Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 27, 1962 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1962
Page 24
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3>enty-four Logansport-Indiami Pharos-Tribune War Views of Eostow in Dispute ^WASHINGTON (UPI) - The .pr/fitical impact of State Depart- fnent counselor Walt W. Rostow's •cold war policy .views remained HI;-dispute today but Republicans JnaSe it clear they were not ready to drop the issue. - Senate GOP Leader Everett M. Wfksen, 111.; said he-could''not tell', whether 'the secret 'and controversial "Rostow paper" would bf.a sizable issue in the fallelec- tiori campaign.' : '. • '. -But Dirksen .said he considered' Plan Low Yield Nuclear Tests fn : Atmosphere rWASHINGTON CUPD - ', 'JJtrited States is considering stag-: ing" some low yield nuclear tests'' in. the atmosphere -above the Ne- Vl.da proving grounds. . The Atomic Energy Commission and the Defense,Department, said Tuesday no -final.decision- on the above ground' tests'-has-'been reached. ' • ' '." - .' .Since.'the United...States[..resumed testing last fall, 38 ; underground nuclear explosions, have foeeji set off at Nevada.. But nuclear blasts in space and the atmosphere .have been. confined to. the'.pacific testing g r o .u n, d;.s at JoTinston Island and. the .British-, controlled Christmas 'Island;; • If the decision is - affirmative, the announcement said -a.fewnu- •clear devices would be exploded "slightly above ground or at depths shallow enough, .to form craters." The devices...would : be "of very low yields" and-all precautions' w.oiild be taken to hold radiation to safe levels. J WOMAN, 102, DIES NASHUA, N.H..(UPI) -'Edith Prescott Flanders, 102,- a .state leader in the Women's Christian Temperance Union, died at a convalescent home Tuesday. A native of Nashua and the city's oldest resident, Miss-.Landers had been a bookkeeper for the Nashua Telegraph and wrote for the Manchester Union Leader. Rostow's three hour -and 15 minute defense of his views at a closed Senate hearing Tuesday as •"round one .., this means I thHuk 1 there are some spaces to be filled;" Sen. John 3. Sparkman, D-Ala., a member pi: the Senate .Foreign Relations Committee which heard .Rostow at Dirksen's request, said he did not .think the matter would be-a campaign issue, of any consequence. Sparkman. and several other Democrats, including the committee chairman, J.; WJlli.am Ful- bright'of Arkansas, praised Rostow for his performance.. : Dirksen questioned Ro|j:ow and Acting : Secretary of. State? George \V. Ball intensively.,,'about 1 .the document 'which some newspaper stories' 'described as picturing a "mellowing"' of the Soviet position. . Ball told the committee the newspaper, accounts . were "distorted and. inaccurate," according to Fulbright and. Sparkman. ..'. ; However, Hostow.'and..Ball.in- voked, the doctrine of ".executive privilege" arid. _refused, ta-i inake public the controversial staff -level working paper or. to answer."de-' tailed. questions: .about i'.'ts • contents.:; • ..:'. .."; -: Fulbriglit said, the • committee had. 110 plans -to...ask .;President Kennedy, to .make', it .'available.' . r Dirksen said: he.', did, .establish that .the working- paper. : ,wh'ich:iias hot been apprpVed as any, kind-of policy document .dealt-' to' ,--some' extent with' do'mestic as ; well as foreign-policy.-' 1 ; •• - Fulbright' and Dirksen agreed that Kennedy had not;seen , the document. Dirkseh/said-the-p'aper was bei'rig circulated for "comments and consideration" in other branches of the' administration. ; Marie White Fire Ins. Ph. 2491 Hutchesbn Requests Probation WASHINGTON (0PI)-Carpen- ters Union President Maurice.A. Hutcheson has asked'a U.S. District Court here to suspend a six- morith- jail' sentence and $500' fine for contempt of Congress and' to place him on probation. Hutoheson, M, filed 1 the request Tuesday, one day after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to reconsider its May 14 ruling upholding his 1960 conviction for refusing to answer 18 questions asked by the Senate Labor Rackets Committee in June, 1958... : Hutcheson contended he refused to ariswer.'the' committee questions because he. - feared the answers might ..be used against,him in a pending Indiana case. He. had ah appeal .pending on a 2-14. year prison term 'imposed nearly two years ago when he was convicted on bribery charges in connection with the Hoosier highway scandals. . .. •• i Hutcheson, a vice president of the. AFL-CIO as well as head'of the 850,000-member Carpenters Union