The Nottinghamshire Guardian from Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England on June 6, 1873 · 1
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The Nottinghamshire Guardian from Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England · 1

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1873
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ewSf - jioiimtjijamsijtit Defend ud promote the Agricultural, the Lommerciai, and Colonial internata of thig mighty Empii-to cherish, to protect, snd to stimmUte British Indurtry in England, in Scotland, in IreW,on the Ocean, d in them poeedan. tt BritUh Crown, to lighten the-burden of Tnxattonwehfeh tblished to oppress end beet down the Indartry nro gggg 01 Competition of the people of the British fcnpite, t how end in the Clogiot, by railing Tnxetioa m far M amy be practicable from the indoatry of Foreigner! to the .roaring of or own. "-LORD GEORGE BENTINCK. HO. 1414 FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 1873. PRICE (WITH SUPPLEMENT) STAMPED 2d UNSTAMPED r. TO BOLIOnOBS, ESTATE AGENTS, AND AUCTIONEERS. We heg to Impress upon Solicitors, A0! T Jetafc Agmti, the desirability of An-r!ji" mr office for reference and distribution, the Plant md Particular, of Elate, and ffltoTf MmrJtintry, Furniture, Books, and other Proper advertised in our column. . BY POTT AND NEALE. SALS THIS DAY. tjwrc 10,000 OTU P&5 VEALS, at their Mart, en Friday, June 6th, et 11 oJ M1 "E8SB8. POTT and NEALE will XIX SELL Dy A.UUIIUH, a m" i Lor Saturday, Jane 7th, et 18 o'clock P'?yJ Jta Kay Morse, 4 yean eld. lbth.n.. na gMSSST la angle and double harness ; Bey Posy. 13 h h quiet to nde. kei been regularly driven byTW ; Set of Brass-mounted n,i., tt, V.T fitarey. us one or mere lota ; Bay Horse. 15) h-h, 6 years old. quiet to rids i or drive; Brown Pony, 6 years old, quiet in harness: N orToUt Rknotino n.rt fV,ir jbr rr,TYitP ! a four-wheel rony Pony Basket Tnp, 2 Village Carts, Set ef Bras nwBBH u., c. WELLESLEY HOUSE, WELLINGTON CIRCUS. OXFORD STREET, NOTTINGHAM. HIGH-GLASS FURNITURE, ANCIENT ARMS AND ARMOUR, CHINA, GLASS, BOOKS, PICTURES, DRAWINGS, Ac JLTESSRS. POTT and NEALE are favoured JjL with instruction from Mr. W. H. Gee, who is re-furnishing a house at Wilferd. to SELL by AUCTION on Monday, June 9th, 1873, the whole of the valuable CONTENTS bis Rosiriennfi, Wellington-circus, comprising a complete finite of high-claae Pitch Pine Bed-room Furniture, inlaid With tulip wood, supplied to order by Messrs. Fester ud San ; tee other Bed-rooms is fine Spanish Mahogany, wits handsome Brass R mi steads A complete Suite of Brown Oak Dining-room Furniture, the seat and backs of the chairs in deb Utretcht velvet ; splendid and costly Window Draperies, e Walnut wood Drawing-room Suite, flee antique Ebony Cabinet The Smoke-room Furniture, of fine antiqae Oak, comprises cabinet, three pairs of high-back chairs, settle, writing table, etc, Ac A fine Collection of ANCIENT ARMS ad ARMOUR, cumbering 40 pieces, highly suitable for e gmrtlemat'e entrance hall ; a few valuable PAINTINGS and DRAWINGS, also IS orlgiBal Drawings by the old Masters, email Library of well-bound Books, and other valuable effects, fully described is Catalogues, to be bad at the Auctioneers' Office, Wheeler-gate. M.B. The effects may be viewed on Saturday. Jane 7th. ess to commence at 11 o'clock precisely. 1663 31, FOREST-ROAD. NOTTINGHAM AfESSRS. POTT and NEALE are favoured AvX. with instructions from the Rev. Russell Cope, who is leavine the neiirhhoiirhfwl tn SET.T, w AVTfTTION Tuesday, Jane 10th, 1873, the whole of the excellent modern Dsn wing. Dining, end Bed-room FURNITURE. Fine s and PhotosTaDha. China,. Glass. Plated floods. tabes Utenafla. Sc. Ar. Bale to commence et Eleven o'clock precisely. lOKUeS maV lie had at thfi nl7 r.t uil r, n fV. wsawas, wneeier-gece, Nottingham. 130s RUDDINGTON, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE FREEHOLD ESTATE. IN LOTS, FREE FROM TITHE AMU LAND TAX, MINERALS INCLUDED. ELI- UUUiS BUlLdUNU SUBS. rr0 be OFFERED for SALE by PUBLIC X AUCTION, by Messrs. POTT and NEALE, at the Ooaigs Hotel, Nottingham, on Tuesday, the ictu day of June, is 4, a s p.m. precisely, in sue rouowing or such other Lets, and subject to enefa conditions as abail be then and there produced, the teliowmg valuable TK-KEHOLD iWUI I I, COMPRISING ABOUT 217 ACRES : Description. Cultivation. Occupier. Quantity. LOT L a. a. p. Home Close and art of Stackyard and Garden G John Plowright ...... S 0 30 LA) l Li. Grass John Sanders ......... fj LOT HL Fartof CBoas ... DweQinE-house A part of Close Grass Rev. A J. L Dobbin 2 3 7 LOT IV. Fart of Close 3rass ditto ? Tne above Lots front on the South to Kirk-lane and extend from the residence of Mr. Renal a. to the Mettiagbam end Loughborough Turnpike Road, and . would afford excellent building sites. The late Mr. Bodes originally proposed to build his mansion upon them. T pnsanonnn of Lots 2, 3, and 4 will fcSl," LOTV. S 0 spike Close, on. Ho vel and road... Pasture James Gone 7 3 36 Ferns and Blake Lands .. Arable ditto In hand IS 0 3 19 8 3 Floatation "ttood Little Well Close and Long Bssri- saore Arable ditto Arable Great Baarimore Arable Blake Lands Arable Wet Furrows and Snort Bassi- Gardens James Gunn ......... 5 3 0 3 15 3 17 S 33 ditto ditto ditto (James Mar shall ) Edward Price ( Robert Blood j James Gunn 19 8 1 4 1 18 ore Meadov Total 85 1 ES This Lot adjoins Bradmore Lordship and the Turn-the Road, and from its pleasant situation and great fertility is well suited for a country house and plea-smmfarm. LOT VI. James1 Close Arable John Plowright fj 0 14 Jamas' Meadow ... Meadow ditto 5 0 10 Tot ii 11 9 84 LOT VIL ri Sick and Side, Kirk- Arable William Plowright ... 