Dayton Daily News from Dayton, Ohio on August 28, 1987 · 28
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Dayton Daily News from Dayton, Ohio · 28

Dayton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1987
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Dayton Dally News and Journal HaraM 49 T Frl., Aug. 28, 1987 8 pjn (D (D CBS Summer Playhouse: Two stories: In "Reno and Yolanda," a professional dance team (Louis Glambalvo and Suzie Plaskin) enters a $10,000 dance contest; in "Day to Day," three sisters live together despite their vastly different lifestyles. t pan. (S) 0 Great Performances: "Dance Black America." Geoffrey Holder narrates this dance festival that celebrates 300 years of black American dance - featuring the Alvin Alley American Dance Theater, Garth Fagan's Bucket Dance Theater and the Charles Moore Dance Theater, (rerun) 11:30 p.m. (7J Special: "Summer Nights August Special." Host Larry Bailey welcomes Lisa Brown from As the World Turns, Chicago comedian Tom Mul-roony and John R!ggi from Whiley's Comedy Club. Also, a musical salute to the 1987 Dayton Air Show. (One hour) SPORTS 3 pan. flW) LPGA Golf: World Championship of Women's Golf, live from Lake Lanier, Calif. 4 pjn. CED PGA Golf: NEC World Series of Golf, live from Firestone Country Club in Akron. CS (Q) ABC News Q CD NBC News (T) New CD CBS Morning News rCTTl CNN News 59 M.A.S.K. Q 03 Public Report 83 Jayea And The Wheeled Warriors riff) Video LP CEISD Success N Lite CmO Daybreak OSD Mickey Mouse QSZD Getting Fit I LIF 1 Cardiology Update t m 1 Curious George CED tlOOO Every Five Hours 63 Before Hours GD GO News (X) CBS Morning News rein Tom Jerry 03 SilverHawks Q 63 NBC News 03 Joy 09 Jetsons (B Zoobllee Zoo wet l Jimmy Swaggart LB8U Business Morning 1 PIS ) Mouserclse CEHD Nation's Business Today mn Internal Medicine Update nap Little Prince CED That Girl CD News 03) (S) 88 A.M. Weather CD 921 Good Morning America rcn rjj3. 4 CD S3 Today: Scheduled: actors Rob Lowe and Alfre Woodard. (53 CBS Morning News S3) SB Mister Rogers S3 Transformers 08 Sesame Street Q 89 He-Man And Masters Of The Universe 83 Centurions (BET) Video Vibrations C CSNJ Jimmy Swaggart nST) Daybreak ESS Public Policy ( pis i Good Morning Mickey! CffitT) Seabert run Internal Medicine Update CBSD Movie: "Cover Girl." CHD Lassie nan The Pointer Sisters In Paris roan Great Space Coaster CD CD Cfi 02) News rtn Deep Dish TV C53D Waltons CB Midday rem Moraine City Council (TD OS Joy Of Painting 03 Honeymooners S3 84 Super Password SS CNN News CESD TNT - True Adventure Trails CJED Video LP C3SD Here Come The Brides rtn Sonya Live In L.A. ( disci Battle For Warsaw CJfijD Aerobics CBSD Movie: "Cross Creek." mn Mother's Day ("lnp Movie: "Yellowbeard." CJBJD Movie: "The Inspector General." l CI7 ) Perry Mason CS 02) Loving CS Home Shopping Game CD CD Young And The Restless QD OS Rod And Reel 03 Carter Country S3 WordPlay SS Word For Today C3D Rlverfest '87: Sweetwater 94 Wild America 88 Movie: "Night Song." 84 Wordplay CSD This Week In Black Entertainment tmH Public PoUcy CMD Adventures Of Oz- tie And Harriet OffP Getting Fit CDO Wok With Yan (SAD Movie: "Threesome." (SSSS) New Country (3D 02) All My Children D MVCC Previews PCD Perry Mason (D S3 Dsys Of Our Lives OD OS Justice Greylord Style 09 BJ - Lobo SS Marilyn Hickey 04 Victory Garden 81 TBN Today 8S