him- (jry monster, greedy to devour little -boys. "Angio, Anjjie," she called frantically aiidiwatie^ dcej:c-r — until the ^T,-avdS T made siandinj uiiceriaic. Ko yood goins out with nolhins of Angic in sigfil. She turned ami ( etarted to run along the bench. ] llir.t's all he's swimuilu' willi." Then sho stopped and called hack I • » * to ihe chilclreti to siring out Le-l J>EHYI, too had noticed this fact Jihid her antl not to move, only to j JJ watch and relay word it they caught a glimpse ot the missing boy. They understood. This was a gamo they'd played in fun many times Ijofore. Today it might mean iomelhing in earnest. He'd been swimming fast. Hut he did not let her &ct ahuul of him. teat she t:ct into tro'jhlc- aaj loae-! her hold on Alible. Thero tcmplcJ to start the motor. Would thlo he one ot the limes she'd havo to ciDiik li'J She liavdly dared brcalhc until It wus tafely going. And Ihrti when she wan congratulating herself on a lucky break .1 mean hissing sound wanted her ol ime.vrcctcil (rouble. A flat! Well, she couldn't stop for II. Goodby tire. She tfiro alon:;. as fast as the car in Us di-:ihlud coMtlhio!-, couhl ho some hard swimming still ahead of them. Before she reached Tommy Beryl had cleared tile breakers ami now the musl swim back through was] matle to go anil still be. kept on the road. Presently eho heard a souuil that was nol new lo her. It came from Ihe icar. Sho did not slavkcii her s[jcc'd hul the nonnd continued them, witli Angle a dead weight on] to tln-.w nearer. At' last il came: one arm. Tommy watcheil her anxiously. She did not try to speed, neither did she lose time nunc'ccssarlly— water, LrinslKS its owner nearer i «'"<! »'»t mi B ht mean life or ileath the shore with each rapid stroke. I lor Al 'S'e. She simply kept her ' "Oil Mike," Eho wailed, "that isn't Angle." "1 know. Captain fleryl, but he's got somethin' and I think it's An- i swam as fast as she could in (he Kie. H's sumelhiu' he vaier." "lie's sure got somethin'- • ail ri.L'ht," cinoiher hoy cnntriliutetl, "unless he's only &:ot one arm, for n? to life hi her head with fiifety. Tommy's F.irenglh hegan to re- Itirn atitl wlieu Ihe heaviest breakers crashed over Leryl and bore her under ho was hesiclu her to keep Angle's hoily riyhtcd and afioat. 'Get' over there!" The cool voice of the law. "Listen oiT.cer," she plehdeil us a uniformed Individual oa a. mr.lor- cycle hc3ide her car reached for a siiiiin:i>:!s. "1 ktiow I'm not -Mrn. Liu<.;lii;ii;ti or anybody like Unit. You Juii't hu'.e to f.Lil; me. Hut I am en a tnalter ot life or death. Back there at the beach there's a kid tliat's Veen drowned. I'm Buhi;; [or .a doctor." BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES AHOY! By Marliu ' WARNING OKDKR CHANCERY COURT. CHICKASAWBA 'DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUN'1% ARKANSAS. MisEcnri Slalc Life Insurance Co., PlaiiHiff, vs. No. 4925 If. 'o. Sternbcrg, ct al, Dc_ fciulanl. \J The cleteiidants, M. W. Lamb. If L-.ila Lamb. B. H. Wilbitc. Trustee, f\A. N. Marlin and Mrs. A. N. Martin, a-j uai'ncd to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and .answer the complaint of the iilaint'ilT Missouri Slate Life Insurance Co. Dated May 2, 1031. R. L. Games, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D.C. Ivy W. Crawford, Atty Ad Lltcm. 2- »pHBY watched the water with •^ eyes wide to popping and could scarcely breathe for their excitement. The strongest ran with Beryl and only stopped as she called out their names. Then they rested themselves on the sand and stood like Eiatucs, on guard. Suddenly a piercing call lo her halted Beryl. Kho wheeled ami saw that the line of hoys was no loager motionless ami fncitig scawanl, hut svns wildly signaling to her to come bsck. As tho message reached her, from ou« »hrlll relaycr to ftMease. U'hci'e tloc^ the ncnvof.L"' doctor live? 'iVri-j n;y iLUinli.-r m-t then get ^ tl.ictor, qiiich. I'll uai-.- here antl go liack ivllh I.ifti]." rpHR hoys mcl them In water *- ivaist hl^h antl helr.ed lo carry llioir unfortunate comrade beyoiiil the v»aler's reach. Tonnay. sjietit and breathless. c.-.5t himself full length upon the saml for a few seconds to recover sulFicicaUy In assist in l!:c efforts lo revive AntOo. He found lhat Beryl had placed Ihe little chap face downwtinl, hislir.ust hitve been at tl forclicc-d oa ono arm, the other |r!