18 1 14 LOT VIIL Arable James Gunn. 9 1 25 Meor Sick gesi Canary Flanta- Wood Inhanl 5 3 10 Osaahffl Breach. Csokhill ...... Arable James Gunn. 7 0 84 Arable ditto 10 0 39 Total 30 2 27 LOT IX Arable John Plowright 6 3 2 LOT X. Near Flawforth Ure Meadow (adjoining the Toll- Garden" Two Wooden Hovels, end Fjg-stye Pasture ditto 7 8 33 J- E. R. Break well) I John Orabtree 6 0 18 Lets 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 adjojnFUwfortt-iane.' 7 3 6 Texsptke dose ... Mead j PUwnght 5 3 38 Town End Close topeoattoto the Toll-bar). ..Meadow Rev. A. J. L Dobbin 4 9 10 1 Immediate possession will be given.) sTnim-bouse, parts of Baikiinsa, and Stack-yard Two Cottages, Outbuildings, and parti of Gardes John Plowright j i 10 0 William Plowright I LOT XIV. JohnSsndam.. LOT XY Wootton'"""" 0 2 Dwelling bouse. Wheelwrights' Shop, and parts ef Gardens ... J Robert Allsop fWisP Sickling 0 2 10 ft nhmt inu - nuudings, Jjjmdiato pcesessios 0! flB SWaSBIrSo. firnt-house.Farm Buildings, parts ef Stack-yard, Gar den, A Holme Otose, with right way over Lot LOTXvfll6' 13 8,1 FsrTurapikeClose Pn of Home jnbjectto LrtW "3 1-0111 ItonpW-road... Pasture LOT XIX. ditto 17 3 23 Turnnika aq jgt of safe f William Plowright 1 ( James Gunn. rtoito n .. 1 u LntioTr"? . . t James Gunn.." i 9 17 tmBZSmTF90! 5 t0 Bsathorpe House Mob iamea3Jm Day, except those as to fflasVof fen-lbaildlD? tes It is situate close to , ."?aHngton, on the turnoike road leadina from t from IxnArSS?orouJ!hJ 5 mil trom Nottingham and and Mr. Muster? vS5 U &Dd " withiB reach of the Quorn leeiilmiii hounds, and in a very healthy situation for w&mnes oiDttJSttinghjLni t0 Melfc0B 3?' property' BY POTT AND NEALE. IMPORTANT SALE OF VILLA RRRT mwnva TN2&eeife LOT I. Ail tnose iwu BnhatuMii..h.n& and well-appointed Txuaua nauuaauas With insreco ameasa in uj Upper TalboVs treat, ta the Tow ana appartenaaces Nottingham, sow 11 Thomas Lesaaert and TOWS of Mr. street, new occupied by ifeLambart, Mr. Hbyei, aidSw iMM&J&i. i?TILLA RESIDENCES edjolning the above, now in the ocenpay on of Mr. Fietexans and MrsT ssewasK wwag uardess and appurtenances thereto. JSJS1 S PTritStod, and AbSetuL P 0Ter OemetorTand tv ZrrS wouaton-street are, from their proximity to the Great Market Place, well adapted for business pu KTTlif6 PM of improvamsnt. The respective Tenants will show the property, and farther particulars mar Ofiiceaof appueauen to the Auctioneers, or at the Meaara. CLARKE, ROTHERA. CARTER, 1788 Solicitors, High-street Place, Nottingham. VALUABLE LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES, NOtTiSIm AND SAIiFORDTREET, rpo BE SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. POTT JL and NEALE, et their Auction Mart, Wheeler-gate, Nottingham, on Wednesday, the 11th ef June, 1873, at three for four o'clock in the afternoon, the following compact and very desirable leasehold Properties : LOT L AH those EIGHT DWELLING-HOUSES, with Tarda, Gardesa, and Appurtenances thereto, situate in Peel-street, in the town ef Nottingham, forming the eastern aide of Peel-terrace, now occupied bv Mr. T. Copley, Mr. T. Bloodworth, Mrs. Clarke, Mr. C. Yessev, Mr. Thomas Potto, Mrs. E. Adams, Mr. H. Frees ton, end T. Walker. - LOT IL All those EIGHT ether DWELLING-HOUSES, situate ia Peel-street aforesaid, farming the westers side of Peel-terrace, now occupied by Mr. George Lyum, Mr. Archer, Mr. Heaaley, Mrs. K S. Frettingbam. Mr. H. Gill, Mr. G. Ban-welL Mrsj M A GilL and Mr. S. Simmons. The above property contains an area of 1800 square yards, and ia held on lease from the Freemen of Nottisgham, fore term cf S years frees 25th March, 1854, at an entire ground rent of m fie., which in the event of a Sale will be apportioned equally between the two lots. Lot 1 produces an annual income of 135 14s- LotS an annual income of 133 5s. 6d. LOT III. All those SIX DWELLING-HOUSES, situate in and forming part of Carrisgton-terrece, in Self ord-treet, Robin Hood-street, Nottingham, new in the occupations of Messrs. Peat, Greenwich, Martin, Wragg, Smith, and Brigxs, together with the yards, gardens, and appurtenances thereto, containing together (including e moiety ia width of Sarford-ateest) odd square yards or thereabouts. This Lot is held on Lease from the Freemen of Nottingham, for a term of 99 years from 85th March, 1858, at e reserved rent ef gfiB 3s. 9d., and produces as annual income of 61 0a The above properties are well-built, and pleasantly situated. They ere let at low rents, and are respectably tenanted. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers ; er at the offices of Mem. CLARKE, ROTHERA and CARTER. 1757 Solicitors, High-street Place, Nottingham TO MARKET GARDENERS, BUILDERS, AND OTHERS, BEESTON. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. FREEHOLD LAND, HOUSES, AND FACTORY. 1, v 1 f-.-.-!-., t. nriTTAiT ir - -nrmm u no buuu Dy auuiiuit, m mesam. jtvxa j and NEALE, on Wednesday, the 11th day of Jane next, f at the Greyhound Inn. Besston. in the county of Nottingham. at Five o'clock in the Afternoon for Six precisely, the following very valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY : LOT I. AH that PIECE or PARCEL of FREEHOLD LAND, sow end for many years pest used ae a N artery Ground, by Mr. Henry Frettingbam. Also all that COTTAGE or TENEMENT and GARDEN adjoiaina. The whole containing by recent admeasurement la 3s. 9Jr. or thereabouts. This lot has a frontage of 124 yards to the road lead ins from Beestos to the station, end is well adapted for building pmpoaee. LAJT XI. All those FOUR COTTAGES er TENEMENTS, situate in Church-lane, in Beeston aforesaid, with the Frameamith's ShoD. Facto rv. Barn and other Buildinas. Yard and Garden. in the several occupations of Messrs. Jackson. Gibson, Spray, and another. This lot contains with the site of the Baildines en area of 1980 Square Yards or thereabouts. