Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 2, 1895 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 2, 1895
Page 7
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''"'.ri 1 . 1 '.' 1 ,' 1 -" 1 '- "'•--'•'•' ••"•'• '-'.-^''-'•-• •• ••'-••• ..A''__^J I^^^^^^^J^^^B^^^MM Prove theirWorth. That is what thousands of people, speaking out of their own experience, say to their friends in regard to Allcock's Porous Plaster the most marvelous external remedy known for all sorts of pains and aches in the back, limbs, chest or side. Da \«t Be F«r«ll»<ied to accept a rub- Ititutc. "ALI-COCK'S" Ilia never been equaled. Allcock's Corn Shields, Allcock's Bunion Shields, Have no equal M » relief i.id cure Ijt coral and Irjnionj. Brandreth's Pills stand at the front. Tho longer in nso the stroncer is their .cositioii. "srsr g?E ^:j$3 r^7'y\ RESTORES VITALITY ffef-¥r^ - llPtfet M^clca '•'•"•' •^VrS'yv '}~- -'\ Vy'e!l M^ : isti,i>:,y. ": v ^;y^ c f rvle. THE CRZAT »(;:!, I:;.v. produces (l,<<:ilimv .-I- I-!:.. i:i :;"i!:i;."<. I'- :i - jiowcrfiillv .-.ml iMili-IMy. dii- :. vhr-n all iiili.-iv. la:! roinik' roiMi will r<-L;;it:t th-:.: 1 !-'.i; ru:;:iLi'.uil..".ii(l c-!i moil will n-covi v lli'-ir voijthdll vu;nr liy lu.ii 1 , KKVIVO. It ,|i!ivltly:iiiiU'iiv|vi-;Mori'i::i. r\"i,.- nc«», Lort VlMll'.j 1 , Ii:ii'-i:i.:n:;.'. X'.Klilly li'u SI-MI. r.v L^yt I'O'.vt'r. r.ulin^' M. niui-y, "A'.i.stLiix' lJi( '-r,s'.-s, an! all (!tT>-<-t.s o!' H,,-lL'-:iiji::;i.' (n- cx'-v- H and imlu:cn.-ticm •\vliinh uji!iti, MI'; tin- y -ii:ty ijn-.iiM-.-.-, 01- in:irrl:i.',-i-. U not only rur'-K l;y ^[ii-tint; at !l": r «^r n[ di:u-r.M;. l> : i*. ipfltfrcfi: mTV" Nirilr ^iid hi<Kxl Ijt'.iluc'r, briuu- ins bafk the pliilt ;:l<nv to puli- rlu-rlcs .Till n- Ktorinj; ;li(, (IIT <>J' yonih. it wui-d,; oiT ] iiw.ii-- aud Con.Hiiiiuitiori. In^ir^ on li.-LVini; 11!':XT\'O, i:c other. It ran t«; r.i'-rl.-d in vi-st roi'li^t. liy ra.iil $1.00 JUT pi:clc:v::'. or i \ f . for ^u.OO, ivltli ;i pusl I tlvo written ^i::tr.tntcc tt> <'ui*c or rotund thR moii.-y. Cii" -Jartrco. AiWrrna BOXAL MEDICiNfc 00., B3 Jiinor St., CHICAGO, ILJL FOU SAJUK HV B. F. Kcesllnc, lut, tOKiitisport. __ Ciniri\ntt'Cti t'lirp !'*> I**' 1 LOST MANHOOD V ami all AtteuilInK nUniDiitn. both 'if yoiiiih- unil mJilill- . t*-n eJUirnitlfO (« t'ur« nr rviunil Ini* ninlK l >* --- - — too. Upau>»Ji .N «rv« u riilu C^.. Bo.-, aaWJ, K cw \ nk. Mold by »<!>« Fi^licr, four tli »trc<,i. , .'111 fncl visor igulckt; r,,»toroi.Varic, w ,.|... , tl ,,-iii]-.- oino •Itroiiliy. etc.. niin-ly cu. ^.1 b.v I.MIA^O. ti lllniluui iU-ilIi'ily. With i.p!ll«iitunr»ni4.|.ti>ciir«. t'H Bua iMshcr, DriiKr.iat. LeGANSl-'OKT, IN'D. K.VST ItOU.VB. Now York ExprPss, ilallj 2.41 (Hii Vt W«j» • Aecjn.. -xcoijt bui.dli}-... -.^••i" 1 "' Kau City & TolfUi' '•x., exiwpt bnnday...ll.i 1 ->Hn! AtlnntlcKxiiriw.ilnlly *-'T 1 ' 1 " Accommodation lor li:ist 1-lJ D '" WKST HOUX1). Pnclllc Exprws, rally W-% '<• '" ACfUinutlni k'n lor v> t'.it liw; m Kftnsn.t City F.I., cxia-pt tiuntlnT J.* P '« Lafiiypttf Acum.. t-xocpt Sunday u,i>J P «i 8t Louis Kx., divllv !<>•!» P >» Eel River Dlv,, Logansport. West Side- Between Logansport > and Chili- EA«T BOIfflD- Accommcxlatlon, leuve except Sunday ....... 0.55 a ro ., '» " " ....... 4,2opn) 1VKST UOUS1I. • • IccommodiUlon, arrive except oanday ...... 0.00 » m ** " * * , .. . C. ft. SJBWKLL. Agent. . Tiio Pennsylvania. Station, Pennsylvania kings! Kun by Centra: Time .. t Uuily, oiwpc Sunday. I/lOHNSl'OKTTO Brnnronl «nd Columbus llihliv inn! NVw M5AVE ..,.