Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 17, 1957 · Page 49
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 49

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1957
Page 49
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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1957 THE PHAHOS-TRIBUNE Md LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE TWENTT-ONB "A Gun at His Back" Dangerous for Sinatra NEW YORK (UP) — The channel swim . .. Frank Sinatra suffered a gunpowder wound when a .38 blank went off .too close to the back of his neck during filming of his Nov. 29 ABC-TV show, "A Gun At His Back." The 'bandage he wears through the episode is for real. Incidentally, ABC - TV, disturbed by Sinatra's low ratings, is trying to coax more live show out of him. NBC radio and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Allen have just about closed a deal for a husband and wife gab show-it'll be beamed from the Aliens' Park Ave. apartment sometime after the turn of the year . . . Teddy Rooney, 6-year-old product of Mickey Rooney and Martha V'ickers, makes his TV debut in "The Galvanized Yankee." a Dec.' 5 offering on CBS- TVs Playhouse 90." Singer Janette Davis and Frank Musiello, two members of the Arthur Godfrey family,, secretly tied the knot on Oct. 17. Musiello is a member of the Godfrey production staff... Ed Murrow and Fred Friendly are sitting on seven hours of film they shot of Harry Truman. The former President is turning down all TV interview dates until a show is hashed out of it. Bing Crosby has decided to'pull out of a planned CBS weekly radio show as well as the CBS-TV spec he was slotted for on Dec. 11—-Crosby's next date with the airwaves is Christmas Eve when he capers' in this third annual "Sing With Bing." Television records some sort of milestone Nov. 27 when ABC-TV beams out "Bamberger's Thanksgiving Parade of Light" — the pageant will feature a giraffe pulling a cage, inside of which heavyweight champ Floyd Patterson will stage a wrestling match with a gorilla, Gaby II. This Sunday's two --hour General Motors spec * on NBC-TV will, wind up on British TVSon film ... CBS-TV is planning to resuscitate the old "Suspense" show. . Merriman Bows Out Check-outs: Handy-Merriman is out as host of CBS-TV's "The Big Payoff"—Ted Steele is shaping up as his replacement. . . Del Sharbutt has pulled out of ABC-TV's "Do You Trust Your Wife" with Bill Nimmo taking over. Robert Taylor, who treats TV like Asian flu, breaks his "no TV" rule when he' introduces an upcoming "Navy Log" show, "Helldivers Over Greece." The price of fame: After her rendition of "Jailhouse Rock" on "Your Hit Parade," Ginny Gibson received a fan letter from the "Entertainment Committee" at Sing Sing Prison—they invited her up to their place to repeat the number. Christmas Cards for the whole family to send Gay, family Christmas Cards with special cap- lions for families from two to six members. 25 cards, all alike, imprinted with your names, just 81.95 . . . §2.95 . . . $3.95. Choose yours now from our complete selection. As advertised on the Hallmark Hall of Fame. 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Bids for the flight are trickling in from Maine to California despite official turndowns and forecasts that any space travel is still years away. A Vanguard information officer reported today he's received some 30 offers from Americans to go i space flying since the Soviets launched dog-carrying Sputnik II early this month. . Project n Vanguard is the U. S. government's scientific program for shooting up some baby earth moons. The volunteers are young and old and in varied walks of life. But others seem 100 per cent sincere. And a number obviously figure the first trip could well be just one way. A Massachusetts man placed a million-dollar price tag on his offer to go orbiting. He said he wanted the money to put his sons through college and provide for his wife. No Other Future A 23-year-old Maine convict wrote that although he's due to get out of prison soon, the chances are he can't get ahead in society with a .police record. "So therefore I want to volunteer myself for anything that will benefit the people in the future," he said. An ex-con in Texas said he-had | no family, so: "I have nothing to 1 lose but my life and what greater j way can a man. die, but to give his life for his country?" A letter to "Dear Mr. President" in girlish