with headquarters in Indi anapolis, did not invoke the Fifth Amendment, apparently because he feared if he did, the Indiana grand jury would be told of it,.or because it would jeopardize his standing with the AFL-CIO. FRANK V. DICE SERVING AS MIAMI JUDGE PERU -T A Peru attorney was sworn in Tuesday as JTudge Pro tern of the Miami circuit court to serve during the absence of Judge Henry Bailey who suffered a stroke' June 7. '!. <j . Frank'V. Dice was rtwbrn in'by Deputy Clerk Carol Rody immediately after'receipt of-certification from the Indiana Supreme Court appointing him to serve. The certification was signed by Chief Justice Norman F. Arterburn. The state's high court in appointing Dice, acted upon a -recommendation and petition of the Miami -County Bar Association. Judge Bailey's term-of office expires this year. He is.inihislSth' year on the bench. Dice is the unopposed Republi-' can candidate, for 1 the office in 'the November election.:' ' Dice will receive $25' a day for each ; court day while serving as judge pro tern and he will be paid from the' county general fund. Dice said that contested matters will not be disposed 1 of until all other matters are brought up-to- date. ... NOTICE I will not be responsible for debts contracted for by any other han myself. William L. Bean 823'/2 N. 3rd-St., City Card of Thanks ': 'We sincerely wish to thank Dr. Donald Winter, Dr. Charles Viney, Kroeger mortuary. Rev. Erving Phillips, St. Joseph hospital and all our friends and neighbors for the many kindnesses extended during our recent bereavement. —The family of Bertha McQuaid. 24 Hr. Color Film Service Kodacolor—Ectachrome—Kodachrome 10 W. liritUn Av.. Joe Vivians Fotoshop Dial 2332 Committee Votes To Abolish Price Support Minimums WASHINGTON (UPI) — The House Agriculture Committee Tuesday voted, 22-9, to abolish mandatory price support minimums for feed grains after 1962. The proposal would allow the supports to continue, but would eliminate any fixed floor price. The tentative action was taken as the lawmakers continued to work on a farm bill to replace the one the House killed last week. If the floor under, feed- grain supports is eliminated, for 1964 and.future .crops, the lack ,of .mandatory .guarantees might help the administration revive President Kennedy's ; plan, for mandatory acreage controls for. feed grains. The administration would be able to refuse to support any attempt to restore a : guaranteed price minimum unless controls were also authorized. Thank You I wish to thank all my : friends for my birthday cards. They were sincerely appreciated. —Mrs. Grace Knock WASHINGTON (UPI) - Sen. fohn L. McClellan has wound up is two • week investigation of lleged unionized sin with a furi- iis denunciation of gangster-run 'cesspools of .vice and debauchery." McClellan charged Tuesday that .estimony. before, his Senate investigations subcommittee showed tie American- Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA) was partly re- ponsible for indecency and depravity in nightspots. The stern Arkansas Democrat _>aid conditions under .which card- carrying strip teasers worked in Mcagp, Baltimore, Miami, Tarn- la, and Clumet City. and. Cicero, 11., were shocking beyond belief Unionized dancers in vicious underworld establishments which 'peddle booze and flesh" are 2018 NORTH STREET PHONE 4739 H. R. DIETZEj Plumbing & Heating Rdidintial-Commirdal (ndu.trlal HIOIW 3409 423 2nd II. FOR OVER 25 YEARS1 "ROSSREfD Roofs 'em Right" Ph. 3388 Estimates Fre» MONTGOMERY WARD 510 NORTH ST. PHONE 4193 LOGANSPORT, IND. HollPaY Riverside 4-SQUARIGUARANTII I I.* Aflalnii ro«d hazard! for'ift. tp*cinid. tffn*. 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"The intolerable conditions which exist at these placet are .he conditions-under which AGVA members employed in them must work, if they wish to work," he said. McClellan vented his scorn on :he union after a 15-minute shout- STOCKS BONDS MUTUAL FUNDS Buy or S*H Orders Executed In All Markets E. Y. Denham Co. STOCKBROKERS ing argument with comedian Joey Adams, AGVA's unpaid president. Adams said AGVA was a great labor organizalon. Entertainers who give freely of their talent at orphanages, hospitals and, , far • flung military bases ma lib up the real AGVA, Adams saM. The few undesirable who infill.) ktcd (he union cannot be allowed to smear its good name. | ENTER MONTH Firsil or Tliird Monday Cimrses Include Profiissional Accounting; Secre'l; irial—Comptometer Indiana Business College Barnes lildg. 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