Bewitched 84 Crosswlts CSWD Farmer's Daughter CciiO Reconnectlve Surgery CMD Movie: "O. Henry's Full House." CDfS Little League World Series: Semifinal Game Two, from Wll-Hamsport, Pa. (rerun) CUTD Attitudes CNASID Movie: "The Singing Hill." CMD Pinwheel c C4 ) Tom And Jerry QD CD Morning Program: Scheduled: Chet Atkins; author Echo Heron; canine fashions. S3) US Captain Kangaroo GS G.I. Joe 03 Faith That Lives 39 She-Ra: Princess Of Power 8 Defenders Of The Earth Q I CBN ) Superbook nWD Business Day pis ) Welcome To Pooh Corner ("HB0) Fraggle Rock I HF ) It Figures Cmn Mr. Wizard Cgl3 Weathe 09 AM. Weather rcn m.a.s.k. g . QD (B) a Sesame Street O ("Sim Dennis The Menace 09 CNN News Si Mister Rogers 03 Calling Dr. Whitaker 85 Transformers 88 Fllntstones CHE Flying House rtwn Daybreak BS) Journalists' Round-table Discussion rDiSl Donald Duck CH8D Movie: "Life Of The Party: The Story Of Beatrice." run FJ.T. CSBD Movie: "Breaking Away." QBE) Cartoons 1 C17 I Dream Of Jeannle l C4 ) Scooby Doo S3 Heathcliff 6$ Beverly Exercise 04 3-2-1 Contact Q 83 Richard Roberts 89 My Little Pony Jetsons I CBN ) Gentle Ben CMD Dumbo's Circus CBS) SportsCenter run Wok With Yan nam Today's Special t'CIT ) Bewitched CS CD Donahue CUD My Little Pony CD News C9 More Real People (Q) Ira Joe Fisher (S) (Q) Today's Special (Q Addams Family S3 The Judge SS & PTL Club rem Movie: "Drums Of Tahiti." CCSD Rlverfest '87: UJ). Suzuki Violinist (ISO When God's Heart Breaks With Love CD CD Bold And The Beautiful SS Gary Randall 04 Mark Russell 89 Jimmy Swaggart 89 I Dream Of Jeannle 84 Partridge Family nm Video Soul niN) Patty Duke CS 02) One Life To Live ( ti ) 1987 Miss Heritage Pageant rc) 700 ciub CD S3 Another World CD CD As The World Turns rem Dayton City Commission 03) OS Profiles Of Nature 09 I Dream Of Jeannle SS Beverly Exercise CfSD Rlverfest '87: Cas- selberry-Dupree 04 One Village In China 89 James Robison 89 ThunderCats Q 84 Incredible Hulk OTD Doris Day CMD Newsday LciSSJ Buckman Treatment CMD Movie: "The Kara- teKId Part II." run Regis Phllbin's Lifestyles CMD Today's Special CMD Movie: "Breaking Away." SaD Love Me, Love Me 0D OS Wild America 09 My Little Pony 'N' Friends SS Jimmy Swaggart 83 Dean Mary 89 SilverHawks q 88 Sneak Previews CftfD Bill Cosby CpisQ Robinson Country ClSnD Inside The PGA CJuD Movie: "Casino Royale." (HASH) Crook And Chase CMD Little Prince OiSAD Let's Make A Deal rem WomanWatch CD Hour Magazine: Dick Van Dyke; a Roman Catholic school student's pro-choice stand; Double Dare host Marc Summers; causes of female hair loss; fitness expert Kathy Smith, (rerun) CC4n Bewitched ($) S3 Ssnta Barbara 00 (1 ) Guiding Light 02) General Hospital A;V u'i i Suzie Raskin and Louis Giambalvo at 8 p.m. 8:35 p.m. rCTD Baseball: Atlanta Braves at St. Louis Cardinals. 10 pan. (B Boxing: Jose Sanabria vs. Aaron Lopez in a junior featherweight bout scheduled for 10 rounds, live from Las Vegas, Nev. 68 Sesame Street Q 3 Richard Roberts 0$ Mister Rogers CED Love Your Skin CfBjO Father Knows Best CBSD Daywatch fpisiT! Questors QUO You And Me, Kid QlP S3 SportsLook CUD Marcus Welby CBSD Movie: "Gilda." (HASH) Crook And Chase Own Maple Town I Ci7 ) Safe At Home ( C4 ) Adventures Of Teddy Ruxpln CD $1,000,000 Chance Of A Lifetime (D More Real People (H) G9 Reading Rainbow 03 Brady Bunch 63 True Confessions 03 Answer 08 Secret City