~ht. ' Nevertheless ite terrnr-fillcil heart. If it were Angle they'd have a fair chance to re* vive him. lie hatia't Ijeen sono EO ;—il wr.^n'l hopeless. Sho saiil this over ami over, speaking aloud, while sho watched and waited for the sv.'lmmer to stretched out fiom his siile, and coaie near enough for them to | that she was astride. Ansie's back, identify the burden he supported. I working as skillfully as she was They couhl POO ciearly now Iliatjablc to force the water from his he was handicapped witli a burden, t lucss and sH him to breathing "Fool!" Beryl exclaimed all aljnsain., and ran out to dive head-on I Tummy put a baud on her shoul-! silent, unbearable Jiccnsation. into a foaming breaker. In a Hash j tier. "I'll do that," lie sail! grnlily. j tl.o picture of a small white face he had seen that the swlnmer "You RO for a doctor." Ueryl dithi't need to ask iE he UK officer looked her over and tlccidri' she wr.s not tlrt]]ik. And er site ccrir.iiily woultln't lo vins for p!c:'.snre as sho Ind •n, iirai'litLiIly on three wheels. 3 wet. She hrwh, all . . . .. look tho nnmbcr of her car. ''I'll ^et yon a doctor." he s?itl soberly. "lint rets Unit you slay richt here until I come back." Beryl nodded. "You'il hurry?" she bexscd. In her mitul, aa a bnd seen ti'.at the swirmuer was tiring, and there sbo'd stood. safely[n^ for him to do lior rescue work. Her expletive referred to hcr?eif. The hoy*; wondered, but still aiT.iuEt the band. If lhat to be the way it would look tho knew l<ow. She remembered a day i last lime Fhe was ever to SLC it . at'.other, jsli« rtallted that some-! sho r 0 i rcuiainctl where she left them. | ncse She did not Btc thai i'. was' Tommy she was solus lo help until on the bench when they'd practiced if, until Irene had turned up her cs^ lo hiia. Ti'.e next icc- AND IUS r.t tho anil ma< heart shrank into a small lump I hat burned like lire, urn!it:[lifted perform- And H stayed like Unit while ebo 'j them scif-conscions. vraitcd eiidle;£ly for !bo oCicer lo Sha got up without a v.-ord and 1 return, ran tf her car. F;:irftillv sl'.n £ Woman Oircrales on Fowls RGCHCESTEK, Minn., (UP) — Using a sharp razor as her scalpel. Miss Helen Brmiilagc, successfully operates on liens ami chickens suffering from pcrp'cxing ail- incuts. Most [ x crop bound. of the patients arc The famous Black Stone of Mecca has been worn smooth by kisses of milli'fis of (iovotces since Mbhamiu;d himself kissed it more than 13CO years ago. REPAIRED: CASHED: EATON AND SON riione 7W Main & 5lh St. FAY 0. DAVIS Kent Dealer Phone 4?1 New York Cotton THIS AH 1 \CUovJ AEOOT IT'S SURE GOT THE OMUY P^BT OP IT. OLD FSUSIZ. A T\)lE!OTY DOLLAR THAT WC PEEL6D A ROLL BIS To CHOK6 A HIPFOPOTA.'AOS.. SCUD TVJAT TicligT TO OCD Llli6 US VJAS AT L6AST EIGUTY.... STOOPED o\iea HAD A vHHITg BEARD ' uoot^eo oooa CHURCH AAOOSC .'/ YORK, May 2 (UP;— CoL- POU-Afi SILL HAMS VOO STILL GOT TH£ BILL? I'D Liwe TO see IT— lon closed steady. Open High lav; Close 950 950 338 970 972 959 1004 IC05 09S 1CT28 1C38 1010 1020 1W2 10H IOM 1031 10C1 1C03 1050 1054 U£ PAY VOU AfAOOlOT R5R His TICKET OR DID V& RILL » LoouritJiS PBESOU MJAS UE^ Sjio's (iiiict al 040, olf ten. CXX.LAR 6:!-'-? \WKAT CAM we TEU. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 2 (UP)— Cotton closed steady.. Ouen High -Low Close 850 050 910 940 568 070 059 1003 1005 903 1C30 1030 1015 1038 10-11 1031 .... 1059 Spots quiet at 915, olf len. WASH '' r THEOOKST . MOT CUTHEIV^ TRML,TH£ R.UNWER r,T£AlS NOISELESSLY INTO 1M6 PA.5 PISH-HOOTH. UE vou SOV.E wo 1 oe T \S M^-'-'uO AT T^E P\?FRCACWiMfc STORM. AM ASS16NHEWT NO SOON'ER HMt E 4O NVtt£ BWOl) TRIP ToWNiD MtW OCLEivMS WAH WITH ML ITS FUR.V. "He. ^\o^t^ «- -MS. TOaWS INTO A SHftt\K —DE^EMING Closiny Slock Prices A- T. ami T Anaconda Copper .. Aiilmrti Aulo Chrys!or r. Cilics Service Continental Hanking General Electric General Motors Montgomery Ward . Kew, York Central . I'nckanl Hadlo Corp Simmons Texas Corp U. S. steel ST. MAHYS, O. (Ur>--Clarence WilliAHisou fxas trolling for b:isr, along the bank of Lake SL. M.irys here. Instead of a fish, his catch was a gold wrist watch. Williamson wound the watcli and it kept time. His "fish" story was certified by others,

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