Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin on May 2, 1944 · 16
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Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin · 16

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1944
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a r-. IS Wisconsin State Journal Tuesday, May 2, 1944 Reich 'Quarantines' Foreign Workers LONDON (U P) Germany, in an 11th hour attemnt to prevent Benz to Seek Nomination any revolt timed to coincide with roday virtually to have quarantined 3,000.000foreigti workers in th Reich and begun an Unparalleled reign of terror in France. Dispatches from neutral countries paid the German government hed prohibited toreigti workers, rrost of them already little more than slaves, to travel on railways withput special permission, which would be granted "only if the journey were absolutely necessary." e' Fierre Vienot, ambassador of the French National Committee to London, charged in arp interview that the Germans were carrying out mass murders in France in a futilejefiort to stamp out growing catriot resistance on the eve tr.e opening of a western front. French Militia Cooperates i More than 100,000 of the Vichy Frc-nch militia worn cooprrittinR with the geslapo 0 and Gerinrm military"-in the, ruthless campaign of extermination, centering mainly an northern France opposite England, Vienot said Whole villages were being iped out in the manner of Lidice, he asserted. In. one town, he said, a movie theater was set afire and all inside perished. Nevertheless, sabotage was continuing to increase in France," he said. In January, 58 trains were derailed eand 96 locomotives wrecked in one district alone. Some 500 Marquis, or members of the underground, resisted 5,000 Germans for 11, days in one village and killed 7Q0 of them. Gii 43,000 Reported Executed Radio Brazzaville, off i c i a 1 French station in Africa, said that executed 43,000 French hostages exclusive of patriots and members of the underground since 1940. Other sports reaching London said that Germao storm, troopers had ,been ordered to confiscate all nation Guide TELEPHONE Dane County Bationlng Board. F. 2200, Office hours. 9 a. m. to p. m.. Monday through Saturday. frrfense Arc a Rental Con trol Office. G. 6100. an Allied invasion, was reported radio sets in northwestern France, particularly along the coast, presumably to prevent French pa-triota from listening to invasion instructions broadcast from Britain. Army Abandons Giant Training Area LOS ANGELES - (U.R) The army is abandoning the world's largest military training area, the U. S. army engineer's office here has announced. Camps spread t throughout the j I ju.iiuu M)UiU i; lllllf I lIctllllMK ii'iuer are oeing uwmanupa as another step in the winning of the war," Col. Rufus W.5Futnam, dis-trict engineer, unid. "They nerved their purpose in training troops for desert warfare and are no longer needed," he ad- ded- Camps Young, Horn, Ibis, Essex, Granite, and Coxcombe are Jjeing torn down by Italian prisoners of war, leaving only Camp Laguna in Arizona. j WW" I (A j W;- ALEXANDER O. BENZ Wood fuel U bHnif rationed In parts of India. Alexander O. Benz, Applcton, president of the Aid Association for Lutherans, a fraternal life insurance society, will seek the nomination as Progressive candidate for governor of Wisconsin, he announced today. Only other announced candidate in 1h field Is Ralph Amoth, Eau Claire. Benz was born at Mayville, attended Northwestern college, Watertown, and after graduation from Martin Luther College nt New Ulm, Minn., taught school in Appendicitis Toll Greatly Reduced Conquest' Speeded Throughout Country An amazingly swift reduction In deaths from appendicitis is one of the outstanding achievements in the recent health history of this country, according to insurance statisticians. "The conquest of appendicitis has proceeded rapidly in all parts of tin. country," they wild. "Official figures show that in the 12 years between 1930 and 1942 every state experienced a marked reduction in the death rate from the disease. The smallest reduction over this period was 40 per cent. The maximum for any state, recorded in Rhode Island, was 74 per cent. Washington, the nation's capital, showed a decline of 77 per cent. "Children and adults of both sexes have all shared in the improvement. The rate of decline has been most rapid among young per- tho Aid Association for Lutherans, lie i a past president of the Nn-tiuiial Fraternal Congress of America. Benz is married and the father of five children. Benz' announcement said that "I have felt for some time that two sons, and in general, it has been greater among females than among j males. "The extraordinary change in the appendicitis situation," the statisticians point out, "is largely due to the prevention of complications of the disease, and more recently to the use of sulfa drugs in the surgical treatment of such cases. The chief complication in the disease, rupture of the appendix, is estimated to account for about fouc-fifths of the appendicitis deaths. "This complication, which generally follows the use of laxatives in the presence of appendicitis, or results from delay in treatment, is much less frequent now than before. Credit for this is due to a continuous and widespread campaign of education which has warned against the use of laxatives by those suffering from abdominal pain, and has also urged prompt medical care when suspicious symptoms develop. A major part of the reduction in appendicitis mortality from 1931-1940 reflects the successful prosecution of this campaign. 