*12.4l) a m orK.-!!' 40 n in il ..... * l<H)nm iH-ll.xniul L,oul.ivllIu..*IV!SOiim i,.! Vw.lii ................. * 245am ' In' »'•<! Ohlca«;o ...... * ;«.!•'•» ni Blchinoiidiiiul On Inniitt ..... t 6.45u ni Crown ¥«" t "'HI ni>l.«KO ...... t «.iil> n m Iirncr 1.0--I.I KrcWit ...... .....t .sSim m FtHiimrd nn" CiMUHibus ...... T f.3« n in llonTlrollo;uiil J=.nnt^r ............ t 7l5iii« oil mid Loulsvine...«i2 4ft p in ?AKKIVH •2 4) !l 111 *2.4o u ni *J l.'i a 111 •12 SO uni .25 p 111 11.6U p 111 5 SI p Itl li-in i> in .in inn 1 W P >" - unil inrrnnwllaw....* i.Kp m 'I-.* 1 1' m. Kokornoii"<IKichiiiond. . _.f S-HOpm-tli Warn WinHninc Ai-coniiiio<lnilon....f -I nO p ni to' 4 " I' >" Marlon AicomnicUii'lun ...to,50pi» T9-*)ain J..A,iIcCUI.LOCGH. Ticket Ai;ent Loi(un;p«r:, Ind VANDAL!A LINE. Trains J>ave lojran.*port, Ind MIK Tire .VIRTU, No 35For?!. Ji^cph - —"10.35am M? M J'or SL JOM-pt. ,• S.40 p m , FOB THE SOUTH. No M Tor T?rr- Hnnt» •'' J»»«" No. 6» far Term Hnun> - —*-M P ni Th« Clever Tonnr Underitudy of Mil Juliet Cordon. Maude Young, the actress, was born In Le Boy, III., but has resided during the greater part of her life In Chicago. She early showed an Inclination for music, and e& ve evidence of ability as a singer. After some preliminary In structlon In vocal art she was sent to Paris, where »he studied for two year» under Ma.dame Marches!, and where sho won many triumphs at social functions In the American colony. She appeared at many concerts given by Madam* Marches), In which she achieved flat terlnjj success. Immediately upon her return to America she accepted an offer Irom Max Bendlx, of Theodore Thomas Orchestra, for a series of concerts given In Munlc Hall, at the World's Fair, In ChiciiKO, in which she won considerable renown. Having been Introduced to Manager F. C. Whitney, she was engaged by him for a leading role In the Louise Beaudet Opera Bouffe Co., but. •^*r*>e>-- jfrR%: ir.-; '\>^- ' / ^ // - •• ; ^w MISS MAUDK YOUNG, the role not belru: suitable for her, -\vriK doi-ldc-fl that she should understudy Juliette Ortlen, In the role of Janet, in "Hob no;,-." In which part she made her prot'rSHional clol>ut on the afternoon ol J-in r. at tho llorald Square Theater New York. She has since relieved Miss Cordon twice a week, and has been re celvod with much 1'avor. TRACK AND STABLE GOSSIP. There is a great del of trouble at New 'Orleans over the decisions rendered by Mr. nankin, the president of tho board of R-ovornors of the Crescent City Jockey club. He has become very unpopular. London Sporting 1 Life is keeping the talent busy selecting 1 , the most "likely twelve" "horses to follow during the coming season. A contributor to the Issue of Jan. 30 places Mr. Croker'.s Utlca fifth In the chosen dozen. Racing may get a black eye In Call fornio.. There are two bills before the California legislature. The first is to do iway entirely with pool selling and book making and the other is to restrict racing to thirty days on each track. The olllcial turf guides show that Uanquet, though now in his eighth year, may prove a troublesome horse for the English horses to beat. He has the distinction of being the largest winner on 'the American turf among horses of his own age as a •!, a and C year old, as well as last year ns an "aged," Los Angeles, one. of the best race mares of recent years, has recently foaled a iilly by Emperor oC Norfolk, who was the best 3-year-old ol' ills