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Wheeler- gate ; or to Messrs. ULAKK.K. KOTHJCKA, and CARTER, 1772 Solicitors, High-street Place, Nottingham. MESSRS. POTT and NEALE will shortly SELL at their Mart, another lares assortment of modern second-hand FURNITURE, Pictures, Pianofortes, Ac, ate. Particu'ara of all lots intended, for this sale should be sent to the Offices, Wheeler-gate. 1308 RAMSDALE, IN THE PARISH OF ARNOLD, NOTTS, Six Miles from the Town of Nottingham, 2 miles only from the Nottingham and Derby Branch of the Great Northern Railway new is the coarse of construction, surrounded by the Estates of the Dukes of St. Albans asd Portland, and ether large proprietors, and but a short ride fnsm New-stead Abbey. fESSRS. POTT and NEALE beg to announce jLvX their instructioss from the Proprietor. Jos. Whi taker, Esq., to SELL the beautiful ESTATE OF RAMSDALE. comprising a comfortable Family Residence, with suitable Out-offices, specieus asd agreeable Pieemre Grounds, Kitchen Gardens, all snugly sheltered with well-grown timber, asd lying is a charming valley, looking on rising ground of park-like character, ornamented with fine healthy plantations, and commanding views from the highest point is the Midland Counties unequalled in extent asd beauty, the whole Estate contained in an area of 675 ACRES of Grass, Arable Land, and Plantations, much of it of fine quality, and ell in the highest possible state of cultivation. There are 130 Acres of old Grass, which will feed, aad the rest good Turnip and Barley Land ; lying together around the well-arranged Farm Premises, most convenient for management and approached by good reads, within easy distance of excellent markets- The Game on the Property ia most abundant, and the partridge preserves almost unequalled. The Ruff ord and Mr. Musters' Hounds are is the immediate neighborhood, and the Belvoir and Qoora meets not oat of reach. There are mo-st valuable seams of coal lying in close contiguity to the Duke of St. Albans' Pits, recently opened, and but a short distance from the rich mines of HucknalL There are quarries of building atone and beds of brick clay and gravoL This Property, in every essential e Gentleman's Estate, offers not only the ordinary pleasures and comforts of a country residence, but enjoys a salubrity of air that ia proverbial ; edded to all this there is the charm of possessing, both os and under its surface, undoubted sources of high remuneration as an investment For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Wheeler-gate, Nottisgham, and 23, Obckspar-street, London, from whom tiskets to view the Estate may be had. ' 1304 THE following valuable FREEHOLD LANDED ESTATES will be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. POTT aad NEALE. 0"-aaw J-tnt the Auction Mart. London, valuable LtKAoKnouD mmeeaAaHsw najsassMw a. Imnwn oa Nm . 2! ft.nd S3. PICCADILLY, in the Pariah of St James, Westminster. On the 26th June, at the Mart. London, a valuable FAltTLY MANSION, known as "New Grove House,' BRXNT- On thfSth June Sdlrt Jnlv, the valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. SILVER, WINlSL .Ugg TABLE, Ac, at "New Grove House, BRENTFOKD. On the 3rd July, at the MertJLondon, a valuable FREEHOLD MANORIAL ESTATE, exteadingow several Town-Jniptintbe NORTH RIDINGofYORKSHIRE, and com prising a Domain of over A090 Acres. The BeautifuTESrATE .ff RAMSDALE mePARTSH of ARNOLD, containing an area of 75 Acres of i Arable Lend, aad nantauons. " nREENHOUSlfio can nowj-- Xir, combination of WOOD. IRON, and GLASS for ths fabulously low ram of 6. DENNIS J.wiraorl 37 and id wsrafl i , nig" i BONE MILLS k MANURE WORKS, NEWARK, fsKAoUJH lOO. TTARVET and QUIBELLS beg to caU attentioi XX to their First-class MANURES as fellows, via. CHEMICAL MANURE for Beans. CHEMICAL MANURE for Peas. CHEMICAL MANURE for Oats. CHEMICAL MJLNUBEf or Bariey. CHEMICAL MANURE Ifor Wheat. CHEMICAL MANURE for Grass. CHEMICAL MATOBKior Clover. CHEMICAL MANURE for Mesgelae. CHEMICAL MANURE lrJZ CHEMICAL MA NURE for KoM Bain. CHEMICAL MANURE for Swedes. CHEMICAL MAN ME or Turnips. the eoU and previos. vand QUTBELLS, neraonal attention. H ARVE Y and iy u i Manufactnrer. ot au frent. NVAlY'araS TTARVEY and ijum""" DISSOLVED BONES, rich T, HARVEY and QUIBBLL8, Newarfc. BUNJliS Wronna, arm T q jwrk. HARVEY and QUIBELLS, Newark. APE CAKE, crushed for land. R ffARYKY and umf""' m ooinrn Tll AT. fiai.T for Land. A rnBB 3B 1 QUTBELLS. Kawnrt files ftg Swtiro. BY MR. WHITEHEAD. day, June 88, at Twelve o'clock. Entries may be made oa application to Mr. Mallet, or to the Auctioneer, Erchange Mart. Lincoln-street 1307 11rUOH HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE aad IfJL many Miscellaneous Articles, now at the Rsxhasge Mart, wttlba SOLD by AUOTION7bF Mr. WHITEHEAD, on an early day. Other entries may be made. Oasb advanced. Ample room for storage DOB be SOLD aw A1 wrw w Mr WHITEHEAD, at the Exehasae Mart. ! ools-street. Other entries maybe made. - Apply to the mr ta Mr. F. aOTON. Imoeriel Uhambers. Victnria-atroet. 1399 LOCAL STOCK, namely Gaa Shares, Shares in the Nottingham Manufacturing Company (Limited), also Thomas Adams and Company (Itod ), Bromley Euee, Proprietary Bowling Green, Ac., will be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. WHITEHEAD, in a few days. Other entries anew be made. 1819 BY DAVENPORT, GERMAN, AND ALLEN. COLEORTON COLLIERY COMPANY. PRELIMINARY ADVERTISEMENT. MESSRS. DAYENPORT, GERMAN, and ALLEN ere instructed to SELL by AUOTION, on Tuesday, June 14 th, 1873, in consequence of the tormina-t 'on of the Coleorton Colliery Company's lease, 4 Horisontal kih pressure STEAM ENGINES, 5 Boilers, 4 Pneiay's Wli.v. If aii-nna. iarse Quantity Scran Iron. 490 Tons of pif nd Railway Rails, Pit Wheels, Pit Frames, 990 Fit Tubs, Mil . w.rit at Gottierv slant. Further particulars will be igivan In next week's papers, and descriptive catalogues may be bad ten days prior to ante from Geo. Lewis, Esq., Mining Engineer, Coleorton, and Imperial-chambers, Derby; from the Auctioneers, Ashby-de-la-Zouch. U97 BY MESSRS. OLIVER AND NEWBOLD. CASTLE DONINGTON, LEICESTERSHIRE VALUABLE FREEHOLD AND COPYHOLD PROPERTIES A GARDEN GROUND. rjX) be SOLD by AUCTION, by MESSRS. X LIVE and NEWBOLD, et the Moire Arms Ian, Castle Donington, on Monday, the 9th Jose, 1873, et Five for Six o'clock in the Evening, in the following or such other Lots