ED Weight Loss Programming QHD Hazel Public Policy ( pise ) Antarctic Summer CMD Movie: "Asterix And Cleopatra." espn ) Truck And Tractor Pull (MSB) Videocountry CEO Adventures Of The Little Koala ( CI7 ) Hazel CX) Sally Jessy Raphael: Scheduled: fashion dos and don'ts. l C4 l Donahue C) Sally Jessy Raphael CD Cfi $25,000 Pyramid (TD Oprah Winfrey S) OS 3-2-1 Contact Q 0 Bewitched S3 Sale Of The Century SS Something Beautiful 4 Mister Rogers 89 Jimmy Swaggart 88 Reading Rainbow m rCBNl 700 Club CBUD Love Your Skin CMS Return Of The Fur Seals UESPNJ Rollermanta CBSD Movie: "Club Paradise." 1 llf ) Couples (HASH) You Can Be A Star ("NIT) Pinwheel CMD Movie: "Hot Millions." BSD Gong Show rem Movie: Hostage." Sweet (TD OS Today's Special 09 Cartoons SS Action Sixties t C30 ) Highwaymen 04 Captain Kangaroo 89 700 Club 89 Smurfs' Adventures 88 Conversation With Irma 84 She-Ra l CBN ) Burns And Allen rtNNl International Hour LBISSJ Animals Of The Great Northwest CMD Dumbo's Circus LPGA Golf: World Championship of Women's Golf, live from Lake Lanier, Calif. fun Call To Glory (HASH) You Can Be A Star. CMD Star Trek CBSD Hot Potato CUD Tom & Jerry 1 Cf) Jetsons (TD OS Mister Rogers 09 Smurfs' Adventures .04 Sesame Street Q 89 Dennis The Menace 88 Lilias, Yoga And You 84 Rambo CJED Video Vibrations CWO Flying Nun CIpaJ) Public Policy CpisQ World Alive CMD Pooh Corner (HASH) Fandango CMD Turkey Television CUSaD Play The Percentages l C3 l Black Awareness Month CS Love Connection rCTD Wright State Showcase l C4 ) Tom And Jerry CD Hour Magazine CD Brady Bunch Cfi Divorce Court rCTD Oakwood City Council 02) The Judge QD OS 88 Sesame Street 09 ThunderCats Q 83 Oprah Winfrey: Scheduled: the life of a socialite. Guest: author Sugar Raulbord. (rerun) OS Camp Meeting U.S.A. CCSD Share The Word 89 Another Life 89 Scooby Doo 84 Ghostbusters CJTO Hazel OnQ Newsdsy CP'sO Nature Of Things C OiS D Mickey Mouse a$P(D World Class Championship Wrestling CfflD Movie: "The Gnomes' Great Adventure." CLO Movie: "The Star Maker." (NASH) Nashville Now CMD You Can't Do That On Television 3 CS Hollywood Squares CD 22 Classic Concentration CD CD Card Sharks (H) O OWL - TV O Beverly Hillbillies 08 Reading Rainbow 03 Marilyn Hickey gS My Favorite Martian 09 Homestretch ' CkD Look At Me Now CoTsc) Shakespeare's Trilogy I llf ) People In Crisis (MSB) Fandango GMD Candid Camera reiD dtv CS (TD Who's The Boss? (C"4) Sally Jessy Raphael CD S3 Wheel Of Fortune CD CD Price Is Right B TS Great Chefs Of New Orleans S3 My Favorite Martian SS James Robison CC50P Dahlia: Flower's Flower 54 3-2-1 Contact Q 89 Praise The Lord 89 Movie: "That Man From Rio." 89 From A Country Garden 84 Gunsmoke CJED Love Your Skin CEIS Island Wildlife CfilSD Here's Boomer (BSD Drag Racing: IHRA Northern Nationals (rerun) l tlF ) Our Group CESQ Movie: "Lilac Dream." (H55H) Nashville Now rosin Anything For Money CS Bargain Hunters rcn Today In Indiana CS) S3 Scrabble S3) Ryan's Hope 0$ OS New Southern Cooking 09 Gomer Pyle 69 Lester Sumrall 1 C3Q ) Social Security 64 88 Sesame Street Q nm Special Audience Programming CffiD Children Of The Brokenhearted riiT) Walt Disney presents I H80 1 Uncensored Channels II: TV Around The World With George Plimpton mn What Every Baby Knows Q2SD Candid Camera rsTi0) Shelley Duvall's Tall Tales And Legends rpsip PGA Golf: NEC World Series of Golf, live