year. Miss Ford foaled twins last month, one of which died, while the other Is a lusty, well-shaped youngster. Both mart's are owned by "Lucky" Baldwin. Winter racing gossip is to the effect that J. K. & F. P. Keene have a couple. of wonderful 2-year-olds in the' full brothers to Banquet and Domino. It Is reported in the gossip that Domino's bi-othor is even faster as a yearling than was his famous brother. Yet there are trainers down Gravcsend way who are -willing to bet that P. J. Dwyer has in Axiom a colt that wll beat the best of .tho Kene pair the first time they meet If Mr. Dwyer can get a good jockey In place of Slmms. The Chicago Derby. The principal quotations 'made by O'Neill, Eckhert & Co., of Chicago. 111.. In their winter book on the Chicago Derby are as follows: Dlggs and Tlssak each 10 to 1; Frank K., 15: Agitator, Euranla, Flying Dutchman, Gotham, Halma Prince of Monaco, Key del Car- rleres. The Commoner The Butterflies nnd Walzer, each 20; Applause, Blasco. Counter Tenor, Connoisseur, G. B. Morris, Handsome, Junlus, Keenan. Leo Lake, Laureate, Montery, Maglan, Plquante, Salvation, Tiger, each 30; Halfllng, Major McLaughlin, Primrose. Pelleas, Key Alfonso, Sam Tate, Sir Galahad, Sabllia, Uncle Giles nnd W'oodfleld, 50 each. The other prlcei range from 60 to 500. s*2aE^c£^J? ^.« 1 -'lT!.fi..-'/.rte\, iJ-AYOK !. ?!T!ne all wains nnd : tall infortunnon as,lo .r«l»w, I •Utlont. «iiv ' «r J,C KJ»«K«OHT11, Consumers of cbewlnj tokcco wb arewiltingto pay a liiilemore tk Ae price diaged jbrtlic ordinag trade tokccos, wllpndte Irand superior to allotfa )" BEWARE ^'IMIWTIOHML March, Paine's Celery Compound Makes People Well! It Makes Strong Nerves and Pure Blood; It Cures Disease! It is the One Remedy -Tint All Schools of Physicians Prescribe, The Demand for it is Tremendous; It Nev Fails to Benefit. Nothing Was Ever So Highly and Widely Recommended. First Prescribed by - America's Greatest Physician, It Has Become a Blessing to, the Entire ~ L ~" Country. Men and .Women in the .Highest Stations Publicly Recommend It. Grateful People Everywhere Heartfully En""""""'' dorse.the Famous Remedy. It makes people well! It builds up the weakened, shat tered nerves; it sends new life and blood through the arteries. Where everything else bas failed Pslno's celery compound—the greater achievement of that giant among men, the ablest physician of this generation. Prof. Edward E. Phelpe, M. D., LL.. D., of 'Dartmouth—this wonderful Paine's celery compound bas In thousands of cases cured disease. It has freed old age from many of Us Infirmities. It has made thousands of lives worth living that were once a burden, It bus proven itself to easily the greatest of all spring remedies, making the weak strong and ihe Infirm well, thtt in the big cities, Hew York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, St. Louis and the rest, the leading newspapers, making their own canvasses, have found that tbe^emaod for Paine's celery compound is enormous, at) far surpassing that of any other remedy, as the curative power of this great compound does indisputably sur- p&aa that of any other. For Palne's celery compound is not a patent medicine. It is not an ordinary tonic, sarsaparllla or nervine. It Is BO superior to them all that they are not even good imitators. Paice'a calery compound positive- ly and permanently cures nervous debility and exhaustion. Neuralgia, sleeplessness, melancholia, hysteria and headaches yield to Its refreshing properties—all these