aa may be declared at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions to be then produced : LOT L AH that MESSUAGE, with large GARDEN adjoining thereto, fronting to Clapgun-etreet, Castle Denington, eon-taming House-place, Parlour, good dollars, live Bed-rooms, and other eenvssdenoes. Also all that BUTCHER'S 8HOP. with Slaughterhouse. Barn. Piggeries. Cowhouse, Stealing. Cart Shed, and other Outbuildings of resent erection thereto adjoining. Also all that CROFT or CLOSE of ACCOMMODATION MEADOW LAND thereto adjoining, the whole containing 3b. 11f. or thereabouts. LOT n. All that CLOSE of excellent ACCOMMODATION or BUILDING LAND, situate in the south-east side of aad adjoining the last Lot. and abutting on the Biggin-lane. Together with the piece of ground adjoining thereto, now used as an Orchard aid Garden. Mfwhoie containing la. Sn, 39p4 or thereabouts. w LOT ITE All that PIECE of valuable ACCOMMODATION LAND, adjoining the last Lot en the soath-eetwardly side thereof. Mull na being part or a close eauea ue ruggm sieia, containing as. s. tk tbereabouta LOT IV. All that other PIECE of valuable ACCOMMODATION LAND adjoining en the south-east end of the last Lot, being the remaining portion of the Biggin Field, containing Ia. ta, 35p., or thereabouts. The above Lets are Freehold, and in the tenure of Mrs Catherine Hudson. The quality of the Land is equal, if sot superior, to aay is the neighbourhood ; and toe Gardens asd Orchard are n productive, won stocked wits excellent inns trees, a of road, 11 feet wide, is reserved, if required, from the B: lane along tne casters side of l4t a to una a ana similar right over Jbot i to ixt 4. LOT V. All those TWO FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSES, fronting to CUpgnn-etreet aforesaid, adjoining the west side of Lot 1, now in the respective occupations of Meters. Haywood end Roberts. These premises have recently been thoroughly repaired, and are let at a weekly rental of 3s. 3d. , LOT YI. AH that DWELLING-HOUSE with GROCER'S SHOP adjoining, fronting to Borough-street, Castle Donington, together with the newly-erected Bakehouse and premises at the back of the same, now in the occupation of Mr. Poxon, Biker and Grocer. Also, all that DWELLING-HOUSE and SHOP adjoining the above, together with the Buildings aad Outoffices and large Gardes adjoining at the back ef the same, now in the occupation of Mrs. Mary H 1 cki ngbotham. This Lot ia Copyhold of the Manor of Castle Donington, LOT VIL AH those SIX MESSUAGES fronting to Pickering's-lane, Castle Donington, now in the occupations of Meaara. Psgg, Dunnlclifl, KUburn, and others LOT VDX AH those TWO FREEHOLD MESSUAGES situated on Castle-hill, fronting to the National Schools ; together with the Stabling and small Gardes, sow in the occupation of Mr. Alpheus Garton or his undertenants, at a rental of 15 per annom 4. Also, all those TWO MESSUAGES, situated on the Little Hill, Castle Donington, now in the occupetion of John Garton and Lucy Roberts, eta weekly rental of ts. 6d. The above premises are moat pleasantly situated overlooking the valley of the Trent. Farther particulars may be obtained from the Auctioneers, Ware" wick, Derby; or at oar Offices, where a plan of Lots 1 to 5 may be seen. CLARK HUISH, Solicitors, Wardwick. Derby. 1873. 1873. VIENNA UNIVERSAL EXHIBITION. DOWN'S FARMERS' FRIEND, FOR PREVENTING SMUT IN WHEAT AND THE RAYAGES OF THE SLUG, GRUB, A WIRE WORM. Group No. 344, at the above Exhibition. MANUFACTORY, WOBURN, BEDS. 1277 -GREEN'S PATENT LAWN MOWERS. VX IMPORTANT IMPROVEMENTS have been made in these Machines for the season 1873. They will ut either short or losg grass, benK Ac These advantages so otoer LAWN MOWERS possess. They are the simplest in cosstructseu, the easiest to work, the least Uabla to get out of order, make little noise when in use, and are tee nwi uunsnua uann nunano EXTANT. . . - x, . . .. The above stacmnes save provea to do tne oest, ana nave carried off EVERY PRIZE in all eases ef competition. JCTSST UWS SOVIS IB UlaSAATKKD to give entire aatisfaction, Otherwise it can be returned at .once free ef COST to Urn PURCHASER. Pan hm had from all resnecteele Ironmnnn J FW.. friars-road. London. S.E. aad 6R, Bleck- Carriaxe Paid to ail the Rineipal Railway SUttonsisthe United Kingdom. Jilnstrated priee Ust Tree onApplirntios. lira IMPORTANT TO FARMERS BY ROYAL APPOINTMENT. TO TO THE HER MAJESTY. Or an PRINCE OFWAT.WL Bt Sfscisx Wasnairr. Bt Special Wai,t. aatea dated 10th February S66. 27th December, 1865. TAY, SON, AND HEWITT- SOLE ORIGINATORS A ONLY PROPRIETORS STOCK-BREEDERS MEDICTVR nrnrwr- Tfi0 ?lTeB' BfieeP. and Lambs ; and the inventors ef the first animal medicines ever known as i ,i AT "ST-ie cneet contains roar articles, nearly afl that a farmer can require to keep hk stock free from disease, and in fine end healthy ccudition. DESTROVERt -lWT or GREAT PAIN XJTRO YER prevents paining and heaving in bed lambing, cures swollen and broken uddexginlwes and maU SlxXW0QI " rtJl QpStLVTD or BLACK MIXTURE " eoiSIvf mk&m ordiarrlssmribSty. colds, shivering flu, and great exhasstien inhorses . . Tlonr. and appetite. One dosen. tOa V pB"R DRENCH T raFlAMMATION fyj? Jmest marvenous cleansing drench; 4th. -The "RED PASTE or CONDITION BALLS." far mares after feeling, it betas a greet purifier offimflk Price ef Chest complete, including "Kev to - These important mvextuons save withstood aHk. aa. t anaDnroached v Guide ia all his Cattle of Issiastiesa. enst see atei a. . Day, Bon, SUN, ft HEWITT. Wk LHJMMXi Bxswsu, gasBK 8 4V tm TTORSES, CARRIAGES, and HAR- g-JK XX NESS, will be SOLD by AUOTION, by fljMMr. WHITJBHEAD, at the Repository, New fSb. ZKidinir School, North Church-street, on Satur WAMTAJB, BY GRUNDY AND WARWICK. SALE THIS DAY (FBIDAYJJune 6th, 1873, at 11a.m. MuSSfD BRIDLESMITH-GATE. NEW and SECOND-HAND FURNITURE, a Dowerful toned and nearly new Harmoeium, with ten stoasVin a roeswood esse. Cottage Pianoforte, noble ChhJ?QLiM in Gilt Frames, Toilet Glasses, Timepieces. Chimney