from Firestone Country Club In Akron. I CI7 1 Fllntstones CS Divorce Court rcn Smurfs' Adventures CD Brady Bunch CD Superior Court 55) Jeffersons 09 What's Happening!! (C30 1 Southeast Dayton Days 04 Mister Rogers 89 Lester Sumrall 89 GJ. Joe 84 Jetsons (TbTT) Father Knows Best CMD Donald Duck rN0 Lassie ( CI7 1 Fllntstones CS CD People's Court Q3D SilverHawks Q CD Hollywood Squares CD Andy Griffith 02) Jeffersons QD OS 04 Reading Rainbow 09 Private Benjamin S3 Hogan's Heroes SS One Hundred Huntley Street 89 Praise The Lord 89 Gilllgan's Island 88 Mister Rogers 84 Fllntstones LCJNj Green Acres aD Newswatch CiPMt Road To The White House CdTVQ Hands CsiO Kids Incorporated QSPfD Fishing r nwPl Movie: "The Chosen." CMD Dennis The Menace CluOD Movie: "Ape And Superape." ( C17 ) Addams Family C fM'3 CS CD CD 02) News Cf O O.I. Joe CD M.A.S.H 04) OS 04 3-2-1 Contact Q 09 Mork And Mlndy S3 Barney Miller 89 What's Happening!! 88 Captain Kangaroo 84 Andy Griffith CSTD Video LP CCBND Rifleman CfmO Treasure Islands CpiiD Four Children CttraD Winner's Circle Horse Rsclng Magazine CHDOD Movie: "Real Gfnlus." (NASH) New Country CJlO Double Dare cm rCTTD Munslers I 8:00 I 8:30 I 9:00 I 9:30 I 10:00 I 10;30 I 11:00 I 11;30 CD Webster Mr. Belvedere Max Headroom Starman News Too Close CBS Summer Playhouse Dallas Adderly News August Special g) Rags To Riches Miami Vice Crime Story News Tonight Show GDSg Wash. Week Wall Street Week Great Performances ) Firing Line MacNeilLehrer D Movie: "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" Mind Power Late Show (5) Rags To Riches Miami Vice Crime Story News Tonight Show - GD CBS Summer Playhouse Dallas Adderly News Movie (Tg) Webster Small Wonder Max Headroom Starman News Nightline gg) Wash. Week Wall Itreet Week Great Performances Blind Tom Great Railway Journeys Q) Fall Guy Thanks For Caring Late Show Heritage Singers Christian Mag. Zola Levitt CNN News 1 700 Club Jimmy Swaggart Wash. Week Wall Street Week Great Performances Blind Tom Movie: "Port Of New York" - -J gg TBN Today Joy Of Music Frederick K.Price Praise The Lord ' ' D Movie: "Wing And A Prayer" Boxing: Sanabria vs. Lopez Tales GLOW 8:00 I 8:30 I 9:00 I 9;30 I 10:00 I 10;30 I n;Q0 I 1ll30 ( C4 1 3's Company Sanford And Son Movie: "The Curse Of King Tut's Tomb" News 1 '" C17 1 Team For Peace Baseball: Atlanta Bravesat St. Louis Cardinals Night Tracks ( HBO 7:30 Movie: "Club Paradise" Movie: "Crossroads" Movie: "The Karate Kid Part II'!. ' CMQ Movie: "Cover Girl" iMovie: "Where Are The Children?" Movie: "Touch And Go" (JHOJ Movie: "Yellowbeard" Brothers Garry Shandling Movie: "Commando" . - " lkD Women On Sex 1 1985 Playmate Review Every Man's Fantasy Electric Blue Movie ' BET 1 This Week In Black Entertainment Video Soul News Video LP LtNNJ PrimeNews Larry King Live jNews Moneyline Sports Tonlght f CBN 1 Butterfly Island Campbells 700 Club Bill Cosby Hardcastle And McCormick ' DISC ) Q E.D. India Journey Disappearing World ) Wild Refuge Down Under Perspective Camera r PIS 1 7:00 Movie Movie: "Spaceman In King Arthur's Court" Ozziet Harriet Movie ( llf 1 Kay O'Brien Movie: 'Through Naked Eyes" Dr. Rutli Show (NASH) Nashville Now New Country Crook & Chase Videocountry Can Be A Star Fandango 'T" NIK ) Donna Reed Mister Ed j My Three Sons Susie Car 54 Monkees ISpy (JESPNJ HS Football: Big 33 All-Star Game AWA