troubles are directly tractable to the cue CB.USO, poorness of the blood and poorness of the nervous tissues. Fcr kidney trouble it is the most infallible of remedies. It owes its unfailing power to check ac once the progress of this breakdown among ihe tissues of tbo kidney* to its remarkable nutritive efficiency. Just ae soon as Pnlne's celery com pound beglne Its strengthening work there is at once a rallying of all the important organs of the body. The appelite.improves, the spirits become morehopeful, the dull pains ofdiseaie lessen, sound,refreshing sleep returns, '•that tired, worn out fueling" departs, and the sufferer knows, without be leg told by a physician, that be or sheia going to get well. The eefteon of March, April and •May the springtime, when If one can do 80 he must recuperate bis lost strength and get hack the health that nature intended for him—that season is here. It behooves every man, woman and youth now to pet well. And Paine'y celery compound makes people well. THE WHEEL. Waller, the Ions distance rider, is now training for an attempt to lower the outdoor twenty-four hour roj-ord. He already holds the indoor reccfrd. It is said that the mother of Frank G. Lenx, the missing world-girdler,wlll receive $10,000 Insurance when the fact of her son's death Is established. Harry Tyler will have a motor cycle •with a wind shield for his pace making next year. Charley Earl, the Long Island champion, will likely be placed In the class E ranks. In the German army 1,400 bicycles are employed .and 830 more have just been ordered. It is stated that E. C. Bald, the But- ta.l<\ class B racer, will receive $2,500 to race this year. Sims, the- prominent class B racer of Washington, will ride on the Columbia team this year. Several professional racing members are very anxious to get bacfc Into the« L. A. "TV", to ride In class B. E. Nelson and A. H. Allen, the well- known Spring-field racers, will begin training 1 next month-for the spring- circuit. Australians, according to letters received in this country; are disposed to make cycling the most popular form of athletics. The followers of cycling In Cleveland are overjoyed over the fact that streets and roads there are to be improved at a cost to the city of over JSOO.OOO. I A road race from Cincinnati to Indianapolis Is being planned for early spring. Costly prizes will be offered and a big- entry list is expected. It is icped to make the affair an annual Ix'ture. ' _ . . A NOVEL MACHINE. Tho Icycle I» a Clever Compound of a Hicyclo iintl Skate. Icycle is the novel and -appropriate name given to a new machine recently invented by A. L. Jordan of this city. This machine is a" combination of bicycle and skate. Or, to be more explicit, it is a skate attachment that can be used on any bicycle for ice riding. The attachment consists of a stel runner about eighteen Inches long fastened on a hollow steel frame. This frame is so constructed that it can be easily attached to the front fork of a bicycle Instead of the front wheel. A steel Band for the rear wheel furnished with short spikes completes the contrivance. Mr. Jordan gave his invention its first practical trial last Sunday on the large lake at Forest park. A short time on the Ice convinced him that the new contrivance exceeded his most sanguine expectations. Owing-'to the density of the crowd he had no opportunity to test its speed, but he is confident tflat a tremendous velocity can be obtained. He says that the exertion of propelling It is not enough, to keep a man warm. This being the case. it. will beposslble to use a .very. high gear, perhaps as hl^h as 120. On smooth ice and a straightaway coure a rider like Johnson can very likely ride a mile in considerable less than a. minute. Johnson has a. similar machine of his own, but it is 'a much clumsier affair than Mr. Jordan's.