MattiniTinr rSSKri idKT house Fltt&sa tuctkm. SY, near Nottrngtiam. Mdag, .library, asd.Bed-room FOBmTUKa, wsss, uszns, nacea nrudm, Llhrssr of GIRUNTJY and WARWICK are honoured with r teaiiactlese from the Executors of the late Rev. W. The whole ef the valuable Furniture in Rosewood and f4panbhl gfanoasny, navwix , or vjarpen ana nugS, Vim Imslements. Chimney Glasses, dacorativ items. Featbs Tha eententa of Six Bed-rooms, melodise excellent. ,th- nada. Onsets of Drawers, Toilet Tables and Services. handsome Dressing Glasses, Tudor aad other Bedsteads, O&roets. Commodes, maettes, ana every other appointment. A valuable Library of Books, the Glass and China, Plated m2 contents ef Houaekeepers-room, Butler's Pantry, HaQ. Staircase, School-room, end Kitchen. A fasbiorjabls circnlar fronted Brougham, by Mr. Starey, with pose aad ahafta for one horse or a pair ; Mended Fhseton. Victoria Phmton equal to new, Silver and Brass Mounted Hi uses Stable. Implements, Green's patent Lawn Mower, a bed Used Wood Cistern, and a great variety of other valuable property. ... S to commence eecn oay as suaven o ciocx. Descriptive catalogues may be obtained on and after Tues day, the 1KB, ss tne piece or si Briolasmith-gata, Nottingham , k. k or 1311 BY MB, J. H. BR AD WELL, NOTTINGHAM FAT STOCK MARKET. AfB. J. H. BRAD WELL will SELL ItX by AUCTION, in the above Market, en Wednesday next, June 11th. FAT BEASTS and SHEEP. 31 NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. M R. JOHN H BRAD WELL is instructed by t-v utii - - - j-an v a rroTTrvaf in Mf. JBBPMHW mm pip wt omm wg auviivni at the latter end of June, 1871 a Beautiful RESIDENTIAL ESTATE, known as Gold HJU, containing 260 ACRES of RICH LAND, situate in a picturesque part of the county, within two miles of the ancient Cathedral town of Sonth-welL The Estate includes an excellent end commodious Mansion (commanding extensive views), with Stabling and well arranged Farm Buildings, Ac. There ia good snooting and a fine trout stream om the Estate. Three packs of hounds an within easy reach. 1313 BY MB, JOHN HOLMES. TROWELL FIELD FARM. 58 ACRES OF EXCELLENT GRASS EATING. TOHN HOLMES is favoured with instructions el from Mr. Samuel Boaaer to 8 ELL by AUCTION, on Monday, Jane 9th, 1873. the following GRASS EATING, via. : Nos. 1 and 2 Wood Closes 38 Acres. 3 Long Oleae 14 4 and 5 Top Meadowa 6 ,. 6 Hilly Holey 6 Those hi plenty of eating end water, with dry lays, fences are good, end the letting will be up to April 6th, 1874 J. H. desires the company to meet him at Two o'clock, at the Farm Mouse. Auction and Valuation Offices, Kimberlcrr, and Bank Chambers, Nottingham 1261 STAPLEFORD. JOHN HOLMES is favoured with instructions from Mr. G. Boewortb, Batcher, to SELL by AUCTION, upon hie Premises, on Tuesday. Jane lit., 1873. at 11.38, his useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Gig, Hay, Harness, end other Mhcte to the place ef Sale, or to the Aue- or lianx Uhambers, Motnnghasa. ISM BY MR. R. WHITE. MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE. FREEHOLD MALTING PREMISES and RESIDENCE 1X bo SOLD bj AUCTION, (by order of the X mort gagee), by Mr. ROBERT WHITE, at the Swan Hotel, affMfriUM, 0n Thursday, June 19 th, 1873, et Two for Three o'clock in the Aftaraeon. in One Let, and subject to cosdithms to be then produced : All that very commodious and well-arranged Residence, with Dining and Drawing-room, 2 large kitchens, pen tree, and cellarage. 4 front and 3 back bed rooms, 2 attics, bath room, and W.C., with convenient stabling, coach-house, cowshed, and piggeries ; alao2 large Gardens well stocked with fMiliTieso. also All that sew and well-built 30-quartors MALTKILN, replete with modern Machinery, and worked by steam power ; also All that 14iuarters MALTKILN, adjoining, with every convenience for working the same. The dwelling-house, malt-room, and gardens comprise an area of 3s, ltr. The premises have been altered and improved at a considerable cost, are well supplied with herd and soft water, aad am equal to any, and superior to most in the county of Nottingham. , Mansfield Woodhouee is situate about a mile from the thriving and important market tows of Mansfield. The Worksop and Mansfield branch of the Mansfield Railway rune through Mansfield Woodheuse, thus connecting it with the principal lisee of Railway, and making it suitable for carrying oa as extensive trade, by a Limited Company or otherwise. The pressiaeamay be viewed on application ta Mr. Bernard Boolnr. the occupier. Early possession may be bed, a part of the purehase-meswy may remain on mortgage if desired. Further Information on application to the Auctioneer, Mansfield: to Mr. J. 8. Norris, Surveyor, Old Market-street ; end Mr. HENRY HOGG, Solicitor, 19, Wheeler-gate, Not- lars TO CONSUMERS OP PURE LINSEED CAKE, THE Directors of WALKER and SMITH (Limited) beg to inform Ue Public that their Seed Cmahing M3Ua am mew to full work, and their manufacture eas be bought ahrosxh mas of the respectable Oake Dealers in the country. Should any Farmer find difficulty in" pro-earing it, aa order to the Mills Twill at all times meet with decided to use their own initials as a brand, asd they warrant ell Oaks breaded W. and 8. L, and manufactured by them, to be made of Superior Screened Linseed only. The preeeaoe of Farmers on toe Board ef Directors, and the fact that the Share List includes the names of the Owners end Occupiers of many thousands of acres, ought to satisfy sense sssrs that when dealing with the Firm they will be supplied with good I linseed Cake, but the Directors invito thofr OaaSoTnars to tost their Cakes with the best and highest priced offered, both analytically, and by the effect upon their The advantage resmltina from tha mnnwt of thi Joint Stock Company 1s the certainty that the Farmer is buying honestly-made Caka from a Firm of which he can be a partner, inenszaetsrred at the lowest possible profit by the ebespest working Mills in the best supplied Linseed Market of England. By order, a J. DONNTSON, Secretary. Hull, February 1st, 1873. 