Championship Wrestling SportsCenteM' UJSAJ Riptide PGA Golf: NEC World Series of Golf Fridays Assaulted Nuts" Channel guide Q Captioned for hearing-impaired LOCAL CHANNELS CD WDTN-TV, Dayton ABC CO WHIO-TV, Dayton CBS OS WPTD-TV, Dayton PBS 03 WKEF-TV, Dayton NBC gS WRGT-TV, Dayton Independent CSWLWT-TV, Cincinnati NBC QD WCPO-TV, Cincinnati CBS WKRC-TV, Cincinnati ABC (TJWXIX-TV. Cincinnati Independent a WCET-TV. Cincinnati PBS ft Will-TV, Cincinnati Independent (BWPTO-TV, Oxford PBS 8SWTJC-TV, Springfield Religious M WOSU-TV, Columbus PBS a WKOI-TV, Richmond Religious CS CS CB 63 News ( C4 ) Brady Bunch 03) (JS Adam Smith's Money World O One Day At A Time 3i Richard Roberts & MacNell Lehrer Newshour S Star Trek 09 Reading Rainbow gj) Andy Griffith rBFTl Soft Notes ftW) Big VaUey CcSD Our First Year f nis) Mouseterplece Theater ( ESPN ) SportsLook din Lady Blue (SSSS) Crook And Chase OtaQ Monkees BSD Cartoons rem Down To Earth GDQ2) ABC News Q ( C4 l Gimme A Break! CD 83 NBC News CD GD CBS News 03) 09 Nightly Business Report Q Bosom Buddies ( C30 ) Cancer Answers & MacNell Lehrer Newshour IHl Hogan's Heroes CMD Showbiz Today Epa9 Viewer Call-In CbiscJ Portraits Of Power CMD Zorro (lien) Running And Racing CH&Sit) Videocountry CMD NICK Rocks rsHin Movie: "The Quinns." I CI7 i Leave It To Beaver CS CD Newlywed Game fen Facts Of Life CD 02) News CB 63 Wheel Of Fortune OS) (S) MacNell Lehrer Newshour O Barney Miller $9 PTL Club CESD Teens Talk Tough 04 Nightly Bualness Report S9 Wonderful World Of Disney (M Mary Tyler Moore CED Video LP (JMD Hardcastle And McCormick (DM3 Moneyline CciitD French Foreign Legion CMD Movie: "Escapade In Florence." COPS) SportsCenter QD People In Crisis CBajD Movlei "Cover Girl." (MSB) You Can Be A Star CHO You Can't Do That On Television d&D Alrwolf CEDD Sanford And Son CS Dating Game CCD The Ropera CS) Love Connection CD S3) Entertainment Tonight Cf) 63 Jeopardy! Q 99 Taxi 04 McLaughlin Group (44 Nightly Business M Bob Newhart CUD News CCNtO Crossfire asPfO Msglc Years QmOD Movlei "Club Paradise." CI1FD Our Group (NASH) Fsndsngo CfWO Spartakus And The Sun Benesih The Sea c?rm CHD Honeymooners tT.-flil.-3 ive It T CS aa Wfh.ier: Webxtr delivers a tribute to the World War II veteran for whom his elementary school was named, (re-run)g ( C4 ) Three's Company CS) S3 Rags To Riches: Nick enters Rose as a candidate for the debutante ball, (rerun) Q CD QD CBS Summer Playhouse: See Highlights. 4 89 Washington ' Week In Review Q 0 Fail Guy 68 Heritage Singers CESD Rlverfest '87: Ntco-lette Larsen 03 TBN Today gS Movie: "How I Spent My Summer Vacation." 0 Movie: "Wing And A Prayer." CSD This Week In Black Entertainment CMD Butterfly Island CSBD PrimeNews (T3M) America And The Courts CpiiD QX.D. (BHD High School Football: Big 33 All-Star Game (Pennsylvania vs. Maryland) from Hershey, Pa. (Taped) dm Kay O'Brien (MSB) Nashville Now CMD Donna Reed 1 pu 1 Women On Sex rsH0) Movie: "Yellowbeard." BAD Riptide ( CI7 i A Team For Peace: American-Soviet Union U.S. Basketball Tour CS Mr. Belvedere: As Kevin approaches his 18th birthday, he decides It's time to lose his sexual Innocence, (rerun) Q ( C4 Sanford And Son (S3) Small Wonder H) dffi & & WaU Street Week 6S Christian Lifestyle Magazine & Joy Of Music CEBD Campbells (Bpffl) Event Of The Day LPISCJ Journey Into India CMD Mister Ed (TUT) 1985 Playmate