—St. Louis Star Sayings. DECULIAR In combination, pro" portion and preparation of ingredients, Hood's §aisaparilla possesses great curative value. You should " r !*Y IT. for Infants and Children. iHIRTY 7»»iV of C«»torU with the p»troB««« million! of p»r«on». permit n» to »pe«Jc of it without It U aaqne»tloi»T»Iy th» b«»t reoedy for Infa»t» »md Chtldggg- th» world h>» over known. It im harmle.m. CMldrca Hk» it. Ifr give, them health. It win »»v» thcif UT». In it Moth«r» fc»*» •omething trhlolt i» •b»olut»Iy »«to ""* practically p»»foot *» .%• child'* medicine. Caitoria d>«troy» Wormt. C»torin allay* rgverUhnei*. Caitoria prevent* vomtting Sour CnriL Caatoria ourei Diarrhea* and Wind Colio. Crutoria relieve* Teething Trouble*. Cnntorin euro Constipation and Flatulency; Cftttoria nontrnlizcs fho ogccts of carbonic ftcid ga» or pol»onon» rdr.\ Cagtoria doo-i not contain morphine., opium, or other nm-cotio property. Ca§torl» ainSinilaton the food, regulator the >,to;nacli_ftiid Tiowd», giving healthy and nat-aral sloop. Ca«toria In put pp in ono-sizo T>ottlo* only. It it not xoH in V.ilh. Don't nJIoiP- any one to sell yo-u anything " Iso oa thj^ploa or f £2S*^' that it in " jnst us good " cmd " will n.t»^'g:pJLiy_ c '£ y S&e that yon Ret C-A-S-T-O-R-I-A. The fa.c-simile •icnatm-c of —"• in o-n <-very Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorta. IN THE VVORL-DH For keeping the System In a Healthy Condition. CURES Headache,. CURES Constipation, Acts on the Liver and Kidneys. Purifies th» Blood Dispels Colds and Fevers. Beautifies the Complexion and lo Pleasing- and Refreshing to the Taste. SOLD BY ALL. DRUGGISTS. «B-A nicely illnsiratcd cifflity-pa,fc Lincoln Story Book riven 10 every purchaser of 0, c o£ Lincoln Ten. Price 25c. As!; your clricirisi.or LINCOLN TI=A Co., Fort Wayne. In«I~ For Sale by W. H. Porter. i DOG AND SWANS. Aflvniil.iircs of :i Hf.ivn Hrlf.Iili Terrier and a Hi'i'tHi- Jlr.t^oon yn :i IJuU Ninnlay. A Vv-hite-!Ki:;-e.-l tijri'iei- put in :i very fair day's work at Wnlcrlow park, London, onu Su inlay lately. For awhile he created quite a sensation in that hifrhly rospoi;l:ibl<; metropolitan 'resort, one of thowj liu^ii "lonys" of the {front city so dear u> tin- heart of every Londoniir, A real 'British Sunday makes u dojr chill: owners lie in bed Lalo and do not take suliiciont exercise. Or they £0 to churches and other places where it is unconventional to take a respectable do?, ami it-be- coincj dillicult for a canine creature to know what to do with himself. Mr. \Vire-lI.iirud Terrier seems to have ^•one ofE "on his own hook" and to the park he went. Adventures are to the adventurous. A party'of four cygnets, enjoying- in a quiet corner of the pond a- stray pale sunbeam, trying- with semi-success to pierce the pood old British clouds hanging above, seems to have first attracted-his attention and the sportsmanlike idea at once occurred to him to g-o in and kill them: but two old swans of extraordinary size and beauty who were majestically swim rains 1 in the immediate neighborhood were attracted by the noise and thought that they would like to be in the frame