168 J. & T. WAL K E R, BONE CRUSHERS, MANUFACTURERS OF ARTIFICIAL MANURES, FORGE MILLS, BULWELL, AND SEED CRUSHERS, NOTTINGHAM. JAND T. WALKER desire to inform their Agricultural friends that they have a Large Stock of Purs BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE, TURNIP, MANGOLD, and other MANURES, of the best quality (guaranteed by analysis), soitablo for all deeeristiens of crops, which they em prepared to supply upon the lowest terms, and for which they solicit the favour of their orders for the coming season. The increasing consumption of these Manures, aad the favosrabla reports received year by year of their results, give J. and T. Walker the greatest confidence in recommending them. Fun LINSEED, COTTON and RAPE CAKES, DUST end DRILL BONES. GUANO. NITRATE SODA KAINIT (GERMAN POTASH), Ac. sauna fob PETER LAWSON AND SON'S PHOSPHO GUANO. 307 TTUiLIMAN'S ROYAL OR Fj HORSES. TRADE ItaBBVJ. E Of ah Saddlers and Chemists. 2a., : 2a. 61, and 3s 64 TOLLMAN'S ROYAL EMBROCATION FOR JCi HORSES rosed in the ROYAL and all leading stodsX e m fsL,s BY MR. JOHN BAUSOR. NEW CATTLE MARKET, NOTTINGHAM. JOn Saturday next, at 11.15 ajn. OHN BAUSOR will SELL by . AUCTION, as above, several is-calf Caws " . "d recently calved ditto, and 10 store Pigs ; k FTS1t? 0 cck' Tx'?1 Hor4 b-h, 8 yean old, saiuble for cab or light dray work. Numbers sold at lastmarket comprised 24 Beasts, 12 Calves, 40 Sheep, and 2 Pigs, from 21 contributors Mar SALE LOUGHBOROUGH NEW MARKET. EVERY MONDAY AT 11 a.m, T RATTSOR will BT.T. w a rrnrrrnv JQI ttm ava es? 2f M Cowe and Btalfers, 88 1J&J?)e Fat and atonftgs. NOTTTGAM FAT STOCK MARKET. , On WEDNESDAY next, at TZr T BAUSOR willSELL by AUOTION, ffrTjL f j!unnM. xff yATn BLASTS, SHEEP, IS ambers seld at last Market, comprised 23 Beast. 310 ffltoepImbs, 8 CkdvesTead 48 fromM con- Farmers are earnestly desired, in their own interests, to maeTLoghSrouS'' rA 16, Oattle- BY MR. S. JACKSON. REMPSTONE. atTgLwR JACKSON has received instruc- mMmfXT tions from Mrs. William Lawrence, to WS by AUCTION, at the Ship Inn 3, tV108 lm the "hole of the soperior LIVE STOCK, HORSES, FARM IMPLEMENTS Ac.. Stack, of HAY. LOVERTand STRAW Aabost 60 Acres of excellent GRASS KEEPING to 24th March, im Sole to commence punctually at Eleven o'clock. Catalogue may be had from the Auctioneer, and at the place of sale. REGENT STREET, LOUGHBORO'. Q JACKSON is favoured with instructions kt from the Trustee for the late Mrs Seward, deceased. toSELL by AUCTION, en Wednesday, thellth fJuni a3lJS3Pg gentoel DINING, DRAWING, and BEDROOM FURNITURE, Kitchen Requisites, and other effects. Sale te commence punctually at Eleven o'clock. The Furniture mar be viewed on Tuesday, the ltth of June, from Ten till Four o'clock. Catalogues may bo bad from the Auctioneer's Offices, Baxter-gate, Loughboro . WANTED to Lend sums of 5 up to 500 for not longer than five years to respectable persons on their note of band, at 5 per cent, interest. Address or apply to H. W. Boer. London-rood. Orovdon. Surrey. No asenta need apply. 1539-2643 MONEY. A Gentleman with spare capital wishes to employ the same in making '""""Mr advances from 5 to 900, to respectable persons on their own Notes of Band, Bills of Sale, Reversions, or Life Policies, at 5 per cent, interest. Farmers, Tradesmen, or persona about to take a business will do well to send a stamped director envelope to Mr. Thomas Woodgate, 7, Cmstle-terrace, Hounr low, Middlesex. N.R Small interest, dispatch, and secrecy will be strictly maintained, 45984488 P4 UJN.KX. 10 tO .1,000 AD V AJN ULU at a 1Y1 day's notice, in town ox ppuntry, without publicity or office fees, to mala or female on their note of hand alone. No sureties required. Advances made to any extent upon furniture (without removal or law eosts, (reversions deposit ef deeds, life policies or shares. Repayments arranged to suit the borrower. Interest 5 per cent. A personal applica tion preferred or if by letter state amount required end when to A Serjant, National Deposit Bank, 33, Bloasssbury-etreet' Onfsrsj seme, W.C. An. answer sent by return of post, MR Distance no object, The Bank having a tones? nsorvi fund than nai esse ry no genuine appHcarios ia refused Surrey Side Branch : 87, York-road, Westminster-bridge-read. 293 Just Published, price 8s. 64, in cloth extra. RECOLLECTIONS of the LATE COLONEL HOLD EN. of Nuttal Temple. London : Jemes Nisbet and Co. Nottingham : Forman and Sons, Long Row. THE MATRIMONIAL NEWS, a weekly Family Journal, published every Saturday, price 34, post free 3)4, has now been established three years, and contains the Announcements of above 300 Candidates for Matrimony, every week. All who wish to marry should read it Published at 882, Strand, London, and may be bad through any newsagent. The trade supplied on sale or return. 1217 T HE LIVERPOOL WEEKLY ALBIOlf! Old Established Family Nkwspapsu. EVERY SATURDAY PRICE TWOPENCE. The Trade supplied direct by the earliest Trains and Steamers from the Publishing Office, Sir Thomas's Buildings, Victoria-street Liverpool. 2 Just Published, 24 each. THE HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY OF NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, with MAP, for schools and genera readers, containing a history of the principal Towns of the County, with notes on the Geology, Topogmphy, Trades, Minerals, Rivers, Country Seats, Ac By H. Majos, &A, F.R.S.S. T. Forman and Sons, Guardian Office. Nottingham, Now reedy. Second Edition, price Is. rid., by post la. 7a THE ANGLER'S INSTRUCTOR, a Treatise on the best modes of Aneling in English Rivera, Lakes and Ponds, and on the Habits of the Fish, by William BaiLxr of Nottingham Nottingham : T. 9 onitaif. Guardian Office London : Longman fc Co TTERODOTUS. A New English Yeraion. JUS. Edited, with Notes asd Essays, historical, ethnographical, and seosranhical. bv Rev. G. Hawlinson. assisted bv lr Henry rUwLmson, and Sir J. li. wiiiunson. ascend Edition. Mans and Woodcuts. 