Review ( CI7 ) Baseball: See Highlight! CS (B) Max Headroom: Edison flees from the authorities after being framed on criminal charges, (rerun) Q CBD Movie: "The Curse Of King Tut'i Tomb." CD S3 Miami Vice: A vengeful ex-partner tries to Involve Tubbs In a synthetic-drug operation, (rerun) P CD CS Dallas: Parmalee provides additional proof that he's Jock Ewlng; Donna continues her lobbying duties In Washington, D.C. (rerun) Q (B) (B) 08 99 Great Performances: "Dance Black America." See Highlights. S9 Thanks For Caring: CARE celebrates 40 years as an International charity organization with an entertainment special featuring celebrity appearances and performances. (Tsped) 68 Zola Levitt CCSD Citizens Against Corruption 0) Frederick K. Price CifD Video Soul CCDtrj 700 Club CCNND Larry King Live (f)Q Disappearing CABLE CHANNELS QDCEID Miami Valley Cable Council Public access programs (TO WTTV-Tv, Indianapolis, Ind Independent; CED WTBS-TV, Atlanta, Ga , Independent CESD Access-Dayton Public access programs, CUD BlacK Entertainment Television Black-oriented programs CMD CBN Cable Network Family entertainment" COM") Cable News Network News and public affairs ; BBS) Satellite Public Affairs Network U.S. House, public affairs;- (MS Discovery Channel Science, technology and nature programs , CED Disney Channel (Pay) Family entertainment CBS) Entertainment and Sports Network Sports ' UMJ Home Box Office (Pay) Movies, sports, drama and specials..' CBD Lifetime Health and modern living- CHD Cinemax (Pay) Movies, drama and specials - (ffiSH) Nashville Network Country-oriented programs. UJ Nickelodeon Family entertainment.' CHD Playboy (Pay) Adult movies, drama and specials rSff") Showtime (Pay) Movies, drama and specials CBSD USA Network Sports, children's and women's programs"' World c pis ) Movie: "Spaceman In King Arthur's Court." CfflD Movie: "Crossroads." nm Movie: "Through Naked Eyes." nan Movie: "Where Are The Children?" f Nsi ) My Three Sons OgiD PGA Golf: NEC World Series of Golf. (rerun) 68 CNN News (MSB) New Country CMD Susie CESD Every Man's Fantasy CS Starman: Jenny and Starman are reunited but George Fox Is determined to make their reunion short-lived. (Part 2 of 2) (rerun) Q CB S3 Crime Story: Luca becomes convinced that his own people are out to get him. Emmy Award-nominated episode (hair-styling), (rerun) CD CSD Adderly: Adderly's accused of working as an agent for the Soviet Union. 68 700 Club & Praiae The Lord & Mind Power Hi Boxlng:See Highlights. rtsn News CEg) Wild Refuge CESD AWA Championship Wrestling (MSB) Crook And Chase nam Car 84, Where Are You? f iho l Brothers H) (J Firing Line ( & Blind Tom: The Story Of Thomas Bethune fCWn Bill Cosby CeuD Animal Wonder Down Under (MSB) Videocountry CEO Monkees CBSD Electric Blue flHtTI It's Garry Shan- dllng's Show LUZJ CS CEID CD CD CD Q) 63 CSD News O 83 Lata Show: Guest host: Arsenio Hall. Scheduled: comic Joe Bolster. 