too, and there seetns to have bejfun as 'grand an. all-round fiffht as the heart of any wire-haired British fox-terrier could desire. A couple of park-keepers suddenly joined the entertainment, and after them a big dragoon of over six feet, very Tvillinjr, but rather hampered by his antiquated accoutrement, and the do^r desperately fought the whole nine of them. The old swans, according to the best account, seem to have given the brave fellow a great deal of trouble. A swan has an unpleasantly long reach, and seems to be able to hit you anywhere in the most distressing- and confusing manner. But the park-keepers pave verv little trouble; they are described in the laconic report of the police as "discreet,"' and their part in the battle would seem to have been confined to unring- on vociferously the tall drajroon. This last-named combatant gained victory £or his party by the aid of a lasso, which was not fair fisfhtinjy, and was contemptuously termed Texan warfare and unbecoming to a liritish soldier by the police mag-istrate, who happened to 'be particularly fond of dogs. After the lassoing the wire- hair.ed terrier accompanied perforce tha tall dragoon to the police station, and the park-keepers came out from behind the trees. One of them, however, ventured to pick up on the ground several articles of much-buttered ac- coutrement .of the warrior and most part of his paraphernalia also in a very shattered condition. Who says there is nothing-for a fellow to do Sunday in London?—London Times. The m;ini:i. for .•.•xa.sworalcJ lamp> shades.soums to lie on the wane.- Tho.| Tiewost lamps h-liou- line srlobcs, moder-- to liiii-monii'.o with Uio foundation, audl.". dealers report a revived «ile of tinted! poiT.L-luin sha-.les. The silk, bowc-rer,. is yut, m;n.lu ii)U> frills anil furbelows 1 .: that suq:','e-sl nothing short, of. bait •jowns i-efnr.bishc'fJ to serve-:i new end,,.-. but tlie uitle ili.'it is maiie »o copy *i ba.llet, (hinc'cr's skirts-and tile p:iper-' monstrosities arc both uirly and Uan- "•oniHK. The only womler ill re,?;:n-d to . them i»i lh:n the insurance companies, have not been aroused and Uua a i-e- foi-m campaign !i;is not been oi'ya.nizedl • before this.—liosion Traveler. Wife—Is th.a.t you. Uuor^e? f.lusbn.nd—Yes. dear. Wife—Oh, I am so g-lad! I'm alivay» afraid there's a man in the house.-till you cotuc.—Puck. —Sympathy is that, within us whicli» •; enables us t,o look at our neighbors •»;, our other self. —Younjf Men's Era. SCROF i Miss Delia Stevens, or Boston, Mass., wrtM»: E have always suffered Irom hereditary Scroral*-- : 1 tried various remedies, and many reliable phy- Bieiirns, but none relieved me. Alter taking lix bottles of S.S. S. am now -well. I am very grateful to you, as I feel that it BAVcd me from a life of uutold agony, ana rlmil take plcnsnic nc - BpeatiuB only words of pmisc for your won'• dcrful meflicinoi and in recomnjcndlnf? It t»" .-...'..; -- — — oil who »rc afllicte*, . : wilhtbls painfnhllgeMfe.' . .-:' TreaMso on Blood nniS SU*> <• Dincni-c-.fj'i-Ptormyaddre**" '. '"-.'• SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.,. :•:• • ' A LADY'S TOILET Is aot complete without an ideal Combines every element of beauty and purity. It is beauti- fyine, soothing, healing, healthful, an'' harmless, and when' »" nghtJy used is invisible. A most j. delicate and desirable protection " to the face in this climate. Insist upon havisj the gsmdne '

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