4 Vols 8vo. 60s London : Gso. Simpson and Co., 16, Graces Road, S.E. GUIDE TO THE UNPROTECTED, in Every Day Matters relating to Property and Income. By a Banker's DaMaskaar. Third Edition. Extra f cap. 8va Ss 84 THE CAT, Its History, Disease, and Management The only work on the subject By Hon. Lady Cost. Fcap. Svo. cloth 2s. 61 . THE MUSHROOM, An article of Nutritious Diet, with instructions for the successful cultivation of this costless article of food, aa a source of wealth. With aa Appendix. Fcap. 8ae. cloth 2s. 64 MISPRONUNCIATION CORRECTED : a List of Words which are commonly mispronounced or imperfectly articulated by Educated Persons. By Charles W. Smith. Price Is. 64, poet free for 20 stamps. DRESSMAKING, (the Art of,) containing Plain Directions in simple language. By Mrs. Cory. Price 2a, post free for 26 stamps. HOW TO CUT AND CONTRIVE CHILDREN'S CLOTHES, at Small Coat with Explanatory Engraving. Price 2s., post free for 26 stamps. London: Gso. Simpson and Co., 16, Graces Reed, S.S. Dr. KITTO'S BIBLE HISTORY. The Bible History ef the Holy Land, from the Earliest Age to the fall of Jerusalem. With Maps and Illustrations of Coins, Costumes, Implements, and Localities. By Dr. Kitto. Royal 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, 10. 64 London : Gso. Simpson and Co., 16, Graces Road, S.E. DARWIN, ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIEa 5th Edition, post 8vo. 21s. The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of favoured Races, in the struggle for Life. By Charles Darwin. London: Gso. Simpson and Co., 16, Graces Road, S.E. GIBBONS ON THE ROMAN EMPIRE. History of the Decline and Fall the Roman Empire. Edited bv Milman andGuisot. A New Edition. Preceded by his Autobiography, and Edited with Notes by Dr. Wm. Smith. Maps, 8 vols Svo. 80s. --rr London : Gso. Simpson and Co., 16, Graces Road. S.E. COMFORT FOR THE SICK. 2nd Edition, price 44. post free fer 5 stamps. The Can of Disease aa rItw by God, isthe Scriptures ; provtae"!' T&Li aulstnto can be cured by the Herbs recommended in the BiblTwh directions for use, etc " 1B j.00 SnMON nd Co. ,-le, Graces Road, S.E. ,n,TRB5?VjNS0W 0N THE BRAIN. Care-fully revised Editaos, Post 8ve., 18s. Os Obscure Diseaaea of the Brain end Misd, by Forbm WtosWrbLD " London: Gso. Simpsom and Co. 16, Graces'" Road 8.K 5U CHATLLU'S TRAYELS. Svo. 30s. Travels Rnteto?!iA4?c' ot the Gorilla, the Nest London: Gso. Simpsom. and Co., It, Graces Road, S.E. HLTH. STRENGTH, AND LONG LIFE. Just l-ftr--ii' 6 Health from Herbs; nVft diseases can be cared by the simple herbs aMictod can be restored to Health, Happiness and Losg Life without inconvenience er expense. London : Gso. Simpson and Co., 16, Graces Road, S.R EXPLORATIONS IN NINEVEH. Nineveh and S S8". Being a samtive of Researches and Discoveries amidst the Rains ef Assyria. With aa Account of the Chaldean Christians of Kurdistan ; the Yesedis, or Devil-worshippers ; and an En q miry into the Mansers aad Arte of the Ancient Assyrians, by A. S. LayanL Sixth Edition. Plates and Woodcuts 2 Vols. svo. 50s. Louden: Gso. Simpson and Co., it, Graees Reed, RE. THE DICTIONARY OF THE DAY. In small aowa 8ve. price is, doth; er half-calf, 7a 64 The Standard Preneaacing Btotiesary ef the Engliah Language. Based en the Labours ef Worcester, Webster, Ogilvie, Rieherdson, Craig. Goedries, Jehnsen Walker and Trench. Comprising Thirty Thousand New Words, which Modern Literature, 9feSj A." ??k.i,.m caUod tote exiatesce MAi'.mm. sy r. aim uail, Ui 1.) ' i and Ce. It, fnuees Read 8.X. 77? mutmtuti. At. N EW THEATKE KoYAL. NuTl'I INGRAM Lessee, Mr. FRANK MUSGRAVB. LAST FOUR NIGHTS OF THE SEASON. Thia (THURSDAY) Evening, Jane 5tb, at Half-past Seven o'clock, the moat successful Drama, the WILL AND THE WAY; OR, THE! MYSTERIES OF OARROW ABBEY. After which will be produced, for the first time in Nottingham, a sensational Piay, entitled THE STRING OP PEARLS; OR, SWEENEY T0rR1BArHMa OT "I'll polish you off." Box Plan open st Mr. Earp's 3. Market psaoe. Long-row. IMPORTANT MEMORANDUM FOR VISITORS TO LONDON, vis., Not to return home without witnessing the Sparkling and Delightful Entertainment of the MOORE AND BURGESS' MINSTRELS, WHICH HAS Attracted Densely-crowded and Fashionable Audienjse at the ft T JAMES'S HALL. Sight Ten, end sometimes Twelve Times in each Week FOR SEVEN CONSECUTIVE YEARS, In one unbroken season, an instance of popularity with out a parallel in the history of the world's amusements. This Company was formerly denominated the ORIGINAL CHRISTY MINSTRELS, bnt the title ia now so completely and thoroughly disgraced throughout the United Kingdom by the hordes of would-be imitators, who have gone about for yean past imposing upon the public with some of the vilest and moat wretched exhihi-tions ever witnessed fox this or any other country, that the title of Christy Minstrels baa fallen into lnefjleiehsS disgrace, Meaara. MOORE and BURGESS have, therefore, resolved to use their utmost endeavours to protect the public against a continuance of these frauds ; their Company will, therefore, in future be designated the MOORE and BURGESS MINSTRELS, a distinctive title which no person will dare to assume THE MOORE AND BURGESS' MINSTRELS (FORTY PERFORMERS, ST. JAMES'S HALL, LONDON, ALL THE YEAR ROUND, EVERY NIGHT AT EIGHT. MONDAYS. WEDNESDAYS, A SATURDAYS, at 3 and 8. SSVSHTH CONS SCO TITS TXAA, Messrs. Moons and Busosss' Hall has recently been greatly enlarged, improved, and magnificently redecorated, rendering it the moot comfortable and elegant place of amusement to TjAdon. EVERY WEST END OMNIBUS 4267 will set passengeri down at the doom of the St. James's Halj, itlt Corps OB1N HOOD RIFLES R HXAD QUASTXSS, NOTTINGHAM CAftTLS, Thursday, June 5th, 1873. REGIMENTAL ORDERS. By Lieut -CoL a L Wright Na 1. The following will be the order of Parades and Drills next week : Tueaday, Juoe 16th. Battalion Parade in Scarlet Undress on Bulwell Forest To assemble at the Midland Station at 8.40 p. m. The Bugle Band to attend. Thursday, Jane-ltth, -Adjutant's Drill in Uniform at 7.30 p.m. The Bugle Band to attend No. 2. .