08 Movie: "Port Of New York." 8S Great Railway Jour- neya Of The World Hi Tales Of The Unexpected CESD Hardcastle And McCormick CEMD Moneyline QivQ Perspective CMD Adventures Of Oz- zle And Harriet CHHD Movie: "The Kara- te Kid Part II." CUD Dr. Ruth Show CB4D Movie: "Touch And Go." (MSB) You Can Be A Star CMD I Spy OMD Movie: "Commando." CBD Fridays: Host: Father Guldo Sarduccl. (rerun) runo ( CI7 1 Night Tracks CS Too Close For Comfort CD 63 Tonight Show: Host: Johnny Carson. Scheduled: Shelley Winters, comic Tom Parks, nose flutist Abbe Jay. CD Summer Night August Special: See Highlights. D Nightline Q Lehrer Newshour 68 Jimmy Swaggart & GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling CED Video LP fan Sports Tonight CMS! Event Of The Day QefgD Camera CMD Movie: "Over The Moon." CPHD SportsCenter maSBJ Fandango CHD Movie: "Emman-uelle. The Joys Of A Woman." rum Assaulted Nuts CD Movie: "The Call Of The Wild." CBD Night Flight CS Nightline Q I C4 1 Carter Country S3) Dukes Of Hazzard (B Harry O gS Movie: "Terror On The Beach." (gn Midnight Love f, cbu Burns And Alien CBSD NewsNlght CMS) Capital City (ESPN ) SportsLook rtm Regis Philbln Show (MSB) Nashville Now CMD Donna Reed CBD Night Flight ( CI7 ) Night Tracks CS Dukes Of Hazzard i C4 ) Movie: "Demon Seed." CS 63 Late Night With David Letterman: Scheduled: Carrie Fisher, comic Billy Connelly, singer Alison Moyet. CD In Person From The Palace & Sneak Previews $$ Movie: "Strange Behavior." Q5D Best Of Groucho CBpSD Speedway America CHD Mister Ed CMD Movie: "H.O.T.S.I' CffiD Movie: sions Of A Cleaner." "Confes-Wlndow S3) News 54 Tales From The Darkslde gj TBN Today CSD Everybody's Money Matters CEBD Laurel And Hardy CEtflD Crossfire CSMffl Inside The Constitution CdisD Wildlife Cinema CMD Movie: "O. Henry's Full House." CESEE) Auto Racing: World Sports Car Championship. (Taped) CBMD 1st Ten: Going For Broke t Llf ) Investment Advisory CMO My Three Sons CBiD Women On Sex rem Night Tracks CS America's Top Ten CD 63 Friday Night Videos CD Movie: "Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone." Cf) Solid Gold dt Movie: "The Monolith Monsters." 91 Msker's Mstcb CfTO Jsck Benny CCNT) NewsNlght Update (E$PAN) Public Policy COissJ In The Wild With Harry Butler (B) (TD MacNell CMD Martin Mull Live! From North RidgeviUe, Ohio ; . .'; (MSB) New Country ' QO Susie ran I98S Playmate Review CS Waltons '": & This Is The Life " ,1 gS Movie: "Red Alert-'V LM3J Discover i OTSD 700 Club " -i LElSfJ D-Day: The Great Crusade CEBD SpeedWeek ; m&aa) Crook And Chase CHO Car 54, Where Are You? rtm Night Tracks BSD Cinemax Comedy Experiment CMD The Pointer Sister In Paris 99m roan Night Flight " CD $1,000,000 Chance Of A Lifetime , , . Q Insight -CSD Go For Your Dreams C0HD Sports LateNlght ' CKES3 SportsCenter CBSD Movie: "Assault On Precinct 13." (MSB) Videocountry . , flT) Monkees ran Every Man's Fantasy Cm Movie: "Struggle Through Death CSBD Movie: "Band Of The Hand." laj&iiij . - CSNews 1 -4.' 33 Real Videos Zrj CED Soft Notes .jw-t CEIHD Ben Casey CMD News Overnight'": CMD Movie: "Spaceman In King Arthur's Couft' CTSFfD Auto Racing V-CMDISpy CBD Fridays ( BID Night Tracks '. j CD Movie: "Poor Devil 19 Movie: 'Trfre Sentinel." O Forerunner - i-r i ran Electric Bluet Mdg-Ic Glaaaes - OMD Movie: "Peep Show." - CBD Aasaulted Nuts" CBD Night Flight 03 On The Rock 7-8S Movie: "Queert Of Outer Space." -. CRD Video Vibrations': CEDD Ben Casey rpT) Larry ; Kfng Overnight . CHO InvestmiSt Advisory .-iV CMD Movie: "The Fallen Idol." CBD Night Flight CHHD Movie: Revenge." "Best rtm Night Tracks t't. 09 Praise The Lord C5PWJ Public Policy . s. CAAD Movie: "Emman-uelle. The Joys Of A Woman." ' Z CED Movie: "A old NlRht's Death." CWDMovle: "Ashantt ih

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