hand from Akron, Ohio, said: "There are two of us. One weighs 83 Ib. and the other -weighs 73. We will galdy (sic) take any chances, there will be. Would you please send us your decision:" Most of Vanguard's turndowns go something like this: "Your patriotic interest and willingness to be the first space man is appreciated. However, at present there is no requirement for a space passenger. When the time comes, I am sure, there will be full .consideration of all qualified volunteers." Missiles expert Wernher von Braun predicts it will be four to five years before the United States can send a man into orbit and return. America's immediate plans for launching satellites involve sending up scientific'instru- ments, and perhaps a.small living thing, but nothing so heavy as a human. PHOTO OF OLD LANDMARK Unbelievably harder. There have been times when we've worked far into the night just blocking out camera moves." , develop a How th»t toundt effort. less. "That's why all the dimple* and wavy hair in the world don't mean'a thing if those look* aren't Many of the new announcers I backed up with experience. Thit'i spawned by TV are curly-haired, j why even 'Ghoul' Gallop joa on dimpled «nd darling, but Gallop land on." points ' out that good looks alone i Gallop, a former bond salesmia won't sell a sponsor's product. from Boston who got into the 'One of the biggest fallacies radio business back in 1934, is about the television announcing i rarely seen on camera on the business is the belief that we just j Como Show. Strangely enough, be walk out there, pick up a piece likes it that way. of paper and start reading and , Uhat's all there is to it," said Gallop. Product at Hard Work "How untrue that beiief is. You'll find that every successful announcer is the product of long years of work. A voice that has authority and ease is not something you can develop overnight. • 'I can name you two hahdfuls of old time announcers who are still working hard — fellow like Ben Grauer, Hugh James, Ed Herlihy, Don Wilson. I could tick off dozens more. They're working and will continue to work because they've labored long and hard to Minor Accident 'n Market Near Fourth A minor accident at 11:25 a.m. yesterday caused damage to one car. Daniel' Lee Smith, 331 Wheat land, stopped in -traffic in Market street near Fourth, accord-- ing to the police report, and Robert P. Neher, 16, of route 1, tried to stop but his foot slipped off th* brake. Neher's car wasn't damaged but there was more than $50 damage to the rear of the Smith A landmark for many years, the old Dykeman. Feed Stable stood on the lot now occupied by the Logan Bowlmor in the 200 block of East Broadway. It was a popular gathering place back in the horse and buggie days. While the horses were being cared for in the rear of ihe building, their owners would eat their lunches in the first-floor room at the left. The upstairs was divided into apartments. TV Work Is Tougher for Announcers/Says Gallop By WILLIAM EWALD United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK (UP)—The eyes have it since the 'advent of TV, but that doesn't mean the ears have had it. So. believes Frank Gallop, an announcer . whose mellow tones have been caressing the nation's tympani for more than 20 years. Gallop, an alumnus of such radio shows as Milton Berle's, "gangbusters" and the New York Philharmonic, . currently works for television's Perry Como. Gallop' owns the mystery voice that booms out during the gag station breaks on the NBC-TV Como Show. Where's Old Timers* "Everybody keeps asking what's ! happened to th'e old time an- nouncer," said Gallop, "well, the answer is nothing has happened to him. He's still with us on- TV. The picture hasn't killed him at all. In-fact, he's making more money than ever." However, Gallop confesses TV has made work harder for the announcer. "You can take the 'Stella Dallas' Show I used to c on radio as an example," he sai "I'd walk into the studio 20 mi utes before airtime, look over m copy, and that was it. "On a television show like th Como hour, we work far harde PARK GROUP ELECTS BL1JHART, Ind.' (/B—John Higgins of Hammond was elected Friday to succeed Richard Colston of Jeffersonville as president of the Indiana Park and Recreation Assn. Sam Dieden of New Albany was named vice president and. Ted Deppe of Indiana University was named secretary-treasurer. 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