-quads will be formed on Mendey, Wednesday, aad Friday, for Aiming and Poaitios Dri L at the usual time. No. 3. Sunday, June 15th. The Regiment will parade for Divine Service, to asae sable in the Market Place at 8.49 am., after which they wiil march to St. Mary's Church. To appear in Full Dram with Side Arms so on former occasions, and to enanre strict uniformity black gloves only to be worn by Officers and Sergeants. The Bugle Meier will assemble the Buglers at the Castle Ledge at 9. 15 o'clock, sad proceed to Sound toe " preparative. " It will be requisite for everyone to be seated (in the places allotted and pointed out by the Sergeant Major) five minuta. before the appearance of the Reaimeatel Chaplain, as it is un-military to enter a place of warship after the service has commenced Na 4 Those members who pride themselves In appearing on parade with hair hanging over the oullan of their tunics, are reminded that a continuance of this no military taste can-net be permitted, as it destroys uniformity quite aa much aa shirt-collars or watch-chains. No. 5.- Drill Attendance Books of Companies will shortly be required at Hsad Quarters for examination. The Color-Sergeants an requested to be most particular in marking up attendances in the eclumna appropriated to Squaa Company, or Battohen Drills as the case may he. Na 6. County Rifle Association. The Thirteenth Annual Meeting will be held on Tueaday and Wednesday, the 24th and 25th instant The Range will be closed the day previous to make the necessary arrangements. No. 7. The following having obtained 22 points aad upwards in the First Class Registering Ttrget Practice since the last publication they are hereby authorised t wear the Marksman's Badge for the current year : Points obtained in Total Compy. Rank and Names 3rd 2nd 1st aggregate Class. Claaa. Class aerare. Staff Lieut. -Col. O L Wright ... 70 53 41 164 63 45 40 148 56 38 32 127 66 61 36 163 67 V 31 135 45 31 34 111 60 41 36 137 68 45 25 128 52 32 26 116 68 46 30 144 66 52 24 148 71 47 32 158 68 47 28 134 68 35 32 127 64 45 28 138 62 61 38 159 SB 49 25 133 53 42 34 139 72 8f 23 155 63 49 33 145 76 59 48 177 1 Col. -Sent. T. Thompson 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 t 7 7 7 ra it 10 10 CorporslJ. Black Captain M. W. Walker.. Private J. Chambers Recruit J. Simpson , Private W. H. Aldam .. Private R. J. Higham .. Private T. Hiil Captain W. Lambei t Sergt T. Hodgson Private T Ashford Recruit J. Wright Recruit J. A. Waterfield Corporal C. Tint ma Corporal F. Warsep Corporal J. Bertie Private J. O. GctHvne... No. 8. Prosrreai Reffirn of ClaM-firin. knn t.h nnmh- in each Company who have completed the Government requuemanis, irom npru 1st to slay 3iat. 1872. Nam ben No- of N ambers Na of Compy. com- Merks- . pletod. men. Na 1 38 6 ,. 2 44 6 3 S3 7 .. 4 42 Compy. com' Marks. yleted. men. 47 7 31 4 88 f 68 5 Na 6 .. 7 .. 8 ,. 9 5 52 4 It 89 S Totals .-CTsss-flrins: 459. Hm 89 No 9. Class-firing next week as followa: Monday, Juno 9th, Snider Rifle Contest w!!!dIs " Companies Noa. 3 aad 4 Wednesday, 11th, ,. ,. 5 and 6 PvSaw'" " .. 7and8 " "th. ,. 9 and 10 Saturday. 14th, 1 and 2 MXMOSANDCM Until fnrfk Vv. "... . closed on Saturday eveningT.TFive Tclock " however. Squads have been formed before the time named, the, will be permitted t. complete the clalee! (Signed) J. WHITE. Oauemin wi ili,nt,t DELLAR'S ESSENCE FOR DEAFNESS - nd, N.0iSES in the EARS, ia an Extraordinary m;"'tr0n87ly.m:flB,"8Bde--It el-ayi raUevea, sad - H h quite sarsalees. Boitlcc at Is tfd each, NettixJmasx! CmlaU AgB w- Smi MsriteA-plsee. INEXPENSIVE HAIR RESTORER, LOCKYER'S SULPHUR HAIR RESTORER is guaranteed to reston Grey Hair to its erlsjnal oolong is a tow days Excels costly prepamttons. Bottles, i. Id. each. Agest. W. Smith, Market-place, .Nottingham and all Chemists, sad Hairdressers. HEALTH, STRENGTH. AND ENERGY. PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON TONIC strengthens the nerves. Increases the quantity of the Mood, and pomotes appetite, improves weak digestion, antssatos the spirits, and thoroughly recruits toe Health. Bottles 32 doses), as ad; sext size, lis ; stone Jars, 22s. Agent W. Smith, Market-plses, Nottingham, and all Chemists. TVELLAR'S CORN and BUNION PLASTERS LF are guaranteed to can Coma, Bunions, and Enlsrged Toe-joiats in a few applications, without causing the least In-cenvenleace. Boxes is. H&. and ta Sd., e( all Cbemiata. Agent, W. Halth, Market-place, Nottingham. By pest 14 or S4 stamps, of T. Pepper, 237, Tottenham Court-road, London. THE ENAMEL OF THE TEETH. By using CRACROFTS ARECA NUT TOOTH PASTE, this delicate Coating becomes Sound, White, and Polished aa the On est ivory. rota is sad 2s Sd seen. v me Axess, w. Market-place, Nottingham, aad ef all Chemists. PEPPER'S. WHITE COUGH MIXTURE it marvallowr as a Cure in all cases of Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Broschitia, and Diseases of the Lungs It gives rest) at sight, and is theanoct agreeable cengh medicine yt Introduced Bettleas. Is lie. and 2s. 9d. each, of all Chemists. AsenA W Smith, Market-place. Nottisgham. 764-1124 BIRD'S BOTANIC ESSENCE OR LIQUID BLISTER, for general Lameness in Horses, is beneflH.I in all cases of Curbs, Splints, Spavins, Strains ta the bark 8iaews, Sore rhroats, Ac, and when applied In rta undilntZI state, may be used ss a Common Blister. Sold hnlmal i retail by the proprietor, W. L. Brsp (late Py man an A w-T No. 42, Castle Street East, Oxford Street, London w'' boUUs t ad. see aad by all DraggisU aad lmJLt-? Vendors in town axd country. Fton Msdkhae BIALVS FKVgH DRINKS, for Cald. aa, BIEIVS celebrated PURGING P AyTSSTuTil"1' 8 COCGH BALLS, for Chrord. r-fw' ealebratod BTJtDS celebrated WHITE OIX mad and Casata llMrMna IrA 8Tary BISITB celebrated WHTTs OIL ad T1 aadc hiedteln. tgj tmjSSjf ef Hone

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