'The further sharp reductions since 1940 is largely attributable to lower surgical mortality in com plicated cases, thanks to the use of sulfa drugs in such cases," the statisticians said. "Other contribut- mnny of us have been sitting on various Wisconsin communities for: the sidelines criticizing our various 18 years. For 12 years he was connected with n wholesale grocery firm, but since 1929 has been an officer of units of government without mak ing a constructive contribution .to the improvement of public afr fairs." 0 MEATS AND FATS " Red ctamps Af$ thrnuph Q8, rood fgro 1,0 points each,3 Indefinitely, o o S -PROCESSED FOODS-Blue Stamps A8 through Q8 (Book fFOur), good for &10 points each, indefinitely. o 45UGAR . 0 StampcNo. 30 (Book Fotir) , teood for five pounds, indefinitely. e Sfimp Sol 31 (Book Four), rood for 5 pounds, hjdefin-fcfly. 0 tamp No. 40 (Book Four) fond for flv pound canning 5 Kuear throflfih0 February 28. 1945. o g "' .Spar Stamp No. 37 (Book Four) may be exchanged at" War Price and Rationing g Beard for Ration Certificate for Canning Sugar. G ,3 o . ? o cp SHOES " . e e0Airplane Stamp No. 1 for one pair. (Book 3) good Indefinitely. " 0 e - Airplane Stamp No. 2 now valid. , " 0 . sum a w - Pg LkV ,1 3 . - i if iw&l I V 1 0 G TIRE INSFECTIONS A book holders, every 8 months. B book holders, 0 every 4 months. 0 O' book holders, every S months. Wt! r,, 0 0 o FUEL OIL- ' ePerlod No. 4 coupons and Period No. 5 coupons eood for for ten c gallons per 3e unit through Sept. 30. 0 o G A SO LIN K o0 Ab j E w R Rasoline rations cissued after Sept. 15.' 1943, will remain valid until further notice. E and R rations aro used for non-hlghway purposes.3C' r o Coupons 11 to A books ex- o pireJJune 22, good for 3 gals. 3 each. o'" G - B2. B3. C2, C3. supplemental J,ration coupons good for five frallons each throughout the three-month period from date of Ksue. " c," e. All rvpupons must be nvdors- 0 ed In Ink with Mate and reg'Is-g tratloao number immediately c upott receipt. Indelible pencil , may be used. " 5 . Printed Peak-a-Boo! S 0 , A New and Exciting Rayon. Mesh Fabric s1.95. eYouN love its air-cooled constructipn for summer! It seldom requires pressing, for its wrinkles hang out , .0. ideal f or y o u r busy way of living! You have a wide choice of striking patterns, including florals, a feather p r i n t, dots . . . colorful prints or white de- 1 signs on colored background. Choose soft green, .cherry red, toast, "turquoise, blue, gold, grey, navy or black background. Width 39 inches. Fabrics section, main floor State Farm Mutual Again Sues Duel The third suit of the State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. against Morvin Duel, commissioner of insurance, was filed Monday in circuit court. The insurance firm seeks a permanent order restraining the state insurance department from interfering with the company's business and requiring it to grant the firm n license to do business in Wisconsin. s Circuit Judge Herman W. Sacbt-jen ordered the commissioner to shov cause on May 9, at 9 a. m., why he should not be restrained from interfering during the pendency of the suit, lie granted n temporary restraining order until May 9. Litigation involvings the insurance company and Duel is nov? be fore the U. S. supreme court, the firm's complaint said, and the commissioner has refused to grant a license to the firm while the appeal is pending. The appeal concerns' reserve funds required td be kept in Wisconsin. Treiber, Appleton, president; A. W. Anderson, Neenah, secretary, and J. A. Rummele, Manitowoc, director. Wisconsin Jewelers Elect Nelson R.8 W. Nelson, 330 Statfe st., jeweler, was elected a director of the Wisconsin Retail Jeweler's assn. nt the association's convention in Milwaukee Monday. Other officers clotted include It. J. ing factors over the past 15 yems have been advances in diagnostic procedure, operative techniques, and pre-operative and post-operative care. The improved economic situation in recent years also has helped because patients in the lower income brackets have sought medical care more promptly than in the depression years." It Was Marijuana, Not Drink, Soldier Says A Mexican soldier whom police picked up at a Madison hotel as drunk early Monday morning protested that he was not drunk, that he was "crazy from marijuana." The soldier was arrested after complaints that he kept hammering on the door of a woman guest. Above . . . Vogue pattern No. 5098. With soft bodice and front skirt shirring. Harry S. Manchester Inc. rr ' f r ( " A 1 ! C 4 , Vanity Fair Slip Designed for Wear with a 1 Sheer Blouse and a Dark Skirt $ 2.95 U-3 o PHC pricelessold photographs remade for gifts JTOGRAPH STUDIO o -' o Second Floor ' 1i: Trim fitting slip, fashioned of a non-run knit rayon fabric, with a beautifully lace trimmed white top and a black skirt.. Ecsy to launder . . . needs no pressing! Sizes 32 to 40. KNITWEAR section, main floor I Z ' ! " i ' ft U I X " S 1 Put Your Furs in Fur Storage Now! i jt .-...' 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Manchester, Inc. ce c Ij O G- H M

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